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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 2, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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the morning hotspots to report. >> that is stored vote was taken last night on the debt ceiling bill. the motion to reconsider is on the table that was john boehner signaling the passing of the de fault bill >> i refills are? >> felt great.
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>> the return of gabrielle gifford says she out survived that assassination attempt back in january >> throughout america there is not a name that stirs more odds and reaching for our daughters to be like her then the name gabby gifford i think you >> the clock is still picking in has survived one of its biggest hurdles. >> the text of the bill
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passed reduces federal spending over the next 10 years $917 billion in spending and an increase 900 billion net debt ceiling. perry met amending further cuts of 1.5 trillion dollars if it congress does not adopt the reservations the debt ceiling still goes up one and a half trillion dollars. the debt ceiling would go up. the pentagon is it getting hit the hardest
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of $350 billion immediate later on. medicaid and social insecurity will not be touched. more >> on the debt ceiling throughout the day >> and amber lard for a 16 year-old boy and has been cancelled a 25 year-old kidnap him he has been in contact with his family and friends since the incident happened police were tape said he was taken around 330
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yesterday afternoon. the suspect that robbed the barbershop has not been found there in they are currently processing the as you see that they found in connection to this amber alert >> monday's latest murder is the 64th this year oakland's police department. the department has rehired two dozen officers. we are going to check out these officers will have an impact
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>> officers will be patrolling the street that task force was disbanded last year because of budget cuts many of these officers decided to come back and once everyone is up to speed with training they will be on the streets as early as next week these added resources to make an impact last year this time there were 50 homicide's this year is 64 >> a to a quick check of whether. >> we're talking about nineties in some inland spots are looking to live it san jose we will have a
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variety of temperatures today. it is gonna feel like a submarine in morgan hill today this is a look of our map of the fog making its way up into the delta of right now the temperatures are cool how upper 40's and 50's currently carried as we take it into the afternoons or we will see some '90s. it will
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be cool along the coast the temperatures will remain at like they were yesterday. as you head into napoli 82 degrees today is the look of your seven day forecast we are going to stay today and tomorrow warm and then on thursday and friday we will have some drizzle due to the fog and saturday sunday will be more fog as well >> like to mention of earlier and now hotspot to report a quiet start for your tuesday commute this is look of your bay bridge
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nell accidents or major delays. on the san mateo bridge traffic is moving well in both directions. southbound 101 on the golden gate bridge good conditions into sao francisco from the north bay. no delays are reported for public transit there in >> we will come back and update on that alistair back story we will take a quick break and be back in a moment.
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it's for 1:00 pm lucinda moyer who has been accused of breaking into alistair backs hotel room has pled not guilty he chased moyers out of his room and he heard his achilles' tendon and that is why he is now on crutches are looking at video as firefighters continued reduced control the flames heavy smoke caused closures of 680 and 80. >> a mother and her grandmother made eight or rescue
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>> the 8 year-old was at the pull with his friends when the drama unfolded >> the grandpa did not know how to swim and the little girl didn't >> had medical apps is out and lost consciousness they were under water for several minutes >> i said go get the little girl she is not moving and after that a woman pushed the man they were unconscious firefighters >> were called and the liberals started breathing after she was pulled out the water >> i wanted to be a kind of brave and helper >> i'm very proud of him he appeared i wanted let him know what an amazing man he
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is to dive into go deep water and rescue that little girl >> i had to do this as it was my close friends sister >> the grandfather is still in hospital. >> will be back with much more as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge more as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge and we will be right back if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked.
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notify lifelock and you'll never pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free. get the protection you need right now! ♪ ♪ ♪ court papers show that they are linking the suspect to for different other assaults at the stadium that night >> this is luis sanchez and one of two suspects that is behind bars per the beating up bryan stowe court papers
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yesterday said that san says at through a soda at a woman inside the stadium and to separate assaults on bryan stowe in the parking lot the group walked off and then they were followed still was punched in the side and head from sanchez who had snuck up from behind witnesses said they heard bryan stowe is head hit the ground and it bounced coffeecake unconscious go several times in then head there in several guns were found in the second suspects hot been linked to luis sanchez he could not keep the guns add
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his own plays because he was living with his parents. bryan stowe is still in staffas cisco general hospital and has been of very tough week. >> 27 fl meant or are accused of attempting to rape a woman on a runway to work a woman was attacked as she walked past him to man sitting in a car. the suspects fled on foot. >> this man is being and and santa cruz jail trying to rape someone early sunday morning he had offered the
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woman of ride and she accepted and on the way he pulled the car over and attempted to sexually assaulting arher. >> this woman felt teradata that at your seven national park this is the 14th fatality at the park this year >> we're going to look at the warmup. >> it depends on where you are of your inland yes it is going to be warmer this is a look of san mateo bridge and currently in san mateo it is 56 degrees they are expecting i later on today at 78 degree and the more
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intact hill is currently 52 degrees and they are expected to have high of 91 degrees in terms of fog we will see plenty of low cloud cover by the 9:00 a.m. our we'll see the fog burned off by the afternoon the fog well recede of few clouds and extends as well at 10:00 p.m. at the fog will start to return. the fog will be widespread once again right now temperatures are sitting in the '50s and '60s still
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cool in the napa valley. by the afternoon this is where we get the warm temperatures warming up into the '90s. temperatures will cool off into the '70s. you still warm up the further east you travel. the next couple days will call at warm we will continue told on to the low cloud cover. it may produce some drizzle on thursday and friday morning your afternoon sunshine will take into affect in the area
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>> no hotspots on the radar. several minor accidents out the area but not causing any delays no problems or delays on the bay bridge closer to the cool toll plaza san mateo bridge is also a problem free. skolnick gate bridge itself on 101 nell a special at traffic advisory's.
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>> at&t are trying to fight net work and suggestion on tarrying data hotspot >> at&t stars to crack down on the smart phone and data users. the unlimited data accusers might have to switch plans if they do not want slower service it as an add an all-time high. starting each billing sisal at&t will receive a warning they may experience a slowdown the new system will
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not affect the vast majority of users. they will not in use as much broadband addend and the frequent users >> this is a live look from our roof camera in san francisco will be right back
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there may be some new information on the d cooper how the fbi said they have a promising lead in finding him it has something to do with the testing of something he left behind on the plane.
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>> the new hampshire girl that has been missing was found they found the body of selling the cast to was last seen alive in turn, july 25th an autopsy is it planned a look for later on today. >> casey anthony may have to show up for court later on this week the judge had is made changes to a probation order their it means she might have to start serving a yearlong probation. >> we have video of a capture of an minisub the coast guard detained the crew before the sub sank this all happened a few weeks ago
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>> much more ahead act on the kron 4 morning news more news traffic and weather coming up on the other side of this break,
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we're going to continue to see widespread fog throughout the area and a drizzle this morning currently in san francisco is 55 degrees and we are expecting high of 67 later on this afternoon as you head over to these bay will warm not slightly there in of high of 70 inshore oakland during we will have
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all look of your forecast coming up in your full forecast >> now hotspot to talk about this morning and easy ride around the bay area this is a live look at the base and a complete bridge check and a report on mass transit when in my next report arid >> today marks the deadline for the debt ceiling. it passed the house last night nl goethe the senate today will is across the president's desk before the deadline at the end of today. >> the bill is passed without objection >> by an overwhelming it passed the house monday evening not everyone was pleased
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>> it was not big in ball but it was the best of the speaker get carried >> congressman gabby gifford made an appearance her first appearance in she was shot and wounded in january >> she is a hard-working woman and she said they example today by being there >> i have decided i am not going to vote for the bill but i respect everybody that worked on unpaid we have done a significant progress in reducing spending. >> if it passes the senate a
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will head to president barack obama tesdesk. >> major social actual programs will suffer some dark rats of art quietly cheering and republicans are not >> the bill is a big defeat for democrats they did not get any tax increases the book. the republicans gave up a lot of ground on defense spending one trillion the dollars in fines over the next decade this is
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something that and has not been done since the fall of the bill at berlin wall whopper. those second lot are larger cuts would katie and 2013 and last through 2022 so any impact on the economy will be small. >> we have new details this morning on an amber alert was issued on a 16 year-old boy police have said through an ongoing hud investigation
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has been a real least by his captor a 25 year-old man he has been in contact with his family and friends. although police have not spoken with him directly he was kidnapped around 330 yesterday afternoon when a man was brought in al's bar were shot he was taken at gun paroinr.t. the police have discovered the suspect's car they are currently processing the as you pay for evidence >> another two people were gone letdown in richmond on monday morning there are folders they were shot in
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front of her apartment building all little bit before 3 in the morning. >> the motives behind at monday morning's fatal shooting is still unknown they happened in an area that is known for deadly violence police that say 20 years have been payinbattling gangs in the northern area. >> it is selling telling on how senseless this gang violence. it is this respect.
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>> they need help from the community as well >> family members at or anyone that can reach these young people >> the victim rose met fat and leaves behind four children her father has a message for her lover and shot his daughter >> what did she ever do to you? why did you take her life? there is too many kids losing lives i do not understand why my daughter you can ask anyone in oakland that now are they will tell you what type of a lady she was she was a heartwarming and young lady she would do anything for you anyone would tell you
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that that no more that was my baby i love your eyes open what is going on would stop you're killing babies. >> the total number of homicides so far this year is now at 23 last year there were 20 for the whole year good morning a shot of walnut creek kind of dark out there lots of sunshine expected for walnut creek later on today oakland 70 and partly cloudy conditions a word 77 and partly cloudy and livermore
4:39 am
could be in the '90s the satellite pictures shares to the bulk of the fog into the san bruno temperatures are cooler right now. we're going to see a variety of temperatures. into the 90s in morgan hill and '70s around the immediate bay. a few degrees warmer than yesterday you will notice a difference on the inland spots. this is allowed of
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your seven day forecast will keep the pattern of morning fog on thursday and friday may can bring some drizzle. >> perfect time to leave your house now hotspot all around the bay area always good news a quick bridge check the bay bridge span no problems or delays for your west bound ride out of oakland with metering lights are is still cycled off. san mateo bridge heading towards foster city no delays.
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southbound 101 and the golden gate bridge very quiet no problem or delays we were tracking an accident that was sitting along the shoulder but no delays are involved. >> will have more news and traffic don't go away.
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is more expensive to park it's some of the bart stations they were increased from a dollar to $2 the monthly reserve permit face also increases from $30 to $42 per month >> the shutdown halted work
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but some employees continue to work without pay and the control tower that was being constructed at oakland international airport. >> 70,000 construction workers are out of work today 70,000 and here we are right smack in the middle of the construction season in america congress do not start your vacation without passing an faa a bill that construction workers need their jobs. >> 446 n a m r one l 1 cam
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ranh in san jose pretty nice this morning.
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august 1st market nine months since the the giants won a of the world series and the baby contest that they have been holding. >> " they want to see who his newborn. the baby born closes to 754 everyone 0 who is amended their babies into
4:48 am
the contest at a produce a they had a baby shower of sort at at&t parker couple of weeks ago the winner gets a break here the park with the baby's name on and has signed a certificate for the giants a baby. buster posey and his wife are expecting twins in august when we learn who the winner is we will be sure to let you know. >> it is for 50 a.m. and our weather forecast one thing we will see it is going teacuheat up. >> still looking at allot of
4:49 am
a low cloud cover. temperatures currently in centers is the were 55 degrees expected high of 67 later on this afternoon in livermore current temperature 54 height today 90 we are still looking at that morning fog pattern paren. temperatures ranging from the '40's to the '60s this morning we are 60 and oakland grind now afternoon highs of group will bring us a variety we'll stay cool along the coastal itsel. 91 in
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morgan hill and 90 degrees in livermore a slight cool down box and also bringing in a little dress 8 associated with the fog on wednesday and thursday big drops in temperatures as we head into the weekend now traffic report >> a new accident on the bay bridge at the three car crashed just west of treasure island currently blocking the right-hand lane it has not affected the media out like this as yet. right lane currently blocked and the highway patrol is currently at same. nobody delays on the san mateo bridge and a quick look at
4:51 am
the golden gate bridge more cars on the road way of light ride as you make your way into san francisco. i want show you conditions in walnut creek traffic is moving well in the southbound direction and west bound 24 top speeds at or above 60 m.p.h. >> would you do if a snake started hanging on to your when shall ye were driving down my way a couple error cadging a lockheed because they pose a this video on >> when sally there's a snake on your windshield >> it is making up of the engine and not thinking what in the world
4:52 am
>> they were doing about 65 mi. per hour when a snake slithered out of the engine >> i don't like snakes i want this to fall off. >> snake expert identified the stake as a rat snake their in but the family was treated like a red cent was the cause of the video on u2 why did you sell pull over and let the snake >> we did not know what kind of mistake it was >> all i get out of the car until it >> of to lots of swearing in
4:53 am
of very the driver and turned on the wipers which led to accusations of reptile abuse some creatures sit tight when this driver this lot of bird from his window wiper the bird cannot be bothered. and does the pat likes to hang out on the wipers is under was charged with animal cruelty. there are a lot things work is than birds or snakes only in
4:54 am
new york up panhandler offered to clean off a snake on the windshield. >> we're going to take a break and more in a minute for 55 is the time.
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>> when there's a medical or emergency are filed you are told to dial 911 in a few minutes of first responder will appear what if the fighter pilot in a series of late or cannot arrive at all take this moving vans for instant there of three things wrong here first the
4:57 am
amendment moving van is parked in a red sun second is part 10 ft. from the car is parked directly in front of section 8 q the fire department the fire truck was trying to get into the station and could not the moving van and had to move at for the fire truck it happens at many of the fire stations throughout the bay this is another example he parts in front a station eight in resound it is important not to park in front of any far station. the fine for parking in front of life fire station is a $65 fine.
4:58 am
>> at is pretty bad if you know of anyone behaving badly contact stanley e-mail him at people behaving badly add kron 4 de .com and also low and check out stanley on our facebook page we know you like us will be right back ]s
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>> the proposal has made its way through the house now it's on to the senate >> gabrielle gifford and cast her first vote yesterday evening >> overnight the bellman in amber alert for a 16 year- old boy that was kidnapped after walking in on an armed robbery he has been found and details on the search for the suspects.
5:01 am
>> it morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning first weather and traffic. >> we're starting august in a cooler note in you conceive all low cloud cover we will see some clearing later on this afternoon. some of our guys will get back up into the '90s sitting we will have more on a forecast and a few minutes >> i am my eye on a potential hot spend it is on the bay bridge a highway patrol has posted a three car crash and also of nickel fire on won a one details straight and >> 5 03 a.m. it has passed
5:02 am
the house and now it is on to the senate if it passes the senate it will head to the president's desk he must sign it before midnight if he does not will not be able to pay our bills. here is what john boehner had design >> i feel great >> it was a strong vote of first that in many steps to go. >> the process works it's not pretty but it works. >> a will require 60 votes in 900 member senate. >> it was upstaged by at the
5:03 am
appearance of cabral gifford in the house. with only minutes remained when she entered the house she was shot in the head back in january how she voted for this measure and then left. the remaining democrats put in their vote after she left. she said she could not miss this vote i could not take the chance that my absence would crashed this event occurred. >> her presence here in the chamber as our service
5:04 am
throughout her service in congress is an of great honor to this chamber we are privileged to call her a calling throughout america of their is not a name that stores more love and more admiration more respect more wishing like goddaughter is to be like car in the name of congresswoman gabrielle giffords thank you gabby. >> she is walking and talking in the chamber in the house of representatives >> i market update stocks are falling down future stocks are down stocks fell again on tuesday will global
5:05 am
stocks also took a tumble the government report how much americans spent for the month of june will bring you opening the bell on 6:30 a.m. >> new details on an amber alert that was issued for a boy that had apparently been kidnapped in antioch the amber alert has been canceled earlier this morning they learned in an ongoing investigation the teenager was released by a 25 year-old man he has been in personal contact with his family and friends since this happened yesterday afternoon police have not spoken to him directly he was taken around 330 yesterday afternoon after a man robbed al is a
5:06 am
barbershop i'd done which used in that robbery then the robber took the shoppers wallet keys in car he is still on the loose you is less scene where i am blue shirt and baggy pants and a knitted cap is a black male 5 ft. 7 about hundred and 85 lbs. when. they have recovered the vehicle similar to the one did you see here and there pursing that that issue be right now for evidence >> how live look at the golden gate a little fog up and head. we're watching fog and temperatures >> a view from walnut creek similar conditions over that we saw in the north bay area antioch 89 net degrees and sunny contra record 87
5:07 am
and sunday take a look of the fog we have nice clearing here and a north bany. we're watching the fog over the peninsula it will pull back by noon time and decent warming in the afternoon. this is a look of current temperatures in that the area we will take a quick look of for temperatures will be later on this afternoon tir. lows '70s
5:08 am
mid-80s this is a looker your seven day forecast where were warned today and the mark and cool down on thursday the ocean breeze coming in more moisture and we have drizzle for thursday and friday. >> good morning i mtv my eye on potential hot spots as not affected your commode yecommute has yet. there is currently of a car accident
5:09 am
in the right-hand lane has not triggered any delays by height and weight patrol has been on scene for the past 15 minutes. we are seeing more cars on the san mateo bridge no delays. and southbound 101 across the golden gate bridge no delays airport. we are also following a report of a car afire sitting on the shorter on northbound 101 pat ralston. ]s
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the standoff that shut down the faa continues a lawmaker's risk losing a billion dollars in ticket taxes because a their ability to collect that tax has expired that government has already lost to $150 million or or what and revenue. . the standoff what our the faa has already cost more than what they are fighting for. organizers
5:13 am
want on congress to take action to authorize at a a funding sold taking get back to work. the news conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> this is the look from our mt. tam cam and we will be back in just one moment.
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okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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cook the bill is expected cass the senate quickly and get to the president's desk.
5:17 am
>> the big news was cabral gifford returned to vote for the built arid also the amber alert for a 16 year-old boy has been cancelled he is in contact with his family and friends >> british police made a new arrest into the phone hacking scandal connected to news of the world as 718 year-old man was arrested he is currently in custody that was just into the kron 4 news room >> what a typical look at the weather burie.
5:18 am
>> the fog is not as intense as it was yesterday in the bay area we have temperatures in the '50s and '60s with coastal fog later on this afternoon we will have temperatures in the '60s through '90s and more sun. maybe not at the beginning of next week will pull back on that morning fog. that entire stretch of won a one not seeing much of the fog. the fog will clear in a typical pattern it will pull back by noontime same as yesterday and will confine itself to the coast.
5:19 am
our temperature is right now are on the mile side 505 60s mainly upper 50s. but slightly warmer to the north. our temperatures as of 9:00 this morning will be '50s and '60s and as we advance o'clock to 3:00 p.m. you will see some red meat in the '90s it will be in the low 90s we'll continue with this nice warm pattern will cool down once again on thursday and more fog on >> the > good morning even
5:20 am
better news note tracking no delays. the highway patrol what pushed the accident out of the road way no delays at their meeting real lights were not affected. a quick update at the san mateo bridge no accidents or sells to tell you about. an update on the golden gate bridge won a one southbound very quiet as you make your way into san francisco. we are is seen top speeds through out the area. downtown san
5:21 am
jose is picking up but no delays to report no delays for mass transit. >> in the attack on giants fan bryan stowe court papers just out prosecutors are linking one of the suspect to four separate assaults that happened on opening day >> bryan stowe is the giants fan the was attacked outside dodger stadium opening day we're learning new informations on the pilot the suspect will we sanchez sanchez was involved in four different assaults had happened on opening day at dodger
5:22 am
stadium in san shows has long history of a running is what the law >> another strange twist matthew leave it one of the witnesses that was with brian star he died from mild allergic have street eating peanuts. >> hello from was climbing half dome on sunday with three friends and she slipped in the rain and felsic center feature her death this is the 14th fatality in the parks this year. >> a live look outside will tell you what's your forecast is in just a couple of minutes mñwñ !
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thick fog thursday and friday and the weekend and what have more fog and we will have more news on kron 4 news continues.
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5:32 a.m. and case she makes did at the top of the hour that proposal has made its way through the house and now it is at the sad the president is expected to sign later on today. the big news as a was a gabby gifford being there to cast her vote the amber roller for a 16 year-old boy has been cancelled he has been fined but the suspect a robber or shop is still on the loose >> we have all live look at
5:32 am
the san mateo bridge out towards the peninsula we are looking pretty good here let walk through what we have i had our next built up warming will be on thursday now let's check traffic >> everything is back on track at the bay bridge we were reporting a three car crash is long gone from the traffic lane i have my eye on a police investigation that has to right hand lane shutdown on 580 will have more on that report later on >> are developing story i is the debt deal as a live shot from washington d.c. it has
5:33 am
passed the house now is up to the senate we're keeping an eye on on what is going on in washing d.c. it will head to the president's desk once it is passed by the senate. >> although the data was that a primary it was upstaged by the return of congress rahman gabrielle gifford. >> she voted minutes before
5:34 am
her colleagues had voted she entered in a wheelchair and stood and waved to the crowd. >> americans cut spending in and they're in, a grew at the weakest rate so far stock futures are falling as the united states raised at their borrowing limit. stocks fell once again on tuesday global stocks also tumbled as we learn about americans cutting their spending. we are also expected to a year later on today automakers report on their sales.
5:35 am
>> 5:36 a.m. this a lot of antioch as 16 year-old boy with that work at a barber shop was kidnapped it triggered a state wide amber alone he has been found is 16 per year old house on ford they made the announcement of the cancellation shortly after midnight he had been taken at gunpoint from of barbershop where he works part-time will trend is in antioch with more >> this is where the kidnapping took place at al's bar or show appearance this 16 year-old on non lea walked into the robbery that as uv has been recovered and the suspect remains at large there is no reason to
5:36 am
believe of the 16 year-old new the robber. >> update on the weather. >> where this is well above 101 in san jose. not much of in the way of fog we are dealing with fog along the coastline sunnyvale 76 and partly cloudy san jose 81 partly cloudy. will get back to the fog is reaching further inland the whole stretch of 101 was clear and now the low cloud cover is
5:37 am
impacting the stretch of what one the one in santa rosa. not much in the web ground fog. temperatures are in the '50s and '60s right now in the area. this is the difference in temperature change in the past 24 hours. our highs this afternoon as we fly over neighborhood by neighborhood. we're seven
5:38 am
day forecast we'll all hang on to the warm weather for two more days and they will bring some drizzle into the forecast and stay on the cool side over the weekend >> i have been keep my eye on a potential hotspot
5:39 am
westbound direction of 582 ready m lanes are shutdown for the past 30 minutes it is due to a police investigation it is not causing any significant delays we are sending greg sklar to the scene and he will have a live report surely. looking first at the bay bridge span metering lights are still cycle off and the san mateo bridge no snags we are hitting a peak of commute as you head into foster city. no delays on a southbound 101 across the golden gate bridge. time
5:40 am
right now 5:41 a.m. we will be right back. @p@po'
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544 a m the magna accused of doing the rampage in norway has given his attorney i list of demands. he wants his demands met for sharing information on how alleged terror cells that july 22nd bombing and shooting killed 77 people >> california tv producer is bring now loss said against casey anthony. taylor was
5:44 am
supposed to pay anthony $50,000 and another $950,000 after they taped the show anthony was released from jail last month she had been report released after charges were filed as she was involved with the death of virtue year-old daughter. >>
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> this is a look of mt. tam camera we're dealing with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. temperatures were
5:48 am
above average from 60 through 90 degrees later on this afternoon later on overnight will be back in the '50s does 60s range some portions of the north bay and immediate east bay shoreline are experiencing the fog the fog will burn off by noon and pull back like it did yesterday and then push his way back inland during the overnight hours. will all that pattern until 9:00 a.m. by 3:00 p.m. we will be in the '90s in the delta this is a quick fly around the bay. this is
5:49 am
a look of your seven day forecast it'll be worn for the next couple and then cool off thursday and friday >> i've been keeping my eye on this potential hotspot in the east bound direction of five dating it is due to a police investigation you can still see all the green on the your screen. this could be a big problems hopefully we will have all live
5:50 am
report this is the only problem we have are around the bay area the bay bridge span traffic has picked up at the toll plaza no metering lights to deal with the san mateo bridge no delays horse stalls. and at the golden gate bridge southbound 101 no problems or delays and not much talfog. >> a three year olds docked girl and her grandfather was spent several minutes under
5:51 am
a poll they expect to make a full recovery it was because of a quick thinking fourth grader this is a report you will only see on kron 4 >> he was at the pull with his friends when the drama unfolded >> that grandpa doesn't know how to swim the meant could have had a medical episode and cause unconsciousness they kept on screen go get the little girl she is not moving a woman pushed the man and he was unconscious paramedics were called and the girl started breeding not one she was removed from the water i wanted to be
5:52 am
brave and help people >> i'm very proud of him and i wanted to let him know what amazing thing he did to be able that have that strength dive into the deep end of the poll and help >> i had to do this because it is my close friends sister. >> the grandfather is still in hospital >> to san raphael men are interested in it happened on fairfax st. a woman was attacked while she was walking past the two men in the car they found the woman on the sidewalk and the two attackers took off on foot police were able to catch the man and they were booked into jail
5:53 am
>> this man is being held in santa cruz county jail he is accused of attempted rapes. this man offered her a ride a she accepted and while she was in the car he pulled over and attempted to sexually assault harper. >> a live look of san jose this tuesday morning we will be right backpac. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce,
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if you're at a how to see the giants games first pitches at 7:15 p.m. at at&t park fee to be partly cloudy and cool with the temperature of 60 degrees.
5:57 am
>> at 558 a m we are at a live shot in washington d.c. we are waiting to see if it passes the senate today than the president nasa's science by men 9 if he does not the united states will not be able to pay their bills. >> i live look at the golden gate bridge visibility is pretty good we will be right back.
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