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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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deadline is here it is on its way to the senate for approval the deal was overshadowed by the return of gabrielle gifford it is the first time she has been in the house since her assassination attempt on back in january a 16 year- old boy that was kidnapped is now back and save more news at 6:00 a.m. >> could morning and thanks for joining us we're going have all the news you need first spot check of weather and traffic >> a live look from mt. tam camera and we will do a quick walk-through of what to expect today mostly sunny and warmer conditions
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today temperatures will get up into the '90s that is a quick rundown of what we expect today we have extended you up ahead >> we are seeing delays and the west bound to delay police investigation on the freeway itself we are seeing speeds drop to 12 m.p.h.. we waffle update later on >> 6:02 a.m. the debt deal as pass out and now it is heading to the senate here in a vote is expected at nine a m our time the
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president has to sign it by midnight if he does not the government will be unable to pay its bills this is what house speaker john boehner and had the same >> i feel great. it was a strong vote. >> when the senate takes up the deal no amendments will be allowed it must take 60 votes in order to pass the boat was upstaged by the appearance of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. off only minutes
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remained in the vote when she showed upper she came in and a wheelchair stood up and was giving hugs and kisses to our fellow congress men she was shot and then add back in january gifford said in a statement reese later she could not miss the vote i could not take the chance that my absence would crash the vote. >> this is what nancy pelosi had to say about gifford to return >> brought her to entire service in congress we're all privilege to call their colleagues some very
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privileged to call her friend through of america there is not the name that stirs more love and admiration more respect more wishing that our daughters would be like her and other than the name of commerce or woman and get real gifford. she was holding a event when she was shot in the head back in january >> new figures just came out from the commerce department americans cut back on their spending in june the first time in two years and their income increased by a small amount. the spending dropped 1.2%
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>> new details of the 16 year-old that was kidnapped at robbery at a barbershopper and there was an amber roller issued to find this teenager and now he is back eight hours after he was abducted from the barber shop he is now save and they are still looking for his kidnapper. >> here is the place where he was kidnapped al's barbershopper he i walked in on the robbery he forced the teenager into the vehicle at gunpoint they found the issue it has been processed
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locally more informations will come out of the any of police department they have good reason that he is safe although the police have not talk to him directly. >> they found a car somewhere in antioch and they are processing the car right now looking for for fingerprints and also the owner of the vehicle to see if he knew who this robber was we will have an update at 7:00 a.m. this morning >> quick break as we look
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seven haziness in club cover-up above this is a quick snapshot of what we expect for this afternoon mountain view's 78 degrees partly cloudy set clara 83 partly cloudy and morgan hill. >> the congressional standoffs that steps down the faa lawmakers are
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losing a billion dollars in ticket taxes because there is no way of collecting these taxes the shutdown is two weeks old and they have lost $250 million is in revenue those cost to letter million dollars a year-and-a-half as the standoff >> officials are holding a polica meeting on the shutdown f the faa. the mayor is expected to attend a meeting this morning
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>> is good news for airline customer delta is issuing refunds because of this faa impasse they are going to give the customers a tax refund if they had tickets from last manipur a collected the attacks and they should not have those that purchase tickets prior to the shutdown can get a refund. >> will have more on the news in a couple minutes and we will check with the weather and traffic this is
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a live shot of cloudy san francisco.
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the debt bill passed the house and is now headed into the senate they will vote at 9:00 our time and wanted to the president's desk hopefully will cited before midnight the bill passing was upstaged by the work of appearance of cabral gifford she was sought in ahead seven months ago. at an amber alert was issued for a 16 year-old boy has been called off the boy is safe and they're searching for the suspect. >> we want in detail what the weather up will hold for
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us >> the fog is impacting the bay area right now. some overcast conditions it will pull back by noontime. typical pattern " of the the there till 89 clock we're dealing with '50s and '60s.
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this is a look of correct temperatures later on this afternoon and all look of our seven day forecast thursday we will have an ocean breeze and cooler air temperatures will drop below that as we head into the weekend. at 6:20 a.m. let's
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look a traffic >> much better than we did in the last report i was telling you about a police an investigation on 580 there is no longer a slowdown. a quick bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza and the san mateo bridge no-space to tell you about an at the golden gate bridge clear conditions as
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you make your way into san francisco. >> new this morning a mailroom employee is stealing the medical documents of 15 underpayments and burlingame it does not believe that any patient information was misused it is not clear why the reports were taken down from 2009 to 2010 pages found out about the theft in june by the employees relative. >> new details on #giants fan bryan stowe court papers
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now are linking one of the suspects to four different assaults that happened that that same day they are still on has the new information >> bryan stowe is the giants fan the was attacked outside dodger stadium we are learning new information about the pilots up suspect believe sanchez copper sanchez was involved for different results that happened on opening day at dodger stadium they also learned sanchez has long run in with the law >> another strange twist in this case one of the men that was with style and also was attacked who was. going to be a witness in this died over the weekend due to an allergic action reaction for
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eating peanuts. >> park officials say she was climbing with three friends and slipped in the rain while ascending a steep hill and fell six centered feet to her death it is the 14th fatality in the park so far the share. you can see the fog allot lower this morning. !
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u.s. stock futures are falling investors are
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concerned about the deal and that it will would not be enough that they will lose their triple a credit rating. the a's in march pockets also tumbled today and oil is below $95 a barrel as slow global economy is the answer >> at&they raided verizon #1 and a small carrier at&t
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announced it was going to buy t mobile. this is a look of your seven day forecast 91 today thursday and friday best days for duracell the fog will stick around for the weekend. >> will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues we're taking all look at the golden gate bridge right now. and a live look at this new york stock exchange as they prepared to ring the bell
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>> >> the opening bell on wall street this is the first drop in american spending in the past nine months this is real concerns as we head into a double-dip recession. >> case you missed it at the top of the hour the debt deadline is year it made its way through the house and now it's on his way to the senate the boat should come around 9:00 the above was of staged yesterday by the appearance of cabral gifford this is her first vote since she was shot in the head back in january and then amber alert that was
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issued yesterday afternoon has been cancelled a a 16 year-old boy had been kidnapped. the boy has been fined and of the car has been found but they have not found the suspect. >> we have that look from mt. tam camera we're going to be enjoying more sunshine. '50s and '60s currently. the fog is it scheduled to return later on in the evening what will the week ahead holds in store will look at that all but later >> were back on track looking live at the san mateo bridge problem free.
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the metering lights have been activated a complete bridge check in the next report >> 6:33 a.m. the dead bill has passed the house at 9:00 they are expected to take their turn at voting we can how are monitoring what is going on there are hours left after it is passed in the senate for the president decided >> although the debt bill was at the main a feature but it was upstaged by the appearance of a gabriel gifford. all lea minutes
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remained in the vote when she entered the chamber the first time she voted for the debt ceiling measure in a stable released she was deeply real disappointed what was going on in washington she said she could not miss this boat i could not take the chance that my absent would make this a vote to fail >> this just in to the kron 4 news room the dow is down 71 points now not a good way to start the morning. it is showing that the economy is still sluggish. and we are also waiting for this debt stildeal.
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>> time now 6:35 a.m. new details on the amber alert they were looking for a 16 year-old boy he was kidnapped during a robbery of a barbershop he has been found he is save they found the getaway car he was forced into buried will trend is in antioch burie. >> they have not talked to the bull i he is with his family and friends this is where it all went down at 315 yesterday afternoon the 16 year-old boy i know only what in on marine the
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suspect that as she sought off shotgun he forced the teenager into the car and they drove off the boy was unharmed he was recovered a shortly after midnight they have not spoken to him but they know he is savfe. they're gonna talk to the owner of the barbershop to see if he knows who the suspect ver is. >> a three year-old girl and her grandfather spent several minutes underwater
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in a poll while and are expected to make a full recovery after the quick or action of all fourth graders >> 8 year-old was at the pool with his friends >> bell little girl is doing a piggyback ride on the all men and grandpa did not know how to swim and neither did the little girl they were under water for several minutes >> i jumped in and got the little girl a woman pushed the man they were not breathing they were unconscious set as a firefighters were called i jump because i saw them i wanted to and help.
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>> i is wanted to let him now what an amazing man he has a tab that straights the dive into the deep end of the pull and push a young girl to the side of the pole is the main >> it was my close friends sister so i had to do this. >> will be right back with the kron 4 morning news continues dow jones industrial down down 72 points.
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a quick look at the golden gate bridge keep it tune
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here for that it is going to be warm today and tomorrow and then cool down thursday and friday it will bring in some the warming does not come back until next week. >> new this morning the lawyer defending the confessed killer his client has listed all long list of some demands. and that his mental condition be inspected by chinese specialist all these demands are to be mad if he wants to give information on other terrace sells. .
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>> we have fog showing up in the area the metering lights argon concord on the road way. ♪
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stocks are falling bear down almost 50 points right now we are respecting that today congress said they must rated on the debt ceiling by the end of today they are going to vote on it at 9:00 a.m. all wartime and we will see what direction they go >> the latest out of washington as we wait for that vote we are looking to see what is being done to make the deal >> present our obama needs a
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of bill on a debt stood by the end of the day >> this is the sound of a debt ceiling being raised >> the bill is passed without objection >> the house passed a bipartisan deal it was a plan with plenty of all position-squaring >> it is the wrong approach to our economy at the wrong time supporter >> said the faults were not an option >> it will affect all the people that i represent and all the people in this country is built of birds that outcome. >> cabral gifford cast her first vote since she was shot and then head back in gen
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>> her presence today shows the obligations to our great country >> the bill goes to the senate today it will call for two trillion dollars of savings and establish a committee for long-term physical or forms >> senator reid said the debate will go on after it goes to the desk of president barack obama. >> on the weather 6:40 a.m. overcast today you conceive that marine layer of fog and portions of the north bay we
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do have a promise of blue skies. we will see low 90s in morgan hill we will go over what we expect it is impacting 101 in palomar right now temperatures are still miles 60 degrees in oakland 57 in antioch. at 9:00 we're stelazine '50s and '60s we will see 90s later on in the afternoon.
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this is a quick flyby. this is a lawyer's seven day forecast we drop our temperatures on thursday and bringing in that of some drizzle along with the fog and it will be fought the most of the weekend >> we are not seeing any hotspots will around the bay area things are slowing down at the bay bridge. kim k
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new-line with the bridge jack san mateo bridge traffic is moving well in both directions and the golden gate bridge southbound 101 no problems burie. >> 651 national news more legal problems for casey anthony a california tv
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producer is bringing a lawsuit against her and her returning he was promised her first tv interview she was paid $50,000 of front end was to get another 950,000 after the interview was taped the interview never happened because it was hijacked by a third- party she was released from jail last month in the death of her daughter. >> of former mayor walking out of jail this morning he served 14 months of five- year sends he pled guilty to fit two felony counts to cover up an extramarital affair. he still has to serve two years of parole.
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>> let's take a peak of of dunn numbers on wall street the dow is off 20 points we will be back.
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the band has canceled the rest of their the guinness of leon tore it was been canceled 26 shows in all have been canceled. >> it's bad enough that you can't find out car is double parked but stanley roberts shares at a truck driver a particularly bad spot to park >> when there is a medical emergency or fire you are to
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dial 911 in a few met some of first respond court should appear but if they are serious delayed and cannot arrive at all take this united a moving van for instance there are three things wrong here first the moving van is parked in a red gown it is 10 ft. from the curb number to an third it is part directly across the street from section 8 statioeight station eight the fe truck could not get back into the station this is another example the truck and a car parked directly across the street from the
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fire station it is illegal to park in a red cabazon it carries a $65 fine. if you have a comment or story of people behaving badly go to our facebook page and you can like him we will be right thought [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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