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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 4, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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unexpected guest. a 90-foot blue whale. it was an intense moment that ended as quickly as it began. >> deborah: and that live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. >> camp a woman did to a 14-year-old boy and how his parents found out. how congress' inability to approve legislation is effecting million dollars bay area projects. the giants and diamondbacks go head to head for the top stop, we tell you who pulled out victory. >> a camp counselor is accused of having a text with a 14-year- old boy. katrina herrador. kron 4's reggie kumar says police are trying to figure out if there are more victims out there. >> reporter: katrina herrador
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became a counselor for the city in may. officials wouldn't give us the camp location but we found an advertisement for it. it's called teen x-treme summer camp. that's where katrina herrador became acquainted with a 14- year-old boy and authorities allege katrina herrador had sex with a teen at her home. residents didn't want to go on camera. they said katrina herrador lived there but moved out. police say the boy's parents discovered suspicious tex messages and called authorities. she says when they interviewed katrina herrador she confessed to the crime. >> when we met with katrina herrador she did give us a statement as to what occurred that night. >> [ inaudible question ] >> yes, it was. >> at this point it doesn't
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appear any criminal activity occurred during business. >> reporter: officials say she is no longer employ would the city. >> we don't have any information that indicates there was any inappropriate relations between this individual. >> katrina herrador posted bail and released from the jail. the date of her court appearance hasn't been made public yet. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. a boat crash left one man dead, another injured, near hunters point. a father and his son, the son was about 30 years old, they were on a biggy that -- digy that crashed into a motor boat. his son was trapped underneath the boat. >> san jose police arrested a robbery suspect last night. he was involved in a violent jewelry store robbery.
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kron 4's jeff bush explains what happened. >> closed sign is on the door which will nod be opened because of the robbery that happened monday night. police say the 27-year-old entered the store and attacked a man that worked the with a knife. he received multiple stab wounds. eventually he was rushed to the hospital. he began to take jewelry from the store while the victim was bleeding. officials say he took the victim's keys and escaped in his car. the car was found abandon at a home depot. he was arrested tuesday night while working at wendy's police. police booked him and charged him with attempted murder, armed robbery and carjacking. police were able to make an arrest because a tipster called them and gave them information
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about the suspect. the victim is expected to recover. jeff bush kron 4 news. the government recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey. that meat is connected to one death, 76 cases of salmonella poisoning since march. officials are telling people to check for the product at home and get rid of it. it was a nice day today but tomorrow cooler weather is expected. inland valley upper 80s. low 90s today. cool down expected. 65 in san francisco. 70 oakland. 80 san jose. temperatures cooler. two degrees in concord. six in fairfield. three degrees cooler in san rafael and the cooling trend is more pronounced tomorrow. dense fog and drizzle tomorrow
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morning. fog through the the area. fog slower to scale back and leads to cooler temperatures. 10 degrees cooler for inland valleys. i will have details in a bit. faa employees and those on contract projects remain out of work. democrats say republicans are holding back on legislation to fix that all for a $16 million cut to airport funding. the president said this is a dangerous game being played. >> congress decided to play politics. thousands of faa workers being furloughed, including safety inspectors. projects across the country involved construction workers being suspended. >> the someof the products are in the bay area. kron 4's dan kerman shows us where. >> reporter: this will be oakland airport's new control tower. 236 feet tall and will replace
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the two existing towers. one 50 years old, the other 40 years old. but this construction site now looks like a ghost on it. >> after 10 years of getting this underway and being there and with no activity is disappointing. >> it is just one casualty of congress' lack of funding for the faa. some of the airport projects stopped due to a lack of funding, that's not exactly why this has come to a stop. the reason here is, for construction to continue an engineer has to be here. he is one of the 23faa employees in the bay area who has been furloughed. >> reporter: phase three of a taxiway extension project is also on hold. not due to a lack of funding
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but because the faa employee who must sign the noticed has been furloughed. projects to upgreat air traffic controllers are on hold due to the shut down. right now oakland's new control tower is expected to open in 2013. it's unclear whether this delay will change theidate of the -- date of the opening. dan kerman, kron 4 news. the city of santa clara introduced a new design for the 49ers stadium. they are describing it at a next generation stadium. the plan has a "c" shaped design, luxury boxes. basically meaning more fans can get closer to the action. there is also space for stores, can accommodate conventions. still ahead on kron 4 news,
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the lays of a child pornography ring, the new direction spider man is taking and if the giants can
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here are stories making headlines around the bay area. >> reporter: in san francisco muni is set to fire its unlicensed drivers. 48 operators don't have valid licenses. a spokesman said they will let go of unlicensed drivers in the next few weeks. in san francisco, here is another reason to partans to the fine print on your phone bill. look at this bill, there is a charge for $2.95. what does that mean? where does it come from. on the last page it's from a
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company called rocket services. they are an internet fax and voice mail services. at&t says if a customer didn't authorize the charges they will them off the bill. cooler weather for the rest of the week as
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authorities broke up a huge child pornography ring, it is one of the worst cases ever investigated. also one of the most sophisticated. >> reporter: the kind of technology exploited by investigators to uncover the online bulletten board called dream board. the images -- >> the board may have been the
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vehicle for the distribution of 123 child pornography. >> reporter: 52 have been arrested in 14 countries. more than 600 members were required to post images every 50 days. the more they posted the more access they got to material on the site. >> barder system. i show you mine, you show me yours. >> members were encouraged to create porn. one part of the board mandated children be in pain. if the girl looks comfortable it does not belong in this section. the board told members how to
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mask their identities and erase their foot prints. experts who investigated say the use of sophisticated passwords made cracking porn cases more difficult and hard drives are making it harder to find evidence. >> the hay stack is huge because technology. >> reporter: the center for missing and exploited children says it is significant law enforcement was able to break up the ring but the problem is vast and growing. temperatures will continue to run below average as we head through the rest of the week. 78 in concord. livermore 15 degrees below average. san jose 10 degrees, and 5 in oakland. first the cause of the cooler
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weather is this fog. tomorrow morning, widespread fog through the bay area, delta, inland valleys, north bay, drizzle close to the coast line and for the bay shores. 10:00 hour, fog, doesn't want to clear. oakland heyward fog, same in the peninsula. we won't see the sun long the coast line for several days. high temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the 70s in the south bay. 80 in lose gotoses. 82 morgan hill. inland valleys, upper 70s tomorrow. 76 walnut creak and 75 in livermore. east bay shores 60s. 67 heyward. 69 union city. 70s for the peninsula. for the coast line temperatures really cool. upper 50s ocean beach and daily city thanks to the fog and 70s in the north bay, 80 in santa
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rosa. extended forecast, not a lot of change into the weekend. cooler weather, drizzle close to the coast line, dense fog setting in. next week, similar pattern continues. in the buzz, peter parker is dead and that means a new one will fight crime as spider man. the teenager. the change comes after peter parker was killed off last month. we won't find out how he took over his special powers till september. a new movie. they uncovered a 1923 film called the white shadow. about two twin sisters, one
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good, one evil. it's the earliest film he is credited on. 20 years since mirvana's album changed rock 'n' roll. in celebration of the anniversary they are releasing a digital copy. though it doesn't keeper kurt cobain t has covers of several up and coming artists. [ music playing ] >> they are offering newer minds for free on its website. kron 4 news. 49ers meet with one of the biggest free agents, gary has details and the giants snap a five game losing streak and hang on to
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all right. good evening, everybody. the giants with a smile on their face. ryan did it again. 42477, 6 innings. one run. national league's best e.r.a and picking off willy. both clubs, atop the national league west, carlos beltran makes it two-0 giants and san francisco they erupt today and cabrera nice defense and gave offense as well. right here. 8-1 giants. they snap a five game losing streak over the five games. outscored 31-8 so the giants now, really big deal, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, the philadelphia phillies, best
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record in base. a's troubles continue. i don't know why we keep showing charlie. well, furbush. >> he likes the name. >> yeah. that's about it. gonzalez was an all star but struggled as of late. powell make as nice catch. the catcher for the a's making a good defensive effort. 7-4 the a's lose three straight in seattle. catherine asked me how i was feeling. >> i did. i meant it. >> normally in our business, they are hoping you are about to die so they can move up. >> we are mostly nice here. >> because i had surgery couple weeks ago and i bounced back. >> you look fine. >> i will never forget the fine
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words from kron, oh, you are going to make it? no. touching move from kron. they said you are going to -- [ talking at the same time ] >> how do you get away with -- >> because there is a sled of truth in -- steven strasburg haven't pitched since a year ago. remember when he first game on, struck out 92 hitters in 68 innings and then had tommy john surgery. steven strasburg will pitch sunday for nationals farm team. alex rodriguez in a jam. star magazine, played in two games in 2009 where cocaine was used during a poker game. word came back the commissioner asked him not to participate
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and the latest is ben affleck lost a hand worth $400,000 in that game. >> he is always that casino. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> you are a genius. i was just about ready to say he lost a lot of money but is there anything -- i bet -- [ talking at the same time ] you know the dave story? no. good news for a good person. five year contract for a man who came on our show and laughed. took the calbears to the college world series and the 49ers have yet to make a splash in free agency. it will be something if they sign braylon edwards. dui case on september 21 but he is a great, great receiver. played for the jets last year. he is a free agent and met [ male announcer ] kentucky grilled chicken.
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