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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 23, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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manama it happened just outside the very tiny town of a virginia. it was one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded on the east coast. people in washington d.c. and new york also felt this. unlike those in california, they're not used to this type of drama. take a look at this man's face when he registers what happens. in the manhattan d.a. was in the middle of a news conference, he went on to reassure the reporters that he has been through earthquakes before and that is something a lot of people on the east coast cannot say. >> i was on the phone and the steps were actually moving i was wondering what was going on and i look down on the crown was moving.
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>> i do not think anyone really realize what was happening. >> i called a co-worker and said we are having an earthquake and then he said i do not feel a thing. >> i looked out the window i saw the building shake, we were in a meeting and i said i need to leave. >> people were leaving the court out of buildings in new york city filling the streets and intersections they walked out of their offices into the streets nbc. tourists left the museums, and two nuclear reactors at a power station in virginia are automatically taken offline by safety systems. president obama got the news was in the middle of a golf game at martha's vineyard, part of the white house were evacuated in the senate meeting had to be held at the local post office. >> ipod i think i just felt an earthquake i was not sure
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there were alarms and sirens that one off immediately. >> unsettling but few reports of major damage. damage included a partially collapsed building in baltimore, broken glass, there were cracks in the walls. in new jersey when caught a chandelier swinging, and people need time to process the fact that the actually experienced an earthquake. >> there was a small vibration and then it got worse and worse and that i thought we really must be having an earthquake. >> most people have not heard of mineral virginia is a little town about 100 mi. southwest of washington d.c.. the epicenter was in mineral virginia. i will use the big board to give you perspective. now the scary thing about this place is that there is a nuclear power plant right there with nuclear reactors just about 10 mi. from there. it was
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quite close. you heard catherine said the two reactors are automatically taken offline because of safety systems. as we back this out, this was not a west coast earthquake. the effect certainly widespread. people were feeling this in the carolinas, and in new york president felt this as he was golfing. it was even felt in michigan and that is almost 600 mi. from monroe. --from man row. >> more cuts could be coming, are trying to cope with cuts they stand to lose $1 million in funding that is in state tax revenues fall below the estimates triggering automatic cuts to education and social services. that could lead to higher tuition rates, fewer course our
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friends, and fewer >> omany students are anxious about the rising cost. >> it is seems like there should be other ways to make up for this instead of raising fees. >> it is kind of angry that they keep raising the prices. made in this state should be raising taxes. >> you have to go to financially and renegotiate your loan packages because it can no longer pay your seats on the amounts the were given at the beginning of the year. >> it is pretty annoying it will be a lot harder to go to school, he will have to sacrifice more of their education. and like higher education is the gateway to get into a legitimate career. >> and planning for more cuts, the president of san jose state says that the
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university will strive to preserve course offerings but in an interview that you will only see here, he did not rule out the possibility of higher tuition however unfair that might be. >> what chancellor read has talked about is trying to see if the csu will get another $100 million cut is that going to be one time or on going that will change the picture. if this one time, giving students and other tuition increase in the middle of the year while they already have an increase earlier it will be more difficult and bring more hardship on the students. our hope is to not reduce our courses because some students are admitted, we want to make sure that students can be accommodated. that is the responsibility of the university and will do our best to make sure that. we want to be able to
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accommodate students a lease with those 12 credit so that they can be full-time student. >> yes he is looking and more online and open source technology in hopes that it can replace textbooks that could help students offset any potential tuition increase. an east bay, the month diablo school district is facing its share of hardships, so much so that they're looking to ask the teachers to take furlough days. during the school due to a meeting tonight the board will consider asking the teachers' union to take seven unpaid furlough days. the district is facing a nearly $2 million deficit school officials said the one for low they alone could save the district about $750,000. we talk with the teachers' union president mike about how they feel about this proposal and how can affect teachers and students. it >> we understand and the district always try to get the maximum amount possible, but that is their bargaining point. in the
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past, bargaining requires both sides to give a little bit and to take a look at the situation. we do not believe that will be the in number, past history tells us what the district originally asked for it is useful in that--is usually not needed in the end. eight for obeid's was requested last year and gave only three. we look get a furlough day as another day of not learning. with the real push around country for more and more time in the classroom, we find it very difficult to believe that taking students out of the classroom is probably the best way to handle it. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m. tonight, we will hear from parents and teachers about the furlough proposal. we are learning more this evening about friday's muni bus accident that the life of a 23 year-old san francisco woman. authorities say that emily done was in the crosswalk at 18th street near hartford when a muni
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bus making a left turn struck and killed her. authorities have said that the bus was out of service at the time and was headed to castro and market street to act as a shuttle. dan kerman is live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> we are at 18th and hartford and this is a memorial for emily done, she was here in the crosswalk on 18th street. today we are learning that the busted turn left on hartford street had no business being on hartford whatsoever. let us roll some videos of the week to show the scene from friday's incident. muni is telling us that when a driver is off route, the dispatch center is expected to tell them exactly where to go. in this case, but they said the dispatch center did not tell the were to go and the driver decided on this home--on his own and hartford was not the place to be. >> buses should not operate on hartford, they usually
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receive routes on how to get a new assignment from central control. and at this situation that did not happen. but we are looking into it. >> emily done only does san francisco for a few weeks i talk with her boss iphone she worked for a production company that produced among other things, the outside lance festival she was very excited about moving to san francisco and being your full time coming up to 90 6:00 p.m. we will tell you more details about the route that the bus driver took and the route that he should have taken to get where he needed to go. >> san francisco please have a man in custody suspected of vandalizing city hall. did he say they saw the man on security cameras he was smashing door windows. police said he appeared to be drunk at the time. the crews were to clean up the buildings damaged later that day. protesters are welcome at part stations but officials said they must remain
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outside of the fare gates. monday night protests resulted in at least for the rest of made by the police. board officers detained for protesters on the train platform with two stations, civic center and how all experienced closure on and off throughout the commute, but no train delays. compare that the four stations shut down during the previous protests on august 16th. the board president for bart tells us that the agency is taking the appropriate measures to deal with the demonstrators. >> bart officials believe that the agency is trending in the right direction when handling the protests in downtown san francisco. monday night's demonstration of the first time that its officers arrested protesters. >> it showed incredible restraints to allow people to protest peacefully but when you are endangering our passengers that is when we have to draw the line. >> the president spoke with
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me outside of the headquarters in oakland to discuss monday's protests he says the issue is not with allowing the protesters to speak out is the selfish end of the ads placed on commuters that are innocently trying to get to their destinations safely and on time. >> we want to keep our trains moving in bring the policy discussion we're belongs. >> bart has identified safe areas in every station where the protesters are welcome. >> that is outside the fare gates. everyone is welcome there. >> a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza, not a cloud inside, gorgeous blue skies in is pretty worn out their 87 degrees and will stay mouth at 80 into tomorrow morning also staying out in the low 60s but tomorrow afternoon we will see cooler conditions. a look at our current temperature is right now. it is 90 for the inland valleys with that is not the only place take a look.
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>> now we do have a slight chance of thunderstorms in the north bay it is not look like it will happen and into the afternoon much cooler conditions i will have more on tomorrow's forecast coming up. >> coming up, we update you on the conditions of two people injured at the 49ers and raiders game. we also compare security at the oakland coliseum in candlestick park. we will
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>> new details about the niners raiders outburst. today more rain kelly takes a look at the differences and similarities between the raiders and the 49er security measures. >> the most recent violence between fans happened at candlestick at the home of the raider nation which does have problems in the past. both stadiums take steps to try to retrieve this in line to use local police to have sheriff deputies on site in order to transport those that directed to the county jail. check out the holding cell in side of the
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coliseum, candlestick has won two. both have rooms like this when used as command centers on game days. this would at the oakland coliseum has seats for security and law enforcement representatives were they can keep their eyes on the stands and watch security cameras on this monitor. the two stadiums have signs like this one posted, so that attendees can police themselves with instructions on how unruly behavior can be reported via text message. the one big difference until now has until getting, the gates at the stake would open up aston's the form at the niners home game those looking to party in the parking lot will only have about four hours. now the oakland coliseum has been living there tilden hour to about five hours before the game for the last 10 years. it >> 49er hall of famer joe montana talk with us today about the violence. he was handed a food baskets at the san francisco food bank drawing attention to hungary
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in the u.s.. montana says the spirit of their rivalry between the two teams should not be a danger to families that are in the stands although he says that seems to be a national trend. out >> it is just and necessary. i cannot think is just sports it is around the world it is giving away. and you look around it is centered all the place is not just sports unfortunately it has gone to sports. >> montana has taken on the fight against hunger. >> it is certainly warmer out there today so far today these are the temperatures that we have hit. >> so for 96 concord, 93
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san jose, 97 livermore, 90 hayward. compared to our average temperatures it is a lot more crowded today we have seen much cooler weather for most of the summer. this is a little rear for this summer so far. five degrees warmer in san francisco so far. now we will see a full record report coming up soon i will let you know phibro can records, we came pretty close in hayward. look at the fog tracker for tomorrow morning. there will not be a lot of fog it was a pretty minimal. now look to the extent of it is already pushing back at 9:00 a.m.. and then back to the coastline for the afternoon, the fog will stick up and down the coastline for tomorrow. we will see warmer
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conditions around the bay area especially in places like morgan hill. it will be a lot cooler for the inland valleys tomorrow was still on the one side and the upper 80s. 89 antioch 89 pleasanton, 85 livermore. for these bayshores it is significant cooling as well with temperatures in the '60s and '70s. cooler for the peninsula also in the '60s and '70s. low 60s because of the fog. not expected to clear like we saw today into the north bay temperatures really into the '70s but 88 degrees in fairfield and also tomorrow morning in the north bay a slight chance of isolated thunderstorm. in a kron47 they're around the forecast cooler weather in the next couple of days. it will pick up into thursday and friday and this week in the fog will scale back a little bit. we will see warmer conditions upper 80s and low 90s and will cool slightly into next week.
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>> a live traffic on the golden gate bridge, the rise out of your screen is northbound traffic driving into that fog bank. you could see traffic beginning to slow down coming north bound into san francisco it is moving well stay right there more news ahead. man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat
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>> of evidence shows that there was a sexual encounter. but they said the woman was are credible. police say woman tossed a seven month old son from the fourth floor of a hospital. the baby in critical condition and that is the mother's mug shot. police arrested her after she
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shirt circled back to the scene cheese in jail undergoing a psychological evaluation. president obama continued his day and martha's vineyard, aside from golfing he went biking with his starters he got updates about the east coast are quick. he decided to stay there after he had been told there was no major damage. stay with us, more news after the break.
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>> three of the four shootings were on foot hill. we report on what police are saying about connections between the shootings.
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>> steve johnson and show me where the dead body of a male shooting victim was found just after midnight a few feet away from his home on 79th avenue in oakland. this is video recorded at the scene. johnson says that he heard gunshots loud and clear. >> it was just like pow pow pow and that was it. >> much as three minutes after responding to this thing, local police got a call from an employee reporting a gunshot victim running into the store and a collapsing here on the floor in front of the counter. investigators said the 28 year-old man is expected to survive, oakley said prior to these two shootings there were two more shooting incidents, these polls that you see here on the taco trucks that is on the corner of foothill and 38 avenue mark the location where the police say that two male
5:33 pm
taco workers were shot during the course of a robbery around 11:30 p.m. monday night they say they're both victims are expected to survive. according to investigators the first shooting happened a couple of hours earlier also on foot hill near 49th avenue, the male victim suffered a non-life threatening injury. they say the motives for the other shootings are not known but this time, there are no suspects in custody for in these shooting cases. >> for men are being treated for stab wounds, but actually how they were stacked is under investigation the men are arrived at a hospital in daly city early this morning when the police arrive the man said there were stabbed and a bowling alley in daly city however the police did not believe their stories, a sergeant with the investigation talks about what they believe actually did happen. >> we believe the incident was tied to a larger incident and sunset. there was a large incident that we revise from san francisco
5:34 pm
please a large fight with possible shootings and stabbings occurring. we believe that they have been injured in that event. >> there were trying to throw us off the track about where it actually occurred. >> why didn't people do that? >> to protect the other people involved, many people try to take care of the incident themselves and about what the authorities to be involved. >> they city will work with the san francisco police to flesh of this investigation. and that the state--police say that jesse strangled drama grossed to death. it was all for less than $2. this is video of the facility he was sentenced to it--he was sent to the mental institution back in 1996 after stabbing a woman and parking are. to say he will most likely spend his time in prison.
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>> of now clam tompkinses charged with killing two people and wounding five others. this is video of the scene they said tompkins got into an argument outside of sweet jimmy's restaurant with rival gang members they said that he left in that a term with an assault rifle opening fire into the restaurant if convicted he faces life in prison. >> it is quite warm out there this afternoon especially in the inland valleys. also warned down in the south bay. 91 san jose, 92 los gatos. the in oakland, it is still pretty warm the several degrees cooler than what we saw one hour ago. if you're headed out to the giants game, it will be mild to start. 66 a game time increasing fog through the game.
5:36 pm
temperatures will cool off accordingly at 60 degrees when it wraps up. as for the weather headlines tomorrow not much falk, but still it will be cooler out there from 5 to 50 degrees cooler depending on where you are. significant cooling into the north bay. thursday were extensive, still cooler temperatures this weekend. we will take to the weekend forecast coming up and just a little bit. >> the capital of libya is the seed of what is being described as ferocious fighting. moammar gadhafi is still at large, or rebels controlled the center of power in tripoli. the fight to overthrow the dictator is in its final stage, and five hour battle. this is where the fighting is taking place. in this complex is in the heart of the capital. >> as you can see these huge walls were supposed to be protective walls. this gives you a sense of the
5:37 pm
power of the moammar gadhafi regime. >> looters discovered an extensive army but the man that they sought was nowhere to be seen. nato jets had flown 20,000 missions, they are warning people to stay clear of the fighting. >> he is history and the sooner than he realizes it the better. >> his son is not ready to shuffle off the stage. last night he showed up at a hotel for foreign reporters to show that he was not a prisoner as the rebels have claimed, his reappearance sent the rebels into damage control. >> he had been arrested and then he escaped. >> the rebel ambassador said the physical location of the dictator and his family is not as important as the fact that he is out of power. >> moammar gadhafi is out of our hearts and minds. he
5:38 pm
dominated us through fear and this year is finished. >> some of his gold will soon be going to libya's new government. the state department is trying to free up more than $1 billion in frozen assets. the money will go to the new regime from humanitarian aid. all of the old libyan government had $34 billion invested in the u.s.. most of that is a form of real-estate. it cannot be easily converted to cash. >> following the rebel forces storming the city of tripoli who requested to change the name of a popular square in libya. take a look, for the four decades it has been called green square, that is the color of the flags symbolizing moammar gadhafi takeover. the rebels want to rename it smarter square in honor of libyans killed during the civil unrest this year. the name was only
5:39 pm
change after so many people were requesting the name change that google actually complied googlegoogl maps >> now here in stanley roberts and found people behaving badly. >> san francisco streets are full of pot holes and cracks. if you drive a motorcycle, car, or bike you already know this. but now that we are approaching election time there's a pretty good chance they will see more of these. this vehicle is removing the old missteps' street as the son of city hall. some of the candidates are hoping that voters will have a short memory and forget the past. here is a shore refresher course from yours truly. the streets of san francisco
5:40 pm
have been a mess for years. not just the streets of the sidewalks as well. for example, this has been that for several years. my car rattle's every time i drive over a period and some places you can see old railroad tracks and sticking out making for rough driving. let the truth be told there are well over one dozen people running for mayor in san francisco but not be fooled by the new paint job that is going on right now. if you want change, my advice is do not fall for this because even the newly paved streets not done correct is worthless. in san francisco mime stanley roberts with kron4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley eve ellis at people behaving badly at will be right back with more news to come.
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>> sales of new homes fell for the third straight month. they did make a slight drop over 1% from last month. the slow sales means that new home construction is also slumping and that is not helping the economic recovery. the present rating agency standard and poor's is stepping down your looking at him, they're announcing that he will leave his post by the end of the year. no mention in that announcement of the controversial downgrade of america's credit rating. digested the party recently launched an investigation into the s&p rating packag practices for mortgage- backed securities. and bp has paid out $5 billion for the oil spill in the gulf. 38 percent of the claims were uprooted most of the money meant to people in florida, louisiana,
5:45 pm
mississippi, alabama and texas. a report released today says that there were almost 1 million claims from 50 states in 36 countries. as of today you have some new rights as a passenger, new federal rules are putting more pressure on airlines. the changes mean they will face higher fines if they leave international flights took on the tarmac for more than four hours. were the $27,000 per passenger you will get more money if you get bumped from your flight, double the price of the to get up to $650. you will even give more money than that during long delays. a real strong bay and wall street the dow jumped up 322 points. the nasdaq was up 100 points that is after a manufacturing reports suggested the u.s. does not face a recession just a slowdown. it closed with a 3% gain. >> a live look outside, down on san francisco you can see a little bit of fog spilling into the golden
5:46 pm
gate. it will be quite minimal as we head into tomorrow morning. you see a slight chance of thunderstorms in the north bay for tomorrow morning but that is only in the morning hours and very slight chance. it does not look like we will see anything, upper fifties and low 60s to start the day, by noon the fog clears back to the coastline. temperatures will be pretty warm and some spots tomorrow afternoon but not nearly as warm as what you're seeing today. take a look at the fog tracker. is really not that extensive into tomorrow morning. the 7:00 a.m. hour, the fog is up through the north bay. that will be it, that is the extent of it, pushing back to san francisco by 9:00, we still see the fog lingering in the north bay and then hugging the coastline to the afternoon. again, temperatures will be a lot cooler tomorrow but still warm in the south bay and it's like morgan hill. 87 degrees there, 86 los gatos.
5:47 pm
79 in milpitas. a lot court for the inland valleys tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are still warm and antioch. east bayshores also a lot cooler, about 10 degrees cooler than what we saw today. 69:00, 73 hayward. some places will be as much as 15 degrees cooler than today. a big cool down tomorrow the coastline was to virtually the same because of the fog. only the low sixties there, today is the same thing can the tragic drowning in the '70s but 88 degrees in fairfield. this is a look a year kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. cooler weather for the next couple of days. not that extensive into tomorrow but it will pick up thursday and friday temperatures will stay on the cool side and into the weekend we have warmer air building into warmer temperatures all around especially into the inland valleys. cooling down once again into early next week.
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>> this accident and texas ended with a tanker truck bursting into flames, a car collided with the truck the tanker apparently was carrying jet fuel. but the road was shut down and the truck burned itself out. it was unclear whether or not anyone was injured. take a look at the school bus that was engulfed in flames yesterday afternoon it was the first day of school for some middle school students in the morning i would. 15 tutors or on the bus at the time and that drivers being held as a hero he caught everyone off the bus safety before it burst into flames officials are still investigating the cause of the fire. taking the could this, students arrested-- rescued from their school bus after it got stuck and
5:54 pm
work. the national guard help to rescue the 25 students of the man pulled to safety most of them were not scared
5:55 pm
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dozens of arrested in it all happen again of what a bart plans of doing about another protest planned for monday. a 23 year-old woman struck and killed by a muni bus. a new report shows what muni did not do that to the prevented the accident. the east coast was rocked by an earthquake it was felt across several states. hundreds drop what they were doing and ran outside. >> there was a small vibration and it got worse and worse. >> i looked out the window and i saw the building shake. we read in a meeting and i said i need to leave. with touch-screen nav, bluetooth, and...a moonroof? with or without leather? we got 'em both. [ sighs ] i gotta get back. [ male announcer ] the most innovative cars
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are also the most available cars. nissan. innovation for all.
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>> a disruptive demonstration is planned again, the battle between bart and protesters continue. this hobart
6:01 pm
financials plan on handling the situation. an earthquake on the east coast. >> we know that it was felt in boston and in atlanta. >> i felt the swinging back and forth and was not going away. >> unusual defense reported and many nuclear power plants, tonight we have the damage and the reaction from an earthquake that was felt across several states. the new protection for airline passengers that goes into effect today. >> at 6:00 p.m., 40 people were arrested in to bart stations were shut down. commuters were disrupted for zero hours it today and other protest is planned for next monday night. commuters using part to get in and out of san francisco are tiring. the protesters are interrupting their view home and their patients is weighing thin. >> i think it is to be because interrupt with the commute going home and
6:02 pm
interferes with people's lives. it's tiring. people have the right to protest i did not think that they should do that in a manner i think they should do in a manner that they handle it without disrupting people's lives. >> i think it is stupid. it slows down the commute. >> monday night, it resulted in temporary shutdown at the civic center and how bart stations. as in some other police arrested at least 40 protesters rock the evening we spoke with park officials that says the agency's main objective is to accommodate its passengers. >> there is apology for the people that were in the sleep disrupted and for the passengers that had to go to that. >> bart officials say the focus is to keep trains moving so that riders to not get stuck in protest during rush hour. this could be a solution right now it's just a system they have to deal
6:03 pm
with. >> during the peak of a commute of the bus companies are running everything may have. it is a commute for them, they're using the whole fleet. there is not an extra fleet of buses around to carry 150 t of people across the bay. >> the bart president maintains their actions have had better results with only two stations experiencing periodic closure. >> with a purpose is because coming disruptive we clear the station and wants the protesters go on to the extension be open a previous edition up again. >> a while block cell servers and free-speech rights are the protesters main focus innocent commuters are parts of the main focus. >> now imagine being stuck for two hours, we cannot have that. we cannot look back and say sorry for the people that got hurt, we should shut off cellphone
6:04 pm
service the we did not because of free speech rights. we have to first and foremost protect our passenger safety. >> we are learning new details about friday is a muni bus accident that claimed the life of a 23 year-old san francisco woman this happen in the castro district adjutancy on the map here, authorities said that in lee dunn was in a crosswalk on 18th street near hartford when the bus making a left turn struck and killed her. dan kerman is live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> we are at 18th and hartford, this to the memorial for emily done we're learning new information she was hit in this cross work--walk at hartford street. they said the dispatch never told the driver which way to go and now we're finding out the route that he should've taken. 23 year-old emily done had just moved to san francisco tickets job at a
6:05 pm
production company where she had worked on and off for years. the fried issues of the kron4--but friday she was in the crosswalk and that is when the muni bus taking a left turn truck that killed her. now many says that the driver never should've been on hartford altogether. but even worse, muni dispatchers were supposed to give the driver a specific route to get castro and market in that never happened. >> operators typically receive routes on how to get a new assignment from central control. in this situation that did not happen. we will continue to investigate to find out exactly what took place on friday. >> the driver was headed to market street near castro. to get there he went east on 18th and left on hartford. that is where the accident happened in the officials tell kron4 the proper route to get castro and market with them for the driver to go west on 18th
6:06 pm
street all the way to market, make a right turn and then turn down market street castro, but that never happened. >> we are at the memorial for emily done, there are two investigations going on right now one is being conducted by muni, the other is being conducted by the san francisco please. more fraction, available and will be tonight reporting live and then covered with kron4 news. >> it was dramatic to see but no one was her with a small plane made an emergency landing on a dare road in east palo out of this morning. it happened about 2 mi. west of the airport near palo alto where the pilot and his student practicing takeoffs and landings. it suffered minor damage to one wing as it clicked the tree standing up--ending up in a marsh. >> the kickoff and
6:07 pm
elevation there were able to tame the engine back. at that point they had to determine a place and location to take the plane down being at 300 ft. thick and are returned back to the wrong way. so they look for the safest place to bring the plane down without any civilians around without any housing. >> the chief says it appears a fuel leak may have caused it to lose power and by the time to switch to a second tank it was not able to regain enough altitude to return to the airport and was forced to make emergency landing. the school district will consider a proposal at the board meeting to ask the teachers to take seven possible unpaid furlough days. that is this upcoming school year, today the district union representative told kron4 they understand the need to make cuts within not believe that furlough days are the into last year's the teachers to three furlough days, the teacher--district
6:08 pm
is facing and to pay a dollar deficit. we spoke with teachers and students and parents about the deficit. >> here pleasant hill, many students and parents were taught about enjoying the last day of summer when asked about furloughs, most parents send their torn. >> i do not think it is a good idea because it is less teaching days for the kids in lacher having the three days that were dropped at the end of the school year a pattern in the way of the schedule for the end of the year however i know how tight we are for money in the budget not be able to cover the need in a whole state little on the school district. >> as a teacher i really do not want make less money but i am willing to do my part if that will help. as a parent, and more than happy to have my child home with me. >> this mother of three says although she did not deter kids suffered with last year's furlough days. she worried about what the district was contemplating this time around.
6:09 pm
>> the kids enjoyed it, it was not a huge impact because it was just three days. but i think we have a significantly greater number it will be a problem, we already have limited resources in the school and taking time away from learning will not help. >> other said it was a bad idea. >> i think they need to look outside the school for cuts. there is other money out there the taking and their hands on and leave the school alone. >> the man that was beaten into a coma outside of the stadium is now said to be given--getting worse. bryan stow family says he's running a high fever and 10 show that he is developing a new infection. you may recall bryan stow was attacked outside of bryans' stadium--giants stadium in
6:10 pm
l.a.. he was walking from the game with three friends and two men wearing doctors clothing approach him from behind according to the l.a. police. new protection for those with smart phones, new state legislation will prevent law enforcement officer from looking through smart phones and other devices of the people that their rest of less than a search warrant. the current law allows the law enforcement to search the phone of those without a search warrant. they say the times have changed in the foam contain as much personal information as a computer or a private residence all of which need warrants in order to be searched. >> a look at our extended forecast, much cooler weather on tap is hot today. we will ticket to the temperatures coming up.
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> millions of people felt the impact of an east coast earthquake. it was centered near the tiny town of monroe virginia not huge, it was an 5.8 but it was the biggest to hit the east coast in 67 years. unlike californians, people there which is not used to that kind of drama. take a look at this man's face when he registered what happened. he was in the middle of a news conference with your quick he would assure the reporters that his been through earthquakes before that as of the a lot of people on the east coast could not say. >> i was on the phone and the step to actually move and i was thinking what is going on and i looked down on the ground was moving. >> and i think anyone realize what is happening everyone sat still for a moment. >> i even told a co-worker that we were having an earthquake and he said i did not feel a thing. and then the big one hit. >> thing shaking.
6:15 pm
>> people poured out of buildings in new york city filling the streets and intersections they want of their offices in washington d.c. graphic cellphone. tourist and staff left the museum is like here at the museum of natural history in dc. two nuclear reactors at a power station in virginia are automatically taken off line by safety systems. president obama was on vacation in martha's vineyard and he got the news while in the middle of a golf game. parts of the capital, white house and pentagon were evacuated. the synod meeting had to be held at the local post office. >> i said at the edges felt an earthquake i was not sure there were alarms and sirens that one off immediately. >> unsettling but few reports of major damage. the moment the earthquake hit, the damage included partially collapsed building in baltimore broken glass, cracks in walls, in new
6:16 pm
jersey, i can recall and chandeliers bring in everywhere, people need a little time to process the fact that the actually experienced an earthquake. >> there was a small vibration and they got worse and worse than i thought we must be having an earthquake. >> the damage included the national cathedral in washington d.c. that is a major landmark part of the central tower came down and here, you can see a decorative pinnacled broke off. it is closed until further notice and workers are checking for any other damage. >> as soon as the earthquake hit, people grabbed their cameras and recorded their parts of posted videos on youtube, check out a couple of reactions. >> i ran down to the basement and hid underneath the coverage, the basement, a religion not come to me until after the earthquake that was not supposed to be in the basement that was the first thing that came to mind, run, but will fall
6:17 pm
your head sokol to the basement for cover. >> we felt it here, this tv bush shaking the couch were shaking big. >> that was my first earthquake. >> adjutancy most people were pretty shaken up by this they have not experienced earthquakes like we had here in california before. >> as we said, it did not cause much damage, you can see this person showing off some bottles in the back from that were knocked down by the earthquake and also some pictures that are now and even because of the rabin. coming up at 8:00 p.m. will have a look at more reaction stay with us, more news after the break.
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6:19 pm
6:20 pm
>> today facebook unveiled a massive wave of privacy changes of the tickets privacy overhauled in the country's--company's history. several of the updates will really appeal to facebook users including more control what did to
6:21 pm
their feet. and you on tagging feature. and to check out all the changes visit kron4 doc, look for our woods on the web section according to a new report, apple suppliers have started to make a cheaper version of the iphone for with a smaller flash truck. the kind--company is looking for new customers that want to buy the device at a more affordable price. sprint could get their hands on the iphone this a starting in mid october the company's will sell the iphone 5 in the iphone for. they say the availability of rental, the same time that the iphone 5 is introduced at at&t and a rise in wireless. >> certain cooling down of their close to the coastline but you are away from the coastline is pretty hot this afternoon temperatures in the '90s inland. closer to the coastline again it is a lot
6:22 pm
cooler, 71 san francisco, 78 oakland still warming in redwood city and 87 degrees. to give the correct temperatures from today these are not the official numbers, this is what it looks like we've reached today at the hon. temperatures are running well above average for this time of year. the ticket with the different from the average temperatures, five degrees warmer in san francisco but 10 degrees warmer in san jose and livermore. 14 degrees above average in hayward. it does not look like we broke in the records of the zero hayward was pretty close. the warm weather will not stick with us into tomorrow. we will see some fault return to the forecast will not be very extensive as to concede on the fog tracker open to the north bay and to san francisco and oakland, this will be the extent of it. pushing back at 9:00 a.m. in covering parts of the north bay and back to
6:23 pm
the coastline for the afternoon it was the cooler on the coastline. temperatures will still be warm and places like morgan hill, 87 there, 86 los gatos 84 san jose. much cooler in the inland valley is. but still want in concord, 84 degrees 87 in san ramon, 89 any of. same with the east bay shore. it could be up to 20 degrees and in on where you are. 69 oakland, 75 fremont. '70s also for the bayshores. enclosed the coastline, we will stickle because of the fog. the north bay temperatures in the '70s, at 88 in fairfield and looked in a kron47 they're around the bay forecast cool weather will stick with us as we get more expensive fog to round out the work. saturday and sunday less fog. warmer and dry air above average on saturday we will cool down into next
6:24 pm
week stay with us, we will be back after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100% which means the most innovative cars, are also the most available cars. nissan, innovation for today. innovation for all.
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6:27 pm
>> rebels make history in libya. >> we have just achieved a victory. >> what was not in amy winehouse system when she died new killed on her on a house was a maker is planning on returning to the big screen.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> moammar gadhafi into our hearts and minds, and he dominated us to fear in the sphere is finished. we are ruled this year and upper country is free. >> and a libyan official
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> this is an important day especially for the rebels when moammar gadhafi said they would never be able to take the city but they have taken his compound. and you can see now some of the press is coming out so clearly they have them. clearly this is over and clearly there is extreme
6:32 pm
excitement and tripoli. >> moammar gadhafi son made an appearance at a tripoli hotel earlier today more then one day after the rebel forces have reported his captors. the younger one appeared at the hotel in tripoli one of the remaining holdouts of the moammar gadhafi reporters. there was no explanation from the transition council. that is the rebel leadership that announced that he was in custody on sunday, earlier the libyan ambassador told cnn that a another of his sons, had escaped. now an earthquake on the east coast. a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck in central virginia but it was felt as far away as boston and atlanta. it's a security camera video from and some of cnn studio in washington d.c.. people were scurrying about. people were
6:33 pm
seeking safety into the streets and reported to the street in your city and many other cities. several buildings were damaged, and so far no reports of any injuries. >> continuing our coverage of the east coast earthquake has been a busy day here at menlo park where scientists have been tracking the aftermath of the magnitude 5.8 earthquake in virginia someone i spoke with earlier said what happened today was a result of a type of earthquake that creates mountains and those are very different than what happens in california i wars are usually result of slip faults, crates in the earth's crust rust--rub together. they think that smaller earthquakes and the magnitude of two and four could go on for days and possibly weeks. >> here in san francisco castro district is to the
6:34 pm
memorial for emily done, the 23 year-old girl that was struck and killed by a muni bus friday afternoon. she was in the crosswalk on hartford when she was hit, but we're learning that the muni bus should have never been on hartford's street. we're also learning that the muni dispatcher sugar told the driver of the proper route to go. but that never happened. in san francisco i am dan kerman with kron4 news. >> investigators are looking into for overnight shooting that occurred within two and a half of our to each other. in one case the man was found suffering from a gunshot wound he later died from his injury to another case, to taco trucks workers were shot, there are expected to to rot, to other victims was also shot dead monday night they also receive not life- threatening injuries. >> bart officials in oakland said they plan on minimizing protest on monday
6:35 pm
is trending in the right direction the board president said this is the first time if they have made arrests in downtown san francisco and only two stations experienced closure during the monday commute. he says the protesters are welcome but not on the platform. there are separate areas set aside for that. >> and san francisco bart passengers are fed up with the weekly protests that have delayed the commute for the second week in a row. many that i talked with said they are sympathetic towards the free speech cause, but they said the protests is falling on deaf ears because people just want to get home commuters say that this is a way of life in the bay area and they have started leaving work early and started making other plans to get home and on those days when people protest. >> in oakland at the coliseum they have already employed some of the new security steps now being
6:36 pm
implemented by the 49ers in the wake of the far less as saturday night's game. here at the home of the regulation--greater nation, they have been limiting the time that fans can come in. starting at the niners home game candlestick will collect their party turned down to four hours before the game starts. >> are big weather story, much cooler weather on tap for tomorrow and will be mild overnight the pictures in the '50s and '60s. the damage to the slight chance of thunderstorms tomorrow morning does not look likely but if you are in the north bay cannot be too surprised if you see that. temperatures cooling down quite a bit 66 san francisco, 85 livermore and 84 in san jose. take a look around the bay area, tomorrow afternoon still worn down and parts of the south bay. quite a bit
6:37 pm
cooler in the inland jellies. places like and how still pretty warm. also much cooler for the east bayshores. '60s and '70s, 69 oakland 75 in fremont. '60s and '70s for the peninsula stay cooler closer to the coastline because this is the only place that we are expecting to see fog in the afternoon. in the or north bay temperatures running in the '70s this is a look at your kron4 around the bay forecast. cooler weather continues as round up the work week but warmer would to to reaching back into the '90s inland. >> here is stanley roberts and found the people behind that the. >> what is this woman looking after such a long time? why is this parking enforcement officer shielding her eyes? what is so important that this man has his camera on full
6:38 pm
throttle? i can tell you that it is not dismembered, maybe it is this guy's a red shoes. or could it be this man sitting on some jobs? tonight at 8:00 p.m., will introduce you to some city sunbathers to believe it is ok to be but naked in public and one who believes it is ok to be a racist in the next edition of people behaving badly. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
6:39 pm
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>> no illegal substances for found an amy winehouse system at the time of her death that is where her family announced today toxicology was done after she was found dead in her home last month as her family says that alcohol was found in her body but it is not known if that played a role in her death she died at the age of 27. none knew details about arnold schwarzenegger movie come back he is slated to be in a movie called last stand. it is a modern-day western
6:42 pm
biconvex making their way through the mexican border through new mexico after escaping a prison in las vegas. this is the first movie since 2003 terminator 3 he said that it made that he was putting his acting project on hold after disclosing that he fathered a child with the family housekeeper and was splitting with his wife maria shriver. jennifer gardner is a reprise in her role as a soon-to-be mom, the 39 year-old actress and her husband in athletics are reportedly expecting their third child they already have two girls, five-year old violent and to your old sarafina. vern has the latest from the giants coming up has been in the 500 runner-up j.r. hildebrand is one on one in the studio right here next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> the giants started to 912 games, the padre's lead it offered to. but the big one is the giants' injury that forces roster move. the giants wanted to give carlos and his right-hand one more day on the disabled list, but another entry today force their hand. we will activate carlos beltran. we will have to make the call before the game. there will involve even eight, or john sanchez was still somewhat soar. >> and nate is speculated to have hurt his foot was thrown out of the plate in houston on sunday to try and wounded. it came time decision after consulting with doctors would decide if he becomes the 10th the giant on the disabled list this month. >> with the number of injuries that have happened to us, we're in a pretty
6:47 pm
good position. >> just a game back the padres are ahead tonight and the giants tonight. it then will we go from that to win a the giants' move as they went ahead and signed jason stephenson today. he is a native that would to run the aaa fresno team immediately. he has a 1.68 era. the 30 year-old stevenson make the call soon as the chance to try to plug in holes any way they can. the school to j. r. hildebrandt was our guest. you are a giants fan, i believe that you're going to the game on thursday. it is that true if you have beltran and as 74% that is better than not having him at all? apart
6:48 pm
>> they're kind of out with everything but they're not looking too bad. >> it that is why he knows racing hefog given a little bit. the j. r. hildebrandt is one to the game tonight wait-and-see she was the a's are doing with the yankees. first they traded third baseman and meantime, there is this. eric chavez and can try. branded apple's crazy the big fella crushes this one. even his teammates are stunned. two home runs tonight for branded allen. 2 nothing in the fifth. the a's were clobbering these guys. and this is a three run homer with six to three. and the could this. holidays
6:49 pm
with a moth in his ear and that holiday i should say, not related but he had a moth in his ear in the eighth inning he had to come out of the game last i went to the clubhouse and they had to use tweezers to get this moscow. he said that it was awfully painful. a shocker involving the iconic coach pat summit. >> earlier this year the doctors at the mayo clinic diagnosed me with an early onset of mantra alzheimer's at the age of 59. i plan on continuing to be your coach. for that reason i will rely on my outstanding coaching staff like never before. >> and that is a shocker. he a test in may of produced this result she is a title over 1000 wins, she is a
6:50 pm
hall of famer obviously. she said she will continue to be on the bench, and on that day she will head off to someone else but that is awful news of pat summit with a touch of the mantra. when we come back it is nice to catch up with what are homegrown stars. they do little for wheels and they do well. j.r. hildebrand from sausalito to the track, to stardom and nearly a win at the indy 500. now i debt and 13 stocks, you have gone back in the question. come on back we will catch up with j.r. a big race coming up this weekend.
6:51 pm
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>> he is an instant star. there he is earlier he tore up the tracks and made his name i guess in those days it was serious. >> i have a tough time even to the tune of between the two of them. >> they had the two top five finish so you are the hunt. >> we have been knocking on the door in this the big thing for us. just the last couple of races we had some really big runs. so we feel like we have had a pretty decent season to fall back on right now. >> i was teasing you about it before the commercial break but whenever something big like the indy 500 comes and you come that close every city is like i have to
6:55 pm
come back with an answer for that in the five part question. >> is one of those things now that i believe having to confront the issue right away makes it easier to do that now because it is a little more of a complicated scenario than what it initially look like. will-- basically we're catching up to and lapped car that as all of a sudden run out of gas. so we go from going to 20 just one second ago and now he is 50, 60, 70 mi. per hour slower than what i am going. i had to make that split decision said--to try to make passed. and the end of the race there was all this buildup of church and
6:56 pm
things outside of the track and i am on used tires and i knew that was a low probability move, but to me it was on to the greater risk to jam on the brakes to slow down in terms of winning the race. we have seen it before, what you have the guys slowdown of the last lap and in the have it taken away for them i did not want to be that guy, we went ford and became a jet short. >> so in that case, said the placement and it's wrong with that. lme action about this weekend and you come back to the track, it cannot be well, it is just another track. this take place that you have all the page. --you have ownage. >> use a little that home town advantage but there is a comfort level that comes from being at home and i'm
6:57 pm
looking forward to making good on that this weekend. >> now you and i kind of road together through the streets of san francisco. wow you really can get the feeling i felt every bomb. it is better for me watching from the couch than for me actually try to do. that is j.r. hildebrand, he is a pro when we will see him on sunday.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
did will and jada pinkett smith just split up? >> inside the new shock report. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> divorce is not an option. we're going to be together. the superstar couple denying the new head line saying sada cheated with j. lo's husband, but have they just separated? and the marriage pact with his wife. >> we going to figure out how to be happy. >> then beverly hills housewives star's family. visits the coroner. >> did russell spend $50,000 on taylor's 40th birthday before hi


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