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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 26, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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. making home affordable from the u.s. government has already helped over a million struggling homeowners like these. the sooner you act, the better chance we can help you. man: ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong friday when a live look outside as a lure for the wheat wafts forecast to deceive what the weather has in store for us for the weekend. 1st the nearest
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steve jobs and has helped technology and ceo and founder has resigned and tim " is not going to take its place. >> when if you look at apple's revenue run mac is up 33% and chemicals, it took over the spread sheet said that all the necessary components to meet he negotiated deals that undercut the competition >> make sure they have high profit margin and their supply chain has been going very well apple has been
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forgotten parts for the iphone and ipad before anyone else >> coke joint companies in 1998 and when he wonders whether it out: looks like what about the legendary ceo >> for five years down the road question of his designs in stinks' and his attention to detail new products will start to compile that will be a real test of the organization. >> paul dapple is very excited to bring the iphone tube operations and 93 million customers >> has been more visible in the last few months when
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white in the past and had gone to philip short coat is not a product visionaries like steve jobs. in a statement to a company employees " said apple is not going to change to where i cherished uncelebrated happens unique and principles and values we will stay true to about because it is an art dealer named >> san francisco police hot are releasing more information on your breast from that we have more details on the of protest >> all but four of the other
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35 protesters live in the bay area 16 people from san francisco but they are from oakland and one is from when the others are listed where from various areas throughout the bay area where vaughn for oddest a protesters hoare also arrested and the ages ranged from 17 to 56 spo. and san francisco kron 4 news >> san francisco police to bring renewed crackdown on protesters as they continue to his report services incentive to spell white. >> in a column in punched
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off thursday's chronic : the san francisco police department of has promised to step popular police left offset enough is enough whe. the next response will be quicker anonymous behind corporatist was offended by his remarks and on their site to base said audrey do not appreciate threats and we don't take well to lemo" whenthem >> them stairs every right to protest we will continue
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to its facility in to it to any extent where it does not to infringe on public safety. >> mean what muni alert and after a derailment in castro district last night off to track spare parts around 715 last night. >> police relieved of the east, tattoos on the men that were shot when " no headrest have been made >> california supreme court after gunmen killed two family members this is the video of the bodies being
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taken from the urban to blackshear a shot pieces his si ster. >> appear looking forward to the weekends we are plenty of sunshine on tapas whitaker, at the golden gate bridge we're looking at cents falcons you'll wake up to morning fog and some drizzle longer that you headed into the early afternoon and you will see plenty of sunshine. as we look at the satellite to a picture of the fog is sitting in the north bay area making its way down to the bay this result of
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temperatures occur late '50s and '60s in the area the war is being antioch at 66 degrees whe. we're going gazebo on - in
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as we take hot when it fog tracker 4 goggle moving and not landed quebec when it will be pushing its way back during the day enables along the coast during a lunchtime this is a look of current temperatures right now mostly in the '50s and '60s bobbin san francisco
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right now is 57 degrees i quebe. we're looking at temperatures a neighbor with by neighborhood opportunities in morgan hill of keeping it in in the '60s and '70s and warmer spots in land as we go in to the north bay we're going to exit c 84 degrees for sonoma 9 and 91 degrees for fairfield we will seal warming trend as we headed into the it and then we will
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cool off starting in the work week been. up and down traffic and no hot spots is valued above but we have plenty of overnight constructions. construction will be cleared by five a m this is the look of the bay bridge when n putt salmon tell him the courage which that when conditions are going to send south of 101 on the gold golden gate bridge speeds are upward into 16 m.p.h. women >> caltran is running down a skateboard park. its debt of 02 years to build up caltran
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is saying is a liability when they tried to work it out with caltran it was costing $5,000 to lease the part, >> before became a state park it was a crack prepare park. >> we had no choice but to close atonement. >> is 24 minutes after the color will be back with much more.
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michael jackson was a king of rock the also have another repellent he was an artist. >> there great works of art from one of the most talented men >> jackson has been painting and sketching some teachers tended we got a flood firsthand look at >> >> he wanted to this in his own when. seven has a special technique he was the seventh child his >> ability for a love of life >> jackson also retreated
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during his most difficult with him jackson's plena question sell reproductions of his he wanted to sell limited additions to fund, michael jackson monument bonds ball bob. >> he thought he would be of honor after his >> 428 a m home horsetrading handed it is a foggy start which is from the morning and l ludlow, we will be back with more in minutes
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after a deadly we have more >> this was the scene monday as suspects talk and are wary of an armored truck but they believed that they hadn't done this before in response l m planned they are looking to see if these two men responsible for robbery and maiden ... >> the way they work when the number of people they had it involved we have three suspects >> they could be connected with another robbery but would not give because of the honored when
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investigation hobart. he is still in a hospital in critical condition william fuller drove into ron >> community tell us women in the 49ers talk football brawl last weekend with left to people with gunshot wounds and one with injuries to the face they spoke with family members >> this is a sketch of a suspect a grab them and vote by the neck and slammed him into wall in the bathroom had candlestick park last weekend >> what happened on saturday it will not be tolerated >> not only the data from crime but the two shootings of some of this station m will no longer be tolerated >> the internal camera
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system we have women inside returned over to the senses, police departments in the to do their part. when the police are either sorting through it when or have not reviewed yet this is a sketch of the suspect they're looking for a vote that be the man in the bathroom been >> steps need to be taken back to let people know that they will be caught and prosecuted for these x >> and that leave promised swift no suspect has been named or arrested in the shootings outside of the stadium just a sketch from the bathroom >> attacker pat the mayor
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has no ask why the police chief to attend of the forty-niner game in which the texan that way he can get a first panel will control of the security system been and deceive their worst changes needed opera when into this season's >>. bonds is trying to get used conviction set aside when it all stems from his 2003 testimony in the use of steroids while >> looking very strict serious. bonds returned to the courthouse to ask a judge to overturn his conviction for obstruction of justice or at least seven new trial it was the only guilty verdict on jurors' phone in the four, or against timbelebronhim.
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>> bonds responded feeling of what dr. tush embarked on he also talked about the was a celebrity child ... he eventually m of certain note to the question it so there is no legal basis for the conviction prosecutors disagreed with rhonda mess lead when the adjournment the jury. >> finally the judge overruled it will have more in the appellate court >> despite all of what some
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see as an up of health plate he was all smiles as he left the courthouse >> the judge did not issue elle ruling but she will enter a later date whethe. if se does centers idea of the prosecution cannot retry: .... >> it is 36 minutes after the of lauren and now we are going to look of whether and traffic >> good morning we're looking at a pleasant weekend we have to get through the fog. you're waking up to pettifog in the area while especially along the coast line a lot more dense than we saw the last couple days and will clear
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up when and sunshine will all here the be all round the bay area as we headed into the evening that pettifog will return it but early in the evening we will have a clear skies are round the bay area pending results from our satellite you of the truc when fog. the result could temperatures outside the door he mostly in the '50s and '60s, but 59 for the new in napa of 61 in santa rosn jose. if when itcomeg
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foot of 91 degrees in antioch. a mixed bag of the '60s and '70s end in the
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north bay his whole lot of unpleasant conditions. and this is a look of your 7 day forecast we will start at to what ought and have 90 yves creaked and printers for the weekend and they will cool off once again as we begin the work week why. hobar. traffic is building in the westbound direction this is a look of the acreage that no accidents or stalls which contend with but we do have a lingering overnight construction that will be very moved at the 5 at 8 am
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dial oregon san mateo bridge and lots of space between cars and golden gate bridge south of 101 and you will have to contend with over night construction's until 5:00 a.m. and no slowdowns foreign >> back to whether on the east coast from carolina to maine but eastbound carolina residents are bracing 1/4 hurricane irene man when >> irene that was no lady and she blew through the bahamas on thursday when swirl hundred and 20 m.p.h. of with the week ended on to track falk with thi.
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>> we are asking everyone over carolina to take this or a very serious elin >> if arena takes to have already declared states of the impact of 800 mi. wide storm to the clothesline >> we will see complex on and when the when england and widespread and also flooding been >> it washington showed delphian york city are preparing for when the and potentially dangerous weakened huang >> including all the
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metropolitan areas while have an impact to heavy rain and high winds store researched flood be along the coast north. her >> can irene has delayed the dedication of the martin luther king memorial and wash in d.c. it was slated to be dedicated on sunday it has not been postponed globa. this would of been the 48 anniversary of his i had a dream speak new word yet on the out new take >> collectible, f, carolina
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as they are waiting for irene it to approach it is no category 2 storm people are stocking up on supplies and in getting ready to hunt for down we will be right back.
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dr. conrad murray's hand when attorneys will being courted when he goes on trial >> huge controversy surrounding this case >> but the criminal trial hasn't even started all rein in the intense scrutiny is worrying the defense especially on the hill all on the massive cut with breach of the casey anthony they are calling it a most
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publicized trial in history they want the jurors sequestered during the trial and it would last six weeks. >> the only way to be done award which be to have a sequestered turin >> we have a 10 percent chance top of this jury being sequestered to >> some question the jury but on this very expensive and the state is broke. >> you have to have individual hotel rooms for each juror when an around- the-clock security. >> you eliminate the possibility of them talking to friends and family and seeing news and a case that is a high profile like this
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one it's not an unusual request to sequester >> defense expert to which set of this highly publicized case might be a high priest to pay for a all >> so lacking in lined of teen curfew and is one of the way to oakland and it counts members failed to cut down on the council members believe for rock and the mayor does not >> pieces he is hired of of political rhetoric or something has to be done to stop the killings in oakland park it so far they have had 71: sides, this year when and this includes a of a good shooting of a three year-old child they are to
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implement >> more people die on the street car when the problem is be reduced under rage r collins where street overnight and that is when most of the crimes are happening handl. >> what is the plan would is a proposal >> of the mayor's supporters already ordering accordance she supported injunctions against that individual set work of large groups of people.
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>> they are planning to bring in the us proposal to counsel later honored by >> u.s. coast guard arrived in the san francisco station its suited know with hazardous conditions ho when. >> will take a quick break and 449 a m and this is a live look that the change would free way
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la to fall morning drizzle
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is juiced up of such adornments we will see plenty of sunshine later on this afternoon we are for the weekend,. this is a look of the fog tracker 4 why it is pretty it does begin to push its way back. guilloche of the temperature jarry in the '50s and '60s currently bo ha. we are
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anticipating some pretty pleasant conditions result of your high temperatures for later on this afternoon's. we will see a pleasant conditions along the peninsula. in the north they've agreed to see plenty of sunshine. which will have warmer conditions as we head into the weekend. we will
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be right back.
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chp and has all love to grow to cover but this is f special area were they will be petrolane mrs. in hon people behaving badly when >> as a caution lights turn red on the school lunch which assesses the newer buses by an this court is not stockpot she winds up with that ticket for not stopping it for the bust price $700 when i am writing with force date only cover 7 mi. of freeway no.3 direct is 700 mi. of city and
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borrow roads they look of for violators are ron castro valley while like this one, on larry r over the speed limit. but the chp in castro valley when coupled all closed including self phones. when have you got a ticket for the cell phone number tenure sealed bulb been afraid it needs to be corrected but instead of getting her a cell phone
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ticket he got a fix it wrong >> we will be right back
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all eyes are on hurricane irene bonds carry is a hurricane warning issued for philadelphia but tropical storms, warning for abortion to as irene becomes a major hurricane. when white >> with officials have
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already evacuating on the of our banks of north carolina who with north carolina gov. not pass it declared a state of emergency see it in 39 counties in eastern port of state.. >> what happened to the promises just a glimpse of what what happened over the weekend. as hurricane irene churns his way all electronic and eastern seaboard her it brought the surfers of pollution took heed of the warning in north carolina people or boarded up the hunt and heading out to farina is expected to pare down on the of burbank's on saturday with winds of over zero hundred miles per or the >> as i hope the warning
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spot this storm is serious when >> officials of what everybody of to white 5:00 p.m. in the oceans city in maryland where i am asking the citizens of to ocean city to risk take shelter elsewhere. >> fire respect the power of nature is not a pretty sight been. >> we have to assume for the worst and hope for the best irene's rate set, coarse and time of arrival is undetermined >> airlines are being a pop canceled their being put on a watch residents prepare it
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for the massive hurricane irene which. >> get the latest draft of this hurricane coming of from the national hurricane stock by is not visible as it is reforming bob hawke not by tomorrow at midday unit is expected to be a major hurricane category three cables lemony of burbank's of carolina then off the coast of worship in d.c. and delaware when they have canceled be where the dedication of the martin luther king memorial with high winds and rain expected owns a will get very close to new york city on sunday when a hurricane force and flooding meanwhile
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which bought that it will slam into connecticut while on sunday night pothole northeast corridor will be feeling the affects of irene'. >> airlines have already been canceled flight test hundred to more flaps to will be cancelled through of to the weekend and we will see a ripple effect across the country. >> of what they are doing their monitoring the situation we're at terminal 2 people are moving about and there is nothing cancel a at this point it really is
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on this is a troubled chain board so far so good. they are saying to keep your eye on miami to could be a hot spot wher when. when today is a busy day. >> tech live pictures into the kron 4 news from the a closer look at all the storm and there always are getting whipped up quebec >> chains has his eye, aren't in also
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>> storm tracker 4 huang will bomb you will see it as reported in logan or you can see the size of the storm meanwhil. you can see the armbands bee be. back here and debate. it services a look of the golden gate bridges somewhat uneasy about their we are seeing falcon, that is dense
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been will see clubs and clearing braw been. pai" with 'h overcast conditions of this is a look of the fog tracker. current temperatures of around the bay area and then no, as we look fact predicted a modest for around the area where later on this afternoon. not traffic >> pete upper deck of the
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bay bridge and we are starting checked all in the upper deck hin. romanis a materl bridge to a lot of volume building softball 101 golden gate bridge looks good. to
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>> when where a weave and watching fur of chlorine to make it onshore this is all well, of jacksonville florida all we are seeing is of our range of brands and high surf will have a
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hurricane " warnings for philadelphia was.
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cedras just go to police are now releasing a sketch of amanda de of another man in a bathroom at candlestick park is between six with three and 6 ft. five has no arrest had been made in connection with the two shootings 49er officials who said with disdain tomorrow to go to a need will permitted only up until the games start this issue to a video of one of the flights that happened inside the
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stanc whends. >> of wildfires is burning is orange uniform hundred acres since it started yesterday afternoon the california highway patrol has closed the highway not for stretch about 15 mi. foreigwill mansart's reductive stein when there is a precautionary evacuation in the area note >> at all look of the weekend weather forecaster ron >> a quick look at the james lick not a lot of of just yet because when we also
5:18 am
have our walnut creek shot we are seeing some patchy fog along the coast when it is dense in spots. temperatures during the '50s and '60s whe. the temperature is and whether will be a floral polished, and then return after friday it will be adjustinvongreatgreat. with lcdg again this afternoon this is
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a look of it temperatures but right now mostly in the '50s and '60s. we will keep an eye when anna the temperature synthesis of predicted by color as we headed into the weekend be then we will kuleshov as weak start all the work week and no traffic pork >> we're still looking tan up pretty good ride report on the free trade in no on the bay bridge sign the inf pact the incline was fun and no back aboard the delay of the toll plaza. 7 the
5:20 am
aldrich when trouble-free can light volume no delays have you had eased or westbound. the golden gate bridge light traffic and the south of direction. an accident on city streets in center to settle a and that is seventh and copper: overturn vehicle rate in the middle of the intersection it will not mess up we will have an updated from jackie sissel pet is their intent >> all lot of people are waiting to see what ben bernanke has to you'll talking at 7 our time.
5:21 am
expected to express concern . wall street's stock expected the rebound the dow was down 17 be interested whi. when croupier seen market to are ones that . >> to oakland city council members want to adopt a teen curfew has something has to be done to stop the killings in oakland so for the city is at 71 homicides and a
5:22 am
share opposite could set the shooting of a three year-old child in america would prefer aretino curfew. >> the problem is the use in under h r r in the strictest in brooklyn get a night and this is what most of the crimes what is the plan and what is the proposal >> the mayor does not agree with the planned she would rather see and the and would like to see the injunction to >> this is a topic on our offense pages and this is what a lot of people are saying about this proposal.
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will give you like to leave your comments as like us on our face. >> note we will be right back cons with more news not north and weatherman's carolinas are being evacuating oregano as they are preparing for a major hurricane ones.
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tropical storm warning for abortion dc a hurricane warning for philadelphia and a hurricane watch for new york city as the hurricane asked moved close to new york city common to long island into massachusetts why it is a powerful storm and is expected to weaken broken glass and it of high-
5:31 am
rise buildings in new york and severe power of images and flooding ion for the weekend all eyes are on >> live from hot pictures coming into the kron 4 news from hub the shot behind me is market a beach in north carolina of president obama has no declared a state of emergency for the state will be helping always a storm why. also jacksonville for iraq and it appears to have people in the water this is what it for local authorities do not want these are dangerous conditions. but eight people
5:32 am
in west palm beach where wash off of it teddy it of a large wave took them all to see is a very dangerous situation born live pictures of hurricane irenic getting ready to make landfall >> hundreds more floods to will be cancelled to rob a weekend print and it could create ripple h.
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>> >> and this is all part of the bus to work reclaiming america * no 542 a m and
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this is a live shot of of jacksonville picowaved stereographs whether it has wheat get ready for irenic to make landfall all along the east coast.
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it is hard to become the rcmp and flood it with all her underground networks said and their high rise buildings and hauntingl. major g is a possiblity behalf if you live in high-rise office anything over 10 stories not you may have to go 12 of were leveled it because of the islands and plastics.
5:49 am
h >> this is something weird and be watching all weekend long haul their going to shut down all mass-transit in new york city once the storm helps we have pettifog along the coast but it will be tense at times white to red lump icloud caryn whic bee'l
5:50 am
millet to know if there weren't any delays concerning this is the look of current temperatures around the bay. bu5 of this is a " flatter relic of temperatures oakville that were expected in the payroll later on this afternoon hauntingl. " after the weekend t it will will cool down before the beginning of the work will, now 550 a m and no traffic >> light traffic to enjoy
5:51 am
this morning we are not tracking and in not spas are on the bay area real star are a bridge check at the bainbridge island traffic is moving beautifully westbound heading towards the gate. and you're right to assemble two bridges could no delays later than usual traffic to write such your screen is the westbound direction. or your right golden gate bridge and softball 101 of the fog is not on the deck of a bridge traffic is good been.. the auto and truck and the position in mid due to this accident at the intersection get a return to earlier this morning jackie
5:52 am
sissel is bear bonds this is not a major commuter route >> 551 a m they believe they have all the suspects in an armored-truck agreement they may have been done that before. the suspect on the right to was killed when end william fuller drove the other men to the hospital this is video messina at the wells fargo as the suspect tried to rob armored truck in front
5:53 am
, and that were shot killed an oakland was identified by police to talk show these tattoos and identified him as a burden chapman when norris have been made when an is murder wh be when. and this is a look of south carolina as irene makes its way above towards the coasst.
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and it looks like shirley's been dismissed still overwhelmingly and has convinced his ex-wife tumult industry been we will have more headlines coming and the next hour. you happen to have any brilliant silver altimas?
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yea, right over here.
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