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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 31, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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starting today with us who is 4:00 a.m. and lots to get to and now are top story it has been nearly all the year ms. bed deadly gas explosion in san a bruno, the ntsb
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has blamed pg&e for the explosion and not maintaining its network of pipes >> flawed tighten flawed operations and flawed and oversight it is not a question of when that this pipeline would burst out when. >> put the blame on the pg&e for the gas line explosion and killed eight people know the quality of wells were in at >> they all were substandard and poorly welded pipe and the integrity management program on not finding the
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problem before the explosion >> when the pipe was laid in that run if they had properly inspected it it could have been detected if they had hydro esthetically and tested new-line there were a lot of opportunities that were missed by a pg&e >> this is what this man brought down a broad look like after the explosion pg&e is also put >> > you cannot put a line trash in an operator that does not deserve that trust as a former california governor said trust and verify >> they say they continue to have a lack of confidence
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in pg it the ability to provide good information >> 8 people were killed and at last dozens more are injured 38 homes were destroyed they registered that that last as a 1.2 earthquake we wanted to talk to the people that live in that neighborhood now >> got what they deserved that's all i can say i miss the people i lost some friends pit were great friends of mine i never see again >> were not comfortable where we arms and it is hard for us right now work and be happy when it's done and over >> people in san bruno went to washington to attend that hearing >> i couldn't be more pleased with in the investigation with the ntsb
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they took us to the laboratories and showed that how it worked it is not political at all they placed all their determination on factual information they are not politically influence on as far as pg&e are are taking baby steps to go forward based on what you heard today at the hearing >> it's 4 03 a.m. at the last report we saw did not hurt a pg&e stock it closed down 225 per share >> now our local weather forecast does the weekend is now in full effect do. >> in morning to you and this is a shot of the golden gate bridge we're still dealing with some low cloud cover hanging around at the coast. right now some patchy
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fog hanging around the coastline we're also seeing fog and over the east bay area also weird seeing at have mound visit building is the look of current head pictures mostly in the '50s and '60s same goes for fremont as we take it to the afternoon our warmest temperatures who will be in all low a the ic'80s whe don. in
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francisco today we will warm to the mid-60s 75 degrees in napa today this is a look of your seven day forecasting as we head into more you will see a little bit of a warm-up and for the coast as well it will continue into the first part of your labor day weekend and then we will kuleshov by the end of the weekend and now the traffic >> pretty hotspot free ride around the bay area we do have a new accident at the toll plaza on the bay bridge at the toll plaza it is a solo accident in lane at 16 and no slowdowns approaching and the toll plaza we will have more on that in my next report san mateo bridge nice and easy ride in both directions.
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bonds southbound 101 the golden gate bridge we have overnight constructions at the north our lanes will be closed until 5:00 a.m. it is not, produce any slowdown drive time in 24 minutes out of nevada will set >> as a of minorities there is an increase in prostitution the struggling economy has pushed people into one new avenue of employment >> i'm not first street and read police say this is one of the busiest areas for prostitution and neighbors are not happy about they had no problem shelling out where they have seen prostitutes picked up the last few weeks he sees it mostly on the weekend in front of this catholic high
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school >> it bothers me and the person doing the pick up to not have respect for the catholic high school or the kids that go to that catholic eyes cool >> they say this is our hotspot for prostitution >> where are seeing increases in street prostitution and we have laid off all officers >> 66 officers were laid off this year and the dedication and bicycle unit this year officers are now coming on their days off to tackle on street prostitution >> some of them don't even have underwear on did it is that bad >> sent as a policy they have no idea if they're bringing back the special division at the tackles this problem >> i months-long of
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prostitution investigation made one a rest when he was taken into custody by u.s. marshals in fresno and being held without bail more ahead it is 408 a m and much more coming up as we take a live look outside from our roof camera in san francisco man.
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>> addressing the tea party convention she was said to go out and introduce a michele boehne
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welt take a break with traffic and weather arrest after this break.
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i really begun but they after mass is still not overly this 80 reveal of paterson new jersey it as the water is overflowing its banks rescue workers are still trying to find the people that may be stranded out there millions of people still remain without power
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that death toll has now risen to 43 people.. and now you see someone standing on that bridge as the river has overflowed its banks and the latest on irene and her after month >> they rode out the storm and now days after irene had many have been forced to abandon their homes >> it came up more today than it did on sunday after the storm >> rescue workers in new jersey took more than two dozen people to safety when note river became too >> much ... i saw the water elevating and new was time to get out >> washed out roads and bridges have cut parts of they can get there by but of what or a tv >> no matter where we go
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there is to a bridge check out our no place to go do >> power closer working day and night to restore electricity >> we know some the shock for many is hard for people to take >> i've literally sell my home flow by me. >> of hurricane irene was devastating for so many people more ways than one it did not measure up to all the high was it a swing and a message with the hyper >> he owns a bar in creek outside of philadelphia is flooded he says no way did the government overreact to the irene >> i would rather be safe than sorry what they did was
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necessary better safe than sorry >> this is where the information came from the key issue say if the merc national hurricane center in miami. everything this super computers where compute been that major irene would be a major hurricane when it hit the carolinas >> we had no indication that that if storm or what we can we had a category three at rain for >> said it was a category 1 what happened simple they're pretty good where a storm will have to cut technology and science are not there yet to forecast how strong a you storm will be despite all the modern day advances
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they fully understand what makes these storms tech and each dorm can be a curveball bois >> in neither case did we see them coming been and the strength when >> there's a the forecast was on the money heavy rainfall strong up with wind along the coast. in vermont is everybody is saying there was an overreaction >> most people here had their hearts broken and were surprised at how serious this storm actually was >> i rain could reign of one
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of the top 15 costliest storms >> now are for cost since september is around the corner the weather is starting to look pretty nice >> this is the last day of august and september is tomorrow at the fog is claimed to the coast for the most part will hold on to that cloud cover for monster of the day in concord is one of the lorimar locations today, it will go to buffalo '80s. of the fog well recede it pretty quickly this morning by 9:00 a.m. we may
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have a few areas was patchy fog home. in the afternoon we will see lots of sunshine some cloud cover hanging around your current temperatures is 55 in san francisco right now mostly upper 50s and 60s. we will stay in the '70s in redwood city it will be hard to escape of the '60s in oakland today. this is a look of your seven day forecast tomorrow we will see a spike in temperatures and low 90s in land nice warmup in store for us loss of sunshine as we wrap up the work week time now is
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4:20 a.m. last checked traffic >> no problems to tell you about in toll lane number 16 on the bay bridge it was just a stall and is clear from the traffic lane traffic is moving well from all three approaches no overnight construction it has already been cleared up san mateo bridge traffic out towards foster city nice and easy ride southbound 101 we have overnight road work at the north tower it is closing a couple lanes until 5:00 a.m. >> a former san francisco giants in labor has been are arrested and embezzling millions of dollars he has been charged check with a wire fraud heat she amended
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but she took 600,000 from two giants players paychecks they found some other suspicious deposit killing a 1.5 million her base salary was $80,000 and was eligible for bonuses she used that money to buy fancy cars and a new home to workers are not being treated for injuries at an amusement park where the crane tipped over left the been dangling some 70 ft. above the ground one man was injured in heard his arm and broke his leg the other worker had minor injury more ahead on the kron 4 morning news and a live look
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at that river in paterson and new jersey and we're watching the water flowing underneath that looks like a person's house yen. @p@po'
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is opening up a new-line restaurant chain with new technology department >> i am outside of a new restaurant in san francisco there is a line of 50 people out the door it is booming and it is a unique and high- tech restaurant it was by jonathan kaplan it is a high-tech restaurant in the bay area it specializes in
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grilled cheese sandwiches. it is to prepare these american favorites in fast first they had to change how they caught dumb take made up special contraption that that would kluck grilled cheese in less than a man and people can breathe orders rather small full phoncan order through their smart phone. they get their order and they are often considered needed or they can take it to go
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>> we thought we could i make technology use that in order a sandwich online >> this will be first of many when to come. >> are getting live pictures of the wildfire that is burning in texas you can still see the flames and smoke so far this fire has burned 7,500 a. we will take a break and we will be back with our top stories weather and traffic.
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it will be a year when that san that more true now gas
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pipe classed ftse a is blaming pg&e in not having an adequate inspection program. phlogopite open slot operations flawed oversight. it is not a question of if this buy it would burst but when >> and t f b has put the blame on in that pipeline blast that killed eight people >> quality of the wells were in adequate also p g and e installed or standard of piper and management program and not finding the problem before the explosion
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>> it could have been detected when the pipe was late in the ground if they had properly inspected or use the proper techniques or if they had hydrostatic lead tested new-line there were a lot of opportunities missed here by pg&e >> this is what the neighborhood look like after the explosion and t as be is putting the blame on public utilities commission for pore over side pg&e >> you cannot place blind trust in an operator that does not deserve that trust as a former california gov. trust but verify >> the ntsb said pg&e lack safety system and had a lack of confidence to provide
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good information combine. >> ntsb also and gave a dozen recommendations honda shut off valves in high areas. all lines laid before 1970 should go under test new pg&e was also told to use red assessment >> police are looking forward to suspect that shot employee in a restaurant it happened to the a play what he was outside on a small brick two men approached the victim and opened fire they feel that the man that took the employee as up gang
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member >> the shooting at hog and rocks they believe to gang members got the shaft that was shot twice was a rival gang member the restaurant owner his employees are not in and game the out victim only worked in the restaurant for the past six months and neighboring mill by felt sorry for the man there is still blood on the sidewalk where happen >> his chest and another employee were standing outside the back door there were having a cigarette when there were pros buy into latino males and ask them if they were scrubs' both employees employees acted like this know who know and that's when the restaurant owner said his chef was shot
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twice in the head. >> i never walk this street after 10:00 p.m. cudas it is very scary >> so verlaine's video and above the the the back door of are hoping the video will identify the suspects in this gang he is in grave condition. >> five men are in custody in oakland after a stand off and a school lockdown police track down several home invasion suspects they closed down streets and locked down the forstmann of interest along parents were allowed to pick up their children are around 2:00 p.m. and they will be back in school today oakland has already seed 72
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homicides so far their share leaders are in disagreement on how to curb these killings. >> the three cities that have dealt with gang problems are listed here philadelphia and new york and los angeles we start with philadelphia district teen curfews crime is slightly down and a homicide rate dropped who buy 50% in august next a cotonou are sitting me when crime mum occurs toward julia eyen increased police officers they drop to record lows they did this occur in large pot by government
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funding then we go to lost a leg angeles with the largest number of paying. they offers next for use and camp counselor it has reduced gang violence by 50% in the last three years >> we actually posted a poll on our fan facebook fan page to say if you agree with what has been done in these other cities and we're anxious to hear about your opinion and now let's talk about the weather. whe >> it is a long weekend so
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we can't think about the weather this is a shot of mt. tam camera of downtown san protest called the fog is a blocking some of those lights mountain view half partly cloudy conditions into the afternoon 74 degrees morgan hill 83 and cloud cover in to the haft turn noon. we're seeing pockets of fog around the east bay area 55 degrees in san francisco 57 in the livermore valley has we take it to the morning 9:00 hour a mixture of '50s and '60s than noon time we will warm up into the '70s and bring
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in the the '80s by the afternoon keeping all the '90s into the central valley and on a much in the heat today tomorrow things will start heating up a little bedbubit. lots of sunshine with him and the labor day weekend will start off warm and continued to cool down as we continue into monday time now for 30 8:00 a.m. now traffic >> will hot spots to tell you about an overnight constructions past the toll plaza has been picked out at the bay bridge 8-9 minutes to the foot of the masons who traffic is moving well.
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san mateo bridge no problem over smoothly in southbound one a one lots of space between cars. traffic is moving in a pretty good shape with states hydroxyl at 50 m.p.h. >> and texas a wildfire burning 3,500 a. by late tuesday have been burnt it has been fuelled by strong winds and triple digit temperatures it has distorted 20 homes and a
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hundred and 25 homes are threatened there was a blazing in the same area burnt of hundred and 60 homes.
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where they're heading mosquitos that could be carrying that deadly west nile virus >> it is not to when pushed a specially equipped trucks will be spreading insect side over a five mile square area no positive a west and now more virus mosquitoes were found their risk of infection is high and more fogging is needed >> we did one fogging last
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weekend that was a success 80 percent were not down after the fogging and the come trolled for comparison areas in north and south there were more positive from mosquitos >> they said neglected or greens will mean couples could be blamed they turned up 63 prime polls that are breeding grounds for the mosquitoes and also they found a dead birds that says the virus is on the move and active >> it suddenly becomes maand don important to check the mosquitoes west now virus is tested min birds with. none of e
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chickens in the sixth remic have been tested positive yet. >> live look outside at james lick freeway we will do weather and traffic right after this mñwñ
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the latest reading for all this said confidence was down 15% the ojai item limit
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and the roller coaster ride on the wall street were all factors home prices were higher at 3.6% the prices were pushed up by the surge in buying in the spring they are still down 5.9% compared to last year of gold is an all time high yesterday it reached almost $1,800 whippet it was $1,900 earlier this month the price of gold was to learn $55 per ounce in 1999 the demand for gold it is turning into a booming business and how and why and who is cast in in >> people are clearing out their jewelry boxes to cash
4:48 am
in their old cold >> gains a i don't have a match too old rains or broken chains stuff that you have put in back in the back of the jury box. >> appear of these bay women have a brought into gold across fever with cold parties everything in the comfort of their home >> we're sitting in their home we are testing it and weighing it and we're not taking it into the other room we are giving them an offer >> now the price of gold may be going up hunting is very clear >> i don't think it is a trend gold is going for a lot right now and everyone has gold there is always cold around they're going to
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get a better return on their investment if they sell now . >> and the forecast for today and beyond and we are concerned about the weekend and holiday weekend when. >> we have a little bit of everything for your holiday weekend we have some days the temperatures will ease up how little we are still seemed befog clinging to the coast. temperature is right now or in the '50s and '60s we also have a quick look at livermore at 57 degrees high-temperature today a 841 of the warmest months. as we
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head into the 7:00 hour we will see the fog the thicken up a little bit it will stick around a like much of yesterday we will see break of sunshine in the afternoon current temperature 55 n. san francisco temperatures are mostly in the '50s and '60s temperatures will be staying in the '70s for most of the bay been. this is a look of
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your seven day forecast low 90s whe. says the first part of your labor day weekend a will be warmer and then we will kuleshov just in time for labor day >> we have 10 minutes left in the 4:00 hour no hot spots to report you can definitely see traffic is building in the west bound direction at the bay bridge toll plaza regardless of what approach you're approaching it to a metering lights are still cycled off drive time is nine minutes from the foot of the maze. and the san mateo bridge traffic has not picked up some at all on the bridge and nice and easy ride across the stand sells about
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101 and the golden gate bridge get looks clear out there we do have that lingering over night construction at the north tower until 5:00 a.m. and this morning because time freeways are looking good yester day was a hotspot today it is moving well drive time off under 15 minutes from this camera shot when several >> large wild fires are blowing across the country this blaze is threatening homes in oklahoma of as the high winds pushed this fight igniting cedar trees and power was knocked out to thousands of homes and two buildings have been destroyed misfire was burning outside of his 70 national park the blaze started on monday and
4:53 am
charred eight square miles this started when a mobile home caught on fire authorities opened part of the highway in the entrance to yosemite national park one person was hurt southern california firefighters are making progress in two large wall fires 260 a. outside of los angeles county lightening sparked that fire and san diego county, of 350 a. brush fire is now 60 percent contained no homes or threatened much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news and we will check on people behaving gladly as the river has over flown its banks death we will be right back. ñoxw
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>> stanley roberts tells you about people behaving bad lee when this is a leak >> i've been walking by here every day and i have noticed it for the past month >> i was walking here with my daughter and she almost slipped and fell and this mess >> the water leak has been here for six months actually it was planned the san francisco public utility commission is installing a new 60 in. water line on kirk they did not want the water to become stagnant so they open up of fall any
4:57 am
goes into the store for the past six months. residents were never notified important and they lit called everyone and anyone that would listen >> people have called and there is no action being taken >> they should of notified the residents of the league that would not be here i need add that this commission to my people behaving badly why water was able to flow down train don't forget don't send the rot residence the water bill. keep sending me those e-mail's this is dan morales if >> you know of anyone that behaving badly you can contact stanley at people behaving badly at kron 4 dot
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com. >> we will have more weather and traffic will return.
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in >> lemuralia tropical storm
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let it is called debt yet have it is this is that the coast of the united states offered what in the atlantic it looks like he will miss the united states is a major concern to bermuda it is decaying storm on her the last hypatia replaces a petri now from 60 years ago
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when. we will be watching in all the weekend and into next week the flood waters continued to arrive holon director more than a million people are still without power storm blamed and now for 44 deaths in thirteens states. flooding in wayne new jersey and we have all seen seed of flooding in hartford some rivers are expected to crest today. way
5:03 am
have additional video video from new jersey infomercials the airlift operation to airlift residents. american red cross officials are encouraging the bay area restaurants residents to donate blood in recent days the organization has had to cancel 72 blood drives because of power outages and flooding so there is a blood shortage right now. >> our local forecast this morning it was chilly last night are we back in for warm weather now >> we're going to keep at those temperatures similar
5:04 am
today. once again low cloud cover we are expecting low cloud the conditions this afternoon. the fog is not too widespread along the coastline 61 degrees in oakland by the nine a m maurer a mixture of '50s and '60s we will arm into the 80s in the afternoon the '90s will be contained in to the central valley. it is
5:05 am
going to be pretty pleasant weather and next couple of days we will have ample amounts of sunshine. lows '70s around the bay time right now 5 04 a m >> good morning a good start with the morning commute we're not tracking any hotspots or delays around the bay area at the bridge track at the toll plaza lite traffic for this hour down expected to last too long and the san mateo bridge in the west bound direction light traffic with no problems eastbound very light on highway 1 a 1 coming in from marin county
5:06 am
light traffic as they reconfigure the span in the southbound direction no problems and an easy ride mass transit will be a good commute also no delays. we're checking the ride it from hercules to personal plea with a drive time of 12 minutes >> we are checking the wild fires that burned in texas and oklahoma we can see the amount of smoke hovering over the area there are 4,000 a. that have been charred already we will continue to monitor these pictures all morning long dozens of homes have been destroyed and thousands of
5:07 am
people have been evacuated they have tripled digit temperatures and are very dry we will keep our eye on the situation >> 5 06 a m. we will be back with more in a couple minutes and a live look from our roof cam roo. will be back in a couple of minutes. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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5:10 a.m. lot of libya they have a good idea where omar khaddafi is and they are confident they will catch him soon they are fierce heat and continue to stoke violence in tripoli several thousand cheering a libyans are celebrating the muslim holiday and their new
5:11 am
freedom rebel fighters and some civilians walked up new-line and shook hands they start to 3 day holiday with feasting >> doll futures are up 82 points right now or the dow was up 20 points yesterday also today private reports on the job market hot and the job sector the big report coming out tomorrow with the labor department and morro in september 1st time now 5:11 a.m. we hope your wednesday is starting out how could this is look of the golden gate bridge and we will be right back. @ ]smñwñ
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welcome back five at 20 5:00 a.m. at that amber alert has been cancelled they thought she was attracted by her father the and lorillard has been cancelled the girl has been found she was miss and at 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon they spotted the fathers of vehicle so they stopped the car they took him into custody and the girl is a so that amber alert has been cancelled was >> president barack obama
5:27 am
all will make a push for more mass transportation it will create over a million jobs. president barack obama will be will be joined by transportation secretary for the announcement. >withpresident barack obama askd a dress to take the top spy job he wants to make sure there is no set operation between military >> ps via lan lan security had been briefing state and local law enforcement to enhance security and be
5:28 am
aware of potential threats. the results of an independent panel of waste and fraud in more spending it did show $60 million has been lost to waste and fraud in iraq and afghanistan over the past decade. they blamed allot this over lax of outside contractors. >> this is a look of the the toll plaza of traffic is moving smoothly dom.
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that amber alert for the 13 year-old laurel has been found and be amber alert has been the chp is part of the fathers deal will mw they took the father into custard creacust. half >> he has and it is taking over $600,000 from giants paychecks ahead of their is also another investigation and not lost of $1.5 million
5:32 am
her base salary is $80,000 in extra money was used to buy fancy cars and a new home >> a new hurricane is expected to form it is cut to a it is headed near the east coast of the united states every computer model turns it away from the coast this is the case storm for their share from the hurricane last it replaces the name katrina that was retired after the devastation in the south six years ago we are watching the storm as it turns into a major hurricane.
5:33 am
>> there are a lot of flooding and a where damage problems when a dozen towns have been flooded out in vermont this is the story in much of the state house the national guard is doing drop-off they can't get out the roads are impassable the railroad service has been said suspended in vermont as well these are reported they're looking for federal government to help clean this up but presidential candidate ron
5:34 am
paul says fema will not be much helped >> you cut $2 billion up from overseas put a billion dollars on people that depend on the federal government and the government will take care of this but we're broke pour and not be concerned from the start of fema being involved in taking over land control they are not very efficient >> fema has less than $800 million in their fund they're going to go out head with the agency's a dwindling reserves >> bill wild fires burning out of control in northern texas these are pictures we are monitoring all the smoke covering the air ambac 30
5:35 am
homes have been charged a hundred and 25 others have been evacuated this fire is not contained at all and this fire is still growing what it is west of dallas- fort worth this is one or the burst of fire season in texas ever. >> and the weather forecast around the bay area for the labor day weekend. >> we're starting allow with a shot of downtown san francisco you conceive the fall at lifting along the coastline and the south bay forecast san jose you going
5:36 am
up to the '80s. the fad is hanging along the coastline . our highs will talk about at the '80s we are keeping the '90s in central valley. looks like we will stay in the '60s in oakland another cool afternoon in sampras's call by tomorrow we will see a spike in the temperatures
5:37 am
at up into the low 90s. we call the temperatures down as we head to labor day and a time right now is 05 and 30 6:00 a.m. and now traffic >> real hot spots to report looking first at the bay bridge you will see the west bound ride is building a bit and and no delays for your drive across the upper deck san mateo bridge no problems to report the volume is building up in the west bound direction golden gate bridge is fog free on the southbound 101 ryde time right now five in 36 and time for a break we will be
5:38 am
right back.
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>> >> he is accused of killing her her back in june when they arrested him at the airport on monday he has played for the los angeles lakers and the lizards and >> n.c.a.a. said 12th when university of miami emmy players have received benefits from a poster they must repaid for the benefits they received their starting to jack ray harris it was mentioned in the scandal this came from a
5:42 am
poster that is now in jail he gave team members lavish gifts >> time right now is 541 a m and we will have more on the latest heartbreaking news this is a live look ahead at the san mateo bridge a little bit hazy their both directions are equal once the commute gets into full swing we will be right back.
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we just heard from adp had a 91,000 jobs in the month of august it is below expectations >> time right now is 5:45
5:46 am
a.m. it was pretty cool last night this morning is shirlechileeyilly. will warm up4 degrees by 8:00 p.m. habra terms of your visibility her in the santa rosa the you are seeing some improvement there. you're still dealing with some low cloud cover it will clear by the 7:00 a.m. our idea 11 a m and you will see some patchy fog drifting around san francisco else where it will be lifting we
5:47 am
will have break of sunshine out there. currently 55 degrees in san francisco we are in the mid to upper 50s highs today warming to 84 degrees. we will stay in the 70's hidden . it is going to stay sunny and warmer than the first part of your labor day >> > who i quick check of traffic no problems no hot spots or delays is all little slow through antioch
5:48 am
nothing unusual are bridge check at the toll plaza westbound drive is still easy and lies your ride across the san mateo bridge 13 minutes drive time over the high rosise. southbound 101 and no delays on the golden gate bridge. public transit still clocking 0 came no delays more >> attacks if solution to encourage businesses to join the struggling economy.
5:49 am
>> this just in to the kron 4 to amend the war arrested in connection of a car bombing in nigeria that two suspected members of a radical muslim group are being held at a military base secret police are looking for a third man with links to out data that returned from somalia this happened at un headquarters and now two people had been arrested >> at 5:49 a.m. this is amazing feeling no waves 60 ft. high and drawing spectators in it is known as
5:50 am
astronomical tide it time it is only 10 days in the lunar calendar one reporter turned over her back on the wave and almost all white doubt him we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues a live look from our roof camera clear skies out there.
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aheahe ha jusof justin d. burr s doing okay after someone drove their car into his vehicle and right after announcing her present name off at the villa may warcloudhev awards. >> i've been walking by here but in much for two months and it has been here consistently >> i was walking down the she thomas lipton fault when the water >> the water leak has been
5:55 am
there for six months it is not an accidental leak it was planned the san francisco public utilities commission is installing a 6 in. water main on kirk so the water going through the pipes doesn't get stagnant it is going into the store for the past six months. residence were never notified of the planned lake and they called anyone that would listen >> they have called an election has been taken >> they're just taking their time to alert the residence if they had i would not be here so i'm adding this to my people behaving badly for not communicating with the residence a message to the
5:56 am
puc do not sell them residence the water wilbill. >> if you have a comment for stanley you can e-mail him at people behaving badly at kron 4 >> this out of new jersey bell river has crested and is now flowing through neighborhoods this is patterson new jersey in dozens of people have been of evacuate it is receding are right now the danger of irene is still not over the connecticut river is up 23 ft. above flood level >> 5:56 a.m. we want a look
5:57 am
at our own a weather forecast it was chilly last nine we are only going to be 85 today looks like thursday and friday with 92 degrees and nice heading into the weekend and then sunday we start to slide a little a few clouds mixed radiant >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues to a little bit of fog on this wednesday morning. huh why
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