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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 5, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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swat teams go door to door looking up for a multiple murderers. >> he had a hand gun and assault rifle. >> we have team coverage of the search for the man suspected of running down 10 people and killing three of them. >> the search began before dawn when the man opened fire on fellow car workers at the quarry. if kron4 is there as survivors were reunited with their families. we will take you through the surge, following the discovery of the suspect's car on a nearby street. we will go to the suspect neighborhood where he was known as a doting grandfather. >> it is devastating. i do not know what happened to make ends not. >> our developing story, you're looking down on cupertino and sunnyvale as the manhunt continues. let's go live to rb fladeboe who is live in cupertino with the latest on the search. >> it is raining again here
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in cupertino just as it was this morning. the swat team, armored cars and helicopters are all still here. if this is where the carjacking occurred, at this particular intersection. down here at tantau and quayle are blocked off, let me set the scene for you. it is unclear why the suspect came to this particular neighborhood, but he did certainly after the shooting. he ditched his car at the arco's station and made his way down here on foot. this intersection at the left is where he tried to carjack a vehicle. the woman resisted and the carjacking was unsuccessful. he opened fire on that woman. she is going to survive. several people in the neighborhood said they heard as many as four gunshots. a short time
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>> it was the santa clara police department and notifying the residents that there is this guy who was killed two guys and he is on the loose. he is on the loose with the guns watch for him, do not approach to notify 9/11 if you have a suspect that is in the area. >> and this is typical of what we have seen drop the day heavily on the swat teams in a couple our vehicles, they have a blood count working in the area you have seen them going through back yards, there are a lot of cul-de-sacs in the area as well. they're still searching this area evidently true to some kind of information that tells them somehow the suspect is held up in a vacant home here were still in the area some place. that is the latest in cupertino, and rob fladeboe kron4 news. >> our team coverage continues with dan kerman who has details on today's man hug.
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>> and the sunnyvale side of homestead and wolf, a vehicle right behind me it is abandoned and lead to be belonging to the suspect there is a dumpster behind the liquor store and low that there is a rifle that is believed to be tied to the suspect. investigators spent several hours collecting evidence from the scene before an officer placed a rifle into this white box. then they carted off and placed it in evidence. later in the afternoons what team members converged on the bathrooms at nearby parks after receiving a tip that the suspects might be there. unfortunately the tip prove to be false the suspect was not there and the swat team eventually pulled out. despite the setback at the park officers continue to believe that the suspect is somewhere in this neighborhood and as a result, the streets continue to be blocked off as the search continues. in sunnyvale and dan kerman of kron4 news.
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>> in cupertino parents await their children's released, several schools were locked down today because of this incident, reggie kumar visited schools in cupertino and sunnyvale. >> some of the schools and the fremont union high school district and the cupertino school district or on lockdown and some cancel class following today's deadly shooting. here fremont high school class was not cancelled the parents were told to pick up their kids and 2000 students attend the school, parents had to wait in line for about an hour. >> everyone had to come to school i thought it would close the school i do not know why they did not. and right down the street about a half a mosso the grammar school in kids were out playing on the playground. and a half a mile up here you have parents waiting in line for hours, it is just too much. >> this will handle it really will be that notifications on every possible phone that they had
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as listed for, without immediate notification everyone is being very patient and the school has been good about directing people a little chaotic in the beginning but everyone is handling it well. >> it is unknown if the school district will cancel class is tomorrow, they say it depends on what law- enforcement tells them to do. >> let us go live to j.r. stone who is near the site where the shooting spree started. >> catherine we are about 1 mi. from the side, i can tell you in the last hour deputies have actually taken down the yellow tape that was once directly behind me in this afternoon we were here when the share spoke about what happened. >> his name is sharif all month, and he is to blame for to shootings that left at least 10 people dead or her. >> on about 4:55 a.m. this morning he came to the meeting he had a handgun and an assault rifle and started shooting people in the meeting. >> there were 15 people in
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that meeting three of them ended up dying in six more were injured. >> icing he just walked in with them but i'm not certain. >> two hours after the shots were fired at the facility is believe that he tried to carjack a woman is cupertino just 5 mi. from the lehigh location that woman was shot will survive. as to why this happened, details are vague. >> we have had multiple crews out here all day long, kron4 hazzig manyud with out here with police as they search vehicles in this area. >> of vehicles were searched heavily before being allowed to leave this area, the senate clear county deputies checked each vehicle and all the names of occupants and double check drivers license as well as pop open trunk and hatchback every automobile leaving the property. the lieutenant of the santa clara county
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sheriff's department explains why. >> the reason you're getting the information from the drivers coming out of that area is because we do not know exactly where those people were at for the last several hours. it could simply been a resident in the area, where they could of been at the scene during the shooting. >> as we said, seven patients were transported to area hospitals one was sent to stanford medical center in that person's condition has not been released. maureen kelly has an update on the status of some of the other shooting victims. >> i am in san jose and santa clara valley medical center and joy had patients come into this hospital can you tell me what you know. >> to patients came in early this morning from the initial shooting one was treated and released in the other was here and later week that the woman from the attempted carjacking in she is also in fair condition. >> i was told over stanford hospital where they have just one person they were getting a lot of people coming to the hospital trying to find information, are you having a similar
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experience here? >> earlier we had a lot of calls for people did for the loved ones to see if they might be at the hospital. >> what you do in these circumstances when you have all these frantic people trying to get information? >> what information we can provide we do when we make sure that the content the families so that they know that their loved one is here and for security reasons sometimes early in the event we cannot sell whole lot. >> that is the very latest. san jose i maureen kelly with kron4 news. >> we will continue to cover the developing story coming up at 5:30 p.m. we will dig deeper into the suspects passed including a clip of the suspect hosting an amateur talk show. >> scattered thunderstorms continued to the bay area at this hour and i will tell you when the rain will come to an end coming up in a little bit.
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the >> we have looked at your weather, tomorrow we will see cooler temperatures and to the weekend will be sunny dry and warmer conditions on tap. let us take a look at future cast for the shower activity this evening. we continue to see scattered
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showers to the north bend down to the south bay, at 8:00 not quite as widespread but still to the east and down through the south bay by midnight. of a breakthrough to the overnight hours, the shower activity looks as though will return to the 8:00 hour for livermore in concord in downtown san jose. continuing through fremont at the 10:00 hour and then down again in san jose and by the later afternoon hours it will bring some clear conditions and the rain obviously will taper off. temperatures will be on the cooler side. 61 half moon bay, 66 hayward, off 64 san jose and 64 also in antioch, the '60s and the north bay and 64 in napa and san rosa. we have 62 in san francisco and 66 a copper. --66 in concord. we have warmer conditions for the weekend just in time for the blue angels saturday show that starts off into the afternoon. warning to the to the low 60s and by 3:00 it
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is 68 degrees so sunny and mild but the wind will start to pick up at that time. here is a mature extend forecast, lingering showers into tomorrow morning. and then in the afternoon tropical conditions and friday will start to warm-up rebound in quite a bit into saturday and sunday with temperatures reaching 80 degrees and 74 for the bayshores, we will keep the war as we head into next week. >> our breaking news during the 5:00 hour, the apple founder and former ceo steve jobs has died. gabe slate talks about the legacy of the man behind the imax, the ipod and iphone. >> steve jobs will forever be a legend in the technology world. steve and his company apple changed everything. rob, a tech analyst and jon mark off with the new york times have all covered technology for decades in the bay area. they have followed the rise of steve jobs. >> he is a figure in
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popular culture that is on the scale of the beatles. >> he is huge, he is an icon. apple is steve in many people's minds, he has fans as much as is products have fans. >> he helped define silicon valley and could on the map. >> the valley is sort of shaped around some myths, and one of them is that it started in the crotch and going on to change the world even as early as ronald reagan's presidency, steve jobs has ordered become the emblem of that myth, and that's what the world and how to and you could start with an idea and he could have this huge impact and steve, for 30, 40 years really personified that particular view of the valid. >> steve was the face of apple personally unveiled all the major product on stage he was like a rock star to the greek community he often got a standing ovation.
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>> steve jobs is a master showman, he is really a great salesperson. >> i have rarely in my career as a reporter sort of bump into people with that level of charisma. i did not understand what it is? bill clinton is an example of a person that has that it is intangible. i mean to spend time with steve, it was clear that there was sort of enforceable personality that is the only way i can explain it. >> it was magical he had people believe it. magic and jobs was just like it was walt disney was that disney. it is that magic that was lost today. >> he was so passionate about the product when he showed them off. >> it is 8 mm thin.
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>> i always get the feeling that he poured everything into these products he loved them and he was prodded them. apple was steve jobs and steve jobs was apple. >> his life was tied up in this job, for when he was fired from apple and the 80's he was borderline suicidal. this job and steve jobs were almost one in the same it was part of his life. >> in a rare public speaking engagement 2005 steven shares with stanford graduates at the commencement how important it is to love your job. >> work will fill large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you to believe to be great work and the only to the great work is to love what you do. if you have not found yet, keep looking and don't settle. >> let us take a look at how steve did not settle and built apple into one of the world's biggest and most successful companies by releasing products that people wanted. in 1984 he began the process of rebuilding apple and taking
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it to the top by revolutionizing home computing with the macintosh computer. >> of the technologies that cost $30,000 and repackage them in this thing called the macintosh in 1984 at a price point of $3,000 it just change the world that is the only thing i can say about it. >> in 1998 he come to new to revolutionize the computer industry by unveiling a bizarre asian computer. >> that before i met was the first example of him taking these technologies and putting them a consumer package that was attractive and at the consumer price point. consumers just to to them to--by the droves, and that is what catapulted his return. >> but later at he really showed the visionary that he was. >> in this digital revolution there is no market leader. >> with the ipod steve change the way we listen to and interacted with music. >> appleton the music
5:19 pm
industry upside-down a computer company turn the music industry upside-down with the ipod and itunes. so apple has done a lot and it shows that one company driven by a computer maniac to make a big difference in people's lives. >> then steve took aim at the mobile phone industry. >> @ ipod phone, and internet communicator. >> the computer have gone from of billion users to 6 billion users and it was the iphone that made that jump. >> introducing a truly magical and revolutionary product today. >> and his last big game changer it came out in 2010 the tablet computer, the ipad. >> it is so much more capable than a smart phone with his gorgeous large display. >> let me leave you something from steve speech when he talked about that and gave his perspective on life. >> no one wants to die,
5:20 pm
even people who want to go to heaven not want to die to get there. and yet, debt is the destination that we all share. no one has ever escape it, and that is as it should be because that is very likely the single best invention of life. it is a live change agent, it clears up the old to make way for the new, your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. don't be trapped by dog, which is living with the results of other people's thinking, don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice, and most of portly have the courage to follow your heart in intuition they somehow already know what you truly want to become everything else is secondary. >> i am gabe slate with kron4 news.
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the >> we have a developing story this is a live picture of apple's headquarters in cupertino. the apple family and people
5:24 pm
all over the world as you see are mourning the death of the apple co-founder steve jobs. we're following reactions from people to this sudden news, governor jerry brown is releasing a statement saying that steve jobs was a great californian and a great innovator who demonstrated what a totally independent and creative mind can accomplish. few people have made such a powerful and elegant imprint on our lives and we wish to express our deepest sympathy to steve's wife in their entire family. now he had been battling pancreatic cancer as remember, he stepped down as the ceo of apple in late august as his health continued to deteriorate. steve jobs did today at the age of 56. we will take a short break and be right back.
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storm tracker for continuing to see scattered showers to the bay area including the east bay and the delta. i will have details coming up in your news at 5:30 p.m. is next.
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steve jobs has died. joining us to talk about the enormity of his presence is eric who works with the san francisco bureau. of course he is important with the valley but talk about his imprint on the technology world. >> steve had a huge impact on the technology world. there are so many parts of the industry that is changed. the industry has been fundamentally changed by the iphone and the ipad
5:31 pm
which is fairly recent he has created a whole new class of devices and have those that are now taking the world by storm he fundamentally change the music industry with itunes and the ipod he had a huge impact in the steel industry. he has changed the world and an amazing way and the world is a slightly lesser place i think now that steve is gone. >> they are a lot of leaders but few with his vision, describe what that means and what it means now that he is not with us. >> i think certainly steve had an amazing sense of what the consumer and the technology buyer wanted. he
5:32 pm
made the product appealing writing your hand, he got and what with the advertising in the stores and that is something that no other company has really managed to accomplish at all. and i also think that you cannot replace someone like steve jobs. it is like trying to replace him before, or john rockefeller or some other, one of the great business people are time. but i will say that apple is in good hands. tim cook, the new ceo is someone that has been at apple and a very--a very long time and is very well liked by people on wall street in he has a host of other talented executives and it is terrible, the news comes just one day after apple
5:33 pm
just yesterday announced the new version of the iphone and at that event, many of these other apple executives were part of the presentation and you got a real sense that one of his accomplishments in some ways, one that think that is not as well known is that he built a very strong team to continue, to continue the company now that he is gone. so i think that apple will be fine for quite a few time to come. >> apple will be fine and other companies use a have strong leaders believe steps in and with that same passion for innovation that he seemed to have, does anyone else even comes to mind you? >> well, you know they have, the new ceo tim cook is someone who is known more as an operator, someone who has great ability to run the business, they have a number of other people who do have,
5:34 pm
who truly have vision in terms of the way the product are a number of executives second step into that role. but you're talking about trying to replace someone who is a singular. someone who is unlike anyone the valley has ever seen before. >> i think we have lost our... >> know i am still here. >> you are finishing talking about the apple family and that there are people there that have the innovation that he had, but outside of technology what kind of person was steve jobs? >> steve was someone who was complicated, very private he never wanted to talk about the health issues that have troubled him for the last few years he had a family with four children, he is someone who was very
5:35 pm
passionate about the things that he did you know, he was considered not the easiest person in the world to work for, he with a perfectionist, someone who really pushed his people hard to get the best from them but apple employees are very intensely loyal to him in the same way that the customers for apple products have been intensely loyal. he is someone who was, i used to use this phrase, talk about products that were insanely great, he was that insanely great leader for apple, for the valley and i think the world is a little less great. >> truly a huge loss he was in the process of building the new construction for apple in the south bay.
5:36 pm
>> yes apple fairly recently announced plans for a huge new headquarters building in cupertino and not far from their current headquarters it is a fairly unusual design, this large doughnut shape building that looks like a spaceship. in fact, not that long ago steve was testifying about plans for this nukes, this new building at some hearings in cupertino to get approval for the construction and um i think it is good to go forward and maybe it will be the steve jobs building we will see how that goes. but again it was something unlike any other building that has been seen in the valley as usual, he was just trying to do things in a very different way. >> thank you so much for
5:37 pm
your observations, eric the san francisco bureau chief for forbes magazine we appreciate your input. he was a huge loss in the technology world--it was a huge loss for the technology world, we will be right back. [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest! a tri-tip sirloin, and endless salad bar, all for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh every day.
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5:41 pm
with the latest developments. >> pam, it is still an active scene authorities believe the suspect is still in this neighborhood. officers are going house to house looking for the suspect, you can see how active the scene is, these officers right here in front of me are armed with weapons and wearing helmets as you can see as stanley pushes down the street there is to allow police activity down there. they're looking for the suspect in go ahead and take a look at the video. authorities found a car that is believed to be the suspect right there. 100 ft. away they also found a rifle under a dumpster while at the scene. we did ask a man who knows the suspect we ask them if this was a surprise. >> he is not an animal, something must have gone terribly wrong with this man if it had to do with that
5:42 pm
job i don't know. but he is not a violent person, if you met him he is a fun-loving person he is like a big teddy bear. i have no him well over 20 something years and i'm blown away by this. some >> authorities did receive a tip, the suspect was hiding in a bathroom at raynor park, that turned out to be untrue. that's out here live, you can see right here is a very active scene, and if you can see quite a ways down that way, the swat team special vehicle is down there slowly driving in our direction looking for the suspect. live in sunnyvale i am reggie kumar was kron4 news. >> teresa estacio has more on sharif altman as she talks with the neighbors about the man that the police are searching for. >> here at the apartment
5:43 pm
complex where sharif and his family lived, residents tell kron4 news that they are extremely alarmed about the events for the day. many like this resident decided to leave. >> the you know anything about this guy? >> no, not at all that is why i'm leaving. >> i have to go, thank you. >> you are leaving? >> right now i'm going to the bus stopped well my grandkids in the thin in. >> others tell us that they did not know him personally but the new residents that did know him, and they are baffled about what all happened. >> i know someone that knows him they speak highly of him yet is on show, he wrote a book so it seems very intelligent we do not know if something does happen if he is a black man on the run and people didn't jump to conclusions and i do not want to judge. >> kron4 will continue to cover this developing story coming up on our newscast tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will
5:44 pm
hear from victims' family members and show you how schools were affected by the suspects search. and now, a live look above san francisco tonight cloudy skies is to concede they are above the city as nightfall nears. we also have a look for you in the sierra. look at this, snow on the ground and a lot of it. jacqueline bennett tells us what to expect above the bay area for the rest of the week in what is happening in the sierra. >> let us take a look at the sierra, still sing snow flying still not yet scattered showers, and starting to the north, but there is a winter storm and it will be in effect until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we will continue to see snow above 6,000 ft. and we will see slushy snow in the lower elevations also gusty winds and if you have to travel up to the sierra tonight, you may want to think about postponing it until tomorrow. locally we still
5:45 pm
see some shower activity through the east bay's will see the most action and also down in the south bay. toward the morgan hill and gilroy, we continue to see showers and see some heavier showers to the santa cruz mountains and over to livermore we are seeing some moderate rainfall so over the diablo range, we see heavier rain in no hell with these particular cells, but the thunderstorms that we will see through the rest of the evening are capable of producing small hill. now the rain pretty much exactly where we expected to be. it is over 2 in. of rain, almost one-half. the same in napa and not quite an inch of rain in san francisco at the airport, the same in redwood city three-quarters of an inch of rain in oakland. we saw a little bit less for other locations. san francisco little over half an inch. and there is just right below half inch
5:46 pm
of rain and pretty much where we expected to be all low end of that rainfall range. take a little will see through the rest of the evening the scattered showers will continue and they will become more isolated in nature by 8:00 p.m.. there are a few lingering over the east bay hills and then into the south bay by the night. clear conditions but how isolated showers to scattered showers through the early morning hours. add a am still seem rain over livermore and concord and then down through san jose. again, still isolated showers by noon but clear conditions going into the afternoon in the temperatures will remain cool only in the 60 through the bay area. 61 at half moon bay, 62 hayward, 65 livermore and the low to mid 60's for the south bay, 63 in san raphael, 66 and concord and temperatures as we head into the weekend will start to warm up that
5:47 pm
is good news if you plan on taking up the show on saturday. that is the week when the blue angels take to the skies. who--we have sunny and mao conditions in the upper 60s. now let your extended forecast. temperatures will take a little bit of a dip on monday but we will go back to the warm side of the inland valleys by wednesday. >> a live look outside the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving well and the sun is still shining over the golden gate and traffic is moving well in both directions we will be back.
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5:50 pm
>> we are following this developing story this is a live picture of apple's headquarters in cupertino there are a large group of people mourning the death of the ceo steve jobs. this
5:51 pm
guy was a rock star, he had fans in every country of the world pretty much. governor jerry brown say that steve jobs was a great california in--innovator who demonstrate what a totally independent and creative mind can accomplish. the apple board is reacting calling him one of the greatest innovation--innovators of our time. he had been battling pancreatic cancer for some time he is 56 years old. if he saw a picture of him some time after he resigned in late august you could see that he did not look good he was not in good health. but again, steve jobs has passed away at the age of 56. apple not releasing a specific cause of death but he had been battling pancreatic cancer. >> and a span of less than one hour we have received hundreds of, to the kron4 facebook fan page and viewers leaving their thoughts and condolences.
5:52 pm
let us take a look at a few of them, the first the have from timothy he writes the following. the >> he referred to the fact that steve jobs had stepped down as ceo and tim cook step up and then the next one wrote. >> we want you to visit the kron4 facebook fan page where you can read statements from apple and other dignitaries on the passing of steve jobs and leave your thoughts and condolences for the tech innovator steve jobs. >> a beloved bay area political reporter who worked here at kron4 has died, robin post came to the bay area back in 1961 he worked as a reporter before settling here at kron for 20
5:53 pm
years. he and doug davis posted a popular political show called california this week the interviewed leaders at all levels of government post was considered one of the deans upper in california, he leaves behind his wife and three children. he died yesterday after a long illness rollins post was 81 years old. and a giant in america's civil- rights new movement has died, reverend fred shuttle's worth he was not as well-known as dr. martin became but they work side by side in the struggle for civil rights. he was a preacher from birmingham alabama who faced down police, police dogs and fire hoses and jail all in the fight for desegregation particularly against birmingham's notorious police chief bull connor president obama said today he was a testament to the strength of the human spirit he died today at the age of 89.
5:54 pm
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will have a special hour of kron4 news coming up saturday at 3:00 p.m.. >> a live look outside for our roof camera, the sky starting to clear over san full report coming up at 6:00 p.m. will be back. [ rapid footsteps ] ow! [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us
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>> are big story tonight at 6:00 p.m., the former apple ceo steve jobs has died. he was 56 years old and had been fighting health problem for quite awhile which forced him to step down as
6:00 pm
ceo of apple back in august. but he remained chairman of the company's board. his passing touch the hearts of many across the bay area and in fact around the world. grant lotus has the latest on the store. >> pam if you saw pictures of steve jobs right after he stepped down as apple ceo you knew that his health was not good but this news is still sudden, apple did not exactly give a specific cause of death but the company did release a statement a couple of hours ago saying that we are deeply saddened to announce that steve jobs has passed away today. his brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve our lives, the world is immeasurably better because of steve jobs, the co-founder of apple of course and he was an innovator really without pierce, economy rock star in the tech industry. and from the first mac that was made and it made its way into people's homes, of course
6:01 pm
the ipod, the iphone and now the ipad this guy knew what people wanted before they knew what they wanted. steve jobs had battled cancer and to tell the four he underwent a liver transplant and in 2009 to a brief leave of absence for unspecified health problems he recently appeared in a cupertino city council meeting to talk about apples and expanded business model of what he wanted to build there, that certain the building. steve jobs is certainly missed, there today at the age of 56. that will receive hundreds of commons on the kron4 facebook fan page allow people to the mayor had to the tech innovator. ticket and a few of them, this is from amber she writes in this explains why he suddenly resigned recently our prayers go out to his loved ones. meanwhile becky row not a good day for cupertino, arrested piste one of the founding fathers of the silicon valley even as a pc user, i tip my hat to you. nancy simply roll no more suffering no more pain,
6:02 pm
arresting piece. we want you to visit the kron4 facebook fan page and there you can read a lot of different statements coming from all over the place, from apple, governor jerry brown and even bill gates of microsoft and also we want you to leave your condolences for steve jobs. >> as many of us know steve jobs did not just run a company he actually left a legacy, sandra and zero has a look back of the man that grew apple out of the silicon valley garage where it started into a world leading tech company. >> despite his understated appearances, he was legendary for his flair and showmanship. >> we ask ourselves what would happen if a mac book and ipad held up. >> he was born in san francisco in 1955 he developed an early interest in technology and at just 20
6:03 pm
years old he started apple computer in his garage with his friend steve and and teen years they grew into a $2 billion company with more than 4000 employees in 1984, apple introduced a machine that literally change live for ever. the macintosh. >> people will bring them home over the weekend to work on something and sunday morning there will not be able to get their kids away from them and maybe someday they will buy second one to me that their home. >> the macintosh was revolutionary the computer easier to use with the strange device called a mouse. but it was expensive. and sales were sluggish in out apple but he was just warming up in 1986, he bought pixar animation studios which later produce hits like toy story he also started a computer company called next. its technology was so innovative that apple ultimately purchased next, bringing jobs back to the company that he started he
6:04 pm
soon became the ceo. in his tenure he introduced technology that forever changed the way to listen to music and use our phones. all that while battling health problems. in recent years he became noticeably thin and frail, in 2009 he took a six month leave from apple and eventually revealed that he had a liver transplant one year after introducing the ipad that brought apple its most profitable year in history to another leave in january 2011 he stepped back into the spotlight in march making a surprise appearance to unveil a thinner faster update to the ipad. in august 2011 jobs announced his resignation statement he could no longer perform the duties of ceo. he remained on at apple as chairman of the board. he had long as static and attention to detail he followed his part, and with his
6:05 pm
technology he changed the world. i am standard and show reporting. --i am sandra ando reporting. >> death and drama of in the south bay heavily armed swat teams go door to door looking for a multiple murder. >> he had a hand gun and an assault rifle. >> we have team coverage on the search for the man suspected of gunning down 10 people and killing three of them. now a cupertino, kron4 is there as survivors reunited with their families. we will take you through the search following the discovery of the suspect car when a nearby street. and we will go to the suspects neighborhood where he was known as a doting
6:06 pm
grandfather. >> this just devastating. >> i do not know what could happen to make him snap. >> let us go to rob fladeboe here's the latest on the suspect. >> i just spoke with the santa clara sheriff's department victim there are no plans to call to search any time soon. we are here on homestead road in cupertino as you can see, they have several intersections blocked off we will pushing for you up there and as you concede that is one of the swat team armored cars that had been patrolling the area just east of homestead mainly the search is centered here along homestead road. this all begin around 645 a m when the suspect came here and then attempted to
6:07 pm
carjack someone outside of the hewlett-packard office park that woman was shot several times in fact a number people on homestead avenue homestead road they heard the gunshots. >> i just heard a popping, pop, pop and then i just did not think that much of it i realized it was probably gunshots when i heard the sirens and helicopters coming over the house and down the street 15 minutes later. a neighbor heard it as well and we both should have called 911, but we did not. >> fortunately a lot of other people did call 911 and they soon received a reverse 91 call from the sheriff's department advising them of what was happening. there are no plans to call off of this search any time soon. live in cupertino and rob fladeboe with kron4 news.
6:08 pm
>> here in sunnyvale, investigators are on scene because below this is a rifle that is believed to belong to the suspect while we were here looking through, one of the suspects friends showed up to say they he is not about the man and he does not understand how this could happen. >> even though he is a big strong looking guy, he is not a violent person is like a big teddy bear. to hear that he is done something like this, something terrible had to happen. i mean he is passionate about his life, his children and about becoming something. i'm at a loss for words. >> also interesting 100 ft. from here, a vehicle that is abandoned which authorities also believe belongs to the suspect. >> later in the afternoon swat team members converged on the bathrooms at nearby raynor park after receiving a tip that the suspects might be there. unfortunately, the to prove to be false. the suspect was not there and this what he
6:09 pm
needed to pull out. despite the setback at the park, officers continue to believe that the suspect is somewhere in this neighborhood and as a result, the streets continue to be blocked off as the search continues. in sunnyvale i'm dan her with kron4 news. >> this is the man that the police are looking for, 47 year-old sharif all men, he is believed to be armed and dangerous kron4 test team coverage on who he is and how his family and neighbors are reacting to the news. that is coming up later at 6:30 p.m.. catherine. >> when something like this happens there seems to be always someone saying that this is a surprise in this they nice person but in this case a lot of people that knew him seem truly shocked, one of them is reverend john r. when he is the church's pastor and he is joining us on the phone. you called me to say that you really wanted to give a message on this, so why are people so shot?
6:10 pm
>> and yes, we have been friends with this man for several years we feel very sad and that these things have happened but we feel that something must have triggered him in order for him to do such a terrible thing. this is a good man and he loves his family and he loves his community and so we are praying that what has happened, people will not rush to judgment. >> reverend we are hearing for example a very loving family man he ran a youth group for young people or he helped to do that, so is there any indication you are someone who knew him, he is bending your home, is there any idea of what happened? did he have any kind of emotional problems? >> this particular question
6:11 pm
i cannot answer. >> reverend, you can understand how some people would find it hard to reconcile this image to what happened today. >> we understand that. >> water you hoping for reverend? >> my hope is that the community, family members that have lost their loved ones will try to understand that this is a good christian hearted man and please try to not rush, but wait until all the facts are revealed before we make a judgment on him. >> river and a lot of people that know him are asking him to turn himself in to surrender, is that in keeping with your host-- hoping for tonight? >> that is what we are
6:12 pm
praying for that he will turn himself in because we do not want to see any more bloodshed. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts. >> we are keeping you up to date both on the air and on line stay with kron4 and go to for the latest details on the cupertino shooting spree. >> a live look outside the storm tracker for radar and continue to see huge data showers through the bay area at this hour. isolated showers expected tomorrow morning i will have details coming up in just a couple minutes. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
6:13 pm
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now at the lowest price ever. >> a couple live looks outside this afternoon first from the bay bridge toll plaza we see some cloud cover, but the sun is speaking through both showers have come to an end this evening. we will take a look at the roof camera also over downtown san francisco, a few clouds in the distance, the past 24 hours
6:16 pm
the rainfall totals have been pretty much where we thought there would be. almost one-half inches of rain, 1 in. and rosa, nearly that much and sfo and redwood city. san francisco little over half an inch down the south bay mostly a half into rain. and it the storm tracker radar right now few lingering showers this afternoon through livermore in fairfield. a few specks over san francisco as well. we see some pretty active weather down in the south bay for the past hour. but now, just seen the rain to gilroy and morgan hill mostly dry the same thing in san jose. up in livermore we also saw heavy rain and now just showers remain in pushing through the east as we speak. a wider view picture we will continue to see showers rotating through the bay area. it is moving down not quite do east, but down to the southeastern also seeing snow in the sierra. your winter storm warning remains in effect until 11:00 to nigeria continue
6:17 pm
showers tonight into tomorrow morning, the showers will be turned a little more isolated. and into the weekend sunny dry and warmer weather on tap which is good news for our fleet week. you get to that just a moment but first let us take a look of the showers this evening. at 6:00 p.m. you can see the showers starting to diminish and into the 8:00 hour turning more isolated through the east bay hills, also by midnight down in the south bay but a little bit of a break in rain through the overnight hours with isolated showers that will pop back up again to the 8:00 hour tomorrow morning with livermore, concord in san jose. the rain continuing in fremont and the 2:00 hour down through san jose by noon, the noon hour we will see a couple of isolated cells, but the later afternoon hour we will start to see clearing. temperatures will not rebound tomorrow. temperatures widespread in the 60 tomorrow, 62 in fremont and hayward. we
6:18 pm
have 63 vallejo and 66 in concord. its fleet week and we will see the blue angels take to the sky is starting late this week for the saturday show mostly sunny conditions in the morning if you want to get out there early and grab a good spot. they did in the afternoon when they start the show, sunny and mild conditions temperatures in the upper 60s. in the year extended forecast what you tomorrow morning will be in the clear. showers through about noon, and then in the afternoon clear skies. temperatures now warming up tomorrow into friday and saturday it will start to see warmer conditions. and little did in the temperature by monday but warmer conditions will resume into next week. >> it looks like some areas of california are bypassing fallen heading straight for winter. this is video from a ski resort near lake tahoe. but how heavy the snow was coming down, the trees are already covered about 4 in. of snow fell overnight into
6:19 pm
the morning ski resorts in the area do not open up until closer to thanksgiving will be right back. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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>> and national is a delaware woman is in big trouble she is suspected of trying to sell her newborn baby for $15,000. that is a picture of her and the chou, police say that she agreed to make a deal with a man in philadelphia that is when officers were tipped off by the woman's relatives investigators say after a surge, they found a baby, they found documentation of the sale and that mother is now facing criminal charges but she is claiming that it is a misunderstanding and the baby has been placed in foster care. a very unusual find washed ashore on a southern california beach. police said it to beachgoers found 58 lbs. of cocaine and this was during a morning walk, they call 911 in the drug free value was estimated at roughly $2 million still no word on where the cocaine came from
6:23 pm
or where was possibly headed. in texas, a train hit a dump truck the accident was caught on tape the surveillance video shows the deal from inside the train. there is another angle showing the train pushing the truck brought up on the sidewalk. and people as you can see just barely missing been hit. the third view is from in the train showing the impact on passengers, 15 people were treated for injuries stay with us, more news is coming up after the break.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> a live look outside, showers continue to flow through the bay area become a little more isolated now, we will have your full forecast coming up and all of today's top stories right after this break.
6:27 pm
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we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. the apple co-founder and former ceo steve jobs has died. he was 56 year-old at apple did not give a specific cause of death but he had pancreatic cancer and
6:29 pm
he had a liver transplant back in 2009 his health issues force him to step down as the field apple back in august but he remained as chairman of the company's board. this news is certainly resonating drop the world and certainly here in the bay area as well where he made his mark. henry tenenbaum is live at the apple store in union square. henry it looks to be bustling there was a move like? >> it is jammed, but of course very solemn, this is a store that steve's built along with the industry that steve created. i want to introduce into a cup of the people that came here today, cory will you explain, you work your but you are off today what are you here? >> i am here because i want to remember steve for his vision and his leadership. i was out getting coffee and i got the news and i felt like i had to come down here because steve make this happen and has touched all of our lives. >> of course what you have is an ipad with the front
6:30 pm
page of the apple web site on it which is steve jobs, 1955 through 2011. and then fred, you have come here and i see you have a little bit of a tribute as well. >> i came here just to pay my respects. the man i think change is all in the gave us countless opportunities and our personal lives for a lot of things. so i just thought.. >> yes, you really did change the world. and so many of the media down your are filing their pictures an award on the mac book and ipad and on their iphone. back to you. >> now to our developing story out of cupertino and sunnyvale. a gunman opened fire at his workplace in goes on a shooting rampage across to cities. that suspect is 47 year-old sharif altman as the police continued to search for him, kron4 dan kerman shows the
6:31 pm
evidence that the police say he left behind. >> here on the senate bill side of homestead and wolf, a vehicle right behind me is abandoned and believed to belong to the suspect even more interesting about 100 ft. in the other direction is a dumpster behind elect a store and below that is a rifle that is also believed to be tied to the suspect. investigators spent several hours collecting evidence from the scene. later in the afternoon, swat team members converged on the bathrooms and nearby raynor park after receiving a tip that the suspect might be there. unfortunately the tips prove to be false. the suspect was not there and the swat team eventually pulled out. despite the setback at the park, officers continue to believe that the suspect is somewhere in this neighborhood and as a result, the streets continue to be blocked off as the search continues. in
6:32 pm
sunnyvale, then permit with kron4 news. >> this crimes spree has shocked those that know the suspect. we spoke with someone who has been friends with sharif altman for 15 years. he says the suspect has never shown any signs of being a violent person. >> no signs, no warning or nothing, he was always a jolly person always smiling any state to itself. but he knew he would hold a conversation with you just an overall good person i am shocked and in this belief that it will be him. when i read the news, and then until i saw was him i was shocked when i realized it was him because would not see that coming from that type of person such as he was. my concern is also for his daughter and hopefully family members and friends close to her will surround his daughter and support her because above all right now i know that what he has done is damaging but he is also concern for his daughter. >> our coverage continues
6:33 pm
now with kron4 how the money to spoke with a family member of a victim of today shooting spree. >> it has been a very nerve racking situation for family members with loved ones that work here at the lehigh permanente a quarry. one woman told me that she came down here right away is and she found out that the brother-in-law mark munios was one of the three people killed this morning. >> a very good person, very family oriented, with his grandchildren yet to girls, it is just devastating to me. >> devastated is perhaps the most appropriate way that describes how people who have friends or family members that were here are feeling. following is violent shooting incident in cupertino i'm hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >> teresa estacio spoke with people that live in the same neighborhood as the suspect. >> how long have you known him? >> i have known him for
6:34 pm
about eight years. i'm not saying what happened is right, i'm not saying that. i am not saying that, but something very bad, the very serious had to happen for him just a snap like that because that is not him. that is not him, that is a very good man. he is a single father raising his kids by his self he wrote look, he worked hard. i don't have the answer of what happened and i'm not saying what happened was right when he did was right, but he is not the person that everybody in the news, i see that everyone is saying that he is this and that we should of had a gun, but he is not like that. when we are at the club and having fun and partying he sees somebody getting ready to have a fight he will be the first one to tell them you know what it is not worth it. >> if you had a message to him right now on he was watching the news what would you say? >> i would say turn yourself in, find somebody
6:35 pm
you can really trust and let them know that you want to turn yourself in. just turn yourself in before someone does something really bad to you. i am very worried bottom i am very worried about it. i love him, he is a good person. you guys don't know, he is a really first one says that he was really nice and humbling she does not know what could happen to him in order to do such a thing. >> mathew wrote that my grandpa works there he said the guy work with him for 16 years and was going to be laid off and that is why he did the shooting. several people have come down really hard on the family of sharif allman. here is another one.
6:36 pm
>> we will need to visit the kron4 facebook fan page we are bringing continuing coverage on the shootings in the south bay tech all the videos, the photographs and the latest information that we're posting on facebook. [music] >> we have seen quite active weather. a live look outside from the roof camera. we see over the cloud coverage and some sun breaking through. now let us with the rainfall totals that adjusted to, over 1 in. in mill valley. the same in richmond, about three- quarters of an inch in sunnyvale. a little over half an inch in los gatos and san francisco the same thing in livermore. and live look outside for the storm tracker for radar. a few scattered showers this evening turning more isolated and we saw some more activity in the last
6:37 pm
couple of hours adjutancy is pushing to the east right now. it does not mean we are out of the woods just yet. a possibility of lingering showers into tonight, ticket at the 8:00 hour. we can see some showers through the bayshore. and continuing by midnight and little break overnight before the ice lettish house return before tomorrow morning. and with your extended forecast wants to get through tomorrow morning and into the capital--afternoons. staying cool but warming up for the weekend. that is good news when you are headed to take up the blue angels for fleet week. stay with us, will be back after this.
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>> prosecutors claimed that dr. conrad murray's was too distracted to give michael jackson the adequate care they needed. serra palin announced that she would not be seeking the presidency in 2012. she said her decision
6:42 pm
was prayerfully considered. serra palin said the issue to be on the right path without being the candidate. she says the issue will help the republican cause by working to help others, she with the vice presidential candidate and give barak obama an 2008. just yesterday in new jersey gov. chris christie said that he would not run for president despite an effort to get him into the race. coming up next, more playoff excitement as tony la russa and the cardinals tried even their series with the phillies. gary has highlights on that street ahead. and tiger woods is in the bay area, gary has complete coverage of his practice round and his enormous falling all coming up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> good evening everybody, tiger woods in the south bay and ready to play some golf at san martine tomorrow to be exact. i would tell you what, it is losing some endorsements the back comes another one, rolex has stepped forward, the watchmaker with a deal that
6:46 pm
could be for 10 years. gatorade, at&t among the people who left tiger woods alone, but he is back and we're talking golf with vern glenn right now. >> it looks as though a few the club and tiger woods hands, the people will come. a lot of people. the thick this crowd just south of san jose for wednesday's pro- am. his golf "planking" plummeted to #51 due to injuries to his knee in his achilles' but it did not matter to these people. >> that is the reason why we come no doubt about it, he is the man. >> i have been following him since they won in the crowd is disguised even bigger. >> he would never know about the crowd, but most of the heavy lifting was would and he has not played since
6:47 pm
august and has not won since 2009 he offered the explanation of where his game has gone. >> i have my strength back in the explosiveness back and my leg, all that has come back and that is just from training in having time to heal and once i have healed, then i train on top of that until that back up to wear used to be. >> as for greg norman who said what would never met when in other major... >> i heard that before this is not the first time that i've heard that. >> what does that mean to this tournament, since he announced he was playing five months ago, ticket sales have increased it is almost a sellout and has jumped from 100300 this year. and should he be in contention, look out. he tees off tomorrow at 12:10 p.m. and friday at 7:30 a.m.. >> now vern is not kidding if tiger woods has a great round tomorrow and another
6:48 pm
one on friday and then he's dips towards a possible championship over the weekend what you're about the south bay and is the van. you hear about it nationally for four days. tiger had a bad round and you not know that there is any event here saturday and sunday that is just the way it plays. now, baseball, the st. louis and the field are going the distance. the second-largest crowd ever at busch stadium. 47,071. and this world for the second time in this series. and pam, it kind of annoys me. live did this. that is his world. [laughter] >> and look there it goes. and the cardinals, their 3-2 lead is now five to two. roy did not get it done, the phillies went that great starting pitching staff. i did not know, and the final out a fly ball. the series
6:49 pm
is even at 2. does this side will be friday in philadelphia and they will each have their boss on the hill. it will be roy holiday going for the philadelphia phillies and the st. louis cardinals. you have cris carpenter. the 49ers, can they keep going? these are good times around here. the garrett blood and the tampa bay bucs are coming to town. the 49ers are to 1/2 point favorites. they're on their home field attempt is also 3 and 1. and harbaugh says one of the most important things to be its resilience. >> kind of like the guy movies, no matter what he did to him, loma, shouldn't, you cannot kill him, he just keeps coming back and bouncing back and those type of things. but you know, you prefer to be the guy in the movies that is the relentless guy who is resilience and he always finds a way to kill you. so
6:50 pm
that is where we would rather go would rather go from resilient to relentless. >> and just i would make a disclaimer what he says the not wreck the views of kron4 and how they felt about their employees. you do now to stab them or shoot them, but that is just about hockey is not been a real life go out and if there is someone in your way stab them and shoot them. but it always does make me laugh, when you win, you said something like that and if people think wow the guy is a genius. when you're losing they think he did something more better than stabbed a man should them. but when you win, people just sit there and odd. >> i was looking to because there are three and one. now no nba the here comes hockey. patrick and the sharks worked out today. the open against the phoenix coyotes on saturday night.
6:51 pm
there is a new big defensemen and burns, rather an eccentric fellow, he loves it snakes and other reptiles. he is covered in tattoos and some might call him and odd character. i call him a san jose sharks. >> i am sick to 5, to london and 5 lbs. of carbon tattoos. he has snakes for pets. he is a unique character he is a character for sure. >> what is the story behind that? >> it is a secret. >> that is pretty good our work. >> it is a secret. >> ok, vern was probing and then the guy has an apple juice ok saturday night will be interesting without the warriors, there will not start on time they may not plan to the first of the
6:52 pm
year at all. are some people going to say let me get this hockey a try. now when we return, a young player that is so good he is banned from the lead. a 12 year-old, he is so good they say with this kid is just too good. we will have that story in a moment.
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
president. see with kobe bryant everyone is like ok, but all these players they say they will go but you wait until they go. >> of the players will they have a lockout they went overseas. >> one they just makemie and act like you did not local--did not know that. try it. now pam likes this one, this is a young kid. he plays football in arkansas and they have put in a new rule that after he scores two touchdowns then he is banned from the rest of the game. he is so good that he can only scored two touchdowns and then they pull him out. their ideas. so people do not think that i am joking, i took the news director. >> goodnight.
6:57 pm
. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
6:58 pm
did michael jackson slam his own family? the new trial evidence today. and we're on location in seattle for amanda knox's new life as a free woman. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier.
6:59 pm
"the insider" is on. amanda is in an undisclosed location. >> in hiding today after her tearful homecoming. >> i just want to go and be with them. >> inside her prison ordeal. the new "people" magazine cover story. >> on the ground in seattle, as we uncover more details on amanda knox's prison diary. >> the hiv tests, the weight loss. >> they say it was 20 or 30 pounds. she dropped several sizes. then -- >> michael jackson could be heard slamming his family as both greedy and uncaring. >> michael's family feud revealed in front of his siblings. jackson's just-released audio in the death trial today. one event can really define the direction of somebody's life. >> demi moore's first interview since the cheating scandal. >> you are a stripper. plus -- clooney's new york sit-down on his late-night fears. >> i will drink in the evening and i don't want anything that i could possibly write at mi


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