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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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close as freeway, what police are doing to track him down and the man accused in the shooting rampage, shot and killed by police, and occupy wall street, the protest taking place across america, including right here in the bay area. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. police are searching for a man who robbed and shot aume in in the parking lot of a hardware store and the search later led to the shut down of 580 in oakland and very, very slow moving traffic on the eastbound side. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us what business owners say the woman was doing. >> police say the woman was shot by the suspect in the parking lot of this store thursday afternoon. a note on the door says the
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business is closed and will reopen friday morning. she says she is shocked about what happened. >> when i got to 35 i saw the police lights at our corner. i made sure our staff was okay and the bank folks was okay. one of the tellers say she heard what happened. there was a woman who was mugged and fought back and shot. i don't often all the details. frightening. you know, we hired a security team and they kept a damper on a lot of stuff. we have police presence but things are happening. >> reporter: after robbing the woman the suspect crashed this car on 35th avenue. inside the car we saw a purse. police haven't said if it belongs to the victim. investigators say the victim
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has life threateningiaries and they are asking for the public's help to find the suspect. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. the man suspected of killing three and wounding 7 yesterday is dead. we have surveillance video, here it is from moments after the shooting that lehigh southwest cement company. it shows shareff allman with a rifle swung over his shoulder. this morning he was shot and killed by deputies. the sheriff had details on what happened. >> the subject was behind the vehicle. our deputies recognized the subject as our suspect. the -- deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect and the suspect was armed with a gun. shot all three of our deputies,
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fired. shots. the subject was pronounced dead that scene. >> the deputies who shot shareff allman have win identified. authorities say he walked into a work meeting yesterday, opened fire and shot a woman in the leg at the hewlett-packard offices. today we talked to a friend of the suspect and she says shareff allman told her son while at their home saturday that he was planning to kill people. >> told my son that he was going to kill some people. bottom line, he was going to kill some people. you know if they were going to take away his livelihood he would have to do something the same with them. from what he was saying to my son, he knew they were going to get rid of him. so at that point he was going to take some of their lives.
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who he was talking about, i knew it had to be with the work force, but what people individually, never game names. i don't know if they were going to fire him or not but i know he said that he was not going to be working for them anymore and that they were prejudice and racist. my son didn't think he was serious. he said he acted normally like he does anyway. he kept on doing what he do, cracking jokes and everything. so i get he just, you know, decided he couldn't take it anymore and i guess he just snapped. >> shareff allman's friend says as far as she knows he was not suffering from mental illness oor on medication. we continue to see thunderstorm activity through the day today. acsaw rotation. this is a picture of a funnel
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cloud in oakland. you can see the funnel here. not quite making it to the ground. if it touched down it would have been a tornado. likely a water spot or two. rainfall totals, catch inch of rain in san francisco. oakland, 4/10. quarter of an inch in hayward. temperatures also cool this afternoon. only in the 60s through the bay area. low 60s through most locations. we will warm up tomorrow. no more rain in the forecast. there were peaceful demonstrations today in san francisco. this is part of the occupy wall street. it is now a nationwide movement. you are looking at scenes from san francisco. 100 people rallied. they are upset about the economy and corporate america. >> we spending more money on
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military bases, bombs and weapons and we need to spend more on schools. >> basically, i think the corporations have too much power. they own and pay for our government. >> the demonstrations against joblessness and the gap between rich and poor seem unlikely to end soon. protests in a number of cities are making headlines. this is new york city, where the movement began. continued protests today. look at this, this is showing a police officer hitting somebody with a baton there. celebrities joined joined the protest. the president says the government has to help green energy companies to compete with other countries. republicans have blasted the
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white house for the $500,000 government loan given to solyndra. the company is also under federal investigation. still ahead on kron 4 news at 11:00. day 8 of testimony in the michael jackson death trial why the defense claims mistakes were made and a lawsuit against the giants pitching ace, the legal trouble tacing tim lincecum. now that steve jobs passed, what does that mean for apple? [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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. in california news, day 8 of testimony in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. lawyers say mistakes were made in the investigation of michael jackson's death. they say the investigator made changes in her testimony. he admits to destroying notes from the crime scene and argues that is standard practice. a claim the defense challenged today. >> if you don't take notes, don't keep your notes, that's bad investigation. that's bad investigative work. do you agree? >> no. >> why do you think you take notes? >> to write the report. >> well, what about later when you have to testify and refresh your recognition? >> the doctor who dit the autopsy ruled the debt a homicide. in san diego, look at this
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sink hole near the uc campus. police closed off the area. they think a broken storm drain started the problem. people are have been on the look out for these two mountain lions. authorities are warning that small children and pets should be kept inside. nobody has been hurt. officials say they think the lions are siblings. big changes as we head into tomorrow. drier and warmer weather but fog tomorrow morning, especially since temperatures will get cool. temperatures tomorrow afternoon in the 70s. on saturday, warmer. sunday warmer than that. temperatures reaching 80 inland and low 70s through the bay shores. low temperatures tomorrow afternoon, chilly out there, 43
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degrees. 44 livermore. rain out there today in places like livermore. temperatures that low, we should see fog forming over night. once the sun comes out, the fog clears out and we will see temperatures warm up. once the sun comes out. 70s in the south bay. 70s bay shores. 72 livermore. north way, temperatures also in the 60s and 70s. let's look. 73 santa rosa. 68 san rough yell. 66 san francisco. peeking of san francisco, nice weather for the blue angels. show is on saturday and sunday. sunny tomorrow afternoon. warmer saturday. 68. 69 on sunday. fog sunday morning. extended forecast, warmer tomorrow. warmer into the weekend. we will cool down monday and warm up tuesday and next week.
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the reaction to steve jobs' death has been huge. internet traffic related has broken records. twitter, people tweeting surpassed 10,000 tweets a second. and apple stores have been pop up memorial sites for fans. the question now, how much will the death of steve jobs effect apple now that it lost the man that so many connected with. gabe slate looks at where apple goes from here. >> reporter: we all knew this but now it is obvious ow connected customers were to steve jobs. he was the man behind the products and the loyal apple consumers knew that. it will take a couple years to see the impact on his death. i caught up with steve fox over the phone, he says it seems he
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passed the torch behind the scenes before he passed. >> steve jobs managed to -- reflection the company of steve jobs in so many ways and you see that in the management team he put in place, you see it -- everything down to the line workers who are at apple. i don't think there will be any drop off that will be noticeable in the next year or so. >> reporter: the new face of tappal tim cook, as he -- of apple tim cook. steve fox believes loyal customers didn't just buy products because steve was behind them. >> personality doesn't sell the product.
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assuming apple manages to continue, i don't think people will shy away from buying it because steve jobs is no longer the front man. >> reporter: here is a question, will you think twice in the future to buy apple products knowing steve jobs is not a part of their design and creation. send me a tweet. gabe slate, kron 4 news. tiger woods struggles and celebration in new york, only it wasn't the yankees. gary has the story next. ó] ó??g÷p÷÷÷ >>8ç
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. all right. goodall right. good evening, everybody. good-bye yankees. gone tonight. the detroit tigers leading 2-0 in the fifth. c.c. sabathia came in relief and gave up a base hit to martinez
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who proved to be the winning run. nick swisher with a chance here. nope. strikes out. bases loaded in the 7th 7th. finishes off alex rodriguez. rough series. long with this strikeout, he also struck out alex rodriguez. the tigers, 79-0 this year when they lead after 7 innings. some bullpen. there it is. the new york yankees, baseball's highest payroll eliminated. detroit will face the texas rangers. vun churra is the new -- ventura is the newest manager.
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nice major league career. anyway he will get a position. you know my motto, never charge the mound unless the guy is smaller than you and you are sure you can handle him. right? >> good advice. we got a guy i always tease, da lin, jr sloan -- >> jr stone -- >> haven't seen him for a while. they would get me but the one guy i would probably take on is da lin. >> he probably knows karate or something like that. >> jeez thanks. you will see da lin tomorrow night. 24 point underdog. cal led oregon at halftime. these guys are good. you got nike funding your university, look out. they had the lead by point and james gets outside and there he
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goes. 30 carries, 239 yards. the one thing, he left the game with a serious arm injury. cal took the lead. 15-14 cal but 3rd quarter they blew them wide open. up the gut for 68 yards. oregon 365 yards rushing. 43-15 oregon. 9th rank. cal's record drops to 3-2. football is no more on monday night. hank williams sang that song since 1991. 100% saying obama reminded him of hiltler. there was enough dancing around the subject to make them say,
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hank, bye-bye. the excitement of tiger woods didn't translate on the course. just outside morgan hill. there is woods second hole. he bogies the hole. the third hole, he struggles with his putter. double bogy. 2 over 73. six strokes back. if you want to be dumatic, he is tied for 86. let me say without video, sharks open their season saturday night hosting phoenix. i could show hockey highlights but then jackie would show how much more she knows than me. i am the sports director. >> i don't say that. >> you feel it. i never felt comfortable. it's about as easy ncer ] as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip.
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