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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 10, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>louisa: we will warm up
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and dry up after tomorrow. we have a really short lived storm coming through. the storm will gradually move southward as we make our way through the day. todd are in the '50s and '60s, mid-50s for oakland. future cast 4 shows us around 2:00 p.m. the rain setting in. it will then become more widespread across the north bay by the 5:00 p.m. hour. the yellow shows a moderate downpours. we will notice the rain pushing down along the peninsula by the 8:00 p.m. hour. here is a look at your temperatures as we take you to the afternoon. we will break into the '60s and '70s. in san francisco today, we will stay in the '60s. here is a look at your
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7 day around the bay. clouds and sunshine into the afternoon. a nice a warming trend as we wind through midweek. by thursday, lifted popping up into the low 90s in the chance of what weather. let's get look at your ride with george. george holliday light conditions for your ride around the bay area starting with a check on the bay bridge.-- >>george: traffic is exceptionally light this morning. no delays on the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge has a pretty good with no problems across the stand. a 13-14 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge or ride, 101 from marin county is blog this morning in a wet deck, but no delays. let's get a check on the east bay ride. on interstate 80, a few pockets of slow and go
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traffic. heavy between pleasant hill and 24 on 680 south. 280 is a little slow around 17. usually traffic is slowed between the two freeways on 101 northbound. that is exactly what is happening there. a little slowing on all 101 southbound through iran would. no major delays. >>darya: if you are trying to do some business with the city of oakland, you could run into a closed sign. they are trying to reduce the city's $50 million budget deficit by having closures of city services. we are live outside the oakland library which is one of the departments affected by today's showdown. jackie sissel is alive in there. >>jackie: most sisscity offices
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will be close. parts will be open, but no one will be there to stop that. senior citizen centers of the close. the vast majority of city offices will be closed down today because of what you said, they need to make up that budget deficit. this is the first of 10 of these days that will happen between now and the fiscal year. emergency services offices will be open liked police and fire departments. also, parking enforcement will be open. this is a cost-cutting measure that not everyone is completely happy with. the city says they are forced to do it. this is the first of 10 of these days before the end of the fiscal year that oakland will close these offices. >>james: appalling wall street this morning,-- following wall street this
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morning, the big board is up. the dow was up 232 points at 11,335. the s&p and the nasdaq are also up in better the double digits. the s and p of 27 and the nasdaq up 61. all of this is carrying a momentum for your awareness of france and germany leaders getting together saying that by the end of the month they will have a solid plan ready to propose, to solve the problem that has been plaguing the european banking system. that is what has the attitude positive this morning. we will see what happens as the day progresses. speaking of all wall street, the occupy wall street movement is now in its fourth week. protesters nationwide continued goninette
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to rally. occupy oakland is planning a rally at 4:00 p.m.. here is the advertisement for the deadthe event. if you see them out and about in oakland, that is why. what are they protecting? initially it was corporate greed. their grievances also include unemployment, the war in afghanistan and the environment. here is a look at protests that happened all over the country this weekend. a york, on the top right, occupy washington d.c.. one person was arrested there after an assault on an officer. at the bottom right, occupy portland. demonstrators there took place over four straight days. >>justine: here is what is just into the kron4 is from. netflix is now abandoning
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its plan to separate its edt by mail and internet streaming services. the ceo post that the company now plans to keep netflix as one place for streaming into subscribers will now be able to use both dvd in streaming services under one account and one passport. a lot of people are asking on facebook how much this will cost. netflix has not said anything about a price change. >> we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the james lick.
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a bit each. and this is the beginning of a store that is ended its way into the bay area.-- >>louisa: clouds are starting to selandfill in. this is the beginning of a storm that is headed into the bay area.
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>>darya: gas has gone down 255 in the last month. that is making a nationwide average of $3.42. in oakland and the bay area, $3.80 is the average. in san francisco, $3.81 a gallon. >>james: a break, it is 7:11 a.m., here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. there is a lot of a fall. the roadways are damp. some heavy mist and the potential for scattered showers this afternoon. if you missed the forecast, stick around. it is coming up on the other side of this break. dean
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here we are hearing about an officer involved shooting in san jose on the 700 block of hillsdale we are getting in details,
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will tran and is heading to the scene right now to provide as more information about this officer: involved shooting. officers were called in regards to a pedestrian what about that. >>louisa: we are looking at plenty of clout cover. here is a look from mt. wet weather will to the north of us. as we head towards the latter part of the day, a better chance of rain. widespread cloud cover will been in go through the
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bay. showers to the north of santa rosa. right now temperatures are in this '50s and '60s. here is a look at current temperatures. light rain to the afternoon hours. by 5:00 p.m. if we did see some moderate downpours in the north bay. sprinkles along the peninsula by the pm hour, into the evening hours. temperatures today will stay cool and not a warming much. will warm into the '60s and '70s. 67 degrees for oakland. here is your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow cloud and acted in sunshine. by thursday, sunshine in story and
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temperatures could read to the low 90s. >>george: a very light ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spot. our bridge that starts at the bay bridge. fit the metering lights have not been activated. the san mateo bridge ride is still a 13 minute trip westbound fan as he had from hayward to foster city. the ride across the golden gate is a bawdy and drizzly. we will check the north bay to be it in a moment. and 18 minute drive time from hercules in berkeley. 101 northbound, slow from 85. 85 is low around 17. a much lighter
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than usual commute. it is a holiday today but most public transit agencies are operating on a normal weekday schedule. >>darya: 7:60 a.m., after a big land on the road the oakland raiders' return home to allocate it to cope with a loss of al davis. a lot of the fans were there waiting for their return. some traveled from as far away as bakersfield. the team learned on saturday that al davis died at the age of 82. hugh >>jaqueline: --when their raiders coach talks about the emotional victory.
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>> lucky that you see there in honor
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children but not be eligible for college financial aid. an immigrant students can now receive state funding beginning in the year 2013. this law is part of the california dream act legislation. last year, undocumented students became eligible for a privately funded scholarships. another lot that was put into place last night and children under the age of 18 for using tanning beds. currently, children at the age of 15 to use the tanning beds with a parents' permission. california is the first state to raise the minimum age to 18. the law goes into effect january 1st. it is dry opinions from both sides. >>erica: it has become a controversial topic on our facebook said page. i have
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been asking viewers, what you think about this legislation? take a look at some of the responses. >>erica: clearly this is a heated discussion. if you would like to leave your own comments, like us on facebook and the degree to comment on the air. >>darya: new this morning, half moon bay is famous for surfing competitions, now famous for the biggest pumpkins. it is that time of year, the annual pumpkin way off. will tran is live there this morning. will will a lot of interest today with people coming from all over the wall close wilreport that
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people are coming from all over the west coast. is this a labor of love? >> a labor of love. >>reporter: how many years have you done this? >> this is my fifth year. you do not have to be a letter to be here and have a good time. >>reporter: these pumpkins are like stallions. >> he did not have to have a letter to get good seeds. we try to make a good genetic crosses and we use those the following year. >>darya: the winner gets $6 a pound for the biggest [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot
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only from verizon. the dow, nasdaq and s&p are all up this morning. j.p. morgan, bankamerica and wells fargo are all better think and are positive this morning. they're getting some pretty good momentum coming off of europe where they are hopeful about resolving their banking crisis. at least france and germany say they can have a plan put together by then. >>darya: let's stick it looks at the 7 day around
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temperatures. the clouds clear out and by the middle of the legal wednesday and thursday, the hottest days of the week. all the way up to 92 inland on thursday. we cool down a little bit and another chance of rain on saturday. much more ahead coming up on the kron4 morning news including breaking his and our coverage of an officer involved shooting in san jose. let's take a live look from the rules camera on van ness ave.
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the kron4 news room following breaking news. an
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officer involved shooting in san jose. i want to say the exact location of where this happens, the 700 block of hillsdale ave. the shooting happened at about 6:00 a.m.. patrol officers or called out to deal with someone who was walking around with a firearm. shortly after police officers got there, they had contact with that person and that is what we are told the officer fired. police are not saying much else. >>will: tranche is almost to the scene to provide us with live updates. san jose police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened here in the 700 block of hillsdale ave.
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>>darya: let's get a check on whether. >>louisa: low cloud cover and a fall. increasing clouds throughout the morning hours and a tents of rain moves in. it will set it to the north bay and spreading south. after that, a shift in the weather. all morning and lying as we head into tomorrow.--warming and drying as we head into tomorrow. the cloud cover is just starting to push it and bleeding most of the day at its current hour.
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there is a look at current temperatures. as we take you through the day, it looks like by the evening, by about 7:00 p.m., we will not accumulate much in the way up or rainfall totals. by 4:00 a.m., all we will have picked a quarter of the dead in santa rosa.--a quarter of an inch in santa rosa. it is not a huge storm, nothing like what we saw last week. 3/10 of an inch by tuesday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we will be in the '90s by thursday. that warming trend will certainly take a hold after the rain and. the next chance of rain on saturday. >>george: darnell hot spots to track. a street clothes are in san jose because of a police shooting at hillsdale. if that should not be a major disruption to
7:33 am
no traffic problems on the golden gate bridge supported southbound 101 are right. in the east bay, your ride on interstate 80, the drive times are still under 22 minutes from hercules to berkeley. this is a little slowly heading south from pleasantville to walnut creek. it is all fairly typical, but lighter the usual as is the commute on 1013 san jose and 85 through the west valley. the north bay ride, 101 and iran, the briefest of slowdowns and
7:34 am
near hamilton fields. >>darya: george, you are pointed out-you do have to pay for parking even though it is called a state. that is the case in oakland as well. although city services are closed, not for the holiday, but to help reduce the budget, jackie sissel is live at the library. you do still have to pay for parking. >>jackie: there will be a lot of offices closed in the city of oakland's, parking enforcement is not one of them. the public library is one. for all of the libraries in oakland will be closed today. the vast majority of city offices will also be closed. it is because of that $68 million budget deficit that they are trying to fight off. this is similar to the program that the state did, closing state offices over the summer on fridays. furlough days. this
7:35 am
is one of 10 days scheduled between now and the end of the fiscal year. the public libraries, public works, public parks will be open, but they will not be staffed. senior citizen centers will be closed. the fire department, police department, ambulance services, they will all be open. as well as the dreaded parking enforcement offices. if you come downtown, even though offices are closed, feed the meters. there will be enforced. >>darya: thank you. >>james: occupy wall street is in its fourth week. we have seen protesters nationwide including here in the bay area. today, oakland will get in on the fun. this is an advertisement for a protest that is planned for 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. they will gather at the corner of
7:36 am
14th and broadway in oakland, in solidarity with those that are protected on wall street. if those demonstrations are not just about corporate greed, they have come to include a couple of other causes, unemployment, the war in afghanistan and the environment. here is a look at protests that have occurred over the weekend. on the left, the protest in new york. of the top right, video out of washington d.c. and at the bottom right, portland, oregon. demonstrations there have taken place for four straight days. >>darya: we are back in just a minute. we are keeping our eyes on wall street. the dow is looking to direct it, up 270 points. stocks are rising after the leaders of france and germany are promising to strengthen the european banks.
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jame day for fleetweek festivities yesterday. default cut short the blue angels show, but that did not stop people from coming into the city and looking to the skies. huge crowds of people along the embarcadero enjoying designs anselm's of fleetweek.--in doing this site it sounds of fleetweek. >>james: commissioner david stern says today is the deadline for both sides in the nba lockout to reach an agreement if they want to avoid cancellation of the first two weeks of this season. negotiators met for more than five hours yesterday, the season is scheduled to begin november 1st. >>darya: joey test that is back at it, at this time instead of hot dogs, he is
7:41 am
eating chili. 2 gal. in six 2 gal.! that is the world record for chili eating. >>james: a better be! stay away from him for the next four days. >>darya: we will be right back after this quick break. >>james: you heard correctly, we are supposed to have rayed today. louisa has a full look at the forecast. hochheime met but there is
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nothing like winning after you lose someone that imported team wore organization. will never forget played hard. he was close to the team and we knew that he was there. >>darya: he was close to the team. i almost need an interpreter. tell me what these sound bites really meant. as far as i know, all of these people used to say he was a villain, a dictator, he was in the
7:46 am
way. now, he is a genius that died. gargary players loved him for the most part. >>darya: even the media, they were saying such wonderful things. i just wanted to see some subtitle's with what they were really needed. >>gary: at the media is the media. but he was quitting, he was a genius, of course in the past few years they have not been winning, so he was in no way.
7:47 am
>>darya: we have a video would you talking to al davis. you have always said kind things about him. what i am wondering, for everyone who was calling for him to let go, now that he is god, what is next for their raiders? they're calling it a new beginning. gary, there is an old cliche, he did not appreciate someone until they're guy lived for about 24 hours a day.--this guy lived sobol 24 hours a day. he had a good side and bad side. i
7:48 am
do not know all of the details, but there are probate taxes and all kinds of things. his wife is up there in the years, his son was never that much involved. it is hard to see that holding on to this for too long. that is a total gas, and you have to love this stuff to not have your hand shaking when you write a $30 million contract.
7:49 am
>>darya: the raiders did when, it was not pretty, but they won. when you look at the 49ers, they looked by all accounts, they seem to be doing all the right things. >>gary: they were not great, but they were not bad either. the 49ers destroyed the buccaneers. they are on a roll. this is the best feeling for the 49ers since 2002.
7:50 am
>>darya: i tried to watch sports with you in my year. gary i will tell you everything you need to know. last bac >>darya: michael vick, i was watching him, this was his or worse. he threw four interceptions. he had a concussion early on and that a broken hand. what is going on with michael >>gary: sometimes you lose your confidence. that is
7:51 am
what is happening with philadelphia. a guy like that is really a dynamic player. michael vick has a $100 million contract. someone is going to pay, someone is going to pay for it is did they do not turn it around. >>darya: did you see the flight hot dog? everyone knows, if you are only 40 ft. away, i would not have tipped that hot dog at tiger. it did not even come near him. someone threw a hot dog at tiger woods. >>gary: ddc come at him?
7:52 am
>>darya: tiger said he was concentrating on his putt. the guide laid down right away. they got him. it was like she was trying to make a gone >>gary: that guy was probably draw. >>darya: probably. paul hardy, i want to say congratulations. he married a grown-up. what guy is 69 and buries a grownup? see is a 51 year-old did york businesswoman. they looked gorgeous. >>gary: i just took the kids are happy. it >>darya: all of the kids are there. the third time is the
7:53 am
charm. we will see you. we will be right back. helped
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he he-- >>james: bad debt, s&p in
7:57 am
al--, edney in doubt are all positive. >>darya: real steel was one at the box office followed by the ides of march. dolphin tail he is great out there. eckhard
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where the officer involved shooting happened. here are some of the initial details that we have learned some out shortly after 6:00 a.m. to deal with a person that had a fire arm. shortly after officers arrived, they did have contact with that person although they are not saying who fired or even the condition of the
8:01 am
caltrans is almost at the scene on hillsdale avenue where this officer involved shooting occurred.--will tran and is almost at the scene on hillsdale avenue where this officer involved shooting occurred. >>darya: you can see to storm, but right now in the story is the skies are a great and a little bit foggy. maybe a little bit of sprinkling. mostly the rain will wait until this afternoon or this evening.
8:02 am
>>louisa: the rain will move in during the latter part of the day. overcast conditions. as we head into the evening hours and that is when the rain said sen. we will see the rain forest through the east bay and spreading southward. we are warming up tomorrow. it is packing a bit of a plunge into the northwestern portions of the state. a round the bay, overcast conditions. a little bit of drizzle and nasty conditions to start your morning off. the rain is setting in around the clear lake erie at making its way toward 101. current temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. call today and not much movement. in terms of rain fall, we are expecting to
8:03 am
pick up only a 10th of an inch of rain in santa rosa. we are not expecting much to in the way of rainfall totals. not a big storm. by tomorrow morning, a quarter of an inch in santa rosa. by the end of the day tomorrow, maybe 1/10 of an inch in san francisco. in terms of your temperatures for the afternoon, '60s and '70s. in downtown san francisco, temperatures are expected to climb to about 64 degrees. 69 degrees in vallejo. here is your 7 day selling clouds and sunshine and then all will warm up through the rest of the workweek. highs will be in the low '90s inland and '80s around the bay. 70's at the coast. the next chance of rain on saturday. >>george: a pretty like to meet all morning long. some slowing although we have not
8:04 am
tracked and the hotspots. your ride on the bay bridge is very light. there are no metering lights or westbound on the upper deck. if the san mateo bridge right has also been a good one. the westbound commute is very smooth a and a later than usual with no problems as you head westward. the eastbound ride is very light coming back towards hayward and outwards 92. here is a tax on the east bay. slower traffic leading into berkeley. it is still a 21 minute drive time. the walnut creek to be looks good. slow for the san ramon valley, but not as much as usual. south bay freeways, slow heading out toward the cupertino. when one run
8:05 am
>>darya: on this columbus day, is not a holiday forcing the closure of some city and businesses. it is the budget deficit. sure that means that some buildings and services will be closed. jackie sissel is live in oakland with a look at this and building and that is closed. >>jackie: this is the main public library in downtown oakland. if the sign reads closed. that is the case for the vast majority of city offices here in oakland. if it is all because of the budget deficit that we talked about. 50 million in
8:06 am
all. if they are having 10 of these days between now and at the end of this fiscal year. in fact will close a vast majority of city offices. if places like public libraries, public works hand parks will be open but they will not be staffed. senior citizen centers operated by the city will be closed. if an emergency services offices will be open during these 10 days of closure. that includes police, fire and ambulance services. parking enforcement also be open. wilwhen >>darya: with a tan and closure dates, how much do they think that will save? jackie day said somewhere around 8 million. they are
8:07 am
slowly chipping away at that the budget deficit. this is similar to the furlough issue that we had in the state of california with alternating friday's being closed for most state offices. >>james: we are following wall street this morning. here is a live look at the big board. the dow is actually in pretty good position, up to 11,003 havoc 59.--up to 11,359. the s&p added nasdaq are up as well. netflix rose 6% after abandoning its widely criticized plans a separate its dvd by mail and streaming services. he also has jumped 3% to $15.95 a share following reports that there could be a buyout of the
8:08 am
the occupy protests are coming to oakland. this is an advertisement that has been going around. the protest is set to begin at 4:00 p.m. at the corner of the 14th and broadway. they will be doing that in solidarity with those occupy wall street. here is the deal of that protest on the left-hand side of the screen. what are they protecting?--what are they protecting? it started out purely about corporate greed. now the list of grievances includes unemployment, the war in afghanistan and you are looking at protesters on the left-hand side.
8:09 am
take a quick break and be right back in irian--we will take a quick break and be right back.
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one when writte
8:11 am
>>darya: disease of they come in was not pretty, do you will then appear in yiddish and their raiders they came back to call it the loss of their on.
8:12 am
>> there is nothing like a winning attitude this someone who is as and pour into the organization as he was. >>darya: the team wore decals like what you see here in honor of an davis. bob jankowski kicked a for a field goals.--4 field goals. >>james: on to the 49ers, they had a great outing against the 49ers at home in candlestick. they dominated from start to the dish.---
8:13 am
from start to finish. the 49ers ended up winning a 48- 3. that is their largest margin of victory since 1987. a great game. they are now 4-1 lead in the nfc west. >>james: here is a live look outside. boggy. we have the chance of rain on the way. the latest from >>louisa: in a minute.
8:14 am
when when when we when
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8:16 am
>>justine: we are like in the kron4 is run. a san jose police officer was involved in a shooting at the 700 block of hillsdale avenue. the shooting happened at about 6:00 a.m.. we have limited details from police. apparently, police had some sort of contact with a person who had a weapon. officers fired at that person. we're waiting for more details. will tran is almost at the scene. we hope to have a live update from him very >>darya: the weather is changing. police that we are going to stay wet for a good portion of the day george
8:17 am
8:18 am
needed with holiday it light conditions, we had still managed to get a hot spot on interstate 680 southbound. it is expected by in northbound accident. the crash was not very much but it has garnered a lot of attention from southbound onlookers. even another crash is cleared, traffic is
8:19 am
backed up into walnut creek on 680 southbound. the bay bridge, even with a stalwart supporter westbound has not been enough to slow the rise. to the rest of their rides look pretty good. south bay traffic, just a little crowded onto 80 north and 17 north. otherwise, the 85 ride and 101 ride are lighter than usual. he the drive * are under 32 minutes from nevada to the toll
8:20 am
plaza. >>james: under a new law signed by gov. jerry brown, at midnight, undocumented immigrant children will soon be eligible for college financial aid. the bill allows immigrants students to receive state-funded aid in the year 2013. it is a part of the california dream act legislation. last year, undocumented students became eligible for a privately funded scholarships. the governor signed a measure that bans carrying handguns. it makes it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed games are one of the latest loss includes a ban on those under the age 18 from getting a tan and tanning beds. currently children as young as 15 to be standing
8:21 am
facilities appeared permission. supporters say the bill is necessary because the radiation could lead to skin cancer. california is the first to raise the minimum age to 18. the law goes into effect on january 1st. >>erica: people are definitely buzzing about this. we received about 50 comments on the subjects. asked viewers, what do you think about this legislation? take a look at some of the responses. if you would like to leave your own comments, like us on facebook, i could read your comments on the air. >>darya: half moon bay is looking for the biggest pumpkinhead out there. is
8:22 am
the annual pumpkin way off. will tran anh was live in half moon bay earlier today. >>will: people coming from all over the west coast including this man from oregon. he came here to be here with his amazing pumpkins. about how much does your pumpkin way? >> i am open around 1,400 lbs.. >>will: a labor of love or just a labor? >> a labor of love. we did this for fun. if we have a lot of fun doing it. >>will: how many years have you been doing this? >> this is my fifth year. this is the big show. i would not miss! you do not have to win to be here and have a good time. >>will: these pumpkins are like stallions. even if he did not win, you get the seeds. >> we tried to make good genetic crosses. we use this seeds the following year. >>darya: the person who has
8:23 am
the winning pumpkin gets $6 per pound. the runner-up gets $2,000. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we are tracking the numbers on wall street, they are all positive this morning. the dow is trading at 11,362. [ female announcer ] when something isn't right,
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louisa and actively looking at storm tracker 4. we are starting to watch the raindrops inching southward. we are starting to pick up a few raindrops in santa rosa off. san francisco dealing with drizzle and overcast conditions. we stand a better chance of seeing plane dropped pick up widespread. >>darya: in a developing story we are following out of egypt, after a weekend of the deadly crasheclashes, outsie forces are being blamed for
8:27 am
the violence that has left more than 2000 people dead. the death toll is now at 26 after two more people died from their bones. here is a look of the video from the funerals of those people killed. the funerals are happening in cairo. yesterday's clashes were the worst violence since the uprising that ousted mubarak in a bit wary. >>james: here is a break, much more straight ahead. here is a live look out of walnut creek. one
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>justine: we have more on our breaking this story.
8:30 am
police say officers have shot an armed suspect. here is a technology that we have, zooming in on the investigation were this is happening. the 700 block of hillsdale ave. here is information that we learned. officer's or risk loss portsmouth--officer's or responding to reports of a pedestrian with a gun. we do not know the condition of the suspect. will tran is light on the scene in gathering information. we will have a live report as soon as possible. a san jose officer has been involved in a shooting. we will keep you updated on this breaking news story. >>james: we are moving on to weather. here is a live look from mt. tam. fog and
8:31 am
land at higher elevations. let's find out what we have to look forward to. >>louisa: it is an ominous start today. overcast conditions. rain is starting to set in in the north bay. it is continuing to spread southward. by tomorrow, the good news is will warm up and dry up bringing in he a heat wave in the middle of the week. we are starting to gradually ease the rain southward. in santa rosa, a few sprinkles. very light rain. we inspect the intensity level to pick up as we head into the latter part of the day. will not pick up much with this system. by 7:00 p.m., we will pick up a 10th of an inch in santa rosa. by early tuesday morning, a quarter of an inch, only several hundreds of an inch in san
8:32 am
francisco. by tuesday we could pick up a 10th of an inch or more. in terms of your temperatures today, they will stay cool. 60s along the coast, 73 for redwood city. a warming for about the same in mountain view. upper 60s and low seventies for the east bay. 74th road fairfield. here is your 7 day around the bay with clouds and sunshine warming up by wednesday and thursday. on thursday, an abundance of a sunshine. eighties around the bay and low seventies for the coast. the next chance of rain is saturday. >>george: we are still tracking a hot spot. we have a lighter than usual conditions around the bay area. 680 southbound is a back out because of an earlier train accident. the accident was not even in the southbound direction.
8:33 am
it is now 28 minutes. because it is a holiday, you might expect he the right to be lighter than that. on the bay bridge, even with a stall, there are no backup, delays or metering lights. the san mateo bridge or ride has been problem free, lighter than usual traffic. there is no commute heading towards the bridge. traffic is that light. on the golden gate bridge, the ride is clear. there are no problems with stalls or accident. the commute through marin county is also improved. let's take a look at the rest of your east bay right. our only real slow traffic and hot spot it's here. the rest looks good. south bay traffic is pretty good this morning. what had been congested at 17 and 280 has cleared. there is no red on 85. these are but demolished or hour and a better. the ride on the north bay was at
8:34 am
the perot ran head, it is now just sluggish doubt again. this a couple stories to tell you about. netflix is abandoning its plans to separate its dvd by mail and he streaming
8:35 am
three orders for the iphone 4s topped last year's the actual phone hit stores on friday. >>darya: what is going on in oakland? city services are closed today, not for a holiday, but because of the budget deficit. jackie sissel is light in oakland taking a look at what is closed down today. >>jackie: good morning, there is a closed sign outside of the public library in downtown oakland. that will be the case before the vast majority of city
8:36 am
offices. it is all to make up for that $15 million budget deficit. there will be 10 of these days between now and the end of the fiscal year. libraries will be close, public works, parts of the open, but the staff will be gone. senior citizen centers operated by the city will be closed as well. emergency services offices will remain open, places like police department, firefighters and ambulance services will be operating. parking enforcement will be out and about writing tickets for anyone who does not pay the meter. as we talked about earlier, they have to make up for this budget deficit. it will cut back on hours for employees to keep collecting tickets. >>darya: thank you. >>james: here is a live look
8:37 am
outside. here is a live look from the james lick freeway. san francisco in the background and your looking at traffic coming from the james lick. emerging as it did make their way on southbound 101. an update on traffic and weather is never far away on the kron4 morning news.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
happening nationwide. today, oakland is joining in. here is a look at the invitation and the call to rally occupy oakland. it is happening at 4:00 p.m.. they planned to gather at the corner of 14th and broadway, in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. here is video of that movement in your. it is
8:41 am
gaining a high-profile supporter. rev. al sharpton plans to broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. this afternoon. organizers are calling today's kids speak out day, in urging people to bring their children to the rally. >>james: it was originally about corporate greed. now, it has grown. added to the list, a high level of unemployment, the war in afghanistan and mismanagement of the apartment. on the left-hand side is a sample of everything that has been going on in the country. that is new york. on the upper right is video of the washington d.c.. one person was arrested after getting into a pushing match with police. on the bottom right, portland, oregon. they have held demonstrations for four days in a row. >>darya: on wall street, the
8:42 am
numbers are looking terrific. right now the dow is up 284 points trading at 11,3084.
8:43 am
8:44 am
witwere were
8:45 am
aristide also somewhat shooting in san jose was a real city. this happened on the set and i got cut hillsdale avenue and san jose. shall we testify in this video of the scene in to his forehand and details. fitness this started at 6:00 a.m.. how sore spot into reports of a person with a gun. after meeting with the purse seine, he made some sort spinning motion. if that is
8:46 am
one police tell us they opened fire. >>justine: an intense police presence in san jose warren officer involved shooting happened about 2.5 hours ago. if police recovered a handgun at the scene. those are the only details that we have. this was a fatal officer: involved shooting. police have recovered a handgun. this marks the fourth officer involved shooting in the south bay in the past please send this storm system is starting to edge into the bay.--louisa the
8:47 am
storm system is starting to head into the bay. a few sprinkles and petaluma, certainly not much of anything at this point, light rays. that is what we are expecting as we head to the date. temperatures are starting to warm up. los 60s from santa rosa to san francisco. 60 degrees in redwood city. 63 for mountain view. in the afternoon, by 2:00 p.m. fee we will see more of the rain in the north bay. a better chance of rain and moderate downpours as we head towards the evening commute. rain drops into the evening as well. spotty, on and off showers through the overnight hours. after that things will taper out. the sun will come out and warm us up. today it will stay cool. temperatures in the '60s and '70s. 734 redwood city. we are warming up to 74 degrees through the livermore valley.
8:48 am
temperatures in the '60s and '70s through much of the north bay. 74 in thursday will be the warmest day of the week with '90s. that could be your day at the beach. >>george: we have seen some big improvements in what was our only hot spot. the ride on interstate 680 to the san ramon valley, the drive time had climbed to 28 minutes from walnut creek to dublin. it is dropping to 25-26 minutes. it is no longer acceptable walnut creek interchange. it is still sluggish heading down towards the will warm our road. it better ride for
8:49 am
interstate 680 southbound. tracking your ride on the bay bridge in this morning as look at the westbound commute and your bridge check, it has been light all morning long. the metering lights are not active. the commute on the san mateo bridge is over. your ride on the golden gate has been problem free all morning long. traffic is light southbound. looking at the traffic maps and the ride in the east bay. a few pockets of slow and ago, otherwise no major delays for south bay freeways. the marin ride had been had the earlier southbound coming down through redwood is no longer. traffic is below 50 mi. per hour heading past
8:50 am
the civic center into downtown san are felt.--san rafael. >>darya: an incredible show over san francisco yesterday. the blue angels shell was shorter because of the fall. the crowds were thickets and everyone was looking up to see the incredible stunts. david stern said today is the deadline for both sides to come together in order to avoid missing the first two weeks of the season. >>james: a data bombshell over the weekend, al davis
8:51 am
died. owner of the oakland raiders. in his honor, the raiders beat the tax and 25-20. the death of davis has made raider fans wonder what the future of the team will be. maureen kelly spoke to a veteran sportswriter about what the post davis era might look like. >> he was always hands on with everything. >>maureen: glenn dickey has been covering the raiders since 1967. he said the nfl does not have team owners like al davis anymore. >> i do not know any owner who is as involved in making football decisions. he was not only making player decisions, who to draft, he was also telling the coach that they have to pretty much run the systems that he wanted. >>maureen: dickey expects that his son will take over running the franchise along current ceo amy trask. he
8:52 am
believes the team will hire a gm to make the big decisions that affects what happened on the field. >> he is not really into football. amy trask is a very good in her position, but she is not a football person either and she realizes that as well. >>maureen: he does wonder how long the raiders will remain a family dynasty. >> the question for me and i think everyone is how this will affect them financially. many times, teams are sold because the heirs and do not want to pay the estate taxes. that may be the case here. >>maureen: >>vicki: does not think the team will look back to l.a., but he does think that the passing of davis will open a new possibility for the raiders to share a stadium with the 49ers. >> al davis was always able will. he did not want to share with anyone. he did not want to share a stadium
8:53 am
with the 49ers peleus' he nfl on how to share stadiums. it would be ideal for the raiders and 49ers to share a stadium in santa clara. it would not be tied to either san francisco or oakland. like the jets and giants, they play in new jersey >>james: a quick break. here is a live look outside out walnut
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
bibig! big. big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ >>erica: welcome back. for the first time in three years, normally americans
8:57 am
actually outnumber overweight americans. this study does goes on to attribute the bad economy is eating out less as a main contributor to our overall loss. if you like to read the study in its entirety, will current on our facebook fan page. >>darya: tiger woods shot a 68 for the third straight day. he has not done that in more than a year. each finished nine strokes behind the leader. that is the leftovers from a shot at someone said at tiger, a day through a hot dog at him. scott tiger was trying to set up his spot. he was focusing on his putt. it looked as though he saw the hot dog in the mid flight.
8:58 am
>>james: we are going to take a break. much more straight ahead on the kron4 news. we are following a breaking news story of the south bay. if the officer involved shooting. we'll have more on that. if >>darya: will trend is live in san jose with details.cc1:
8:59 am
9:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news at 9:00 a.m. >> reporter: breaking news from the san jose they are telling us the officer said shot and killed an armed suspect. it happened at 6:00 a.m. on hillsdale ave. the 600 block to show you this location with our new technology and the kron 4 news room. new video also from the police presence. according to police officers were
9:01 am
responding to a report of a person with a gun. shortly after interacting he made a threatening motion and the police opened fire. will tran is on the scene. >> reporter: and if it is still an active crime scene. speaking with witnesses, the police are still searching for suspects this began at 6:00 a.m. they are trying to find out. they felt threatened enough to fire shots. this is video from hillsdale. it is shut down. people are standing on the side of the rhone talking to each other. from the side of the-road. all of a sudden, they heard five, succegunshots. --i am still in e
9:02 am
process of speaking to the san jose police officer. their public information officer exactly what happened to. if in fact they're looking for the suspect. according to the witnesses. >> reporter: thank you, and they've also recovered a handgun that this marks the fourth officer involved shooting in the south bay. we will have more on this breaking news. on a kron 4 morning news. >> daria: thank you. taking a quick look at the stormtracker 4. and iwe're looking at a foggy and hazy day. the breeze on the mount pam cam tweeting for that storm to develop. >> alicia: actually, showers
9:03 am
right now in the north bay. it is actually-session not only dissuading but we're already seeing showers. santa and not just waiting for showers to develop what we're already seeing showers developing even in the northern portions of the state. taking a closer look at the bay is covered with clouds. and this is the band of a very, light the sprinkles into the north bay. this is expected to pick up and towards the latter part of your day. current temperatures? 60s. 50s through the east bay. the futurecast showing by 2:00 p.m. a better chance of rainfall, organized. become more widespread as much of the north bay with even moderate time course. the yellow indicating market downpour. and even just perhaps
9:04 am
spotty in a major hit, mess. if it could half stay a bit overcast. temperatures today are going to be on the cool side not much movement. tomorrow, 70's and 70's this afternoon. 67 degrees in oakland. san francisco will only get to about 64 degrees. here is the seven day with the warming trend tomorrow clouds, sunshine of your wednesday, thursday shaping up to bring you 90's! and 80's and the bay 70's on the coast. and a slight chance of rain for your saturday. >> george: holiday light. with no backups or delays and no metering lights for the westbound. we did it and track 680 for the one section as a hot spot but no longer. the 680 earlier. this, the san tom rosa
9:05 am
when looking good bridge the santa rosa bridge. also, the 101 south on 101 if the fog has been lifted for most of this band. did not fully impact the bridge drive on this 101 anyway. the traffic sensors showing that it was a hot spot earlier but light, bay-area wide. a bit slower near the guadeloupe overpass and north of cupertino on highway 85 towards mountain view but very light. and marin county that was brought down has no delays from 37 towards to the toll plaza. that was-bough but t earlier it was congested. on 37 north. >> daria: the closing of this library is evident of the city's budget closing.
9:06 am
>> many of emergency services offices and other city services for the next several months. and between now and the end of the physical year they are fighting a $58 million budget deficit. - fiscal year were between now and the end of a year in 10 days will be for. many will be closed. public-works? none. you are going to see places like senior citizen centers that are operated by the city are also going to be closed. as i mentioned emergency service will be open, police, fire, a parking enforcement. it will be up and running so if you are in the city of oakland? no free parking. this is similar to what
9:07 am
the city did last summer with a head for low days. friday, monday were the state workers off an oakland is attempting to do the same thing to save millions of dollars. >> daria: it is all going to add up but this is just one of the 10 of the furlough days on the way thank you, jacki. a developing story. the " occupy wall street " is the third week. nationwide protests and in the north bay, and around the bay area occupying oakland as today. you can see the flier. at 4:00 p.m. at the plaza on the 14th/broadway and in solidarity with " occupy wall street ". the original intent was speaking out against corporate greed. now, it is of the award, the environment, and unemployment.
9:08 am
trouble-box left showing of the largest in wall street. a triple-showing you the upper right is washington d.c.. one person was arrested. the lower corner is oregon, portland oregon. demonstrations have been happening for four straight days 9:08 we will be back in just a couple of minutes. let us take a live look from our roof cam. van ness all gray
9:09 am
3q save them. presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite. long live your wardrobe.
9:10 am
9:11 am
♪ >> alicia: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. light starting through napa, sonoma and along interstate-80 towards the central valley. also rained developing along the coast towards stenson beach
9:12 am
widespread towards the second part of your day. the details coming up with your full forecast. >> daria: terrific. 9:11 we will be right back. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it does not look very nice. messy. wet. traffic is equal on both directions the commute = towards us coming into san francisco. it looks like people are going towards them marin county
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> reporter: good morning. the san jose police are telling us the officers have shot and killed an armed suspect. it happened on the 700 block of hillsdale. wel--will tran has nw information. >> reporter: there are no
9:16 am
search for no additional suspects. it this is video. it looks very much the same sense 7:00 a.m. i have learned that 5:30 some one from the san jose police department responded. there were reports of shots near hillsdale. within 30 minutes, and officer encountered a suspect who they say was carrying a gun. they got out. the officer felt threatened enough to open fire on this subject. election mail. now, all three-officers-and 11 malat male was fired upon. we do not know anything else as far as the suspect. it is still very much an act of crime scene as they
9:17 am
continue. >> reporter: thank you. if the police recovered a handgun. this is the fourth officer involved shooting in the south bay and the last week. we will keep you updated at 9:30. >> daria: also wall street is looking to rebecca! the dow jones has been up. it is looking-terrific. >> alicia: taking a quick look it is overcast and gray and the bulk of the central valley. we are starting to notice some showers creeping up into our area. to santa rosa, some showers and a closer look. very
9:18 am
light rain through portions of novado and highway 37 towards vallejo. through the napa valley just some light sprinkles at this hour. the same for fairfield along interstate-5 towards the central valley. by 7:00 p.m., just eight tenths of an expected in santa rosa to traces in san francisco. certainly, not enough for accumulation. however, santa rosa could see maybe perhaps one-quarter of an inch by tomorrow. we could see maybe one 10th of an inch in san francisco. certainly not much rainfall totals. 72 expected in hayward, 74 and livermore. 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco 64. 69 in santa rosa. a look at your 7 day around the bay the clouds and the sunshine and warm it up by mid-week. in
9:19 am
fact, by thursday the highs we back up into the '90s. the next chance of rain will be on saturday. >> george: the san ramon valley right and salmoand--bollinger canyon road of the officers are dealing with the 680. as interstate 680 is reporting that of lanes are blocked. traffic is being backed up because it is a holiday. it would be worse if today was not a holiday. it is only adding about seven-eight minutes . a backup sadly is no good. alternate could be danville, and san ramon already pretty heavy itself bound directions. that is our only hot spot and 680 was also the only hot spot, earlier. the bay
9:20 am
bridge has been light. the metering lights are not active. the san mateo bridge = problem- free. no problems either direction. the golden gate is also easy in both directions with a bit more volume towards north. in the next 45 minutes we can see that the bridge will add an extra lane northbound. >> daria: 9:20 in california undocumented children are going to be eligible for college financial aid. this is a new law from jerry brown immigrant students can receive state- funded aid beginning in 2013. it is part of the california dream act legislation. last year, undocumented became eligible for privately funded scholarships. >> also a new law with tanning
9:21 am
beds requiring parental consent for children under 18. this goes into effect the first of next year. governor brown also banned the opening carrying of and an exposed weapon. opponents say that it is an assault on this right of the second amendment. >> i been asking what people think about this new legislation here are some of a facebook comments. why not deal some of this time and money dealing with the criminals in dealing with concealed weapons. this is crazy! clearly, this is a heated debate if you'd like to leave
9:22 am
your own comments? kron 4 facebook fan page. >> daria: netflix is abandoning. double system. they were split in off the dvd into a different called quickster, subscribers will be able to use the streaming services and dvd with one password. for two larger prices. to do pre-order europe iphone? if so, you are one of the new of-iphone if you'd pre- ordered--the new four s is a record breaker for the iphone release. 600,000 it just by at&t for the iphone 4 however this one, the upgrade is not just
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>> daria: 9:26 half moon bay is looking for the great pumpkin. it is the igreat weigh in people coming all the way from the west coast and thad starr comes all the way down from the north coast of oregon. >> 1000 1,400 lbs.. >> is that a labor of love? >> reporter: , the years have
9:27 am
you done this? >> this is my fifth year. this is the biggest one in the country i would not miss it. these are like stallions. >> reporter: even if they do not when you can recede? >> correct. we tried to make good--quality seed lines. >> daria: the runner-up is given a flat famount of $2,000. however, the winning is based on the amount opropellantpropper pd dictionary.
9:28 am
congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
9:29 am
>> reporter: good morning more about our breaking news. the
9:30 am
shooting on the 600 block of hillsdale in an oakland. will tran is live joining us on the phone. >> good morning, justine. there is no additional searches for suspects. this happened at 5:30 a.m. somebody responded after hearing several shots. police responded after somebody called after hearing several shots. police investor investigators a still on the scene. after they heard the gunshots that did not see anyone. upon our arrival. within 30 minutes they encountered a suspect there was on the one officer at the time. for what ever reason that the santa rosa police department officer felt threatened and not to open fire. this suspect was
9:31 am
wielding a caliber of handgun. two different officers also ride on the scene after that. they did not fire gunshots. nonetheless, all three officers have been paid on administrated lead. investigators are all over this crime scene with all three officers currently being placed on administrative leave. a route would be a good idea. the 600 block of hillsdale and san jose. >> daria: thing to. and the san thank you. that was in san jose. the french president is
9:32 am
going to formulate a solution and plan to make sure that there is adequate capital for european debt. it has been impacting markets, worldwide. 9:31. the temperatures and if you like the sunshine? which we expect? >> alicia: we are getting a little bit of everything. this morning, we're starting off with overcast conditions. clouds and bringing in the rain towards the latter part. in fact, we're already seeing wet weather. just a few raindrops through san rafael. just light rain through vallejo and interstate-80 towards packard bel vacaville. y this is not a washout or a big storm but it is just hanging a kron 4 a big portion of the day. by 7:00 p.m. perhaps just traces
9:33 am
through santa rosa. and by 4:00 a.m. just traces but still perhaps one-quarter of an inch in santa rosa. by tomorrow a.m. wheldnot expecting to see much h 60s. the th'60s and '70s through novado, san francisco, santa rosa. clouds in the morning and residual sprinkles but that sunshine will make an appearance in the afternoon. it continues to warm up by mid-week by thursday it could be the warmest day. the next chance of rainfall is thursday. >> george: interstate 680 another hot spot but not towards walnut creek it is in the san ramon valley. between danville and san ramon there is a backup. it is about a 10 minute delay.
9:34 am
instead of 18 minutes expect 28 minute southbound with only one lane blocked as they're making clearing progresses' puri give yoursel an extra 10 minutes for the southbound. towards the dublin interchange is also a problem-free. the commute towards the bay bridge has been easy all morning long. no backups. no metering lights, towards the upper deck. the san mateo brooch any commute activity is over. the san mateo bridge--looking good. getting onto the peninsula south 1 0 1 towards redwood city is a bit sluggish. also through a marin county has no delays reported. the sonoma county line near novado also towards the golden gate, clear. >> daria: on this columbus day
9:35 am
it is not a holiday that has offices in oakland closed. the budget. $58 million budget deficit of at. jackie sissel his life. >> good morning. this is the first day that these city offices are going to be close but not the last. there are 10 of these days between now and the end of the year with non- serious central offices. this is the main library in downtown oakland. with non-essentials civic offices--and also public works. no public sweeping. parks will be open but not staffed. the keats will be locked. senior citizen centers will be closed and park gates will be locked--
9:36 am
emergency services will be opened during these days. the police department, fire, ambulance and parking enforcement. obviously, they want to collect the revenue from tickets. and parking. this is a similar to the furlough days a couple of summers ago. those fridays were closed as i mentioned there are going to be 10 of these furlough days for the next several months. check your calendar for oakland. >> daria: the occupy wall street is in its fourth week. protesters nation-wide in a solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. this is a flyer for occupy oakland at 4:00 p.m. it is saying to gather at the corner of 14th/broadway. and in response to what is going on to a new york. what was first the
9:37 am
motive of corporate greed to speak out now against the war. unemployment. protests also showing in washington d.c. and portland, ore. both gaining momentum with numbers. the fourth consecutive day. 9:37 we will be back to get you going on this monday morning a live look outside. from our roof cam looking from van ness.. ♪
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
♪ >> alicia: welcome back. the kron 4 morning news is watching the rain the set and. you can see that band of what weather setting and that--two portions of the north bay. just a few
9:41 am
sprinkles with light rain along interstate-80 towards fairfield. it looks like the bulk of the wet weather is expected to move through later. however, we're not expecting too much of the rainfall totals. still, light rain expected for a big portion of the day. >> daria: nba players and owners are going to talks t holding talks to a-avoid cancellation of the first two weeks of the season. ago shooter's met last night, five hours. with negotiators meeting last night. how 9:41 we will be back as we take a look at this quiet approach to the bay bridge. we will be back. ♪
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> reporter: good morning. this is the breaking news we are following. a fatal officer
9:45 am
shooting and hillsdale in san jose at 6:00 a.m. according to police officers responding to a person with a gun. shortly after meeting with that person there was a threatening motions made towards the officer. police opened fire killing the suspect. a handgun has been recovered from the scene. you can see it is still an active crime scene. there are three officers on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. we will have updates kron 4 facebook fan page and our website kron 4 .com >> daria: refe terrific numbersn the markets. with also developing stores in egypt the christians in the military are blaming a sinister of outside forces for the violence that
9:46 am
left 2000 people dead. the death toll now is 26 with an additional 200 injured. this is funeral footage. the church is requesting people to fast and to pray for the christians killed in the clashes. those were the worst since the uprising that ousted hosni mubarek. everything looks pretty drab out there. if you're not already tonight west? you will be wet tonight. the rain dropping in from the north. the rain picking up a little bit but that what we're seeing is just light. we're watching a few isolated weather cells pass to the north bay. and also portions to the delta of. the futurecast is showing and if more rain fall
9:47 am
by 2:00 p.m. the north bay could be filling and secured by 8:00 p.m., also along the peninsula but had. and had a moff hand if >> alicia: 60s with hit or misss showers. upper 60s for the north bay. a look at your 7 day around the bay the morning clouds with perhaps some drizzle in the early morning hours but adelman of sunshine in the afternoon. the warming trend will continue with ample amount of sunshine-. thursday, even going 90s inland. the 80's for the bay and 70's for the coast and chances for rainfall >> george: 680 southbound. a hot
9:48 am
spot continuing to develop. still adding about 10 minutes to the commute. instead of 80 minutes, it is 28 minutes from walnut creek towards the dublin /pleasanton interchange. still a multi-vehicle accident blocking a lane. the 680 was the only hot spot earlier. the bridges were remarkably light. the metering lights have not even been active. no backups at any time the san mateo bridge continues to be smoothed. any more volumes about one hour ago. the 101 southbound, no traffic left, right, southbound, northbound, they will start adding one more lane in the next 20 minutes. >> daria: with news around the
9:49 am
bay after getting a victory on the road the oakland raiders are back home in alameda. the loss of l davis--al davis was felt as far away as bakersfield. the team went to houston for their game. saturday they learn that al davis died. they played hard and won. the head coach jackson. >> there is nothing like winning when you lose somebody as important as a was to this organization. but we're never going to forget him. we're going to keep winning and keep honoring him in everything that we do. this is truly his team. >> these are the commemorative decals the war. 40 field
9:50 am
goals and an interception for field goals scored--and on the final play, to secure the victory! >> the 49ers. a convincing victory on sunday they dominated the tampa bay buccaneers. from start, to finish. a touchdown in his second straight 100 yd rushing game in quarterback alex smith. through two of the three quarterback took vern and davis. the 49ers victory for the 8-3. if the largest margin of victory since 1987. the final score was 48-3 with a commanding lead in the nfc west. (air thunder) >> daria: fleet week everybody enjoyed the great view and plenty of sunshine. one of the
9:51 am
show's was cut short a bit with the weather but fleet week wrapping up today. >> tiger woods is not the winner. he shot 68 for the third consecutive day. but this is the evidence. apparently somebody tossed a hot gun a a hot dog--ar woods. this is the winner. tiger woods was not even close. bryce molder, was the winner. his sixth round. >> this competitive eating was scooping chilly. 2 gal. of
9:52 am
chile in only six minutes. i do not know how we kept it down i do not know if there is a rule. that is the world record for chile. hats off. 9:51 we will be back. this is our mount tam cam. how affect the fog is. drizzle, rain, and how sex that fog is-- we will be back. how thick that fog as hey, ellen, what are you doing? just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries.
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woolite. long live your wardrobe. ♪ >> alicia: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. this storm continuing to bring isolated
9:56 am
weather cells through the peninsula. through daly city and picking up raindrops all the way to the san francisco area. light but still progressing and picking up. towards the east bay showers pushing south. and to the east along highway 24. as we go towards walnut creek. also towards concord, pittsburgh, waterfront road, the road. picking up showers and the are going to see if showers along the rd and railroad ave. believ--baileyroad seeing some precipitation with light but consistent rainfall all day. >> reporter: there are three officers on paid administrative leave with an officer involved shooting this morning. the 700 block of hillsdale ave. according to police officers were responding to a person walking around with a gun. at 6:00 a.m.. they approached him. they felt threatened and opened
9:57 am
fire and killed him. they have recovered a handgun from this scene. we will have updates for kron 4 facebook fan page on our website. >> alicia: we have a new sweepstakes kron 4 facebook fan page with a strip for ta trip fo nashville, tennessee. if you want to enter? you can go to our kron 4 facebook fan page and enter from there. >> daria: the box office is 'reel steel'fighting robots. it debuted at no. 1 at $27.3 million. george clowninno. 2. ge clooney. and also in'dolphon
9:58 am
in tale'. i saw both of them. great movies. join us tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. until then, have a great monday. ♪
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