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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 13, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here with the forecast details to tell us how hot it that today how hot it is right now how long this will last. >> you may be thinking what you people thinking it is only 79 degrees in san francisco and that feels like a warm-up, and we are not used to it. ticket that the current conditions and 90 in the inland valleys, 87 concord, is also in attendance and rosa and los gatos. 82 oakland and 79 san francisco certainly filling much warmer out there today even 73 in half moon bay. here is the difference in the past 24 hours.
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>> as we head into tomorrow we are still going to see warm conditions. this evening will be quite mild, if you have dinner plans go ahead and enjoy them no matter where you are. clear skies into tomorrow morning we will see mouth temperatures once again mainly in the low 60s. by the noon hour the temperatures are getting up there in a hurry. into the later afternoon hours, are seabury's wins will start to kick back in it will still be warm out there but the coastline will see a little bit of cooling into tomorrow afternoon. the sea breeze when will strengthen as we head into the weekend i will have details on the cool we can forecast coming up. >> just days after the oakland police chief anthony batts turned in his resignation as the city's top cop, oakland city leaders announced that they found a replacement leak the police department temporarily.--to lead and
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the police department temporarily as the show you they did not have to go too far. >> they swear in the assistant oakland police chief howard jordan stepping in to fill the vacant position on a short-term basis. >> i will make decisions as though i am the chief. >> the oakland mayor says that jordan is the right man for the job. >> he is probably the best purpose it--best person in most prepared for this position. >> among---and during that time i oversaw the department of the the most difficult periods in any law enforcement career. the nine months we lost four officers. during that time i
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learned responsibilities of the police chief i accept those responsibilities, i embrace them and i prepared to take them on. >>reporter: here in oakland now they say they have an interim chief they will deal with their efforts to deal with the loss of facing the police department. the department was sued after a police scanner, several officers were caught beating suspects and planting evidence the victims sue the city and won a $10 million lawsuit. the settlement said that the department had to make several changes if not the federal government could take over the police department. city officials say that that could have serious consequences to all of the oakland residents. that story is coming up tonight on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m.. i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. >>pam: san francisco police arrested a teenager accused of shooting a 5 year old
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girl in the bayview district last month this is video of the scene. the victim was walking home from school with her father when the police say gunfire erupted she was shot in the leg she did survive. the 16 year-old suspect whose name is not been released faces multiple felony charges. parents and teachers are protesting to map out a conference in san francisco. they are there because the former florida gov. jeff bush and rupert murdoch will be speaking about education reform. j.r. stone joins us live outside of the conference. >>reporter: we are walking down the sidewalk here for a while they were marching up and down the sidewalk and right now there are speaking. you can see all the different people out here. i would say somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 people out here they are upset and they are largely
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educators out here but there are also people from the group's occupy san francisco. they have joined here and they're out here voicing their concerns as you know, jeff bush is in town he is a foundation for excellence in education. he is even invited rupert rock to speak tomorrow that is something in that is a reason why many of these people are upset. the foundation for excellence if you go on their web site you can see some of the reform things that they preach on the web site more learning, and there is a low--a number of different things. a lot of these people out here are against their ideas. they do not believe in some of those ideas i can tell you right now even though we are outside of this hotel there have been no arrests made. pam, back to you in the studio.
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>> new details tonight on a murderous rampage in the oklahoma---orange county beauty salon he was in a bitter custody battle with his wife she was one of the eight people died yesterday. >>katherine: his neighbors in huntington beach were stunned that the men they knew could be a mass murderer. the police say that there is no doubt that he was responsible. a bystander called the arrest on video. >> the suspect entered the salon is to an open fire with a handgun ultimately killing eight people and critically injuring one. >>katherine: he was reportedly wearing body armor when arrested a half mile from the scene, much of what is known about him comes from papers filed in a bitter divorce from the woman that he allegedly killed yesterday carried a doctor testified that he was suffering from post- traumatic stress from an
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accident while working on a tugboat. this is what he told a neighbor. >> when he got hurt on the job and was in a hospital recovering she filed for a divorce and he never saw her. >>katherine: the court papers show that he was the one who file for the divorce and his ex-wife says that he physically abuse her and suffer from bipolar disorder the two fought for years over custody over the seven year-old son, the last meeting in court was on tuesday. >>katherine: police have released several of the victims' names. it includes the wife of the salon owner, and also a 73 year- old woman in critical condition at long beach hospital. >> , new details this evening, the ceo of the solyndra company has stepped down. brian harrison has resigned. you may remember
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they sought bankruptcy protection a couple months ago after receiving a more than $500 million loan from the federal government. 1100 of the bay area workers were laid off harrison was questioned by congress about the company's collapse the refuse to answer citing an ongoing fbi investigation. >>pam: federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused to trains to collide injuring more than one dozen people. this happened last night about 10:00 p.m.. it involved a host trained and a least 17 people were injured they say one of the trains did not stop when it was supposed to. >> one of the trains was stationary unloading and loading passengers the other one was traveling to bakersfield traveling 15 to 25 mi. per hour. the train that was moving land a red signal according to the amtrak rep and a hit the
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stationary train head on. >>pam: passenger injuries were considered minor. investigators said it will take up to six months to figure out exactly what went wrong. the apple iphone 4 x lands in stores tomorrow, these are images that you may remember from last year's iphone for opening day there were long lines. some people were camped out overnight. if you or someone you know wants to get your hand on the phone before a sellout i tech reporter gabe slate tells you what you need to know. >>gabe: free orders for the iphone are sold out. the stores are opening early tomorrow. when this song went on freeholder--pre order it broke all i phones cells were kurds--sales
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records. i do not know how fast i guess by saddam their son did this will sellout. i suggest you get in line tomorrow by 5:00 a.m. or earlier if you can. if i wanted to buy one tomorrow morning in which to avoid the lines, i would go to best buy they are the only non apple or cellphone store selling this phone tomorrow and not everyone knows they have it. and not forget that tomorrow is the first day the iphone for the older model will sell for just $100 that is a good deal. i think that these will sell out and there will be a mad rush for those before they're all gone. >>reporter: here it is the iphone for s when you compare to the iphone for there is not a huge difference visibly the same on the outside but it is what is on the inside that makes a difference. we will
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have a preview coming up tonight on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. in san francisco band herman with kron4 news. >>pam: new at 5:00 p.m. remembering the horror 20 years ago. we did the changes that help to save lives after the oakland hills fire storm. new details about the mortgage meltdown way new report says about foreclosures in the bay area and why the news is mixed. an attack at a california strip mall caught on tape. the outrage in sacramento after the beating of a woman is videotaped by the young suspects and posted on the web site. the prosecution winding down its case in the michael jackson that trout. we have today's developments from court and the legal analysis ahead.
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so i just started wearing this helmet instead... which, you know, it's... to me it makes sense. i mean, it can get awkward sure, when you're meeting new people but i just explain to them that i wear it because i dropped my insurance plan, and they're like wow, this is a smart guy. i mean they don't say that out loud, but... [ male announcer ] we know it can be tough out there. that's why we offer a wide range of plans for a wide range of budgets. blue shield. >>katherine: this is a
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photograph of the president's meeting with members of his national security team in the white house this week. he was spanking them for their work in foiling the plot. in a news conference today he said the u.s. would work to make sure that i ran is held accountable. >> their individuals in the orion government who are responsible for this plot. it had not been for the help of the intelligence officials, this plot could've gone ford and resulted not only in the death of the saudi ambassador but also for inoffensive victims in the united states.--in a set of victims in the united states. >>katherine: at that news conference, the president of south korea he and his wife arrived at the white house for a visit a state dinner is being held in iran right now the visit comes one day
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after congress approved a free-trade agreement between the two nations. u.s. farmers are happy about that deal. knox and this man was sentenced to 11 years in prison and 10 men dollar fine, it is a watershed moment in the government's two-year campaign to root out the illegal exchange of information on wall street. a jury convicted fraud and conspiracy in may. prosecutors called him a modern face of illegal insider trading and a clock is ticking for new york city protesters in the occupied wall street movement they're being told to leave a private park tonight so that it can be properly cleaned. you are looking at a photograph of some of them try to clean it themselves but they are under these orders to get out temporarily. the police commissioner says the they will be allowed back in after the cleanup is
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finished. but orders have been posted telling them that they will not be able to bring in any type of camping gear when they return. the park has been occupied for about one month. [music] >> a couple of live looks outside this morning. the traffic is bad the weather is nice. i second looked from san ramon, you can see the water going it will not be too bad to cool off. now temperatures are quite warm especially inland. so far this is what we've had out there for high temperatures today. it was 81 in san francisco, 83 hayward, 87 livermore and also 87 in concord, temperatures running well above average for this time of year. 11 degrees above where we should be in san francisco and hayward and 12 degrees above average in oakland. as we head into tomorrow it will stay warm where not expecting any fog in the forecast for tomorrow. but it will return to the coastline on saturday which
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is going to help cool things coast side and the cooler marine air will still through the bay area. here's your weekend at a glance. temperatures 90 degrees in the '80s for the bayshores and into saturday will start of the day sunny but then we will have fog surging up the coastline into the afternoon temperatures along the coast cooling to 65. bayshores cooling slightly as well. we have cooler temperatures in the upper '70's for the inland valleys by sunday. tomorrow it will still be another warm one, per 80's for the inland valleys this is going to fast. now we will have upper 80s for are in the valleys and down in the south bay and also low eighties for the bayshores. here's a look your extended forecast, one with a tomorrow 80's bayside, not is for the inland valley. cooler weather on tap temperatures cooling several degrees several more on sunday. brief warming into monday, but cool ones again as we head into tuesday and wednesday.
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>>katherine: one week from today will mark the 20th anniversary of the oakland firestorm. 25 lives were lost that day thousands of homes and destroyed. this fire station was built as a result of the disaster. >>reporter: here you can see the crew getting their gear on, the city build the station to better help respond to blazes in this area and they have succeeded cutting the response time and half of their still challenges to navigating the narrow roads in these hills. >> watch how close we come to is having one car on the right side. it is really tight would not have a lot of leeway. >>reporter: while this makes it difficult, cities tried of making it easier to drive around.
5:20 pm
>> the tell board would get stuck on the road would like some of the curves as we go up. this one is clear of them. >>reporter: there are many places where it says no parking. >> even though it says do not park people will come appear in a park. >>reporter: they say maneuvering of car around the wrong spot eats up valuable time when every second counts. >>pam: to bay area--state assembly members unveiled the new legislation today in cupertino that is were earlier this year a gas leak is believed to have caused a fire in a condominium unit the new bill requires the state's natural gas regulators to take action on the federal safety recommendations made will be right back.
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>>pam: in news around the bay, a 25 about the reward is being offered in the north bay bank robbery it happen if today inside of a safeway store. police said the robber claimed he had a gun and demanded cash known was injured, the suspect is all lose. a break in any medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco as bayview district. it happened early this morning on third street police say the employee heard a loud noise and sought to intrude on a surveillance camera. the thieves made off with a laptop before the officers could arrive, no arrests have been made. we have more news to come. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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here now with the latest numbers. >>reporter: the month of september showed signs of promise banks of some of your default notices to homeowners in the month of september that is good. they 7% drop from august to september. a 10% decrease from one year ago. your default notices going out. that is great news overall however foreclosure activity is on a rise in a couple of places. mainly alameda and san mateo county. rob fladeboe talk with a mortgage expert who says
5:31 pm
despite some good news the housing market may continue to get worse before it gets better. >>reporter: overall the number of foreclosed homes bay area wide like this when you're down 10% of the past year but that may be about to change the mortgage analyst said there had been in up taking notice of default. >> we had about 3 percent last month but there down 1% from last year. i like my own body and i have a weight problem that moves up and down like a game 3% one month, and maybe i am down 1% from last year so my body is changing all the time i wish to was not so with that is the way it is. the same thing with foreclosures. we still have a lot of people that will be foreclosed on because the economy is still bad. >>reporter: according to real to, four of the people receive notices of the fall from september 2010 to september 2011 an increase of 5% and after months of decline 1071
5:32 pm
homeowners receive default notices in alameda county. and in santa clara county the 761 notices that one now represent a 1% decline from a year ago but a 3% increase from august of 2010. doug jones sees more foreclosures ahead because the new law has made it harder to sell a home through a short sale. >> it became illegal for the second mortgage to suit, to go after the deficiency balance. so what i have seen happen in to experiences and our own customers here is that a second mortgage completely refuse to settle when they went into foreclosure. because the second mortgages are not agreeing to short sales the way they work, you will see more foreclosures. >>reporter: analysts also say this scandal designed to fastrak foreclosures put the brakes on those now of many
5:33 pm
banks have revamped their procedures and a slowdown may be over. in san jose i am rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >>stanley: and the last 10 people behaving badly around the bay area rene product is highlighted you often the result, this is not go so-- stories. now the city of any of promise in two weeks that something would be done to this location and the two weeks are up and i returned to the road just as i promised and what i found disturbing me and it will disturb you. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you how just in two weeks an illegal dump site can be transformed into a toxic wasteland. >> nasty sometimes and sometimes dispels run like a
5:34 pm
garbage dump. >>stanley: and how some residents are fed up. >>pam: we want to take you back outside live to san ramon temperatures in the '80s. this fountain is something to look at to give us a cooling picture there on the playground where i am sure people will be coming in after work to get some relief from the heat. no one escape the heat. inland temperatures are high coastal areas are high. it is still hot all around the bay area. it >> noticeable warmups closer to the coastline to the tanzanian and that is pretty toasty. a lot of '87, we did a lot of high temperatures in the range today. 87 santa rosa, 87 concord and los gatos. still 86 in napa and livermore. even close to the coastline to the to do in the '70s. we hit the 80's in san francisco we're starting to cool down right now.
5:35 pm
temperatures are really not a warm but it fills a lot warmer particularly in the '60s. ford agreed to in half moon bay 5 degrees in san francisco 5 degrees warmer in fremont, and six degrees warmer elsewhere. temperatures warming up very quickly in the upper '70's and low eighties for a number of places. 74 san francisco, 78 san jose and the 4:00 hour is still warm in the upper '70's in san francisco hitting 90 degrees in livermore and upper 80s in the south bay but will cool down as we head into the weekend i will have details coming up. >> a man is recovering after being hurt in a warehouse fire this happened this morning on west street in oakland the flames were visible and kron4 we show you the fiery scene. >>reporter: fire officials
5:36 pm
say this they live workspace that caught fire early in the morning. they stick within hours before this suddenly exploded into flames shooting through the building on west street. once the engines came on scene the blaze was put out quickly but they say now before this person living inside had been taken to hospital. >> there was heavy smoke and fire in the rear of the building firefighters found five victims of sleeping in the rear. the person was removed in a given medical care and transferred to a area hospital. it appears the the person was breathing we pull them out but not very well. >>reporter: this is a compact area firefighters are lucky to have kept the fire from spreading. >>pam: in california news a man is behind bars suspected of stealing more than 100 gal. of gasoline from his job. he is an employee for this the riverbank charged with embezzlement.
5:37 pm
detectives say they witnessed him stealing fuel from the yard and then taking it home. investigators say when he was confronted he admitted to the crime. three men on loose following an armed robbery in vallejo this happen advance america's check cashing on spring roll yesterday. these are surveillance photographs taken during the heist. police say these men entered and rob the business one was holding a hand gun there were last seen in a possibly stolen older four-door acura to yell. >>katherine: and world news cameras were rolling as this quake hit indonesias popular island. a woman here was panicked, the camera shaken and running out of the room. more than 50 people injured in of the people like her running from homes and hotels and a panic. the quake was about 60 mi. southwest of the island. the ceilings caved in at two high schools and other several hindu temples were damaged. and this is the see more people are dealing with massive flooding. you can
5:38 pm
see just how deep the water is so far flooding has killed nearly 300 people it had destroyed thousands of miles of farmland. honda says its plan is not completely under water hundreds of cars have been ruined the capital city of bangkok so far have been mostly spare but there is concern that it could be only a matter of days before it also is flooded. and french prosecutors have dropped an attempted rape complaint against the dominique strauss-kahn, he was accused by this woman a journalist and of trying to rape her in 2003. she says that she is still happy she got the word of the assault out in public. he had admitted to sexual aggression against her at the time, prosecutors say three-year statute of limitations applies in the case. he also has sexual assault charges against him dropped in new york recently. >>pam: checking out that looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that
5:39 pm
back up call all lanes except for the carpool lane are stacked up. the right side east side traffic not to that. the james the consensus of the bottom of your screen highway 101 south bound moving slowly at the top of your screen on the right, even to the traffic backing up as people try to head towards the lower deck of the bay bridge will be back with more news ahead. the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries.
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5:43 pm
online it has received hundreds of thousands of views, police are still searching for the two men. tickets out, a man seeking a little bit of an adventure getting stuck in a pine tree jumping off with a force hill bridge the tallest bridge in the state and his parachute got caught on the way down picnic rescue crews were called and he dangled about 60 ft. above the ground. and he was arrested after he was rescued because there is a no jumping sign on the bridge. and look, u.s. employees flexing their muscle for charity. the goal was to get the best time pulling the carolina panthers airbus for 15 ft., all the funds raised its benefit united way. and to see turtles are gearing up for a return to the wild, the 25 lb loggerhead turtle was rescued two years ago. both were taken in by the pittsburgh zoo and the aquarium where there were
5:44 pm
nursed back to health. take a look of the video that has gone viral on youtube in one year old trying to use a magazine as if it were an ipad. she is poking in swiping the pages hoping that they will respond in some way eventually she is given in ipad and loves it. and this really could be the future when kids do not know what to do when handed a real book or a magazine. [music] >> boy is it hot out there today. temperatures in the '80s this afternoon as we head into tomorrow we will continue to see warm conditions this'll be a nice smile the evening tonight and then to tomorrow and other mild morning with temperatures in the upper fifties and low 60s by noon the temperatures are getting up there in a hurry. the 4:00 hour is still one mostly temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s for the inland valleys still in the '70s close to the coastline take a look for tomorrow morning, temperatures are very warm in san francisco i did not
5:45 pm
believe it will be that warm, but we will be in the '60s by the time you get out the door to small morning by noon, temperatures warming up very quickly. i disagree a little bit with the computer model here. i did not believe it will get quite this one in san francisco tomorrow because the sea breeze will return to the forecast my afternoon i think will keep to the dress from warming up too much now here's a look at temperatures for other areas around the bay. in the 80's in the south bay, also still pretty warm in the inland valleys will not see much of that marine influence into tomorrow afternoon it will still be 87 in walnut creek, concord and any up. temperatures in oakland and also berkeley in alameda getting a little bit cooler out there tomorrow. only 82 in hayward and it was 85 today. a little cooler along the coastline but pretty
5:46 pm
much out in the upper 60s and low '70s up to the north bay, the temperatures in the '80s as well with very little marine influence into the afternoon. 87 santa rosa, 87 fairfield. a mature extended forecast this was they want out there tomorrow but into saturday, temperatures will start to cool as the fault surgeons up the coastline into the afternoon will have a back into the forecastle of sunday as well. notice temperatures cooling quite a bit into sunday back into the '70s around the bay area. we will warm up a little bit into monday the cool that down into next week. to >> the prosecution is winding down in the case against michael jackson's doctor. a string of witnesses blast level of care provided by dr. conrad murray's some suggesting that jackson will be alive if dr. murray had done his job properly. >>katherine: members of michael jackson's family were attending this trial, this is his mother katherine. they testified
5:47 pm
that jackson should never have been on the powerful medicine propofol as a sleep aid. they say the negligence and dr. conrad murray's parent in--amounts to involuntary manslaughter. >> i think this was the perfect on that i described. >>katherine: and cooling-- echoing experts who testified before him he said his opinion of him would be the same. unlike other witnesses, the sleek expert says that dr. murray was not equipped to handle what was happening with michael jackson. >> the first thing to have done in the situation he would then where he had the lack of tools that required is to call for help. that is the most important thing
5:48 pm
that he should've done is to call for help. >>katherine: he is expected to be the last witness for the prosecution we are talking about an expert in propofol, he is on the stand briefly and will be back on the stand monday when the trial resumes. >>pam: here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: imf that filly in san francisco where they serve up a pretty good cheese steak. now a front of the store there are a couple of images, images of people with their hands in the cookie jar, i am sorry to make that the tip jar. >> the most memorable one was when this lady came in and she was ordering a cheese steak and she came in was placing her order and at temporary went to the restroom and she just grab all of our money and ran out.
5:49 pm
>>stanley: wait there's another person doing the same thing. >> the hot water guy, this guy's a multiple offender. he comes in and says that i have some hot water? for the hot water you have to turn your back on the customer he comes in with a cup, and as soon as he does then he grabs the tips and runs off. >>stanley: this seems to be a team. at this cafe also on 24th street. >> they say let me get a glass of what you go and litigate the warden of the time you come that they're gone. >>stanley: some stores have attached the tip jar to the counter. >> we have velcro it now. some haven't attacked by chain and it is one restaurant had to screw to the counter. if you think that tipped dart thieves are not getting away with $1 $2 think again. in one case it was...
5:50 pm
>> $40 to $50 average. >>pam: a live look outside you could see the heavy traffic a lot of people are heading to at&t park the bears will be playing the trojans tonight. go bears. now look this traffic's it is heavy in all directions at the 68024 entertains. in the san mateo bridge the headlights are east bound that is when traffic is the heaviest not to bet on the right side of your screen in we will be back.
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opd is in need of a new chief. and as that of a warm welcome why the owner of fox news and florida's former governor got the cold shoulder from teachers and parents in the bay area. the new iphone is almost out, kron4 has a close look on what thousands of people cannot wait to get. >> and live look outside, it is sunny and warm and how long will that warm weather stick with us? i will have
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is just beginning and oakland's problems. >>reporter: here in oakland city officials say now they have a police chief they will be able to deal with a federal lawsuit against the police department. what does that all mean? that story coming up. >>katherine: media mogul rupert murdoch and former florida gov. jim butcher in the bay area and a lot of people are not happy about it kron4 is there as teachers and parents speak out against them. the iphone for is is almost here we show you how you can your hands on one and possibly avoid waiting in line. >>gabe: the new iphone for as comes with a faster processor, a better canada
6:01 pm
and a voice digital assistant a preview coming up. >>katherine: at 6:00 p.m. today the oakland mayor sworn in howard jordan as the interim police chief a position he held before back in 2009. this time jordan moved up from the assistant chief position following the sudden resignation of the police chief anthony bass earlier this week. >> as the interim chief i intend on taking solid decisions. the term into rum will not apply to my decisions i will make decisions as though i am the chief. i intend to lead in that direction. this is the time for us to move forward and look to the future. >>pam: the new police chief will face a long list of problems one of those will be to deal with a federal lawsuit. teresa estacio reports on how that suit could spell financial doom to a city that is already in trouble. >>reporter: city officials
6:02 pm
still kron4 news that the now they have a police chief there will be allowed to redouble their efforts to deal with a federal lawsuit that is facing the police department. the department was sued nearly 10 years ago after several officers were caught beating and planting evidence on suspects. the victim successfully sue the city and won a $10 million lawsuit. the agreement mandated that the department made a long list of changes. recently a federal judge said they failed to comply and friend to have the federal government take over the department. city officials tell kron4 news that could be disastrous explaining that federal authority could strip the city's financial management of the department. forces that need to pay for changes to clean funds for other services. all this while they deal with a multimillion-dollar deficit. at the news conference announcing the new chief, city officials including the mayor argued that they will try and do all they can to
6:03 pm
avoid a federal takeover. >> the bottom line is what the judges the heat for another not to change the culture with in the place and its relationship with the community. i am optimistic particularly with our population that we will to do that. >>reporter: the next meeting on a progress reported in january 2012. >>pam: a protest outside of san francisco hotel against the media mogul rupert murdoch and the former governor of florida jeb bush. they rallied outside of where the two of them are staying bushes holding an educational reform conference were murdoch is the keynote speaker. educators and those from occupy san francisco on not happy about that nor are they happy about the reforms being discussed at this conference. j.r. stone is live with the details.
6:04 pm
>>reporter: there were an estimated 60 to 70 people outside the palace hotel early this afternoon directly behind me they have since left. i continue the bush's education reform host teachers more accountable and uses money to do just that. many people are against those ideas in there against the fact that rupert murdoch will be speaking here tomorrow. >> to think that these greedy people who only want to rip off the schools by selling them expensive technology and when we can hardly afford the things that are basic that we need. >> it is not the teachers thought that the opportunity that is so wide in this country and getting wider. >> i am especially here to protest the i did that rupert murdoch is actually giving a keynote speech on education i mean please,
6:05 pm
that is upsurged as of certainty. >>pam: rupert murdoch as you know as the head of fox news in a wall street journal. he said to speak here at this hotel to mall. reporting live in downtown san francisco i'm j.r. stone. >>pam: the hot weather is stretching well into the evening hours. a nice night it took a funfest role, it is hot. >> if you can get out there this evening will be really nice a lot more comfortable than what we saw this evening. it was the one conditions mar as well. the high for today with 88 and federal to, 87 concord, mountain view and add up. 84 and half moon bay. when we reached that to insure we start to cool down. as we
6:06 pm
head into tomorrow will keep it warm will also keep it warm this evening. 76 in san francisco, i fight to get out and sit on the patio for dinner. 824 oakland. also 87 and federal. this what you expect, will stay into the low 60s and temperatures warming up no-fault expected also into the 4:00 hour the sea breeze when will start to pick back up again. served as close to the coastline will be cooler. al have details on that plus some much cooler week on tack coming up. >> the iphone for s lands in stores tomorrow. these are images from last year. you can see the long lines some people even sent out overnight. if you or someone you know wants to get their hands on this new iphone for cell the arctic reported gabe slate tells you what you need to know. >>gabe: of the store opening
6:07 pm
early at 8:00 a.m. to mark for the huge turnout. pre orders are sold out if you or one now on i will take up to three weeks to deliver. i think that there will be small, we know there's a huge demand because the pre order stock broke all iphone sells records. it is safe to assume that these will sell- off also. i did not know how fast they guessed by said their son they will be sold out. if you want to get your hand on one i suggest you get in line by 5:00 a.m. or earlier. if our try to buy one tomorrow morning and wanted to avoid a i would go the best by their the only non apple or cellphone stores selling its small. not everyone knows that i have it. >> tomorrow is the first day that the iphone for will
6:08 pm
sell for $100. i thing these will run out and there'll be a mad rush for those before they are all gone. >> we have a preview of it. >> when you look at it night huge difference, visibly different from the outside but it is what is inside that makes them different. >>reporter: for example you can see that this has a brighter screens and a four it also has a up brighter processor that allows the camera to open faster and snapped a picture faster so you're ready to take the next one. >> the picture will be a lot more clear and the quality will be a lot more better. >>reporter: here are some of the other highlights of the four is. >> all the same high level of the the same one of the
6:09 pm
major improvements in the drop down menu. this will allow you to the text messages and e-mails, a type of updates that are on your phone. >>reporter: the phone comes presorted--free loaded with many face--systems. you can't go handsfree and you can dictate text messages or e-mail them. the phone that we were previewing was not connected with you can try out for yourself when the iphone for it goes on sale friday morning eureka---then permit a kron4 news. >> if you're trying to do with your old iphone we have
6:10 pm
details on the web site. and here you can see that traffic is still backed up many of people headed to the california usc game going on right now let at&t park it just started moments ago, we will be back. arum and as a
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
will with
6:13 pm
but what >>katherine: next thursday the bay area reaches a grim milestone it will be the oakland firestorm 1991. one of the many lessons learned was the importance of clearing brush away from home. today maureen kelly went awry with firefighters to show both good and bad examples. >> once the we actually do it official inspections. if i see something and we are driving around i will call him myself. you notice over here to the right, that
6:14 pm
particular hill side. that would have been cleared but if you look down here there are a lot of dead bushes and we would like to see that cleaned up to. anything that is dead, burned, quickly to the fire. and the other thing see how the trees like these right here at one those cut back a little bit more. because it comes in and hits the raid. this is a good example of a lot that has been cleared pretty well. and that is pretty much will we all like to see all the grass cut down and the trees up 6 ft.. the big thing now like to say if they need to keep us in compliance year-round even though they only inspect us once. if you clean it up then the grass grows back in another month we would still have a fire and that will become a problem for us. pam off
6:15 pm
homeowners who are found out of compliance it the morning to clean up their property and then tack on a cost. in santa clara the police have arrested this man because they say he is often a waitress at denny's restaurant. we had surveillance committee official of the attack. this happened back in august when a waitress asked a group of patrons to quiet down. one of the men that angry and through still were at the woman that her face. months his left the restaurant of into it came back and push the waitress in the face. with a help from anonymous tips he was arrested last week on several federal counts. when several of his attorneys tell will cost a trend live last night it happened about 10:00 p.m. at the jack london square amtrak station. the authority said it appears one train ran a red light
6:16 pm
signal and crashed into another train that was loading passengers. no one was seriously hurt and the trains were cleared from the track. >> here you to see brian harris testified he did not say much taken the fifth amendment the court documents show that he step down last week. the california solar panel maker received a $535 million loan guarantee before the company collapsed. >> new details tonight that's where winds will once counted the salon neighbors say there were in a bitter custody battle with his ex- wife. she was one of the people who died yesterday. >>katherine: scott neighbors in huntington beach were stunned that the man they knew could be a mass murderer. >> i had to digest that
6:17 pm
information for a moment. >>katherine: police say there is no doubt they he was a bystander. they call this on video. >> yes today the suspect into a salon and opened fire with a handgun ultimately into several people. camelot much of what is known about him is filed away and paper work from a divorced that merely killed him. they say he was suffering from post- traumatic stress while working on a tugboat and this is what he told a neighbor. >> he think he got hurt on the job and still in hospital recovering and she f
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
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6:40 pm
known, herman cain had to return to the top of the pack of republican hopefuls. >> i guess the good things being of our money in. not because i did not like him aware of the rest of us talk liver? >> and the latest wall street journal poll, 27 percent of voters themselves behind so statistically he was tied. >> there is no question if mccain has done a good job connecting on a national level. >> we rented a bus, drove around the state and talk with people delivering the message of common-sense solutions. >> his rise has been meteoric, he was at just 5% in august that he is hoping to rally support around his
6:41 pm
999 economic plan. it gives a 9 percent flat tax to corporations, interest and sales. some city should not get too comfortable in the top spot. >> it seems like every month a conservative alternative cost up. i wonder when we are born to run out of candidates. >>katherine: in the meantime the illinois republicans will get their say because party officials are preparing for their first date wide straw poll this will be taken online. illinois voters to have the option of voting online between october 29th and november 5th. paper ballots can be passed on november 5th. coming next gary is a joy among the 49ers coach of the week. we want to talk about some high school football gary and rob one on one next. and one 49ers player breaks out a new dance and how can about gary
6:42 pm
has that in sports up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>>gary: the money for cops. the first, we have mcgill, and that pretty much turned the game around. detroit hasn't treated to lead. next
6:47 pm
is victor martinez down the line. nelson crew tried me he wrote the thick mud in the. in the first time in postseason history that a team have gone for the single, double and triple in home and answer session seven to five detroit, arranges to leaped 3 to the practice of at home saturday night and pam of course been from detroit levi stubbs the leader of the foretops was not there he passed away in fact i saw him a couple of years ago and the only guy thing that is left with a big tall guy with the deep voice? >>katherine: i didn't know his name. >>gary: but they have all types of new people you know i mean. >>pam: they just carry on a name. >>gary: where the cardinals and brewers to in at this
6:48 pm
hour? it is the three to two milwaukee. and the raiders in a tribute to al davis will be televised locally. oakland and cleveland sold out for sunday. and the weird hockey schedule the sharks played saturday night and now they're off until tomorrow night in anaheim. the good news is the one time league mvp sydney has been cleared for contact by team doctors. the big news considering crosby has been sidelined since jimmy raye with concussion like symptoms and i just tell you the younger stars like that will become more and more familiar with. tiger woods talking nba lockout and particularly the boston celtics. >> anyone that is an nba fan is certainly bombed i know one person there probably is heavy--happy as doc rivers. the age of his
6:49 pm
team, it is nice for them to only play half a season. at issue is fact,. >>gary: loses a big lakers fan. and do you think then would ask fred would be think of the nba lockout or some of these guys better than the top of the leader board? nobody cares. you know i hate is when people say you always see the woods is the only one, i am right. nobody cares. name another golfer pam can you name another golfer? nobody asks you, can you name one you can't probably. police said that's greg norman that was a long time ago. >>katherine: stop quizzing me. [laughter] >>gary: now speaking of tiger and greg norman. you
6:50 pm
know what, you the to someone and you thing wow and then you live with them and use sayoh! [laughter] >>gary: now we have in shooting an eagle, the lead in this tournament there seven under par. well the simpson and zack miller. >>pam: i loved him, chi chi was good. >> sergio garcia from spain. >>gary: the gift that has been given away more calls. we have the coach of the
6:51 pm
week here are you ready? when we return in association with the 49ers is their coach of the week award. this young man is going to be honored on kron and probably more portly you get $1,000 to the give that to you in cash or a check? >> it pays off a little bit of the credit card. >>gary: what every as we talk with the coaching is a great story up next. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
6:52 pm
which would be great... if i was seven. i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six. just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans.
6:53 pm
blue shield.
6:54 pm
>>gary: this is our cool to the week and he has a great resonate. last week in a pool of the huge win over a rival to go before and one this year. it always hasn't
6:55 pm
been that high in sequoia until you got it going right coach? >> it is up and down. if you look at the peak history used to be the rivalry, it was 15,000 people at a high school game. >>gary: we always say the only heisman player from the bay area is jim plunkett. but you have some sent one it as well. i used to play? >> a live in high school and seven of the comet. >>gary: do you have kids on your team that scouts would sell like to have that kid? >> we have a couple, james weekly to black is a seal early but he is behind and we have a big hitter playing linebacker and running back.
6:56 pm
>>gary: lifted that hair. >> that is the kid, are you going to tell and to cut that here? >>gary: no, no one has with paul model--palamiou. >> the joke is if he freelance on the feel you better be successful but if you call your on no. you better perform. >> he is really turn this program around, his philosophy everything is dozens completely different from anything i've ever seen. >>gary: you have woodside coming up really quick are they any good we have 15 seconds left. >> their role in right
6:57 pm
along, but they were undefeated going into the game so to be a good match >>gary: nice to meet you, the eldest of the question would ask the cutis said. congratulations. this and rob, the coach of the week. [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot
6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. with ashton. the new york post cover, but who is sara leal. >> what is ashton reportedly saying now about marriage on his set of "two and a half men." >> i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. >> the potential split between ashton kutcher and demi moore has not calmed down. the divorce on and off. demi on the move. ashton with his wedding ring still on. >> fallout from the mistress's new tell-all. >> if i knew he was happily married this would have never happened. >> i know ashton. it is scary that maybe he had a friendship. >> what we uncovered about the blonde. is she cashing in on kutcher? >> it wasn't disclosed if they're paying her for this interview. >> inside dr. oz's love life.


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