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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 19, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>pam: the crash happened about 5:00 p.m.--5:00 a.m. this morning to people were injured but it could been worse if not for the fast action of the good samaritan and to the part of the story in just a moment will trade shows the scene from i 101. >>reporter: here is the reason why thousands of people the second traffic this morning you consider the street sweepers are out, caltrans and all the crews are out because of a multi vehicle accident involving a big green. it was towed out from this location around 10:00 a.m. and then finally the chp manage to be open all lanes of south bound 10 route 0 around noon.--101
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around noon. there was talk that this was because of road rage but the officers say they did not know of any thing and there will be the the many reasons for this act in including speed by who, they do not know at this point reported from san francisco i am will tran with kron4 news. >>pam: maureen kelly men wear as it pulled the driver of the house emit truck from his reno. >>reporter: keena williams got a handshake and a hug from the fire chief this morning she witnessed the crash unfold from our rearview mirror while driving with her dark 1 south bound 101 she stopped and saw the driver of the
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cement truck collapse run on the ground right next to his burning cement truck that caught on fire. >> my first thing to do with i ran over there and i put his arms under my arms and i dried to all of which my car and i put my towel and my coat over him because he was shaking and i want to keep him warm and comfort him what he was there because he was in pain. >>reporter: the fire crews are still the scene saying that the reason that this driver is already out of the hospital is due to her. >> she made all the defense of the world. for our approach we would have had to extinguish the fire it will probably not have seen him on the ground into what else would stop. >> she ran in told everyone that she saw my mom say the man's life today, she made me cry and everyone made me feel good. >>reporter: those good
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feelings will continue the fire chief says the mayor is fixed--planning to honor for action. >>pam: meantime another man was arrested for trying to get involved, the chp said demand was on course for to with the authorities and faces a charge of obstructing peace officers. [music] >> a live look outside a very different picture them we saw yesterday sunny skies over most of the bay area in the could the current satellite picture a little bit of fog but otherwise we're seeing sunny skies in san francisco, and ocean beach. temperatures are still cool out there today that to the sea breeze wind. that cool only will it all into the inland valleys. as everyone little more 72 concord and 75 and
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antioch. it is '67 in san jose and 69 los gatos again, the temperatures are down for the most part of what we saw yesterday except for close to the coastline san francisco in half moon bay and oakland all were covered in fault yesterday.--fog yesterday. now here is what you can expect. tomorrow we will have some soggy conditions but it will be for our bayshores and we will see mountain ridges into the afternoon friday, skies and warm temperatures and will continue that as we head into a canal have beaten and arrested forecast coming up-- skies and warm
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censures and will continue through weekend i will have details on the forecast coming up.
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>> the san francisco mayor then leases the occupied sent francisco protest has cost the city quite a bit of money. and the protests are rising with no end in sight and he says he supports the spirit of the movement it will support the right to assemble as all of the protesters remain peaceful and the city laws or obeid. now we take you to walnut creek. this is a live picture were supportive of the occupied live from across the country have gathered in protest here. scores of people are
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holding signs they have been chanting as cars drove by. this is at mount diablo boulevard and main street in walnut creek can see a couple of the intersections the corners are occupied people are holding flags and chanting in crops--and trying to get the attention of people passing by. >>pam: hundreds of apple stores across the country close their doors for several hours this morning it was all to pay tribute to the founder steve jobs slide on october 4th after battling pancreatic cancer this is video from youtube of the apple founder. at the cupertino campus where apple is based a private ceremony was held for employees retail store workers were able to watch video well past which was in all the stores teresa estacio reports customers were split as weather closing the store in his honor was appropriate. >>reporter: this was the scene at the apple store on
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chestnut street wednesday morning normally bustling with activity all was quiet and several white sheets hung from the ceiling blocking the public's view inside they watched a weathercast for the founder steve jobs and intensely private man cash prompted have this closely private event. some details have slipped out. such as this finger and songwriter and laura jones a scene on youtube she performed as well as cold plate and people like tim cook and apple ceo and former vice president al gore who was on the board of directors to the states to reminisce about the experiences with steve jobs. back at the store trouble morning customers stop by to shop only to find a place was to release shutdown for some the closures thing like an inappropriate gesture. >> everything is open all the time seven days a week sometimes 24 hours a day and
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to take a moment and stop i am not disappointed at all. >> some people were upset. >> i do not think so it should be open at night in a the reason why disclosed. >>reporter: when it was all over employees lifted the drapes, the lines grew quickly once again it was back to business. pam but built at 5:00 p.m. the exotic animals on the loose. the tragic situation that led to dozens of wild animals like lions and tigers and bears the shot and killed an ohio people appeareo. >>reporter: we have more on the deal story coming up.
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the >> in national new share of deputies in ohio are you still hunting criminals and not the game. in a hut that lasted all night and part of today, they shot and killed nearly 50 exotic animals in the eastern ohio countryside. in animals that had been set loose from a wild animal park. to some people it sound like a bad joke at first, this was a bear on the loose 17 lyons, 18 tigers, giraffes, camels, cheetahs and monkeys. schools were closed they warn the people of the extraordinary situation the animals had been housed at this farm. the animal authorities knew
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this place too well. they city on a was found dead after apparently killing himself but not before setting the animals free. >> at some point he release these animals not only with the gates open but some of the pens were also pried open. >> some believe it was a final act of vengeance by thompson because of the repeated run and with the law there were past complaint about animals escaping he got a federal prison just last month after serving one year of the unrelated charges some say that he was having marital problems and by this afternoon, authorities say they had killed 48 of 56 exotic animals this is the body of a lion. animal expert jack hanna who has been here offering advice say that people are outraged over why the animals were not tranquilize instead of shot the officer who under orders to shoot and kill since most of the search happened at night. there was concern that animals hit with tranquilizer darts could run off and hide in
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the darkness. >> i am sorry about what happened to the animals of people at home to understand my heart aches for these animals but my heart aches for a lot of people who love lost their lives to these animals all the street. rescue ki >> and othe >> today
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kansas city police said a bomb and arson truck isn't the whole of a couple reported that a chemical bond was within back on october 4th. the crew with a search warrant. the mother said she was drunk that night they said it had to do with the case. the mother claimed she was adopted from her crib.--a abducted from her crib. this happened in florida, they're wrong power lines down with no was seriously hurt. kitkat
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whole new it is home with what home spot riyal to hoffman--- with what >> here are the temperatures for tomorrow. but in the malibu 7
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effeminate antioch 79 pleasanton. 76 in concord in 74 in on a creek. '60s and '70s for the east bayshores. we have 70 in castro valley and 69: 50 and '70s for the peninsula the temperatures along the coastline are staying very familiar today as we see the fall that left to the limit morning hours of the north bay to the german in the north bay. upper '70's in fairfield sonoma and in that directive forecast is coming up. tomorrow the temperatures will even out with the seven easternmost of the bay area. on friday will start warming up a little bit more about warming up to the weekend of sunshine and temperatures in the '80s for most of the bay area. will to the warm weather going off with her next week with a is for the inland valleys and upper '70's for the bayshore. >> taken the could this demand catches a close encounter with the largest animal on earth. the man was off the coast of redondo
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beach last week when a blue whale surfaced. the kid is video the man held closer as the blue bell was feel on millions of tiny creel. at one point the men jumped in the water for a rear view of the well. those memos can measure up to 100 ft. and weigh up to 100 t. the man says that he does not recommend anyone else try this he said that he is an experienced kayakers and an underwater photographer. another close encounter this happened in alaska. a grocery store manager capt. this little guy of appeal to the bear cub was frolicking a month to produce. you can see in there in the middle of your screen. the customers say he wandered into the automatic door to a customer that is familiar with there is picked up the little guy and dropped him off back outside. in texas and then tell hot is recovering after it was pulled from the grill car the driver had been cruising about 60 mi. from our own the hot slam into the many a limousine--hot clue into the
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radiator he had a concussion but he was able to fly again. >> delicate this this couple's son of the event a silver planned.--this couples son honored them with a silver prank. >> this is a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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>> 2 men were attacked while helping a friend move. one victim was pistol whipped the other struck in the face. no arrest have been made. now there were two shootings last night the victim is in stable condition no suspect has been caught we'll be right
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>>reporter: among the people looking to land a job at according dell career fair is john fraud theory cannon fox.
5:31 pm
he is going back to school because it is companies have leave the bar in hiring and are now less willing, offer any kind of training. >> the first perfect get it for us will be someone with a software engineer with out a tooth for three years experience or even more. >>reporter: the arrival of dell is a good sign. >> it is a very concise shows a they have faith to produce engineers in this area that will happen to create products. >>reporter: products that john fox would like to be a part of.
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>>pam: a new report from a transportation watchdog reports about the bridges and san francisco had the highest number to be structurally deficient as jeff bush chose the to the problem--shows this to the problem and what is being done about it. >>reporter: according to the inventory, san francisco has 40 branches can't qualify structurally deficient the 1 01 is listed several times a different problem reported highway is more than 65 years old and many of the, things like hot coals or broken and damage guard rails. one of the worst bridges in san francisco is one that most of the not even notice that they're on this is a short bridge that goes over jfk drive. you can see major cracking in a concrete along
5:33 pm
the top really and below the roadway. check it out, the greed is cracked and so badly damaged that i could move this peace with my hand. in the potential danger of the piece falling on the jfk drive is quite dangerous. the other bridges in the report are leaving fix construction of the doral drive overpasses on the way and you no doubt have noticed the construction of the new section of the bay bridge that has been going on for years. in san francisco i'm jeff bush with kron4 news. >>pam: the michael jackson that trial resumed today after a five day break in here you can see some of michael jackson's family members arriving at the courthouse. the jurors got a crash course on a fall today as the drug late in the death of the king of pop, they were shown graphic malone led a experts and look detour rough way to administer the drug. to take included numerous safety measures which were not taken by dr. conrad murray's
5:34 pm
he has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the defense is estimated to present its case on friday. a shootout at a southern california freeway ends with a gunman then it's got an emergency vehicles responded to a crash on the 91 freeway that is when the police say the armed man exited the car and opened fire on the officers. you can see how many are there, they shot back to the suspect a free was shut down in both directions and has since reopened. and thousands of dollars raised for victims of a southern california as a launching screen is the deadly scene outside the salon in seal beach last week. the money will go to the family members of the eight people killed in the one surviving victim. it will also go to the salon employees who are now out of work and traumatized. the suspected gunman that you see here is currently behind bars the police say he was angry with his estranged wife over a
5:35 pm
custody dispute. >> and live look outside this afternoon we see a little bit of fog at the coastline temperatures are cooler as we saw more fog this morning. 60 degrees in san francisco, it will be 58 degrees this evening in back in to the upper 60 for tomorrow afternoon. that is in the car satellite picture. >> as i mentioned, the temperatures are cooler in the inland valleys. fog lou return overnight deal--fog will return
5:36 pm
overnight. now you're our temperature trends. h--now urartu to trail house of someone coming up in just a little bit. >>katherine: there were large angry protest in greece. protesters wrere throwing coctaisls at the pl
5:37 pm
olice. >>katherine:now this is rushing water in a place where there should not be any. nearly 9 million people have been affected. >>katherine:queen elisabeth arrived today this is probably the 85 year old queens last visit in
5:38 pm
australia. >>katherine:now these gadgets havf--have made a splash people were lining up to buy these. >>pam: now these cubs were used as props to hagvve pictures taken with them. that unfortunate story is that what they are grown it aims to canola ticket photograph with them, so
5:39 pm
would he do with the now? >> the brownsville to brazil had and 15 times as it was before. a live look outside right and all lanes and moving will this is very clear. as a the best time to challenge the need to get west bound crossed the bridge and into the james lick this is traffic heading south down at the bottom of your screen above 01 you will see trevor backing of there. and the traffic on a he is beginning to back up but it is not too bad at this hour. will be back.
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>>katherine: huma now here are stock reports from today. it seems like there's no rhyme or reason. >> i know there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there now i think we will see is that particularly germany and france will fund the bank's enough to capitalize them and tell them that you will take losses. the banks are moaning and groaning but i can't this >>katherine: now social security checks will get a little bit fatter, and this is the first grade in three years. >> social security is not a winning samarium an average person does about $1,200 per
5:44 pm
month. it is an increase of 6.3% in look and increase in medicare is really of losing scenario. medicare premiums rose by 4.4% and 55 million americans receive social security into purfling couples and 43 percent of single faucet. 90 percent of their income is 14,000 per year pre-tax and that is not a lot of money. >> and another loser mortgage defaults, those continues to increase. >> there was a lot paper bag got pushed through so default notices are beginning before closure process. the statewide average is about 8.1. this is still in very tough time for homeowners and today we saw some live building permits a little bit weaker but the housing was a little bit stronger which helps our economy can we always want
5:45 pm
housing and automotive to do well. we are getting mixed messages again people there of more than they could choose. some fed banks were doing illegal loans they said it should read the paper work and did the math on their own. but foreclosures are still climbing not so much in the high in fruits like hell out so but there is indeed a problem in stockton. >>katherine: and student loan debt, and enormous debt that people are backing up. >> college is expensive it is not create the jobs that used to. do not let your kids grow to the english majors is my advice. the average student is earning about 5000 something dollars a year. student loans are now taking over credit-card debt in the united santeria we are saddling our use with all of this debt and trust me i hated because these are the people that will be pain for so security these are the income taxes later instead of getting married
5:46 pm
there a delay in life until later. >>katherine: it is hard to low of that debt, not have to pay it back. >> the government likes to loan debt to be forgiven havana not-- >> temperatures are a little corner of the today. another live into the bay bridge toll plaza of greenhouse to of high-level house that nothing comes out that-- >> taken up the to mahatma,
5:47 pm
and for the bayshores. herschel--take a look at the fog for tomorrow morning. >>host: uphel--here are the tems for tomorrow.
5:48 pm
>> here is a look at the seven day of dull day.-- seven day around the bay. >>stanley: my statement is called the hubble behaving badly but in this segment i will need to deal with that. first the bad, last week i shall louvers cars tossed into the canyons of after a local real estate agent brought to my attention. over. >> soon type of event or from an is over the side.
5:49 pm
>>stanley: i called bob berry of berry told and he decided to help out for free. we went for the california highway patrol to respond. it turns out this is a bigger task than simply removing the cars. >> certainly we appreciate you greenest our attention from and law enforcement and we have a couple of different issues. it looks like some cars that could be dumped, garbage it cannot possibly be some type of issue of an environmental crime. >>stanley: up the chp will begin to organize a recovery of the cars, good will tie agencies will have to be involved not to mention this area is full of poison oak so it is not that easy. it is easy to dump them but not to get them out for the record, at some point these cars will be removed but what i'm hearing is that
5:50 pm
there may be hundreds of cars and don't hear that is so sad. >> a live look outside the six anta changes back up in all directions. now let us check on the fed until bridge east bound and the west bound site is moving well. we will be back.
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>> lives just in the man convicted of shooting and killing his prom date, 20 years ago with has been found suitable for parole. he was accused of committing his prom dates--killing his prom date because she would not and this same sort of thing happen about one year ago but at that time the
5:54 pm
path governor denied the motion but now it is up to the cover--current governor to figure are if you stay behind bars or be released from prison.-but this is the new consumer digital camera bear with unveil today the uses a completely new technology, like field to capture images. it will forever change the way that we take pictures. election folks the picture after you check if the biggest gain since its invasion i am gabe slate and i will tell you all about coming up and my tech report.
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and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. >>pam: coming up a fiery crash close of a major bay area freeways you will hear from a woman at risk her life to save the driver of a truck involved in all of this. an apple closed its store temporarily to cover the co-founder steve jobs.
5:58 pm
dozens of wild animals were set free including lions and tigers and bears we will tell you how the police handled this threat. those stories and more coming up on kron4 news at 6:00 p.m.. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you.
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[ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. ♪ >>pam: we have kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. coming up. [music]
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>>pam: a burning degree in the pre-dawn hours triggers a shut down in the heart of san francisco. how a driver is pulled to safety by and woman caught in the multiple political pile up. catherine not sure viewers after 05 a.m. this morning. >> this is not look like it will be cleared any time soon. >> in the agricultural segment fault. >>pam: by weight control begin to detour all the traffic on the san francisco street. the sun rose on the grid lock 101 at the scene of the accident the caltrain crew then went to work on
6:02 pm
the first trial in lamotte cab pull them up right and towing away after that came the cleanup sweeping up the fire retardant chemicals and the skilled seamen. they were tapping the roadway to look for weak spot and preparing--repairing a guard rail that was damaged in the crash. by noon all lanes reopened. >>pam: the san francisco resident and help pull the truck driver away from his burning and greed is being called a hero today be soaked young moment.--we spoke with the young woman. >> she stopped and saw the driver lay next to his big rig truck that was now the
6:03 pm
can do to fluid. >> >> the first thing i did was go over there and dragged him off with my car he was not talking he was laying there and i was praying that he was not dead. >> she held of the injured man until help arrived. >> i had my coat over him and was trying to keep him warm and went to comfort him because he was in pain. >> i did not know how heavy he was that after i looked at him when he was on a stretcher i was a hurry or anything but then he was going away any ask me for my name and i told him in the city would never forgive me-and most people kept going i do not know what made me stop i am glad that i did. >> she was personally thanked by the fire department and the chp for her bravery the mayor is going to present her with a
6:04 pm
certificate of honor at city hall. >>pam: say concerns are beginning to pop up with the occupied oakland protest. this is following several complaints regarding safety. they say it is important with city officials to get an up close look at the situation. >> we just want to get a look at what is happening in a sense of how things are going. we have been outlining public safety issues that we need to have had dressed so we are looking to see how that is going. >>pam: as it relates to safety would occupy oakland protester tells kron4 that she is try to spread the word after being sexually assaulted. >> i am bringing up issues that i see i was personally sexually harassed here a few days ago when it was unfair
6:05 pm
and i feel that security should be here not to keep out, for the press but to keep control of things that may go wrong so that our message can be heard and we can stay here and our message can be heard. this area that we are occupying is a local homeless hang out we are in their spot this is where they hang out so we cannot but invite them to his occupation. they are part of this because this is where they hang out so if we can find a way to create safety a run that i hope that we will respect the community that we are in, risk that the space that we are in and understand that we have to work together-- respect the space that we are in and understand that we have to work together and allow our voices to be heard. >>pam: the occupied live in oakland has spread to the 15th snow park rebels who
6:06 pm
have taken up at the park say they have come there and then add while they are there without permission they have spoken with the park officials. >> community can be built out of nothing. we are not even tried to press the limits like they're doing over there what would make her more comfortable with us here? she requested that we not bar the treaty set up a perimeter around the tree. we have started doing trashed sweeping through the parks. we have cleaned up the containers we have found in the bushes, we have clean up the part 10 times more than that city has been able to fund this and we have done it better than any other time it has been done in the city. >> this is going on right now supporters of the me meant--supporters of them
6:07 pm
lit have gathered and this is all part of the occupied land that had shown up in many cities across the nation. >>pam: today apple stores across the country as well as here in the bay area temporarily shut down this is what look like on chestnut street white she hung from the feeling blocking the public's view. inside the apple employees reportedly watched the web casting kron the cupertino campus that was honoring the co-founder steve jobs he passed away on october 5th from pancreatic cancer and in front of the store many customers stopped and were surprised about the closure. most people believe that he would not have approved. >>reporter: do you think
6:08 pm
steve jobs would have liked it or not? >> i do not think so. >> i think he would've been humbled. >> up he can do what he wants now and they can do they want now. >>pam: some details coming out about the memorial including the finger norman jones performing as well as cold play and the former vice president al gore who is on the board of apple board of directors he spoke about steve jobs. >> not a woman was walking when she was a salted in the park officials say that she was attacked by two people but no description of the suspect. in a contra costa county workers was accused
6:09 pm
of raping quarterback in may.-his co-worker back in may. poughkeepsie >> now we have sunny skies today. we still see a sliver of fog along the san mateo coastline. temperatures this afternoon were cooler than what we saw them yesterday especially in the. temperatures climb back into the 60s in the inland valleys. >>gabe: this is a new consumer digital camera that was a unveil today. it will
6:10 pm
forever change the way that we take pictures. the election focus the pictures after they have been taken. i am gabe slate in now tell you all about this coming up my tech report.
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officials say most of the hon. that included bear than lions and tigers were killed by all was found dead after apparently committing suicide bombing of all have to lay her area >> host of ohio city are very close at am when--
6:14 pm
>> and all of the form was front them from a gunshot wound deadly and and the animals front and and then took his own life. they say we've recently served time under federal weapons charges. madam >> we have handled and numerous complaints we have done numerous inspections we had brought and professionals from outside to look at the property and make sure if they. >> didn't have work nonstop to hunt out of the escape and most most of them were killed and local sheriffs is that and do to safety. >> we are not talking a lot
6:15 pm
of every house pet. these were about 300, tie it is that we had to put down. when i appear second was the number-one concern. >>
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
have mild temperatures in the friday at clear skies and the warming trend will continue as we head into the lead in. now tomorrow morning the fog in show
6:18 pm
myriad it will not hover over a oakland and hayward. here are your temperatures for tomorrow. hans official north also the 15th and '70s for the east bay peninsula. coast-to-coast live and temperatures will be kept below 60--and will low 60s. saturday and sunday
6:19 pm
will be pretty nice, not too hot with temperatures in the eighth drop the bay area and ninth warm weather sticks with us into next week. >> this just in, earthquakes in hawaii. the big island has just rocked and rolled but no injuries have been reported a 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck right about there. mallee is right there, this is the big island. six smaller earthquake followed. the biggest of the after shocks or 3.6. no tsunami warning was issued in so far no damage was reported we will have the latest details as we get them in for now we will take a short break and be right back.
6:20 pm
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6:31 pm
protests called to the bay area find festival to be moved in five city council chambers for safety reasons. >> we want to make sure the kids have a save opportunity to do what they're doing and we decided to remove the vent in five. >> we will provide alternative venues if they're interested in doing so. basil we did today accommodated in another location for the thief it today. >>reporter: here in castro valley the police department are trying to find two men who sexually assaulted a woman here in happened last friday night around 10:00 p.m.. the victim said that she heard two voices speaking spanish but she was unable to identify either suspect. investigators are asking if anyone saw or heard anything suspicious to contact the alameda county sheriff's department. >>reporter: here in silicon valley dell computer has put the help wanted sign out.
6:32 pm
they have developed a new research and development the--facility in santa clara. they hope to hire about 200 people by year's end with as many as 700 people working here by the end of 2012. >>reporter: in another big story in san francisco this apple story on chesnutt was shut down wednesday morning. it was closed so that employees could attend a well past memorial for the from the steve jobs have some people that came to the store and thought it was appropriate and not everyone was pleased about disclosure. >>reporter: in bay area transportation bart has drafted up a new cell phone service policy it basically says the only time they will turn off the towers would be
6:33 pm
under extraordinary circumstances. >> for instance if people would be getting hurt, or if there will be significant damage to the bart property. >> you will hear more about what the president had to sit in my a car story. reporting if san francisco are in jail until kron4 news. >>reporter: in a another big story in the watchdog group called transportation for america release this report. the bay area came in second for most deficient bridges. for the most part potholes' and things like that are to blame the chp responded in sent an increase in the gas tax and the best way to improve oakland bridges. >>reporter: airport fares on the rise again but experts say if you need to fly over the holidays now is the time
6:34 pm
to buy. >>reporter: the oakland zoo has four new tires--tigers. the reviews as foal crops and when they grew too big they were to be disposed of but the oakland zoo is keeping the family together. >>stanley: this woman is holding an event lead campaign sign it is almost election time so the signs are out in full force whether on a window or take to a poll and because the all want to get your attention so that you will vote for them because they all know second places the first loser. you may not notice the there are rules for sign posting in san
6:35 pm
francisco even political science. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will go over the dos and don'ts of political sign hanging in san francisco and what to do if you feel they don't in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> temperatures in the '60s and '70s and it is a lot cooler than yesterday. we saw '60s in our bayshores and upper 60 down in the south bay. the inland valley saw the biggest drop 16 degrees cooler in livermore 12 degrees cooler in fairfield and several degrees cooler in the south bay and seven degrees cooler in redwood city. as we head into tomorrow temperatures will even out. we have 75 in san jose and 80 in morgan hill. we are
6:36 pm
not quite into the 80's tomorrow but will get their way into the weekend. but here is a mature extended forecast. we will continue the warming trend from friday into saturday. the warm weather will stick with us as we head into the next week. stay with us, will be back after this. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance
6:37 pm
doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield.
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6:39 pm
>> i am revoking her probation and setting bail at one of the doubt about it. >>reporter: this is bad news for linseed oil and the judge says the issue is not lived up to her community service while at a woman's shelter.
6:40 pm
[music] >>reporter: a humbling day for the young rapper soulja boy a search of his suv turned out ounces of weed and a gun. he tweeted that he was incident--innocent. >>reporter: now the director says he is intent this film and believes he can release it with a few adjustments. you will have his brother to do some voice overs. the movie is about a man living
6:41 pm
on a nuclear testing site awaiting the end of the world of the director hopes to release this next year. and sony will release its 3d television just in time for christmas. the new tv technology is great. it allows two people to play the same game in 3d was sitting next to each other. each will see their own screen in 3d. 5 and the dollars it comes with one pair of 3d glasses and a 3d game. the sony tv hits shelves on november 13th. i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> and sports the nba plans a six to an overseas tour during the time the season must to begin. vern glenn was there and he joins gary to talk a battered all coming up next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: right now we have no way around. you give up the first-round draft to waste a possible no. 13 years down the road, get him in there. >> i felt rusty, it is good to be back in it but i definitely have some rust to wear off. i have not thrown to nfl receivers in a while. just some high school kids and my brother i had one guy to work out with.
6:46 pm
>>gary: now a man that named both of his children carson he is that close to him. and vern glenn will discuss this today. >> and the fed will if he is breathing we will get him in there and before he could even get comfortable at the practice all the questions were will he start? he said if you and i heard it from me i have not made a decision live. the raiders have not yet fan who will start to move jackson says he needs at least until friday before he makes his decision of but today it was what do you think? how does he look? and was he able to ease into this. for most of us it is unconceivable to think that a guy could just walk in and year after that lay off and start an nfl game just a few years later coming upon finding against the kansas city chiefs. the
6:47 pm
matter on whether not he was going to start tonight with already addressed. >> did you hear if come for me? i know i never said that. >> i am doing everything it can to prepare. >> it is all up in the air right now i am preparing like if i get the nod. >> it is like driving a new car don't you want to get in there and test drive it? >> i agree. now how you think i'll feel? this guy has been there for nearly two years. >>gary: go out and get another job where he can make 1.2 million and yesterday you probably did not see this we had a heated
6:48 pm
discussion because he is through right campbell. >> this is just a few days after saying campbell is my guy and then he goes down with this collarbone issue. and few jackson says on monday we will win the afc s and they say can you do without kyle? and they say no. now maybe you are right gary, maybe you just, yes he did say it i am rusty and have a little work to do but i will try to do my best to learn this offense at least a skeletal offense. in years with the receiver at the same.--say. >> he looked good. it is just the timing he has to be used to the offense.
6:49 pm
>>gary: i know what people said carson palmer of this event of the deal because you never see big-name quarterback, the brady will never be traded, phillip rivers, many, you know manning. where is the connection? bestial carson that if you've improved you will win the heisman trophy. and this chiefs game on sunday mac was all so recruited. >> i recruited met, are recruited him to. it was interesting because the party will be the next great one after carson. he is a good player, a really good one, but on sunday and
6:50 pm
will not like him that is for sure. >>gary: really quick on the hugh jackson you can't why he loved al davis the seas to call him coach mr. davis not been hearing in what you think that his chest as the allied war out there like i really confident in what i am saying is what i am doing. >> it looks like he is sticking his chest out there alone. deletion of the new looser. of kahane you jackson he is chest as when this could after them as ever. and i have not seen >> to me yet at a rate is headquarters practice in almost 10 years. >>gary: i cannot say enough, it has been teen years often she felt something had with john goodman and having left the previous year i don't know if the excitement level is that what is now. it is terrific what this is a cold
6:51 pm
business. and pam i can't you will agree with me. when i threw out campbell, they do not care about those, we work from an organization may cares about its people. if you were in a jam, the first person you will probably call is the kron news director to bail you out? exactly. now vern, we are very blessed to be working more people take care of you. >> i will agree to that. >>gary: i would hug the bill we are out of time. >> but if you the lead silver and black this is did this to the hot topic. now the great vern glenn it is the most charismatic till this day. like several walk
6:52 pm
down the street pam but not vern. i would walk down with pam, she's like the best and in the market when i am with the vern he is not only talented but he is so skewed. i am past the cute thing and now i am like a senior citizen. >> i am probably 1 ft. shorter than you. >> nothing wrong with that. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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6:55 pm
>>gary: the nba all-star game is probably in limbo. the regular season is probably in limbo as well. the players are taking matters into their own hands. many will play games
6:56 pm
of pr, london and australia. here is the only reason i hesitate that is fine, but guys, you're not football so if you think you're making the nba back home, these guys that play overseas but not if you are like labraun and worth over half a billion dollars. pam, they will work them down to the bottom at the bottom least to have comfortable living but players have no leverage. now the world series is two to two. dirt kosinski was gone to brought the first pitch, you know the big deal from the dallas mavericks win the nba title and the baseball sources said he was not be enough to trot the first pitch. so they had all the great st. louis cardinals drove out we will see if that indeed happens when the series returns back to texas. and pam kind of hurt my feelings she said she had a little pimple on my nose. and i was thinking isn't
6:57 pm
that a shame i am still young enough to have acne problems. >> i was not trying to hurt your feelings. >> you did i am still young and vibrant i like to eat a night and eat fat food and have young friends. [laughter]
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
a "dancing with the stars" car crash. we have the late-night video and aftermath. and did ashton kutcher break the law? the shot that could land him in hot water. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. how are you? >> kutcher after demi's too-skinny headline. his first video message since the cheating claim. >> i owe it all to you. j. lo's secret romance headline. when did her rumored relationship with bradley cooper really begin? and "dancing with the stars'" derek hough after-hours sideswipe. >> oh, my god. derek, are you okay? lindsay lohan handcuffed in court. what enraged the judge today. "the view" on the republican debate. fireworks.


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