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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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occupy san francisco protestors evicted, but promising to retake justin herman plaza. and a baby shot in the head clings to life. we have new pictures, and tell you why the toddler's parents are pleading for more recovery time. what you need to know to stay safe this holiday shopping season. >> everything in the trunk of your car, don't leave it in sight. at least 85 occupy san francisco protestors have been arrested, all since this morning's clearing of justin herman plaza. the raid started
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at 1:00 in the morning. the arrests did not end this morning. several people were taken into custody outside the federal reserve bank on market street. that was later in the afternoon. demonstrators blocked the street, then they went on the move again tonight. kron4's kate thompson joins us live where there is a standoff between police and the protestors. >> reporter: it was tense here for about three hours eric standoff between police and protestors -- you can see here now, there is still a crowd out here, much smaller than earlier when there were hundreds of occupy protestors out here. we'll also show you that there are still police here at this time. they have backed way off and are down the block at this time. there is still a police presence out here, and they say they will be monitoring the situation.
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>> reporter: police surrounded a small group of protestors who reentered justin herman plaza. that angered the larger movement who says they were there holding the meeting, and the police trying to stop them violated their first amendment rights. the protestors created a long circle around the police yelling in their faces and taunting them. a handful of people were detained, and there were several scuffles with police who are not letting protestors in or out of the wing they created around the park . then suddenly police left the park. a spokes person says the protestors didn't understand that the park was closed so the department is going to let them stay as long as they are peaceful and exercising their first amendment rights. >> they can have their first amendment rights. however, we do not want them to eradicate that. >> reporter: after the standoff, nothing happened. police just ended up walking away am hopefully they have the
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situation cleared up with the occupy movement understands that the park is still closed, but the police are going to let them continue to stay here as long as they are not camping. no tents will be allowed. as long as they are having a peaceful protest and using their first amendment right, they will be left alone and police will be monitoring the situation hour by hour. team coverage coverage continues with grant lo tis. >> reporter: police raid occupy san francisco coming into justin herman plaza evera 1:00 am. they gave protestors about five minutes to get out. more than half of the protestors actually did leave peacefully. but at least 85 people arrested, police broke down all the debts. you can see them -- all the tents.
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works crews cleaning up the remnants of an encampment that's been at the plaza for almost two months now. and check this out. >> reporter: this , a couple hours after the raid, police come tearing around the corner onto market street where a group of protestors was blocking traffic near the ferry building. more arrests here. and as you can see, things getting physical at times as police doing what they have to do to keep people away. and then take a look at this. just before dawn, you see all those people there coming off the surrey, passengers, arriving at the embarcadero, and this is one of several protestors who was shouting at the commuters as they walked to work. meanwhile, employees along market street, you see them moving the chairs, some of the them were throwing them, one
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threw a chair at a cop cracking his face shield. in other news, be the mother of a toddler shot in the head pleads for more time and a second opinion on the condition of her child, 1-year-old hiram lawrence. the victim's family shared this photograph of hiram only with kron4. it was taken earlier this week. this was the scene which you may recall ten days ago when three gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people outside of a west oakland liquor store, wounding seven victim, including 1-year-old hiram. here's what his mother had to say about hiram's future. >> the first day they concluded it that he wasn't going to make it, and he made it. that shows me my baby is fighting. >> hiram's mother is asking for a second opinion in her son's case. if tests go forward to determine her baby's brain function, doctors make the decision themselves to take the child off of life support.
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in pittsburgh, a suspected car thieve in custody. that's after an innocent by-stander is hurt feeling a police chase. police say they tried to pullover a stolen car just after 7:30 tonight. the suspect tried to flee and crashed into a woman driving to work. the woman's injuries are not known, but the suspect is in critical condition. temperatures are continuing to fall. i had to adjust tonight's low temperatures downward more. more 30s on tap for tonight through the bay area. take a look at half moon bay. 39 degrees. the fog forming earlier this afternoon hasn't reached half moon bay yet. 48 in san francisco, 30s in the north bay, 35 in fairfield, 39 down in los gatos. fog off-shore expected to move
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to the coastline. that's going to keep temperatures close to the coast warmer than what we've seen in temperatures past. ranging from the upper 30s and low 40s. a similar pattern for the next few days, but xhanges in store in the -- changes in store. san francisco police are stepping up patrol to their shopping malls, especially union square. reggie kumar tells us this is about being done to prevent holiday shoppers from becoming victims. >> reporter: the san francisco police department set up mobile2 on market street cross from the westfield shopping center in union square. officers are patrolling the area on foot and by car in an effort to stop thieves snatching recently purchased christmas gifts from unsuspecting holiday shoppers. officer carlos says people need to be aware of their surroundings >> you're going to find an
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increase in crime just because of the volume of people out there on the street. and we do have our undercover officers out there in plain clothes, and you won't know who they are, but they're walking around the same shopping centers that the public shops in. we do have our foot beat officers out there, and they work in pairs. a huge crowd. they come from all over. they love shopping here . and we want to make it warm and inviting for them. we provide this added security to make sure that there's no probability of being taken advantage of. >> reporter: the extra enforcement in the city will remain in place through the end of december. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron4 news. a stf stunt gone -- tv stunt gone run in an east bay neighborhood. we'll take you there as the myth busters stars tour the damage. the penn state sex abuse scandal deepened. what landed
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the pictures of the damage are remarkable. a reality show taping yesterday in dublin went horribly wrong when a cannonball misfired into a nearby neighborhood. the crew was filming for the television show called myth busters. the cannonball shot through a house with three people inside, then continued down the street until it crashed into a parked mini-van. you can imagine what it was like for the people in those homes. today, the host of myth busters met with the homeowners, and they promised that the homes would be back together and emphasized their commitment to safety. >> we take safety incredibly seriously. we have almost no injuries except for a couple broken fingers over eight years
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and thousands of experiments. we're proud of that record. and when we have had close calls, they have been seriously gone over as a way to make sure that they don't happen again. and like we said, this is the the worst thing that's happened on our watch, and we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> fortunately, no one was injured in this incident. ♪
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in national news, former penn state assistant coach, jerry san discy, is behind -- sandusky is behind bars for a second time, facing new charges in his child sex abuse case after two more alleged victims came forward. in all, sandusky is accused of sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. his attorney insists he is still optimistic for his client. >> you know, don't ask if it'll get worse because it can, and
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you have to be prepared. and we will be. >> in interviews, sandusky admitted showering and, "horsing around with young boys" but he claims he is not a pedophile. a preliminary hearing is scheduled next week. no sex abuse charges will be brought against i now fired syracuse basketball coach because the statute of limitations has expired. bernie fine has denied wrongdoing. today, a syracuse district attorney sharply criticized police and syracuse university for how they handled the accusations, saying that the two alleged victims are credible. we're taking another look at our current temperatures. . temperatures are going to be cooler than initially forecast. 35 in fairfield, 37 in livermore. 39 in los gatos.
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we are going to be seeing fog overnight. temperatures warmer near the cost line, like san francisco, but away from the coastline looks like we're in for another night of 30s. fog at the cost line for most of tomorrow. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s for tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look at the temperatures tomorrow morning. these may not even be low enough. we may see a couple diagnose cooler. but i think 34 is good in livermore. 35 in concord, 37 in oakland, 38 in san jose. the fog is on the way to half moon bay. once it arrives, it should halt the cooling process. 50s and 60s for the north bay, 54 in san francisco, and 56 in vallejo. not a whole lot of change over
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the next several days. chilly mornings, child afternoons. fog arrives late tomorrow morning. then next way, a breakthrough to this pattern we've been seeing. it's more likely we'd see rain on wednesday. definitely some cloud cover. we'll keep you updated. >> today marks the 70th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. that attack drove the united states into world war ii. survivors mark the moment today as emily smith reports from washington. >> reporter: 70 years ago, pearl harbor changed from a place on a map to a mile stone in history as thousands of unsuspecting americans looked on. >> i was outside waving at the japanese plane, not knowing they weren't ours. >> reporter: pat thompson was ten years old, when japanese
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pliance damaged or destroyed more than 300 aircraft on the ground. more than 2,400 americans were killed. >> 1941 -- >> the day that lives in infamy. >> reporter: david callahan lived through that day on the cruiser, uss new orleans. it haunted him so much, he never went back. but this year, he couldn't stay away. >> the more i thought about it, the more i thought it's been 70 years! that's more than most people live. >> reporter: callahan decided to join about 3,000 people at pearl harbor, the place where world war ii started for the united states. firsthand memories share bide fewer and fewer people each year. >> will all pearl harbor survivors stand as able? [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the survivors association founded in 1958 is dissolving at the end of the month because of health and other issues affecting its aging members. >> duane: time has taken its
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ington, emily smith, kron4 news. good evening, everybody. a pair of giant outfield ers will not be coming back. carlos beltran turned into a rental. they pick him up in mid-season, thought he would help them down the stretch. he wasn't bad. not enough to go maybe four years. there's a market for beltran upon somewhere. probably in the american league where he can dh. cody ross was a great hit in the playoffs a couple years ago. he's not coming back either. and the bottom line is, you can't say it enough. oh, we love codies oh, he -- cody, oh, he loves the bay
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area. if the money isn't right, huh-uh. nobody 'coming back. beltran gone, cody ross is gone according to general manager, brian sabean. miami is taking themselves out of the running for pujols. they went ahead and signed mark buehrle. he's a 4-time all-star, and is looking forward to reuniting with ozzy gehan who was his manager in chicago. we have barry zito, wedding pictures. a lot of talk about those uniforms don't work. you know, no, no, you know what i mean? you get a hit, oh, thowz uniforms -- those uniforms look good. you lose ten in a row, they look stupid. barry zito wedding pictures. always try to see the kids. look, he's got that
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slicked back hair. one of those deals that he just wanted to keep private. and then he sent out the pictures. so anyway, there he is. his wife who's 25 years of age. amber marine sire. former ms. teen missouri, and a former ms. missouri u.s.a. good luck to the kids from all of us here at kron4. [ laughter ] >> well, you weren't at the wedding. >> why weren't you at the wedding? >> i was very busy. and i'm one of one of these guy, i don't have to go to have my picture taken with z. >> just send your gift. >> i don't even need to send a gift. >> oh, okay. >> it's what's in one's heart. and my heart hopes the kids have a long -- >> i don't think they were asking for gifts. what do they need? >> not much. but pam, love is not a gift. >> it is. yes, it is. >> it is what it is. isn't that the new thing? it is what it is? we hear that one more -- i travel way younger crowd, but
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they all say it is what it is. >> we already knew that stuff! >> well, i've seen you with a lot of guys with pipes. >> oh, that's not true! a last -week blowout in miami has hue jackson edgy with green bay on sunday. >> we lost one game. what mental team is -- it's the same team that won three games prior to that. everybody is now questioning moots this, what's that? we lost a week ago. we had a 3- game winning streak and nobody was asking me about the mental of the team then. why are we going to ask about the mental of the team now? we need to get back to playing football and win a football game. bottom line. >> ten seconds for the next tape. anden if are the one after that. cam newton scored a history making touchdown. his 13th. most ever by a quarterback in one season. gave the ball to a fan. then all of a sudden, he wants it back. the fan is not
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saying they will acquiesce. and watch when this kid lifted his arms. they took away a touchdown, crossed the state championship, said he was overrule celebrating. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, save big on holiday gifts this friday and saturday! get in at 6am saturday for giftbusters like 60% off the warmest family coats. 70% off stunning gold jewelry. 60% off the coolest hoodies. and 19.99 boots for juniors. plus with jcpcash get 10, 15 or $20 off storewide. no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save!
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