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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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eat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. a devastating five-alarm fire in san francisco. you might remember this. it really has left a school scrambling to rebuild. it happened just before christmas. it destroyed several apartment buildings in the western addition, leaving dozens homeless. the school next door had bad smoke and water damage. and classes began again tomorrow. the school is racing to rebuild, and to replace lost supplies. >> reporter: behind this door, six classrooms eric library, and a -- a library, and a cafeteria all destroyed. but school must go on. this is the new cafeteria. it's going to have
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to do for more than 350 children who go to the school. 50% of the school space was destroyed by the fire. now classrooms have been relocated to a second building on campus. >> today, the teachers returned to find, you know, the boxes, their classrooms boxed up, and they had the day to go through it and get ready for tomorrow. they sorted through new donated supply, fished through whatever was salvamed, and put -- salvaged, and put furniture together. >> all of the children's picture books were destroyed, and 2,500 picture books. the school is seeking help from the public, asking for donations of school supplies, and financial support, to help them get up and running. one of six san jose police
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officers injured today in a police chase. he remains in the hospital. the suspect has been arrested. we'll give you a better idea of what happened on the big board. it started at a gas station at king and mckey in san jose. that's where police say that a man punched a 68-year-old man and took his car. it was a carjacking. a police officer happened tobz pulling into the -- to be pulling into the parking lot. he sought whole thing. that's when the chase began. about a half-hour later, the suspect was approaching 680, and he rammed a patrol car. the chase continued on north capitol avenue. the man rammed two more police cars. a few blocks away, an officer used his car to protect a family crossing the street, and that car was also hit. police finally cornered the man.
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that was at allen and mccreery avenues. they tasered him and arrested him. kron4's reggie kumar has more on what happened. >> reporter: san jose police say they stopped a carjacking suspect alejandro gonzalez here. police cars had to crash into the suv to stop it. they say gonzalez refused to get out of the suv. that's why one san jose police officer tazed gonzalez through an open window. authorities say gonzalez did not have a weapon on him. he had run-ins with the law in the past, but investigators have not released the details. he was booked at the santa clara county jail, facing assault with deadly weapon charges on a peace officer, as well as carjacking and resisting arrest charges.
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in oakland today, people gathered to remember gabrielle martinez, the 5-year-old boy shot and killed friday. this was near the truck where he was killed. his family talked about their frustration with police, and the pain they're any going through. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> i just want to know why. she's crying all the time. why a 5-year-old, innocent kid. >> police have not been showing a little of details publicly. the gunman was only a few feet away from the little boy when he fired, and thabl he shot the child intentionally. oakland had more than double the murder of murders san
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francisco had last year, even though san francisco's population is more than twice oakland's size. san jose saw an up rise in murders, finishing with 41. rich mand, vallejo, and east palo alto, all saw murders increase in 2010. violent crimes like assault and murder down 6%. property crimes like robbery and theft were up 3%. in a story you'll see only on kron4, jeff bush talked about san francisco's chief about plans for 2012. >> reporter: violent crime in san francisco is down overall, and the police chief is crediting the combined efforts of the department and the public. >> homicide total remained the same, which is the second best total of any year since the early '60s, being the same total as last year, with 50, which is about half what it had been for just about 5 years running from
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2004 through 2008. whether it's interaction through foot beats, the program has been a boone in the bay view, and that will be hopefully in the mid-market area. >> reporter: he says changing some shift it is around has helped reduce crime in the city. >> we worked last year to put our plain clothes officers more targeted toward nights and weekends when we were finding the crimes more prevalent. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems is a loss of manpower and experience which is projected for the future. >> we're facing a lot of retirements over the next 3 years. the mayor has been unbelievably supportive in trying to make sure this we get the academy classes we need to replace those officers. and the big challenge for us is to be able to transition out this experience while keeping as much of it as we can.
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we were dealing with dense fog out there this morning. right now, visibilities are reduced in a number of places. but the fog is nowhere near dense. >> 40s and 50s throughout the bay area. 44 in santa rosa, same thing in oakland. we're expecting fog again overnight, and some areas of dense fog as well. it's not going to persist as long out there tomorrow afternoon. we're going to see mostly sunny skies, and temperatures warmer than what we saw today. >> dry conditions will prevail through the extended forecast. and we might receive some rain. coming up. >> we look > we look at who won the iowa caucus and tell you if it indicates the winning candidate wins the republican nomination in san francisco there is
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growing concern the artwork inside koit tower is in bad shape. a look at some cool, unique, and useful accessories for the ipad.
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there is a lot of concern that the murals inside san francisco's coit tower are in bad shape. kron4's charles clifford shows you the art and steals you what's being done to preserve it. >> the muralses in coit tower are -- murals in coit tower are a national treasure. >> reporter: the tower was #3w89 in 1923, and -- built in 1923. the san francisco parks and recreation department manages the tower, but the art commission cares for the artwork. over the years, san francisco's foggy weather, and wear and tear from a countless number of visitors, has taken a toll on the frescos. there are mineral deposits on the wall, peeling plaster on the ceiling. >> is this a historical issue with the building and the murals. is this not new damage.
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so it has to be treated. >> reporter: the art commission says it's working to secure funds to help pay for a restoration. parks and rec has offered up a one-time grant of $250,000, and they'll throw in a 1% cut of revenue from ticket sales in the gift shop to help pay for future upkeep. in addition to that money, they are hoping public donations and grants will help save the frescos >> they're irreplaceable. and we need to take care of them.
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protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. no other company provides more comprehensive identity protection than lifelock. if you're not convinced after 60 days, simply notify lifelock and you won't pay. and to keep your documents out of the wrong hands, we'll even add this personal shredder-- a $29 value-- absolutely free with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call now or go to service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. decision 2012. the first step in nominating the republican presidential candidate is complete at the iowa caucuses with 99.5% of the results in. half the voters split their votes between mit romney, and rick santorum. they
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lead the pack and talked about their campaigns afterward >> this is a campaign night where america wins. we're going to change the white house and get america back on track. [ cheering and applause ] >> the essential issue in this race, that rights come to us from god, and when he gave united states those rights, he gave us the freedom to go out and live those rights out. >> here are four facts you may not know about the caucuses. they were set up after the riotous 1968 democratic convention. when vice president hubert humphrey was nominated without entering a single primary. a reform movement led to iowa democrats holding the first in the nation caucus in 1972. ed musky won, but lost the nomination. of republicans held their first iowa caucuses 4 years later. gerald ford beat ronald regan but lost to jimmy carter in november. only two
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nonincumbents have ever won the caucuses and gone on to win the presidency. george w. bush in two thousand, and barack obama in 2008. john mccain in 2008 actually came in 4th in the iowa caucus. mike huckabee was the surprise winner. >> and august 27th, the republican national convention will begin. republican upon delegates will nominate the presidential and vice presidential candidates. the november 6th is the general election, and we find out if a republican candidate can unseat barack obama as president. fog is expected once again overnight. but it's not expected to be as dense. we will see the bay areas with fog, but it won't persist as long either. temperatures in the 40 for the most part to start the day. warmer temperatures for the bay shores will be in the
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60s. >> let's take a look at temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. 66 in san jose, 66 in mountain view, 63 in redwood city. this is certainly an improvement because the fog really clinged onto the afternoon. 60 along half moon bay. 60 for the north bay. 60 in san ra rafael. take a look at our satellite and radar pictures. driving up to the north, a little bit of cloud coverage. but that's about it. we haven't seen much rain this season. 4.5 inches in santa rosa, three in sudden bruno, two in liver -- three in san bruno. below where we should be for this time of year. 37% of where we should be in san bruno, and only 31% of average in santa rosa. our extended forecast showing no rain in sight. >> through the rest of the week, we'll see a mix of sun and
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clouds. temperatures on the mild side in the 60s. sunshine and mild conditions for the weekend. it's a long way out, but the long range computer models are showing rain for about the 15th and 16th of this month. so we will certainly keep you posted as we head into next weekend. the ipad two is so popular now, it's created a new thriving market. accessories for the ipad. so here's a look at some cool, unique, and useful accessories. i love this thing. the speakers are not that loud on the ipad. the lodgeitech wireless sound box can help you out. >> and here's a completely different speaker for the ipad that blends in a stand. it gives you i good sound boost, and gives you a way to dock the
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ipad up right or sideways. of it will also charge when it's dockod this stand -- docked on this stand. this is a small back pack that holds the ipad. it comes built with a drop-down flap so you can wear it on your front side, and use the back pack to hold your ipad hands-free. an emerging trend for the ipad is blending in real-world physical toys you control with your ipad, like this remote control helicopter. you download a free ap, and then you can control it from your ipad. >> for a closer look at these accessories and where to get them, log onto, and look for my tech page. tune in at 8:00 pm tonight for more of this story.
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raiders and 49ers coaching news. and surely bowl highlights.
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ers coaching news. and surely bowl highlights. good evening, everybody. the bowl season is in its final week. we're counting down to the national championship game, lsu, and alabama next week. this is the sugar bowl. junior hemmingway got 1 foot in college. that's all you need. michigan had a 17 -6 lead. touchdown. overtime tied at 20. brandon gib -- how many of these games come down to a field goal? gibbons makes the field goal. first year coach brady hope gets the gatorade thing. that's it. 23-20. michigan wins the sugar bowl. stanford is terrific. they returned home today . david shaw, the head coach, next year
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without andrew luck. dave will be front and center. we'll see exactly how his recruiting class works, who his new quarterback will be. talking about last night's game, though, and the poor kid who missed the field goals. >> we try not to put our kids in that kind of positions where it's up to him to try to win the game. >> how's your kicker doing? is he taking this hard? >> he is , he is. and i told him he should. this is a tough thing. but he's going to come back stronger, he's going to come back better. in the not too distant future when his kicking on sunday, he's going to remember that kick and it's going to make him a better kicker. >> jordan williamson is the guy's name. upon his teammates and coach shaw have his back. stanford though, what a terrific season. all the signals are out there. but the raiders have yet
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to confirm that chuck bresthathanbresnahan has been let go. this followed the san diego game. the raiders just blew it down the stretch losing last -- four of their last five games. denver sneaking to the playoffs, and you look at the numbers under chuck on paper, you can make a case that's the worst defense the raiders have ever produced. winning teams always have hot assistants. and greg roman, the offensive coordinator for the 49ers last month, the word is that he visited with penn state about their opening replacing joe paterno. we you will know how difficult -- we all know how difficult that job appears to be. but it would at least triple his salary. he says it would be a dream come true. but he will give the rest of this
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year his full attention to the 49ers. but the word is, he's one of two or three finalists for that job. norv turner's win over the raiders apparently saved his job am he'll be brought back the last month and a half. every time you turn on the tv, the experts had him out of there. and a lot of it's body language. you think oh, poor norv. he won't fight back. are you kid something >> he's fought through three jobs, washington, the raiders, and san diego. he'll be back. and philadelphia also says they'll get andy reid. the as are keeping coco crisp. 2-year deal, $13 million. producer, give me 5 seconds of each guy. a fun performer. i think he's going to pull up and shoot the jumper right here. nate robinson. nate didn't have a team. and boys are going to give him
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another chance. and david beckham is going to stay playing for the la galaxy this year. >> goodnight, everybody .
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