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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 4, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>darya: a photo finish near the iowa caucuses. eight votes separated the winner, mitt romney from the second place finisher rick santorum. each of them collected 25 percent of the vote. cox access holstein hauser is live in iowa for a recap of the excitement. fourth >> it looks like the iowa caucuses will live up to their reputation of narrowing the field. last night, a photo finish between mitt romney and rick santorum he was edged out by just eight votes. once
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again, the hawkeye state made history. >> thank you, iowa. >> former senator rick santorum, a momentous night. >> we will be says new hampshire, we will be to borrow and spend our time of their. >> the former massachusetts governor was an overwhelming front runner. he is ready for round two next week. >> on to new hampshire. let's get the job done. >> ron paul is making his bronze medal sound like gold. >> off this movement is going to continue. the former house speaker remains ready to fight. >> we are not going to run
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it nasty advertisements. i do reserve the right to tell the truth. the fact >> i have decided to return to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus and determine whether there is a path forward for myself in this race. >> after finishing last place, michelle bachman took the night to digest her results. she will hold a press conference today. >> all eyes are on bachman and carry, for the rest of the candidates, the fight starts in iowa and it moves to new interests. >>james: we will keep you updated on any developments. michelle bachman is expected to hold her press conference sometime in the 8:00 a.m. hour.
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>>erica: people are noticing to things as they with that. there is no fog to deal with, some locations are hovering right above freezing. mostly clear skies and patchy fog that is not affecting visibility. as we head into the afternoon, a mixture of high clouds and sunshine. some locations are warmer neighborhoods 40 was 70 degrees. as we head into the overnight hours will continue to see partly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the low 40's. downtown san francisco on the mild side coming in at 49. forties in the north
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bay, '50s everywhere else. we are expecting sunshine in the low 60s pretty warm for those of you in mountain view. we are anticipating a hazy sunshine. 62 for those of you in downtown san francisco. the 7 day around the forecast shows a mix of sun and clouds. phfft and
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>>george: we are not tracking any hot spots. take a look at the bay bridge. a light and easy back up even though the metering lights have been on since 628 and. on the san mateo bridge we have been problem free with great visibility across the span. kansas cost on interstate 8680, slowing showing up around highway 4 westbound. there are still no major delays for 680 westbound. your drive time hercules to berkeley has not climbed by more than a minute or two. in the south bay, we're starting to face of some slowing. that will warrant a further investigation. the stockton
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sig alert is just west of wi-fi various anax if the dead on both sides of the freeway. >>james: a developing story in san francisco, a burglary suspect is still on loose. he is on telegraph hill. police believe they have been surrounded. he tried to run from police last night. sphere he was caught trying to burglarize a home. yoli eceves has been standing by all morning long on the scene.
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>>yoli: there is a little bit of light. not enough for them to try to go in there. they do believe that he is still on the hillside. there is a lot of brush and tall trees. the last time they spoke with him was to a.m. or 3:00 a.m. this morning. since then, there has been no talking to him. they do not think he has left the perimeter at all. in the last half-hour they have surveyed the area looking for any other ski routes.
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they do still believe the suspect is in the area. they're waiting to see if he will come down. >>james: thank you. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. a very different morning today around the bay. no clouds or fall.
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>>darya: knew this morning, yahoo has named scott thompson less, the president of the paper called the vision for ebay as their new ceo. the struggling internet company has been without a ceo since september. >>james: when we come back, a live look at the weather. more in a moment. knopf
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>>george: we are tracking our first hot spots. in the south bay we noticed slow traffic 101 northbound. an accident northbound at daylit crews. it started out in one of the traffic lanes
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but has already been cleared thick as. it's once again today, a hot spot for the ride northbound. use 87 or the guadalupe parkway if you need to get around. the drive time is 26 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. it should be between 16 and 18 minutes for the northbound drive. we have been delayed free and incident free. lighter than usual traffic flow. here is
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a look at your ride on the san the data bridge. problem free eastbound and westbound delirious called >>erica: let's get straight to the numbers right outside of the door. significantly closer to where we were yesterday. santa rosa and airfields' have dropped down to 44 degrees. 49 in downtown san francisco. not too bad there. low forties for the most part. 41 in oakland, 43 for those of you in redwood city. let's check out how much cooler it is this morning compared to yesterday. into the
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afternoon, we are anticipating >>james: this video shows you some of the police cars
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that were involved in this high-speed chase. it looks almost like a derby with cars bouncing off of each other. let's walk through what happened. it's an officer was pulling into the parking lot at the moment is this going on. the officer saw what was happening in the started it chase. kenneth with police were
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able to corner the suspect and taser him. it ultimately placed him under arrest. reggie kumar has more. >>reggie: san jose police say they stopped the carjacking suspect here at this intersection of mccrery and allan rock. you can still see some evidence on the pavement where all of this unfolded. four police cars crashed into the sec to stop it. they say he refused to get out of the suv id that is why one san jose police officer tased gonzales through an open driver's side window. police say he did not have a weapon on him. they said he had run ends with a lot in the past but investigators have not released as the details.
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he was booked at the santa clara county jail and faces several assault with a deadly weapon charges on a peace officer as well as carjacking and resisting arrest charges. >>darya: funeral services are planned later this week for the five year-old killed by gunfire earlier this week. he was shot and killed at his family's top the truck. amy and walked up, ordered a taco, started eating it in and started firing. no arrests have been made. there is no motive. the funeral is set for friday morning at st. elizabeth's church in oakland. martinez is the third child to die from gunfire since august. >>james: and here is the view from the golden gate
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bridge siri traffic is moving well. otherwise, it is mild. erica is coming up shortly with a look at the forecast. with
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>>george: seventh place for a of. for today's, san jose on 101 a hot spot, and ask this northbound on dallas law is unique is only on the right-hand shoulder but has still managed to back up traffic. look at the drive northbound. we should be 16- 18 minutes is not 29 minutes. these the guadalupe parkway to avoid the delay. >>james: city officials have revoked a permit for occupy oakland for testers to some of the television in front of city hall. the temporary permit was originally issued in late november. officials renew the coming for several
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weeks under numerous conditions including the the television be removed nightly and that no cooking or food beef allowed inside the structure. the tv is now coming down. >>darya: the morgan hill woman accused of stealing a car with a 1 month old baby inside has been sentenced. one year in jail in five years' probation after pleading no contest to one count of child endangerment in charges related to taking a car. there is a second suspect who remains at large. there are still looking for him line now. sotho racine walking out of their reach out food bank in may as the infant's mother was walking into the food bank. that is leasing the couple took the car with the baby inside theory of the child was found safe near salinas. an >>james: class is at the creative arts trust co is back in session today after
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this fire damaged the school just before christmas. this dozens of residents were left homeless. this is video of people at the school tried to put things back together in time for school today. the school is racing to rebuild. >> the creative arts triazole will reopen on wednesday. the school suffered some severe damage when a fire alarm fire to please next door to this will just before christmas. six classrooms, the cafeteria and library lord destroyed by smoke and water damage. teachers spend all they think clawson's back together that had been relocated to the building next door. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes through your allow all sides of the clitoris francisco. we will the iraq- if
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>>james: a developing story in san francisco where a burglary suspect is stuck on telegraph hill after trying to get away from please. yoli aceves is live on the scene with of latest details. any progress in finding this person yet? >>yoli: the last time they make contact with this person was between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.. since then, they have not really made contact with the person. they believe the suspect is in the area where you see the lights shining hot. the reason why they still think he is around is because they surveyed the area. they believe the only possible places the that the suspect could escape from is right near the police online which is where you see the
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photographers. there are a lot of trees. it's easier to climb down. that is an area said, they would have spotted him if he left the area. it is pretty risky. let me say this cliff. you can see officers of on top. they're going to wait and see whether or not this person comes down. they're waiting for the fire department to come out here.
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>>darya: we have been tracking a hot spot in san jose, 101 northbound. in the last several seconds we noticed a big change in the amount of the backup on all 101 northbound. it stretches a little further out and a little further to the south. because of that, speeds have picked up. there is a lot more yellow showing up. as we check the drive times it is down to 19 minutes. this sensors are holes in a little. it is possible that
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we could see an uptick on this. we're going to concede to track it for a long-just for a little bit longer. that is the only hot spot in the bay area. we still have a sig alert on 2 05 in tracy. i will tell you about that in a moment. let's get a check on the bridges. the ride on the bay bridge still looks great. no problems for the commute here. it is an easy trip as the head towards the toll plaza. delay free all morning long for the westbound right. your commute for the san mateo bridge looks good. no problems at the toll plaza eastbound or westbound. the golden gate bridge ride looks good as well. here is the incident in tracy. this
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was a westbound and eastbound accident east of tracy and west of 55. it is backing up traffic in both directions of interstate's life trying to get to tool 5. here is erica and the weather center. >>erica: as we take a look at conditions around the bay area is mostly a. we have high clouds candace >>erica: downtown san francisco coming in at 49,
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the same for redwood city. future cast 4 shows but it's all a.m. our drain on the screen. even along the peninsula would get ashley season 60s islands. as a defense for to the afternoon, the green on the screen indicates everyone sitting in the '60s. sunshine and cloud cover. 65 is anticipated for redwood city. as we turn our attention to the north bay, 69 degrees. the kron47 day run the day forecast shows a mix of sun and clouds. we will see a lot of sunshine as we head into the weekend. >>darya: a manhunt has forced authorities to shut down a san jose neighborhood. as craig skalar tells us, ground and
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the search teams are looking for a man. he is sensitive to the arms and dangerous. >> santa clara county sheriff's deputies started an extensive search with helicopters and search dogs after a chase began after 1:00 a.m.. >> the original reason for stopping a car was a minor traffic violation. the vehicle drove slowly for a couple of blocks. once the vehicle came to a stop, the driver of the vehicle ran. to occupants remained inside of the vehicle. a couple of hours later with the assistance of the k-9 units, we located the suspect. he was in a nearby residents, hiding in a shed. he was arrested and charged with theft. he was not injured or arms. police say the two
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others in a car said the man might be armed. when everything was over, the man went quietly. >>james: we will take a quick break and we are back with more in a moment. the roof camera this morning is shown downtown san francisco. a beautiful start wednesday morning.
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>>george: welcome back. in san jose we are tracking in earlier occurring accident on 101 northbound. it has now cleared completely from a lanes in the roadway. the drive time is down to 17 minutes for the northbound commute from capitol expressway to the montague expressway. hot spot is now over. >>james: now on to weather. the first snow survey has been done but there was not much snow on the ground to
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analyze. the water content is only 19 percent of average. >>dan: in the sierra, the first survey of the snowpack. the news is not good. the snow pack is only 19 percent of normal. last year it was a 190 percent of normal. water resources officials are not upset. they say because the rain and snow was so good last year the reservoirs are high. at the same time this winter is just getting underway, so they remain optimistic. >>darya: the dow is down by 59 points. if we are looking at these declines, we have seen declines in europe as the gulf. banks and
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technology companies fell the most. bank of america and american express are the losers. offs in >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside.
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>>gary: did you and pam, all
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on the couch and watch the sugar bowl? >>gary: does pam still working? >>darya: she went to michigan. this is her team. michigan and virginia tech in its bowl game. >>gary: if this was a regular player of, you would feel bad that stanford loss, he would feel bad for that kicker who missed what would
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have been the winning kick. without a playoff, you just say, that was an entertaining, fine game, but then, you forget about it. last night, the michigan game. >>darya: it makes me wonder, as i am watching a college games, how did these high school kids make their decisions on which teams they're going to play for? you heard about a high school prospect from california, he told cal he would come in march but then he said hold on. the kids and a tweet saying he was thinking about usc. now he throws that in the mix.
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>>gary: schools have strict rules about sending tweets. in the old days you could take trips to someone's high-school and watch them play. now, it is a matter of how bigger stadium is, how many times you are on national television and kids have a lot of options.
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>>gary: i know that i sound self-centered, but as a 17 year-old, that is your job, going to school.
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>>gary: remember we were talking about andrew but yesterday, he could have gone pro last year but he turned down all of that money. fit the way he grew up, he never wanted for anything. his father was a professional player. fee is now athletic director on west virginia. money does not mean that much for him. if you grow up in a rough
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environment, off my point is, it is hard to tell someone else what to do unless you have walked in their shoes.
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>>gary: c is 6 ft. tall. a really good player. you always the one bad move away from being cut. it will be tough for him to call his own shots. >>darya: how about an 8 robinsons? i do not know how good of a player he is, but he can jump 43.5 ft. vertically. >> he is fine. i do not know
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if he will help the team, but he is fine. he has a lot of america. when he comes in the game, every place he goes, you know he is there. he plays a few minutes but then, they have to get them out. >>gary: and you were really on top of everything today.
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since >>darya: we will talk to you later. in
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>>darya: today will be the warmest day of the week so far. we're looking at a high of 69. maybe 70 in the warmest spots. the sunshine it should come out if it is not already. it is not foggy at all this morning.
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>>james: a massive fire destroys a historic building in massachusetts. it happened last night at this lumber company. the company is 108 years old. a different fire departments recalled to help put out flames. it is not considered suspicious of the investigation continues. >>darya: take a look at an emergency landing at happened north of houston. the plane landed suddenly in conroe, texas. the pilot landed on the street and hit a power pole. other than that, no one was hurt. >>james: the chp reported to fatalities compared to five deaths and 140 arrests last year. statewide, that trend
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continues saying that arrests were up in the traffic deaths down. officers arrested almost all hundred drivers in california. >>darya: one of the developing stories we are following, we could see michelle bachman dropping out of their race this morning. we are looking live at the podium where she is expected to hold a press conference any moment after she finished in last place among the major candidates in last night's iowa caucuses. she has already canceled her of the coming trip to south carolina. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. the
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>>george: there are no delays to the bay bridge in san mateo bridge. traffic is a lighter than usual. the golden gate is a problem free with a little heavier traffic flow in the northbound direction. a quick look at the traffic maps, we are hot spot free.
8:06 am
a little slowing and 680 out of walnut creek into the san ramon valley. that is to be expected. the problems on 2 of 5 westbound have meant light traffic through the of the mob has into livermore. the north bay right, while it has picked up slowing southbound, it has not delayed things. the drive time only 31 minutes. >>james: a burglary suspect still stuck on telegraph fell after trying to get away from police. yoli eceves is live with the latest.
8:07 am
>> they do have a palm print, they need to match that of the suspect, they do have of fingerprints that they could possibly feed into a machine. as far as we know the suspect is still on the hillside. we have police officers in the chokepoints' where we believe he could escape. we are hoping that we have gotten those covered. >>yoli: do you believe he lives in the area? >> there is no way to know. the way they he was moving around in the area, we
8:08 am
believe he does live in the bushes. >>yoli: he has been on the hillside ever since? >> yes. the manager chased the suspect outside and that our officers showed up. >>yoli: at this point, they are calling in the fire department to see if they can make contact with the suspect. hist
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>>darya: scott thompson is the new ceo for yahoo, he was a the president of paypal. the struggling
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internet company has been without a ceo since september. now, he joins yahoo. 50 is replacing carol barts who was fired curious also has served as frozen of paypal since january of 2008 and served as the senior vice president and chief technology officer. here's a look at the numbers. wall street not looking very good today. not horrible, just off from yesterday's gains. the dow is now down 29 flints. marks as a live look into more in iowa, the podium is set up for michelle bachman. there's quite a bit of room of going on that she will announce dropping out of the race. she had a poor performance last night in the iowa caucuses. we're waiting and watching to see if she will make some sort of announcement today about the future of her campaign, back
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with more in a minute.
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>>james: and world news, video of a rescue underway as hundreds of a flood victims in thailand are struggling to get to dry land. they're trying to get everyone to higher ground.
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more than 100,000 people have been living in harsh conditions for over a month. 20 schools have been suspended on this first day of to dozens of. >>darya: we could use some rain and snow. >>erica: we have sunshine and warm temperatures to. we would just have to take that. temperatures currently in the '40's and '30's. over nine we will see partly cloudy conditions and all localized fog with a timbre is dropping back down to the '40's. the next 7-10 days will be driving around the bay area. downtown san
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francisco's coming in at 41. low 40's along the east shore. 41 for those of you in fremont. by 12:00 a.m. the green on the screen indicates '60s. cooler along the coastline in places like mill valley. a good mix of '60s around the bay. it is expected to be the warmest of the work week. 64 and oakland, hayward and nevada. santa rosa is flirting with a 70 degree mark. a lot of 60s over the
8:18 am
next few days. we do anticipate sunshine as we head into the weekend. >>george: in menlo park we have a truck fire at the bayfront expressway three the good news is the fire department just arrived on scene. most of what you see now is seen, not smoked. this vehicle was parked so close to the shoulder that it actually started to catch some of the shrubbery on fire. the fire crews have attended to quickly. they have managed to suppress the fire. again, this is an
8:19 am
menlo park. it is of of the freeway on willow road at the bay from expressway. costa they are allowing traffic and the opposite direction beheading in the direction of the fire, traffic is on hold. >>george: of traffic volume is of but so have the speeds exceeding release we have been without problems across the span all morning. >>darya: in it news around
8:20 am
the bay, a manhunt forced authorities to shut down a san jose neighborhood fifth half craig skalar shows us if the search with police for an armed and dangerous suspect. >> this was the starting point for the manhunt some of santa clara county sheriff's deputies started in extensive search after a simple police stop turned into a chase. >> of the original stock was just a minor infraction, the vehicles from of sleep for a couple of stops. once a vehicle fancifully sign of of the driver ran. there were two other occupants inside of the vehicle. with the assistance of the canine unit, located the suspect in a nearby residents hiding in the shed. he was taken into custody in arrested and charged with that.
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>>james: and into moines, iowa we are expecting michelle bachman to show up and possibly announce the end of her campaign for president. neman and 90 everyone for being here today. once again i'm how to
8:22 am
announce a michelle bachman . >> nothing you everyone for being here. my name is michelle bachman. and there is the responsibility to watch over our republic. from the time of the pilgrims to the time of our founding fathers, all we have to do is look around. very clearly, we are encompass about witnesses that bear witness to the sacrifices made to establish the united states and the precious principles of freedom that make it the greatest force for good that has ever been seen on the planet. every generation has served as the next steppingstone down the path of our liberty. every day, i am reminded of the conviction that we have to the principles of freedom and justice. this painting hangs in the united states capitol. ben franklin served
8:23 am
as a constant reminder of a fragile republic that he and founders gave to us. that they served as the inspiration for my run in the presidency of the united states. i believe firmly that what congress had done and what president obama have done and has in obama care endangered the very survival of the united states of america. i knew
8:24 am
that it was my obligation to ensure that the president's program of socialized medicine was stopped before it began-just before it became fully invested. obama care and violates our fundamental liberties as americans including taxpayer funded abortion. deeply troubled by
8:25 am
the state of our country, iran for the presidency for most as an american citizen who believes in the foundation and greatness of our american principles. our friends will derive their meaning from the founders' belief which were rooted in the immutable truths of the holy scripture, the bible. a congressman by title, but i have never been a politician nor will i ever hope to be. i am not motivated in this quest of glory or the promise of political power. i served one purpose in washington d.c., to lead an effort as the leader of this country. i am passing on and protecting the torch of liberty. i have repealed a bolt of volunteer and the election of 13 additional republican senators to guaranteed the legislation's
8:26 am
demise. these words are a warning. the implementation of obama care will be a turning point for our country and economy. and what did we give it in the sacrifices to ensure the survival fact of this incomparable republic? 2012 is our last chance to repeal obama care. obama its
8:27 am
policies, i wanted on children to live a free and have better opportunities than our parents gave to us. iran secured a promise of a rare children's future. i decided to stand up and fight for our freedom, stand up and fight for the survival of the nation. and will continue to fight for more liberty and less government, to fight the overspending, to keep our country free, safe and sovereign. a fight and excessive the regulation and a tax code that is absolutely unfair and is killing american competitiveness. of will
8:28 am
protect traditional marriage and fight to secure our borders. at will fight for this country and the american people every day in the way that god allows me to. i have just one message. i mean what i say and i say what i mean. i have told you the truth, our country is in very serious trouble. this might be the last election to turn the nation around before we go down the road to socialism, to a burden of debt to heavy for our children to bear. i did not tell you what i need to be false. i did not try to spinning. i listened to the people of iowa and all across america. thing they agree that president obama
8:29 am
and his socialist policies must be stopped. the government should expect the rights and opportunities of the people. we believe the government should do its job, enumerated by the constitution. last night, the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice. i have decided to stand aside. if we are going to appeal obama care and take back our country we must do so united. we must rally around a person that our country, our party and our
8:30 am
people's elected the that standard but make no mistake. i will continue to be a strong voice in and stand and fight for the country and the american people and for our freedom. mr. franklin and all of the founders, all of the men and women gave their last full measure of devotion. our military, our veterans, there are watching us. they are expecting us to stand up and protect what they thought to give us. we owe it to them and to our prosperity and to the god we serve that created as and give us life, to keep our republic free.
8:31 am
>>james: michelle bachman officially ending her running for the presidency. >>darya: let's talk to george in traffic, we have a hot spot. >>george: will road westbound. this is right in
8:32 am
between willow road. we had all lanes shutdown because of this truck fire. when the truck pulled over, this tree started to catch on fire, when the fire department arrived on scene, they quickly extinguished the flames and went into the back of the truck to extend those whatever materials it and found in there. as we mentioned, all traffic had been shut down. it has been reopened in the last few minutes. the westbound traffic coming from the bayfront expressway will be able to get onto city streets in menlo park. is there is a school not far from here. i imagine some of this traffic may very well be parents dropping their kids off. here is what we're talking about. willow road runs in the middle, in-
8:33 am
betweens university avenue and the bayfront expressway. the location of the problem is just west of highway 84. a quick check on the golden gate bridge shows a beautiful conditions and a beautiful day for drive in from marin county. >>erica: this morning, it is all about the numbers. pretty chilly temperatures out the door. as we head into the afternoon the focus will be on the warm temperatures in some locations getting near 70 degrees. santa rosa is coming in at 35, same for fairfield. warmer in places like downtown san francisco. pretty much everywhere else we are seeing low forties around
8:34 am
the bay area. 43 for a work. into the afternoon we are seeing plenty of 60s the area wide. fame makes of sun and clouds. mountain view could be one of the warmer areas coming in at 67. check out the afternoon high for santa rosa. 62 expected for downtown san francisco. we are taking a quick break. the kron4 news will be right back. stay with us. guests
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>>james: chrysler says that its u.s. sales rose 26% last year as they continued their turnaround. the ended the year with strong sales which there are contributing to strong sales for the chrysler sedan. they are among the first car makers to report sales this year. they sold 284,000 more
8:42 am
vehicles than they did in 2010. chrysler ran out of cash into the of the nine and it needed government help to survive. it is now majority owned by its italian partner fiat. we are back with more in a moment. costs in
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>>george: a truck caught on fire and for a while was catching fire to be surrounding shrubbery. in looks like they have completely extinguished the fire to the truck and to its load as well as the surrounding shrubbery. cut the westbound lanes of willow road are shut down.
8:46 am
this is a residential neighborhood. career it carries some traffic from the dumbarton bridge. on the traffic maps, you can see the area of which we are speaking. this is the dumbarton bridge, this is university ave. willow road cuts down the middle like silk. the sensors indicate traffic is slowing coming from the dumbarton bridges. some traffic does try to make a left turn onto will love. you'll have to use university avenue or the bayfront expressway to get over towards menlo park. delays persisting for a while but again, the fire is out and at least one lane is open westbound of which is the direction of the incident. here is a quick bridge check as look at your ride on the bay bridge. delay freeing for about an
8:47 am
hour. the san mateo bridge has been delayed free. a light and easy ride. the golden gate bridge, heavy traffic southbound. there are no problems with the commute on the bridge or through marin county. hull get a check on whether with erica experience >>erica: one thing was evident from all of your camera shots, plenty of sunshine and clear skies for the most part with temperatures in the 30's, 40's and 50's. as we head into the afternoon, high clouds and plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the this-upper 60s. as we head over night, partly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the low forties. temperatures outside the door are noticeably cooler that what we saw yesterday if.
8:48 am
cachexia bob >> at all of this dream to the face 60s a remedy.. as we advanced the clock to the afternoon, the green becomes more widespread basically indicating that everyone will make it in '60s. mountain view could get up to 67. check out santa rosa coming in at 69. 62 expected for sanders up a-share center fell in downtown san francisco. faja
8:49 am
>>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we will be right back. in hand and what we
8:50 am
know of return of >>dan: if if i hate that
8:51 am
this panel called off a row and a dad did it will siegel's the high stats medium that's loaded people or more chagall off and who
8:52 am
does it goes back and not
8:53 am
>>darya: back in maine and infant with take and when a couple stole the vehicle. one month old was found safe several hours later, the woman involved has been sentenced to one year in jail and five years of probation. >>darya: occupy protesters set up atp in front of city hall. a temporary permit was issued in late november.
8:54 am
officials reviewed the permit for several weeks under numerous conditions including that the tv be removed nightly and no cooking or food be permitted inside. police say that protesters refused to comply. 8:54 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: we are following a story out of san francisco where phillies are trying to find a burglary suspect food tried to run from police last night kissed he is now stuck or somehow trapped and telegraph hill. yoli eceves has been following this search, what is going on right now?
9:00 am
>> the fire department is trying to raise the ladder and get closer to the hillside to make contact with the suspect. the last time they spoke with him was between 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m.. he asked officers to turn off the bright lights. since then, they have not spoken to the suspect. we are not certain that he is here but the police department believes he is still in the area because of the terrain. they say were ever he can exit, they have a police officer there and he would not have passed them. you can see how steep and sharp the cliffs are. he would either fallen or they would have seen the brush moving around. they believe
9:01 am
he is still here on the hillside. this means he was on the hillside more than 12 hours. he has been out here for a long time. another thing the police department is working on, they were able to find fingerprints skin the area that he was laughing ps3 free was caught burglarizing some of these apartments. foggy now it is a matter of taking that to the station to see its have a match. >>darya: new this morning we heard from four republican presidents of canada michelle bachman. she dropped out of the race is 15 minutes ago. >> i will not be continuing this race for the presidency. my faith in the lord god, this country our
9:02 am
republic is unshakable. as i have travelled i have seen the best in our country and i will always believe in the greatness of that in of greatness of the god i serve. >>darya: rick carey is staying in the race series he treated this morning that the next leg of the marathon is the pot metal state, south carolina. the primary is the 21st. new hampshire is is next tuesday. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney if walked away from iowa us with a very narrow win it last night. he beat out rick santorum for the top slot, but only by eight votes. let's take a look at the results. mitt romney and santorum had 25 consent that as i said, mitt romney wound up on top, just a few this separating them. from paul was in third place with 21 percent followed by new
9:03 am
gingrich and there is art. with 10 percent of the vote. mitt romney says he is looking for to the next big battle which is new hampshire in taking aim at president's time in the white house. >> i think the president has instituted an anti investment, and tie on to ignore, anti small business and anti jobs philosophy and strategy we have ever seen in this country. i would get america to once again be the best place in the world for enterprise and job growth. my second point is, he has simply grown government way beyond the bounds of reasonable korean he added 135,000 new jobs, the deficit is completely out of control. you have to make america attractive for jobs. part of that is shrinking the size of the federal government. >>darya: @ justine is expected to endorse mitt
9:04 am
romney today. mccain will make that endorsed and later today. stay with kron4 for the latest. we have covered continuing right here and on our web site. if it tough >>darya: george is in the traffic centers more on a hot spot serious >>george: this is not on the freeway. it is of of the bayfront expressway. " the dumbarton bridge heading into menlo park, of how multiple 41 of 1, craig skalar if live on the scene. some of the shrubbery caught on fire. >>craig: a very strange situation. bull lanes are now open on willow road. the flames started in the front of the to fearful the flames started to go out of
9:05 am
control. eventually the of the work of fame as the block the road altogether. but car all needed a linen truck. everything was contained. traffic did back of leaving on to will rule of law to the dumbarton. traffic is moving freely on will look. the fire department has pulled out, so has the chp. it said 15- 20 minutes to get the fire out this said everything to and control. >>george: traffic is now moving in both lanes. there is still a backlog coming from the bridge. i will switch over now to the traffic maps. here is the
9:06 am
right coming from the bridge. this is the dumbarton bridge. the red is university ave. this is the bayfront expressway. if traffic trying to make a left turn is backed up onto the bridge. it is still slow coming from the west and. it has added a little time to the trip of of the dumbarton. the best bet is to stay on the bay from expressway, especially if you're headed north on highway 101. here is a quick bridge check from our hot spot in the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been a light and easy ride for the last hour and a half. the senate tabor's is the problem free. the commute is winding down nicely. without delay on the golden gate, no major delays
9:07 am
or problems through marin county on 101 southbound. >>erica: it is shaping up to be a beautiful morning around the bay area with plenty of blue skies. >>erica: we are old and on to pretty chilly temperatures series santa rosa and fairfield are still holding on to 35 degrees. 44 oakland, 43 for those of you in hayward. into the afternoon widespread '60s. south plenty of sunshine 69
9:08 am
year after and high in santa rosa. 63 expected to afternoon high and vallejo. clear conditions over the bay area. as we check out your 7 day around the bay forecast, nothing but sunshine with temperatures trend in the '60s. we will take a quick break in the kron4 news will be right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>darya: we have new details, a walnut creek man was struck and killed by a california highway patrol officer and a shuttle bus in the lake tahoe for early on years states. alex morrow was wearing dark clothing and walking in the left for eastbound lane when he was struck by the truth fan who was driving just before 1:00 a.m. on sunday mornings if he was then struck for a shuttle bus travelling in the opposite direction. investigators say the chp
9:12 am
officer did great depths year away from the officer. for the california highway patrol made in the usual dui a rest. a chp your unit patrolling highway 37 noticed an airplane flying dangerously close to the road with. they estimate the airplane was within 100 ft. of cars and as low as 50 ft. off the ground. the minimum altitude is supposed to be 500 ft.. the officers followed the airplane to the petaluma airport and confronted the pilot about reckless flying. they also say they smelled alcohol on his breath and arrested him for flying while intoxicated. police say the number of new year's the dui arrests were up. the chp reported to fatalities and 195 dui arrests compared to five and 140 the year
9:13 am
before. officers arrested almost 1200 s for drivers which is up from the 961 arrests a year before furious fear is a look at the full drive this nicely in within the law on the san the sale of rich, it all looks it's gifts for everyone is running of the speed limit in the commute direction. there is nothing to hold you up in the plenty of sunshine. we will be right back. how the offer
9:14 am
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9:17 am
has a new-line sensitive and is seeking both. let's take a look at the big board. the numbers up and down most of the morning. the dow is now gaining in of by five points. let's go to george and see what is up with the commute. >>george: a big improvement in menlo park. we had a truck fire earlier this morning. correlate the what shutdown. fifth esteban
9:18 am
back in easy ride for the better part of the morning. for a little while there was a slow traffic at the approach to the bridge but no longer. the golden gate bridge looks great this morning as well with no problems northbound or southbound. now, with a check on whether, let's have to the weather center. >>erica: frenzy of sunshine from the camera and the blue skies. it is a mostly clear start to the morning with temperatures running on the chilly side, especially when you compare them to yesterday. as he had into the afternoon, temperatures will skyrocket. a couple of locations would was 70
9:19 am
degrees. overnight, partly cloudy conditions with temperatures in bill. outside the door with a mixture of 30's, 40's, 515 discount san francisco. it is still pretty chilly in the north bay. oakland has been holding steady at 40 degrees throughout the more her future cast does show the green on the screen indicating temperatures in the low 60s. let's get a look at the numbers for you. plenty of sunshine bay area white. mountain view forget up to 67. 64 in oakland and hayward. touch cooler through san rafael. richmond in the low 60s. 65 for those of you in fairfield. your 7
9:20 am
day around the bay forecast shows plenty of 60s across the board. >>darya: craig skalar has the latest conflict faced hurt. >> this of black honda was starting point for a manhunt. santa clara county sheriff's deputies started an extensive search with helicopters registered dogs after visible police stopped turned into a chase. he was
9:21 am
found in a resident's hiding in a shed. he was arrested and charged with theft. >>darya: we have new details about the suspect led police officers of the chase yesterday. one officer was injured. gonzales was arrested yesterday after police say he carjack in suv from an elderly man at a gas station and then led officers on a chase.
9:22 am
thyssen >>darya: will are back with more in a couple of minutes. did not go away. here is a live look at the james lick. traffic is nice and polite.
9:23 am
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9:25 am
>>darya: prosecutors say the man suspected in the arson sentencing is under investigation in his homeland for a house fire. prosecutors say that. burkhart is a suspect in the october house fire in northern frankfurt. he came to attention here after filing an insurance claim on a house owned by his family on a date it burned down. there were 50 arson attacks over new year's weekend in los angeles. they started in
9:26 am
vehicles and spread to structures. new this morning, video of rescue crews who are trying to aid flood victims in thailand. emergency crews fought food and supplies to villages that have been cut off. more than 100,000 people have been living in harsh conditions for over a month. at least 20 schools are suspended for chinese officials say 16 people are dead in a bus crash. the bus went out of control and flipped from a snow-covered ridge in the southern part of the country. this
9:27 am
accident is china's second deadly bus crash. 9:27 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. with
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9:29 am
>> i am deeply grateful the entire campaign team in iowa, south carolina and
9:30 am
everywhere. i have no regrets. not until her. >>darya: rick. staying in their races despite finishing fifth in the race. the next leg of the marathon is in south carolina. the south carolina primary is january 24th. that is the big one at that mitt romney is looking forward to after his big win. it was a narrow victory. he beat out rick santorum for the top slot by just eight votes. let's take a look at the results. romney and santorum had 25 percent of the vote. the tie was decided by eight votes. mitt romney won by a handful close. hot since mid
9:31 am
gingrich had nothing 13%. joining us live the to talk about this is a news director at alex is the station in davenport, iowa. this was the closest caucus vote in history, right down to the wire. what was it like to be in iowa during this battle? >> it has been a very exciting. what is interesting is, at this year, there have been fewer visits by the candidates did what there were four years ago. four years ago, every day we had a candidate for about six weeks this year, we really did not see that until the final couple of weeks. it is interesting of
9:32 am
in the past three weeks you can go anywhere without seeing campaign signs. >>darya: i understand there were a barrage of advertisements. santorum got 30,000 votes compared to some of the other candidates, but whether they were negative or positive, the ads for murdered in within the last couple of weeks. >> we did not have our first commercial on to the beginning of december. cost mitt romney spend a tremendous amount on negative advertisements. >>darya: the fact that it was so close, did that delayed the vote counting? is there any concern about
9:33 am
only eight bowl separating them? >> it is interesting, we did not get the final results until overnight because it was so close. there was a one county where there was a problem reporting boats to the state headquarters. clinton county. there were 300 votes there for mitt romney that could have pushed them over the edge. we did not find out until overnight, the actual winners work. with only eight votes separating the candidates, in any other situation, certainly in the primary, he would be hearing a recall or a real and that is something that is not feasible in the iowa caucus. in many of these precincts, you have 20 people gathering in someone's home, there's not a written record of who voted for who. in some of these caucuses, it is just raising a hand. there's no
9:34 am
written ballot year in-house >>darya: and in-house how hard really an old-fashioned system. >> it is a very old- fashioned. i went to the caucus last night, there were about high hundred people. one of a larger conference in the state. ha it is definitely the whole experience. call all it is a grassroots movement. it is kind of unique. lough cahow >>darya: denise killian joining us from iowa. thank
9:35 am
you for that insider's look at what went on in the iowa caucuses. kron4 will continue our coverage of decision 2012 as we go to raise crwth could michelle bachman has dropped out of the race. those that are left are moving on. get the latest on our web siri 9:34 a.m., let's take a peek at the weather. it looks like all sunshine. >>erica: plenty of the blue skies overlooking downtown san francisco. as i want you to the weather headlines, a clear start to the morning although it was chilly. a couple of locations in the mid-30s. fifth we are looking for to the warmest day of the work with syria- continue to see a dry and mild weather pattern for 7- 10 days indicating a wet weather in the forecast. how are still holding on to his 30's has rosa and fairfield area low 40's pretty much
9:36 am
everywhere else a serious call widespread '60s, 67 on half from now and you have cost half half the satellite and radar shows clear and dry conditions. a mix of sun and clouds, a string of sunshine into the weekend when and into the start of the next work week. >>george: we have had some hot spots in this morning. we are not tracking any as the commute is winding down. we will start with a bridge check in a look at the right on the bay bridge. traffic is light and breezy westbound. fax xbox cox
9:37 am
>>george: some sluggish spot like here on the eastern shore freeway. the out a traffic is recovering pretty well. 880 is a little heavy through downtown san jose, so is northbound 85. the north bay ride is completely delay free between no lotto and highway 37 into the golden gate bridge. >>darya: 930 days, another developing story of a san francisco, police are hunting for a burglary suspect. we're going to zoom
9:38 am
in on the area that they think he is. yoli eceves is there. this is the dead and area of chestnut and montgomery. >>yoli: yesterday, he was caught by the manager of this the harvest. he was spotted by the manager who told him to drop the bags, he then jumped out of a
9:39 am
window. calis, up look them right around here. he has instead there since the ground 6:30 p.m.. they have a negotiation team to see if he will come down high remus since how this is quite rugged terrain. >> it is practically a sheer wall. it is very steep. it is probably eight stories down. thoughtful they think
9:40 am
he slid down. >>darya: while holding the bag? at >>yoli: yes. they spotted him with a tutor from backpacks. it's one of its financiers said they had jewelry missing. bad there had been burglaries in the area, maybe this is the person who have been doing this. he definitely knows his way around. he definitely knew how to get around here. of >>darya: this is something you do not see every day, a burglar jumping out of the
9:41 am
balcony. has turned into a rescue. the time is 9:41 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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9:44 am
omaha the charters will basically have water and smoke damage inside of the building. that prevented them from starting school on time. today, the wall street
9:45 am
the a year. the poll address the crowd, thanking them for their health. the back at school. had a trying couple of weeks. they are having feedback and are saying it will take a while for everything to get back to normal fuhr
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9:48 am
>>darya: the nasdaq is that, the nasdaq is still down by almost two. chrysler says u.s. sales rose 26% as they continue a tunnel around.
9:49 am
norwich of the if strong sales to the wrangler and sedan. they say they sold 284,000 more vehicles, and they did in 2010. hot chrysler nearly ran out of cash in 2009 ended needed government help to survive. it is now maturely old hall see all. george has the latest on a hot spot. >>george: it is the first time it has been tracked. there are delays and 85 northbound leading to 101. it is leading of towards willow. this is on 101 or we have a disable video of that has blocked lanes northbound. it backed up on
9:50 am
0145. how hall 80 file italy solid from hell no cost. all hell is all listen venlo furious fed has created a mile long traffic jams. right now, you would not expect to find traffic is heavy on 85 or 101. a quick bridge check as we start at the bay bridge toll plaza, no backups, delays or weeding. the san mateo bridge has been an easy ride in continues although it is still have the westbound. the golden gate is a problem free, so is the ride through marin county on 101 cell count. let's get a full check hall on the weather with erica. >>erica: let's get straight to the numbers. we have gained a couple of degrees compared to my last report.
9:51 am
downtown san francisco is already coming in at 53. as we turn our attention to feature cast, agreed on the screen indicates widespread 50th around the bay area and cooler along the coastline, places like san francisco and san bruno. as we advance the clock closer to the afternoon, everyone will be in the '60s. let's look at the numbers tell behalf by neighborhood. the upper 60s in places like the hon your 7 day around the bay forecast shows 60s and partly about to rise over the next couple of days with sunshine into the weekend. fan >>darya: 8:01 a.m. and look at a little hoyas held of the line here in oakland. och he was killed outside
9:52 am
of his family's top a truck in east oakland. he was shot while standing a few feet away from the audit. he there have been no a rest made amharic killed no motive. i'm rojas' martinez is occur hough a guy from gunfire wounded since august. in morgan hill woman has been sentenced for stealing a car with a one- year-old baby inside. she was given one year in jail and five years' probation. career another man in hand castillo, loose. this he was hurting autumn the infant's mother left the baby in the car. the couple took the car with the baby
9:53 am
inside. the baby was found a few hours later safe in salinas. >>darya: a permit has been horrible for occupy protesters to keep this tepee in front of city hall. howard jordan revoked the temporary permit that was issued in late november. it was renewed with several conditions including the tv being removed at me. there was supposed to be no cooking or food the protesters refused to comply with that. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we are continuing to fall in developing story live in san francisco at telegraph hill where police and firefighters on iras john hiatt burden
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>>darya: yoli aceves is watching as police and firefighters are trying to figure out how to get a burglary suspect out of the woods and of of this cliffside and telegraph hill. >> they are still negotiating with the man. the last time i spoke with him was 15 minutes ago. when of the firefighters ask him ahead if he wanted help. he asked everyone to leave. it looked like this standoff is going to be longer. this all started yesterday when he was caught by the building manager coming on one of the apartments with two bags. he stopped when the manager told him to a man jump over this fence and slid down with his help. the ended up
9:58 am
somewhere around here. >>darya: stay tuned to kron4 for the latest, stay tuned and have a date.
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