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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> the chance for reflexively support coming up.
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>>pam: richmond is looking at a decrease in crime with a 14% decrease. compared to the year, 2010. this is the third consecutive year that richmon has seen a drop. armed robberies were also down by 33 percent. carjackings for also down 35%. rob breeze was also 65 percent this is bringing a sense of relief. >> i heard from a resident here that richmon feels good right now. and i smile because it made me feel good that somebody recognized that. it was genuinely articulated as a real feeling. richmond --. >> i can feel like i can take a deep breath and it feels comfortable. >>pam: be reduced crime rate is also partnerships with neighborhood and community
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groups but there is a down side. there was an increase in certain types of crime. car thefts were up by 17 percent. home burglaries up 15%. >> we are tracking crime in the morgan hill area with burglarized homes in the south- central portion of that city. 17 different homes have been hit in the last couple of weeks between these streets. tnnant ave and e dunne ave this is usually at late morning when people out running errands. they are worried that their home could be targeted, next. >> watch this. this woman was taking my picture that is how
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spooked some neighbors have become. >> we're looking out for anybody suspicious. we want to be mindful of what is going on our round here. >>reporter: her parents and next-door neighbors are just who is a victim. they could be going door to door. from partially blanc -- drawn blind she has seen the suspect in action. >> he has knocked on the door at this one but first, he went to hers. and he went to her house, first. and then he went to the home of that is for sale. and i think that something is going on. >>reporter: debbie says that this haperson has gotten througa broken screen. neighbors are
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keeping watch. >> i've been looking out making sure that everything is secure and people that is in the neighborhood along here. people that do not? to force them out. >> it is pretty scary it is such a violation. >>reporter: they are urged to lock their doors and papers he is described as a latin male. 5 ft. 6 in.-5 ft. 9 in.. he has tattoos on his arms and hands. in morgan hill, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. ♪ >> clear skies on this friday night. some nice temperatures with 50s in redwood city. 41 degrees in fairfield, with some fog early for the north bay valleys. but look for nice temperatures. low mid 60s.
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typically, 50s for this time of year but up to 63 degrees in novado, napa. 62 in vallejo. the wind could be an issue. with strong winds for the higher elevations. sunday looks nice. with some record high temperatures! tuesday, we could see rainfall with rainfall indicated on our computer models. >> samsung started off with the bang! the making of smart phones and smart chips to computer chips thinking that this is going to be their big year! the south korean firms surged past apple after the top built on its supremacy of the rich product
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lineup and a sleek design. it is doing well against its computers competitors. with record profits! >> not only is there growing in the economy, others not work in the quality. one person of the tumor-- the wireless band with s showing extreme is growing and in 20 03, only 40 percent now, 70 percent. london is going to let put a large wifi network. that will allow tourists to easily share on their individual social networking sites it will be the largest life might not work in europe.
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>> sometimes you are bit for a big accident, sometimes not so good. {laughter} >> we will be back. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>pam: a novado man is behind bars accused of molesting a 15 year-old. hector was are rested after the victim confessed and came forward. he is behind bars. >> also, these men are accused of directing an openly gay woman. twice. at this outreach committee held vigils for her recovery. this is one of the
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area's work it allegedly occurred. this is also could be classified as a heat crime because of the victim's sexual orientation. today, the obama's administration included the word " man ". this is important. why markers used those statistics to allocate free " sources and helps victims. it also increases were digit that the words must include the victim were trying to stop physically, the victim. .
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>>pam: a man suspected of two different sexual assaults and the mission district is behind bars. the first was on the south van ness in june and the other on 24th street in november. this is surveillance video photo. he is connected to physical evidence to the scene of the crime his name has not been released. >> the 2012 homicide here is his picture. this could have been a case of mistaken identity. he was shot and his driver last night and he died at a hospital. they say that this could be
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gang-related but now rests have been made. lucas was not a gang member. >>pam: the 5 year old service was held today. he was struck and killed last week at the family taco truck. >>pam: good news about the u.s. economy delay report showing that the unemployment rate is down at 8.5% that is the lowest rate in three years. government officials say that the added 200,000 jobs in the month of december but it would take six of the more jobs to get the united states levels that were before 20 07. nationally, could add in the bay area, even better. dan kerman shows you the
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numbers, what types of jobs and where there are located. >>reporter: all types of the bay area are not equal. still, they are doing better however that that rest of the state. >> many people that are driving the local economy throughout the bay area are in the more skilled/technological high skilled areas. that is why we depend on the leading edge. to reflect that type of strike on hiring. >>reporter: the santa clara valley has led the growth with an increase in 3.3% at 28,400 jobs added. the bulk has been in the high-tech industry. will's capital management says that other sectors are looking at growth at wells capital -- retail is also looking at growth with personal services sometimes lower servilower-tech but still
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growth. a 1.6% growth in the san francisco, centel. >> software applications, and even harder to the extent in the bay area real we are still seeing job growth in tourism growth as well. >>reporter: the only source but is contra costa county and alameda which has left behind. of only a pretense of 1% only adding 2800 jobs in one year. financial experts say that construction spending continues to decline but the tech is now providing the same driver is and other types of growth in the other bayt areas. dan kerman, kron 4. and other -- bay area. >>pam: this is occupy oakland.
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earlier, they tried to remove a teepee from dry cocoa plaza. frank ogawa plaza -- however, this tells kron 4 how bad it can impact business. >> what is been like for you? >> people do not want to come over here to get their shoe shine or shoe repair because of the occupy people camping out it killed my business. if it killed me. from what i would say $300- $400. if that and i have to feed a family. and my brother, it is killing me! people do not want to come over or to any type of shoe repairs or anything. they
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look like our homeless camp. >> they said they represented 99 percent? >> if they represented 99% they would get their shoes shined. and not one of them has cut in their shoes shined. not from me. and talk and the " down for me qua? -- they did however break y window. and you are my first customer. i have been here since 7:00 a.m.. prior to the occupy movement was it like? >> there are different people, 8:00 a.m.,-nine people, they come in waves in the use we have customers in those woods but not anymore. >>reporter: in oakland, a haazig madyun kron 4. >> at the train project is going forward. phase one of the
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project will begin in pending approval. phase one builds this road from santa rosa to downtown a sun roof fell. phase two would extend it further south. and phase three would be completion north towards cloverdale. terisa estacio has more. >>reporter: i am in downtown san francisco right next to 101. just up from that bus depot on to third street. these are on the road trucks that will be the new hall for the smart train. this is a picture of one of the train's being built right now in illinois. you can see it is very modern looking. judy arnold is on the smart tracking board of directors. she explains how this has finally moving forward. how the board believes that this entire project will benefit the
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north bay. >> this has spent and fortunate/unfortunate story. unfortunately, they have scaled back the operations to a 37 mi. track. >> fortunately, the economic bids were low and were able to go further and go further than we thought. speaking to other areas, like dallas texas. their projection fact and number of cars was so much more than they had projected. we did our research. we will frankly a huge-will see a huge resurgence of this project and progress. our -- our board is wanting to see this, sooner! >>pam: san francisco with new
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sheriff is under investigation for domestic violence. there was an incident between his wife and himself. the wife issued a statement saying that these allegations are false and that he has never been abusive. he will be sworn in as sheriff this coming sunday. ♪ >> looking through san francisco, clear skies and temperatures in the 40's and the 50's. at midnight, we could see patchy fog developing in the north bay. otherwise, mostly sunny conditions and it will be sunny for tomorrow but the wind will be getting gusty. the specially for afternoon. the future cast is looking at not too bad. 10 m.p.h.-20 m.p.h. showing on future cast. stronger
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breezes near fairfield and the higher elevations. and as we get towards the evening, they will begin to subside. >> coming up, porch the ups0-- thefeft, or to the figure at a homeless encampment. @p@@@
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a new paper -- >>pam: a new neighborhood it stop. this is and upper fillmore. >> if you need a home cooked meal? check out rooster tail! check it out, chef, co-owner. and your better half? he is busy
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were not going to bother him. this is american comfort food? >> yes. we are getting the chicken they are delicious. they are free range. they are marinated here. we are concerned with keeping them healthy and not too salty. and serving a house made korean sauce with plenty of herbs. >> and who cooks at home? >> i do a lot of the cooking at home. >>reporter: are these family recipes? >> yes, yes! >>reporter: how would you classify these? >> these are american recipes with a personal touch. i like to be known as a neighborhood restaurant. >>reporter: what is this? >> we even have soft serve ice- cream is perfect to grab on your way.
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>>reporter: and these are definitely kid from the? >> yes! and adults. >>reporter: rooster trail rooster tail is affordable, only $30 for the family of four people. >>pam: coming up, gary radnick and his lovely wife. opening of the e-mail. and the highest honor in sports.
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>> here is stanley roberts who found some people peak heating badly. >> this crash of a porch steps believe that it is just from a few hundred yards away in the is homeless encampment. it borders the coyote creek. this -- crasr
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we are looking to see if we could see those packages. at the first in camass sound i found a shopping cart and inside, still brand in the box it was still in its original container. i also found children's dolls, and a 500 lb cast iron bench the kind you would find in a city park. and your guess is as good as mine. it was pretty scary. and this brush i knew that i was being watched. this was so elaborate that there were stairs at different levels. however, no shoes to be found. this man is building a new home on the side of the coyote creek. this is growing. for the residents, it
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means that keeping a vigilant to avoid any more deaths. or worse! and the san jose, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have an idea? if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at ♪ clear skies with temperatures dropping into the 30's and 40's. coolest in santa rosa at 33 degrees. however not as cold as last weekend and a beautiful day tomorrow. sunny and 60s these are above-average for this time of year but gusting winds. in the afternoon, possibly 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. and stronger at the higher elevations. 66 degrees in santa rosa corte here is a look at your 7 day around the bay still, no rainfall. the weekend looks great. tuesday, a
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big weather system that is going to brush us. with slightly cooler temperatures. however, it will stay dry until next friday. the chance for rainfall from this system could start on tuesday. >> gary: i love brian van aken. but how does he know it is going to rained a week from wednesday. >>pam: it is a week from wednesday. >> gary: you know that we are all friends {laughter} and do you know what a week from wednesday is. >> you are calling him on this? >> gary: 1 week from wednesday? >> it has been slow. it is been slow in the weather department these days it is not reined in the six months so i'm looking
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for anything! {laughter} even if it is a complete fabrication. >>pam: you did not fabricate. when it rains! we're going to call you in west palm beach and say that you were fabulous! i love bryan. >> gary: there is a new general manager. that frenchy-reggie will be introduced. this is the video that we have. he had a good run with the green bay packers this is his accomplishments. he is married. he was a valedictorian, does he like jack and? jackson? and the playoffs? that will be before it rains! >> yes! one week from tomorrow.
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one week from wednesday. that is 12 days from now. >> the computer model, i am trusting. >> gary: take a look. this guy has a broken jaw. week 16. he was back in practice. he has a job that is wired shut it would be difficult for him to a imagine to play. the 49ers struck it rich in the pro bowl selections. with no surprise, he is one of the best. and justin smith also named all-pro. they have a fabulous defense. willis, justin smith, and linebacker, but bowman. it is kind of funny he was not named at a pro bowl but he has been made at the
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squad with the 22 best players. bowman and the five people. >> the warriors are off to a good start. 39-35 at halftime. >> tiger woods of the former wife has purchased a home for the amount of 12.3 million. a swimming pool, and get rid of this dump. she wants to build a brand new house. and everybody jumps on tiger woods but oh my gosh! when we return it is time for email the arrival of sports criticism and galicia, are you ready to go? >> somebody are calling me a bad father, coming up.
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>> gary: there were rumors over here that you are receiving! >> how dare you take away our time. >> the draft of and true loand and luck. >> peyton manning is one of the best players. and peyton manning has a neck surgery. i would bet that payton is going to find a new home. there is no way that a competitive person you cannot
8:55 pm
compare them. andrew louck in this day and age, with these millions of dollars, get him on the field. >> it seems hot and cold on h ue jackson. >> when they asked if he was going to see if he has made a decision. like it was just a bit much. i think he was giving too much of a kick out of his new found power.
8:56 pm
>> these new orders look like the old warriors? >> gary: they do not have enough talent. add this to his ankle. if it is going to keep going out? you will set for a couple of months i do not think they're going to make the playoffs but this ownership group is going to try and keep trying to get it right. >> mary, we like that new year's eve show but was it late for your children? >> gary: none of your damn business! {laughter} >> with a big nap and then we wake them up and have a great time. >> gary: if there would not let my kids on i do not think that we would not do it! that is their main reason you do it. >> absolutely, a great were to t
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>> gary: why do think i get along with everybody i do the show and leave. >> only at a stoplight. >> see you. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005.
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