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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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three vicious attacks on the streets of san francisco. the sexual assault that left it mission district on edge. >> dealing with an animal. >> only surveillance video and this sketch till tonight. a tip cracked this case wide open. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. tonight police say the mission street rapist is behind bars. to kron 4's kate thompson who tells us how police nabbed the suspect. >> reporter: police say after weeks of investigating it was a
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tip made by a citizen to their hot line that led them to this arrest. police arresting a 32-year-old san francisco man for the sexual assaults. including the two most recently in november and december and now one back in june. >> reporter: it was an anonymous tip that led police to capture this man caught on surveillance video, in a vicious sexual assault on 24th street. >> she responsible for three sexual assaults committed along the 24th street corader. he will be -- corader. he will be booked. >> reporter: police say dna evidence connects the suspect whose name they did not
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released. >> the commonality, singling women out in the morning hours. walking down a street by themselves. usually approached from behind. thrown to the ground. >> reporter: the attacks mutt the mission district on edge. the sketch of the suspect plastered everywhere. pg&e installed more street lights. >> a lot of fear that what was happening and that there was a rapist on the loose, considering how violent the rape was. it is a huge, huge relief to the community that this rape has been caught. >> reporter: the suspect was interviewed and arrested at a housing project in the mission but police would not say if he lived there. kate thompson, kron 4 news. in light of tonight's arrest, kron spoke with one
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person who feels safer. >> reporter: how do you feel with this arrest? >> i am psyched. we were talking bad smack about this guy. you know? really scary. scary for everyone. glad to hear. san jose police are investigating the first homicide of the new year. happened last night at a house. ricardo lucas who you see here was gunned down. his sister told us her brother was a good man. >> want to find the people who killed him. he was a nice person. >> reporter: was he in a gang? >> no. he used to go to his room. >> his killer hasn't been caught. police confirmed he was not in a gang but they haven't ruled
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out the possibility the shooting was gang related. a reward is being offer to anyone with information. police are hoping a quarter million dollars reward will help crack a 2007 murder case. family and friends passed out sketches of the killer. the victim was shot and killed after leaving a nightclub. funeral services for gabriel martinez was held today. he was gunned down last month. several hundred people paid their respects today. including oakland mayor jean quan. no arrests have been made. he was one of three children killed in oakland last year. funeral services for fremont mayor. he died on december 29 at the
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age of 77. he was active in government for years. since 1976. he was elected to the city counsel in 1992. richmond has seen a decrease in some crimes. a 14% drop in relent crime compared to 2010 and this is the third year they have seen such a drop. armed robberies were down. carjackings fell, and attempted robberies were down 65%. meanwhile there were increases in other crimes, car thefts were up 17%. homicide up 23%. clear skies around the bay area tonight. nice night. cool. and colder later tonight into tomorrow morning.
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clear skies overnight. tomorrow morning, could see patchy fog, otherwise a sunny start to the day. in the afternoon winds could pick up. breezy, winds topping 30 miles per hour at times. in terms of temperatures. coolest locations tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m., 30s, north bay. 40s by the bay. through the bay nice with temperatures topping out in the low 60s with sunny skies. i will talk more about that coming up. good news about the u.s. economy. the labor department reported the national unemployment rate is down to 8.5%. that is the lowest in three years. officials say the economy added 200,000 jobs in december. but it will take 6 million more describes get the u.s. back to 2007. kron 4's dan kerman zeros in on job growth in the bay area. what kind of positions are available. >> reporter: in terms of
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hiring, allperts of the bay area are not equal. in the hole, the bay -- in the whole, the bay area is doing bester than the rest of the state. >> more skilled oriented high tech areas. that is why we have been on the leading edge. >> reporter: the valley has led it bay area in job growth. increasing 3.3% with 28,400 jobs added. the bulk of the hiring has been in the high tech industry. but he says other sectors are also seeing growth. >> it is spilling over to housing, retailing, personal services, creating other jobs, lower skilled jobs that are benefiting from the high tech industry. >> reporter: they have seen 1.6% job growths.
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15,000 jobs added. >> software. mobile apes industry. south of market. -- mobile apps, industry. south of market. seeing job growth. in tourism as well. the only sore spot is alameda and contra costa county, job growths of 3/10 of a%. adding 2800 jobs. >> reporter: construction spending in the east bay continues to decline. the tech sector isn't providing the same driver as in other parts of the bay area. dan kerman, kron 4 news. still ahead a four yearole boy in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. why his heritage is caution a problem in finding a donor and we hear from a man who found dieraries belonging to casey
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a lateral of anger against casey anthony, the womb acquitted of killing her daughter. one man is on a crusade from preventing casey anthony from making money on her fame. he put this online free. >> you would have to be crazy to pay money when you can get it for free. you can't be sued for something that isn't copyrighted. for something that is free on the internet. >> caseycasey anthony's attorney wasn't available for comment. she said she is planning to produce more videos. warriors nose diving. how are they standing and a big
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day for the 49ers. are they recognized. later in this broadcast.
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>> there is a myth about it. >> there is a drive to register donors on saturday. the information there on your screen ask the next saturday in san francisco. here is the golden gate bridge. clear skies over the bay area. temperatures are checking in in the 40s and 50s. but it is cooler in the north
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bay. san francisco 50. fremont, 44, 40s for san jose. tomorrow windy conditions. noon tomorrow, we are looking at wind gust speeds aswy go through the day -- as we go through had day. they pick up late afternoon. this is 4:00 p.m. 20-30 miles per hour. strongest winds in the east bay over the highest elevations, winds subside as we get into the evening and overnight for saturday night and into sunday morning. a nicer day on the way for sunday. both days are nice. saturday has winds. 30s tonight. north bay, throw 30s. upper 30s by the bay for tonight. and for tomorrow, highs pretty mild. 65 for mountain view.
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locland mid-60s. 60s santa rosa. sunday warmer with highs into the mid-60s, some places upper 60s. weak weather system monday and tuesday. just clouds, no rain, cooler, dry weather for the next 7 days. turning now to decision 2012. 4 days before the first primary election. the republican race took a nasty turn in new hampshire. supporters of ron paul posted a ad attacking john huntsman. kron 4's catherine heenan explains. >> reporter: the title of the movie referred to a brainwashed pow from the korean war. the ad suggests he may be working for communists. the ad raises questions about
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his adopted daughters. after deticketting the candidate, the ad ends with an appeal to vote for ron paul. >> i understand it ugly. >> reporter: paul called the ad out of order. and -- >> i speak chinese. what i object to is bringing forward pictures of my daughters. and suggesting there is a sinister motive there. >> reporter: mitt romney with a 25 point lead in new hampshire. huntsman, paul, newt gingrich and rick santorum are within a few percentage points of each other. >> the new hampshire primary is
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january 10. stay with kron and for the latest details. coming up next, the 49ers honored with an nfl best 5 all pro. gary tells you who they are ahead and the warriors take on kobe bryant and the lakers in los angeles. gary has highlights and all the sports next.
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all right. good evening, everybody. the warriors aren't good enough to beat the lakers. here is how kobe bryant does it. he loves you. he goes out and kills you. robinson, first game as warriors. he had 9 points, four assists. that is what the nba does. teams like the warriors can hang with the big boys are a half and that is what the warriors did tonight. and then kobe bryant started playing. thompson doing his business in
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front of his dad. best game as a pro. 14 points. kobe bryant 39 for the game. 7 assists, 4 rebounds. warriors made a run but then brian finds pau gasol. jackson first technical of his career. felt monta ellis wasn't getting the calls. raiders announcing the new manager, mckinsey. he is the one video we have of him. show his resume. packers since 2008. one of those guys, the word is, really knows how to judge talent. played for the raiders. university of tennessee. married with four children. big story here, is he going to take a liking to hue jackson and vice versa.
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introduced on tuesday. one of the 49ers returned today, walker. injured himself against seattle, week 16. broke his jaw. he has his jaw wired shut. doubtful for a week from when the 49ers open their playoff run. san francisco struck it rich in the pro bowl selection. they have 5. that is a lot. the all pro selection. and patrick willis is one of the 11 best defensive players. justin smith. one of the 11 best defensive players. 49ers had the best defense in football. and bowman honored as a linebacker. wasn't even selected to the pro bowl but he is in the all pro team along with andy lee and
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david acres. 49ers well represented. bowl games are almost over. monday lsu-alabama. joe adams taking on kansas state. arkansas wins 29-16. they are 11-2. this was the cotton bowl, ladies and gentlemen. the cotton bowl. james a torn in the side of the bears. he says i will forego my senior season at oregon. i want to make some money and he will turn professional. tiger woods' wife is getting rid of this dump. $12.5million. tiger gave it to her. she is going to tear it down, pam -- >> already gun gone. >> -- already gone. >> yeah. the house, it is gone. and -- that is all right? >> we are way. you laugh about it.
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