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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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protesters marching tonight in downtown oakland against what they call recent police brutality. you are looking live at police headquarters on 7th and broadway. at least 60 protesters are all wearing black and covering their faces. police are maintaining a strong presence saying it's part of their strategy to keep things under control in the area. no arrests so far. the new york times has released the top 20 travel cities. oakland has been named the number five place to travel in the world. here is a look at the top five that made that new york times list. panama took the number one spot
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followed by finland, myanmar, and london. here's more on why oakland was picked. >> reporter: the new york times names oakland as the number five place to visit in 2012. some people say yeah, they can kind of see that but others say no way. >> i'm incredibly surprised. >> reporter: surprise and instead of naming it a place to avoid, the new york times says oakland is a world class destination. >> you look at lake merritt, you look at jack london square, you look at the parks. you look up in the hills. you see the views. it could potentially be a great city. >> yeah. >> i just don't know that it's there yet. >> reporter: even those who live here and love oakland find it hard to believe but oakland is ranked higher than tokyo, san diego and florence, italy. >> there's a lot of energy around here. >> reporter: the new york times found beauty from a time that's buried in a lot of ugly
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sometimes -- times. oakland recorded 103 murders last year. three of those victims were toddlers. >> oakland's had such a stigma about the deaths. >> reporter: the upscale and restaurants says one of the main reasons the traveler should visit oakland. >> moved out here three months ago from chicago. i heard through numerous people that oakland was going to be a great place to live. so i said why not? me and my girl moved out. >> i don't know if i agree with that. >> reporter: city leaders hope this new honor will help to draw people to oakland and spend money here. this article will come out in
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the new york times' sunday paper. kron news. foreclosures and evictions to hit thousands of struggling homeowners in the bay area. today, there were demonstrations in the excelsior district. here's more. >> reporter: protesters from all walks of life rallied here in what they call the bankers triangle. demonstrators known as "ace" teamed up with occupy san francisco and they gave this bank of america a letter demanding this branch sit down with certain letters of the community to find solutions for area homeowners facing foreclosures. magdana diaz is a resident in foreclosure and is asking for a loan modification from bank of america. she says, with the help of the
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community, some of these people can get modifications to get better mortgages that they can actually afford to pay and then eventually have a stable economy. and she's not alone. she's one of 2,000 homeowners in the area to face foreclosure. gary brown also came to get help. >> the pressure to get out of our home evicted and i'm asking them to work with us because we need that. >> reporter: this is the fourth time this group has called attention to this particular bank of america branch. they are demanding the they take the property taxes owed and invest it. >> we are viable and we're focused on achieving our geeles. >> goals. >> reporter: i left messages for the media representative for bank of america and they've not returned my calls. back to you.
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new details tonight. the name of the man arrested in a series of san francisco sexual assaults has been released. frederick dosier is charged with attempted murder, robbery and rape. this is surveillance video of the suspect released by police. investigators say that they have linked him to three attacks on women. all of these attacks took place between june and december. fire investigators say smoke detectors did not work in a deadly early-morning blaze. the fire broke out this morning in bay point at a townhouse on tammy circle. while one person was able to escape, a 60-year-old woman was found dead. the fire caused around $250,000 in damage and has left four adults and children without a home. oakland police tonight are investigating the discovery of a body found in a home. kron4's jeff pierce shows us what appears to be suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: investigators from the oakland police department spent saturday afternoon going through this home in the city's
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quiet oakmoor neighborhood. at 2:00 a.m. that morning, police were on the scene of the home in the 4100 block of limen road and removed the body of a woman under what police have cave triesed as -- characterized as suspicious sshes. the home was occupied by the couple and their young child. investigators spent several homes in the home and examined the contents of what one neighbor identified as the car belonging to the couple. investigators have not declared you the home a crime scene and had no comment on the nature of the investigation. santa clara police are investigating the murder of an elderly man in unincorporated gilroy. police say the man was found shot and dilled this morning in his -- killed this morning in his home. the killers were seen leavege the area in dark clothe -- leaving the area in dark clothing and wearing ski masks. no arrests have been made. a sunny and warm day around the bay area. temperatures were up in the 60s
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and even the 70s. santa rosa all the way up to 70 degrees, tying the record for the day. oernld and hayward, 70 -- oakland and hayward, 70. mountain view, 71. these temperatures, atypical for the beginning of january. some 10 to 15 degrees above average. for tonight look for clear conditions, the breezes we've had earlier today are now subsiding. the temperatures will drop in the low 40s for santa rosa, below freezing, san francisco and oakland and for tomorrow we'll see another warm day. sunshine and temperatures reaching the 60s and possibly 70s in the warmest locations. i will let you know how long this mice weather is gonna -- nice weather is gonna lass. while folks are hoping for rain after this dry spell, all of this weather means fun in the sun. how january seems to be more like spring time for beachgoers
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in san francisco. >> reporter: the surf is up and so is the sun again, day after day of it. that means places like ocean beach in san francisco are teaming with people just as if it were able. so they are out here and their little dogs, too. >> you are aware it's january? >> no, it's more like the summer somewhere else. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not what you would expect. >> no, it's beautiful. >> we try to take the dog out and we both need to get out and exercise. >> reporter: they come out saturday no matter the weather. >> we did it no matter what the weather. >> reporter: you caught a break. >> we did. it's like summer temperatures. it's beautiful. >> reporter: higher surf up to 12-foot swells. to -- for the mankg person just en-- average american, that's good enough. back to you.
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tonight gop presidential candidates took to the stage for a debate in new hampshire. meanwhile, democrats and republicans are agreeing on a hot topic, jobs creation. both parties' weekly address mean 2012 means jobs. >> reporter: gop rivals are off to a busy weekend in new hampshire with campaign events and two debates just a few days before the nation's first primary. mitt romney looked ahead to tuesday while campaigning in derry, new hampshire. >> if we have leaders, who will tell the truth and who will live with integrity and who know how to lead, we can overcome any challenge we have. and i intend to be one of those leaders with your help on tuesday. >> reporter: in man chess ter, rick santorum took a -- manchester, rick santorum took a stab. >> he doesn't trust you.
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>> reporter: the weekly radio address by president obama and the gop's designated spokesman echoed the same theme -- job creation in 2012. leaders in washington should have no higher priority this year than getting our economy back to creating jobs. >> we have to cope at it. we have to keep creating jobs. >> reporter: newt gingrich pointed to his differences with president obama. >> i'm for helping every american creating jobses -- jobs. he's to divide the country. >> reporter: meanwhile, ron paul was in concord. barbara hall, kron4 news. >> republican challenger or democratic incumbent, one thick that every presidential candidate is offering this year is a plan to cut taxes. a nonpartisan group in washington has compared the proposals from rit romney, newt
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gingrich. the bottom line is if you are in the top 1/10th of a percent you have plenty to clear about. otherwise, not so much. >> reporter: three candidates, three plans, three different impacts on the economy. the nonpartisan tax policy center added up the proposals and came up with these procedures. if you are lucky enough to earn a million dollars a year, your taxes would drop -- >> reporter: for those earning $75,000 a year, the tax cuts are much more modest -- >> this tuesday, january 10th is the new hampshire program. stay with us. gabrielle giffords is in arizona tonight ready to mark the one-year anniversary of the shooting that left her with head injuries and killed six
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other people. now, you can see some of the preparations underway for this somber anniversary. a vigil is planned for tomorrow. gabrielle giffords was meeting with constituents outside of a greasery store last -- grocery store last january when a gunman opened fire. still ahead we'll tell you how while turkeys are terrorizing the east bay. and day one of the nfl playoffs. who the 9ers will play next week.
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wild turkeys have been known to be pretty aggressive. you may remember this video of a woman in sacramento being chased by a turkey back in october. that was until a mail truck came to the rescue who shooed this bird away. now as kron4 errors, there is a group of wild turkey in the east bay causing quite a headache. >> reporter: nobody is sure when they showed up but these turkeys have taken up residence in this field across the street
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from the albany city hall. turkeys spend most of the day behind a chain-link fence. but not all day. you might say what's the remember? they are behind a fence. but remember, they are birds with wings and it's not a problem for them to get out and when they do, watch this one. he decided to dart into traffic. the bird ran down the street and driver of the gold camry on the right side side of your screen stop. this woman lirns a few blocks over and says the turkeys tour the neighborhood. >> apparently they tied up the whole intersection in front of the police station one day. you will hear cars honk early in the morning and there's all of this gobbling and then it will stop. >> the turkeys like to stop by
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jan's house all of the time. she took these pictures the other day. the turkeys have not been causing much of a problem other than the occasional traffic jam. they've not been aggressive to people and seem to think to themselves. next time you are driving through albany, keep your eyed peeled you never know when a wild turkey will want to take a walk in the street. back to you. birds baching badly. behaving badly. [ laughter ] look at the winds. mount tam, the winds still gusty. we've seen the winds around 60 miles an hour for mt. diablo. other gusts around 30 miles an hour. but they are dying down as we go through the rest of this evening. the winds have made for some very mild temperatures. check out these numbers. 60 degrees in san francisco. it's 11:00 in january. same for vallejo, livermore in the upper 50s. fremont, 54 degrees. it's warm tonight. san jose, almost 60 degrees.
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here's the satellite view. we have clear skies. offshore winds taking place. these winds are coming from nevada toward california and it's keeping the air very dry. that's why we're going to have fog-free conditions for tonight. once again there is a storm out here in the pack but this one is riding to the north. all of the rain from this is going to stay north of the bay area. we could see a few clouds coming up on tuesday as a weak weathermaker makes its way across the bay area. but no rain with that. look for the winds to be on the decrease. dry weather continues for the next seven days. this is lake tahoe. take a look at the gondola in heavenly blowing all over the place. sunny and warm the next couple of days. chance of showers coming up with high snow levels around,000 feet. temperatures tonight -- 8,000 feet. temperatures tonight, low 30s,
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upper 30s and low 40s by the way. highs for tomorrow, looking very nice. mid- to upper 60s and close to 70 degrees in some spots. sunny skies through the day. we'll see mid-60s here for the east bay inland valleys. 65 concord, pittsburg, pleasanton a high of 66. look for readings in the mid 60s from berkeley to oakland. fremont, a high of 67. 60s for san francisco for another day. 62 the high. 67 redwood city and ha pal -- and palo alto. santa rosa we could see some of the warmest weather right here with a high of 70. 66 novato, mill valley. here's the seven day around the bay and no rain in the forecast all the way through next weekend. we'll see sunny and mild weather for the next seven days. they are already testing olympic . ifs in russia for the 2014 games. the olympic president visited two facilities under construction there. he stressed all of the arenas must meet international
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standards. the 2014 winter libs are the first for the russian
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the 4ers will be playing the saints. alabama, florida, and ohio state were finalists for desists for barry saunders.
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wow. an amazing story out of montana about the moxie of ma'am's -- of man's best friend. there was a dog trapped in an avalanche what -- that killed its owner.
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but he survived. >> he was like what? what? >> reporter: he had tag aid long on a cross country skiing. the dog made it back to the motel
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