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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 9, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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knowing can make all the difference in the world. good morning, it's 4:00 a.m. on this monday, mid-january. it feels like summer outside. doesn't it? we'll talk about the temperatures and the chances of rain in a minute. first, we'll again within the top story, there's a police stand off in livermore. the wanted parolee was on the loose. we'll tell you how they tracked down the suspected. >> the police and s.w.a.t. team members surrounded this
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house for a good part of sunday. >> reporter: the stand off ended at 4:00 when the parolee surrendered to the police. the s.w.a.t. team members pointed their guns to the house. inside was a man who they say was dangerous. >> it was scary, you see all of the s.w.a.t. team and you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: the suspected surrendered after several house. livermore police say that the suspect a 24-year-old eric antavaros. >> i've been here so long and i don't see this every day. >> reporter: this red honda civic was stolen and led them to this house. they blocked off the nearby streets police evacuated the neighbors and told others to stay in
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their homes. >> we saw the s.w.a.t. team come in, there was about 20 of them. >> reporter: the suspect tried to escape to the backyard and he came back when he realized officers surrounded the place. he was wanted for an out standing warrant. after a few hours, his mother helped negotiators convince him to surrendered. he's now locked up. the police are trying to find out if he's responsible for the stolen car. in the meantime, the woman who lived in the house is a good man and she claims this is a big misunderstanding. firefighters rescued a 13- year-old boy who was trapped under a falling boulder. he was climbing on the rocks
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and a boulder crushed his legs. the firefighters freed the boy and one was seriously hurt. another rescue after a brush fire trapped four people on liberty siled -- island. the coast guard safely evacuated people and they rescued five others stuck on a boat. no one was hurt. also, this morning, san francisco has a new sheriff this morning. it was amid-controversy from domestic abuse allegations. you can see this man on the campaign trail. according to his neighbor, there was an issue between he and his wife last weekend. his wife says that the allegations are lost. she denied being abused. also sworn in, san francisco's new mayor, ed lee.
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he's the first elected asian mayor. >> let's look at weather on this monday. it's a cold start. good morning to you, james. we're taking a live look at the conditions from the camera. it's a cold start to the morning, but clear. it's breezy. we have temperatures sitting in the low 30s, upper 20s in the area. we'll have mostly sunny conditionings and pretty much everyone making it into the 60s. as we head into the overnight hour, we'll have partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 40s. take a look at santa rosa, they're at the freezing mark. 33 over in fairfield. pretty warm for downtown san francisco. they're coming in at 50 degrees. we're seeing a lot of 40s as well. this is a degree cooler through
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mountain view. take a look at the north bay. 20 degrees cooler than in stand rose -- santa rosa and fairfield. we're at the same temperature in half moon bay and 8 degrees cooler at redwood city at this hour. this afternoon, we'll warm up and see temperatures into the 60s. upper 60s for morgan hill. 64 degrees expected for half moon bay and 65 for oakland. also, it looks like santa rosa could come in at 66. vallejo is the same. the satellite and radar shows a light, on shore flow weakening the area. we're seeing the cooler temperatures an the cloud cover
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is heading our way. we have a slight potential for rainfall. the chance is sitting at 20%. it will only affect the coastline. other than that, we'll have mostly sunny conditions into the workweek and the weekend as well. here in the traffic center, you'll see there are no meter lights. the bridge ride will show a lot of space between the cars the taillights are out on foster city. on the golden gate bridge, it's a clear start. no accidents reported for your ride out of the county. thank you very much. >> it's been a dry winter across the state. that's true in the sierra. not so this time around. look at the dry brush and
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hills. out door businesses are awaiting the snow to fall. the unseasonably warm weather is impacting businesses around the bay as well. >> usually, i'm skiing. yesterday, i was riding in shorts. that's rod. >> reporter: this is one of many cyclists crossing the golden gate bridge. locals and tourists are taking advantage of the gorgeous weather from surfing and buying and paddle boarding and enjoying a day at the beach. >> it's so warm, it's like november again. i've been biking a lot. >> reporter: they're bringing in business for retailers. >> traffic jams, people trying to walk around, families. it's been a huge boom to the city. >> reporter: blazing saddles is
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renting out an unusually high amount of bikes. many are still praying for snow in the sierra. they're offering a 20% discount on everything in the store until the snowfalls. lack of snow is disappointing, but sales are lifting spirits. >> people love to snow board and ski. people get in here and they're excited. having a dj on hand and having a lot of people, food, beverages and whatever, it's a great way to build excitement. >> both businesses and consumers say they'll make due with days like these. at 4:09, we'll take a quick break and here's a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. they're having a happy birthday this week. and i love it ♪
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sunday marked the one year anniversary from the shooting that hit gabrielle giffords. about 30 people gathered at the site where the attack took place. saturday, giffords and her husband visited the scene of the shooting and the hospital that treated her. she also made a rare public appearance at the candle light vigil at the university of arizona in honor of the victims and the survivors. she stepped on stage to hear careers and she lead them in the pledge of allegiance. now, decision 2012 is heating up. the gloves are off for the race for the white house. the fire directed at mitt romney. the man is expected to win tuesday's primary energy here's
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the latest -- tuesday's primary tuesday. here's the latest. >> reporter: the candidates battled it out in two debates in 12 hours. this is the final face to face debate before tuesday's primary. mitt romney was in a heated exchange with santorum. >> if his record was so great, why didn't he run for reelection. >> you have a surprised look on your face. >> wait, it's still my time. >> this, for me, politics is not a career. >> reporter: then, newt gingrich joined in. >> you ran in '94 and lost. the fact is, you had a bad reelection rating. you dropped out of office and you were out of state for like 200 days. >> reporter: huntsman went
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after romney for comments made about his time being ambassador to china. >> i was criticized for putting my country first. >> reporter: ron paul, when challenged over his posture on iran turned his sites on president obama. >> reporter: rick perry took a position on a war front. >> i would send troops back into iraq. >> >> well, the new hampshire republican primary is tomorrow. stay tuned for the latest details. we'll be back after a quick break on the morning news. we'll tell you about oakland making a prestigious list.
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oakland came out with number five on the top places to travel in the world. here are the top five places. panama, number one, followed by helsinki, finland, myanmar and london. people are shocked that oakland was picked. >> the new york times named oakland as the number five place to visit this year. some say, yeah, they can see that, others say, no way. >> i'm surprised. >> reporter: surprised and instead of naming it a place to avoid, the new york times says it's a world class destination. >> you look at the parks and the square and the hills and the views. it could potential be a great city. i just don't know it's there yet.
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>> reporter: even those who live here find it hard to believe. times ranks it highier than san diego, florence, italy. >> there are great new restaurants. >> reporter: the new york times found beauty in a city that's buried in ugly crimes. oakland reported 10 # murders -- 103 murders last year, three were toddlers. the times credits new upscale restaurants and bars. they say that's one of the main reasons to visit. they talked about jack london square and praise the fox theater. >> they moved out here from chicago for that exact reason. i've heard through numerous people that they were going to be emerging. why not. we moved out. >> i'm surprised. i don't know if i agree with
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that or not. >> this ranking will put okayland on the map, in a good way. >> room to keep an open mind and we'll see what we're missing. >> reporter: city leaders hope this will help people to draw people to oakland. the art cal will come out in the sunday paper. more in a minute, first, weather and traffic. hey, erica? >> good morning to you, james. take a look right now. november sad -- novado is chilly. then, we're seeing a good mixture of low 40s, upper 30s everywhere else. 2 degrees cooler than that in concord. now, to show you how much
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colder it is compared to yesterday morning. 24 hours ago. take a look at napa, they're 26 degrees colder than yesterday. for north and eastbound valleys, we're several degrees cooler. we haven't seen change for san francisco and half moon bay. 11 degrees cooler for those in mountain view. now, the future cast four shows that we'll see a mix of 30s, 40s, 50s -- as we advance closer to lunchtime, we'll see the green on the screen and also, on the south bay as well. cooler on the coastline and as we move closer and closer, all of the green indicates 60s around the area. this indicates temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast. we'll break down the numbers to show you how warm we'll get. still, above the seasonal average and cooler than what we
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saw this weekend. half moon bay, 64 degrees. 67 in mountain view. the warmer locations in the south bay. looks like we'll stay in the 60s for antioch and richmond and downtown, san francisco. now, your seven-day forecast shows a bunch of 60s as we head into the rest of the workweek. we'll continue with sunny, milder conditions and partly cloudy conditions for most of the bay area. we have a slight chance of rainfall. we're talking 20%. we'll look forward to that as we get into tuesday afternoon. i just checked with the chp, no hot spots to tell you about. if you're heading out the door now towards oakland and san francisco, not much company here. in fact, this is under 8 minutes towards fremont street
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this morning. the bridge ride moves well in both directions, seeing a bit more traffic on the right side of the screen towards foster city. this is a live look at southbound, 101, no cars on the span. the perfect time to leave the house. this is clocking in under 23 minutes. guys? well, thank you, erica. drug maker, novardis issued a voluntary recall due to mislabeled and broken pills. this involves several over the counter products. also included, buffrin and gas x. the company says that no health effects are reported. time for a break here, we'll be back with more. including tech talk. we'll take a live look outside now.
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monthly, yearly. for a closer look at the accessories and where to get them, go to the tech page. for more information, there's a video there. >> there all right, well, a terrifying scene. an australian tourist bungee jumping in africa. watch, yeah, the cord snaps and she survives. it was a 365-foot fall. she was able to swim through the rapids and reach the bank. her feet were still bound together. she broke her collarbone and again, made it to shore. the bungee company calls this is 11-meters of pure adrenaline. you may remember this video
4:27 am
of this woman being chased by a turkey in october. it was big on youtube. that was until a mail truck came to her rescue to shoe the bird away. now, as we report, there's a group of wild turkeys in the east bay causing a headache. >> reporter: nobody is sure about when they showed up, but these turkeys took up residents in the field here. the turkeys spend most of the day behind the safety of a fence, but not all day. you may say, what's the big deal, they're hanging out with a big fence, but remember, they're birds with wings. they can't fly far, but it's not a problem for them. when they do, that's when the trouble starts. three turkeys went around on the sidewalk. watch, this one decided to dart into traffic. he ran down the middle of the street and as you can see,the
4:28 am
driver of the gold camry had to stop and let the turkey go. jan says that the turkeys tour the neighborhood on a daily basis. >> apparently, they tied up the intersection in front of the police station one day. you can hear the cars honking early and then, there's gobbling and it stops. >> reporter: the turkeys go by jan's house all the time. the turkeys haven't caused much of a problem other than the occasional traffic jam. they're not aggressive towards people and seem to keep to themselves. our top stories, weather and traffic, after the break. stay with us. ♪
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take a look at this map. this lead to the arrest of six people. let's push in here. we're talking about downtown walnut creek. it was after a private party at the shyron lounge. this is near the intersection of north main and civic drive. the suspects are facing several charges including resisting arrest and fighting in public. we explain how the police described the fight. >> reporter: they described the fight as a dog pile.
4:32 am
this is the general manager of the lounge. >> from what i saw, it was herding cattle, trying to get people out and get them away from the situation. >> reporter: the police responded to another fight at a different bar when they heard the commotion on the drive. he was arrested for punching an officer in the face. >> the officer deployed her taser to subdue the gentlemen. as the officers handcuffed him, the members of the crowd pulled the officers away from him. >> reporter: the sheriff's office was called in to disperse the crowd of 150 people. >> a few others took swings at officers. >> also, in oakland, six people were arrested after a protest saturday night turned violent. this is the video of the march against what the demonstrators said was recent police brutality.
4:33 am
they're said to have throne bottles at officer's cars. well, also, this morning, the hunt is on nor an arsonist. 20 small fires were set overnight. some burnt close to home. we have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the first fire was set in this dumpster outside of the hotel off of highway 101. three hours later, after midnight sunday morning, a grass fire was set a mile and a half away. this is from a retaining wall at this housing development. at 1:00 a.m., the firefighters were called to a fire in the same neighborhood. you can see this a few feet away from someone's home. in the next few hours,
4:34 am
firefighters were called out to put out these fires. the police, including k-9 units were called in to investigate. in homes were damaged, you can see the large grassland that was bush -- burned. we don't have anything to indicate it's juveniles or adults. all possibilities are open. >> they'll have extra officers back out paying close attention to the bike path. the police plan to look at footage captured by the cameras leading to clues. as the police and fire investigators try to find out who set the fires, the dangers playing -- plague those who live in the area. >> reporter: the morning following a string of fires has its own dangers.
4:35 am
i had to stamp out these flames. all of this after the police say that the fire started was intentional. the idea upsets several. >> it scares the heck out of me. especially because it's all so dry. also, this is happening on the hill a few times before. >> yeah? >> yeah, and i live on top of the hill. >> that was years ago and residents say that the fire ran up the hill out of control. >> back at the smouldering scene, the firefighters used water and tools to put it out once again. with about 20 fires started in the area. >> what happens is this lays down and it's dry enough, it lays down on top of it. it's warm underneath of it. >> with such dry conditions, the danger is magnified.
4:36 am
well, two shootings in san francisco on sunday first happened sunday afternoon in the bay view. the victim's injuries were life threatening. there was a second shooting also around 7:00 p.m., the victim was shot outside of a liquor store. no arrests have been made in either case. we'll talk to erica now about the weather and the traffic. it was warm, it felt like summer this weekend. >> yeah, that's right, we saw plenty of people in shorts yesterday in san francisco and that was a cooler spot around the area. we'll have plenty of sunshine to go around and we'll have cooler temperatures. as of now, we have near freezing or below freezing temperatures. we'll see above average temperatures this afternoon. most will make it into the 60s. as we head into tomorrow, we'll
4:37 am
have a chance, i'm talking 20% chance for rainfall. that will stay along the coastline. more on that in the forecast. here are the numbers outside of the door. senary, a chilly start. you'll want to bundle up in stand -- santa rosa. now, as we take a look at how much colder it is today than yesterday, it's 26 degrees cooler in napa and you can certainly see the temperature trap in the north bay. not a difference in san francisco. no difference in half moon bay. about 8 degrees cooler for those of you in redwood city. we're anticipating 60s. it looks like the warmer locations will be in the south bay.
4:38 am
mountain view could get up to 66 degrees. we'll be cooler in hayward coming in at 63 degrees. as we turn our attention to the north way, we'll have a lot of sunshine. santa rose -- rosa could make it to 66. temperatures are cooler than yesterday. we have the potential for cloud cover and sprinkles into tomorrow. you'll see that on the forecast. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s today. mostly partly cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle here or there into tomorrow. as we move past that and into the rest of the workweek and inching in closer to the weekend, we'll have a lot of sunshine. in the traffic department, all is quiet. no problems here, traffic moving well from the east shore freeway and the northbound direction.
4:39 am
overat the san matil bridge, traffic is moving well. other than that, no accidents. no a single incident to report. on the bridge, there are a lot of spaces between cars. this ride is 23 minutes. james >> all right, we'll take our break and when we return, the latest on decision 2012. we have the new hampshire primaries coming up tomorrow. that, in a moment. here's a live look outside and the view from mount,theam.
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4:41 am
the gop candidates are continuing to duke it out for who's the best for the nomination and who could handle the duties of the white house. here's a closer look at
4:42 am
santorum and how he measures up. >> tell me what you would do -- >> reporter: it was a blunt statement, santorum said if he were president and iran didn't come clean, he would authorize attacks on the country's nuclear sites. >> i would say, dismantle them and make them available to inspectors or we will degrade them by attacks. >> we're not fighting a war on terrorism. terrorism is a tactic, we're fighting a war on erratic islam. >> i know one of the opponents directed his attention to me, surprisingly, he said he has
4:43 am
objective experience. we're not looking for a chief executive officer, but a commander in chief. >> reporter: the gop hopeful campaigning in new hampshire took a swipe at the current commander in chief. >> the obama administration has been an abject failure on the foreign policy front. when it comes to problems under his watch. >> reporter: santorum says he's the only one that can back up the tough talks. he served on the armed services committee and john elliott is a spokesman for the committee. >> he had eight years experience. if you look at that, hillary clinton was six years before being secretary of state. he served two more years than she did. >> reporter: most of the work was before 9/11. >> only the final year was after 9/11. most of the issue were keeping
4:44 am
funding going. >> reporter: he supported the war in iraq and opposes time lines for pulling out of afghanistan and is an advocate for ids -- israel. there's not much daylight between the top contenders. that could make it tough for him to stand out. making it harder, according to a poll, likely, voters in new hampshire continue to say that the economy, not foreign policy is the most important issue to their vote. we, the new hampshire primary there is tomorrow. we'll let you know how the votes turn out. keep it tuned here for the latest on that. >> we'll take a quick break and more after this as we take a live look outside in san francisco.
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this was tebow time. that was the first play of overtime. they stunned the steelers. yesterday, tebow finished with 316-yards, passing and 50-yards rushing. he ran one in himself. in all, the broncos head to new england for a second round game against the patriots on saturday night. over in the nfc, eli manning through three touchdown passes. the giants ran over the falcons. 24-2 was the final score. the giants go to green bay to play the super bowl champions, the packers. the play offs are about to come to the area. the 49ers are going to host the saints
4:48 am
saints are a 3 point favorite against the 49ers. time to talk to erica about the forecast. it's feeling warm out there. any rain in-- insight? >> well, we could get rain. it doesn't seem likely. that's a 20% chance. it will be warmer. it's cold as we step outside the door. locations in the 20s and the 30s. mostly sunny conditions into the afternoon and overnight hours. we'll see partly cloudy conditions. here's a quick look at the temperatures right outside the door. still in the upper 20s. at the freezing mark in santa rosa. check out downtown san francisco and half moon bay, 50 degrees at this hour. in terms of how much coolers the. it's about 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's a cold start to the
4:49 am
morning. however, we haven't seen change for places like san francisco and half moon bay. future cast 4 shows by 8:00, we'll have a mix of 30s and 40s. upper 30s for some places. as we move closer to lunchtime, we'll see the green for the north bay. inland valleys will be cooler and by 2:00 p.m., the green fills in. most locations will make it into the 60s and cooler in the upper 50s along the coast. here's how the numbers are expected to play out. cooler compared to where we were this weekend. however, still above average. oakland, for instance, could get up to 65 degrees. cooler for than that redwood city and half moon bay. santa rosa could make it up to 66 degrees.
4:50 am
we'll have that potential for rainfall along the coastline. if it hits, we're expecting less than a tenth of an inch. and the traffic center, one last check to get you out of the door. the approach is showing, not much traffic for the toll plaza. this is just 8 to 9 minutes this morning. over at the bridge, we'll show you, traffic is moving well in both directions without a single accident to report. you'll also see a lot of face around the cars. now, for whatever reason, if you're heading up to the sierra, around whit moore, a big rig went off of the roadway. the emergency crews are on the
4:51 am
scene. thank you, erica. a new san francisco neighborhood spot, called rooster tail is now open. it serving organic air dried all american chicken. we stopped by to check it out. >> reporter: if you're in the upper fill moore area and have a hankering for a home cooked meal, go to rooster tail. chef, co-owner! he's busy, we won't bother him. this is comfort food, right? >> yes, we're doing comfort food and this is mary ice chicken. mary's chicken. they're delicious and free range and marinaded here. we're concerned with keeping them healthy and not salty. we serve a house made green
4:52 am
sauce with herbs. >> reporter: who cooks at home? >> i do, we have three kids. >> are these family recipes? >> yes, yes! >> reporter: summarize what you do? >> american cuisine with a california twist. >> you're a mom and pop operation. >> i like to be known as a neighborhood restaurant. >> reporter: what is this? >> this is an organic soft serve ice cream. it's the perfect thing to take and crab on your way to the area before a concert. >> reporter: thank goodness you're kid friendly. >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: you can feed a family of four for about $30. it's good, i've been there. time for a break and a live look outside. here's the camera showing off the view of the city.
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4:55 am
"the devil inside" won at the box office. "mission impossible" was number 2, only making $20.5 million. number three was sherlock holmes. a home is a breeding ground for bad behavior. we'll show you more now. >> reporter: you're looking at home surveillance video in san jose. the man in the video walks on the porch of the homeowner and bends over to look in the bag. apparently, he sees nothing of interest and then walked other and steals shoes. here's the same man pushing a
4:56 am
shopping cart on the otherside of the street. as he litters, he enters the porch to snag a package and another thief caught on tape. this machine was on a bike. he steals a christmas package and gets on his bike and rides away. the men caught on tape live a few hundred yards away. this borders the coyote creek. i went to see if i could find the stolen shoes and christmas gifts. i found this shopping cart and a brand-new, still in the box toothbrush. it was still in the original container. i found children's dolls, but no shoes i even found this cast iron
4:57 am
bench, the kind you could find in a city park. while i walked around, it was scary. in the big brush, i knew i was being watched. this encampment was so elaborate, they had stairs leading to different levels, but no shoes. this man is in the process of building a new home on the side of the creek. for the residents, this means keeping vigilant to avoid any more shoe thefts, or worse. and if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can always e-mail him. when we come back, the top stories, weather and traffic, stay with us.
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5:00 am
. thanks for joining us on this monday, january 9. our developing story out of san jose right now, fire crews still on the scene of a three- alarm fire that broke out at 1:30 this morning at an assisted living complex. let's show you the scene here this morning as we take a look here at the map and show you the location as we zoom in our news navigator. the fire in san jose on madden avenue. wow, look at the scene. is the fire completely out? >> reporter: the fire is completely out right now. they're basically mopping up kind of on a sandby to make sure all the hot spots are taken care of. i'm giving you a bird's eye view of the damage. you can see how it charred up four units from almost top to bottom. when firefighters arrived here at around just before 2:00, they said it was pretty much engulfed on the upper part of the unit and on the roof.
5:01 am
this is part of a bigger complex. let me zoom out here a little bit. you can see how this where it's all charred up, it's actually attached to another section of the building. it was a combination of construction because there's a fire wall. the combination of that construction and the way the fire department addressed this, they were able to contain this fire right there and not damage the other iew legitimates. -- the other units. >> what about injuries? >> reporter: there are light injuries. a lot of people who got injured, it was kind of secondary illness from what they had already but only a couple of light burns. >> pretty incredible seeing the extent of that fire. the fire now out in san jose. we'll check back for updates throughout the morning. new this morning, five new fires have broken out overnight
5:02 am
in know sad dough bringing the -- know novad -- bringing the number up to 35 in novado. police are searching for an arsonist since the first fire broke out on saturday night. three hours later a grass fire. 1:00 in the morning firefighters had to hit another fire in the same neighborhood this in novato novato. we'll have the latest in a live report coming up right here. watching bay area weather and traffic, a live look at the golden gate. not much in the way of fog to speak of. let's find out what's in store. >> we have a slight chance maybe of tuesday evening into the overnight hours maybe seeing a sprinkle or two.
5:03 am
doesn't look like it's a whole lot with that system. this is a live view as we look out over the bay. let's walk you through what we're expecting on the weather front over the cowx of the next 24 -- course of the next 24 howrps. it's chill why -- hours. it's chilly in the valleys. we'll get our highs back up into the low to mid-60s which is actually still above average this time of year. this evening, i should say tuesday evening we'll stand that slight chance and we'll emphasize slight, a slight chance of some sprinkles here come tuesday evening. more on that in a moment. our temperatures look like this. coldest to the north. we've got freezing temperatures in santa rosa. below freezing in novato right now. 36 in concord and livermore. so it's chilly out there again through the valley and the livermore valley. so it's the valleys that are seeing the coldest temperatures. san jose right now 41. we're seeing 50 in san francisco. and this is a comparison over yesterday. you can see just how much colder it is this morning.
5:04 am
double digits colder. 12 degrees colder right now in santa rosa than this time yesterday morning. 11 degrees colder in novato. 14 in oakland. 16 in concord. 19 degrees colder right now in fairfield than we were just 24 hours ago. so it's chilly. no mistake about it as you head out the door this morning. this afternoon actually looked pretty nice. calling for a low to mid-60s for our general highs. we're looking for 65 in oakland. 63s for hayward and concord. upper 60s for san jose or mid up toker. 67 for morgan hill. low to mid-60s for a lot of the east bay and across the north bay where we're looking for 61 in napa and fairfield. 63 for novato. warming possibly to 66 degrees this afternoon in san to rosa. low -- santa rose sa. low 60s -- rosa. low 60s downtown san francisco as well. a system is pushing through the pacific. a little bit of it is breaking off. just where along the coast is the question this morning.
5:05 am
some models put this bit of moisture in northern and central california. others kind of send it straight south. so we'll have to see what happens with that. in the meantime we'll just put slight chance of rain for tuesday evening and we'll explain in more detail what we're expecting for the rest of the week ahead with the seven- day around the bay coming up in my next update. for now over to traffic. good morning. as we start with a look at the ride here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a quiet start to the morning commute. no incidents or problems reported. and it's an easy ride here heading in from the mcarthur maze. over to the san mateo bridge and your ride on 92. you'll see light and easy traffic here as well. we start the morning delay free. we're expecting to see more traffic here for the commute than we saw last week. golden gate bridge is final. continuing our bridge check -- is fine. continuing our bridge check with no delays. an easy ride for 101, interstate 80. looking at the ride coming out
5:06 am
of solano county, no problems there. the trip through the south bay looks good on 101, 17, 85. the north bay ride coming out of novato, 101 southbound. you see some slowing there in the northbound direction but no delays for the southbound commute coming from novato down to the golden gate bridge. it's an easy ride and so far a good start for public transit as well. new this morning, an american has been convicted of working for the c.i.a. and sentenced to death in iran. iran charges the former u.s. marine received special training, they say, and served as u.s. military bases in iraq and afghanistan before heading to iran for his alleged intelligence mission. the 28-year-old former military translator was born in arizona and graduated from high school in michigan. his father, a professor at a community college in michigan has said that his son is not a c.i.a. spy and was visiting his
5:07 am
grandmother's -- grandmothers in iran when he was arrested and now convicted and sentenced to death. we're getting word that a u.s. soldier has been killed in an afghanistan military base. a man in an afghan uniform opened fire on a bunch of -- a group of american soldiers that were there. this happened yesterday. authorities are still trying to figure 5kvkl.lzout if the gunma actually a member of the afghan military or just wearing the uniform. the gunman was killed in this shootout. 5:08 is the time right now. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. thanks for starting out your day this monday morning with the kron4 morning news. we'll continue to follow traffic and wait for miserable rain and snow to hit the bay area, to hit tahoe but right now all is dry and clear here on the james link. i want a baby.
5:08 am
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it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. welcome back. we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street. stock futures are positive ahead of the opening bell. dow futures up 18 points right
5:11 am
now. today likely to be all about what's happening in europe as invelsors continue -- investors continue their cautious eye to the european union and what's happening in italy as well as greece. friday stocks closed mixed. the dow jones industrial average down 55 points, down almost half a percent to 12,359. stocks dropped despite a surge in hiring last month as they saw the unemployment level drop to its lowest level in near thy three -- nearly three years. the dow closing down 56. the s&p down 3. nasdaq closing up 4 despite unemployment fell to 8.5%. time now is >> we're also following the latest with the leaders of germ any and france -- germany and france. they're holding their first meeting of the year taking place today. weaker countries worry about the high borrowing costs they've been facing putting a strain on those nations. today a meeting comes ahead of the new italian premiere's first visit to berlin. that will be taking place on
5:12 am
wednesday. so we're going to be following the latest out of europe as well today. as we continue on the kron 4 news, we'll have the latest on what's going on in new hampshire a day ahead of the people doing their presidential primaries over there in new hampshire. that is going to abbig one for the -- to be a big one for the candidates so we'll tell you where they are in just a couple of minutes.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
to the latest from the campaign trail with decision 2012. today the last full day of campaigning for republican presidential candidates in new hampshire before the new hampshire primary tomorrow. today most of the candidates are concentrating on the southern part of the state. mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich and john huntsman all plan to visit nashua, concord and other cities. the polls show romney in the lead and his opponents are making their final appeal to voters. >> i'm somebody who believes in putting my country first.
5:16 am
[ applause ] >> mr. romney apparently believes ieñg]in politics first i say that's the problem in this country right now. you hear what i'm saying? that's the reason we're not pulling together as people. because everything's politicized as opposed to remembering that we are americans first and foremost. and that's the only way we're going to be able to solve our problems longer term is when we recognize that and get leadership that can begin to pull us together. >> i don't think winning is enough. i think winning has to be purposeful and has to lead to decisive and fundamental change. and to do that you can't just have an isolated candidate. you have to have a team because our constitution is a team sport. >> there you heard from newt gingrich and also from john
5:17 am
huntsman. huntsman did not campaign in iowa ahead of last week's caucuses choosing instead to focus all of his attention on tomorrow's upcoming new hampshire primary. gingrich came in fourth in the iowa caucuses. watch willing bay area -- watching bay area weather as we wait for a chance of rain. let's get the latest on your workweek weather forecast with james fletcher. >> you can see a little shakeness out there. slight breezeway up high but down in the valleys we're not seeing much in the way of wind at all. but it is cold and clear out there. temperatures in the 40s and in the 30s and in one spot anyway on our maps in the h.rzvdmr 20s mostly sunny this afternoon. we'll get back up into the 60s and then this evening we'll keep it partly cloudy as we head into the overnight hours and keep it cool, too, with temperatures dropping down into at leeps the 40s. -- least the 40s. earlier novato had a temperature of about 27 degrees. so we're up from that. 30 in santa rosa. so we're at or slightly below
5:18 am
freezing here for the entire north bay. 30 in santa rosa. 30 in fairfield. chilly in concord. 34 degrees there. 35 in concord. boat of those locations have dropped a degree or to here in the last 15, 20 minutes. 39 in san jose. 47 in san francisco which in our last update was showing 50. so even san francisco beginning to cool down just a little bit. now, our temperatures as they progress throughout the morning will begin to look a little better by the 9:00 hour. we'll be in the 40s and 50s mostly. we'll say goodbye to the 30s in the north bay because the sun will be up at that point and we'll get going with the morning heating. by noontime a few 60s will pop up on the map but it will be 2:00 we'll see more widespread 60s. low to mid-which is slightly cooler than yesterday but it will be a pleasant afternoon with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. the forecast for tuesday going into wednesday, that's where it gets a little more interesting us for. we have quite a bit going on in the pacific. a lot of it streaming up into
5:19 am
the pacific northwest. but there is the bottom edge of this that's expected to break off and kind of head our way. there's a little bit of disagreement as to where that bit of moisture is going to go. some models send it directly to northern california in which case we stay on the slight chance of seeing some showers, mainly along the coast. other homgdzs, though, steer it -- models though, steer it well to our south. we'll have to see what happens as we see the latest models coming in here tomorrow. keep it tuned here to kron 4. the rest of the week lots of sunshine and mild temperatures with highs in the afternoon each day in the low to mid-60s. that's your weather. now let's find out about that morning ride. hey, george. good morning. pretty good start still to the morning commute though we are expecting that perhaps starting this week, we're going it see a little more traffic on the roadway. but likely more than last week but since a lot of students are still out, we're probably not going to see full traffic loads maybe for another week, week and a half. here at the bay bridge you can see it's a pretty light and easy start. no delays now as you head toward the toll plaza out of
5:20 am
the mcarthur maze. over at the san mateo bridge highway 92, that's a good ride as well. as you can see smot traffic -- smooth traffic flee on the right side of the -- flow on the right side of your screen. 101 southbound an easy ride for you here both inbound and outbound with an easy ride through marin county. let's check the traffic maps. first east bay traffic on 80 westbound and your ride on 680 south, both look pretty good. and your south bay commute still problem free here for 101, 280 and 85. and a look at the north bay ride from marin county 101 heading south now as you come out of novato. it's an easy trip into central san rafael and on to the golden gate bridge. >> thanks a lot, george. we're getting closer to the celebrations for the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary. there's going to be a news conference to kick off the year of the golden gate bridge is what they're calling it. at 9:30 this morning officials
5:21 am
will announce the events that will take place the weekend of may 26 which will mark the opening of the iconic bridge 75 years ago. medical marijuana patients and supporters will be out protesting in san francisco today. that's because one of the city's longest running marijuana dispensaries is closing. the protesters say a u.s. attorney sent a letter to market street cooperative's landlord threatening to forfeit their building and rent money unless they close their doors. a news conference is set for 11:00 this morning in front of the federal building followed by the protests. a developing story out of san francisco. to shootings in the last 24 hours. first happening yesterday afternoon in the bayview. the victim's injuries are described as life-threatening. a child was also slightly injured by breaking glass from one of the bullets. then a second shooting, this one around 7:00 last night. the victim was shot outside a liquor store. that person is expected to survive. no arrests have been made in either shooting.
5:22 am
5:22 right now. a manhunt and police standoff in livermore has now come to an end. investigators say a wanted parolee considered armed and dangerous was on the loose and is now behind bars and this was the tense scene. with tell you how police tracked down the suspects. >> reporter: a stolen car out of oakland led police officers to this north livermore house. officers and s.w.a.t. team members surrounded the house about 12:00 sunday afternoon when a wanted parolee refused to caught. the standoff ended at about 4:00 when the man surrendered to police. livermore police say the suspect is a 24-year-old. police say he was wanted for an outstanding warrant and officers received intelligence that he's a dangerous man who is willing to shoot it out with police. police officers blocked off nearby streets and evacuated some neighbors. after a few tense hours, the suspect's mother talked tom on the phone and helped negotiators convince him to
5:23 am
surrender. i'm da lin, kron 4 news. george livingston passed away at doctors hospital in san pueblo after a long battle with diabetes. he was 78 years old. he began his career in richmond politics in 1965 serving three terms as a member of the richmond city council. he is survived by his wife yunis and two children. time 5:23. we'll be back in just a couple of minutes so don't go away. let's take a live look right now at the sam mateo bridge. we'll look at that in a few minutes. we are following a developing story. we are following the fires that are happening up in novato. they're on the trail of an arsonist and also this fire that we'll bring you live from san mateo. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back. the first weekend of the n.f.l. playoffs are in the books. it's tebow time in denver. the broncos quarterback threw
5:27 am
this 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play from scrimmage in overtime. stunning the pittsburgh steelers 29-23 in the afc wild card game. tebow finishing with 316 yards passing, 50 yards rushing and three touchdowns. the broncos now heads to new england for a second round game against the top seeded patriots. that's on saturday night. over in the nfc, eli manning throwing three touchdown passes and the new york giants ran all over the atlanta falcons. the giants traveling to green bay next sunday to play the defending super bowl champion packers. the n.f.l. playoffs are about to come to the bay area for the first time in nine years. the 49ers host a record setting new orleans saints who beat the detroit lions on saturday. drew brees setting multiple records during the regular
5:28 am
season. the saijtses are three point -- saints are three points favored against the 49ers but they have never won a road playoff game before. we take sports very seriously. it's not funny. we'll be right back in two minutes when the kron 4 news continues. a live look. clear skies on this somewhat chilly morning for some of the inland valleys.
5:29 am
5:30 am
our developing story we're following this morning out of san jose where fire crews are on the scene this morning still of a three-alarm fire. it broke out at 1:30 this morning in an assisted living complex located at 2645 madden avenue. so it's -- we're live on the scene right now. when you hear assisted living, you think there be people who might have trouble getting out of that fire. were there any injuries? did firefighters make any rescues? >> reporter: luckily that when they arrived here, they saw
5:31 am
this whole apartment complex engulfed. they asked for another unit to come out here. they also had the san jose police department out here assisting people getting out. in fact, it's amazing that only five people were injured. no deaths in this fire. it's like you mentioned they are seniors that live here. this is senior living. so they were able to get everybody out. everyone seems to be accounted for. >> how did the fire department -- was this called? was it a spring letter system, an ought malmattic alarm or what? >> reporter: it was called in. they arrived at 1:45. they were able to get it under control sometime around 2:30. they said really it was a combination of the firefighters' work and this fire wall. you can see how the fire just basically stopped. so right here. this is fairly new construction. there's a fire wall right there that really saved these other units from getting any fire damage. there is some damage because of water and some smoke but other
5:32 am
than that, this seems to be pretty repairable in a fair amount of time as opposed to this site that was totally engulfed when they arrived. >> you can pull out a little bit more? i want to see how close any other houses are to this. >> there's plenty. in fact at one time they had to evacuate. they evacuated maybe about 40 units. you can see how there's this building right over here on this side here. very close to where the fire is at. so they had to evacuate everybody. they had to clear everybody out definitely from out of this apartment and when you think about how this whole complex is, senior living, it's amazing that there was no fatalities in this fire. >> absolutely. great work by the firefighters over there in san jose. as you can see they contained it right here and got everybody out okay. thanks a lot. also the hunt on for the arsonist in the north bay. five new fires breaking out overnight in novato. that now brings the total close to 25 fires over this weekend. police have been searching for
5:33 am
this arsonist since the first fire broke out saturday evening around 9:00 p.m. in the next few hours, firefighters were called out to put out more than a dozen grass fires set in the open space area of neighborhood near ed lynnwood hill park. the search continues for that arsonist right now. 5:33 is the time right now. want to get a look at the weather this monday morning and see what we're facing here. the approach to the bay bridge looks pretty clear. i didn't know any fog out there. >> no. the original bits we're seeing is way out near stockton in the central valley. the bay area is relatively clear. this is the shot out of walnut creek where visibility goes just as far out here as you can see. no fog to obscure the field. valley frost. sunny and mild today. afternoon time looking for low to mid-60s for our highs. then we'll keep it mostly clear and cold as we head into the overnight hours. that's kind of the wet foretoday in a nutshell -- weather for today in a
5:34 am
nutshell. i mentioned cold temperatures in the north bay. we're at or below freezing for a good number of spots. santa rosa, fairfield 30 degrees. napa at the freezing mark at 32. novato colder at 27. san francisco down in the upper 40s. you had been at 50 degrees earlier. 38 in concord. 34 or 38 i should say in oakland. 34 in concord. 35 in livermore. so it's chilly, primarily in the valleys to the fort and to the east is where we stand the chance of maybe even seeing some frost this morning. so just keep that in mind. this map here just kind of indicates how cold it is this morning compared to yesterday. take a look. novato and santa rosa 11 and 12 degrees coppedder this morning than -- colder this morning than we were this time yesterday. 14 degrees colder in napa. 19 fairfield. you get the idea. it's awfully chilly out there. this afternoon although it will be colder than it was yesterday, it will still be pleasant. we're still looking for low to mid-60s throughout much of the east bay and the south bay. we're looking for 64 in livermore. 36 hey ward. mid-60s in oakland. same story for san jose. 66 the expected high there.
5:35 am
downtown san francisco will be about 61 degrees. we're looking for 61 as well in richmond, in valeo n napa, in fire meald. then it -- fairfield. then it warms up slightly as you head north. should max out 66 this afternoon. here's the wider view on the satellite. low pressure system headed to the parve northwest. a lot of rain -- pacific northwest. a lot of rain up there. a small bit of it on the bottom side of the system is expected to break off and head our way. depending on which track it takes will determine whether or not we're going to get any real rain. at most, though, we're only expecting a tenth of an inch out of it. so nothing much, not much rain there. high and dry at least into the weekend. i'll break it down in detail for you coming up in my next update. for now we want to get a quick check of traffic. good morning. all is required is a quick check this morning because we're not tracking any hot spots no major problems or delays. seeing a bit of a backup form are here in the left hand cash lanes for the bay bridge. that may mean we're back to something more closely
5:36 am
proximating normal traffic flows here. we definitely think that the volume is going to be up over the last couple of weeks. at the san mateo bridge a pretty good ride. it's still early for this ride. the golden gate bridge 101 southbound, northbound problem free here as you head to and from marin county. a quick check of the traffic maps shows the east bay ride here. interstate 80, the 680 ride heading through the san ramon valley, dublin 580 westbound no delays. south bay freeways as you can see look good with no problems for your trip heading northbound on 101. and your ride through marin county on 101 southbound is still delay free with a 23- minute drive time in the south bound direction. let's get to the kron 4 newsroom. here's the latest. we just learned that the hyundai elantra has won the north american car of the year award and the land rover, range rover evoke won the north
5:37 am
american truck of the year. the national auto show is happening right now in detroit. they have just anded out these -- handed out these to top award -- these two top awards. [ crickets chirping ]
5:38 am
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something in the air wick. in national news, it has been one year now since the deadly shooting in arizona that killed six people and wounded 13, including congresswoman gabby giffords. bells rang out yesterday to mark the exact time that this happened one year ago. about 30 people gathered at the grocery store where the attack happened in the parking lot. on saturday giffords and her husband former astronaut mark kelly visited the scene ever the shooting as well. they also visited the hospital that she first went for treatment. giffords made a rare public appearance at a candlelight vigil at the university of arizona as well to honor the
5:41 am
victims and the survivors. there she is. the democratic congresswoman stepped on stage as well and the crowd cheered and she also led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance. >> we'll be right back as the kron 4 news continues. we're going to go live to novato coming up after the break. we have an update on the two dozen arson fires that have been set in the 48 hours -- in the last 48 hours.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45. our developing story out of the north bay now. five new fires have broken out overnight in novato. this brings the total now to 25 fires in novato over the weekend. to get you more, let's turn to jackie with the latest. what do they think is going on here. >> reporter: they're actively investigating right now, darya, to figure out the person or persons who started over two
5:45 am
dozen fires in the last 48 hours. this all started on saturday night, early sunday morning when about 20 fires were set over in the south novato boulevard area. they were quickly extinguished, all of them spall little brushfires. -- small little brushfires and then again last night, early this morning, five new fires. one off redwood boulevard where three small fires were set in a wooded area. then at the rush creek open reserve which is completely across town in a new location. another fire was started over there. in fact, you can smell the smoke in the air over in that location. a very kind of desolate location in unincorporated novato. investigators from the fire department along with the police department are going to be actively searching to figure out if this is all connected and if so, who may be setting these fires. >> when you refer to the desolate area at the end there where the latter fires happened, you said 20 fires
5:46 am
around the boulevard area. that is -- that's not empty at all. there are plenty of homes over there. >> reporter: yeah. there's lots of open space but there are lots of homes around those open spaces. that's obviously the worry is that this person or persons who are setting these fires may be setting them in open space but as you said, right now everything is really dry and there are lots of homes and condominums and apartment complexes in those areas that if this thing were to take off, it could really pose a real problem for firefighters. but other than that, obviously 20 fires in 24-hour period obviously investigators really want to get a handle on this and figure out what's going on and who may be committing the crimes. >> at this point it hasn't come close to the homes? >> reporter: it has not. relatively not close. the other -- the fire that's going on right now is in the rush creek open reserve, that's -- if anybody is familiar with the area, it's kind of a hiking
5:47 am
area for a lot of people over in that location, mountain bikers and things like that kind of a remote area, unincorporated. not much around there but lots of fuel in that area, that's for sure. >> thanks a lot. now to the weather forecast with james fletcher as we all wait for a chance of rain. you see the camera shaking a bit. this obviously something firefighters are watching because it's gusty up high. down low it's not so bad but we do have a system headed our way for tuesday evening that could stir up the winds just a little bit. we'll be watching that as well. this is a look at the next 24 howrps. we're starting off clear and cloud. valley fog a possibility. mostly sunny conditions this afternoon and mild temperatures with highs in the low to mid- 60s. this evening we'll cool it back down again keeping it mostly clear as we head into the noafer quite hours. temperatures -- overnight hours. temperatures right now pretty cold, in the upper 20s in novato. 32 napa. 30 in fairfield. at or below freezing for a good bit of the wine country to the
5:48 am
north. our inland valleys to the east also on the cold side. 35 in livermore. that san ramon valley along 680 and that livermore valley stretching out along 580 toward tracy really chilly this morning with temperatures flirting in the low to mid-30s. down in the south bay slightly warmer but not by much. 39 in san jose and 37 currently in freemont. 74 in san fran. take a look at how temperatures should develop throughout the morning. at 9:00 the sun will have been up for at least an hour and a half. we're looking for conditions to be slieptly warmer than -- slightly warmer than 40s and 50s. by noontime mainly 50s with a few 60s popping up. by this afternoon around 2:00 we're looking for wide sped 60s. again -- widespread 60s. again the range will be in the low to mid-60s. clear skies. we're looking for a nice day today. it's tomorrow that things get a little dicey for us. this is the system bringing a lot of rain to seattle and portland. the lower edge of this thing they're expecting might break out. we're talking about meteorologists with the national wester service.
5:49 am
they've been tracking this since it's been way out in the pacific. they're looking for a bit of this energy to break off and head our way. will it head well to our south or go north and give us some rain. we'll go with a split chance of rain tuesday evening into wednesday -- slight chance of rain tuesday evening into wednesday. it's not a whole lot in terms of a chance of rain but we'll put it in there just to be on the safe side. any rain we do get is not expected to be any more than a tenth of an inch. that's the only bit of moisture we're looking at for the next ten days. lots of sun shine. mild temperatures between tuesday and the weekend. let's find out about that traffic. george, good morning. good morning, james. things are still pretty quiet in the traffic department although an accident is reported in hayward on 880 southbound closer to union city. we'll keep an eye on that. so far no big backups. looking at the bay bridge, no big backups but things are starting to slow there in the center lanes for fast-track users. this again may be one
5:50 am
indication before 6:00 that we're going to see more normal traffic flow around the bay and at the bay bridge this morning. looking at your ride to the san mateo bridge, still a pretty spoot commute here with -- smooth commute here with no delays either eastbound or westbound. the 92 trip still just at 13 minutes. your ride to the golden gate bridge 101 southbound still pretty light as you come in from marin county. taking a look at the ride on the traffic maps interstate 80 still a smooth commute here. i mentioned the accident. it's here, 880 southbound in hayward at alvarado boulevard at the center of your screen there. may be a little slowing past the scene right now but that's the one we'll be monitoring. in the south bay still light traffic with no problems here. the mid peninsula commute looks good for 92 and 101. and the north bay ride still delay free through marin county for 101 southbound. >> thank you, george. san francisco's new sheriff has been sworn in but it was
5:51 am
amid controversy over a domestic abuse inquiry. you can see ross mirkarimi earlier in the year. according to a neighbor's report, there was an incident between him and his wife last weekend. his wife has issue add statement saying the al -- issued a statement saying the allegations are false and mirkarimi has never been abusive to her. san francisco ed lee is the city's first selected asian mayor. senator dianne feinstein administered the oath. in oakland six people were arrested after police say a protest saturday night turned violent. here's video of the march against what demonstrators call recent police brutality. protesters are accused of throwing bottles at officers and smashing patrol car windows. police say one demonstrator was arrested carrying a quarter stick of dynamite. a quick break. we'll be back in just a few moments. the kron 4 news continues till
5:52 am
10:00. a live look from our camera in marin county as we look from 2500 feet out over the bay. a clear morning here this morning. chilly temperatures. we'll be back in three minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:53 am
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welcome back. watching bay area weather, temperatures in the 60s for the week. looks pretty nice. partly sunny tomorrow, though. a very slight chance of a shower. looks like pretty quiet weather as we make our way through the weekend. looking at the long range models in fact, the next chance of any decent rain that i saw was on january 25. that's a long way away. we're also keeping our eyes on wall street. the opening bell coming up here in 35 minutes. the dow futures up 18 points right now. so looks like we could see a positive start to monday trading. in the buzz this morning, this weekend beyonce and husband jay-z welcomed a baby girl into the world named blue ivy carter. they chose the name blue because the most successful albums were titled the blueprint and the roman numeral
5:56 am
the couple. more headlines coming up in the next hour. let's see what's happening in hollywood right now. at box officer the big movie was "deserve -- "the devil inside." that one made $34.5 million. and "mission impossible ," the ghost protocol, the sequel slipped to number two. still made good money at $20 million. and the third spot, the other sequel "sherlock holmes: the game of shadows" made $13 million over the weekend. we'll be back as kron 4 morning news continues. we're going to wait and see if we could get a little snow in the forecast but probably not. let's take a look at the freeway right now. as you can see here, we don't have a lot of fog to deal with this morning. it's dry. it's clear. it's not particularly cold or hot. i mean, you know, it's just a monday. >> kind of like it. well he be back in to
5:57 am
minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. a little breeze up there at 2,500 feet. mostly clear skies that are showing up around the bay area this morning.
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