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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we're at 32 or colder in a good number of the wine country spots but this afternoon we'll look @x 63 novato. 63 santa rosa. downtown san francisco will be about 61 degrees. again clear skies out there. not looking for much in the way
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of rain until tuesday evening. this is the system we're watching. most of it as you can see headed to the pacific northwest. there is a bit here on the bottom side of it that is expected to break off and head our way. even if it does make a b line area, we're till looking at a tenth of an inch of accumulation. it will be gone by wednesday. then there are other projections that take it well to our south so we won't get anything at all. we're going to split the difference and call it a slight chance of rain. 20 percent at best for tuesday evening as we head into evening. beyond that we're looking final. lots of sunshine this week really and into the weekend as well with temperatures on the mild side. low to mid-60s right on through your seven-day forecast. at 6:05 that's it for weather. let's send it down to the newsroom. here's what we're watching in the kron 4 news. the republican presidential candidates are focusing on new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's primary. we have two live pictures into where night gingrich and mitt romney are this morning. gingrich is in dover, new
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hampshire, romney in nashua. they're trying to rally up final votes before tomorrow's republican primary. mitt romney who one last week's iowa caucuses by just eight votes is holding a comfortable lead in the preprimary polls in the granite state. don't forget kron4 is your the granite state. don't forget kron4 is your primary news. we'll have a recap on wednesday. stay with us. 6:05 right now. new this morning, an american has been convicted of working for the c.i.a. and is sentenced to death now. iran charged that the former u.s. marine received special training and served at u.s. military bases in iran and afghanistan before iran says that he participated in an intelligence mission. the 28-year-old former military translator was born in arizona and graduated from high school in michigan and his father who is a professor at a community
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college in michigan says his son is not a c.i.a. spy and was visiting his grandmother in iran when he was arrested and now convicted and sentenced to death. a u.s. soldier has been killed on an afghanistan military base. a man in an afghan uniform opened fire on a group of american soldiers yesterday. but authorities are still trying to figure out if the gunman was actually a member of the afghan military or just wearing the uniform. the gunman was also killed in the shootout. time is 6:07. we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside right now and see how the monday morning is start hearing with a little bit of a wait at the bay bridge. we'll be back. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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with a one year term. at&t. secondhand smoke affects . everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. we're back at 6:10 giving you a quick update on the weather for today. the view as we look over san
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francisco. this morning we are clear an cold. valley frost possible. in fact in the north bay we're seeing subfreezing temperatures mostly sunny this afternoon. temperatures on the mild side. low to mid 60s so still above average for this time of year. this evening we'll keep it mostly clear. a full check of weather coming up in just a minute. now down to the newsroom. here's what we're working on in the kron 4 news room. when you file your taxes you may find fewer breaks are available to you. that's because law makers allowed more than 50 business and individual tax breaks to expire. among those breaks that have disappeared are the mortgage insurance deduction, the higher education tuition deduction and the schoolteacher tax deduction. that's what's happening in the kron 4 news room. the time 6:11. 6cj& a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and all is clear and traffic is quiet here. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a developing story out of san francisco. two shootings in the last 24 hours. the first one happening yesterday afternoon in the bayview district. the victim's injuries are described as life-threatening and a child was slightly injured by breaking glass if the bullets. then a -- from the bullets. then a second shooting around 7:00 last night. the victim was shot outside a liquor store. that person is expected to survive. no arrests have been made in either shooting. a manhunt and police standoff in livermore comes to an end. you can see the larger spot as investigators were wanted for -- were searching for this wanted parolee considered armed and dangerous and now behind bars. >> reporter: a stolen car out of oakland led police officers to this north livermore house. officers and s.w.a.t. team members surrounded the house about 12:00 sunday afternoon when a wanted parolee refused to caught.
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the standoff ended at about 4:00 when the man surrendered to police. livermore police say the suspect is a 24-year-old. he was wanted for an outstanding warrant and officers received intelligence that he's a dangerous man who was willing to shoot it out with police. police officers blocked off nearby streets and evacuated some neighbors. after a few tense hours, the suspect's mother talked to him on the phone and helped negotiators convince them to surrender. in a
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dunbarton bridges, we already have a backup. normally you wouldn't see it this slow for about another hour. now, it usually does bog down there between hayward and union city, newark and fremont but again early for that backup. no good alternate routes here of course because the nimitz pretty much stands by itself. that's pretty much the case for freeways around the bay area except for the peninsula. going to add about 6 to 8 minutes to your southbound drive time. and tracking the possibility of another hot spot but nothing yet here on interstate 80. afternoon eastbound accident has been -- an eastbound accident has been reported through berkley at university avenue. so far you can see the roadway sensorses are showing all green. a quick bridge check now as we head first to the bay bridge westbound. very close to the time when the metering lights would be activated so expecting little heavier commute than we've seen for a while here for the westbound ride. and looking at your san mateo bridge ride, highway 92, still
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a smooth commute here heading over toward foster city. 13-minute drive time. and the golden gate bridge ride 101 southbound is the end of an easy trip through marin county where we are still delay free southbound. under 25 minutes the drive time from novato down to the golden gate bridge. at 6:17 it's time to get a check of the weather now. james fletcher back in the weather center. >> thank you. we'll begin with a live look this morning. this is our roof cam looking back over san francisco. clear out there and cold, too. in fact, that tops our weather headlines this morning. we're off to a rather frigid start, especially the north bay where valley frost a definite possibility this morning. sunny and mild this afternoon. we're looking for better conditions for you once we hit about 2:00 or so with lows in the -- or with highs i should say in the low to mid-60s. then this evening we'll keep it mostly clear. it will be cold once again with temperatures dropping back down into the 40s at least. 0s existing for tonight as well. let's take a look at those temperatures right now. i want you to really focus on the north bay. that's where we're seeing our
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coldest temperatures. 29 degrees in santa rosa. 25 in novato. we're at freezing in akron. below freezing in fairfield. concord and livermore right around the freezing mark as well. 40 down in san jose. 47 in san francisco but it's the north bay that we're seeing our coldest temperatures this morning. i want to show you how fjbtjjth temperatures compare to yesterday at this time. you'll see we are quite a bit colder this morning. 20 degrees colder in novato. 10 in santa rosa. ten in concord. 10 in mountain view. it's frigid out there. be ready for it as you head out the door. visibility fine. fog not a factor. for us the only bits and pieces we're seeing are out in the central valley. visibility even there not bad two to five miles. hazy along i-5. our temperatures as we run the clock throughout the morning, we have future cast set for 9:00 a.m. that's when we're expecting mainly 40s and 50s and really nothing much colder than that. by about noontime it will be mostly 50s. a few 60s in the north bay and popping up in the south bay as well. %xat 2:00 you'll see a lot of green on
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the map. widespread 60s. again that range of 60s low to mid-will be our general forecast for our highs this afternoon. here's the fly
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final. mild temperatures during the afternoon hours and cold temperatures overnight. >> tank you, james. the first weekend of the n.f.l. playoffs now in the books. it's tebow time in dmp. the broncos -- in denver. the broncos quarterback threw this 80-yard touchdown pass in the first play of overtime. they stunned the steelers. you can see the denver fans going crazy. tebow finishing with 316 yards passing, 50 yards rushing and three touchdowns. the bottom companies now headed -- the broncos now headed to new england where they're a big underdog for the second round of the playoffs. over in the nfc eli manning threw three touchdown passes and the new york giants ran all over the atlanta falcons in a 24-2 route in the wild card game. the giants traveling next to green bay on sunday. they'll play the defending super bowl champion packers. the n.f.l. playoffs are about to come to the bay area for the first time in nine years. the 49ers are hosting the record setting new orleans saints who killed the detroit
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lions on saturday breaking the post-season mark for total yards. new orleans quarterback drew brees setting multiple passing records during the regular season. the saints are a three and a half-point favorite against the niners but they have never won a road playoff game. so we'll have to see what happens this weekend. 6:21. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside here at -- this this our -- a spectacular view. getting up there, quite a hike. on foot. much easier to take the camera. we'll be right back. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news as we track a hot spot. this is a new problem on interstate 808 westbound.
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a big rig jack nieched and a car got -- jackknifed and a car got stuck underneath it. the good news is they managed to separate the vehicles and straighten out the big rig and get it divider. the bad news is it's already backing up traffic in the westbound direction. so things are going to be slow already for your drive. let's see if we can update your drive time. coming in already at 21 minutes. mark? >> thank you, george. some of the world news we're following, authorities in new zealand say environmental damage seems to be small after this wrecked cargo ship. it split in two over the weekend. this vessel spilled about 400 tons of fuel oil when it ran aground in october killing thousands of birds. over the weekend some 150 of the ship's cargo containers spilled into the ocean. some of them have started washing ashore. yemens cabinet has approved a law granting the president and anyone who has worked under him immunity from prosecution
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for any crimes committed during the 33-year rule of the. the cabinet approved the law despite nationwide daily protests demanding that the long-time leader be put on trial for the killing of hundreds of protesters during an 11-month uprising. here's what we're working on in the kron 4 news room. just crossing the wires in the past two minutes, the president of the tiejy west african nation has now died. ⌞%ñ2009 after the previous president was assassinated. he was 64 years old. also greek police are now saying that thieves have broken into the country's biggest art museum in athens and have stolen two paintings. the theft happened at the state national art gallery and took place just before dawn this morning. they have not identified the artwork that has been stolen or how much they are worth. >> thank you. a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. we're watching conditions around the bay area. still dark out there.
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chilly in the inland spots but a clear morning right now. traffic moving smoothly. we'll have the opening bell on wall street coming up as well. a live look from the trading floor from the new york stock exchange. dow futures up 21 points right now as there's some growing optimism. we'll bring you the opening bell on wall street coming up after the break. it appears a positive start at least to the early trading.
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today is the last full day of campaigning for the republican presidential candidates in new hampshire before tomorrow's new hampshire primary. today most of the candidates are concentrating on the =6ñof the s watching bay area weather and traffic, looks like a hot spot on the east shore freeway. let's go to george ras kfor an update. it's interstate 80 in the westbound direction. an accident that was blocking lanes has already been cleared to the center divider but we're feeling the effects of it. the crash is at university avenue in the westbound side of the freeway right in berkley. it's backing up the ride into ellisor eat toe as you can see here. it's affecting the drive on interstate 580 coming over from
6:31 am
the richmond-san rafael bridge as well. so tying up the east bay commute and doing so fairly quickly. let's update the drive time now. it's jumped from 21 to 28 minutes from highway 4 down to university avenue. so that represents a big change and big problems for the 80 west commute. there had been a hot spot earlier this morning on the nimitz freeway in union city. that crash is cleared and so is the backup as you see. conditions kótqé@)have returned normal past alvarado boulevard on 880 southbound. here's a bridge check for you as we look first at the bay bridge where your ride sill looks good heading -- still looks good heading west on interstate 80. i was concerned we might see a bigger backup earlier than usual this morning, earlier than we're used to. that's clearly not the case. it looks pretty light right now. your san mateo bridge ride still problem free both westbound and eastbound. and your marin commute coming from the golden gate bridge, a check here of traffic shows the volume is building for 101
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southbound even though the trip through marin county is still a smooth one. 6:32 now. let's get another check of the weather. here's james fletcher. >> george, thanks. we'll take a live look at our roof cam looking at downtown san francisco. clear out there. cold, too. let's switch to the maps and i'll show you how cold we're talking about. san francisco is actually not bad, 37 degrees. it's north of san francisco across the golden gate bridge that we run into the cold stuff. we have 25 degrees in novato. 29 in santa rosa. that stretch of 101 a frigid one for you. as he head out toward napa and fairfield, you're below freezing as well. 31 degrees for both of those locations. you're at freezing in concord and just above it in livermore. the livermore valley all those communities seeing temperatures in the low to mid-30s. definitely a cold start for you this morning. 38 degrees in oakland right now. this afternoon we'll warm it up nicely. we'll get the highs up into the low to mid-60s. a lot like yesterday though not as warm.
6:33 am
yesterday was warm. today mild. 56 oakland. 63 in hayward and free month. 66 in san hoe -- fremont. 66 in san jose. out to the east concord coming in at about 61. 61 also in antioch and brentwood. 62 in concord. 61 in napa and fair feald and valeo. 66 in santa rosa and 61 degrees also for san francisco. as for the skies, we'll be mostly clear today. we'll hold on to the clear conditions overnight. tuesday we cloud it up a little bit. we've got a storm system headed to the pacific northwest. you can see how long it stretches to the south or how far it stretches to the south. a piece of it will break off and head toward the california coast lienl. at this -- coastline. at this point there's still uncertainty as to whether or not we'll see some of it hit the bay area. we'll give it a slight chance. even if we do %c÷,6ñget hit we' only talking about a tenth of an inch at most. tuesday evening into wednesday a sprinkle and then it's gone. we're looking at dry and warm conditions from that point o. wednesday, thursday, friday sunshine. saturday and sunday a few the highs will still
6:34 am
be in the 60s. at 6:34 that's your weather, guys. >> thanks a lot, james. a total number of fires is set now in novato. 25 all since this weekend. so that's from saturday until this morning. police are out searching for whoever is setting these fires. the first one broke out about 9:00 saturday night. three hours after that a grass fire about a mile and a half away from the first one. 1:00 sunday morning there was another fire in the same neighborhood and then in the next few hours after that, there were more than a dozen grass fires set in that same neighborhood, an open space area in novato. another developing story out of the south bay. here's the scene. fire crews in san jose are still on the scene here. it was a three-alarm fire that d broke out just after 1:30 this morning at an assisted living complex. five people treated for minor burns. 16 residents displaced. the fire completely destroyed as you can see here. four units of this eight-unit building and left the other
6:35 am
apartments with smoke and fire damage. the fire caused between $600,000 and $650,000 in damage. the complex located at 2645 madden avenue as we go to news navigator and show you the scene in san jose. you see the assisted 3e]d complex. that's where we're live. >> reporter: the fire is completely out. they're down to one engine just to baby-sit the situation. they've already overhauled and made sure there were no hot spots within the walls and up in the attic. but you can see the damage here. it is really severe and bad at this point. this is unhabitable. -- uninhabitable. but with the combination of the new construction and the firefighters moving in on this fairly quickly, they were able to save the other half of this building. >> some good news there. we'll check back with you with updates.
6:36 am
montana teacher. more than 200 people showed up to look for 43-year-old sherry arnold last seen saturday morning when she went out for a run. during this weekend's search they found one of her shoes that they believe was near one of the routes where she did all her running. that's what's happening in the kron 4 news room. back to you. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's get a live look outside and check outóúbu
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. still tracking delays. an accident started out in the two left lanes now cleared to the center divider but garnering enough interest that it's backed up the ride on interstate 80. not only in the westbound direction but also on interstate 580 westbound. affecting your ride now coming
6:40 am
from the richland-san rafael bridge. all lanes are open on 80 nevertheless. at 6:40 new this morning an american is convicted of working for the c.i.a. and now sentenced to death in iran. iran accuses this former u.s. marine of receiving special training and serving at u.s. military bases in iraq and afghanistan before heading to iran where they say he had an intelligence mission. the 28-year-old former military translator was born in arizona and graduated from high school ll1%zmichigan. his father who's a professor at a community college in michigan has said that his son is not a c.i.a. spy and was visiting his grandmother in iran when he was arrested and now convicted and sentenced to death. watching wall street, modest gains right now for the dow, nasdaq and s&p. right now the dow jones industrial average up almost 9
6:41 am
points at 12,368. watching what's happening in europe where the leaders of germany and france are holding their first meeting of the year as the weaker countries worry about high borrowing costs. today's meeting of the chancellor and the president of france comes ahead of the new italian premiere's first visit to berlin on wednesday. italy is the key focus of the debt crisis because of its size, huge debt load and their need to borrow heavily in the first three months of the year. greece's prime minister is warning of a possibility default if details of a second bailout are not finalized soon. 6:42 right now. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. let's take a live look outside here at the james freeway in san francisco. we'll be right back.
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decision 2012 news. today is the last full day of campaigning for republican presidential candidates in new hampshire before tomorrow's primary. today most of the candidates
6:45 am
are concentrating on the southern part of new hampshire. mitt romney, rick santorum, night gingrich and john huntsman are all visiting nash came, man chas -- nashua, manchester, concord and other cities in new hampshire. romney is in the lead and the opponents are making their final appeals to voters. >> i'm somebody who believes in putting my country first. [ applause ] >> mr. romney apparently believes in politics first. i say that's the problem in this country right now. you hear what i'm saying? that's the reason we're not pulling together as people because everything's politicized as opposed to remembering that we are americans first and foremost. and that's the only way we're going to be able to solve our problems longer term is when we recognize that and get leadership that can begin to pull us together. >> i don't think winning is enough. i think winning has to be
6:46 am
purposeful and has to lead to decisive and fundamental change. and to do that you can't just have an isolated candidate. you have to have a team because our constitution is a team sport. >> huntsman did not campaign in iowa ahead of last week's caucuses choosing instead to focus his attention on tomorrow's new hampshire primary while gingrich came in fourth place in the iowa caucuses. 6:47 right now. want to go right to george and get an update on the hot spot, this slowdown on ene >> this resulted from an earlier occurring accident that has been cleared to the center divider but it's still grabbing enough interest and creating a big mess in the east bay for 580 westbound coming from the richmond-san rafael bridge and for interstate 80. in fact, let's take the drive on 80 westbound. ñ of the backup. heading down past the richmond
6:47 am
parkway, there's san pablo where it starts to slow. then really grinds to a halt for that lower east shore freeway ride as you head down now toward university avenue in berkley which is the location of the incident. again all the lanes are clear. it's in the center divider but it's still tying up the ride. look at the drive time now. it's climbed to 34 minutes from hercules to berkley. that is a big mess. also take a look at what's happening in san francisco on the james lick freeway southbound. a stall here blocking the right- hand lane. this is just north of hospital curve right at the ups building. so it's backing up traffic on the inbound central freeway. look for traffic to be slow now almost from the octavia street expressway. you're better off taking the boulevard south down to cesar chavez and getting on 101 southbound there. here's a bridge check for you as we head first to the bay bridge. and despite predictions that today might have been a busier today, it sure doesn't appear
6:48 am
to be, although don't forget a lot of the traffic that would be at the bay bridge is held up right now along interstate 80. so that's a break for anyone coming from the nimitz or coming from highway 24 or 580 to mcarthur freeway. 92, the san mateo bridge delay free here with no problems in either direction. and the golden gate bridge ride still problem free as well. volume up kp7séa bit, though, o southbound side. the time is 6:48. it's time for a check of the weather for you now. let's head to the weather center and james fletcher. george. the horizon beginning to lighten up just a little bit. away from sunrise. already seeing clear skies out there with what light there is. clear and cold. valley frost a possibility, especially in the north bay where we're seeing freezing and subfreezing temperatures. mostly sunny this afternoon. we're looking for mild temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. we'll keep with the clear conditions as we head into the overnight hours which means expect another cold night tonight heading into tomorrow
6:49 am
morning. visibility as we head fine. a lot of clear skies. the only fog we're getting is minor stuff out in the central valley. we're doing pretty good this morning. the temperatures, boy, take a look. 125 in novato. 29 in santa rosa. below freezing in napa and fairfield. the north bay definitely the coldest part of the bay area this morning. let's also include in that the inlandest bay valleys. 32 degrees in concord. the 680 ride is going to be right there near the freezing mark. warming to 34 toward livermore. san jose 40 degrees on tap. 43 in mountain view. looks like san francisco is coming in at 47. all in all a cold start. by 9:00 after the sun comes up, we should see enough warming that we'll say goodbye to the 30s and some of those 20s we're seeing up there. we'll replace those with solid 40s and 50s and then by about noontime we'll see more 60s come into view. a lot more green by 2k-bg in the -- 2:00 in the afternoon.
6:50 am
we're looking for low to mid- 60s with the clear skies. the clear skies do begin to diminish a little bit as we head into tuesday. we have cloud cover headed our way. clouds for sure. the winds will pick up a little bit. will there be rain as the system pushes on through? that's the big question. at this point it looks like we only have about a 20% chance of seeing sprinkles around the bay area. if we do, we'll only see accumulations about a tenth of an inch or less. it isn't a big system and not a long lasting one either. it will only be with us through the overnight hours on tuesday and wednesday right on through the weekend we're back to that ñ sunny and mild weather pattern as high pressure reholds or regroups around the bay area. at 6:51 that's the weather. >> thank you, james. san francisco's new sheriff is sworn in but it was amid controversy over a domestic abuse inquiry. here's video of ross mirkarimi on the campaign trail earlier in the year. there was an incident between him and his wife on new year's eve. his wife issuing a statement saying the allegations are
6:51 am
never been abusive to her. also sworn in san francisco mayor ed lee, the city's first elected asian mayor. senator dianne feinstein administered his oath. new this morning we're getting closer to the celebrations for the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary. this morning there will be a news conference to kick off what they're calling the year of the golden gate bridge. so at 9:30 officials will be are going to happen the weekend of may 26 which marks the opening of the iconic bridge. medical marijuana patients and supporters are going to be protesting in san francisco today. that's because one of the city's longest returning medical pot dispensaries is closing. the protesters say a u.s. attorney sent a letter to the market street cooperative's landlord threatening to forfeit their building and rent money unless they close the doors. a news conference is set for 11:00 this morning in front of the federal building followed by the protests.
6:52 am
the first elected african- american mayor of richmond has died. george livingston passed away at doctors hospital in san pablo after a long battle with diabetes at the age of 78. he began his career in richmond politics in 1965 serving three terms as a member of the richmond city council. livingston is survived by his wife, yunis, and two children. time now is 6:52. we'll be back in just a couple of minutes to get you going on this monday morning. let's take a live look here at the quiet commute that you have here trying to get from the east bay over the bay bridge into we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. still tracking a hot spot the east shore freeway where traffic has slowed in the westbound direction because of an earlier occurring accident. that crash has been cleared to the center cñc[b time but still creating what's called a gaper's block. a visual hard discard.
6:56 am
it's backed -- owe hazard. it's backed up the traffic slowing the ride on 580 westbound coming from the richmond-san rafael bridge driving up the interstate 80. better news for san francisco where we had a stall here southbound on 101 at the james lick freeway. that's been cleared. traffic fairly quickly now returning to normal on the inbound central freeway. in national news now, it has been one year since that deadly shooting in arizona that killed six people and wounded 13, including congresswoman gabby giffords. bells rang out to mark the occasion yesterday when it happened a year ago yesterday. about 30 people gathered in the grocery store parking lot where that shooting happened. and on saturday giffords and her husband, former astronaut mark kelly visited the scene of the shooting and also the hospital that treated her. >> giffords took the stage at a candlelight vigil at the university of arizona in honor
6:57 am
of the victims and survivors. the democratic congresswoman stepped on stage to cheers from the crowd. she also led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance. mark, i'm following health headlines this morning. a new study claims if women want to have a glass of red wine with dinner, go for t. there are chemicals found in red grape seeds not found in white grapes that can decrease breast cancer risk in premenopausal women. if you want to read the entire article, i have a link on my facebook fan page. >> that's just one glass. everything in moderation. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we're watching the sun just starting to come up over the east bay hills. a little breezy atop mount tam. freezing temperatures. we'll be back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues.
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