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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 9, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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1xñ?ñ?at 7:00 we're startin with an update on the hot spot here in the traffic center. it's really funny because this was what looked like a really serious crash whether it occurred. jackknifed big rig. car was reported stuck underneath it. in a matter of less than ten minutes they straightened out the big rig. it's still sitting in the center of the divider. with interstate 80, this is all -- this is one of the longest commutes in the bay area. by that i mean it's the longest backup. it starts early and ends late. so i think we're going to be dealing with this all morning long. >> what kind of delays are we see something. >> the drive time is pushed up about 20 minutes. let's take the drive here and we'll see where the slow traffic is. right past highway 4. they're at oíyç+enthe richmond parkway. look at all the red showing up in the sensors. that's what's really driving the speed down. that's why we've resulted if what looks like a 42-minute
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drive time according to the sensors. i think that's maybe a little high but even sow, darya, it's at least 30 minutes in the westbound direction and it should be half of that. >> i like it when you do that on the map because it shows where you might want to take a detour. >> it's a good place to hop off, pablo dam road. everybody knows where the good ones are and they're usually on them already. it's going to be tough to shave off any time off of that. possibly the 680 if i back up the map a little bit here. possibly diverting over to interstate 680 and coming down from the county on 680. for some people coming from cordelia that might be a better option but for most commuters you'll be stuck with this delay on 8 on westbound. -- 80 westbound. at the bay bridge you can see because all the traffic is held up on interstate 80, there's no delay here at the toll plaza.
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at the san mateo bridge it's been a pretty good ride all morning long. no surprises for you here. the same is true for your commute to the golden gate bridge and the ride through marin county. still an under 25-minute drive time from 37 all the way to the toll plaza. here's james fletcher with that . sunrise will be 7:25. a little more than 20 minutes from now. near freezing in the beast bay and -- in the east bay and north bay. this afternoon a little cooler than yesterday. it will still be above average for this time of year. we're looking for a mild afternoon. then we still expect a ftd-pu֖ chance of maybe a sprinkle or two tomorrow night. we'll explain more about that in your seven-day around the bay. as we put this into motion,
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we'll talk about the clear cold valleys. cool and clear as we head into the evening hours. now to the maps. this is what i wanted to show you. cold temperatures in the north bay. we're talking 20s for novato and -- francisco. as we said, fog is not a factor as it has been. it is fairly clear this morning. this afternoon, we are looking for a mild day. not as warm as yesterday, but still pleasant. low-mid-60's
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around the east bay and a slightly warmer in the south bay with san jose at 66. the potential for 66 near santa rosa with other north bay locations coming in just below that. downtown san francisco, 61 and sunny skies. the sunshine will be hampered by the cloud cover that we see in the pacific. some of this in the lower portions could track our way. it will bring us cloud cover. the rain looks slight at best. a really small system that could push through tuesday night into wednesday. at this point, only a 20 percent chance. the likelihood is that we will not see anything. sunny and mild through the weekend weekend. crews are on the scene, 83 alarm fire that broke out just after 1:30 a.m. in an assisted living complex.
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five people have been treated for minor burns and 16 residents have been replaced--displaced. the fire caused between $600,000.700 $50,000 in damage. >> this building construction has a firewall that prevents the spread of flames as from one its units to the other. it kept the fire, with our aggressive attack, to only four units. in older construction, this conduct potentially involved the entire building. >>mark: here is where the complex is located. >>yoli: you can see the been completely cut out. there is only one fire engines on the scene.
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initially the firefighters were here right after the fire was that out. the fire does seem to be accidental at this point. there were pretty lucky to be able to get here on time. the buildings are very close to one another. fortunately they were able to cut out the fire fairly quickly. >>darya: a lot of fires sweeping through nevada. investigators are out trying to find out lee is setting the fires. police are out searching for an arsonist. jackie sissel is live this morning. 25 fires from saturday night until this morning. what do they think is going on? >>jackie: that is the
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question. investigators will be out early this morning to try to find out the person or persons setting fires. this is one of those areas where fires were set. here is video from over the weekend. the fires started saturday night and early sunday morning. 15-20 small fires were set. the first one in a dumpster, the second one was a small brush fire. it did not stop there. overnight last night, sunday into morning, three other fires were set here at the redwood boulevard and is a korea glen area. there are a lot of condominiums in the area. the
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>>darya: at this point, no homes have been damaged? >>craig: yes. the fires were set very close to where we are talking about. >>justine: we are learning about an art heist that happened at one of the biggest art museums in greece. these carry out a well organized heist just before dawn this morning. police are saying that burglars entered through a balcony door and even set of security alarms. among the stolen works was a bust by picasso as well as to other pieces of artwork. heist to
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seven minutes to complete. the museum has not said how much the payments are worth but the search is on for the people who did them. if
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fifth of
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>>george: 7:12 a.m.. big delays on interstate 80 westbound. an accident occurred westbound at university avenue about 35 minutes ago. the crash has been out of the lanes for over a half an hour but
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still, the backup persists in regis to highway 4. it is even affecting a ride on the richmond, san rafael bridge. the drive time is up over 40 minutes from her to place to berkeley. a complete check coming up. >>darya: the nfl playoffs come to the bay area. for the first time in nine years, the 49ers are will be playing the new orleans saints. the saints killed the detroit lions on saturday breaking the first season mark for total yards if drew vries' also set
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multiple passing records during the regular season. for true breeze or alex smith. who do you like? >>mark: here is a live look out over san francisco. a chilly morning out of the debate.
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>>george: we are continuing interstate 80. traffic remains a back up all the way to highway 4. an accident occurred 45 minutes ago. it has been cleared from the traffic lanes for over 35 minutes. the drive time is pushing 50 minutes
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from 80 westbound. the result is there is hardly any traffic left at the bay bridge toll plaza. everyone coming from the nimitz freeway from berkeley and every bill and from 58024, all of them are enjoying such a good ride. the san mateo bridge, an easy commute with no delays or problems eastbound or westbound.
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>>james: the weather is in the '20s. valley frost is a definite possibility. there is no real cloud cover expected for tonight. for look at the temperatures. mid-20s in nevada. upper 20s in santa rosa. livermore is also chilly. san jose is at 40. flows gatos is down to about 35. a cold start this morning to take on where you are, you could be seen below freezing temperatures. we are clear carry the fog is not a factor. temperatures this afternoon, once the sun comes up should get us into this a ballpark, low-mid- 60s. we're looking for low-
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mid-60's through many of the areas through the east, the san ramon valley, livermore valley and the delta. 61 in that all the way to 66 in santa rosa. we're looking for more clouds to roll in as a part of the system in the pacific. we will not see any major rain associated with this system. potentially we will have a legal but that will break off and had our way. in texas a tornado warning was issued near houston. third
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>>justine: the tornado warning is for houston and surrounding counties. they say there is a 100 percent chance that rain and thunder will be on and off all day. more as more information comes through. >>mark: there a bid to shootings in san francisco and the last 24 hours. yesterday afternoon in the bayview district and a child was also injured by breaking glass from the bullets. a second shooting in the myrtle heights neighborhood around 7:00 p.m.. the victim was shot outside a liquor store. that person is expected to survive. >>darya: 7:21 a.m.. a manhunt and police standoff in livermore has come to an
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end. you can see the large response to the situation and the resolution. this was a wanted parolee considered armed and dangerous. he is now behind bars. da lin explains how things ended. >>da: a stolen car out of oakland led police officers to visit north livermore house. officers and swat team members surrounded the house at 12:00 p.m. on sunday when it wanted karoly refused to come out. the standoff ended at 4:00 p.m. when the man surrendered to police. the suspect is a 24 year-old eric ontiveros. he was wanted for an outstanding warrant. offices received intelligence they he is a dangerous man willing to shoot out with police. police officers blocked off nearby streets. after a few tense hours, the suspect's mother helped negotiate his surrender.
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>>george: a 50 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. >>darya: new this morning, we're getting closer to the celebrations for the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary. pretty heavy
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traffic right now. there is going to be a news conference at 9:30 a.m. when they talk about the events they will have for the year of the golden gate bridge. this will take place the week ended may 26th. that is the weekend that marks the opening of the iconic bridge 75 years ago. one of the city's longest running medical marijuana dispensaries is closing. a news conference is set for 11:00 a.m. in front of the federal building. that will be followed by protests. fluffed
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>>mark: 150 cargo containers build after this ship ran aground. >>darya: another gorgeous day. we will be right back.
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sixth and >>darya: the big stories we broke out around 1:30 a.m. at a senior living complex. five people were hospitalized. the number of fires that have now hit no bottle is up to 25 this morning with five new ones set overnight. they are looking for an arsonist.
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today is the last full day of campaigning for republican presidential candidates before tomorrow's primary. >>george: the accident that caused this backup sat in the center divider for nearly an hour. it is now clear from the freeway. it is completely gone. we will probably start to see some improvement in the west >> ride. take a look at the back up. it reaches all the way to highway 4 in the westbound direction. now that they have managed to
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clear vehicles from the center divider, lee should finally start to see some improvements. the drive time is 46-48 minutes. it has been like this for the last half-hour. it is nearly twice what it normally should be for the west about 80 right. as a result the bay bridge has been very light. third
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>>james: there is no fog to speak out. a nice start to this morning albeit cold. we are near freezing if not below freezing in the north bay and east bay valleys. above average temperatures as we head into the afternoon. a slight chance of a struggle or to tuesday evening into wednesday. nevada is at 32. by this
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afternoon and we are looking for a nice warm up. 65 and oakland, 66 in san jose, 64 in redwood city, 64 also and livermore. this is the the system that might bring us the possibility of rain on tuesday night. right now we're looking at just a 20 percent chance of sprinkles and that it is gone. a " really quick system. the rain that it does bring will be really like. your 7 day around the bay coming up in my next update. >>justine: check out these live pictures here lightning in texas. they are under a
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tornado warning. we have seen several strikes of lightning. you concede degree skies with a lot of rain and thunder in the area. three different counties are under a tornado warning. i will keep you posted as more information comes in. >>mark: a developing story out of the south bay. fire crews are still on the scene after a three alarm fire broke out around 1:30 a.m.. that happened in an assisted living complex. 16 residents have been displaced. the fire destroyed four different units and left the other apartments lift from smoke and fire damage. >>yoli: you can see the damage on the building. here
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is video of a resident who shot the video when the fire was at its height. he lives right here in the complex, across from where the fire was happening. he said that someone knocked on his door yelling fire. he grabbed his camera and started shooting some of this. he is 77. no one has died in the fire but there were five injuries. >>darya: we have more fires
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to talk about, in a bottle, 25 fires since saturday night. police are searching for the arsonist. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >>jackie: i am in the area where three of the five fires were started overnight last night. this actually started on saturday night and early sunday morning when a 15-20 small fires were set in this area. i am in at no. 9 auto all of redwood boulevard. investigators from the fire department along with police are investigating. you can
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see that there is a lot of open space but there are also a lot of apartments and condominiums in the area. it is dry out here. we are still basically in the ledger. the last thing firefighters want are more fires.
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>> in this area, the fires have since that. another location on the other side of this hill, just to the left of where i'm at. >>mark: we're watching wall street. a quarter of a percent rise for all three. the dow is up to 12,003 ordered 87. fan we will be right back with the war after the break. fo and
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>>george: a major hot spot this morning. they're right on interstate 880, the east shore freeway is back up from university avenue be on highway 4. the drive times are running 45-50 minutes. the accident has cleared from lanes and from the roadway. this backup is likely to be with us for the better part of the morning. we will take a break and when we return gary radnich to winds us.
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>>gary: now we know that the 49ers will play the saints. it is a very unusual when where an away team is coming for the playoffs is a turf.
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drew breeze or alex smith, who delights? >>gary: the question is, can they hold the same as to maybe 20 points or something like that? you have to question how much the 49ers and score. >>darya: at least now we know what we are being fair. we are following crazy ticket prices. it was a couple of thousand dollars if you want the good seeds and all of the cheap seats that were only a couple of hundred dollars are gone. >>gary: have you heard anything new about what they're going for on the bay? >>darya: i went for the most expensive packages.
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>>gary: , some people just want to be there, but i would not stand that kind of money. then again, if i want to go bad enough, i could be a media freeloader. >>darya: and go for free. let's talk about tim tebow. every time he wins, everyone writes it off. they say, it was just lucky. >>gary: that was the best game of the season. >>darya: everyone is excited about the clay that won the game in overtime, but he did not throw it out for. it is the guy that ran. what about him. >>gary: after the game their worst showing ever one wall the of of the field, they never took a shot at the guy, he must've run about 60 yds. tivo was great yesterday. did you watch any
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of the game? >>darya: i only watch this final play. i needed to see it in slow motion. >>gary: were you hour running? >>darya: i went on a hike in mt. tam. >>gary: wedding you rather sit on the couch? >>darya: it was deserted, now, i know why. everyone was watching the game. >>darya: i am looking at tivo and saying, a tivo and it 3d rematch.
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--excuse me, tebow and the broncos. i am going to continue my lobby to come to your house for the super bowl. >>gary: i want people to come torture is 20 eats food and sit on their butts and maybe gamble on the game. >>darya: i am looking at this a rematch and ice cream guy who drafted tim tebow smith, he lost his job and now he is an offensive coach with the patriots? >>gary: that all very rarely happens. he was the denver coach, he got fired and then he went to st. louis. hawker
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>>gary: that was the best game of the season yesterday. >>darya: are you going to fall for this again? remember how bad is it was? >>gary: college football for most fans across the
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country and in early december, we have to wait for the championship game. a lot of people are just kind of tired. after football being so excited over the weekend, now, you have to recharge herself for college. alabama or lsu, it is a big deal. i'm telling you, people have all moved on to the pros. >>darya: my producer says, 22 guys standing at the 45 yd line for three hours, >>gary: he is thinking no one is going to score. >>darya: exactly. that is what happened the first time. >>darya: did you hear about this budget court accident? she was 22, she was from australia. the bungee cord
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broke. do not forget, your ankles are tied. when it snaps, she is hitting a crocodile infested river in zimbabwe with our ankles tied, she lived. she went down there river rapids the she is fine. she is spruced up. >>gary: i do not want to sound like i am selling my age, but people should be shown that video before they do it. do something big you can cancel. that kind of stuff, you're putting yourself at the mercy of some company? >>darya: i have gone bungee jumping before. not like this over a river. >>gary: you did? >>darya: i was 22. that is
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something that you do when you're young turk. >>gary: if you do not have any kids are and what you are responsible for, go ahead. when you look at that, doesn't it make you think, i am not doing that. >>darya: i want to go skydiving. >>gary: most of us get old and slow. you're just lost me. >>darya: have you heard about the name? fiancee and named their baby blue id. there were criticized because they took over the entire hospital wing and
7:54 am
boston. the guy had twins and said he could not see his newborn babies. >>gary: it is easy to criticize, but if you have the money, i guess. some of us a bungee jump at some of us take care of our wives. >>darya: i will not bungee jump anymore. >>gary: you are into good of shape for my friends.
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>>kimberlee: kate middleton will be celebrating her 30th birthday today in a low-key private affair. no official party is planned but you'll see the duchess a lot in the near future. she is expected to have a key role in the 2012 london olympics. we will take a quick break into the kron4 news will be right back. culkin
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>>mark: we are starting this hour with traffic. a big hot spot this morning. >>george: this will probably be around for the rest of the morning. slow traffic on interstate 80. a minor crashed. the accident has been cleared for nearly 45
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minutes. >>george: the bay bridge, westbound interstate 80, is backed up well beyond the richmond parkway and likely to stay with us in continuing down the lower east shore freeway. it does break up before the berkeley curve. as you look at the bay bridge, all of that traffic has held up on the east shore freeway, we are not seeing any backups on the bay bridge toll plaza. your ride on the san mateo bridge, 92 has been light and easy all morning long. it looks a lot lighter here as well as it has otherwise
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been at the bay bridge. heavier traffic this week in the blast. the golden gate bridge right, take a look here, light traffic on the stand southbound. a slow right through marin county. at last check the drive time was running about 35 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge. >>james: relatively above average for highs in the
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low-mid-60s. a slight chance for minor rain sprinkles come tuesday. we will talk more about that in a second. below freezing in the santa rosa and near freezing and concord. 33 there, 35 in livermore, san jose coming in at 38 with 374 fremont and oakland. it is chilly. the son has been up for 35 minutes. at some point in the next hour we will start to see temperatures begin to climb and ultimately we will get our highs this afternoon with no fog in the way. here is the visibility chart. we're clear throughout the bay area. temperatures this morning, by 9:00 a.m. we will say goodbye to the '30's, mostly in the 40's and '50's as indicated in the dark blue and light blue. by noon, '60s popping up, those are the areas in green. we're looking for a
8:04 am
day of low-mid-60s. clear but that it will cloud up tomorrow. when we come back your 7 day around the bay and we will break down in more detail what we are expecting with that storm system. >>justine: we're watching live pictures into the newsroom and getting reports that a tornado has touched down in texas. it is rainy and dreary. the land is covered with a range. there have been reports of hail that is softball size as well as a lot of people without power. we're keeping our eye on this developing story. >>mark: cox the fire was set
8:05 am
by an arsonist. 20 small fires have been set around the bottle including five new ones overnight. the complex is engulfed in flames. because close to seven under $50,000 in damage. the complex is located on a mat and avenue. to get to more news faster, yoli eceves is live with a look at the complex. i want
8:06 am
to quickly reference the amateur video, that is the person that shot the video, 77 years old. he is close to the fire. firefighters are saying that it was thanks to a combination of things. the construction, the fire wall right where you see the fire stopped and the fast work of the fire department.
8:07 am
>>darya: more fires, a developing story out of novato, 25 fires have been set since saturday night. police are looking for the arsonist that was out there. jackie sissel is out there live this morning. >>jackie: this is out of nevada, right at the end of a redwood of boulevard.
8:08 am
there were three more fires right here along sequoia gland. officials are anxious to find out exactly who and why the fires are being set. there are looking for the public's help. if anyone has seen or heard anything, they are asking for the public's help. i'm hoping to hear back from the police department to see if there's any break in the case. obviously they want to find out what is going on as quickly as possible. third
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south tzar its stock to
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>>george: we're continuing to attract major delays for the east shore freeway, still back up beyond highway
8:12 am
4. drive times are nearly 50 minutes. it's more than twice the normal drive times from hercules to berkeley. the accident has been long clear from the freeway but the heavy traffic remains.
8:13 am
>>darya: officials will announce this morning what will happen and the weekend of may 26th which marked the opening of the icon a golden gate bridge. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. clear skies around the bay. in
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>>george: 8:16 a.m.. we're continuing to monitor a major hot spot this morning. the ride on interstate 80. while we have been talking a lot about this slow down on interstate 80, it is in part because there's not much else: on. a little while ago we did have trouble on 680, the south bay is a little bit slow on 101. this is the slowest traffic in the bay area. we kicked off with an accident at 7:00 a.m.. it might have even been at the 6:00 a.m. hour that the accident first occurred. it sat in the center divider to back up traffic. traffic is still slow to the lower east shore freeway. the drive time is slowly creeping down work. at 45 minutes it is still twice what it would normally be to get you from hercules to berkeley on a typical morning commute. looking at your ride on the
8:17 am
bay bridge, because of the slow traffic on 80, there is nothing here at the toll plaza although i am not convinced that even without the accident we would have had a normal backup on the bay bridge. traffic is still a little light. in the san mateo bridge, highway 92, we are problem free. at the golden gate, 101 southbound continues to build without problems. drive times are back under 35 minutes out of the bottle into san francisco on 101 southbound. a check on the weather would james fletcher. >>james: we are tracking a few things. temperatures this morning are awfully cold. we have not seen much movement in our morning temperatures but pretty soon we will see temperatures climb. we are still at or near freezing in the north bay. things will start changing pretty quickly. tower visibility is also not nice. the grain becomes more
8:18 am
widespread as we have to the afternoon. widespread low- mid-60's which is a little cooler that yesterday. it is still above average for this time of year. the other thing we are tracking is what is happening in the pacific. right now, the models are split. one simulation has a coming right at us. another one has it going to our south. in houston we're tracking severe weather. to rental storms and a tornado warning
8:19 am
has been issued. the airports are not registering too much in a way of delays. year is where we see the 7 day around the bay. a slight chance. sprinkles tuesday into wednesday. we have a lot of nice weather to look forward to. mild temperatures with highs in the mid-low 60s. >>justine: the fda is warning patients about a potential mixup between powerful prescription painkillers and comment over-the-counter medications like it said tran.
8:20 am
>>mark: today is the last full day of campaigning in new hampshire before tomorrow's primary. most of the cabinet are concentrating in the southern part of new hampshire. right now the polls show that romney is in the lead. >> i am someone who believes in putting my country first. >> mr. romney apparently believes in politics first. that is the problem in this country right now. that is the reason we are not pulling together as people.
8:21 am
we are americans first and foremost. that is the only way that we can solve our problems long term. >> i do not think that when it is enough. winning has to be purposeful and has to lead to decisive and fundamental change. our constitution is a team sport. are all >> jon huntsman did not campaign in iowa ahead of last week's caucuses. gingrich came in fourth in the iowa caucuses. >>darya: new this morning, a u.s. soldier has been killed on an afghanistan military base. a man and an afghan uniform of a fire on a group of americans yesterday.
8:22 am
authorities are still trying to figure out is the gunman as a member of the afghan military. the gunman was killed in a shootout. new this morning, an american has been convicted of working for the cia and sentenced to death. ron accuses this former u.s. marine of receiving a special training and serving at u.s. military bases in iraq and afghanistan and then heading to iran where he was on an intelligence mission. the former military translator was born in arizona and graduated from high school in michigan. his father is a professor at the committee college and has said his son is not a spy from the cia and was visiting his grandmother and a wrong when he was arrested and now convicted and sentenced to death. >>justine: breaking news, we're learning about a to alarm fire burning at a house in san jose. we're
8:23 am
hearing from fired sheets that this was a vacant house. we will keep you posted as more information comes in. stay with us.
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>>mark: a developing story, there were two shooting did san francisco in the last 24 hours. the victim's injuries were described as life- threatening. a child was injured by breaking glass. no arrests have been made in either shooting. >>darya: a manhunt and police standoff the livermore is over this morning. investigators are looking for a wanted parolee considered armed and dangerous. da lin tells us how police tracked down the suspect. >>da: a stolen car out of oakland led police officers to this house. officers and swat team members surrounded the house when they wanted
8:27 am
prole refused to come out. the standoff ended at 4:00 p.m. when the man surrendered to police. the suspect is 24 year-old eric of the various. he was wanted for an outstanding warrant and officers received intelligence that he is a dangerous man willing to shoot things out with police. police officers blocked off nearby streets and evacuated neighbors. the suspect's mother spoke with him on the phone to help negotiate his surrender. >>justine: we are following two breaking news stories. a fire burning at a vacant house in san jose, the 500 block of north fork street. just crossing the wires in the past 30 seconds, authorities are now saying arrested an: islamic extremist in tampa on charges that he planned to blow up different sites.
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>>darya: 8:30 fire crews are on that the scene. and assisted living facility with a fire broke out at 1:30 a.m. the first broke out at 9:00 saturday night. >> today is the last full day for the presidential candidates in new hampshire before the primary. >> first, we will speak to george >>george: thank you, marc. finally, we're starting to see a lot of of a break up on 80 westbound. still, it reaches
8:31 am
from highway # for all the way down to the 580, merge. more yellow on the maps. that m means much better speeds and drive times. consistent slowing at the richmond parkway and the 580 merge. however, considerably better for the rest of the drive in the east shore freeway. the drive time has dropped, dramatically. from a 47 minutes, to only 29 minutes. it is getting closer to a normal commute time. that is a big improvement. other areas this is interstate 680 southbound. it is not a hot spot but it is a slow spot getting towards the walnut creek interchange, placental. actually, not much of an improvement. from -- pleasant
8:32 am
hill. still traffic from alameda heavy for this hour. because of the delays on the 80 the bay bridge has been clear. no backups, no problems. this in the tail bridge is also decent. it looks like the san mateo bridge is a bit heavy on the westbound there are no back up on either side. 8:32. james stewart >>james: thank you, george. our roof cam is showing a clear, sunny, a wonderful start. just until you see how cold it is when you step outside. in the north bay. how about kicking it into gear for what we can expect as we mentioned, clear, cold. valley frost possible for the north bay and possibly sunday. however, it will still warm up.
8:33 am
it was much warmer yesterday but still to the 60s. clear, cold, with those clear skies the temperatures are going to be dropping. overnight. kind of like now. with only 27 degrees in the north day at santa rosa is one of the coldest spots. fairfield is 30. 34 degrees in napa, concord, and 35 in livermore. 47 degrees in san francisco. and look at the change from yesterday. 11 degrees colder and novato a frigid start. this afternoon i think that you will like what you see. low mid 60s, generally. 66 degrees in sandoz say. everybody will be kind of
8:34 am
between--66 and sasan jose-- >> the wider view some goings on in the pacific with cloud coverage possible. and possibly rain. tuesday and wednesday to receive 20% chance of sprinkles mainly along the coast. otherwise, sunny and mild. and justine. >>justine: there are authorities saying that a 25 year-old man is as an islamic extremist has been are arrested in the tampa bay area. we have a picture to show you. federal officials are saying that he purchased an ak- 47. the homemade explosive grenade multiples. and a belt so
8:35 am
he could attack places in tampa. stay with us for on that story. also breaking news with a home in san jose. it is vacant. north fourth street. the 400 block. it is on fire. >>mark: look at this is video from the store-alarm fire. this is it your video. that a view were sent in. 16 residents displaced from an assisted living officials tell us why that it did not spread to the rest of the building. >> this building construction has a fire wall from prevention of fighter planes from one area
8:36 am
to the other. it kept the fire to the only four units. potentially, because it is an older structure it could have been the entire building. however, that fire -- retention wall helped with and the structure. >> good morning the fire fighters have returned for further investigation of this recent fire. let me show you a video about 20 minutes ago. it is easiest to show you that the only damage is these four units. and there is some water damage
8:37 am
associated with the four units. it appears to be accidental but where and what caused it? that is still under investigation. >>darya: there are more fires andnovato and arson is suspected of 26 fires since saturday with five this morning. jackie is and novato and now a seven new players? there were two new discoveries? >>jackie: these are small in a tight area. as you mentioned, there are seven new fires from overnight. there are 6 near glenwood park. near redwood boulevard. six of those were started last night. this all actually started saturday night/sunday morning. between
8:38 am
15-20 in a multiple areas. the first was in a dumpster. others were in a wooded area but it did not stop there. seven additional overnight. near redwood and sequoia glenn even though there is a wooded area there are still condominiums, nearby. they do not know if these are connected but the rush creek is on the other side. they are still investigating. the police department is setting the they are actively investigating without suspects right now. they are looking for the help from the public. you can see the proximity of these homes. this is a bike path. many were set along the bike path. that is part of the investigation. the
8:39 am
police department and the fire department will be investigating. has there any bahas derrik -- been any eyewitnesses? >>jackie: no. because of the nature of these fires the seventh late. >>darya: thank you, jackie we will be back. look! here she comes!
8:40 am
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8:47 am
>> looking at the golden gate. it is looking problem-free. temperatures in the north they are still in the 20s but it just won't warm up. eventually, some sunshine that could be changing. if 30's and novado. still, awfully chilly across the north
8:48 am
bay with slightly warmer times as you go south. 40s currently in san jose. as for the fog is not really a factor for us today. bennett baja tends to their credit cooler. -- temperatures today are going to be quite a bit cooler. 18 degrees cooler in other area locations. a hot by 9:00 a.m., we should say goodbye to those 30's. by noon, the 40's will disappear in the 60s will make it on the map. temperatures will be ranging low mid 60s. yesterday, we even saw some of mid-60s. still, nice. unseasonably warm as a matter of fact. the fog will be coming in,
8:49 am
tomorrow. we do expect clouds, wind and the possibility. perhaps only a 40% chance. for the majority it is looking nice with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. i wish we could get more rain out of this system but perhaps not. >>justine: where watching this breaking news out of florida. a 25 year-old man that was attesting to blowout tampa relocations. this is a photo. he bought eight ak-47 and homemade explosives. this was a disturbing reality for tampa authorities. we will be continuing to keep you updated.
8:50 am
>> gabrielle giffords still recovers from the one-year anniversary of her shooting. jared loufner has ruled that it is not he is not confident to stand trial a judge has ruled. >> 32 year-old frederick dousser is charged with attempted murder, robbery, rape. evidence from the crime scene of links them to attacks on three women in the mission district between june and december. >> the san francisco sheriff has been this warm and however, there has been controversy with domestic violence. the wife
8:51 am
is claiming that she had a bruise on her face from new year's eve. she is also saying that he has never been violent. >> ed lee was sworn and by mayor feinstein he is the first asian mayor. he's 58 years old. >> the first black richmond mayor has died. he is survived by his wife and two children. 8:52. we will be right back. and our mt. tam cam showing plenty of sunshine we will be right back.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
>> welcome back. an upstate new york wedding of lady antell ebellum >> tim tebow and 80 yd touchdown pass take a look the first play in overtime. dealers. 29-23. with 316 yds passing. at the broncos are going to go to burlington for the second road against the patriots on a saturday their corn to go to -- new england.
8:56 am
>> eli manning for the new york giants 24-2 against the falcons in this wild card game. the falcons are going to go play against the green bay packers. >> the playoffs will be here hosting the new orleans saints. against the san francisco 49ers. breeze even set records with his passing on this past game. they have never had victory on a playoff game. >> the devil inside is number one at the box office for this past weekend. $34.5 million in its opening weekend. the second was it the admission and
8:57 am
possible movie. and number three was the sherlock holmes sequel. mission impossible was no. 2. a live look at the golden gate clear still waiting for the possibility of a regal. rainfall.
8:58 am
8:59 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news add nine a.m. >>darya: we are falling two different stories. there's an arsonist to the west. 20 small fires and on the right and san
9:00 am
jose and assisted living facility went up in flames. for let us start with that story. >>mark: this is a fire crews and san jose it is a three-alarm of fire after 1:30 we can see the firefighters on the roof. this is amateur video. huge flames. the fire crews were still here at early this morning. 16 residents have been displaced there were four units that were destroyed from this complex. smoke and fire damage and water damage to others. several thousand dollars in damage. this complex is at 2645 madden ave. yoli? >> yoli: this was totally
9:01 am
engulfed when firefighters arrived. michael is a neighbor who is visiting and he heard glass breaking. he thought somebody was trying to break and and but he looked up the saw flames. he called 911. he, and this friend started wrestling people. let us hear what he has to say. >> me and my friend hopped the fence. you were pulling people out? >> yes we pulled out of older lady. from the upstairs. and an older guy who was having difficulty walking so we had to carry them. the people in the wheelchair were also having difficulty. you were just trying to get people out? >> yes. when we got to the older
9:02 am
person out we thought that everybody was out. however, we still heard banging. and i think that there were still people in there. she said there is somebody in there! i saw a brick and through that to gain access. >>reporter: it is incredible! with a raging flames. i also ask them that most people call 911. however if i was trapped in narrow would also want someone to say to me. what a great good samaritan. >>mark: thank you. >>darya: and another fire story with an arsonist in marin county in novato seven new ones this
9:03 am
morning. fifth over 20 from this weekend. jackie sissel is live. >>jackie: yes. earlier, we thought there were just for new fires but we just heard that there has been as many as seven new fires. this started on a saturday night/sunday. we have video. that was when 15-20 video is basically in the same general area. the first was in a dumpster. the second was in a wooded area. opene -- last night and overnight early monday morning as many as seven new fires were started. six were in the general area of redwood
9:04 am
boulevard and the support of blender drive. also in this same general area of sequoia -- glenn drive. and also the north side of russia boulevard. they do not know if that is russrush. they do not have a suspect information. they did not know if it is one person or a group. they're hoping for the public to come aboard. as we mentioned earlier, you can see these fires have been started mainly along these bike paths. there are surrounding close apartment and condominiums. it is dry. thank goodness it is not as dry and hot as summer. the police department and fire department are wanting to catch this arsonist >> several traffic areas.
9:05 am
>>george: that is correct, mark. revenue hot spot. interstate 680 northbound is closed. a medical helicopter had to be landed with this accident off the roadway. it is only recently that they shut down all lanes to get that medical chopper to land. it has reopened only one lane of the northbound 680 it is the non- commute direction but it is causing a big backup. in both directions. the northbound, the southbound. coming down from the dublin interchange this could be a huge snag! coming out of dublin and pleasanton on the 680 southbound. we will keep you updated on that with the major hotspot and development. 680 from dublin towards. rerouting
9:06 am
around highway 580 westbound. a quick on the bay bridge check. earlier, the number 80 kept the traffic a waste of there is no backup, here. from the '92, the san mateo bridge is also delayed-free eastbound, westbound. decent conditions. and ericka. >>erica: thank you, george. for more proof can you can see good skies but for more -- roof cam. the good news is that as we go towards this afternoon, mostly sunny and mild. however, cooler compared to what we saw this weekend. overnight, continuing to seek cool temperatures with
9:07 am
temperatures in the 40's. temperatures right outside the door corporate the nice with 47 degrees. 30's in fairfield. it's and in half moon bay, 40's in oakland. as we see how much cooler it is compared to just 24 hours ago. it will be cooler in novado. oakland, santa rosa, and focusing on this afternoon exactly what we can expect with plenty of 60s. in fact, some of the other locations are contained to the south bay. mountain view, all at 67 degrees. 60s through hayward, fremont, 66 could be the high for santa rosa. 63 and novato a look at your 7 day around the bay plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. the result is a slight possibility for wet weather but we're talking perhaps just 107 edge. just a
9:08 am
trace is contained on the coastline. just-traces. and justine. >>justine: thank you authorities saying that a 25 year-old man is describing himself as an extremist islamic extremist. federal officials are saying that he purchased homemade explosives, a explosive belt and purchased an ak-47. his first appearance in federal court is scheduled later this afternoon. >>darya: which will be back after a quick, live look from our roof camp on van ness and san francisco. a crystal clear day. we will be back. ♪ ♪
9:09 am
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9:12 am
>>george: of the back in another hot spot. northbound 680. there is a signal alert with the traffic advisories lanes blocked. there are multiple lanes blocked. there has been a medical helicopter landing. it is impacting the southbound as well which is backed up all the way to the dublin entertains. >>justine: dublin -- interchange. >>justine: . the dow jones is up by eight points. first, the wall street journal is reporting wall street firms are expecting top- level please paid level to decrease. goldman sachs it could be 50% decrease. and even
9:13 am
investment baker's could see a 30%-40% decrease in pay for investment-baker's bankers \ -. we're waiting for the fourth quarter results to complete the store to the corporate earnings season after the market's closing today.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
from george 9:16 the northbound is showing difficulty on the 680. a special traffic advisory locally. when one or more lanes will be a lot blocked. eight warnings from the chp to avoid this area. this old sonoma boulevard is also jammed up that is the only alternate. there are two lanes open on the 680 northbound. however, it is still
9:17 am
slow on the southbound. it is backed all the way up to the dublin interchange. this occurred northbound. the non- commute. avoided completely. 880 is a better ride but i realize it is a further option. the bay bridge also looking decent. eastbound, westbound, also decent and the senate tail bridge. eastbound looking decent. 13 minutes. for the golden gate it is easy northbound. no problems in or out marion county. >> aaro >>erica: . >> good morning 8 beautiful day expected. shaping up to be gorgeous. it is a beautiful day
9:18 am
>>erica: the potential for wet weather with your details coming up on your extended forecast. however, first cold conditions right now at only 27 degrees in santa rosa. the 30's are quickly diminishing with 47 degrees and. 40s in san a say. as we look at these temperatures -- san jose. all this light blue is indicating a good mix of 50s. even the 60s and some areas in the north bay and south bay. advancing towards this afternoon, the majority will be 60s by 2:00 p.m. a little bit
9:19 am
cooler compared to yesterday. still, plenty of sunshine. as we check out the satellite and radar there is wet weather associated with the pacific northwest. you could see a couple sprinkles here in the bay area. it will be contained mainly on the coast. we are anticipating mostly cloudy conditions with a slight chance of showers only 20 percent. a look at your 7 day around the bay sunshine for the rest of the day. >>darya: the seven events anniversary of the golden gate bridge is coming up the 75th anniversary. this is the big celebration. this is file photograph from the 1930's. they used to let people walk on the bridge. however, we will let you know all of the details with a news conference, coming up. what they plan on doing for the celebration. here it was it was
9:20 am
pretty incredible. all of the celebrations even from the 50th anniversary in 1987. we know that these celebrations will be held the weekend of may 26th. >>mark: the decision 2012 is the last day of touring before the new hampshire primaries. all the candidates are in manchester, and concord, new hampshire. mitt romney is leading. here is jon huntsman and newt gingrich. >> i am somebody who believes in putting my country, first. (cheers & applause) >> mitt romney apparently believes in politics first and that is the problem right now.
9:21 am
do you hear what i am saying? that is why we're not pulling together as people because everything is politicized. as opposed to remember that we're first and foremost, americans and that is the only way we're going to be able to recognize our problems. long-term, short- term. >> i do not think that just winning isn't enough. i think winning has to be purposeful. it has to lead to a decisive and fundamental change. and to do that you cannot have just an isolated cabin that you have to have a team. because our candid it -- you cannot have an isolated -- candid it. >> mark newt gingrich came in fourth on the iowa caucus. >>darya: and american is convicted of working for the cia
9:22 am
and sentenced to death and iran in iran is sentenced to death. he was keen to special access he was -- provided access to several military bases in afghanistan. and the middle east however, now he is sentenced to death. >> a u.s. soldier is killed on an afghan military base. a man opened fire on a group of americans yesterday. authorities are trying to figure out if it is a member of the afghan military. . >> will be right back and have an update on hot spot on the 680 right after the break. a live
9:23 am
look. a beautiful view from mt. tam. @p@@@
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>george: this is still a major hot spot. this has shut down all lanes while a medical helicopter has landed. there is not really a great alternate route. you produce the 880 to avoid this. you could use -- the 880. >>mark: the dow jones is up almost by six points. we're still waiting on economic reports to import markets. also investors are looking at european markets with the
9:27 am
european debt crisis between france and germany. their meeting in berlin that this is the arrival of the french president. they are speaking of the economy trying to get all supervision of their budgets from the bureau of the euro the debt ratio of italy is a difficult portion of the stocks. >>darya: environmental damage seems to be small off the coast of new zealand. you can see this is about 400 t of fuel oil when it ran aground in october. it killed thousands of seabirds. over the weekend about 150 cargo containers spilled into the ocean. ashore. a light sheen of
9:28 am
oil is extending to-miles away. >>mark: we will be right back. a live look as we take a look at the traffic a bit crowded on the 101 the southbound we will be right back. ♪
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: the bestop stories we're following our these senior living facility fire! >> in addition, new fires anin novato for 20 total. seven just from overnight. >> new hampshire primaries with
9:31 am
focuses on a southern new hampshire. >>darya: get the update for you from george on your commute. >>george: there is a sig alert backing up the traffic towards mission boulevard. on that the 680. it is not that often that we recommend using 880. however this morning could be an alternate. it is going to be a while. the chp is believing that this will be at least another 50-20 minute delay. in other
9:32 am
areas, we can check the bridges. a check of the bay bridge is looking decent. for the most part, the commute has come to an end for the 92 san mateo bridge. >>erica: we are looking at plenty of sunshine with a pretty clear day from the bay area. although, there are still locations writer around freezing. as we go towards this evening. mostly sunny and mild. just slightly cooler. going towards overnight, mostly clear with temperatures in the 40's. as i mentioned, you are going to want to grab the jacket. although there are improvements at 35 degrees and 37 for novado. we are still seeing if he were,
9:33 am
oakland, and downtown san francisco is looking at 55 degrees in half moon bay. as returned our attention with plenty of 60s bay-area wide for this afternoon. the mountain view, los gatos could make it up to 60s. cooler along the coast. as we go towards marin county we have plenty of low 60s. 61 degrees expected in richmond. the satellite and radar showing wet weather situated to the northwest. there's even a lot of cloud coverage as we go to court tomorrow. we can squeeze out some sprinkles. we could see some sprinkles contained to the coastline but above the net, plenty of sunshine as we finish the rest of the workweek. >>mark: this was a credential or
9:34 am
empire after 1:30 look at this, this was a three-alarm fire at 1:30 this morning. it is an assisted living facility. five people had been treated for minor burns. 16 residents are displaced. for of the eight units fo--four of those units ae in damage. an eyewitness describes the a heroic rescue. >> we started coming over after:911 and pulled people out. your >>reporter: you were pulling people out? >> yes from upstairs. and we pulled at gentleman out who could not walk well. there was a wheelchair up there but we were not sure if anybody was and there. >>reporter: you were just trying
9:35 am
to get people out? >> yes. once we got the older people out we kept thinking that we heard something. and she said that there is somebody else trapped in there! and i grabbed a brick. to gain more access and got to that other person out of their. >>mark: this complex is at 2645 matand in san jose in a matter-- fact in madden and yuli >> yuli: displaced residents are receiving help from the people
9:36 am
that you see here. from my perspective it was just burned to the studs. firefighters say that it was the next not to their own work but also new construction that help prevent the spread of this fire. there is a fire walk between the attached buildings. usually hold a fire or at least four hours. this fire was put out and nearly one hour. the new construction helped to prevent this fire to spread. they had to work quickly. they're still investigating the cause. however, they're thinking that it is probably accidental. >>darya: there is a series of arson fires in novato a total
9:37 am
of 20 since saturday and 07 this morning. we have been following this >> been concentrated sel concentrated south and even other areas. jackie his lifto an the scene. >>jackie: to produce spoke with the deputy chief and there could be nine, 10 fires. i just spoke with the deputy chief i am on the redwood boulevard. you can see how close these are to these homes in the area. there are small, but multiple fires they started saturday night/a sunday morning with 15-20 started in the same general area. these are
9:38 am
all small but still in a wooded area. last night there was another string of fires that started and this area. again, and of bahia area a few miles south of where i am. if are rigidlyone half-1/4 of they disd more fires involved with this arsonist. the working crews are making sure that all of these hot spots are out. they want to make sure that it is completely distinguished and extinguished. with at least 7-10 players from last night to this morning. and this general area -- 7-10 fighter fires. >>darya: if it is a night fall
9:39 am
tonight maybe there will keep a closer eye? to see anything? >>jackie: 3:30 a.m. but there were police department representatives out and about. and novato but a lot of open spaces. you can see the amount of space that is open. bahia is a large area difficult to control but they are looking for the public to help to see if they heard or seen anything. >>justine: good morning. the new hampshire primary is just one a day away this is a live picture from mitt romney. also, the other candidates newt gingrich is it just saying that he does not want to back down when another opponent strikes hard. also, rex batts and warm is
9:40 am
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for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >>george: welcome back this hot spot continues to be to a concern. the northbound is still
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>mark: 32 year-old frederick
9:47 am
dozier it is charged with burglary, rape and assault. these were in the mission district from june-december. >>darya: it has been one year since the shooting of gabrielle giffords in arizona yesterday, bells were ringing and the parking lot of the grocery store in tucson where it happened. the day before, upper of giffords and mark kelly made an appearance. she also made a rare appearance at the university of arizona. she received cheers from the crowd and also led the crowd and the
9:48 am
pledge of allegiance. >>mark: let us check your weather and traffic . >>george: this is backed up all the way to mission boulevard. usually it is only 20 minutes but now, it is 44 minutes for all the way up to the dublin interchange. it should be 20 minutes but now, it is 33 minutes from dublin self. the biggest delays are in the northbound direction. that is where the accident occurred. still one lane is blockeing a lane however, the chp had to close down roads because of a medical helicopter landing. other areas are experiencing a decent commute. the bridges 70's
9:49 am
and all morning long. the cemetery also looks decent eastbound, westbound is problem- free. it should be smooth. how 101 northbound, southbound looking decent. >> iraq come looking at the golden gate we can see plenty of -- >> ericka we can see plenty of blue skies through the bay bridge. however, plenty of warm conditions with above average temperatures this afternoon. we have the potential for wet weather tomorrow as all we see overnight. right outside the door that is what these temperatures look like. santa rosa is now 35 degrees. a significant improvement from just a few hours ago. oakland, hayward, 47 degrees. low 40s in the south bay. as we check out
9:50 am
futurecast by noon, most areas will be seeing a good mixture of 50s. we could even see 60s in the north bay. as we advance the clock closer the afternoon high will indicate most will seasic these. here is the breakdown a 64 degrees in happen day. morgan hill. and it looks like santa rosa could see also 66 degrees. 60s is a current popular number for that a look at your 7 day around the bay plenty of 60s with the potential for but weather it mainly along the coast. and a lot of sunshine with partly cloudy conditions next week. the developing story is that this
9:51 am
man hot and livermore. this came to the end of this our rest. this suspect was arrested. it was a wanted parolee considered armed and dangerous and behind bars. >>da: a stolen car out of oakland led police officers to this house and the swat team members surrounded this house. on a sunday afternoon, a wanted parolee who refused to come out. he surrendered at 4:00 p.m. livermore police say that he is 24 year-old eric anteveros they received that he is a dangerous man willing to shoot police. they blocked off nearby streets and evacuated neighbors. after tense hours the suspect's mother convinced him to surrender. and livermore cuff da lin.
9:52 am
>>mark: a live look through san francisco a beautiful day. climbs into the 60s
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>darya: a look at your 7 day around the bay sunshine and 60s just have we have been in this dry winter warm pattern. it will stay that way for the next seven days and even beyond. it does not look like we're going to see anything significant. >>mark: it is a guilty pleasure. the first nfl playoffs and it is tebow time in denver. this a 80 yd touchdown on the first play from scrimmage in overtime. dealers 29-23. he finished with
9:56 am
316 yds. passing. he will go against the patriots and next wnext game. also, the giants with eli manning and a 24-2 against the pelicans in the afc wild card. the giants are traveling to green bay on sunday to play defending packers. >> the nfl playoffs come to the bay area for the first time in nine years the san francisco 49ers host the orleans saints. they beat the detroit lions. the orleans quarterback breeze set a record in the saints are 3.5 point favorite against the niners. they have not had a victory on a away game. the fact
9:57 am
that their favorite, keeps people's attention. >>mark: tiger woods is returning to pebble beach for the first time in 10 years. he has made this announcement on his website that he would start his pga tour the during ninth. he has rallied from a five shot opposite. on his website he could think that is the beautiful place on earth most beautiful place on earth. >> people are watching the european markets influencing the dow jones. we're waiting to see what will happen with earnings it kicks off today with
9:58 am
quarterly earnings reports coming up. >>darya: that is yet. we will see you tomorrow. >>mark: i hope you have a great day, dr. phil is next. ♪
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