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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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new information coming to light about a plan leaked by san francisco police concerning the city's occupy protestors. kron4 is looking into how it happened. proabortion banners line part of market street. we'll finding out what some neighbors plan to do to get them removed. you might not be so happy about your tax return this year. more on what the irs says is becoming a trend. >> and we'll we begin with a story about
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leaked information. apparently san francisco police blew their own cover when officers using social media sites leaked details of what was supposed to be a surprise raid on the occupy camp last month. new tonight at 11:00, kate thompson is here with more. >> reporter: pam, everyone is on them these days, facebook, twitter. and that's what happened here. officers lost the element of surprise posting on social networking sites. in the early morning hours of december 7th. more than 100 police officers seized upon the occupy camp. some people knew they were coming. officers posting messages to facebook and twitter tipped people off. they tweeted statements like "working late, game day, starting early, and secret thing." that information on the internet
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spread, hinting at the scheduled sweep of the camp. in the future, to control the spread of information, sfpd says it will keep officers out of the loop. they will be told when to bring their gear and when to show up, and then they'll be briefed. they won't be told what they're doing until an hour or so before the operation. and this is not an unprecedented step. sfp does this for some operations to keep things secret from the rank and file. new details tonight. richmond city leaders are still meeting at this hour. they're looking to adopt a plan that would allow police officers there to stop helping neighboring communities. this comes after the richmond city stores provided assistance during an occupy oakland protest which got out of hand. >> and to decline those requests if he feels it's necessary.
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also new at 11:00, santa clara city council approved another plan paving the way toward a new san francisco 49ers football stadium. the agreement with great america will allow the football team to build the stadium on the theme park's overflow parking lot, and will add spaces for fans. the new stadium could be ready for games in 2014. if the nfl approves spending $150 million to build it. >> the man accused of raping three women in san francisco's mission district is expected to be in court tomorrow. frederick dosher, who you see her, will hear the charges against him, which include attempted murder am he was arrested last week after police received an anonymous tip. the attacks happened last year. the man accused of killing these four women in the 1970s and 1990s will be back in a marin county court in the morning. his preliminary hearing got under way today.
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during testimony, a probation officer said he found porno graphic pictures of women who appeared dead owner unconscious during a search of his home. in san jose, an elementary school teacher is under arrest, accused of sexually arresting a child. chandler is accused of sexually assaulting a student last fall. he's being held in santa clara county jail without bail. in an effort to catch the person or persons responsible for setting at least 56 fires around novato, a 15,000-dollar reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to an arrest the fires started cropping up this past weekend, started around 9:30 at night, and go through the overnight hours. fortunately nobody's been hurt, no homes have been damaged. firefighters are asking people to remain
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vigilant and call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. taking a live look outside this evening, that's the bay bridge. it's clear, and it's going to be cold overnight. our current temperatures already in the 30s in a number of places. it's already freezing in novato. it's 36 in fairfield, 37 in santa rosa and half moon bay. mild in san francisco. we're going to be seeing plenty of 30-degree readings into tomorrow morning. also patchy frost. give yourself extra time tomorrow morning to defrost the windshield or scrape it off. tomorrow afternoon, sunny and mild conditions are expected. un-january-like weather. as we head through the rest of the week, we're going to keep the same pattern going. the cold mornings and dry afternoons. are we ever going to see rain this winter? that coming up in a bit. california has more bad news about the state budget today. the state is on track to
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take in less money than anticipated. and that means more cuts to health and union services may be coming. protestors gathered today outside of the state building in san francisco. a lot of people were there, including a woman named crystal england who said they cannot weather more cuts to social services. >> right here as i'm at -- at the threshold of going from education to advanced degrees or into work, that is being removed from underneath me. that means looking for part-time work that is not going to support my family. >> the state took in $165 million less than expected last month. in addition, regarding the temporary tax increases that governor jb proposed -- jerry brown proposed, new figures show they will generate almost $2 billion less per year than expected onto decision 2012. the final votes have not been
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tallied yet. nonetheless, mitt romney is claiming victory in the new hampshire primary. here's a look at the numbers. 16% of the precincts reporting romney secured 38% of the vote. ron paul was the runner up with 24%, and huntsman placed third with 17% of the vote in new hampshire. romney compared his campaign to president obama's run back in 2008. >> we do remember when barack obama came to new hampshire four years ago. he promised to bring people together, he promised to change the brokens is in washington, he promised to improve our nation. those were the days of lofty promises made by a hopeful candidate. today, we're faced with the disappointing record of a failed president. >> next up for the gop, south carolina. it holds its primary on january 21st. new at 11:00, some of your neighbors upset about
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proabortion banners lining san francisco's market street. new news released about marijuana use. tax returns are coming up short. but you could be due some extra cash. what the irs is saying tonight as you wait for your w-2s >> coming up, lebron james in town. warriors, look out instchl we'll have the highlights -- we'll have those highlights [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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attorneys representing a group of san francisco residents have issued a demand letter to the city to remove proabortion manners which are on market street. kron4's alejandro serbal explains why they should be taken why. >> reporter: they're part of the walk for trust women's silver ribbon campaign event. attorneys of the life legal defense foundation says the 70 proabortion banners need to go because they violet the city's code.
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>> there are certain criteria in their code, it has to be a city-sponsored event. this campaign is not an event. by allowing the silver ribbon campaign to post these banners, they're giving the impression that that is the city's viewpoint. >> reporter: the department of public works issued a banner permit for the event that is scheduled later this month. a spokes person says the banners were approved as a city-wide event with 500 or more partsants -- participants. and they have submitted the forms required for the approval under the code. it has been a an unusually -- an unusually dry winter, but will we see rain in the horizon? clear skies right now. we'll take a look at your forecast for tomorrow morning.
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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new details released tonight about using marijuana. ucsf scientists discover that occasional and moderate marijuana use does not affect the lungs like tobacco smoke does. reggie kumar is live in the studio to tell us more about this study. you've been looking over it. what did you find? >> reporter: well, all the scientists that have done this study are surprised by these findings the even the lead author of the study, doctor mark plecher was shocked. scientists analyzed lung function in more than five thousand men and women who smoked cigarettes and marijuana over a 20-year period. they found that participants who smoked tobacco and only used marijuana occasionally, there were no adverse effects to the lungs after pot use. but the came cannot be said for tobacco users. >> typical that bocko smoker, they -- tobacco smoker, they smoke a pack a day, which is 20 cigarettes a day. in comparison, in our study, the
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typical marijuana smoker smoked two or three times a month. much order of magnitude less exposure to marijuana smoke than the typical tobacco smoker would have exposure to tobacco smoke. you see clear harm from tobacco, and we did not see any harm from marijuana use. >> to be clear, did this study find that heavy marijuana use puts you at risk of lung problems? yes or no? >> reporter: well, the doctor can't definitively answer that. he said there were signs of adverse consequences to the lungs but not enough people actually exposed to marijuana signed up for the study. they found that marijuana users were also able to breathe more air into their lungs than those who did not use cannabis. >> the way marijuana smokers stipically smoke marijuana is with very -- typically smoke
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marijuana is with a very deep inhalation. so that trains them for the test. that's our theory. >> did you think this study means that doctors might be more hesitant to describe medical marijuana to people who might need it? >> reporter: he thinks doctors should really consider this study because he says it all depends on the needs and the costs. the study brings out information that a lot of people were shocked about. of so doctors may be more inclined to prescribe this drug. no, he did add that marijuana use can cause a bad cough and bronchitis if you do use it more than on a moderate occasion. but he also said that it does not affect the lungs like regular cigarette smoke because cigarette smoke can cause emphysema, and things like that. >> those who support medical marijuana will probably be very interested in the details of this. >> reporter: absolutely. >> all right . another dry
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and warm january afternoon today. temperatures in the 60s for the most part. it was 56 in oakland, 58 in hayward and half moon bay. 62 in san jose. temperatures dropping off rapid rapidly tonight. we're going to be in for a lot of 30s out there. 34 in napa, 30 santa rosa, 33 in livermore. certainly going to see some patchy frost out there tomorrow morning am give yourself some extra time to defrost the windshield before you head to work. >> the afternoon temperatures, similar to today's. a degree or two warmer in some spots. 64 in san jose, 65 in mountain view, 62 in oakland, 63 in half moon bay, 60 in the north bay, 64 in santa rosa. 62 in san rafael. >> a look at your satellite and radar. we saw a weaks is cut off from the main flow of winds dropping down along the coastline. a little bit of
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cloud cover out there today, but no rain. dry conditions in store for tomorrow. all the storms are continuing to stay up to the north. we haven't been getting much rain at all so far this winter. only over 3 inches of rain in san francisco. not twiet 2 in livermore -- quite 2 in livermore. we need some rain. only 10% of average right now in san jose. 14% of average in santa rosa, and 13% of average in oakland. >> your extended forecast, no rain through the rest of the work week. we'll have mild, dry anyones. into next week -- dry conditions. into next week, cooler temperatures, possibly some rain by the middle or latter part of next week. new at 11:00, tax season is just around the corner. if you're hoping for a big refund this year, think again. americans are getting smaller and fewer federal tax refunds.
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the irs says last year it sent out fewer returns, and they were averaging just over $2,900,000. that's down three -- $2,900. meanwhile, the irs has millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds because of errors. we have a link to the irs website on so you can find out if you have any money due to you.
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know early candidate for knarrior game of the year -- warrior wam of the year -- -- game of the year. what did they pay for those new court-side seats? the raiders was there, early going. 11 rebounds. dwyane wade had 34 and 6. and he's got planter
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fash faci itis. >> the warrior owner on his birthday, don't do too much of that. you're the owner. here's dareal wright with the heat up by 33 with 28 kicks left. 96 a piece. they go to overtime. and robinson again, he was the star for mark jackson. 111-106. golden state, 1 of those things you'll look back at the end of the season, and say hey, how did that happen? the sharks in minnesota. they're going to strike twice. in a 22-second span , a 4-2 minnesota lead is wiped out first with logan couture, then with patrick marleau. they have a scoreless overtime. then you know what's coming.
11:26 pm
and then decided by a shootout. and niemi, huh-uh. the minnesota wild go up 2-nothing in the shootout. and ryane clowe cannot deliver. one point for san jose tonight. but it does snap their 4-game losing streak. new raiders general manager, reggie mckenzie, first day on the job fired coach hue jackson. >> i felt there was a need for change at the head coaching position from the top. so we're moving into a new era. no disrespect to coach jackson. but it was something i want to do, start anew the >> the one thing i know is what i don't know. and i knew -- the one thing i knew is that i wanted to bring the right people in here. if my father wasn't here, we needed somebody to run that football side of the building. and i truly believe that reggie mckenzie is the right man for this job. >> mark davis also said today he has talked to people in los
11:27 pm
angeles below if need be moving the raiders back to southern california. it date, it's just talk >> 92 time for a 49 -- time for a 49er discussion. >> probably the best thing we faced this year. but we look forward to it. they say, you know what? what better way to be the best than to beat the best? >> to talk about the differences in style, whatever you want to call it, but it is what it is. it comes down to scoring more points than the other team. that's what we're looking to do. >> this is the 30th anniversary of the catch, montana to clark, enabling the 49ers to go to their first super bowl. [ cheering and applause ] >> looking, looking , going in the end zone. >> everybody knows him from baseball. but that was vince skully with the call on that day, 30 years ago this
11:28 pm
afternoon. and 49ers went onto the win the super bowl. montana and clark haven't had to pay for dinner around here since. [ laughter ] >> goodnight, everybody. see you tomorrow.
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