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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 12, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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and >>justine: on weirton is adjusted to the kron4 news room. unemployment benefits in did jump last week. the labor department is saying largely because companies let go of thousands of workers that were hired after the holiday season. the numbers break down like this jobless claims went up by 24,3909000. fast applications typically soared during the first two weeks of the year. in other economic news, retail sales
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barely went up for december. since the commerce support and is saying that sales totaled a record of 4.7 trillion dollars. >>mark: foreclosures were down 34% last year but likely to grow this year. realttrac says the reason for the drop was a procedural delays that artificially reduce the foreclosure rate. why >>darya: parents are camped
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up and physically getting in line after sleeping in their cars because they want their kids to go to a particular school in their neighborhood. it is one of the best schools in the area. scruggs--craig skalar is there live. >>craig: many people are now awake. all of these cars have been here since last night. some of them since 5:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. trying to get access for one of the 120 slots that are available to get the kids into kindergarten. parents
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say they want to keep their kids in this neighborhood at this school and say it is well worth the wait. >> you live here, you want your kids to go to school here. obviously the school web site says there is a possibility that they will put you in a different school. that is not something you walked. this is a community that we have all worked hard for. >>craig: this is the schools. the registration starts at 9:00 a.m. and goes on to 11:00 p.m.. you have people keeping themselves a warm and waiting.
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>>darya: sleeping in a car on a cold night is a sacrifice. that is not a pleasant thing to do. people do whatever they have to for their kids. >>mark: yes, we do. let's get more on the forecast. a cold start to the morning. >>james: this is a live look out of walnut creek. 680 through the san ramon valley. it is one of the locations that is seeing mid 30 degree weather. let's take a quick look at the headlines. sunny and mild conditions this afternoon. then the winds of change.
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sunday, we will see cool and breezy conditions. rain is still possible by the middle next week. we're hoping for bay area wide range. to santa rosa and fairfield are two of the coldest spot on the map.
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here is where we see temperatures for in this afternoon. very similar to yesterday with mid-60's all around. 64 in san jose, livermore and redwood city. a mix of 62-66 degrees across the north. here is the wide view on the satellite. we are stable but we have to dissolve away. this week it looks good for the martin luther king jr. holiday. things will cool off as we headed to sunday and monday. >>george: a pretty good ride for your trip around the bay area. we have not yet attract any hot spots. we are starting to see a little
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bit of slowing. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the westbound ride looks pretty good. the backup begins right here. we have been incidents free. the said the tail bridge has been delayed three. a 30-40 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge commute is still succumbing to and from marin county.
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>>mark: police are on the scene of an apparent homicide. officers responded to a call at 6 the and stevenson. they found a 30 year-old man in the street. they found a victim new-line on the street with a stab wound. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died around 3:30 a.m.. family and friends are organizing a search for a 14 year-old girl that has been missing since tuesday. she was last seen leaving her parents' home at 7:00 a.m.. her family believes she took a cab to the hayward bart station. her last contact was with a friend at 10:30
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a.m. that morning. she suffers from social anxiety disorder and could need medical assistance. >>darya: san jose police are looking for the 15 year-old girl the ec on the left. they believe that she was kidnapped by her boyfriend. she is believed to be with her 19 year-old boyfriend. the girl's father says he tracked down a couple and that the boyfriend took off in a car, running over the father started the process. police believe they are in ukiah or stock did.
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the savoy
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" been bit >>darya: and high school teacher is in jail, she was arrested yesterday. police said she had multiple sexual encounters with a student over a six month period of time that they had sex in her car and outside the school grounds.
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investigators believe only one boy was involved. >>mark: the man accused of raping three women is due back in court after making his first court appearance yesterday. he is facing 26 felony charges. the charges stem from a string of attacks along 24th street. he has not yet entered a plea and is being held without bail. he had been employed as a food services worker for the san francisco school district. for we will be right back as the kron4 news continues to. a live look outside on this thursday morning to. but taft was there is some rain in sight for next week. we'll have details.
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>>darya: at the president's campaign has brought in over $60 million during the final three months of to the other 11. " here is what the president had to say about his reelection bid.
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>>jan: i have spent every of the energy fighting for you. if you still have energy, if you are still fired up, if you are not weary if you are ready to foot on your walking shoes and to get to work off and a knock on some doors and make some phone calls it talk to friends and neighbors and pushed through dawson nicole's a ring for that vision that you hold in your hearts, i promise you change will come. >>darya: combined, the president's campaign and the democratic national party has me raise mortgage to the 20 million last year. >>mark: in south carolina the primary will be held in nine days. mitt romney is hosting its early morning of meetings with the voters.
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new-line gingrich has to after the events in colombia if rick carey is live across the state. mitt romney and ron paul are trying to get a headstart in florida where early voting is underway. they are aggressively reaching out to voters who have requested mail in ballots. >>justine: the u.s. coast guard has intercepted two different boats off of the santa catalina island for. they seized a ton of marijuana and have eight suspected smugglers in custody. the men were transferred to immigration and customs enforcement agents. >>darya: let's get a look at weather and traffic. it is a gorgeous and warm. ruth
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>>james: of mornings are pretty cold. this was recorded earlier this morning. for four we have a north bay fog forming with across the north bay. frost is also something we are seeing. it is chilly to the north but sunny and warm this afternoon. we will all enjoy temperatures in the low-middle and upper 60s. clear and cool as we head into the overnight hours. >>gary: these--here is a temperatures look like outside right now. it is cold. calf
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out james this fact here is where we see temperatures this afternoon. a mix of 60 without. but did did but here is a quick look at the 7 day around the bay. but we
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asked that it hit sunday through tuesday but we have a sunol system headed our way. >>george: all we are tracking it pretty good commute. we are not looking at in the hot spots. a little more congestion on the freeways but no major delays or problems. fact on the insanity of predicted is a report of a vehicle with a flat tire. it was reported to be blocking one of the lanes, likely the left lane. and there is a wide
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silver on both sides of the rope. cocoa for the golden gate bridge, there are no problems of the four 101 southbound. there is some slowing through the county. 101 the north and the drive time is now 18 minutes as you head up from the ohio valley to to the montague expressway. speeds in the 40's and '30's approaching the 880 interchange. the rest of the drive is not too bad. the guadalupe parkway is where you had the slowest traffic. a fairly normal
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pattern into cupertino and continuing into mountain view. your commute in the north bay that is the slowing that we mentioned fury of the drive time is 33 minutes out of an alzado if the golden for >>darya: disturbing the images of u.s. marines urinating on the corpses of talent and fighters. we have blurred out much of the graphics. the afghan president is now condemning the actions, describing the acts as completely in he made and calling on the u.s. and military to cut expenses layoffs. officials say this case is an isolated incident and the troops in question cataloguer in afghanistan. >> based on what we know it doesn't like an isolated event. what gets lost to
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people of around the world is contrary to u.s. policy and it is illegal. that is why there will be an accountability review. what happens is, it gets a life of its own and use by people like the taliban and al- qaeda to recruit. as awful as it is, it has consequences that go far beyond just the story. >>darya: the marine corps is investigating the video and has not yet verified its fortune or authenticity. >>mark: it with break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside of this thursday morning. a cold start today and a mild afternoon.
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>>mark: of millions of haitians are marking the two-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that destroyed much of the island nation. in 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit conference. nearly 5000 schools were damaged or destroyed. the earth quake affected one-third of the country. even today there are still five other thousand patients living in temporary camps. >>darya: of we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge.
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and >>james: by noon we will see '60s. areas of green
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indicate 60 degree weather. off by this afternoon the entire mass is showing 60 degree weather. here is a quick flight around the bay. kaifu
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>> the clouds roll and sunday and monday >>george: a great ride around the bay area. we have not seen much in a way of slow traffic. the backup reaches between the middle and end of the east parking lot. a vehicle with a flat tire was reported in the lanes, it was apparently cleared from the traffic lanes to either the left or right hand shoulder.
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>>mark: firefighters are on the scene of a house fire near capitol expressway. the fire started around 330 am and was not put out until two hours later. will tran and shows us the damage. >>will: investigators believe the fire started year on the first floor probably from a heater. when they got here is the place was fully engulfed. the fire raced its way of the walls and through the attic. fortunately, no one was hurt. the homeowners oregon at the time. the alarm company called a family friend and told them what was happening. costs you can see two cars parked in the garage. they were not damaged. by the time for they were able to put out the fire, there was a lot of
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water damage as well as structural damage. the fire department believes there has been at least two of $50,000 worth of damage. the fire was contained to this house the. none of the other neighbors were forced to evacuate. >>mark: parents have been camping al for a spot for their children at a school in santa clara. there are only 120 spots available. craig skalar is live at the school speaking to parents who have been waiting. >>craig: registration is less than 90 minutes away. people have slept overnight and standing on the sidewalk off, you can see there camping chairs. let me show defectors from earlier cliff for people have been
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waiting out here over night and say it is worthwhile for their kids. >> it is a grade school and a great community. i lived here for nine years and i want my daughter to go to school here, so here we are. >> you live here and want your kids to go to school here. obviously the school websites says there is a possibility but they new- line lie i'm i'm with
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there are fewer spots than that 120 because some of the spots remain for siblings. >>justine: defense secretary leon panetta just released a statement this talking about the video of those u.s. marines fifth urinating on corpses of talent and fighters. the statement he put out says this conduct is entirely inappropriate and does not reflect on the standards or values our armed forces are sworn to uphold. he goes on to say that those in the pictures will be held responsible.
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call hath taught ed
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kraft for a vote
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>>george: if you take the
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muni metro to the of street station, that is where the shuttle bus will pick you up. if you are driving remember there is likely to be a delay at the bay bridge. westbound traffic will be slow. parking for cars is $25. if you are planning to tailgate, parking will cost you $40. we will take a break and the world according to gary when we return.
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for fall >>darya: we have a another couple of days to talk about the 49ers. >>darya: kobe bryant, two games in a row with 40 points. i heard some statistics about him being the third player ever in his 16th season with the league to have 40 points or more
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the likes of the jordan and shaq but of course he is younger. >>darya: it took tiger three
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years into his career and abroad 8 years for kobe, it took 11 years. he is not even finished with his second season and here he is number one on the favorite pro athlete list. >>gary: i heard the tim tebow thing yesterday but again, these calls, i am always a little bit skeptical, do they really tally everything? are these done by credible people? i always wonder. he was going through something very personal with his wife he is playing apparently better than ever, there is a poll on espn where he was voted best-he was voted the seventh best player in league. i would not argue
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with tim tebow being on that list. >>darya: if tim tebow has admitted that he has been approached by candidates wanting his endorsement. >>gary: last night we had on steve young. in many ways he was tebow for tebow. he was a good guy and never got in any kind of trouble. he could not stop talking about tim tebow. i think athletes respect athletes. if he
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could not play, he would not see any of this sad event. on in our business, a guy could be the biggest jerk in the world but if he has talent we have to say i do not want to be around him but he is good. >>darya: look at what is going on with the jets. this cannot be good when you have players anonymously going to the media in the blog being saying we do not like sanchez, it is his fault, it is not good for the jets. >>gary: if you're going to knock someone, you should put your name on it. he was on the cover of all of the magazines and all that but he really has not played that well. he gets you to a
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certain point a cannot get over the hump. the criticism is one thing to do not be a coward. as much as people want to laugh at jose canseco when he doubted all of those guys using steroids, at least his name was on it. for >>darya: tell me what you think about this. manny ramirez and got a 100 gave suspension down to 50 and says he wants to be a poster
7:52 am
child and a role model and show everyone that you can change. he wants to come back. he is 39 and working out. he wants someone to give them a chance. >>gary: i think that many when home and his wife and never once told him, go back. >>gary: using steroids and cheating in baseball is not like killing someone. to me, you never to give up on someone like that if he served as a penalty. i cannot see 18 saying, we will sign you but you have to sit out 50 games? those 50 games hovering over him could be pretty tough.
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>>darya: i am ready for this 49ers game. i've got some cattle corn yesterday. this is going to be the first game i have seen. >>gary: i am going to call you at halftime to seat of your whereabouts.
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>>james: the son is glistening of all the windows of cars traveling on 680. it is cold through the san ramon valley. temperatures are in the mid 30's. let's walk through what we are expecting. sunny and mild today through saturday. that is the way
8:04 am
the weather will be at least through the first half of the weekend. sunday will be 9 soft cover possible cool off the tax. as we head to the martin luther king holiday partly cloudy conditions and slightly cooler temperatures. tuesday-thursday we are expecting the possibility of rain to become soft reality- aha this is what we are seeing outside doors. cysts 35 in oakland 38 in san jose. chilly. the son has been up for about 35 minutes 54 the fog is beginning to shift. that is pretty much gone high, we are seeing it off the
8:05 am
coast. we have dense fog with visibility down to under a half mile but it looks pretty limited. temperatures this afternoon are very similar to yesterday. we are looking for 65 in oakland 61 in antioch, 64 in livermore and 64 will be the forecast for san jose. low-mid-60's for most of the bay area. here is what the satellite how is showing us. staple whether of a head. sunday and beyond, the clouds will start streaming in. let's get a check on traffic with george.
8:06 am
>>george: a pretty good ride around the bay area although we're definitely seeing more congestion. first, let's check the bridges. on the bay bridge, an early end to that back up even with a saw reported westbound near yerba buena island. your ride on the san mateo bridge has been problem free all morning long even with the disabled vehicle that the box a lane for a while. the golden gate bridge ride still looks good with traffic moving smoothly. we will start with a look at the rival in the south bay. 101 northbound, it is not a hot spot but it is beginning to slow down. to 80 passed a 80 is where you will see the slowest traffic. the drive time is 21 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague
8:07 am
expressway. there was an accident at north san pedro wrote. if it continues to back up the right southbound, marin could become a hot spot. at last check the drive time was coming in at about 40 minutes. the new drive time is 41 minutes. >>mark: parents have been camping out for spots at a school in santa clara as registration gets underway. only 120 slots available. craig skalar is live at the school talking with parents. >>craig: people are standing in line. they have been here
8:08 am
since 6:00 p.m.. " there are standing out here in the cold waiting. quick kids are actually going into school right now. cost parents say is worth it to stay out here to make sure that their kids stay in this neighborhood at what is considered to be a quality school. >> i think my daughter will get in but i want to get this over with and get her enrolled so i have peace of mind knowing that she will have a scott. score >> i want my kid to be in this school. the walking distance. >> it is a greek community. i have lived here for nine years. i wanted my daughter
8:09 am
to come to school here. here we are caught all >> there are 120 slots but really only 80 or 90. some parents who already have the kids in school, their siblings are already in school and they have didst. registration begins at 9:00 a.m.. >>justine: defense secretary leon panetta is reprimanding-just reprimanding of the picture and video showing u.s. marines urinating on corpses of television fighters curious here is what panetta said this morning this conduct is entirely inappropriate for members of the u.s. military. he goes
8:10 am
on to say that the incident does not reflect the standards for values our armed forces are sworn to uphold. he vowed that those responsible would be held accountable. that is what is happening right now in the newsroom. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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>>darya: indecision 2012, the president's campaign has raised more than $68 million combined for his reelection if quentin the democratic party for. that was in the final three months of 2011
8:13 am
carried half he set the stage for the 2012 campaign. in a speech yesterday he promised that change would come. mitt romney to get that message to heart. take it listen to what he had to say. >> i understand the president was speaking at a fund-raiser in chicago and he said, i promise that change is coming. he is right! the name of that change is mitt romney. >> mitt romney made those comments in south carolina. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. the morning commute appears to be over. we will have an update on traffic and weather coming up to. six house
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of the >>darya: and take a look at the devastation left behind in western north carolina after a massive storm. this used to be someone's home. a similar scene in down the road, dozens of homes were flattened. for at least 15 people were hurt in the storm. local officials believe the destruction was from a tornado. that was
8:17 am
some rough weather! >>james: we are seeing the worst of the weather around the great lakes and towards the northeast. the faa airport status web site has just updated to say that chicago are here is a 41 hour 18 minute arrival delays because of nasty snow and ice. in new york, there are delays of anywhere up to an hour-and-a-half because of the storm systems. keep that in mind if you have any flights that will take you in that direction. here is what the weather is like in our area. cold temperatures across the north bay. no big surprise. san francisco is still a warm spot of 47.
8:18 am
most locations south of that, a mix of low forties in the upper thirties. we will see things begin to change in the next hour or so. clear skies overhead with another pleasant afternoon and a lot of sunshine. warm temperatures will be with us again next three-four days. scott then, things changed the. we have a system coming in from the north " will be our way into a creek or wednesday and bring us a chance of rain. this one could be fairly decent bringing rain for the north bay. we will keep you updated on the forecast day- by-day.
8:19 am
>>george: there are some changes. we are tracking a hot spot in milipitas on 880 flight in the northbound direction. this is not the commute direction but it will impact the south bay of its 880 slide into the northbound 880 tried coming out of san jose. again, it is of this side of the freeway northbound. asked tsk tsk we have also in tracking delays on the ride through marin county, to one southbound continues to be pretty slow commute. there was an accident on north san pedro. there is still some residual slowing. the ride on the golden gate looks good but the drive time is up to 46 minutes. here is a
8:20 am
quick bridge check. no delays westbound. the san mateo bridge has been a good commute with no problems. it is quite heavy on 101 in both directions to. your ride on the golden gate bridge, showed you the trip to iran but the truce across the span is is easy with no delays. >>justine: it could be a good year for the auto industry. they are resisting the 14 million cars and trucks will be sold or leased in the united states this year. the average age of a car on the right now is 11 years old. many people will be looking for replacements. >>mark: a developing story out of the san francisco police are on the scene of a homicide that took place, a man was stabbed in the street. they found a 30
8:21 am
year-old on the street with stab wounds. here is video from earlier. the victim had stab wounds to his body. he was taken to hospital where he died. >>darya: another developing story out of hayward, later today and organized search for this missing 14 year-old girl. her family and friends say they last saw her on tuesday morning siri they stated she has a social anxiety to soar again could need medical assistance. san jose police are looking for another in this thing bay area teenager. 15 year old is believed to see with for 19 year old boyfriend. a father believed she is with him against her will. the
8:22 am
father says he tracked the couple down ended up for this sped off in a car running over his foot. they believe the couple is in the ukiah or stockton. >>mark: a high school teacher and livermore is behind bars, accused of having a sexual relationship with the boy under the age of 16. police say murray johnson had multiple sexual encounters with the student. at this point investigators believe only one boy is involved. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. all of that sunshine. we will be right back.
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>>mark: this video appears to be for marines urinating on the bodies of " core " al-qaeda solyndra of their military officials say this case is an isolated incident and that these troops are no longer in afghanistan. >> it is absolutely horrendous and egregious. it is nothing that is within the norm. this has
8:27 am
everything to do with recruiting of our enemies and less to do with the marine corps and the men and women on board. sadly behavior like this as often occurs, this is a digital form of self if. it should not have occurred. >>mark: the marine corps is investigating but has not verified its origin or authenticity. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. looking nice carry traffic is pretty light. fifths we have plenty of sunshine and it is clear outside. we will be read fast. if
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he hit . people want
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>> >>will: anyone?
8:32 am
>>mark: it seems to be a similar story six months or more unemployed, laid off of their last job. >>justine: police near washington d.c. are responding to reports of shots fired near to different elementary schools. all of these the people have gathered in are hugging and crying. police are on the scene, two kids have now been arrested according to the latest water. i will keep you posted as soon as more and for beaches a tool the time is what we are tracking a hot spot that this fact in the current depression of a
8:33 am
80 say if the direction cause of what it does receive a lot of truck traffic. >> apple's as always to the guadalupe parkway. that is where the speeds are the slowest period down to the teens, twenties and single digit numbers. because it is out of 237 and it is not having a bit of an impact on the south found 80 ride as it otherwise might although it is slow passed the scenes. marin county, the ride is behind schedule although at last check the drive time had improved considerably from 49 minutes-42 minutes to the golden gate bridge for the 101 set up on ride. currently the drive time is at 40. we are no longer looking at a hot spot. a quick bridge check. on the
8:34 am
bay bridge there is no real backup were delayed. " the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is a smooth commute in both directions. on the golden gate, an easy trip. how >> sunshine and clear skies, still in play this morning. we are below freezing in santa rosa and fairfield. the one thing we have noticed is slight warming in the east bay. concord is now out of the mid '30's. 35 in livermore 43 in antioch. san jose's starting to lure back up toward 40 degrees currently at 39. sybil watched in weeks to see if temperatures
8:35 am
increase. ultimately we will get to the mid '60s. the fog is also clearing up quite a bit. the only fog we are seeing is along the peninsula coastline. here are the temperatures for this afternoon. not bad. mid-60s, 65 for los gatos and morgan hill. across the north bay, the pattern will hold. the weather pattern will change come next week. looks like wednesday into thursday we stand our best chance of rain. we will know
8:36 am
more over the next couple of days. >>darya: we are just 25 minutes away from the doors opening and this ought to get killed at a school in santa clara where parents camped out to get one of the 120 coveted spots at this school. craig skalar is live at the school and taking a look. >>will: people came here as early as yesterday afternoon. they worked together to decide their number and rankings. there are 67-the the people. the
8:37 am
house, they will be going in to register their kids for next year. they say that it was worth it to spend the night. they want their kids to be able to stay in this neighborhood and not to be able to move out yet because it is close to home korea >> it is a great school and a great community. i have lived here for nine years. i want my daughter to come to school here, so here we are. >> you live. you want your kids to go to school here. obviously this will web site says there is a possibility that they will put you in a different school. >> they are here waiting for their opportunity to register. also, this school
8:38 am
is considered a distinguished good school. that is the title it has. it has a good track record, so people are definitely making the sacrifice. >>erica: believe it or not this has been big talk on our facebook fan page. one person said, after of waiting in line friday or for jordan's, this is what people should be waiting in line for. some people are saying education should be standard not a of privilege, all children should get top notch its existence opportunities. if you would like to participate, check us out on facebook. >>mark: the dow jones was down 13 is intended now down to create. we will be right
8:39 am
back with an update on our hot spot as the kron4 news continues. but
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>>james: .
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it's actually they have managed
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hot days. >>darya: we are back.
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coerced hitler record level for to sell 11. the commerce department said retail sales increased 8% over 2010. reports about foreclosures show here there were down 44% last year but the record jumped this year.
9:03 am
realttrac said the reason for the drop in foreclosures was because of procedural delays. the number of home foreclosures total 1.9 million. that was a glass- trash below its level since 2007. las vegas is the foreclosure capital of the united states. highest foreclosure rates, adhered head of those in metropolitan areas were. california. >>justine: home depot announced that it will hire more than 70,000 workers nationwide as they are preparing for scoring. they are calling at their busiest selling season. with that, we have learned that home depot in san francisco will workers. if you would like to look like, you can do so on a company's web site.
9:04 am
>>mark: we're watching it the area weather. we are still waiting for the possibility of oil rain. >>erica: it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day around the bay area. thyrse sauce >>mark: temperatures were pretty cold this morning. >>erica: this is a fresh update on the numbers. santa rosa coming in at 27. a frigid start to the morning. we are still below freezing. mild conditions everywhere else. 43 for those of you in redwood city. a cold start to the morning, but clear. we are preparing for a nice and sunny after an. most locations will reach the '60s. spot on compared to what we enjoy yesterday. it's we will see a mixture
9:05 am
of 60s in the south bay. santa rosa could reach 66. your satellite and radar shows high pressure situated over the bay area. that means we will continue with mild and sunny weather. we do have some changes in the weather pattern as we approach sunday. more clouds around the bay area and a chance of rain wednesday thursday area >>justine: we are getting pictures of a really bad shooting and the ordinance. five people have a big shot we will keep you posted as soon as more information comes in. here we go, we have dozens of police officers all the seat. some of the information i have been getting is that police officers fired back at some of the suspect it that to people to possibly have a
9:06 am
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been unemployed for months serious scientists are in store will shut down on march 6th, all but if these people are lucky, it will go down to the fremont store. they're looking for 200 x
9:10 am
part-time employees and the 400 full-time employees to carry this is a three days of tests. assists 1500 people are competing for just 200 jobs. the people in line say they will take it. they say they need something for their confidence and for their bank accounts. as we go back live we will show your people waiting is live in the cold. they are trying to dress as nice as they can for their interview but that means for being out here in 42 degree weather. what is your name? >> marco. f >>will: what are your thoughts on trying to get a job? >> i am a firefighter feathered, have been out of work and i am just trying to get a job. >>will: any part-time jobs? >> i work for a lumber company for a little while it is hard to find work. >>will: when you heard about this job there, he jumped all over it? >> yes.
9:11 am
>> i have been looking for a job for the last six months or so. i was eight cashier over at orchard supply seasonally to. >>will: as seasonal workers are now looking for a job. >>darya: what have you found out about the educational background for these people? are there a lot of college graduates? >>will: if it comes in all shapes and sizes. we spoke with a teacher at 8:00 a.m., she is a middle-aged woman she said she did retail as a teenager but now she is back. if you see people of all races and ages looking for a job as well. they will take it. if they get higher they will begin work on march 15th. target is not saying how much they will
9:12 am
pay but they did say it will be part-time and full-time jobs including some managerial jobs. >>darya: when you look at target hiring, that guy is a firefighter, they are doing layoffs, it is hard to find jobs. this is just one spot to go to. >>mark: others stories we are following firefighters have controlled this to alarm fire that broke up earlier this morning. started in the attic of his home thick the fire managed to spread to the first floor. no one was home when the fire broke out and in nearby homes were not affected. the damage is around $250,000 and the cause is still under investigation. >>justine: light fixtures out of norland, five people have been shot, two of them have now died. there was a shootout with new orleans police. they have killed the
9:13 am
suspect in the flooded to others following a shootout that started with a chase. the red car in the middle of the screen, they believe that car had something to do with the police pursuit. there are dozens of police officers on the scene. i am still getting more information. >>mark: here is a live look outside in walnut creek. temperatures are just starting to warm up.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>darya: we are live in the traffic center in the talking about a hot spot in milipitas that is getting worse. you wait for things to cool off but this is having a ripple effect. >>george: that is a part of the big story. this truck has been on its side for over an hour on 880 northbound. for a while they thought it would have the lanes open but the problem is with this has backed up
9:17 am
the ride from milipitas into san jose. not only is it affecting 70 northbound out of los gatos and into campbell, it is also affecting the northbound right on highway 101 which is backed up trying to connect with 880. it is also affecting the guadalupe parkway. a lot of that traffic connects with 880 northbound as wealth. speeds are getting better for some stretches but they continue to remain slow past the scene of the crash were the right lane is likely to remain closed for another hour according to the latest from the california highway patrol. it is having an effect on the southbound ride on interstate 80 and the nimitz freeway which is slow down to the scene of reasonably good alternate but here at calaveras there is an alternate that has been backing up the 680 northbound right. a quick bridge check as we looked at the ride to the toll plaza no backups or delays. the
9:18 am
san mateo bridge ride remains easy. northbound and southbound 92 in your ride to the golden gate bridge are still delay free. >>mark: a word that president obama is campaign has brought in more than $68 million. that was just during the final three months of 2011. campaign officials were hoping to raise 60 million in order to set the stage for the two dozen 12 campaign. in a speech yesterday the president promised a change will come. this morning mitt romney took that message to heart. >> i understand the president last night was speaking at a fund-raiser in chicago and said, i can promise you that a change is coming. he is right! the name of that change is mitt
9:19 am
romney. >>mark: mitt romney made those comments in south carolina today. >>darya: in the national this, take a look at the devastation left behind in north carolina after a massive storm you can see that the homes were flooded and a roof ripped off. the national weather service said that they were in for rough weather. there has been a rough weather elsewhere as well. >>erica: a live look from the james lick does show
9:20 am
mild weather. as we take a look at temperatures, pretty frigid in santa rosa. fox we expect similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. it looks like pretty much everyone will make it into the '60s. slightly cooler conditions in the south bay. we are expecting 65 for los gatos and morgan hill. 64 expected in nevada. for everyone going to the 49ers game this weekend, we do anticipate mostly sunny and mild conditions. 66 degree
9:21 am
weather at candlestick at the start of the game, cooling a couple of degrees by 4:30 p.m.. ifs >>mark: officers responded to a phone call in the tenderloin district at 6 and stevenson street. they found a 30 year old line industry with stab wounds. darya out that my in hayward, and organized a search for a missing 14 year-old girl later today.
9:22 am
family and friends are concerned because she vanished tuesday morning. they say she has a social anxiety disorder and could lead medical assistance for various san jose police are looking for another missing teenager. she is believed to be held against her will with her boyfriend. he is a 19 year-old man named arnold vargas. the girl's father says he tracked down a couple but that vargas was driving and sped away, running over his foot in the process. >>james: here is a live look outside as we take a look at conditions. the morning commute is a winding down.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
in >>george: a milipitas hot spot is continuing to tired traffic in the south bay.
9:26 am
this truck is on its side. saws 880 and 70 northbound, still very slow although not as bad on a one-to-one northbound, it is having a ripple effect from the other south bay freeways. every freeway crossing 880 is going to be slow. >>mark: disturbing images have surfaced in a recent youtube video images of marines urinating on the corpses of talent and fighters. here is a picture of what appears be marines. military officials said that this case is an isolated
9:27 am
incident and the troops in question are no longer in afghanistan deify >> it is absolutely horrendous and egregious. again, off is nothing that was for is within any norm. this has less to do with the marine corps or department of defense in terms of bringing great young man and woman on for fear e.f. sadly, of behavior like this often occur sfax said. this is a digital form of scalping. it should not have occurred and i know the chain of command will figure out why. >>mark: the marine corps said it is investigating the video but has not verified the origin or authenticity. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. it is all clear and sunny. in easy ride on the golden gate. we do have a
9:28 am
hot spot, an accident and milipitas. george will steer you around that in a couple of minutes.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>george: let me see if i can get the map back to where we were and show you the accident on highway 80 at 237. again the truck was on its side, the back of reach all the way down to
9:31 am
campbell. it is slow coming out of los gatos on a 80 and 17 northbound. it is no longer affecting 280 and 101. this speeds, as you can see for all in the red leading to the scene of the crash but they are definitely picking up. conditions are much improved over the last 30 minutes. a quick bridge check for you. there are no backups or delays. on the golden gate you will see that the right looks good for northbound and southbound 101 with no delays to or from marin county. >>darya: in new this morning, parents are waiting in line. the doors have just been opened for them to register their kids for one of the coveted spots at the
9:32 am
santa clara school. it is a neighborhood school but not enough room for everyone. with craig skalar has been out there all morning long. people are saying that they really wanted to get in here without having to move into other locations. let me show you some pictures from earlier this morning. he mentioned that there are here earlier this morning. thank they slept in their cars, they made the
9:33 am
sacrifice so that their kids would not be moved to another neighborhood and they liked the quality of this school as well. >> i think that my kid will get in, i really do just want to get this over with and get her enrolled. third >> i want my kid in this school because it is within walking distance. >> it is a great school and a great community. i have lived here for nine years. i wanted my daughter to come to school here. here we are. >>jackie: they're letting them and for people at a time. cut costs for those
9:34 am
who waited, and of books like it will pay off for them. >>justine: the gop candidates are taking over the south. mitt romney is in west palm beach florida this morning. he is trying to get a headstart in the state. voting already started in florida even though the gop nomination contest is not until the end of the month. south carolina comes first. that contest comes in nine days on january 21st. >>mark: let's get a check on whether with erica. >>erica: we're taking a live look outside at conditions from our blue skies. fell a
9:35 am
lot of sunshine, no worries this morning or as we head into the afternoon. mild conditions on tap for today and the rest of the work week. we do have changes in store. sunday will be cool, a couple of locations will struggle to make it out of the '50s. here is a look at numbers right outside the door. the 51 right now in hayward. for the most part buy lunch everyone will make it into the upper 50s. that is certainly the case along
9:36 am
the coastline. as we advance closer to the afternoon, the green on the screen indicates for the most part everyone making it into the '60s. we are expecting a spot on condition scared oakland could get up to 65. 66 in mountain view. 64 for those of you along the peninsula. santa rosa could come in at 66. satellite and radar shows high pressure situated over the bay area. we will continue with a sunny, dry and mild weather pattern. the changes in store as we head into sunday. more cloud cover. we will start the next work week just like that. we have
9:37 am
the potential for rainfall as we head into the middle of next week. >>mark: target held a job fair in a new work. will tran is live with details. >>will: this turnout has been tremendous. so far this morning we are 90 minutes into it. 1500 people expected over the next three days for this job fair. all of those people for 200 jobs. those jobs will begin around march 15th at the new store in fremont. so far only a couple of hundred people here. this will go on until 5:00 p.m. and then they will repeat the process of the next couple of days. people of all ages and backgrounds are here hoping to be one of the lucky ones. how long have you been looking for a job? >> about two years. have
9:38 am
been unemployed for all that time. >>will: when you found out about the job opening what went through your mind? >> maybe i will get lucky. i did not think there would be this many people. this is the first time i have applied at the store. >>will: obviously you definitely need the money but the morales factor, you get dressed, if you go and do not get tired? >> it is frustrating. for a woman, it takes longer than a man. you get ready you try to figure out what to wear, you get enthusiastic, getting an interview maybe a second interview, all for nothing. >>will: we hope that your job search ends today. mark, we're talking 200 jobs part- time and full-time, some of them are managerial jobs.
9:39 am
>>darya: let's take a look at the dow. the big board is not doing too much, that it is off by 16 points. stocks have been mostly lower in the midday trading after an increase in unemployment claims. retail sales are outweighing optimism about strong bond options and italy and spain. so we did get some good news overseas that the markets are all a little bit. we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside from our roof on the venice avenue. all of that sunshine, and we are following a hot spot
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>george: this is a ride in
9:43 am
campbell. all of this roadway it was showing read about 35 minutes ago. its seeds are now much improved reading of towards milipitas where we might still have a truck on its side. chp updates are unclear about whether or not they have been able right the vehicle. they did report that the right lane would be blocked until 10:15 a.m.. cut >>mark: a high school teacher is in jail after for its use off-just after being accused of having a sex with a 15 year-old student. the two allegedly had sexual relations in her car and outside of school grounds. investigators believe this is the only boy involved at this point. >>darya: the man accused of raping three women in the san francisco mission district is due back in
9:44 am
court tomorrow after making his first court appearance yesterday. he is facing 26 charges including attempted murder attempted rape and multiple counts of kidnapping. there is video surveillance taken from the area where the attacks happened. they happened last year. he had not entered a plea and is being held without bail. he had been employed as a food services worker. 9:44 a.m., we are back out more in a couple of minutes. when crown rockwell's "
9:45 am
offsets east's
9:46 am
9:47 am
up >>george: we had a hot spot in milipitas. take a closer look at the traffic maps. this is where the backup begins. it's we are here on highway 17, it is still backed up although 101 into 80 are no longer affected. speeds were down to the
9:48 am
teens and single digit. they are now much improved and leading to the scene of this earlier occurring accident where a truck ended up on its side, northbound 80 just before i would to 37. a continued improvement but if you can avoid this area, you should. on the bay bridge we are still a free the san mateo bridge side has been critical of and lastly the golden gate bridge ride, 101 headed south, we are past the could you fare as well. let's get a check on the weather with erica. see >>erica: nothing but sunshine in all of those camera shots. same for the dishes in walnut creek. valley frost and north bay fog was the story earlier this morning. as we get closer to the afternoon we are seeing nothing but
9:49 am
sunshine 50 and warm conditions with everyone expecting to make it into the '60s. overnight we will continue to see a pattern of clear and cold conditions with temperatures in the '40's and 30's. we have made some improvements in santa rosa. they are now over freezing. suffer '30's and no thought of geary low forties for those of you in fairfield. freddie warm weather in downtown san francisco. by lunchtime you will see most locations in the upper 50s maybe squeezing house and 60s in places like santa rosa and if petaluma. as we focus on the afternoon highs by 2:00 p.m. the green on the screen indicating most locations making it '60s. very similar conditions to what we saw yesterday meeting everyone getting into the 60s for the most part. it looks like we will
9:50 am
see low 60s for those of you in antioch. 62 is the comment number for downtown san francisco of richmond and concord. for those of you headed out this weekend to the 49ers playoff game, it looks like for the most part we will enjoy sunny and mild conditions. fearing a light sweater of finance and by 1:30 p.m. it will be in the '60s the offense your 7 day around the bay forecast shows nothing but sunshine fell as we wrap of the work week. we do have a 60 percent chance of showers impacting the north bay more widespread as we head into the end of the next work week. >>darya: new details, the university of california is banning smoking and chewing tobacco on all 10 of its campuses. reports say 10
9:51 am
percent of students and employees smoke. it is unclear whether smokers could be fined or face other sanctions for if the fans will also prohibit tobacco sales in advertising in all buildings owned or rented five universities tariff for the vandals into effect in 2014. we could no fight tomorrow whether san francisco's new share of the face of domestic violence charges. the victim in this case if for his wife. the incident was reported to police by a neighbor who says they were shown bruises on her arm. the district attorney is reviewing the evidence and says he is close to a decision. >> any case of domestic violence is a top priority. here is so much at stake obviously the safety and well-being of the alleged theft, in this case we know there's also a young child so obviously this case, as well as any other similar
9:52 am
situation is a top credit. i needed clear for the beginning for of that our concern is the well-being of ilion of lopez and her child. >> one item seized by police with a video taken by a neighbor who reported the domestic violence incident. >>darya: to different oakland officers have been disciplined for violating the policy of leaf and the occupy protests. for ford's say that an officer covered his name fleet with black tape and that the other officer live look of the tate when a videographer questioned him about why it was covered off. for both officers were financed after its police internal affairs investigation. the lieutenant failed to report the conduct ferried state law and oakland policy
9:53 am
require uniform officers to wear a badge or name plate. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 this continues fifth finn san francisco for temperatures are starting to warm up. for
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
up >>mark: a spike in the number of americans filing for unemployment. a lot of seasonal workers lost holiday jobs. we also had weaker than expected retail sales. >>darya: that's take a look at the 7 day around the day forecast we are in for some sunshine. tomorrow we will reach 68. we have been waiting for some rain and snow. we have a system coming into the middle of next week. >>darya: join us back here
9:58 am
tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m.. if >>mark: dr. phil is coming next.
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