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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  January 15, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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>>ysabel: the 49ers are of one game away from a trip to the super bowl. >>marty: get luxury liner sank into italy. the ship's captain is under investigation of charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. >>henry: we have the district attorney of our the county standing by to talk about a homicide rate which has gone through the ceiling into doubt 11, up 60%. we're going to try and find out what is going on and what is happening.
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>>ysabel: let's take a look outside. mt. tam is beautiful. >>janu: there are some big changes in weather around the day. increasing cloud cover. the good news about that, we have some heat trap from yesterday. currently santa rosa is at 36. 43 in fairfield, 39 in los gatos. the afternoon will be much cooler than yesterday with temperatures 10-15 degrees colder. low 50s and redwood city and half moon bay. 56
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expected in fairfield. a satellite and radar is showing a system bringing rain to the pacific northwest. we also have a train headed our way by mid- week. >>ysabel: in san francisco, a three story home went up in flames overnight. from one person was set to the hospital. the fire burned for more than two hours. it happened on 42nd avenue in about zero a street. craig skalar is live on the scene. the fire crews had a difficult time getting access to the building. someone from the building has gone missing as well? >>craig: yes. she is missing. there was an iron gate that the firefighters could not get through. they
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had to reach a wall, these people living next door had to watch as firefighters broke through. this looked like the kind of fire the woodsy and a hollywood movie. it is a long building. the fire went all the way back in was hard to get back. it could have been much worse but fortunately the or able to contain things. the owner of the house tried to the fire out with a garden hose, she spent 15 minutes doing that into that delayed the amount of time the firefighters got here. she has gone missing. they do not know where she is since the fire has been put out. >>marty: now, we are going to talk about the happy
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49ers stance. there is the big play. vernon davis with a catch. the winning touchdown just nine seconds left in the game. the 49ers find themselves just one win away from the superbowl with a 36-32 victory over the saints at the stick yesterday. their first playoff appearance since 2002. >> history is going through my mind. it was us against histories. i knew right away that i had to jump up the fda factor, just help out. >>ysabel: to take us through the game, here is gary radnich and vern glenn. >>gary: they call it an instant classic. the 49ers on to tennessee to avenge a game. on the opening drive,
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the 49ers defense against the great saints offense. five turnovers forced by san francisco. the first score was smith to crabtree. at one point it was 17-0. then, the backup to lydian thomason. they have the advantage at 24-23. here is smith, rolling left enrolling nine. eight q b- nine around of the left side. dry breeze did not have enough time. 40-63. 458 yds. the guy is so accurate. now, alex smith is faced with two minutes to
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play at having to go 85 yds. harbaugh says, turned it around for. during davis said after the game, clark montana had to catch smith and myself. the 49ers are on to the nfc title game. the first time since 1997. >>ysabel: police and security made 19 misdemeanor arrests for intoxication, battery and resisting arrest. the also made one felony arrest. stadium security booted several people from the stadium and 30 people received some form of medical treatment.
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>>marty: occupy protesters rallied again against police. the target of this protests was the oakland police headquarters. the protesters were marching to the police headquarters but were turned away by oakland police officers. some police officers arrived and were not aware of arrests or injuries. >>ysabel: new details of a sexual assault suspect. >>marty: here is a live look outside on the approach to the bay bridge. it is packed with 49 of fans. today looks
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more normal. the forecast is coming up.
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>>marty: a suspect with a gun sexually assaulted a woman. a second attack took place on january 12th. this time, the suspect was on a bike. the suspect was an african-american teenagers, 5 ft. 5 in. of winning 110 lbs.. he is 14 years old. police say he is on loose in considered on the and dangerous. >>ysabel: stay tuned, your forecast is coming up next.
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the cool down starts today. >>marty: here is a live look outside from walnut creek. >>henry: you have heard more nasty crime is. the district attorney of alameda county is here with us, we're want to talk about the soaring crime rate in oakland into dell's 11th and what can be done about it.
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>>ysabel: a luxury liner ran aground killing five people and injuring dozens more.
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survivors are speaking out saying that it was pure chaos. >> everyone got lifeboats, everyone was pushing furious the was a very stiff costs situation, shouting and pushing furious there were 600 people-800 people still all of the vote. >> there was so little information. no one was told anything. >>ysabel: the ship's staff this says that the ship hit a rock that was not on a nautical maps. if he denies abandon the ship. >>marty: here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. >>ysabel: let's check in with a janu arasu for the full forecast. >>janu: we're taking a live look from the roof camera. cloud cover over san francisco. it is already showing the changes we are expecting flat with mostly clear skies. mostly cloudy
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conditions, breezy and golf. sunny into the afternoon. let's start off with current temperatures. a little bit of a warmer start today. currently 36 in santa rosa, upper '40's for the coast. 42 in mountain view, 40 degrees in los gatos. future cast 4 is set for 3:00 p.m. with wind gusts up to 29 mi. per hour. fog tracker 4 is set for this hour. pretty widespread cloud cover. by 2:00 p.m. we are expecting a lot of sunshine and cooler temperatures. mid-50s through los gatos. in san jose, 57, mid-50s for oakland, low fifties for half moon bay. kids are
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supposed to live. they're not supposed to be 5 and younger and get shot and killed. >> since august, three
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children have been murdered in oakland. >>henry: joining us is the district attorney of alameda county. this is the person who is responsible for dealing with much of this problem. how serious is the problem in oakland? >> in the beginning of the year murders were down. the economy has had a very difficult hit on oakland. leadership has started to identify new initiatives. the gang issues in oakland are troubling. >>henry: oakland law enforcement and oakland government came up a very
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difficult year. how much of a factor is that, the problems with law enforcement and government? >> in order to have safe communities, programs that help people who might otherwise commit crimes get employed and stable, we also need strong enforcement. >> of the police department is understaffed. it's part of what happens in this
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city, the police are running from crime scene at the crime scene. >>henry: law enforcement is one issue, the economy is the other. are there other factors? >> is a newer trends that we are seeing now, that is the games. >>henry: has there been a revival? >> a redefining of what gangs are doing. there are more gangs that are smaller in number in loosely affiliated with larger gains. retaliation is
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causing a lot of shootings. >>henry: do you think that the killing of these young children might change the mental set? >> people come together and say enough is enough. we need to put action behind the words. the mayor has introduced a new initiative and to my office has become very aggressive ad old prosecuting in working with local law enforcement. >>henry: increase in officers, is that the number 16? >> yes. i do think that.
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>>henry: when we come back, we have more on the 49ers and the big celebrations.
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>>ysabel: in somalia is a marvel to king jr. day. the memorial is taking place all over the country. here is a look at the wonderful mlk memorial in washington d.c.. thor around the bay area, there is the annual
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freedom of and. >>marty: muhammed ali turns 70 this weekend. about 350 people help him celebrate the milestone in louisville, ky. rocker john mellencamp same for the crowd thinned university of kentucky from and basketball coach was there as well. >>ysabel: we are going back live to the scene of an overnight fire. hi how
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>>ysabel: is a three story home went up in flames over night in san francisco. one person was sent to the hospital curious if a fire
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burned for more been two hours. it happened just before 2:30 a.m. around 42nd avenue and balusters. fire officials say it was tough gaining access to the home. craig skalar is joining us live this >>craig: firefighters say there were a number of factors leading to the fire being parts of the doubt. three stories of the home went up in flames. the area is--there was one area of the house that is sealed off. the homeowner says she spent 15 minutes trying to put the fire out herself. there was also out here have wrought-iron eighth. >> there is definitely a delayed. generally people make it on called immediately. calls there was
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somewhat of a delay that allow the fire to spread. >>craig: she had a lot of things in her home that caught fire. there were able to contain a buyer to this house. fortunately that is as far as it went. below winds helped last night as well. >>marty: let's take a look at the weather. much cooler temperatures today. here is a triple live look outside
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mt. tam on the left in the bay bridge on the upper right. walnut creek of a lower rate. >>janu: it is going to be pretty cool afternoon and warmer start to the morning. the cloud cover has helped to attract some of the heat. currently is at about 36. 33 in napa. this script will 33 in livermore. the afternoon highs will be 10-15 degrees cooler. 356 expected for fairfield. satellite and radar is showing a system to the northwest. it is causing
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" we're in. by the middle of the week we will expect another system north east of hawaii to pushed into our area bringing us a wet weather. i will tell you more coming up. >>marty: let's talk about that when for the 49ers. a lot of happy 49ers stance. the fifth late yesterday with just nine seconds left, vernon davis with the winning touchdown. the 49ers are just one win away from the super bowl. this could very emotional vernon davis on the sidelines after the catch. it is the first playoff appearance since 2002 for the 49ers. here is jim harbaugh and alex smith. third >> we are taking some shots all day long. i've got alex played extremely well. as
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>> i do not want this to end. i do not think anyone does. this has been a great year. a great group of guys, coaches and players. couples >>da: crowds for many sports bars port of the sidewalks to celebrate a big 49ers win. fans celebrated by screaming fans jumping up and down. the first layoffs in nine years it deserved some noise.
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>>da: there were a lot of tenders and the last couple of minutes of the game. >> we needed this. this was our last hope. now, die- hards have one thing on their minds. >> we are going to is a bubble! >>ysabel: believe it or not, not everyone watched the big
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game. >> i hate football. sitting on a couch and drinking beer is the last thing i want to do. >> i thought about going to a pub with my friends, everyone is in the marina, but it is too pretty to be inside with a bunch of drug people. >> it is we tonight's of a day to spend inside in a television. it seems less busy than it would be normally and parking was relatively easy roof think that has something to do with the game furious
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>>ysabel: thousands of people are preparing from the upcoming chinese new year. city officials extended the shopping area for vendors to put out their wares and allow pedestrians to move through safely. but >>marty: women in virginia are pleased to find out that the man has been caught, he was wanted for stabbing women in their box. heller got all theft of
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100 friends gathered to spread the word of the disappearance of this woman declared missing a january 4th. her family says that she suffers from emotional instability. hall appearance has said she has never got along without contacting someone. >>ysabel: a suspect who stabbed 13 young women in the buttocks during a crime screwed now in custody. they tracked him to lima, peru. he was arrested at a shopping mall in lima, far all scene of his alleged high brouhaha is >> i was in need for 21
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stock who brouhahas stabbing happened. >>ysabel: fairfax police are working to get him extradited back to be netted states to face those charges. >>ysabel: here is a live look outside in san francisco. it looks like the fog is pulling away.
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>>marty: here is a lovely look from mt. tam. >>janu: we are expecting a beautiful day, but pretty chilly. we have to get over this cloud cover on the bay
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bridge. mostly cloudy conditions, breezy and cool. lee will have mostly sunny conditions and lower temperatures, a 10-15 degrees cooler than the rest a serious let's start talking about temperatures. future cast 4 at 3:00 p.m., with gusts getting up to 20 m.p.h.. 27 and oakland. that is going to help clear the skies. as for temperatures, pretty chilly to. by 10:00 a.m., mostly forties. fifties' pushing in, indicated by the light blue on the screen. a chilly evening. by 8:00 p.m., thirties and 20s off into the overnight hours. let's get a closer look at those numbers. in the south bay,
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mid-50s. cox cut >>marty: the latest on decision 2012, one week
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until the south carolina primary. recent polls show that mitt romney is for poor has headed gingrich. the pressure is now on opponents of mitt romney to gain their support and shift the course of their race. the first debate will be held tomorrow and myrtle beach group of south carolina primary is on january 21st. florida votes to 10 days later. it's shocking how >>ysabel: the 49ers celebration continued outside of candlestick park. we spoke with steal vehicles into some unusual rituals. >> here we are, 49ers stands are screaming. these are just some of the fans that i found. >> i am captain iron. >> he was one of thousands
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outside candlestick, carting. >> a lot of people would say you look better in an outfit like this. >> i do not think so. >> for some reason you would think they would be transit about food. >> i start the season with a steak and lobster, if they do not do well, i moved in a butter and jelly. >> for some, it was all about football.
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>> the 49ers spirit is all around. >> there was a spirit. >> outside the stadium, you
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can see a beautiful state with a lot of 49ers friends. quite a party in quite a good time. >>marty: coming up we will continue to talk about the 49ers. recall >>ysabel: first, let's check back with henry. >>henry: the bay bridge is often a source of the frustration. imagining all this and turning into a giant light show. we will explain coming up. hawks
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this >>henry: the bay area has
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many icons. the golden gate bridge, quake tower. the western span of the bay bridge has never been considered one of those great icons in the bay area, but it might be. >> the bay bridge is a california icon. of this is the bay area's bridge.
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>> it is a $7 million project. the government has done their part. this is seven times the scale of the eiffel tower. it will promote the bay area to be different stratosphere. it will make as a culture capital. we have a fund
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raiser. it will come from a beautiful combination of san francisco families and a new generation of finding their philanthropic muscle. >> you have already raised $75,000. >> if people want to go to the web site causes.,, >>henry: those drivers who are stuck on the bridge >> it is on the outside of the cables facing towards the ferry building. >>henry: this is an amazing bay area worldwide fascinating projects.
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>>ysabel: welcome back. 49ers fans are waking up to dreams of a 49ers super bowl. costs >>marty: the san francisco are mopping up a fire that could have spelled disaster for neighbors. 51 expected
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in half moon bay. 56 for santa rosa. 56 expected for santa rosa. this is we also
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have a crane on high. ahead on >>ysabel: we are starting this morning with a developing story in san francisco. this three story home went up in flames overnight. at least one person was sent to the hospital. this is a video from the scene overnight. the phone call came in just before 2:30 a.m.. craig skalar is live at the scene we are told that a fire crews had a difficult time getting access. look at how close together it these houses are. >>craig: firefighters are still here. there are investigators inside right
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now. they are in there taking a closer look. this is a three story buildings. here are more pictures from last night. this looks like it was from a hollywood movie. quite a scene. a lot of the blame goes to the homeowner that did not call right away. >> generally people make a phone call immediately. qr and what is worse, there was a raw iron gate third that took them extra time to get in. they had to go to the unit next door who they say
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it is a miraculous, given the length of the fire that it did not spread up their role of houses that you see here. the owners seems to have disappeared from the scene. they said she was a pack rat and a lot of things caught fire. the san francisco forty-niners, a big win.
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>> it was us against history. it's us against the word no and the word cancer. i knew right away that i had to jump of this began be a factor. i did it. he >>gary: there were five turnovers forced by san francisco serious the first store was smith's to crabtree. here is smith's
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ruling left. they call that qb-nine kids are, let's side. the 49ers, after a failed two-point conversion were up five. drew breeze, 40-63, 4 to 58 yds. the guy is so accurate theory of now, alex smith is faced with under two minutes to play, having to go 85 yds. harbaugh says look for the great burning davis.--vernon davis. after the game,
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vernon davis says clark in montana have the keds, cliff and myself have a graph. the 49ers are on to the title game, the first time since 1997. >>ysabel: and jerry will be check back with us at 9:30 a.m. live. >>ysabel: police and security were very dizzy at candlestick. 19 arrests for intoxication, battery and resisting arrest. if a stadium security booted several people from the stadium. 30 people received some form of medical treatment. cox >>marty: more the 100 occupy protesters rallied last night against police brutality to. da lin has more from the scene were officers stood guard. this >> a tense scene in downtown oakland saturday night. oakland police say 75-100 occupy oakland protesters watched in downtown oakland house, their target was
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police headquarters on seventh street between washington and broadway. apparently the protesters were marching to police headquarters. they were turned away vital for the police officers. south there are some police officers in a great year. we are not aware of any arrests or injuries. >>ysabel: we have any details on luxury cruise ship ran aground in italy, including where the captain was. >>marty: here is a live look outside in walnut creek. the forecast one week,. third off for can backhouse
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>>ysabel: coming up we have a guest will be checking in with henry and we will have more on the 49ers.
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>>ysabel: in new details on the italian cruise ship that went down yesterday. the ship's captain has been detained for suspected of manslaughter and abandoning ship. the luxury liner ran aground killing at least five people and injured dozens more. survivors are
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now speaking announcing that it was pure chaos as people ran for lifeboats. >> people were pushing ever panicked. the was a very difficult area. >>ysabel: the capt. claims he was one of a last to leave the ship and air that the ship hit a rock crevice did not cure all autographs. hikes
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>>janu: we have wet weather headed our way starting next week. it is going to be pretty windy into the afternoon. future cast 4 is set for 3:00 p.m.. how are expecting a lot of sunshine, but cool temperatures. future cast 4 is set for 10:00 a.m.. we will set mostly in the '40's. 55 2:00 p.m.. that is indicated by a light blue on your screen. the 30 selling in by 8:00 p.m.. asked 20s into the overnight hours very quickly see some morning frost. house xi low
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50s for the whole. a lot janu >> widespread rain thursday into the weekend. let's head over to henry. >>henry: the high-speed rail is in the news. it is going to somehow affect the way we live. we're joined by a passenger rail consultant from the transit institute. thank you for joining us. i want to try to bring everything together. high- speed rail into the different projects that we have. if there is a smart trade in sonoma, there are improvements, let me propose a question. let's suppose
9:20 am
the giants get to the chip the chips in 2013. >> you will have a lot of new opportunities. you will be able to take the train from healdsburg to larkspur. he could take the ferry over to the embarcadero. then you can take the caltrain by moving to san bruno on arts center and going to the santa clara stadium. at that time all the bart cars will be new, modern and beautiful. fact all
9:21 am
>> the really believe that the light rail fame is one to happen? is it possible that it could all fall apart? >> i think everything we talked about is really going to happen. the political establishment, the financial community, there is a great deal of effort underway and the passion about getting these things done. >>henry: we are looking at
9:22 am
an animation for the transport terminal. it still feels like a stepchild in terms of funding and whether or not it will actually have it. in havana is a statement projects for the city. >>henry: statements did not raise money. i think that over time, if we're using 2003 as the year, we will see a trance bay terminal thick and caltrain service extended from the tausan station. >>henry: when we talk about that long trip we went through six different agencies. would it have been
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better if we plan this out for the beginning. famine if connections are well- designed and connections are available, if people are not confused and they can do it with one system, one card, it will work just fine. >>stanley: he is a passenger rail consultant, a wonderful vision. al-qaeda are right. minetta just got a 3.4 $9 million grant to continue its work.
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>>ysabel: if today is the
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birthday of martin king jr.. he would have been 83. tomorrow, memorials will be taking place all over the country. this is a video from last year. this is a 28 year old tradition intended to remind people of his message of civil-rights 3/5 the train ride is the same distance of his march during his campaign war minority rights. >>marty: muhammed ali turns 70 on saturday. about 350 people help him celebrate his off milestone. the rocker john mellencamp sang for the crowd
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>>marty: we will have the latest on your forecast when we come back. for all
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conditions of the >>da: we are back following this story we have been watching all morning. in san francisco a 3 story home went up in flames over 90. but one person was sent to the hospital. holmes kron fire officials are back on the scene. stock >>craig: they're cleaning up. this is some of the stuff they're pulling out
9:31 am
from this apartment if that caught on fire last night. if >> essentially the flames were so dramatic it was a scene from a hollywood movie. things really went crazy for a couple of hours to. the owner waited 50 minutes before even calling the fire department. she tried but the fire off for the garden hose. that did not help. but apparently she was a pack rats. for a lot of the items she had caused the fire to get even worse.
9:32 am
this series of houses could have easily gotten out of control. one of fame is the owner has left the scene. they do not know where she is. they say that there was no arson involved and that no illegal activity or anything like that. just strange behavior from the overfed that made putting out the fire that much more difficult. kvass >>ysabel: a quick look outside this morning. this is a live from the east bay. a bit of an overcast out there for. >>mark: we are expecting some big changes for. here to tell us about it, ed janu a russet. janu >> here is a live look outside for of mt. tam theory if overcast conditions and pretty briefly. we're from the morning with mostly cloudy conditions in the chilly temperatures. first thing 51
9:33 am
expected in half moon bay. mostly mid-50s with low 50s in san francisco. satellite and radar shows a system to the north of us pushing cold air in. we are also expecting wet weather and by the middle of the week. >>marty: let's talk about the 49ers. six >>ysabel: gary radnich, our
9:34 am
sports director is joining us. >>ysabel: gary, you could not have granted a much better movie scene and in those last 10 minutes is >>gary: when they talk about the greek--the three greatest place in 49ers history, montana to dwight clark four, steve young to harold owens might be third, but if the 49ers go on to win the super bowl, alex manhunt to burn in davis at the end might ranks clark and montana. call >>marty: here is the catch
9:35 am
>>gary: said is everyone's first love. the first hole they went on to win. then, we have the steve owens to terrell young catcher.
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>>gary: if green bay twins thought the game will be back at a level field.
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>>ysabel: last night hundreds of friends gathered to spread word of the disappearance of this woman,
9:43 am
she was declared missing a january 4th. her family says she suffers from emotional instability., one week before the south carolina primary. recent polls show that mitt romney is four points ahead of newt gingrich. the pressure is on to opponents of romney to gain their support and shift the course of the race over the next couple of days. the first debate will be held tomorrow and myrtle beach. the key state affordable vote 10 days later. casesa
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guess aha for four
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>>marty: overcast skies over the bay bridge. it is looking a little bit great. ha janu >> it is looking pretty great. here is a view from the status a camera. overcast skies. breezy and cold this morning. as we head into the afternoon, mostly sunny conditions with cool temperatures. course it is currently 50 degrees in half moon bay. if janu
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>> invisalign to be pretty silly. here's a look at your expected highs. this apparently is showing as cool temperatures in store. half half half half of all
9:49 am
>> of women terrorized at shopping malls of the past year have even easier. with the staff 13 women in the box is now in custody. police tracked the so-called flat cover all the way to leave, roof. the view was arrested at a shopping mall in a lima, peru. one shopper says, she can now head back to the mall. >> at first i was scared to come here. i was in the forever 21 the day before the attack. now that his cost fast as now that he is
9:50 am
caught, it will allow all. let half >> police are working together as a bad back to the united states. why taffy
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