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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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frigid conditions overnight, freeze warnings in effect. we will look at where the coldest temperatures will be. san francisco is preparing for the championship game here on sunday at candlestick park. tickets for the big game go on sale wednesday. kron tells you how you can score a seat in the stands and a change coming from a blunder. this martin luther king, jr. day. we will tell you about the fix for his new memorial. live, this is kron 4 news
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at 11:00. it is a night to bundle up. this video from walnut creak. you can see people walking around in heavy coats. no matter where you are, it is cold out there and it will get colder overnight, plus rain is on the way. we are starting things off in the weather center with jacqueline. more on the big weather changes and already in the north bay, freezing temperatures. >> already freezing in those places and getting close in los gatos and oakland. below freezing in livermore. 30 right now. 30 in novato. 32 in napa and fairfield. falling for the rest of the bay area. 30s out there. 40s in san francisco and half moon bay. temperatures widespread in the 20s and 30s overnight. that is why there is a freeze warning in effect. hard freeze warning for areas
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close to the delta. fairfield, central valley. 20s and low 30s. so widespread areas of frost tomorrow morning. you will have to defrost the window. this will be in effect till 9:00 tomorrow morning. you want to bring the pets indoors overnight. way too cold for them. widespread frost and freeze tonight. a frigid morning and cool afternoon. temperatures similar to what we saw today. through the week it will warm up. a series of storms, finally the break through. rain is on the way. we will time it out coming up. breaking news in san francisco. police have issued a shelter in place warning for pacific avenue near lion street. residents are being told to stay indoors because of a natural gas issues.
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we are getting additional information. stay tuned to kron 4 news for any updates as they become available. after their big win saturday, the 49ers are gearing up for their next game at home. this time against the new york giants. fans are also getting ready to pay big money for playoff tickets. mean time fans are still glowing. >> good luck jersey. >> keep it on all week. >> shirt, still wearing it. >> i wore this to the game on saturday. figured i would continue to support the 9ers. >> 9ers. that is a true fan. >> tickets are expected to sell for several thousand dollars for sunday's games. season ticket holders get the first crack at 10:00 a.m.
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on wednesday. security will be tight at candlestick park on sunday. security will be traveling the ground. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us about the stepped up measures to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: football fans can expect the same security measures that have been in place at candlestick park since august. fans will be screened with a metal detector wand. the parking lot gates will be closed and tailgating will have to stop as soon as the game kicks off. staffing will increase by 25% for sunday's championship game. uniformed officers and plain clothed officers paroling the grands. san francisco police will also
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have dui patrols. the mare said it is in place city wide incase 49ers fans get out of hands. >> people want to be in a safe city, we'll have the city safe. if we need special attention we will call it up. the city clowes how -- city knows how to celebrate safely. >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> later we break down how to get tickets for the championship game, and gary radnich will be here and he will talk about the match up and what to expect sunday and log on to for the latest video, photographs and viewer comments. decision 2012 the 5 remaining gop candidates faced off tonight ahead of the south carolina primary. today jon huntsman announced he
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was stepping out of the race. he gave his backing to mitt romney. tommy has more. >> reporter: with two wins under his belt and the endorsement of jon huntsman mitt romney was the ran to beat in the gop debate. >> we need for you to release your income tax. >> i would ask mitt romney, do you believe people who are felons, served their time, exhausted their patrol and probation, should they be given the right to vote? >> first of all, as you know, the pacts that run ads -- >> answer the question first. >> reporter: mitt romney kept his focus on president obama. >> we got a president in office
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three years and he doesn't have a job's plan yet. >> reporter: newt gingrich also focused on the president. >> we think work is good. >> reporter: when asked about negative campaigning, ron paul, coming off a second place showing in new hampshire, got a dig in on rick santorum. >> i think it is proper, there is one ad that we used against rick santorum and i was -- i only had one problem, i couldn't get all the things in i wanted to say. >> reporter: mitt romney is ahead in the polls in south carolina. kron 4 news. still to come tonight, as americans marked this martin luther king jr. day, plans are underway to make a change to his memorial and playoff fever in the bay area, kron is breaking down what you need to know to get into the giants-
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49ers game. coming up, we will all tell you we knew alex smith had it in him and what is ahead with eli manning. 49ers, 49ers and pam will talk about 49ers later in this broadcast.
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it is the hottest ticket in attend. sound afternoon, 3:30, 9ers- giants playoffs. tickets officially going on sale wednesday. 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on wednesday when the general public can get tickets. there is a 4 ticket limit per order and no guarantee you will get tickets. what is the damage? the nfl has not yet set ticket prices. that will happen on tuesday. figure a couple hundred a seat.
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there are other options. the nfl ticket exchange. that is where season ticket holders will try to sell their seats. from $3,002,000 to $5,000. stub hub. right now starting at $288 and on facebook, 9ers nation is holding a ticket auction. if you follow jed york on twitter he is giving away four tickets to a follower who makes their case. if you are buying them, bring your www.,thepricetagwillbehefty-- bring your wallet because the prices will be hefty. look! here she comes!
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more information about that shelter in place order in san francisco. a transformer exploded near
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pacific avenue and lion street after 10:00 p.m. tonight. that caused a power outage in the neighborhood. police are asking residents to stay indoors. they have not given a time estimate for when it will be resolved. police are looking for a sexual assault suspect who is only 14 years old. his game is brionn glasper. he is accused of attacking two women in the same area of west oakland. leaders call for his parents to turn in their son. big mistake in the nation's capital. plans are underway to correct a misquote on the martin luther king, jr. memorial. >> reporter: 15 years in the making, $120 million and now a
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blunder. ken salazar ordered this inscription be changed. the line read, i was a drum major. but that is not what he said. it is a misquote that makes him sound like a arrogant person. >> you would never put himself up by saying -- i was a drum major for justice. >> reporter: listen to martin luther king, jr.'s words from that sermon a few months before his death. >> if you want to say i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. >> reporter: i spoke with the architect after it had memorial was completed. he said organizers planned to use the complete and accurate
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quote but they made a last minute change and decided to place it on another wall. >> this side was prepped for the shorter quote. >> reporter: the entire quote couldn't fit on the face of the new wall so they condensed it. >> reporter: do you think the meaning has been lost? >> no. by shortening the quote, it is easier for the person to grasp. >> reporter: he disagrees saying i don't think it is an accurate portrayal of what martin luther king, jr. was. the national park service is consulting with the king family to come up with a plan to fix it in the next 30 days. erasing something carved in granite is not easy but they say they are reviewing options, including to see if the whole quote can fit. >> we want that not to be a
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distraction for anyone who comes. we want them to come and relish in his words and the vision he had. with no distractions. we will see how it can be corrected. you probably noticed it tonight, very cold conditions. it will be below freezing in a number of places tomorrow morning. in the 20s in napa. low 20s. 21 there. 23 santa rosa. 24 fairfield, livermore. 28 concord. 27 lose gatos. very cold. and no 40s tomorrow. 39 in san francisco. 32 oakland. 30 in san jose. in to the afternoon, temperatures don't warm that much. similar conditions to today. 48 oakland and half moon bay. 49 livermore. 50 in san jose and hayward.
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49 in santa rosa, napa. 47 in san rafael and 47 in san francisco. a break through of the dry pattern. comes thursday morning. here is a look on future cast. rain approaching by 7:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m., showers, heavy rain starting in the north bay. noon, heavy rainfall. by 3:00 p.m., more rainfall. east baych peninsula and along -- east bay, peninsula, and along the coast. 5:00 p.m., south bay. a lull thursday night but rain expected to pick up friday morning. we will see a series of systems through the weekend. the model is putting the rain for sunday morning, not sunday afternoon. good news for the game. cold temperatures, though.
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40s. after the cold front passes through. possibility of potty showers into the afternoon. here is a look at your extended forecast. chilly start to the day tomorrow. into the afternoon, dry but cool. temperatures picking up. rain into thursday and then again friday morning, sunday morning, sunday morning. we mean keep you posted on the totals. we will be seeing several inches of rain before it is done. stay with us, sports after the break. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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all right. good evening, everybody. don't try an open house sunday afternoon, the 49ers and the new york giants kicking off the nfc championship game at 3:30 p.m. jim harbaugh knows they have to stop eli manning. >> that is -- that is a worthy
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opponent. you know, that is a -- that is a scary opponent. you know? that is one we will have to come with everyunse of our a game. >> we are excited. big game. they are playing great football. they are a sound team. very good. they have good players. they play with great energy. their secondary has good players. so, you know, they are good all around. play smart football. they run the ball. play well. we know we will have to play, you know, that same way. smart. >> all right. with green bay eliminated. reg ecan start interviewing potential head coaching candidates and new orleans guy snuck in there. he interviewed the offensive coordinator, peter carmichael, jr. the head coach calls the playing in new orleans so we have no idea what his imput is.
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offensive coordinator title and he was -- at the very least somebody that the head coach there would blow in his ear. the a's made a trade with the rockies and they acquired a starting outfielder. there he is, seth smith. they give up a couple of pitchers. this guy had 15 home runs. 59 rbis. 9 triples and he will start in the outfield for the a's. steph curry got disappointing news today. he expected to be named to the 20 man squad which will try out for the olympic team. last time for the world games he got to try out but no, left off the 20 man roster. who knows with the bump ankle was part of the reason. he will not play tomorrow night
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in cleveland. lamar odom back in los angeles for the first time since being traded to the mavericks. he had 10 points and he admits he misses los angeles. he was part of a trade to new orleans. when that didn't work out he said trade me. pau gasol 17 points. 15 rebounds. these guys are shoving each other around. not a lot of scoring. tarry tied the game at 70-70 and derek fisher to kobe bryant and fisher wins the game. lakers only made one three- pointer. they won, beat dallas tonight. st. mary's hopes back in the top 25. the team won last week. fans storming the court. 17-2 and 24th in the app poll.
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tiger woods partner will include tony romo and they are trying to get tim tebow to show up as well. february 9-12. they are the defending champions. >> all right. all right. good night everybody. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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