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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 17, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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look at how much cooler it is today compared to where certainly noticed cold and frigid temperatures as an outside the door. by 8:00 p.m. it looks like we will see all this purple on our screen indicating for the most part 30's. as we advance closer to lunchtime will see mostly 30's may be squeezing out some '50s for the inland areas. all that white--light blue on your
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screen indicates low 50s. it could be one degree or two degrees warmer than yesterday it just depends on where we are. as we turn our attention to the north bay we have slightly cooler conditions here. that storm system is making its way through tomorrow, it looked like san francisco could make its way up to 52 degrees, 53 in santa rosa and 50 for those in vallejo. your seven day around the bay for cash shows clear and cool conditions for today. as we head into tomorrow that is the first possibility for wet weather. waking up thursday morning you could expect showers and heavy downpours at time. it looks like the heaviest of the rain will fall on friday as we head into the weekend and the network when it looks like we will see showers. over in the traffic center the approach to the
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bay bridge toll plaza is nice and easy. it looks like traffic is pretty light with no metering lights to deal with. the senate until bridge ride is good to go with no problems. your ride is just 14 minutes from in to end. as we take over to the golden gate bridge, you will see a lot of space in between cars in fact no major delays. a look at the traffic map shows all is well in the south bay, no. well 101 is a smooth and easy ride coming out of the coyote valley. there is not a single accident to report. >>james: some new details in the case of accused serial killer joseph naso, he may soon face another murder charge based on an alleged rape that he described in a journal that he kept. police are looking into the opening a case that they believe is
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connected to joseph naso he is already facing four counts of murder and police have said all along there may be other victims out there. >>justine: a 14 year old boy wanted in a lease to a fault in west oakland is still on the loose. the most recent happened friday night. the boy allegedly brought the woman and then sexually assaulted her. one oakland city leisure is telling us that the boy with parents need to turn him in to investigators. >> i certainly hope since we know who he is that his parents will do everything possible to turn himself in. in, that if the oakland city council president larry reed's message to the parents of the 14 year old who is connected with a pair of recent sexual assaults in west oakland. he says the parents should answer for the board's actions. >> yes i think parents
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should be held accountable, it makes no sense for 14 year-old being gauged in that type of activity and parents need to know where their kids are each and every day and each and every night. >>reporter: oakland police say legal reasons are preventing the release of the juvenile photographs but since he is considered a public threat his physical description has been made public. >>james: as we anticipate this weekend's big 49ers football game at candlestick park' on sunday, law enforcement will patrol the stadium grounds to make sure fans do not break the law. >>reporter: 49ers official
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said football fans can expect the same security measures that have been in place at candlestick park since fight broke out scene in the studio last august. that means that fans will be screened with a metal detector want, these are waiting to be patted down. battelle dating scene will have to stop as soon as the king--the tailgating scene will have to stop as soon as the game kicks off. there will be uniformed officers and plainclothes officers both patrolling the ground on foot, by car, as well as on motorcycles and bikes. san francisco police got always have roving dui patrols. they say 50 plan is in place in case 49ers fans get out of hand. >> i know that people want a safe city, we will have this city safe for sure. i think this city knows how to celebrate in sudbury
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safely.--i know this city knows how to celebrate and celebrate safely. >>james: coming up in the next half hour how you can win tickets from the 49ers president himself. >>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news we will take a quick break when we come back we'll talk about the big chance of rain later on this week. we will take a live look outside at the james lick freeway in san francisco. the time now is eight minutes after 4:00 a.m., we will be right back.
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this list, you can tell the we are getting pretty close to record temperatures. >>justine: the five remaining gop candidates for the presidential ticket faced off in south carolina last night. that is ahead of the south carolina primary. this after jon huntsman, jr announced that he was stepping out of the race and giving it back to front runner mitt romney. he has more on the debate. >>reporter: mitt romney was a man to be in monday's fox news gop debate. >> we need for you to insure income-tax of the people of this country can see. >> should parolees and those that are on probation
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be given the right to vote? >> first of all you know that the pact that run ads,... >> we are looking for a question. >> we have a president in office for three years and he does not have a job yet --jobs plan yet. i have one already. >>reporter: when asked about negative campaigning texas congressman ron paul got a gig in on the second place winner in nevada rich santorum. >> there was one added that we used against senator santorum and i only had one problem is that i could not all the things in that want to say. >>reporter: mit romney is ahead of the polls in south carolina but there are days to go before the primary.
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>>james: we will have local headlines when we come back from this break. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. ó??g÷p÷÷÷ >>8ç
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>>erica: looking at conditions out of walnut creek is a clear star to the morning. but we do have a hard freeze one for some of the inland areas. as we head into the afternoon for the most part we will see sunshine with clear and cool conditions with temperatures in the '60s may be for some of the inland areas. it looks like everyone else will be in the '50s. into the overnight hours we have another freeze 1 to contend with. as for your temperatures right outside the door, it looks like for the most part will be in the '20s for the north bay, people in santa rosa are waking up to 23 degree temperature. south of the
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golden gate bridge is not too bad especially san francisco. we have lost one degree but they are still on the mild side. 31 is the common number for oakland in concord. we are at the freezing mark in mountain view at this hour. as we check out satellite and radar we do have low pressure and a lot of cool air heading into the pacific northwest. that makes for the rain and snow that your current scene. the system will sag southward and everything else will actually hit us by late next week. it looks like the rain chances is still north of santa rosa. as we advance closer to 17 when people are getting now hitting the roadways, it looks like this band of showers could actually crossed over the golden gate bridge. we will continue to see widespread light showers from most of the bay area. by 2:00 p.m. it is a little more intense indicated by the yellow on your screen.
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>>erica: for the next few days your store expectation shall the heaviest rainfall on friday. the north bay will receive the heaviest amount of rain, and san francisco we are expecting about 1 in.. everywhere else we are expecting fewer amounts. your seven day around the forecast shows cold conditions for today. the chance of rain begins tomorrow. we are talking the afternoon into the evening hours. as we head into the weekend we will see a mixture of sun and showers temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. as for traffic, no major hot spots or accidents to tell you about. your ride at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is great out of open toward san francisco just eight minutes from the foot of the maze toward fremont street. you feel like traffic in the westbound direction out near foster city. no problems
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getting to the bridge along the nimitz freeway. and south bound 101 you will see like traffic the only year before your entire ride coming out of a recount. you will see all of that green on your screen they just captivated the drive time in just 22 minutes. >>james: thank you very much erica, here are some new details about the early monday morning fire. investigators say they are investing this as an arson. this is video taken from a firefighter's helmet camera. investigators are treating this as suspicious because it started out by the house. the fire caused more than two into thousand dollars in damage. san francisco county sheriff is expected to be arraigned on three misdemeanor charges due to the alleged fight with his wife on new year's eve. this is his booking photograph
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that we can show you right now. whether or not he will be able to keep his job remains an open question. >>reporter: the newly elected sheriff appeared at a breakfast commemorating dr. ronald g. king jr. and he made it clear that he had no plans on leaving his post. california state senator mark lin no attendant the same event said that his decision to remain in office should be respected. >> if he believes he can do his job while this is unfolding i did not believe he should step aside. i think will already politicizing emotional heightened situation. >>reporter: this could lead to the men losing his job currently and mayor ed lee said he is not made a decision yet. >> i have not made a decision because it's a complicated one. my duty has to do with it if there are facts and evidence before meet that constitute official misconduct. it is
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more complicated than that. i will be getting advice from the city attorney and then seeing whether or not there are additional facts that we should consider. anything that i do cannot interfere with the criminal justice proceedings going on. >>reporter: the mayor says he has no time line for when he will make up his mind. >>justine: this wednesday the city prepares to deal with the loss of millions of dollars in state redevelopment money. when talk with the oakland mayor about the cuts. >>reporter: in just two days more than 1500 city employees in oakland will receive layoff notices. police and fire will be exempt. >> we are getting now many more than we need because we are not sure what they will decide as a final budget. >>reporter: the mayor says
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less than two were infected people will lose their jobs. >> we are still struggling and negotiating and talking with all the people of sacramento. should we not have at least an extension on february 1st, we will have to give out layoff notices. >>reporter: the city of oakland had a balanced budget but with the deletion of redevelopment agencies that created a gap of about $50 million, now they must close the gap. >> in order to keep our budget balance we have been scrambling to do the worst case scenario. >>justine: gov. jerry brown will get his state of the state address tomorrow, we will see his latest budget proposal that includes changes to funding. >>reporter: the governor
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wants to cut the department of corrections budget. the key is to reduce the number of prisoners and that has already started. first the governor's so-called realignment mean that low- level offenders and parole violators will now be housed at county jails instead of state prisons. that not only saves the state money to reduce the need for more prisons. his proposal also calls for the cancellation of to prison construction project this will save the state even more money. other savings will come by the venture will transferring of the management of juvenile offenders from the state in their local jurisdictions. that will start at the beginning of next year. again, this is only the governor's proposal. something this is a step in the right direction and others are concerned that the counties will not have enough money for all of these additional offenders or there will have enough money to keep an eye on them
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once they get out of jail. many fear that could lead to an increase in crime. >>james: we will take a break and let us give you a live look outside on a creek where we have extremely cold temperatures this morning. a freeze warning is in effect. and running down the numbers, and already it looks like you're breaking records for today. we will have a full breakdown of your forecast and the rain that is on the way, we're looking for some decent rain in the latter part of the week. all that is coming up.
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>>justine: is cold out there the coldest day of the week so far. we are tracking a good chance of rain coming in on thursday and friday. erica will have all the details in just a minute. >>james: one of the most popular online web sites has been hacked. the first
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brought you this story yesterday now gabe slate tells us what people can do to protect themselves. >>gabe: zappos has exposed the names, e-mail addresses, the last four digits of people's credit card numbers and now they're asking people if you have an account to create a new password. in the upper right-hand corner you will see where it says create new password. the good news is that the hacker had no information to full credit card numbers. so in the immediate future customers information to be safe. but they did the last four digits of everyone's credit card similar to what you see on credit card receipts when using your credit card in the real world. but this is not enough information for those to do that things would. but that combined with all the other information they got could cause a plan of attack on
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someone's identity. the most important thing if you are a zappos customer in the password you use within you also use with other web sites you need to change it. i know it is really inconvenient, but you need to have different passwords for every web site that you log in to that has your personal information. it's a web site gets hacked, the bad guys do not have your password to get into all the other web sites especially released into the ones like your online banking. they are working with law enforcement to investigate who was behind this. if you want more information log on to kron4 got, and look for my tech page. >>justine: time for a quick break on the kron4 morning news, but we will be back. as the ticket live look outside the bay bridge traffic is light and will be right back.
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>>erica: her could morning every highlighted in blue on your screen and it is impacted by that freezing one year in the areas of grain are under a hard freeze warning. we have temperatures in the low 20s and 30s. >>erica: you will want to drive with extra caution, we will monitor that for you and in terms of the temperature is right outside the door, check out santa rosa, 23 degrees there. it looks like the model has drop down to 27 degrees.
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very cold in the north bay this morning and we see below freezing temperatures for places like oakland and concord at the freezing mark for mountain view, and check out san francisco they're still dealing with 40 degrees their upper 30s redwood city in half moon bay. here is a look at exactly how much colder it is this morning compared to just 24 hours ago. in fact we're 10 degrees cooler in santa rosa, 34 navato, we have a significant shift in temperatures especially in the north bay. we have not seen too much change for places like san francisco and redwood city. as we take up the future forecast by 8:00 a.m., it looked like we will hold on to some of the '20s for places like santa rosa and petaluma. with the widespread mixing of 30's and 40's everywhere else. it will slowly but surely begin to warm up. all that navy on your screen indicates mostly everyone making it into the forties. as we move closer to your afternoon high temperatures, the light blue on your screen that does
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indicate some low 50s and then the upper '40's along the coast. here's the breakdown of the numbers for you. expect half moon bay to get up to 52 degrees, slightly cooler conditions compared to yesterday for the south bay. >>erica: your seven day around the bay forecast shows clear and cold conditions for today but enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. as we head into tomorrow afternoon that issue first possibility for some wet weather. thursday it looks like everyone will be waking up to showers. the most intense rainfall is expected on friday. we have temperatures ranging in the upper 50s and 60s. the traffic center is still pretty quiet out there. if you're heading out the door to the bay bridge toll plaza there are no problems from
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any of the approaches. the san mateo bridge ride is clocking in at his 14 minutes, however you will see traffic building in the westbound direction aisle towards foster city. there are no major problems are acton's to report for your ride toward san francisco. we have no delays or accidents for south bound thick 8 the road. as you take a closer look at the shore freeway, all the green on your screen indicate speed over 50 mi. per hour. in fact the ride coming from canola over to hercules and berkeley is clocking in at just 10 minutes. >>justine: new details out of san francisco were just an hour-and-a-half ago pg&e fix a power outage. it was last night that people in the area were asked to stay indoors because what was
4:34 am
originally been called a natural gas issue. police now say it was a problem with a pg&e electrical unit that resulted in a power outage for more than 300 customers. roads that were shut down in the area were also shut down all the crews tried to figure out what happened but they have since been opened and that happened just after midnight. >>james: power has been restored in san francisco, pg&e says it was caused by car crashing into a pole. about 18 customers are without power at this time we have no word on when they will be restored. >>justine: the president and ceo of the 49ers is giving away tickets to the game. you have until 5:00 p.m. tonight to win them. here is what he tweeted. he said let
4:35 am
me know what i should give you for tickets and a pre passes to the championship. police want to make sure that fans stay safe. they say security will be tight at the stick on sunday. reggie kumar tell us about these measures. >>reporter: fence can expect the same security plan since fights broke out here last august. fans will still get headed down and there will be met wands used as well. they say pregame events must stop as soon as kickoff happens. there will be plain cold and uniformed officers
4:36 am
patrolling on foot, car and bike. the mayor says the safety plan is in place city-wide in case 49ers fans get out of hand. >> we will have this city safe for sure. if we need some special attention will call it up. i the casinos have to celebrate safely. >>justine: stay with us on kron4 for continuing coverage of this weekend's nfc championship game between the 49ers and the new york giants. be sure to lock on to our web site for the latest videos, photographs and your comments. >>james: of new this morning a rescue crew stealing a car wreck cruise ship. everything is at an angle. the italian divers created openings in the whole of the cruise ship. they are in there right now in an effort
4:37 am
to see if they could find survivors. at least six people we know are confirmed dead, 29 passengers and crew members are still missing this morning. while the search crews continue their work, we are following the latest. this has turned into an environmental crisis. the ships will may start looking into the coastal waters. and in of the video shows the frantic rush to escape the sinking ship. this is infrared picture of the evacuation after it left and fell ground. all those people are sliding off the edge down to the water below to rescue boats that are surrounding the vessel. many passengers blaming the captain and crew for what they call a chaotic evacuation. a judge will decide this morning were the to keep the captain of the cruise ship in custody great black reports.
4:38 am
>>reporter: survivors of a cruise ship crashed off the coast of italy are returning home and they're talking about their narrow escape. it was carrying more than 4000 passengers and crew when it hit a reef on friday. the lights went out and the ship began to tilt. the passengers said they were never told what happened only that there was an electrical problem. >>pam: i did not appreciate being lied to about a generator on a sound like a freight true--when it sounded like a freight train came through. >>reporter: friends are praying for this couple safe return. and those lucky enough to escape say that they're very thankful to the crew.
4:39 am
>> there was no leadership and there was no direction, a lot of lives were lost because there was not any help and things need to change. >>reporter: survivors say they wanted a better prepared crew, they said the crews seem helpless as the passengers rushed for lifeboat but the cruise ships says that there crew members acted bravely. >>james: investigator said that the captain was dangerously close to the shore causing the accident but he denies that. they're getting the data blocks from the ship, and they say that should shed more light on what happened. >>justine: we will be back with much more as we take a live look outside a san jose is very cold out there. we will be tracking the temperatures we come right back.
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>>reporter: here is your seven day around day forecast, there is still a chance of showers for the game on sunday. we will keep you updated. >>james: for the fourth straight year the airbus has sold more tickets than its counterparts. the company has found success with this revamped single object, it is a modified version of the airbus. it has improved engines and modified wing tips, with that they have taken the lead. >>justine: some of the internet to this web sites will go dark tomorrow to protest an anti piracy bill, it is a response to the scop
4:43 am
high-risk act. it was to restrict access to sites that fuel piracy. copyright holders will be able to complain to law-enforcement officials and get web sites like to shut down. >>james: we will take a quick break the first we get a look at some of the numbers it is really cold out there. we are at or below freezing and well down into the '20s for a good number of spots this morning. we will definitely feel it as we head out the door. much more on the way.
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>>james: we are back toking up--we are back this morning. chains are required
4:46 am
in some areas. we have some unexpected ice and snow, but those love to ski and snowboard all this is arriving after a dry december, but there is enough snow in certain areas that may allow for some winter sports. this is video from tahoe. we also have a look at interstate 80, there are small amounts of snow on the ground that is the latest on the weather this morning with erica. >>erica: this morning, we are taking a live look outside at conditions. it is clear out there the cold morning as we take a look at the weather headlines. a freeze win by the national weather service is affecting all of us this morning. we have temperatures in the 20's there, a freeze wine goes into effect again
4:47 am
tonight. district into tomorrow morning and the rain is expected to start on wednesday. the showers will increase in terms of how widespread they are, the increase in intensity as we head into thursday and friday. for the lake tahoe forecast it looks like to get a rain and snow mixed. there is no real estimate yet on how much snow they could get, but taking the could be temperatures not too bad if you're heading out to ski. >>erica: here is a look at the temperatures here in the bay area right now. checkouts santa rosa at 23 degrees, 21 fairfield and certainly dress in layers. checkout san francisco there are a little bit warmer coming in at 40 degrees below the freezing mark for concord, and at the freezing mark in mountain view at this hour. as we head into
4:48 am
the afternoon it looks like everyone les mccann to the low 50s. the could have some colder locations along the coastline to come oakland expected up to 54 degrees. >>erica: your satellite and radar shows weather activity situated in the pacific northwest. we will see some rain in the bay area in fact the feature for cash rose by 4:00 a.m. on thursday we could see some trace amount of grain. this light band of showers could crossover of the bay bridge, and will see light showers in the afternoon hours. this yellow on the screen indicates moderate rainfall. we will continue to see widespread light showers all day thursday the heaviest rain is expected
4:49 am
for friday. you can see that on your seven day around the forecast. the heaviest rain is expected for friday and it looks like as we progress in to the we can we will see a mixture of son, clouds, and showers. one last check to get you out the door, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is building in the westbound direction fortunately no metering lights to deal with the traffic moving belt up the incline and across the upper deck. the chp has not reported a single active. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, south bound 101 shows a lot of space in between cars. this ride is just 22 minutes out of the bottle toward san francisco. north bound 101 has a nice and easy ride. all that green on your screen indicate speed over 50 bills per hour.--over
4:50 am
50mph. >>justine: thank you erica officials say a fire badly damaged an office building. we carry this story for you live yesterday on the kron4 morning news. part of the roof collapsed and no one was injured. about 150 firefighters were called to the scene and able to keep the flames from spreading to other parts of the property. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>james: policemen woman that shot her two children the father committed suicide at she smoked methamphetamines several hours earlier. this is video of the scene. it began on sunday morning when she argued with the father of her two children. when police arrived on scene they
4:51 am
found lopez out of the apartment with a knife and gun shot wound. and closer to home within 5000 oakland city employees are expected to see lay off notices tomorrow. the city does not know exactly how the city council will decide the final budget. the city of oakland had a balanced budget but the elimination of redevelopment agencies in their funding has now created a budget gap of about $50 million. the city wants to lay off workers to close the gap. >>justine: lindsey though his two back in court so a judge can address the progress that she has made in fulfilling her probation requirements. she pled guilty last may to stealing a necklace from a jewelry store. she was already on probation for two drunken- driving convictions from 2007. her legal woes have been compounded by her failure to attend counseling
4:52 am
and alcohol and drug test failures. >>james: today is the first lady's 48th birthday she was born in 1964 from chicago. no word yet on how and when she will celebrate her birthday. >>justine: check out how cold it is outside and check up the temperatures of around the bay area right now. santa rosa at 25 degrees, navato 27, the same in concord, pleasanton is much colder.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>>stanley: , this is a storm
4:55 am
drain just outside candlestick park. as you can see it has trash can. if you look at all the storm drains the all look pretty much the same. this is trash that actually came from tell getting parties. this was from the 49ers in st. game. to do to the wind, a lot of the trash is pushed up against the fence until someone can clean it up. to be frank, if it was just trashed in the parking lot i probably would not care as much, but this trash ends up someplace else. this is candlestick point, a skate park located next to the stadium after all this trash is left behind some in the here. this is a diaper that blow across the road and got lodged in a bush if you look up you could see plastic bags in trees. actually there are a lot of plastic bags that make their way from the parking lot to the park. it is not just plastic bags and diapers
4:56 am
city's pre much anything that the wind can carry your a fan can carry. there are signs were fans can recycle but apparently is more fun to trash the parking lots and wait for someone else to the cleanup. the parking lot falls on the san francisco's parks and recreation who hired outside contracts to do the cleanup. court if everyone's to toss their trash in a dumpster, our state park might stay a little bit cleaner. that is just a thought. at the stick i am stanley roberts kron4 news. >>justine: more we will take a look at the seven day around the bay, very cold out there today. we are tracking for temperatures from the 20s in some parts of the bay area. the rain slowed it starts moving on wednesday, friday looks like a steady downpour that is moving in. we are to be high on the weather for the 49ers game on sunday. here is a look at the top stories that
4:57 am
we are following this tuesday morning. again, the cold weather, freeze warnings are in effect. we also now know that the city's newly elected sheriff is scheduled to appear in court this thursday and also with the very latest on the cruise ship that crash in italy, we're hearing about what happened to the cruise ship captain when he goes to court today. much more ahead on the kron4 morning and as we take a live look outside in san until the traffic is light 192 it is a really cold out there. i cannot emphasize that enough. bundle up and we will track the temperatures when we come right back. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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>> mark: thank you for joining us on this tuesday january 17th. we have very cold temperatures. let us go to the weather center for the latest. >> darya: we have already sent some record and we have not even going down as far as we could this morning. >>james: look at how cold we are this morning. 23 and santa rosa, 21 in fairfield and mid-20s for napa. it is really cold out there. livermore is 26 and it is cold enough that i have already accounted for maybe five cities that have broken record lows for today. we will talk more about this coming up, but just so you know, right now, yes it is cold enough to freeze. that is why we have a freeze warning in effect for just
5:01 am
about every quarter of the bay area. it gets even worse in the central valley. the freeze warnings will last until 8:00 a.m.. you can expect widespread low 20s and 30s. also widespread areas of frost and black eyes. this is something that we will need to pay particular attention to this question up in the north bay valleys. a lot of those roads can get very slick. with it so dark, you will not be able to see where that is located. when we come back we will talk more about the rain. it looks like it could rain for a week straight. i will talk more about that in my next update. >> george: as we take a look at the bay bridge is still very light. it looks like we may see a normal commute but we may see a return to heavy traffic not only here at the bay bridge but other bridges as well. currently we are not tracking in the hot
5:02 am
spots in your ride through marin county is clocked at just 22 minutes for a southbound trip ended in a bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >> darya: we are learning more about the president's day weekend closer to the bay bridge. will tran is a live with more. >>reporter: they will need to shut down from the toll plaza to the incline and that will happen on president's day weekend starting at 8:00 p.m. on friday, they will have to reroute the traffic and tell people to go on the other bridges. they need to demolish another section of the bridge. and they want to restrike the lanes. they have won the public that this is all dependent on whether or not the weather is good that we can. it's not the plans will be changed. as far as east bound traffic is concerned when i be any problems. back
5:03 am
to you. >> mark: the italian naval divers have use explosives to blow openings in this cruise ship in an effort to speed up the search for possible survivors. six people are confirmed dead. the missing has grown to 29. your pictures that we are getting in. these are divers putting a hole in the side of the shift. the shift is just resting on the rocks. this live a few inches yesterday. here is another picture, and this is from under water. while the search continues for survivors, this tragedy has
5:04 am
avoided becoming a potential environmental crisis at least for now. this is a nature preserve area with a lot of dolphins. we have a new video showing a frantic rush here are actual infrared pictures of people on the side of the cruise ship. for the crew members try to help these people get off the ship and on to rescue boats. many of the passengers are pointing their finger at the captain and crew for what they call a chaotic evacuation. today authorities will question the cruise ship captain. he is under arrest and prosecutors say that the charges include manslaughter, shipwreck and abandoning ship. at a hearing, a preliminary investigation that will decide whether he will remain detained. the cruise ship operator says that the
5:05 am
captain of the rise--the captain was doing a favor to the head waiter who is from this allen and his parents live on that island. >> darya: we now know that the city's newly elected sheriff is set to appear in court this thursday. he is scheduled to be a lame after being charged last friday with misdemeanors, those skills from an incident report by a neighbor of kids who claimed that his wife showed her a bruise on her arm about where he had allegedly grabbed her. he vows to remain in office and fight these charges. in the meantime, mayor is the who has the power to temporarily suspend the sheriff has not made decision on that yet. >> i have not made a
5:06 am
decision because it is very complicated. stuff--for my duty has to do with if there is facts and evidence that constitute official misconduct. >> anything i do cannot interfere with criminal justice proceedings. >> darya: if convicted, the shares could be barred from carrying a gun. an accused serial killer joseph naso is back in court he could face another murder charge based on a rate journal that the prosecution said that he kept. police are we opening a case from 1980's which they think may be connected to joseph naso. he is already facing four counts
5:07 am
of murder. police have said all along that they thought there may be other victims. >>justine: here is what we are watching, it is back to work for congress, lawmakers are returning. on the agenda tackling the payroll tax cuts. the new cnn poll r c poll is showing only a few of americans think that congress is doing a good job. >> mark: we will be back as kron4 news continues. keep your eye on the cold morning out there. we are in the low 20s out there. some areas are in the mid-20s in some areas are below freezing.
5:08 am
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at the san mateo bridge carried to the south of
5:11 am
that, 31, below freezing in san jose kharif this afternoon, 51. another cool afternoon. tonight, expect another as cold morning tomorrow morning. in the horizon would have another storm system headed our way. anywhere from 1-3 in. of rain could fall. cahocahocost her her cau
5:12 am
>>darya: the president and ceo of the 49ers is it annoyed tickets, send him a tweet. you have until 5:00 p.m. where how thought when i need
5:13 am
>> offense ago and the stadium will be screened with a metal detector want. tailgating will stop as soon as the game kicks off. staffing will increase by 25 percent on the day of the playoff game in officers will be patrolling the grounds on foot, by car and on bikes. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. your is a live look on the bay bridge. we will have an update on the temperatures pass
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>>mark: the latest out of nome, alaska. some much- needed fuel is finally being delivered to this note in alaska town. 1 million gal.
5:17 am
of oil being harmed off of the tanker over the ice. they are laying a half mile of pipes over the ice to get the fuel from the tanker to land. the town of 3500 people needs the fuel for power and heat through this flying. the fuel arrived over the weekend after a 300 mi. journey in through the frozen sea. >>darya: 5:17 a.m., we are focusing on the weather in the bay area. let's look at the approach to the bay bridge scanned the conditions outside. there is not a lot of wind, but it is a very cold. we are already setting records. >>james: there are already four cities that have broken records. temperatures are continuing to fall. it is freezing. a freeze warning
5:18 am
in effect. '20s and '30s. this afternoon is very similar to yesterday, clear and cold with highs in the '50s. this evening, temperatures will drop back down below freezing. off fuel have one more morning of record temperatures before we warm up a little bit but then we welcome in the rain. here is where tortures' are right now. cox this afternoon we are looking for low fifties for the highs. of skin thursday
5:19 am
and beyond, a series of waves coming to the bay area's. we are dancing the clock to 4:00 a.m., light ran across the north bay on thursday. by 10 am, widespread light rain with heavy stuff coming in. yellow and orange indicates moderate-heavy rain. by 7:00 p.m. we will still be dealing with it and into friday as well. hall less
5:20 am
kerman traffic with george. >>george: good morning. off we are not tracking any hot spots, it is a quiet start to the commute. off low temperatures in the north bay into the possibility of black ice. year is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza theory the westbound ride is still pretty light. i think we will see a return to something more like a normal commute. the san mateo bridge looks pretty grim right now. let's check their
5:21 am
road sensors. in the east bay, a pretty good ride for interstate 680. the south bay freeways look good, especially 85 and a 101, the north bay ride is still an easy commute from marin county. days later in the drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: 95 year-old carl clark of menlo park will be presented with a prestigious navy and marine corps commendation medal with the combat distinguishing device at moffett field today. clark was 56 stewart first- class in charge of the officers' mess at the time of the attack there oakland now, japan. he was one of six black sailors of of the
5:22 am
ship. >>mark: livermore teacher charged with sexually assaulting a 14 year-old boy is said to be arraigned today. marie johnson was arrested last wednesday accused of sexual relationship with a former city. police alleged that she began a relationship with the boy shortly after he finished taking a class with her in december to does that address seven reports * over 6 austria affright and farina said it is video from this been brought up. if
5:23 am
dallas stay in britain galloons san all i am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>darya: the fiber in in all gop candidates in and what they saw in at myrtle beach of carolina ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. jon huntsman yesterday announced he was stepping al of the race in giving his support to mitt romney curious >> with to contest winds
5:27 am
under his belt and a recent endorsement from huntsman, john--mitt romney is the man to in the deal of the debate. the death >> we're waiting for you to release your income taxes. >> i would ask the governor romney, do you believe the pilots who have served their time will have exhausted parole and probation be given the right to vote? how >> >> from the captain is the focus on the poll. how >> the president has been in office for three years and did not have a jobs plan yet. i already have one there. >> do gingrich also focus on the president. >> the difference between barack obama and the five of us, we think work is good.
5:28 am
>> when asked about negative campaigning, ron paul cox got a date in on second place winner in nevada, rick santorum. >> when you are exposing a voting record, i think it is quite proper, there is one advertisement we used against santorum, i could not get everything in that i wanted to say in one minute. >> romney is ahead in the polls in south carolina. >>mark: we are back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. here is a live look from walnut creek. current temperatures are dropping below freezing for many inland valleys. 29 and concord. we have a freeze warning in effect in the latest on the temperatures and of the storms that are moving in right after the break. sachs floor fast a
5:29 am
5:30 am
live look at the golden
5:31 am
gate. it is all of felt the weather and how cold it is. >>darya: laws are already setting the record in looking to get chilly as the morning goes all agree it cut >>james: it has already happened. concord is at 29. it was 31 when we started to broadcast at 4:00 a.m. geary if this number is clarified by the national weather service, that feeds an old record set back in 2001. cost have now broken a recall getting colder temperatures this morning in many steel and we have seen on established records. 27 right now and nevada-- nevada. the majority of the south bay is at or below freezing. for that is what we're dealing with this morning. it is extremely cold very much older than
5:32 am
yesterday. yeah and national weather service has issued a freeze warning in effect until 8:00 a.m.. this means widespread 20s and 30s. those are the areas in blue that are targeted with this freeze warning. we will have widespread areas of frost. you could notice frost on her vehicle this morning in if we could have black ice. it is a real danger, especially in the north bay. how will these and other developed throughout the morning customer by 8:00 a.m. we are looking for 20's and '30's. those are the lighter areas of the pink and purple with forties in the mixed but mainly close to the water. by noon we will get rid of most of the '30's and how forties and fifties in more widespread 50 by 2:00 p.m.. first it will not be worn by any
5:33 am
means, it will feel cold with temperatures around 52 degrees. when we come back we will talk more about the cold air coming our way which could keep us looking pretty stormy as we head into wednesday night. a quick check our traffic with george. horse
5:34 am
>> through danville and san ramon, it is a smooth ride, so is 580 westbound coming out of livermore. >>darya: we are going to learn more about the president's day weekend closure of the bay bridge. we will find out more at 10:00 a.m.. will tran and is live at the toll plaza with what we know. fifth >>will: once this is all said and done, how the cars approach the incline of the bay bridge will change forever. they want to shut this down between the toll plaza into the incline to that they can demolish the old section of the original bridge and reconfigure the lanes and put down these drives. it is all depended on the weather conditions.
5:35 am
if that does not happen, if it rains, they will have to push it back for the following weekend. that could be disastrous, but presidents day weekend, there will not be as many cars on the roadway. as far as eastbound traffic, that will not be impacted. >>justine: here is what is happening in the newsroom. the facebook ipo looks like it will start in late may. facebook will file its paperwork with the securities and exchange commission within on month. facebook is expected to be one of the largest ipos ever with an estimated $100 billion value for the company and is expected to raise $10 billion. >>mark: we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street. markets are closed for mlk holiday. right now, the dow futures are
5:36 am
positive. a report shows strong growth in china. 8% growth for the chinese gdp. government figures show that a slowdown in chinese growth in the final growth of 2011 was smaller than initially thought. >>darya: some of the biggest web sites are going dark to protest an anti piracy bill in response to the stock online piracy acts. with the pta users and the the cheeseburger comedy network all planned to shut down. this bill aims to cut down on copyright infringement by restricting access to sites that hewlett. >>mark: we continue to follow the latest of a cruise ship on the coast of
5:37 am
tuscany, the boat on its side and passengers escaping, the number of missing has grown to 29. we are waiting to get the nationalities of those, and germans, italians, french, americans, and gary and, indian and peruvian. right now there is word that the italian navy have exploded for holes to try and enter from underneath. they are hopeful that those 29 are already on shore or somewhere on the ship still alive and waiting to be rescued. we are following the latest from italy as the work continues to find those who were missing. >>darya: 5:37 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. it is a record setting cold in some spots.
5:38 am
31 in san jose. we are looking for a high of 51. we will be right back. carthage stubhub catholic but lawn
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
even wear leggings anything i did not interfere with the criminal justice proceedings hurrian >>maureen: the mayor says he does not know when he will be making as my hall actions
5:43 am
it takes. >>darya: more than 1500 oakland city and fleas are expected to receive layoff notices tomorrow. more lay off notices will be given that it needed. they do not know how the city council will decide on its budget. the mayor says less than 250 people will lose their jobs. this city of oakland had a balanced budget but the elimination of redevelopment agencies and their funding has created a budget gap of about 50 million. the city must now lay off workers to close that gap. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. coming up will have the latest on the weather forecast. we are tracking close to a record- breaking temperatures. here is a live look from walnut creek looking southbound to livermore where it is 25 degrees. we're tracking the fold in the storms that are coming griff james fletcher has the latest.
5:44 am
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5:50 am
>>george: them around ride is pretty smooth for 101 southbound. a 12 minute ride as the head down. >>mark: airbus is beating bully in sales. for the fourth straight year they have sold more aircraft including 1900 new jets. in that same time, boeing sold 805 jets. airbus is finding success with its single i'll object. it is a modified
5:51 am
version of the airbus existing 8320 with better fuel economy. boeing says they expect sales to pick up this year for a redesigned 7378787 reminder. >>mark: joe biden will be in san francisco tomorrow for a fund-raising luncheon. the luncheon will be held at the bentley reserve. the luncheon fund-raiser will cost between $2,500- $10,000. the fund will be allocated to obama for america. >>darya: in californian news, officials say that a fire at the comical philips refinery badly damaged the office building. within it was in the darkness when we showed this to you yesterday. remember, the los angeles fire department was out there with heavy forces responded to the fire. they say that is started on the second floor of this two- story building. at least
5:52 am
one-third of the roof collapsed. it was a very dangerous situation. 150 firefighters were called to the scene in fighting a fire. >>mark: a big security breach at zappos. gabe slate tells us what people can do to protect themselves. >>gabe: names, e-mail addresses, home addresses and phone numbers have been exposed. jacal
5:53 am
>>gabe: the last four digits that were hacked are not enough of a reason for celebrities to do anything with. all of the information hack could be used. it is inconvenient but you need different passwords for every web site you log into that has your personal information. >>gabe: zappos is working with a lot of to figure out
5:54 am
who is behind the the hacking. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look at the bay bridge incline. a major change coming fast as they are expected to close the bridge. dementia
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>>kimberlee: and helped headlines, researchers from the university of maryland found that people were often hit by vehicles because their music blocked out alerts or sirens alerted them to deal. kafka if you would like to read the entire study, i have a lead on mike facebook fan page furious
5:58 am
>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. the big story we're following is how cold it is. >>mark: take a look at temperatures from the bay area.
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