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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 17, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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how the more trouble for san francisco's sheriff. his newly released arrest warrant contradicts what his wife said last friday. kron4 takes you through the police affidavit describing what appears to be a troubled marriage and how his wife told the neighbor he had gone ballistic on new year's eve. she pointed to a bruise on her arm and told the neighbor this is the second time it has happened. >>pam: the arrest warrant
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for san francisco's new share of details a pattern of abuse against his life. dan kerman has been reviewing the documents and joins us now with the latest information. >>dan: this document confirms the neighbor contacted police and reported a share of abuse his wife on new year's eve. reports say his wife sustained a bruised to her upper right arm when he grabbed her. she also videotaped the victim's injuries. the video obtained it shows the sheriff's wife pointing to a bruised arm and saying, this happened yesterday, two times in 2011. i told ross he needs help and i will use this in
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case he tries to take my son away from me. the report says lopez told a neighbor she and her husband got into a fight on new year's while traveling to a restaurant for lunch. the report says the sheriff you-just flew into a rage when she asked to visit her family in venezuela. the report says that he screamed expletives and accused her of trying to take their son away, all of this while the sun was in the backseat. the report says lopez told the neighbor the fight continued inside of their home. eventually lopez and her child ran out of the house and with their son screaming and trying, the neighbor also told police al lopez told heard that the sheriff told her not to tell anyone. police
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say another neighbor interviewed also spoken with lopez and told that neighbor it was during that neighbor that the sheriff crab to the victims arm and lopez says her son saw what happened. >>dan: these are the allegations that got the arrest warrant. >>pam: also, a protective order was in place. >>dan: the protective order still is in place. attorneys are going to wait in to deal with this in court later in the week. >>pam: three people homilist 9 after allegedly attacking a woman on the bart
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platform, it happened during the morning commute in and caused quite a delay. >> the good news is the victim is going to be ok. she had a swollen right eye and taken to the hospital but injuries are not life- threatening. the attacker and her two friends are still on the list. >> i think it is childish. >> news of a woman being attacked as she boarded this morning is not sitting well. that is not yet. >> those with bart police say it appears the female victim was 40 railcar. she may have bombed a boy and that is when his aunts and another woman began yelling and eventually thrown punches. >> that is someone's mother
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or daughter, you do not do things like that. house >> women want to be like men. you do not feel-jesse should not pick on someone who does not want to fight. >> a lot of people are bullies in do not care. you have to know how to protect yourself out here. >>dan: keep in mind, there are a number of surveillance cameras on the platform.
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>> it was shocking. i did not think he did it. he is not that type of person. he is very nice. >> he is cool and kinda funny. we always talk and laugh. i do not know him as what they're trying to claim him as. he never came off that way.
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>>pam: the suspect is a freshman at this high school and currently being held at a juvenile facility. the district attorney marcia. we will find out then if he will be tried as a juvenile or adult. >>pam: 100 city--100 block city plant is were all of police say a majority of crime occurs. city leaders remain vague about the plan. >>haaziq: here is what we know about the 100 block crime-prevention plan. the chief says oakland residents will not see a call on each of the 100 blocks. some, you may not see, they will be
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conducting a long-term investigations into drug crimes. >> we have a general map. >>haaziq: the mayor says over the next 90 days the plan will be evaluated to see whether or not it is having any impact on violent crimes. >> crimes change and neighborhoods change. every month we will be evaluating furious >>haaziq: haaziq madyun, kron4 news. costs >>jaqueline: it was freezing out there this morning. we saw a record-breaking temperatures. a very cold morning in the. a new record in santa rosa at 21. 29 in san jose. a lot of 20 degree
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readings this morning. tomorrow, another cold morning. freeze warnings are still in effect. if you have to leave for work early, give yourself extra time to get the eyes of of your windshield. >>pam: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. still ahead, new details the prosecutors say link an alleged serial killer to his victims. new audio recordings released from the final moments of of the shipwrecked cruise liner
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in italy. but will bring you the conversation with the captain as the death toll rises. >> if you have ever wondered what it is like to drive a big ship like the one in italy, i will show you what it is like here in this simulator. where
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>>pam: the out who co- founded is leaving the struggling company. this comes two weeks after former paypal executive scott thompson was hired as a the new ceo.
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>>pam: at the battle over how to regulate the internet has reached a boiling point. tomorrow, major was sides are planning blackouts in protest against a bill targeting online piracy. sphere gays >> copyrighted media like movies, tv shows and music is all over the internet. most web users purchase the content or interact with it be the lead to itunes, amazon and other web sites.
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sphere the big media companies who lose out have pushed federal lawmakers to make it easier to punish those involved in online piracy. what congress came up with is house bill 3261 also known as the stock online piracy act. the bill gives the authorities and internet regulators sharp clause 1 relating piracy. it is the wave was written into the extreme powers that it gives to regulators that seriously concerned proponents. if the bill passes it could mean jail time for watching unauthorized streaming contents and make it easier to obtain court orders against websites this bill
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is currently working for a house judiciary committee. the obama administration is against this act. there are many web sites against it who plans to go dark and protests. >>grant: of year is a list of sites that will black out there page in protest.
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>>jaqueline: it is going to be another cold night side.
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>>jaqueline: a look at the satellite and radar, increasing cloud cover in northern california and snow rolling to washington and oregon sa
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>>pam: and a new details linking it just a visit to the death of another woman. those details were revealed in court today. nato is accused of murdering four women. her body was found near sir francis drake boulevard in 1977. terisa estacio was there as a detective testified about information a so revealed as he was being transported after his arrest. >>terisa: damages of nays health was being driven back to the bay area to face charges that he murdered four women, investigators made in audio recording of everything said in a car theory if a detective testified that he spoke about visiting areas like
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samuel taylor park, it was in his ribs to the detectives say they found an entry that led them to believe it refers to the murder of this woman seen here. her body was found alongside sir francis drake boulevard.
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>>pam: police in healdsburg have exhumed the body of an unidentified woman found back in 1983. a new autopsy will be conducted on the body. interest in her case was sparked after investigators found a list in the home of nasal with an entry labeled girl near healdsburg. us guess
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>>kimberlee: the college detected a breach last november but the cause of the problems are unknown. it could take up to three weeks to check everything out. in an e-mail to students and employees the chancellor urges those of the lead that their personal information may have been stolen to contact campus police. the college has hired a firm that specializes in computer
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systems security to first determine how widespread the viruses are and what, if any information has been illegally transferred. the chief technology officer at about college says that seven viruses are originating in internal networks in russia, china and other countries have been combing through all the computers on campus. one recording keystrokes and screen shots and potentially transmitting personal information for over a decade. the college is now reevaluating settings for its to computer firewalls in this upgrading its anti virus software. we're back with more after the break.
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>>gary: and st. louis, the baseball world jim's go to the white house. where is larissa? that is coming up later in the broadcast.
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>>pam: new details about san francisco's sheriff, newly released court documents stated he mistreated his wife in two different incidents last year. the document also suggests he told his wife he would gain custody of their young son because he is very powerful.
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>>pam: a 14 year old suspected rapist turned himself over to police today. he is enrolled as a freshman at oakland high school and accused of robbing and sexually assaulting two women who are twice his age. in each incident he is accused of pretending to have a handgun. >>pam: the captain of the shipwrecked cruise liner is facing a sea of trouble. divers have pinpointed the rock that tore a hole in his ship. divers also recovered five new bodies. what may be the day's most shocking
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development is the audiotape of the italian coast guard repeatedly ordering the capt. to return to the ship he had abandoned with hundreds of passengers still on board. he disobeyed those orders. the italian coast guard released an audiotape of a local commander telling the captain of the ship that he had no business leaving the ship while passengers are still on board. when the captain tried to argue back, the commander exploited. in all, he was ordered 10 times to report the ship but he never did. police took him into custody on short and after a court hearing today, he was placed under house arrest. he is facing charges
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of manslaughter and abandoning a sinking ship.
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about two dozen people are still missing. the maritime academy of a vallejo trains marines to cap--to captain big ships.
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>> this ship has twin rudders. right now they are turned to fall. after a brief tutorial, the captain let me take the wheel. when operating a ship, stimulate or real, there are many factors to consider. the speed, radar and how sharp of attorney or making and so much more. one of the challenges of another ship coming my way. fortunately i managed to navigate the simulated waters without crashing. >>jaqueline: the breakthrough you have been waiting for this winter season is finally on the way.
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>>gabe: an update on a major traffic situation. the upper
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deck of the bay bridge will be closing over presidents day weekend starting at 5 a night and extending to early tuesday morning. westbound traffic headed this way will be detoured. he will not be able to drive westbound across the bay bridge. it is all weather dependent. we have some computer animation of the work they're doing. the lanes headed this way, construction crews will be demolishing existing portions of this roadway so that they can build a new incline section. the east as ban will be build an open months ahead of schedule. >> we are able to gain time because we're doing the work in the middle of the bridges that we would not
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have been able to do if we did not the d.c. courts in place. >>grant: 8:00 p.m. on friday until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. bart will have extra trains running that weekend. does lapidary 17. we are back with more after this.
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>>pam: a longtime veteran of finally been honored by his country, 66 years after risking his life to assist fellow sailors he was honored by an adoring crowd today at moffett field. >> this a navy veteran and
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finally got what was coming in. >> i feel grateful. >> an emotional ceremony at moffett field, the 95 year- old wasn't presented with a commendation medal >> simply put he was in his is a hero. >> on on may 3rd 1945 he risked his life to save the ship and crew from fighters after it was hit by six kamikaze aircraft in the battle about. >> i did save the ship. i was able to put out a fire.
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>> back as a result of segregation, he was ignored. >> he carried shipmates to safety, shipmates who had routinely do suspected them with racial card terms. >>pam: of its coming up, it look at how 49ers got here. tucked the
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>>jaqueline: we will have snow returning to this year. a winter weather advisory in effect. a few inches of snow expected in the valley floors. dry conditions
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tomorrow. >>pam: you may want to the about taking along some rain gear if you're heading to the game sunday.
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>> today, a kron4 colleague told me cannot find a red punch. we decided to make a story out of it. i was off on a mission. my first stop was here on van ness ave. they did not have any read pontus. my next stop was lombardi's sports. they have a very nice red jackets, but i am looking for the apparently a loser read poncho. next, i drove down the through the marina. my final stop on this adventure was in the presidio. they have ponchos, but no red ones. i am sure there are some out there somewhere. maybe, you can find one on
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the internet. if you're going to the game, tried to stay dry and have fun. >>gary: athletes usually keep themselves with what their next opponent to be. vernon davis says bring on new york. >> we prayed that the giants would win. there are a good team. i did not great because there were the worst team, a very good team and i acknowledge that serious >>gary: they better be careful what they asked for. we will see them, and sunday. earlier tonight we
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spoke with a legendary new york broadcaster. >>gary: any chance the 49ers are overconfident? >> it is interesting that you say that. flowing into the green bay game, the feeling in the city was all my goodness, what is going to happen? i think that the giants might be too confident. we will see what happens. >> any time you're a coach or manager in new york, there's always a feeling that this guy will get tossed out. >>gary: if we ask the average new yorker, alex smith, would be their response?
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>> they would probably say, i have not heard that much about him. >> unfortunately, the thing our audience thinks about the most is the lions game. thought
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>>gary: he used to be the right hand man with howard cosell. >>gary: it is time to look back from the eyes of vern glenn and hal 49ers cuts in the nfc title game. berne >> how did the 49ers go for nine years of futility to one win away from the super bowl. all of these coaches had losing records. alex smith was selected no. 1 in 2005. it team field. when smith injured his arm, his toughness was questioned. the 49ers then got a new
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coach. in his first game he through inverted davis out of the game. he had a passion that often got the best of him. >> i want winners! >>vern: in fairness he did and that making davis 18 capt. he had a curious relationship with alex smith as well. he was gone by the end of 2010. then, jim harbaugh was brought in. one season, 14-3. how did harbaugh do with real old- time head coaches and eight offensive coordinator's could not? he often downplays his effect. >> the truth is, i have not changed anything. >>vern: the coaching speaks
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for itself. the 2011 roster is a relatively the same as the 2010 team thing which finished 6-10. eight players were selected for the pro bowl and a top-rated defense. alex smith is among the top quarterbacks in the nfl. did anyone see the 49ers as a super bowl caliber team in august? >>gary: the warriors won their game in cleveland. my tech ellis has stepped up. irving was the no. 1 overall draft pick. he played a short time in college and then straight to the pros. he got elbowed and suffered a bloody nose. the warriors
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are 5-8. when we return, lincecum wants his. that is next.
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>>gary: pablo sandoval, a three-year deal worth 17.5 million. tim lincecum filed for arbitration. the giants have come in around 17, he wants 21.5. the cardinals
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and visited the white house today. tony la russa was not there and schools was not there. the world champs or honored. >>pam: we will be back at 11:00 p.m.. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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