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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the rain and cold on the way. when it will hit and how long it's going to stay. a huge reward in the beating of an elderly man. plus, major congestion ahead for san francisco. the construction that will make some muni rides longer for years. a look look outside tonight at coit tower in san francisco. lit-up in red and gold! just gays away from the 49ers' nfc
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championship game. and in just hours, a storm set to hit the bay area, all of this happening at the same time. i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline. and we want to find out, will the heavy rain hit the game? >> this is just the first of a series of storms that will hit the bay area in the next few days. more rain on sunday. first, what's going to come out here tomorrow morning. you can see on storm tracker 4 radar, we're still seeing rain up to the north, cloud cover increasing through the north bay right now. the rain is going to be moving in overnight. here's a wider view picture of what's going on. you can see the rain streaming into northern california but the system is sagging slowly to the sought. so we are going -- to the south. we are going to see that tomorrow morning for the north bay, and late in the afternoon for the rest of the area. the rain is approaching, increasing cloud cover into the north bay. 11:00 tomorrow morning, the rain starts in the north bay, by
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4:00, becomes more wide-spread through the bay area. friday, the second round of rain is going to roll into the afternoon, and it is going to be very heavy, affecting your afternoon commute. we're going to time out both of these systems on future cast coming up. a high -speed chase ended with an innocent by-stander dead. police in newark say they were trying to catch a car full of burglars when the car crashed. those three people are behind bars. vfrthors say -- investigators say the men have extensive criminal histories. a 100,000-dollar reward is now being offered in the deadly beating of an elderly man. 83 year-old chin was attacked years ago in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. >> reporter: nearly two years ago, chen had just gotten off the t.-line and gotten off of this street. when he was approached by a group of male
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juveniles. police say they hit him in the back of the head, he then fell to the gund and hit his -- ground and hit his head again. he died from his injuries a month and a half after the attack. >> nothing captured the incident or even potential suspects on the video. of the problem is, i don't know what the motivation was. he does not appear to have been robbed. we have closed cases and been able to solve cases when people have come forward after a couple years. we have had people who for some reason, their circumstances change, they feel guilt, they -- basically, i think their circumstances change and they feel more comfortable in coming forward and providing information. >> prosecutors laid out new evidence today against this man, suspected of killing four northern california women.
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investigators say pantyhose belonging to a victim contained dna that belonged to joseph naso, and a pair of underwear used to kill a victim also had dna belonging to naso's ex-wife. naso is representing himself in the preliminary hearing. he claims he never had contact with those victims. in southern california , a man accused in a mass-shooting pleaded not guilty today. investigators say that scott decry opened fire in an orange county salon, killing his wife and seven others. one person survived. prosecutors believe a custody argument led to the crime. they are seeking the death penalty. the wife of the new san francisco sheriff is lashing out as her neighbor who reported the alleged domestic violence in their relationship. am sheriff mirkarimi is charged with domestic violence, battery, endangering a child, and dissuading a witness. his wife, eliana lopez, says that the
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neighbor is broke and had ulterior motives. lopez plans to fight a protective order keeping the newly elected sheriff away from his family. governor jerry brown embarked on a 2-day state-wide tour to build support for higher taxes following his state of the state address today. the governor wants californians who earn $250,000 or more a year to pay a little more in taxes. the governor says the tax is necessary to fill a massive budget hole, estimated at $9.2 billion. he wants a vote on the proposal set for this november's election. brown says without it, are the state could face drastic school cuts. it would also allow school districts to be more flexible with their curriculum. >> my budget proposes to replace programs with a new weighted student formula that provides a basic level of funding with additional money for disadvantaged students and those struggling to learn english. this will give more
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authority to local school districts to fashion the kind of programs they see their students need. it will also create transparency, reduce bureaucracy, and simplify complex funding extremes. >> the governor talked about the los angeles to san francisco high-ped rail project today. its estimate has dramatically increased since funding was approved by the voters. governor brown says an updated plan will be rees looed in three weeks. in oakland today, 2,500 city employees received preliminary layoff notices. since the state is no longer funding redevelopment agencies, cities are having to trim their own budgets. about 200 people are expected to actually lose their jobs in oakland. key approval for san francisco's $1.5 billion central subway project. as kate thompson reports, the federal government has given the okay to
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push that project forward. >> reporter: one instruction has already begun for the central subway. you can see the heavy equipment out in the street here in union square. the traffic cones, certainly sidewalks are blocked off, and there are signs telling people about what's to come. federal funding for the subway has not yet been secured. on wednesday, the federal transportation secretary issued an important letter something the project, signalling that federal funding is on the way, and that is critical to the project. the city has applied for nearly a billion dollars in federal funding. that's the majority of the cost for the project. now, the city will be able to move forward with this letter on the initial construction and begin digging the subway tunnel. when it's complete, the subway will run from china town to the cal train station on fourth street. of the subway is expected to open in 2019. >> construction of
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that subway means big changes for two bus routes starting on saturday. the 30 bus and the 45 bus will be rerouted around union square instead of driving down stock to know street. the changes will be in effect for four years oakland police say buses and cars traveling down certain city streets are now safer. vehicles in east oakland were often hit by snipers for target practice. increased officer patrols in that area lowered the number of those shootings. police credit their 100 blocks plan. the internet returning back to normal. the web blackout's effect on proposed antipiracy legislation. 49ers playoff tickets sold out on ticketmaster within minutes. why it's not too late. and the last effort to keep the '9ers out of the southbay. how opponents plan to stop the new stadium.
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many popular websites shut down today to protest antipiracy legislation being considered on capitol hill. commonly known as sopa and pipa, are the bills are meant to stop online piracy. today, though, lawmakers explained why they think the legislation needs to be passed. >> the camera guys, are the audio guys, are the truck drivers, are the makeup artist, all of these jobs, the vast majority of them are hard-working middle income families in this country. and here we are talking about a group of people outside the country who are stealing those jobs, are stealing this content. >> chris dod is a former center who now works for the motion picture industry. opponents say sopa pipa go too far and violet the first amendment -- violate the first amendment. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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tickets for this sunday's nfc championship game featuring the 49ers and the giants are sold out through ticket master. but if you want to go, you may be able to find some for a price. ticket reseller stephub has tickets ranging from $400 tonary 1,500 -- to nearly $1,500. gabe slate shows us just how difficult it was to get tickets today. >> reporter: it's 12:55 pm, i got two computers set up, both of them are hardlined. i'm not taking any chances. i'm not messing around with wi-fi. i have two different accounts logged in. i'm either going to keep trying to get tickets -- at 1:00 pm i started the clock. as soon as they went on sale, i tried with two accountants to buy two two tickets. >> i went for the cheapest
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which were $170. and if said, sorry, no exact matches were found. so the next highest up, which is for, like, $175. that section available oh! again, no matches found. now i'm trying two tickets at the 208 price level. >> reporter: the lower price tickets were sold out. so now i trieded the highest price at $469 each. >> oh! sorry. no matches found. >> reporter: there was nothing. only one thing left to try. >> one ticket, any price, best available. see if they have single tickets. oh, my goodness! no single tickets! >> reporter: that's it. i failed. i did everything right. two computer, two accounts , fast internet. i couldn't believe it.
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meantime today , a group against the new 49ers stadium in santa clara handed over what they say are 49,000 signatures in mowgz to the new stadium -- in opposition to the stadium. even though the multibillion dollar project has already been approved by voters there, are the group called "santa clara plays fair" says the vote came through before the voters knew the city was signing off on an $850 million loan. the rain streaming into northern california. we're seeing increase in cloud cover, and by tomorrow morning, we'll be seeing showers in the north bay. the 11:00 hour, the main band of rain approaching. by 3:00, we're seeing heavy rain, moderate to heavy rain through the north bay. that continues to sag down to the south by 5:00. hayward and fairfield
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continuing to push toward the south bay, and by 8:00, seeing showers through the bay area. that is going to taper off overnight. that's the first round of rain. we're going to have a low into friday morning. so friday morning won't be bad, but the second round of rain comes into the friday afternoon commute. heavy rain on 5:00 on friday, really heavy rain over the north bay. this will continue into the 6:00 hour, friday evening, with moderate to heavy rain bay area-wide. san bruno, san francisco, heavy rain in a number of places. this will continue into the 7:00 hour, and even by 8:00, strengthening over the south bay. mountainview and med wood city all seeing heavy rail. then another lull in the rain. this will be our second round of rain. we're going to see self storms pushing -- several storms pushing through over the next several days. how is that going to impact the 49ers game? rain moving in about 6:00, 7:00 on
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sunday. maybe toward the end of the game we could see some spotty rain. chilly conditions though throughout the game. temperatures in the low 50s. if you are headed out there, definitely come prepared for the rain. and we'll keep you posted on the timing of the rain as the computer model gets closer and comes into better alignment. we're certainly going to be seeing snow over the next couple of days. take a look here for tomorrow. 10:00 in the morning, snow beginning on i80, and it continues to spread throughout the sierra, the 1:00 hour, the 3:00 hour. the snow continues. 1,000 feet at first but dropping to lake-level by friday. the south like tahoe forecast, one to 3 inches of snow at lake-level for tomorrow. more in the higher elevations. of the snow level starting at about 6,500, 7,000 feet, but it will drop to lake-level by the second round of rain and no. your
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extended forecast, a few systems impacting us through the in fact several days. the first is tomorrow, then the break into friday, and friday afternoon the rain picks up again. into saturday morning, saturday will remain mostly dry, so will sunday. the rain picking up again 6:00, siven clock -- 7:00. the canadian company ho e hoping to build a canada to texas pipeline says it will reapply for a permit. president obama rejected the current plan. he said congress did not give him time to review it. john boehner says president obama is breaking his promise to create jobs.
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good evening, everybody. broken jaw and all , delanie walker showed up the practice today, injured in the final regular season game against settle, he missed the first
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playoff game. no word on how much he'll play sunday against the giants. but apparently he's going to want to suit up and be there to back up vernon davis and see what else he can help with. here is vernon glen in santa clara. >> greetegs from the sidelines of the practice field. you want to see something cool? check this out. it's the george hallis trophy. it goes to the nfc champion. flanked by the giants and the 49ers helmet. the focus today was on tight end, vernon davis, who's come a long way since the rookie year of 2006. so vivid in our mind is the memory of him being kicked out of a game in 2008. that was vernon davis in the "me first" days. >> from that point on, i changeded my life around and became more of a leader. in the beginning, it was all about me. and that's not right. >> everybody is -- perceived
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that vernon is a guy that's about us and not about himself. >> reporter: before his historic touchdown grab against the saints, davis made an emotional speech at halftime saying, guy, we got 1 shot at this. here comes another, sunday afternoon! eli manning left giants practice midway today with an upset stomach. he is expected back tomorrow. warriors a chance for a 3 and 1 road trip. mark jackson back in his home area, and his mother, and that's his son in attendance. pretty cool stuff. except monta ellis and company couldn't back him up. ellis did finish with 30 points and 6 steals. warriors led a great majority of this game. kim kardashian's ex, a lot of people laugh at him, but when he's on the court, he's real good. clay thompson, no idea who he's dating, but he goes down in the
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lane. the rookie had 12 points. new jersey just took over. deron williams got the bounce. one 07 , >> the nets are home to start a six game home stand on friday. the a's division continues to get better. yu darvish signs a six-year $60 million deal with the rangers. this guy better be pretty good. it is one of the great breaking of rackets in tennis history. marco badaddus, here he goes, lost his australian open match. and that's just fan louse. fabulous! fabulous! fabulous! break it. there it is. no, that's how you got to do it. >> it's not his fault. he's just playing with a crappy racket. one more time! there it is.
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two gone! we only have time -- there's the third. and another one broken. we do show you all four! australia record, four rackets broken during his loss. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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