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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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rain slams the bay area. kron4 is tracking the storm. >> unruly fans . how the '9ers plan to crack down. frpz >> the >> the tense moments experienced by one saints fan. one sheriff in court. >> a live look from the north
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bay. looking toward the bridge. the rains have been hitting the bay area throughout the day. it is not over. stay tuned for heavier rain to come. we're in the weather center. what's it doing now? it's still raining. >> we are currently continuing to see rain. and the second system comes in tomorrow. >> and this is misleading? >> some of the rain is flying under the radar, meaning the radar is not detecting it. it's too low to the ground. our raid ares are about 5,000 feet. anything below that, farther away like the north bay, the lowest it can see is about 8,000 feet. we definitely have some rain flying around the radar in the north bay.
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and this pattern is going to continue into the overnight hours. >> a wider view picture on storm tracker 4, we are seeing that rain coming in from the west. we have another system on the heels of this one. we'll tell you all about it. that's going to bring heavy rain for tomorrow. people carrying umbrella, the wet weather slowed traffic down. not a nice i do outside. kron4's kate thompson joins us live of the >> reporter: things have let up a bit this evening. but now the rain is back. on the sidewalk you can see we're right by the bridge, the water is running down this hill. that is how wet
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the ground is now. and as we show you, as people are getting on, the water which is coming off the roadways and spraying the cars, you can see the mist and water from the headlights. rain the rain is slowing things down on the highway. traffic crawling along. the rain begins in the afternoon, effectively putting this car wash out of business. >> kind of miserable. late in the day . taking long. >> reporter: the bashier iary the gutters were working overtime to deal with the rain, but barely registered a rise in levels oaf the creek -- over the creek. >> we've been waiting for it. it's not -- it was about time
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that it came. it's great. >> reporter: that man is surviving, and people will have to survive tomorrow as more is on the way. and has continued to come down here in marin county. the rain has been going since early this afternoon. and it's still going strong at this point. the 49er playoff against the saints at candlestick was a battle, and the action not only on the field, because of unruly fans. police say 54 people were thrown out of the stadium. another 19 were arrested. misdemeanor arrests, and four felony arrests. 49ers team president jed york is talking about the bad behavior in the stands >> we have some messaging going out. and we definitely want to
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make sure that folks understand that that type of behavior is not tolerated. we will have more undercover pd in the stadium in week. if they see that, we obviously don't want to kick any fans out. but that's what's going to happen. >> during the game, 49er fans taunted him and his wife. he described the tense at fear through the stands. >> saints fans we spoke to about being spit upon, abused. elderly people being pushed down. some people said -- who are. and we were heckeled during the dame. and i got separated from my wife. and she was really upset. it stuck to
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her face and violating the space and screamed at them. when you're surrounded by 200 drunken test oft reason 20--- testosterone 30 yeefrlds, it's like a -- year-old 30 year-olds, it's a pack of wolves. >> and not all the fans are that way. just a large element. i know a lot of saints fan woven go back to san francisco after the dream. >> wow. that is ugly. elderly people being pushed ? he's right. heckling is one thing. what are we doing ? >> they continue to do this, the san francisco police asking people who are being harassed to text the word badfan to 69050. make sure to include the row and the section number. they say all texts and calls are
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confidential of the fans should not feel scared or intamidated because the police officers will not make contact with those who said this. >> theel just they'll just the fans that are causing trouble. and the first wave of tickets did sellout yesterday. but tickets are still available on tickets are ranging from about four thudz a piece to -- thunder shower thousand dollars a piece to more than $8,000. he is accused of abusing his wife in front of their 2-year-old son. prosecutors say he told his wife not to tell
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anybody about it. today a judge ordered the sheriff to stay away from his family. >> i can't -- to make a family, because i love. i know what i -- ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> and the real liar here is against me. it's the biggest -- of ours. i feel like i am -- and everybody feels it is my family, my spouse -- naub naub >> sheriff a suspected drunk driver behind bars after police say he rammed husband suv right into a muni train tunnel on san francisco's deboth triangle this morning. they're witting until the rail system closes for the
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night. scott mitchell has been charmed with driving under the influence. frsz and a by-stander killed has been identified. robert chaney's car was hit pie a group of bug -- by a group of burglaries. the suspects are behind bars. no escape for the oakland mayor. >> the chaotic scene in washington dc when protestors surrounded jean quan. occupy wall street promising one of the biggest protests in history. a heated gop debate stays away from the south carolina primary. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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[ crowd noise ] mayor jean quan can't seem to get a break.
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this is video of protestors harassing here in dc. a scuffle broke out as police tried to help her to car her. the confrontation comes as the occupy movement gets ready for one of the biggest protests san francisco has seen. it's being called "up wall street west". thousands 've protestors will be -- thousands of protestors will be in the financial district of san francisco. the 49ers andt giants almost -- and the giants almost kickoff
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decision 2012 gets more interesting today with a pretty wild kay. capped off -- wild
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day. newt beginning brich's wife -- gingrich's wife saying he asked her for an open marriage. he said no. >> she says you asked her to enter into an an "open marriage". would you like to respond to that? >> no. but i will. [ cheering and applause ] >> i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to governor this country, harder to attract decent people. and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> let's get onto the real issues. >> i'm not going to apologize for being successful. >> the biggest thing we have to do is elect a successful. the two people up here would be very
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difficult to elect. the robbing of our freedom. and rick santorum did win iowa. and rick perry dropped out. he endorsed gingrich. a live look outside of storm tracker 4 radar. we're continuing to see showers that are not being picked up by the radar. light rain coming down. continuing to come down until when this next storm comes in. mainly dry overnight. which is what futurecast shows. light rain coming down. showers coming through san francisco, and more wide-spread showers as the next system starts to move in. moderate rain over
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fairfield. the rain is expected to pick up in intensity. this has decreased the intensity of the rain. moderate through heavy rain into the north bay. 9:00, moderate to heavy rain south of the golden gate. and heavy rain in the early-model rains. into the later half of the 9:00 her, continuing to see heavy rain down soelth, and a low -- south, and a low into the overnight hours. saturday, largely dry, asked and answered morning, largely -- sunday morning, largely dry. and everyones eyes are on candlestick, by 3:00, rain is over candlestick and most of the bay area. light rain first, heavy rains staying to the
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north, but we are going to likely be dealing with a muddy field. >> it is going to be cold. and the temperatures will drov more as the -- consistent through the game. we are going to be dealing with that muddy field as i mentioned. >> the sierra, heavy rain and heavy snow coming through tomorrow. 4 inches of snow, one to 3 feet of fresh powder. finally the snow everyone has been wanting. moderate snow and gusty winds, dangerous driving kins, chains will be -- conditions, chains will be required. our first system moved through today. a big break for saturday. the rain coming back right in time for the 49ers game. looks like we'll stay dry into the rest of
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next week. one person killed in reno tonight. a big brush fire. more than 20 homes destroyed. what 49ers quarterback, alex smith, is saying. and gary talks to the voice of the 49ers, ted robinson. whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere.
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all right. good evening, everybody.. 49er practices are almost complete. as they ready for the giants on sunday. smith getting ready to go. can he go back to back super-tar performances? -- delanie walker, broke you know jaw. it all worked out today. at the very least, he'll be 32 for the
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championship game -- there for the championship game. alex smith? >> i don't know how many wins we were picked to have at the beginning of the season. it wasn't many. certainly -- i don't know where we were picked. not a lot of people were in our corner. it was just us here, working. that's how we want it. 49ers host ing their first championship game in 15 years because of vernon davis's catch. >> third down, alex looking down, versus [ cheering and applause ] >> vernon davis ! of liz his life! >> are you one of those guys that would label this the best final 4 minutes you've ever seen? >> i would not -- gary, all of
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us love sports. what we love are people doing good things rather than mistakes. >> when you talk about vernon davis crying, to me, that's the key to harbaugh. a lot of these young kids view him as a father-figure. am i thinking too much? >> you're probably close. i don't know if you i would -- there's definitely a connection. a connection that's rare for eye pro coach to make with this level of player. >> that's ted robinson. sharks came up short tonight to end san jose 17,562. everybody is a 49er fan these days. jacky quick -- >> why do you always ask me?
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[ laughter ] >> you probably know more than i do. senators beat in their last five. sharks have been having a terrific role. 49ers are in first place, captain. >> past the conference finals. they have been there . >> yeah, but after that ottawa bailout -- all right bay area college hoops. rex walters, we love him. been here a number of times. great high school player in san jose. all-american in kansas. seven years in the pros. rex can't play, he's got other guys doing it. rex loses 74-63. the scoreboard has a win for st. mary's. they're the area's best team. cal beats washington on the road. roby versus -- kobe versus
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lebrop. lebron -- lebron, just do something here, all right if look at this. >> throw him out, jock mcroberts -- josh mcroberts. will if he gets thrown out, no one cares.
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