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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>darya: james fletcher is live in the weather center with more on the fall. >>james: the golden gate bridge is right there in yellow which indicates visibility of a half mile, as bad as that shot looks, the areas in red are even worse. the area is under a dense fog advisory. as for whether, it is thick with fog in a good bit of the fate. you have to get well to the east along 680, danville or southwards from dublin and pleasanton, things she fought nicely there. right over here is the heart of the day, really heavy fog. it may not be until 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. that it burns off. hopefully it will not as the morning commute to. here is where
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see temperatures at the moment. a mix of '60s and 40's. 49 in oakland and hayward. 51 in the selfish, 46 in santa rosa. this afternoon, a different story. we will be able warmer this afternoon and yesterday. things will get warmer as we had to the north. santa rosa coming in at a projected cost seven. here we are at the end of january talking about the murders that we would not normally see until probably april or may. we have a lot of instability to the north. nunn predicted the head down our way.
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>>mark: jackie sissel is live at 880 in oakland. >>jackie: it seems like the fog is letting up they will fit, when i drove in this morning, there were pockets of very dense fall, especially on the richmond- san rafael bridge. it seems the closer you get to the water the more dense the fog is. if it is heavy alternative maze also. if you're driving any distance at all along bay area freeways, you will hit it. >>george: it is a slow ride, so take it easy. >>george: we have not yet seen any major incidents or hot spots that have resulted from the fog and even sensors are not yet showing any major delays but expect
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speeds to be down this morning. the bay bridge is very foggy this morning not only here but across the span and a yerba buena island. the san mateo is fuzzy enough the you can barely see anything here. your ride on the golden gate, it is foggy, but you can make out more details headed southbound through the fall. also continuing the bridge check to include the carquinez bridge and benicia bridge for e.d. and 680 and also adjusted 580, the richmond center fell bridge. demand was shot
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near ever since street. that is where will tran is this morning. tell us why officials think this is not a random shooting. >>will: they believe that because they believe the suspect got the victim's attention and the malice with which he was shot. he had just left work, he works as a barber at that barbershop. he went the 20 yds up the stairs to visit his friends and watch basketball. he was in the process of knocking on the door. here is video that we shot a little bit earlier from the people inside. look at this, the entire place was riddled with bullets. according to the people inside maybe 30 shots were fired. part of the front window was shattered. shots on the ceiling, floor and side walls. i can tell you, it reached to the back of the kitchen and even hit the sink. the woman is so shaken up because she said she was in the process of getting up to grab the door and for
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whatever reason, she fixed her hair and that quick millisecond allow her to respond, she hit the floor. right now, she is full of grief. she said perhaps had she opened the door, he could have gotten inside and maybe would only been hit a couple of times. it appears that he died at the scene. all we know at this point is that he is 35 years old, his friends here say that he is from hercules into that he is a single father. we do not have a description on the suspects at this time even the berkeley police it may be one person, friends inside say at least two people because they heard a multiple guns going off. >>justine: here is what is happening right now, an update on the casino collapse in cincinnati, it is the horse shoe casino. cadets of we are hearing that at least 11 seats will have been hurt in this casino collapse fear it is
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of the results for the investigators are flying zeroth if of flux and for feeding to the collapse. you can see from the live pictures the piles of dirt and the construction crews on the scene as blow as emergency officials during the investigation. again, the update is 11 people have been hurt. we are not sure how serious the injuries are or how the building collapsed. >>mark: did this morning, the cost of college and how students will be able to afford it is topping the president's agenda. he is delivering a speech at the university of michigan, it is considered a key political state. colleges and universities have been put on notice. consult with or risk losing money. costs have skyrocketed with the average cost to attend a four year university going up more than 8% a year. it has more than doubled the cost of tuition in the last 20 years. a green company backed by the obama it ministries and is now filing for bigger xi
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protection. reports say that the company said chapter 11 bankruptcy. this is video of the vice president is in the company last year. they received a $118 million grant to build a factory. >>darya: here is a live look outside at the james lick in san francisco. release of data as are all of other origins. take a look at the sense of advisories on all of the bridges. everyone is exhausted. that means it could take you a little bit longer to get to school and work today. we will be right back. for
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>>mark: in decision 2012,
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the barbs were flying again as republican presidential hopefuls face off in their final debate before the florida primary. grace is turning into a largely a two-man confrontation. >> maybe governor romney should tell us how much money he has made on foreclosures from his investments. >> first of all, my investments are not made by me. by investments offer the last 20 years have been managed by a trustee. secondly, the investments that they have made, we learn as we made our financial disclosure has been in mutual funds and bonds. i do not own stock insanity or freddie mac. i
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know that sounds like an enormous revelation, but have you checked your own investments. you also have investments in mutual funds that invested in the fannie mae and freddie mac. care air crier
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>>mark: we will have the opening bell on wall street coming up for you in the two minutes. the oil giant chevron based in san ramon is coming out with a disappointing quarter just moments ago. if we will tell you the breakdown. wait
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until you hear how much chevron made. details coming up. cost act to
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a sexual assault, let me get you the latest information. a male wearing dark clothing, police are on the scene and are advising students to stay inside. we are worling to get more information. we will keep you posted. >.berkley poloce are searching
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for a murder suspect in shaddock near emerson street. >>will: he was shot maybe 20-30 times. here is video that we got from inside the house. a man and woman were inside, in the process of opening the door. that is
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>>darya: several felons were found in tenderloin and taken into custody for outstanding warrants on violent crimes. 20 were on parole in four of those
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arrested were wanted on federal ones. the san francisco police chief says the streets are a lot safer but these people behind bars. >> this is about violence reduction. we are trying to seek out those who might be capable of executing some ads of of violence. we do start early in the morning because we do like to have the element of surprise. we want all of these things done on our terms, to make it safe. this is a very dangerous operation. a lot of planning goes into it. these are some of our most experienced men and women. >>darya: police are planning similar operations targeted 16-judge wanted suspects. >>mark: lombardi worked as a drug agents of the unit was shut down last year, three
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other officers he worked with including its commander are also facing charges although they have not dance-although they have fled not guilty. >>darya: passengers aboard a cruise ship that ran aground off of the coast of italy are going to be receiving $14,000 apiece. that is for their lost baggage get a psychological trauma. the owner of the cruise ship will also reimburse more than 3000 passengers a full cost of their crews, travel expenses against any medical expenses. passengers and crew are free to pursue legal action if they are not satisfied with that offer. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. a very foggy morning in the back of the building on the bay bridge. fourth thing
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month fog sphere of puff
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>>justine: here is what is just and, police are on the scene and san jose state university after they are saying tasted was sexually assaulted in a dorm room. we are joined with a spokesperson from san jose state. >> good morning. >>justine: can you tell us what happened? >> our police department received a call, we have a female victim who was groped in her dorm room. our officers responded immediately. they are searching the building. that is a search that we are just about ready to complete. we have gone through every room of every bathroom every closet. we are also reviewing surveillance camera images. we are searching for the suspect is described as a male, has added in his early 20s with dark clothing. that is a
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very general description. we're asking any and all remaining witnesses to call the police stations that we can continue to work on this case. this is a situation where our alert system has worked pretty well. we received a phone call immediately when the crime occurred and we were able to get officers into the building. >>justine: does happen overnight while she was sleeping. she does not sound like she tells her attacker is. is that correct? >> we are still interviewing witnesses. this happened at 3:35 a.m.. we are not yet prepared to confirm any details. we do want to emphasize that the crime
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rate is actually down at san jose state. what has increase is the amount of messages that we're sending to our students. we saw the text message alert. >>justine: a male in his early 20s wearing dark clothing allegedly attacked a female victim grove in her dorm room at san jose state. that is one of the developing stories we're
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following. we will take a break and be right back.
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>> of ford motor co. said it made 13 billion in the first quarter. they move deferred tax profits back onto their books. they made 190 million more per share.--they made 190 million, 55 more a share. disappointing numbers for chevron. they were down 3% on their net income for the last three months of 2011 mainly because the refineries struggle to pass on the cost of higher crude. chevron made almost $27 billion. >>darya: 6:40 a.m., we want to get a look at the weather.
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>>james: widespread dense fog. we will talk about that in detail. this afternoon, partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the mid '60s grief for this evening, temperatures should drop down into the 40's and '30's here expect the chilly night tonight. this morning the heart of the fog is right over top of the center of debate. what we're missing our big areas of read. slowly but surely the fog is breaking up and beginning to fizzle out as we head towards the heart of the morning commute. this afternoon, temperatures are going to be right around the mid-60s. across the north
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bay temperatures ranging from 62 and warming up for 67 in santa rosa. half will are looking for saturday to get up to 73 in a couple of spots. next week, filed as well although it is cloudy as you make your way through monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >>george: it is all about the fog this morning. fog advisories on all of the bridges. speeds are down a bit because of the fog. it
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is also friday, that typically means a lighter and a leader commute. we have been incidents 3 this morning. i think the early activation is to bring speeds down. here is a look at the san mateo bridge ride. it is still quite foggy.
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>>george: there are no problems to report on city streets or freeways. >>justine: i have and of state on the casino that collapsed in cincinnati, these are like pictures into the newsroom. we're hearing that at least 13 people have been hurt. their reason is a floor collapsed when concrete was being poured. a
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spokesperson is saying that 830 x 50 ft section of the four went down and at least 13 people are in the hospital. for faugh far for
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five f f f or
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>>erica: a new study coming out this week revealed that women who wear high heels are at risk for permanent
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physiological damage to their knees, hips, back in attendance. the damage can be seen in women as young as 25. here is the you can do to avoid those risks. alter heel heights and stretch your field of the and and where commuters use a while getting to and from work for a party. if you'd like to read the details on the study and other ways to protect your feet flat i have a link on my facebook fan page. >>darya: the fog is a big weather story this morning. we are looking at gorges temperatures. here are shots
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from around the bay area. for half
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