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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  January 28, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. ♪ >>marty: we begin this saturday with a development story out of the east bay. the 15 year-old girl has died after multiple stabbings. the father seems to be the alleged suspect. craig skalar >>craig: it happened at the 1900 block last evening. it happened right here at this section. the subject is henry leon he is
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in their relationship with the girl and the having 9 a month old baby. we are hoping that anybody with any body has information to come forward. a dark kelli ncadillac this is the first homicide in the san leandro for the year. the neighbor that was four doors down saying that we do not know if it was outside, inside, but it happened it 6:20 p.m. last night. police are looking for any information this man is out on the loose. >>marty: craig, thank you. >>isabel: also, oakland police are investigating a double homicide. 9:30 last night and report from the 200 block near
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lake merritt. when they are right, a man, a woman was found dead. the cause of death is still not known. later, the 800 block in oakland and another man died. no connection is to believe and no suspects are in custody. >>isabel: occupy protesters >>marty: serious threats. later today plan on moving into a vacant building this is video last time a new organized a major protest the port was blocked. however, the police are ready this time. take a look of what is going to be scheduled to be happened. noon, they're going to gather at frank ogawa plaza.
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and then a march. and move into an undisclosed building and then a two-day festival. with entertainment and music. >>isabel: and east bay student has been suspended. >> and hercules a six year-old is allegedly sexually assaulting a classmate. the parents say that the principle and the school have been overreacting and these are 26 year-old boys. they were roughhousing. -- two different secure old boy six ye. the sun had to stay home from school. when she was able to speak to the principle they categorize this as a sexual assault that is not even legal
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for a six year-old. the boy has been transferred to a different school. kron 4. >>isabel: officials were barred from speaking about this matter but the school district says that we take any allegations very seriously the safety of our students is our number one priority. >>marty: the senate as a state university is in jail this morning. he snuck into a dorm room molesting girls. michael escobar is a junior but lives off campus surveillance video quickly helped them find a piece him. heshe believes that he entered. the night. >> i woke up this morning and in the middle of the night my roommate said that she felt her
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bed shake. she saw a guy standing over her. when he realized she saw him he bolted out it is creepy. >>marty: police believe that he was going door-to-door looking for on locked doors. >>isabel: we are going to go out side. he was going door-to-door looking for a >>marty: -- stores that were not locked doors. not not locked. >>janu: ? >> a beautiful morning but it is cool. >>janu: right now, we should expect 60s but a very cold start. temperatures are below freezing in other areas. napa is only 33 degrees. santa rosa is
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only 31 degrees. 46 degrees and half moon bay. 47 degrees in mountain view. often the fairfield, it is 17 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning it should be nice with temperatures expected with a mixture of 50s. 69 degrees expected in santa rosa. but delta, and mid-'60s expected for san jose. your full forecast coming up. >>isabel: today block a bill police are inviting residents to celebrate jim kapu and vacaville walk will begin at 8:00 a.m.
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capoot rememberance walk. this was november he was shot the custod support suspect is in cu. suspect is in custody >>marty: caught on camera and attempted assault that happened in broad daylight you will hear from a neighbor. >>isabel: a quick live look at walnut creek. looking quite dark but this is what it looks like. still, a nice day despite the breezes we will be back.
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this morning. pg&e is being hit with a $16.8 million fine for failing to perform gas surveys from the deadly san bruno junqueira explosion. it killed eight people, destroying a 38 homes. the state regulators announced the nursing program promoting safety. announce the -- promoting. the cp yo a former utility executive has not been correctly appointed for the board of directors of pg&e. >>marty:dougherty is accused of
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giving fake information providing wrong information to insurance companies in order to obtain workmen's compensation wages. she is charged with 57 counts. >>reporter: this intersection of market street and church street will be closed all weekend. westbound market will be blocked. eastbound the market will be opened but the delays are expected. 14th eastbound will be shut down. normally, these rail be shut down partially for the weekend. muni buses are rerouted. work will continue until 5:00 a.m. monday
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morning. charles clifford, kron 4. >>marty: pg&e still dealing with that huge fine after the san bruno junqueirexplosion. >>isabel: this is in pensacola, fla. the republican race is tight! ♪ sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>janu: we will see a cool start today with air-conditioned sunny and breezy this afternoon with chances of sprinkles on the north bay on sunday. santa rosa, napa low 30's. 36 in fairfield. most areas will see 40's for the coast. redwood city. as we set the clock towards 10 a m. we will still see those 40's and 50's. however, by 2:00 p.m., we could see widespread 50s that will indicate the green on your screen. tonight will not be as cool but we could still see 40's in the north bay. let us take a look at those closer looks for
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those temperatures. san jose, 67 degrees. 65 expected in oakland. looking north, 69 in santa rosa. 62 degrees expected in concord. the satellite and radar showing this high-pressure is pushing that marche moisture -- with poe temperatures sunday showing precipitation possibilities. however, sunday night and into monday that precipitation will dissipate with a rebound on temperatures into wednesday- thursday with almost 70's! ♪ >>marty: the leading republican candidates are repu--on the
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road. west palm beach, and orlando. bricks and warm is hosting a fund raiser in washington d.c.. paul is in maine. >>isabel: the high cost of college tuition will be a topic the deficits they face cannot be easily solved with a simple modifications. the president spelled out his details at michigan. >> awe need to keep value and serve their students well for these universities. reporting college on notice you cannot keep and cannot assume that you
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will just increase tuition every single year. >>isabel: the president is also pushing for the creation of a $1 billion cut petition to award states to keep college tuitions down and those still would have to be approved by congress. >>marty: is over a joke that he made about spilled milk. some environmentalists, b politicians are also concerned. >>reporter: some moments of his address were a hit another were not. >> we got rid of one rule that dairy farmers could of spent $10,000 per year that they contain the spill that milk was some hope contained an oil? i guess it was worth crying over
7:21 am
spilled milk. >>reporter: it did not prompt only groans but some concerns from environmentalists. milk, ice cream, cheese felt under this spill prevention control counter prevention and counte. k contains a percentage of animal fat as a non-petroleum oil. it is treated almost the same as a oil spill. however, dairy products are not classified as the same danger of oil spills.
7:22 am
pressure on dairy farmers. >> i have ordered every federal agency that releases bills and laws that do not make sense it will save $10 billion over five years. >>reporter: and fire medalists are worried about what other environmental regulations environmentalists -- are worried about these laws could impact items that have been overlooked. >>isabel: one more body has been recovered. this delay however for the body recovery has been
7:23 am
caused by the choppy water. likely, these choppy conditions will remain for the weekend making it more difficult rescue efforts. >>marty: a public tomorrow for >>james:--public memorial and rt for etta james, >>isabel: also the 911 call from a demi moore associate
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4 new flavors, you can lose yourself in. what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>isabel: 7:26 inglewood saying
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goodbye to legendary blues singer etta james she lost her battle with leukemia. a private funeral service is today. al sharpton will preside. " at last " is her famous song. she would have been the 74 years old >>marty: frantic 911 call. minutes before she was rushed to hospital. she had smoked something and was barely conscience. catherine heenan explains that friends were with her and she was even convulsing. >> catherine: a woman called monday night that actress demi moore was in trouble. >> what did she take? >> some form of and then she smoked something i did not release the. she has been having some issues lately so i do not
7:28 am
know where she has been taking. >> she is able to respond. but she cannot speak. >> to view now that i do not know which she estimates before. she is painfully thin and split ashton kutcher she has also been reportedly starving herself, drinking energy drinks and inhaling whip it's. and her sponsor also died.
7:29 am
>> why is an ambulance not on the way? >> dummy more has been released. however, it is not helping her career. >> -- and demi moore has been released from the hospital. she was slated to play feminist, gloria steinem. however, sarah jessica parker is poised to replace her. >>marty: details on the grape opened happened in the broad daylight. rape --
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>>isabel: nearly 7:30 this developing story out of the east bay. the murder of a 15 year-old girl. the suspect is believed to be here 19 year-old boyfriend and the father of the 9 month old baby. >>craig: this quiet neighborhood
7:32 am
in san leandro is not far from the 880. they are looking for the man who is on the loose. he is 19 year-old henry leon he is the current suspect. her injuries were very bad. some information about his vehicle is a dark blu 24004 cadillac and black rims with most of this neighborhood does not know much about them. they often spoke spanish and kept to themselves.
7:33 am
again police are investigating and keep searching for that vehicle. they're hoping for more information. >>isabel: thank you, craig. >>marty: in the east bay oakland police are searching for a man was sexually assaulting a woman and several people watched as she fought him off. this is bennet kron4's exclusive reggie kumar this is a test-kron 4 exclusive. >> reggie we are protecting the identity the 36 year-old back, was almost raped between that this white van. this 36 year-old -- woman. she says that oakland investigators are reviewing the video. >>reporter: see trying to pull off her clothes? >> his work already pulled down and she was fighting him pulling
7:34 am
hearst down. she should have used her maes. he was trying to pull her -- pants down. they were the was carrying laundry. that is scary! dogs were barking. it is high traffic. and cards for passing they did not even stop to help that woman. cars were passing >>reporter: did you try to help poor? >> i have children inside that i was taking care of. in oakland, reggie kumar, kron 4. >>reporter: and hercules. >>marty: a six year-old was suspended for alleged sexual assault. the mother has since changed schools. sheik kamal or her son or the victims seem to know what is going on. >> they met that night at a
7:35 am
different function outside of school. they were still playing. if my son was assaulting somebody? this is just handled so poorly. >>marty: classification of a sexual assault is not legal for a six year-old. the parents have hired legal advice and the boy is in a different school. a >>isabel: 23 years after her disappearance she was last seen walking home alone in dublin. and monday, there will be a vigil retracing her steps. coming up we will speak with her parents and hoping that somebody has information. >>marty: how about the weather?
7:36 am
>>janu: good morning, we should expect 60s and cool temperatures right now. already freezing in napa, fairfield, santa rosa. only 28 anin novato still in the 30's in hayward, fremont and concord. 39 in hayward. and is 19 degrees cooler in fairfield right now compared to yesterday. 13 degrees cooler in in santa rosa than yesterday. the
7:37 am
afternoon should be pretty nice with 60s. low 60s for the delta of. and mid-'60s in the south bay your full forecast. >>isabel: still to come when kron 4 news this weekend a high wire right in indianapolis gets intense! seven stories. >> oh my gosh! {laughter} stay with us! >>marty: we will be right back
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>>isabel: mount tam a gorgeous day but temperatures chilly to
7:41 am
start. >>marty: in an effort to repeal the sales tax for a smart train between sonoma county. " repeal smart " circulated between these two counties with the one- quarter cent sales tax. it would help fund this project. they only collected 5000 signatures of the required 14,000 signatures. >> in the east bay a second meeting will be held by mayor jean quan with aphorist to oust the mayor. are divisive. those say that mayor jean quan has not been a leader or instrumental with the occupy protesters. this
7:42 am
could lead to a special election. >>marty: a pastor >>isabel: is being extradited back to nevada. >>reporter: 8 you've used that church to molest young girls? how to you respond to those charges you were on " america's most wanted ". >>marty: notice has been on the the run for almost one year or rested in the tijuana. he targeted troubled teens and a soundproof a room and videotaped his victims. he is facing 11 counts of sexual assault victims were under the age of 16. sports >>marty: with new york giants. san francisco giants news. >>isabel: it looks like there is the son is coming out a beautiful day expected. the sunshine --
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>>isabel: a beautiful shot. no breezes. >>marty: we are expecting a beautiful day. >>janu: good morning, you can see the bay bridge it is gorgeous. clear skies and a lot of sunshine. but a cool start. the sun will persist with light breezes but a light chance of sprinkles sunday night/monday. 32 degrees in a santa rosa
7:47 am
more 50s expected indicated by the blue on your screen. and even green by 2:00 p.m. indicated by the 60s. it will not be as chilly with 40's to the north bay tonight later with a 67 for the high in mountain view. 65 degrees in oakland. 69 degrees in santa rosa. mid-60s in novado, richmond. take a look at the satellite/ritter this high-pressure is keeping that moisture to the north. it is starting to break down with showers passing through, overnight. has that passes it
7:48 am
looks like that dry pattern will continue. a look at your 7 day around the bay temperatures will rebound towards the end of the week. >>marty: it is hard to believe upper 60s! the san francisco giants are making big deals for spring training. >>isabel: one of the baseball's best pitcher was and all they're making a big donation. >>gary: kevin durante and oklahoma city came in with the best record. they are young. and nate came in with the warriors are down by five. he has a new $85 million contract. one of these days you are going to say that it is going to be over soon and there he is . he
7:49 am
-kevin and the warriors play sacramento saturday night. tam lincecum all agreed on $40 million for 2 years. also, to play a shortstop who was a member of the st. louis cardinals last year. it was one of those deals that if you do not have that position filled? now, this man is a giant. one of the best pitchers was in vallejo. he donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to vallejo high school. now, they named this baseball field after him. c c sabathia fiels really making a difference. d here he is. >> i just want to say thank you.
7:50 am
and the community for all of the love that i have been shown. from the northern vallejo, to vallejo high school. i have been in contact with so many people that have touched my life. >> of course congratulations and how about tennis? novak and this victory, five sets. against englishmen murray >>gary: tiger woods is just a
7:51 am
few shots behind. >> women's soccer usa vs. costa rica. it is winner take all. when you play for the winning coach, to-nothing = united states. final score = 3-nothing. there will participate in the summer london olympics in >>marty: the annapolis super bowl fans will get special of view of the city on came a day the supplying opened yesterday. it is seven stories high, 800 ft. long a hot ticket. infarct, tickets are tickets are sold out
7:52 am
just in a few months. it is $10. super bowl officials are taking a loss on the spot they want everybody to enjoy the fun. there will be making money hand over fist on a super bowl sunday. super bowl sunday is between the patriots and the giants. >>isabel: they zip by the coliseum and can see the game. >>marty: it is just downtown indianapolis. >>isabel: that would the interesting. >>marty: and may be inside that dome? still to come off all of for >>isabel: some tech news with a new accessories for apple and ipad and iphone users excited. >>marty: the upper deck of the bay bridge. there is traffic already! ♪ half
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>>marty: welcome back. new access race for the iphone enthusiast. gabe slate's tech report >>gabe: this is simple and it worked well. it works right onto the ipad. there is an elastic band with a soft microfiber. these are also getting more elaborately. beyond the traditional plastic case. many of these are built out of woood and it blended with metal and glow in the dark even a wallet
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with a leather iphone case with money for your iphone, case and abounding with the browned lot of looks like a bible. also a built into will like this with a slide out a bottle opener this was interesting and very different. something we could see as a standard in the future. wall outlets with the usb port. most of apple products have the removable usb cable so you can charge it to your computer. these will allow you to charge your gadgets without the adapter. this is open on saturday at $5. you can see and purchase accessorize before anybody else. for more information gabe slate's tech report. still to come on kron 4
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news this search for a murder suspect. in san leandro. >>marty: another day that is gorgeous with your forecast coming up. um, michael, you know, big game...
7:59 am
that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. >>isabel: the parents are from dublin are refusing to give up their search for their missing daughter. >>marty: the tuition hike is continuing to be a hot topic for president obama. >>jan: british film and the
8:01 am
british film festival and oscars! who should have been nominated. what an exciting year. great >>marty:. >>isabel: a quick look out side. walnut creek it was still dark. now, the sun is shining the headlights are gone. a nice day. >>marty: we are expecting a beautiful day and janu has a were full forecast. our mt. tam cam is breezy. take a look! plenty of skies it is a gorgeous start but it is chilly. napa is currently only at 32 degrees. with an afternoon of 65 degrees and 48 tonight by 8:00 p.m. >>janu: santa rosa is right at
8:02 am
freezing. napa is also 32 degrees. 42 degrees in oakland. just to give you an idea of the temperature change? it is 19 degrees cooler in fairfield. 14 degrees cooler in livermore but a nice day expected. temperatures in the 60s. low 60s along the delta of the fairfield. redwood city, with 69 degrees and redwood city and santa rosa. your full forecast coming up. >> the first homicide in san
8:03 am
leandro the suspect seems to be the late girlfriend's boyfriend. >> this is a quiet neighborhood and pacific and not from 880 not 4. these are pictures. this is an pacifica. not- this is the alleged suspect. henry leon driving a 2004 cadillac escalade. the family just came home from summer and they looked sad. the neighbors say that they have kept to themselves. they have five other siblings, abruptly that many.
8:04 am
them to school and different chefs. they are morning loss of this child. >> oakland police are investigating a double homicide. this is where it happened. last night, 9:30 the 200 block near lake merritt. a man and a woman were pronounced dead. the cause of death is still not clear. another shooting at center street in west oakland. the man died at the hospital. there is no connection between these two incidents since. no suspects in custody. >>marty: serious threats from occupy protesters. later today they want to move into a vacant
8:05 am
building. this is video when they organized a major protest. they blocked the port of oakland. police are ready to respond to any responses of trouble. here is a itinerary. they are going to gather at frank ogawa plaza. and then have a march with a migration into that vacant building followed by a celebration of food and music. >> these boys from this school have reportedly been roughhousing however one of them has been charged with sexual assault. the parent is changing
8:06 am
schools for her six year-old boy. the handling of this is still under question by the parent. >> this a junior at the university of lives of campus but he is in custody. he believes that he entered girls dorm's rooms. >> 65 officers were fired last june. however, one half have been reinstated. >> whenever a vacancy was created we had an eligibility list. we called them. one half of them decided to come back to the police apartment. 32 decided
8:07 am
to choose a different police department. we do not want to provide a misconception that we are adding new officers. we are going back will officers for vacancies. we are right around 1100. that number changes due to resignations, terminations, or people out. >> 15 new officers could be entering the force this summer. >> the gop candidates in just a few days before the primary. >> a live look with a beautiful start a bit chilly. if your headed out? take your jacket. we will be back. ♪
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♪ >>marty: decision 2012 for the primaries are just days away. the republican candidates are campaigning hard. if newt gingrich will be in orlando, west palm beach. paul is in maine hosting a town meeting. from the university of southern maine in gorham. >>isabel: after president obama sent a warning to university's public university presidents are raising concerns over his plan to force them to contain college costs or lose federal dollars. leaders said the deficits cannot
8:12 am
be easily solved with a simple modification. he spelled out his proposal at the university of michigan. the offer now on i'm going to say that we need to have federal aid towards colleges that keep colleges affordable and keep their students in mind. we're putting colleges on notice. you cannot keep, assumed to just think continue to increase tuition each year. >>marty: >>isabel: also at the creation of a $1 billion competition to award states for keeping state tuitions and down. >>marty: still had on kron 4 news this weekend will speak with. so i leaned micshelofff , eileeen, eight missing youths from over 20 years ago. a missing youth
8:13 am
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>>marty: 8:15 >>isabel: welcome back the traffic is moving a bit slower than usual. let us check and with janu. >>janu: thank you. this live look from the golden gate plenty of sunshine and please skies a gorgeous start but it is a chilly start. that sunshine will continue for this afternoon with light breezes and the chance of sprinkles sunday/monday. let us talk about the chilly start with low 30's. novado, fairfield, concord, and also 40's and 39 degrees in los gatos. 40s and san jose. looking toward 10:00 a.m. weekends keep the peace indicated by the light blue. by 2:00 p.m., wide spread 50s.
8:17 am
mid-60s and san francisco, richmond, concord. your satellite/ritter showing this high-pressure keeping that moisture into saturday night and monday that dry weather will continue for the work week. >>marty: it has been over two decades since ilene misheloff disappeared from dublin she was walking from school to the
8:18 am
dublin ice rink. she never turned up. on monday, there will be a candlelight vigil level pries retrace -- her steps. joig us are her parents. mike and nancy misheloff some people are wondering if it is more difficult or easy. matty? >> it is not easier our child is still missing. she is still out missing. she has missed childhood. she has missed school. we put our feet on the floor every day thinking that maybe today will be today that we find her. how
8:19 am
>>marty: do you stay positive and keep going? >> mat setty at best find her. matty said it best-. you are still getting support? >> absolutely. sometimes a couple of hundred people participate in this vigil. we hope that everybody can be out there. >>marty: it must be heartfelt that your neighbors continued to stand by. >> yes. the community, france, the people that gathered round to help find our little girl. the community, or friends -- and from the commander of the
8:20 am
dublin police department all the way down have been amazing. >>marty: tell us about the dublin police the part of a still investigating? >> yes it is a full-time open investigation. >> they want to continue to see if there is any piece that looks different than the evidence. >>marty: technology has changed since 1989. this is age progression photograph. >> that was done for the
8:21 am
national missing and exploited children. >>marty: this is how ilene misheloff should look, today. tell us about the rest of your family. i know that she has a twin brother and an older brother. how are they dealing with her disappearance? >> well, the to the best that she. the older brother has moved to san diego. they do the best that they. he is married with two daughters. bryant is still living in the bay area. the twin brother of ilene misheloff they do the best that they can. they have their issues but they're going on with their lives. >>marty: the entire bay area real applauds your perseverance on this issue. so many parents
8:22 am
heat thi are standing by you. te candlelight vigil is vigil [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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is as easy as... making breakfast.
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omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnan cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. here's a better idea... pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits. in just 15 minutes, the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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>>isabel: 8:25 state air regulators have unanimously passed a historic new rules that will reshape the auto industry. 9-0 approved advanced clean air rules in hopes of curbing auto emissions. monda in 2018 hybrid vehicles will continued t to bea
8:26 am
priority for the automakers. the board is hoping that this will impact the number of hybrid vehicles and drop grasgreen ho ouse gases by 50% significantly, by the coming years. hall or the automaker's reacting? >> the new car business is very competitive. the new regulations are making it this even more fierce. nissan re ---- released
8:27 am
the leaf >> the demand even though it is over $30,000. we had five and we sold all of them. in 30 days. we will sell as many as we can get >>reporter: reporter car dealers do not like doing what they're told to do by the government but it is easy to steer new buyers towards green hybrid. >> gas prices are not going anywhere but a up general motors and bmw are getting into the electric car game. >> electric is the wave of the future there were some much demand there is no problems with these new regulations. in oakland, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>marty: and attempted rape, on-
8:28 am
camera. >>isabel: a live look everything looking smart. in nice weather a look at the bay bridges. we will be back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>marty: welcome back >>isabel: this developing story of the east bay investigations of a 15 year-old girl. at the 19 year-old boyfriend and father of the child is believed the suspect. craig is live. in a san leandro. >>craig: they're still looking for this suspect after multiple stabbings should've done
8:31 am
survive. if henry leon this man is still on the loose. they had a 9 month old baby. with that 15 year old dictum. they do not know why this happened. victim -- the 15 year-old girl victim. this is earlier, the family came home and they want to talk to police they do not have as much information as they would like. they do not know the whereabouts of leon and they say that it was very dramatic. emotional siblings. >> my neighbor across the street had the one little boy and she wa trying to --
8:32 am
calm him and comfort have met those children are going to need counseling after this because this was very, very difficult. >> craig, i just spoke to one of the brothers that says that this was over a dispute over who was going to have the baby for the weekend. if it was going to be the 15 year-old mother or leon. there were arguments before but there was nothing indicating that this would be ending up in a murder. they want to continue to ask the public for help on locating this. >>craig: the parents would not
8:33 am
say the whereabouts of the baby. but the family is holding together. it seems like they are hoping that this suspect can be caught. >>isabel: you have not seen that the baby? democra >> grecraig: that is correct i't seen the baby. >>isabel: let us assume that the baby is in custody with the grandparents. we have not heard from the police on the missing child thank you, craig sklar. >>marty: a sexual assault in broad daylight. it happened on the 2000 block this attacker quickly fled. after she fought off. a neighbor witnessed this.
8:34 am
this is a kron4's exclusive. >> she was carrying the laundry. he was pulling down his pants. he was trying to pull down her pants. it is scary at 11:30 a.m. the dogs were barking. cars were passing. i did not even stop to help that lady. police >>marty: have increased patrols still looking for this woman. >>isabel: and east bay first grader has been suspended accused of sexual assault. the parents are saying and that the parents are moving the child after a the principal ..
8:35 am
>> to do really need to punch his private area and the child said now. he said that would be gross. and he said it did to touch his pee pee and he said it no. i do not think that he got the concept of suspension he just got confused on what happened. >>reporter: you spoke to the parents of the other boys what did they say? >> i spoke to the mother and the mother said that the sun touched his belief in the that private area. but he was fine there were just playing. they met that night at an outside school function and there were still playing. if my son did a legitimate assault then they
8:36 am
would not be still playing together. this has been handled so poorly. this is so crazy. >>marty: and other matters about the weather? breezy. >>isabel: janu has the latest for your forecast. >>janu: thank you, isabel. we can see the sunshine but it is still chilly. only 35 degrees. we should see 51 degrees by 8:00 p.m. temperatures will be chilly relief in the north bay with only 32 degrees in santa rosa. 44 degrees in mountain view. already in half moon bay also chilly. only 12 degrees cooler
8:37 am
compared to yesterday. it is going to be a beautiful day. >>marty: mayor jean quan .... what is expected to happen with the citizens of oakland
8:38 am
???g?g?n?ñ=h÷p÷÷ >8ç
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>marty: dan kerman explains that this group is moving
8:41 am
forward with concerns that the first recall effort will be in valid to oust jean krmayor jean quan. >> all agree. we agree on basic reasons on her in confidence. things like crime, and economic development. >>reporter: the group says that attorneys are concerned that the first groups of birds will be ruled " invalid " based on groups-will be ruled -- and balance that is why he is moving forward with his own petition to recall of mayor jean quan. >> we do nothing that their petition is going to survive and we will challenge it. that is the only reason we are doing this. support >>reporter: hours say that any recall effort is a divisive but just the opposite is occurring according to him. >> i see people from the hills to the flats of oakland and the
8:42 am
far reaches of east oakland to. and i have never seen a city- wide pandemonium before. >>reporter: they say that this would be too costly for the special election. but the city says that it is possible that by their measures could be placed on the general election ballot in november. that would avoid the cost of a special election. the second group has until february 2nd . if this first group is world not valid than the mayor will still face a recall. at oakland city hall, a kron 4. >>marty: 8:42 >>isabel: jan? >>jan: british film festival! the mostly british combustible is coming . is coming
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
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8:46 am
haaziewan mcgregor, a very exciting film festival coming to the bay area. please welcome somebody who is a big part of it. chronicle movie correspondent. ruth stein. >> hello. we have been friends a long time. it >> yes! >> great to see you. tell me about the british film festival. it is so exciting. >> we think of it for a horned film festival for people that do
8:47 am
not want to rain -- a foreign film festival that do not want to -- read subtitle's! {laughter} even in the bay area. we have canadian french film festivals and taiwanese films. i was wondering why this was not more prevalent in the bay area? these are fantastic films. it is the only opportunity to see the big screen. >> that was the perfect sense that was beyond me perfect. it was great and this is " the black butterfly " to.for ruth, l me about this? >> this is a bio of myself
8:48 am
african poet named junker and mandela called her one of the finest poets in the country. it makes perfect sense is a romance! we have romance, we of comedy, we have every spring, >> we have documentary. in trade, suspense! -- we could talk forever about this. we will do an event to gather the good, the bad, the ugly. you and i could do an entire show on this! go to the website. the balboa theater and the boat the--vogue theater albert knobs
8:49 am
stars glen close hiding as a man. janet mctiere is so great! it is not a terrific film but it is an important inspiration and historic kimberlee something to look past. it is beautifully acti and acted. i am so glad tht she got the nomination for " best actress " of glen close. and coming up my oscar take and
8:50 am
the harry belafonte film. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, ruth stein. >>marty: this is a live look from a san leandro. early works and we saw sunshine. >> if this fais it changing? >> yes. you can see that blue sky. >>janu: if we are waking up to mostly clear conditions and light breezes it is a chilly start. we will continue to see it that sunshine and a slight chance for sprinkles overnight into monday. let us talk about those chilly conditions if your going into the north bay. it is only 32 degrees in santa rosa.
8:51 am
mid 30's in fairfield. 54 in half moon bay. those 50's will be more widespread indicated by the light blue on your screen. the afternoon will all be in the 60s. for those of you headed out? still pretty chilly in the north bay. 40s and 50s for the rest of us. let us get a closer look. 60s and the south bay. 65 degrees expected in livermore, oakland and redwood city. 62 degrees in redwood city. bring your jacket! 63 in san francisco and mid-60s and novado, richmon, napa, 63 expected in fairfield. the satellite and radar showing this high-pressure system to the north. it could even bring
8:52 am
sprinkles sunday/monday. this could be a traffic mess this weekend on market. construction is already under way to replace aging railway. church st. is closed in both directions. market street is also blocked. drivers should expect routes and delays. muni will accommodate. we will write back when kron 4 continues with our top stories.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>marty: in oakland this is an instant messaging for crime
8:56 am
alerts. >> haazig madyun: this is called nixle and it is free. the oakland police officer will start activating your free account. >> this is an increasing amount of armed robberies with the cell phones. if we are experiencing a particularly type of crime and a certain area of oakland? we're able to release that information to that concentrated area to alert the community. this is what we are seeing. >>reporter: this public communication was launched late last year. >> it was very successful after getting feedback and now it is city-wide. >>reporter: >>reporter: haazig madyun kron
8:57 am
4. >>reporter: this is not the first thousand 600 agencies are already using as and as we focus on the bay 4600 agencies are also using this. here are some of the other agencies and the bay area that are already using this text alert crime system. granta lotus, kron 4 news. this just in to the kron 4 news room >>marty: to come, a sexual assault allegedly charged by a six year-old from a principle. >>isabel: plenty of sunshine. we will be back.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. wellcome was alive and in san leandro. we art from san leandro. >>marty: san leandro will have a full report on that. and also more trouble for pg&e. >> billy crystal will be deaf hoswill be the host. candid judy garland. a star is born wait! what an exciting show it is going to be. >> a oscar co gossip--
9:01 am
>> a beautiful view. if >> let us get the forecast from janu. >> good morning. it is blue and beautiful. >>janu: a bit chilly in the north bay. san francisco is 40's. getting to about 60s. going to about 50s this evening. temperatures outside, however are chilly. you are going to need your jacket. 34 degrees in novado. finally, warming up in napa. 54 degrees in half moon bay. 16 degrees cooler in fairfield. with five degrees cooler in concord, 11 degrees cooler in livermore, seven degrees cooler in hayward.
9:02 am
hayward will see 64 degrees today. san jose, 67 degrees expected. now, let us go back to marty. >>marty: from the east bay the 15 year-old girl has died after multiple stabbing said. the suspect is the father of their nine month old baby. craig sklar has the latest. >> good morning it happens to her on this 1900 block and pacific. they are looking for this suspect. if the baby died-e baby's mother died --henry leon still on the loose. after this
9:03 am
long term relationship they have a 9 month old baby together. he reported the step for multiple times. they are still looking for him this is his vehicles description. the human element here, the people that live here that i spoke with. here are the family going into the house. it was shocking! the relationship had been a bit rocky but they never expected something like this. >> i asked my uncle if he he was mad at her and then he just killed her. was it about? >> it was about who gets the baby on the weekends. >> she was a good person?
9:04 am
>> yes she did not deserve that. >> you did not think something like this would happen? criminal, nobody could imagine that anybody would get a knife and stabbed her. film >>reporter: he says that this started as an argument on who would have the for the weekend. they want to know more information. they are trying to get more information about where he is and a wants police will get investigations we have given a description of the vehicle. as you can imagine, grieving and you can hear her crying from all sides. the neighbors say that this is a very quiet family and the did not any expect anything like this. off >>marty: thank you, craig. >>isabel: oakland police are
9:05 am
investigating a double homicide. this happened at 9:30 last night. the 200 block milliken meredyth. when police arrived, there were pronounced dead a short time later. halt the death occurred is still a mystery. in another homicide. at 9:30 there is no connection between these two incidences. the at single man was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> occupy protesters prepare for another did action. they are planning on moving into a vacant building. you can see this was their last attempt of making a public protest this was mid-
9:06 am
december they were locking the port of oakland in december. the itinerary for today is to gather at frank ogawa plaza. one hour later, they will have a march. after that, there will move into an undisclosed the vacant building location. and then, a celebration of food and music. >> a sexual assault involving a six year-old. overreaction from the principle. >> and hercules, the six year- old is allegedly sexually assaulting a classmate. the parents of the six your old say that the principle, the school, overreacted. these two boys were just roughhousing. this was not a sexual assault. if the mother of tried to speak to the principle but was not allowed to talk about what happened. the son was kept home from school.
9:07 am
the principal categorizes as a sexual assault which is edging not legal for a secure old to be categorized as a sexual assault. the parents have transferred the child, and hired a lawyer. >> a spokesperson for the school district in it is saying that we take any allegation of assault with a child very seriously. safety is our number one priority. >> a san jose state istudent is in custody this morning escobar grew to four women on campus. he is a junior but the lives off campus. investigators say that a surveillance video quickly found this suspect. this is what happened.
9:08 am
>> i woke up this morning and my roommate said that in the middle of the night, 4:00 a.m., her bed was shaking. she woke up, and found a man standing over her bed. when he realized that she saw him, he bolted out! it was creepy. police believe that he was going door to door in this complex looking for towards the were not locked. >> still to come, a bay area contractor to not plapay $600,000! she has been charged. >> take a look norah gorgeous view from mt. tam. it should be a beautiful day. we will be back.
9:09 am
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join us. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>marty: 9:11. >>isabel: welcome back. a $68
9:12 am
million fine for pg&e failing to provide safety regulations and safety practices to find the safety of a gas line. >> maygovernor -- jerry brown is receiving pressure. the california public utilities commission has been self- appointed derek director. these are raising concerns gov. jerry brown is being questioned on meese. >> dougherty is accused of giving false medical
9:13 am
information to obtain workman's comp wages. she is facing 57 charges. >> a look at the florida republican race in florida. >> take a look interstate - 80 pretty good. we will be back.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
♪ >>marty: it looks like we will have a gorgeous day. plenty of sunshine. >> breezy? >>janu: is breezy. take a look at that camera. it is breezy. clear skies but a gorgeous start. however, a chilly start
9:17 am
the afternoon will permit us plenty of beautiful breezes with the chance of sprinkles sunday/monday. let us talk about that chilly start. finally, warming up. still, only 37 degrees in santa rosa. and 40's and napa mid 40's in the south bay. as we see more 50s by 10:00 a.m. we will see that indicated by the light blue and the 60s indicated by the green on your screen. if your headed out tonight? not quite as cold with chilies. 40's. not quite as- called with still, chilly with 40s. chilly and cold with 40s there will be 60s through in
9:18 am
novado today. 69 degrees expected in santa rosa. the satellite and radar showing that moisture could clip the north bay. however, we will have dry conditions to the rest of the week. the seven day from the bayt will stay in the 60s with a mild start. it should warm up thi next week. >>marty: the florida primary is just a couple of days away. the republicans are campaigning hard. newt gingrich will be in west palm beach, and orlando. santorum is hosting a fund- raiser in washington d.c.. mitt romney is in pensacola, florida.
9:19 am
so much is at stake! how can you possibly unimagined cutting back the u.s. military? pakistan is dangerous. . it the world is not a more safe place. hall and the world can you justify reduce the military at a place like how -- can you reduce the military? >>marty: mitt romney is leading nine points. some state of the union address controversy about a joke and spilled milk. environmentalists and farmers are concerned and conservatives. >> some of these moments were good to some were not. >> one could have of forced dairy farmers could have spent
9:20 am
$10,000 to make sure that they did not spilled milk. with a role like tellike that, i guess they did cry over spilled milk. >>reporter: not only grown but environmentalists were concerned. spilt milk can be a serious issue. >> if milliken gets into a waterway if -- milk can extract the oxygen and the fish cannot survive. >> in petaluma, thousands. and in sabathis has happened in california derris bills is treated as the same as oil.
9:21 am
dairy-spill contains oil but non-petroleum based. the international dairy foods got the regulations lifted. they have changed rules to exempt tarif carry from oil rules accenting dairy products and dairy farmers from following the same. >> i have ordered every patrol agencies to eliminate rules that have not made sense we have already shown a 500 reforms. in the next five years it will save citizens tend million dollars. >> $130 million will save the millions for the dairy farmers. the president is sending about 500 of these rules will save the citizens of $10 million.
9:22 am
>> a public memorial for the late singer, etta jame.s a baby? but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska. and go spelunking with the guys. yeah, i said it-- spelunking. [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots. come on. it's pretty awesome. okay. just a few things we need to do first. [ laughs ] [ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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>>isabel: 9:25 etta james lost her battle with leukemia this was held and inglewood a public vigil. 'at last' was her most popular song. she would have
9:26 am
been 74 years old. >>marty: this 911 practic frant call.. gives details. >> catherine: in beverly hills, this is part of the call. >> what did she take? >> she took something and then the smoke is something i did not really see. she has been having issues. >> issue responsive? >> yes >> is she responsive? >> has she done this before? >> i do not know. >> catherine: the actress is an extremely thin after hers le het and she has been drinking energy
9:27 am
drinks, starving herself and inhaling nitrous oxide. her sponsor has recently died. believed to be a trigger. >> why is the ambulance and not coming? >> is she conscience? >> yes. >> is she on hereading? >> yes. >> yes she is -- breathing. >> the feminist, gloria steinem was going to be portrayed by demi moore however, sarah jessica parker has now resumed
9:28 am
that role. fat laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks.
9:29 am
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9:30 am
>>marty: police are investigating a 15 year-old girl murder. the father of their daughter comto leaves to be the leading suspect henry leon. >>reporter: then the members want to find this suspect as soon as possible. 1900 block of pacific he is the boyfriend of the 15 year old girl that was stabbed to death. here is his vehicle description that he left anin. spheresan leandro police e
9:31 am
trying to look for any clues. earlier, this was the family grieving. very upset. this happened at 6:30 last night. this is a quiet neighborhood. they say that it is a shame and a terrible thing that has happened. it happened. traumatic. >> my neighbor across the street had the little boy she was trying to comfort and calm him down. he was in such bad shape those children are going to need some very good counseling. this was just very, very tragic. >>reporter: one of the family members say that this started after a an argument. who would
9:32 am
have weekend custody? it escalated from there. there was never any sign that he would do something like this like a stabbing, or an attack. they have howhowever had arguments in the past. they want more information from the police. the police definitely want to find this man before anything else happens. >>isabel: thank you, craig. >>marty: in the east bay a sexual assault in broad daylight. this is a kron 4 exclusive surveillance video could help track him down >>reporter: we are protecting the identity of the
9:33 am
neighborh neighbor a witness. she says that oakland investigators are reviewing the video when it the woman was in between is white van. was he trying to pull down her clothes? >> he was already having his pants down and he was trying to pull her pants down. she should have used her can up meese. she was carrying her laundry. she was carrying her can of --mace. there is so much high traffic. cars were not even stopping fifth. and the dogs were barking i could not even imagines fire was taking care of my kids. i could not imagine- this was happening because i was looking after children at this
9:34 am
time. >>marty: the parents of a six year-old saying that there were two six year-old boys that were roughhousing on the school yard. the parents are speaking out. >> that night, the boys went outside of school and they were still playing. my son really insulted somebody? or if the other boy was hurt? this has been handled so poorly. >>isabel: the classification >>marty: the classification of a sexual assault is not illegal because his six years old. the parents are seeking legal advice. because the classification of a sexual assault against a six year-old is not valid. and some since
9:35 am
then, child has transferred to a different school. >>janu: sunny but cold. 46 degrees. temperatures are also warming up nicely still in the 30's. we are starting to see more 50s along the coast. 45 degrees in livermore. the same in the south bay. it has been chilly compared to yesterday. 11 degrees cooler in novadto - but 60s for this afternoon. mid 60s in the north bay. we will have
9:36 am
your full forecast coming up. >>isabel: vacaville police are invited to walk for jim kapoot will start at the home deopt registration = $30 dinner is included. had the 45 year-old was a 19 year-old veteran of the police apartment and shot as he chased a bank robber suspect. he was in 19 year-old veteran of the police -- department. >> when we come back, indianapolis super bowl downtown action! the zipper line.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>isabel: lake tahoe since nthee is snow up there, a great day. however, not that much traffic. easy to get to. let us take a look at these sales tax repeal. the petition for " repeal smart " was fighting a one-quarter cent sales tax. it would help fund part of the project. the
9:41 am
required signatures = 14,000. the only collected 5000 signatures. they are waiting to abouspeak with experts. >> supporters of mayor jean quan are saying that this is a divisive and however some say that she has not been a true leader. and she has not addressed the occupy protesters. this however could lead to a special election. >> a super bowl participants in will get a special bird's-eye view in indianapolis. it is a
9:42 am
zip line attraction is $10 officials are taking a loss on this but they want everybody to participate. it is next sunday between the patriots and the giants. >>jan: the oscars! hugo and the arit artist and moneyball and bridesmaids.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>marty: welcome back. >>jan: the oscars are going to be interesting. ricky was lazy
9:46 am
there were no production values. but i think the oscars are going to think different. money ball got nominated we're so happy in the bay area and that is what he is going to be thrilled about because he is a huge baseball fan. there will have a lot of passion for that. and some people say that he is cynical. also, when brad pitt and shows up. the room lights up. these are prestigious productions jonah hill aniunderdog and 'the
9:47 am
help' is great that it got nom inated and unusual nominations with 'bridesmaids' it is high comedy for supporting actress and screenplay with melissa mccarthy and jessica fontaine for the hlep and the artist. classic hollywood films can see
9:48 am
the derioiviteve awards as hugo is! you can see -- the derivatives. it is great. classic hollywood. " g hugo cut great technical support and recognition. it got great. it does >>isabel: son is that that little boy is so good. >> it is not just for kids! >> no. it is a great movie. this is a time of big stars. brad pitt, george clooney, a wonderful performance and a movie from iran for foreign fi lm and old dead starts.s.... gay
9:49 am
radnick a wiz comments that i the reference old, hollywood. >> and a mexican actor? >> yes. he was nominated for playing " at the gardner ". these are movies that should have been nominated. it made me crazy! we are running out of time. >> a dangerous method! if thank you for giving me a chance. . let us talk about the
9:50 am
weather. speaking of weather? >>janu: .a beautiful morning gorgeous. a bit of a chilly start with a touch cooler than yesterday but mostly clear. we will expect that sunshine to continue. light breezes and the chance for sprinkles clubbing the north bay sunday. temperatures clipping -- the north bay. 30's and 40's in novado but for the most part 50s for the board. as we go forward by 2:00 p.m., 60s. indicated by the green on your screen. pretty chilly with 30's and 40's. to
9:51 am
take a closer look on the south bay upper 60s through livermore, redwood, oakland and mid-cities for the coast. mid 60s -- for the coast. the satellite/rader showing this moisture hitting the north of us clipping sunday night and into monday. once that passes we will see dry weather continuing. we will see 60s. 9:51. >> facebook's their next story coming up.
9:52 am
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that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. >>isabel: another body has been recovered. the woman was not
9:55 am
wearing a life jacket she was found on the 6th floor of the vessel. the fuel removal has been difficult with choppy water. major concerns for marine life continues. >> in tech news facebook their ipo is possibly next week. the stock offering is three-four months. they are looking to raise $10 billion with their ipo. >> today is the last day for macworld and gabe slate's tech report. >>gabe: most had accessories to
9:56 am
keep your ipad cleaned. when you need to clean your screen roll it up, there was a soft microfiber inside. cases are also getting more elaborate. instead of just rubber, plastic eyes of several that were built and made of wood and blended with metal and glow in the dar k cases with a wallet and iphone. with items for both and the binding makes it look like a bible. therefore a lot of items for tools for the slide out opener and built in usb ports.
9:57 am
most chargers require that adapter. these outlets will allow you to charge your gadgets without taking up a standard wall unit. this is open to the public at $45 you can see and purchase of lexus therese. for more information, gabe slate's tech report on our website on that, things you for watching. join us tomorrow. catch us tonight also at 8:00 p.m. ♪
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