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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 28, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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late breaking news at the occupy oakland protest. protesters have broken into city hall apparently about 20 to 25 minutes ago, some occupy protesters broke through the doors and they went inside to city hall. we understand that police officers are responding to that situation. i am a different scene, i am at 24th and broadway right by the ymca. earlier about 6:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. about 100 to 200 occupy oakland protesters marched from frank ogawa plaza to the ymca. they decided to break into the gym, this is an active and gm this is not a
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vacant building. why they decided to break into here we do not know. the ymca does serve a lot of low income families. at this time we do not know why they wanted to breaking. police officers, quite a few were able to stop them and corner them next to the ymca. now, they're in the process of arresting these protesters and police officers say 100 if not more are being arrested in process at this point. >> their workers inside the building at the time and they lock the doors as they saw the protesters coming towards them and then the protesters broke in. we did call for mutual aid and there were some officers from berkeley, pleasanton pd that showed up. there will be officers from other jurisdictions that will show up throughout the night. we are planning on being here all night to make sure that this stops and make sure that the community is safe. >>reporter: this has been a
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cat and mouse game all day long. there are three different scenes, right now, some protesters have broken into oakland city hall that according to the oakland police. this is the second scene were occupy protesters tried to break into the ymca. earlier at about 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. they were trying to break into the kaiser building that is the vacant building that they wanted to take over and my colleague, kron4 jeff pierce has more on that. >>reporter: occupy oakland protesters clashed with the police on a street saturday afternoon and thousands and the police or a cat and mouse game as they marched through downtown. >>reporter: in a rally that began at city hall, protesters gathered with the goal of taking over and occupy a building somewhere in the city.
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>>reporter: marchers began to wind through the city streets. >>reporter: oakland police were scrambling to anticipate and block their movement. the marchers reached the vacant kaiser auditorium and there were faced with a heavy police presence and their first confrontation. >> i hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly. all those assembled must immediately leave the area. >>reporter: gathering on all street for a move to a second objective the confrontation became incensed when police war struck with objects. several
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arrests were made of the police tried to detain those throwing objects at them. cornered in downtown they had no choice but to retreat to frank ogawa plaza while the police read gathered waiting for what came next. >> i do not know how long it will go on the we are prepared to be here all night. >>reporter: we understand that three police officers were hurt today, one of them had cuts to his face appear early the police are saying that a protesters threw his bike on top of the oakland police officer and that caused the cut to his face. other officers suffered minor injuries there's always two sides to a story, one side you have people that support the occupy protesters that say they're doing the right thing but on the other hand there are a lot of oakland residents that are sick and tired of what these folks are doing because they are saying that the occupy
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protesters are draining the resources of this city. in the meantime, we have to get going to the oakland city hall to find out what exactly is happening there. >>reporter: we want to cut you loose, but we hear some howling in the background. and maybe you'll find this out and you get there how they would to get into city hall? was there no security there? >>reporter: we understand there is always security there but there are three entrances, a south instance --entrance and then east and west entrance. we do not know a thing and i have enough security but the police officers said that they broke through the large doors and when inside. this happened at about 7:40 p.m. so that with about 20 minutes ago. >>reporter: alright, we will
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let you go and check back in with you in a few minutes when you find out more information. in a married couple found dead in their car. investigators are investigating the personal interests in the case. we spoke with neighbors in the police about what happened. >>reporter: the oakland police officer said of started on friday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. when a concern employee a contacted the police after one of their employees did not show up for work, police arrived at a record of the 200 block and spoke with the individual in question. police said nothing seemed suspicious at the time. then the employer contacted the police again around 9:30 p.m. still concern about the missing employee. police visited in this town they discovered a married couple didn't touch their car parked in the neighborhood. police have not released the victims' names but did confirm that the couple lived in the neighborhood and the deceased woman was
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in her late '40's and the man in his mid-50s. they said found personally to be connected but are not releasing any more details of this time. >>pam: we have detained one person of interest. >>reporter: in west oakland police also reported in other murder last night, and 19 year-old was found multiple gunshot wounds the victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. investigators have no information or any suspects, or motive for the murder. and san leandro police are looking for a teenage suspect that they say stabbed and killed the mother of a child. there years. the girl's family is still in shock with the loss. the violence seemed to stem from a domestic dispute that spiraled out of control. >>reporter: emotions are raw
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here, one day after the police say 15 year-old girl was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. the family trust to cope with a loss. police say this man, the girl's boyfriend stabbed her and then fled. paramedics could not save the girl. they say started over an argument over their child is that if he being cared for by the family. and none month old baby.--a nine month old baby. >> we felt so bad for them, he was in bad shape those children are going to need some counseling. >> i cannot find when i heard them screaming. my son said malm something is wrong. i came out and that
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is when the kids were all in the street screaming. that while the two are getting past the have not seen signs of such a violent reaction. they are now left to pick up the pieces. >>reporter: this is the suspect that police are looking for he is believed to be driving a dark blue 2004 cadillac escalate with black rimmed with california license plate number has lifted. and this girl with only 13 years old when she disappeared in dublin. the plan monday night press service will mark the 23rd anniversary of her kidnapping. the girls careful lead a walk along the same path that she was last seen. the family says they still hope that some will come forward with information. >>reporter: the weather was nice to day with a divergence in the '60s and
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even the '70s. we have a lot of sunshine hallie know what fund is going to be like coming up.
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>>reporter: you are looking at a police officers one was injured during the occupy oakland protest today. 19 protesters have been arrested so far. police are in process of arresting about 100 or so protesters for failing to disperse. now we have confirmed that the occupy protesters have broken into oakland city hall. 12 decision 2012. newt gingrich got a good endorsement from a former competitor. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states.
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>>reporter: herman cain endorsement comes just days before the florida primary on tuesday. the two have released negative attacks on each other's campaigns, and meanwhile, they're focusing on voters outside the sunshine state. >>reporter: with only three days before florida's primary, mit romney newt gingrich are not wasting any time. >> this last went >> newt gingrich said he did not do to well because the artist was sold out the one before the city did that do well because the audience was too quiet so this is like goldilocks, he just has to have it just right. [laughter] >>reporter: all of the attacks were not that simple negative campaign ads are popping up across florida this one from mit romney.
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newt gingrich fire back with its own and. >>reporter: polls show mit romney has 30 percent of the primary voters and a gingrich has 29%. ron paul took his campaign to new england saturday. rick santorum has an event scheduled saturday night. he is expected to campaign on saturday--on sunday and florida. >> not taken the tack to
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the issues out there. it is run and you can't see mount tancam temperatures right now are in the '40's and 50's. santa clara 29 degrees, san francisco is pretty mild. >>reporter: there is a weather system london this pacific bell will jens touched us on wednesday. we have a chance for a few sprinkles or showers for the north bay monday before noon but it's a slight chance right now. here is the future forecast at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. mostly sunny and watch the hike out begin to
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increase for late afternoon and evening. most of the rain is on the coast. there is to front runner around 5:00 a.m.. notice the showers through much nonexistent. so rainfall totals for this even have increased. but the numbers are still pretty low about 2 in. in south bay 11 for the north bay and that represents about 30 to 50 percent of what we should have fallen time of year. tomorrow's temperatures to drop the day are cool and update freezing in some spots. hi is in the low to mid fixing not quite as woman to we had today. looking ahead for monday, cloud the in the morning
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with a sprinkle in the north bay and mike far north for a life sonoma county. bush tuesday morning after you. the same type of deal on when sen the storm comes through and let me guess, sunny and allow warmer fiat --.
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>>reporter: as soon as next wednesday papers could be filed with the security and exchange commission and by this summer the shares could be on the market. >> analysts have described this as pandemonium. >>reporter: when google went public it raised nearly $2 billion and facebook expected to raise 10 billion pushing the company's worth to 100 billion.
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>>reporter: just because you use facebook is not mean you should buy any steak n. >>reporter: the past 10 years give us plenty of examples that school or high and then crashed.1 facebook is my huge moneymaker right now last year brought in $4.2 billion and that is how much apple make it just about three weeks. >>reporter: recent technology ipos have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars from capital gains
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>>reporter: halling colson died when the plane that he was piloting crashed. his wife was the only other person on the plane. >>reporter: a first grader help to save his mom after an entertainment set fell on his mother. >> my mom told me to call 911. >> so i did.
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>>reporter: now student can tell where the ugg reboot kisco, but they cannot wither and during class. the teacher said the students are hiding them in the ugg boots the district said the man considered to cellphone problems improved.
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>>reporter: that are developing story, today cortes' i very heated. perhaps many as 100 people have been arrested tonight. we are working to bring you the very latest. >>reporter: and other group
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has come forward and has been given a green light for her--and will mature trying to me calm mayor jean quan. >>reporter: raphael is looked upon as agreed upon mayor jean quan have a serious push repeat his they can't at this position because they're concerned the first group's petition will not go through all of us what you read the same material with your old as i his cry and
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hantavirus has been the nasty in the sierra. mali have sunshine. through ramp short--tomorrow we have sunshine this could bring in this fight chance of rain.
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have broken into city hall and we have the details on what is 11. altman's >> this is as close--and apparently one of the will to vote on the tight end and it. advances in video and decided city hall or a trash can all relax. london were coming through and the team
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. in this event very fluid situation and now, some but in the but if city hall at about to did and build them of what visitors to the contras but in the where they went to vacate it a hall--city hall. >>reporter: to my left --the
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occupy junta to close at 50 hall hit a into the white into a van that >>reporter: have it will test the all then removed of hitting home? vermeil--
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>>reporter: until police have we don't -- >> will follow the story and will check back u.s. and asia find something, who back after this.
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>>reporter: unit in palo alto office in in the hat in hand at making you a player for years. >>gabe: of the world has changed and now they all have these devices we have smart phones, tabitha, had talked unit--maliki let out all the traveling-real-life is a huge issue. this will help you keep the get to charge. short this offers a great continue to treat your items charged with one drop
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board will once per month you toward the bag from your wall outlet. clark wanted had enough juice, power in and then on and on the button on the from the bag in your to sgt. cars--one her staff up bag that do this are 9 plan it had been on the market for awhile. >>reporter: have only charge and at hot iphone 4 times. if you're finding your dad to tell when they have a power drop may consider this. what
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>>reporter: sunset >>reporter: we do have some cooler temperatures for
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tonight and tomorrow morning. we also have some potentially wet weather. here is the future forecast. we're looking at clouds and rain and this is to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. jonathan >>reporter: tomorrow morning we have some cool numbers once again, low 30 and below freezing in santa rosa.
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>>reporter: we have another really nice day, mostly sunny, temperatures are above average. output for monday we have the files in the morning, in the afternoon and a couple of drops for the north bay. we have a very similar weather system are arriving on wednesday. >>reporter: luke are looking at video shot earlier in this leave made. if inkatha protesters broke into oakland city hall. hi a very heated situation in sudan tonight. now headed protesters are now headed towards the oakland and if
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we have requested that a tv cameraman has confronted by protesters. we will have reports
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>>reporter: her current president home, and shorter segment of less than to get is a need to get years of
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industry insiders. the al green '70s he is making it big comeback. his eiffel's have gone up 490 percent since the crowd then sang a few bars on jury what room humming--january 19th. >>reporter: 73 from host tv wonder performing ecological you'll laugh at a chain herniated--to the wonder and and christina at valero performed at. performedetta james honed--
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>>reporter: here is a part of the conversation from monday night. >>reporter: the actress is painfully then she listened to them from husband-to pitcher kerry of the reports from some of the delta on
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live at a very fluid situation. we have been following this story all night. da are you at the oakland police headquarters? >>reporter: that is correct. we have about 30 to 40 police in their right gear. for those that are not familiar with oakland police headquarters it is located these police officers have cedras leave mine--police
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officers have been blocking the protesters and they cannot get through. >>reporter: they basically are saying that the police officers are no good and that is why they're doing this. the occupy protesters started their march today at noon. three police officers were hurt, several people were arrested here. occupy
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protesters and as police broke it is city hall and- and it clear but there were things all over the face down on the first appearance it didn't now, they have marched down into the police headquarters right, and again, not talk the rev. hans kimberlee officers who lives with his justine of botkins one half a block away.--which didn't use the gym about one half a block away. >>reporter: we understand 90 people were arrested earlier today. as i think as the lady we get more than 100 people have been arrested. >>reporter: africa at the mention that the protesters were trying to break into the ymca.
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>>reporter: some protesters did make it into the winds yet cops actually arrested them. >>reporter: thank you, we have been chasing down the store on night will be back at 11:00 p.m. with more details thank you for joining us, if you then. dinner? candles?
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now, innocent, the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. demi moore, the dramatic call to 911. >> why is an ambulance not on its way right now? >> the investigation. we're breaking down the frantic moments before the paramedic ace rived. >> she overdosed on -- >> she's


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