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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  January 29, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PST

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>>marty: we have a new picture to show you of protesters setting an american flag on fire on the front steps of oakland city hall. it happened as demonstrators broke into the building. when this picture was taken police had not yet arrived on the scene. one protester was injured. >>ysabel: just before protesters took over city hall, they perform a couple actions around town. 200 stormed into this downtown ymca. this is video from 6:30 p.m., the gym was still open into many were still inside. officers arrested more than 200 people at this location. earlier in the evening, occupy protesters
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clashed with police. police declared a gathering an unlawful assembly and told them to leave immediately. police were hit with projectiles and several arrests were made. third >> many times i do not agree with the actions that are going on or i have disagreements. that is why we have a general assembly process. this city spends more money on its police and social services. we are not out there protesting, we're protesting because people need food, shelter and education. >> i felt that things went well until the police started with tear gas. at that point, there was more nervousness. there was more residents in the crowd. if the police would have held that it would of been better. started firing.
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>>ysabel: occupiers clashed with police at the kaiser convention center belief is- just between 2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.. 19 people were arrested at this point in the day. >>marty: all of this happened as a second recall petition drive starts against me and jean quan. the organizers will be out collecting signatures in an effort to oust the mayor. rule they say kwon is handled the occupy movement and that she has not been an effective leader. since this could lead to a special election or on a general election ballot come november. with >>ysabel: we are going outside to take a live look out letters. it was a really decent day yesterday. here's a look at walnut creek spirited it looks like it's starting to clear up as. la rance >>marty: little bit changes in store. >>janu: this is a love when at the approach to the bay bridge toll plazas. overcast conditions. rule will will
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currently 43 in oakland getting to about 62 by noon, hitting an afternoon high of 60 by the and holding back down to 56 ibm. since it is a little bit of a warmer start this morning. the north demands of the afternoon will be pretty similar to yesterday getting to about 67 in santa rosa and low 60s along the coast. mid-upper 60s for the south bay. " going widespread by 3:00 p.m.. light intensity with rates of sunshine. by levity and it will increase in density. women also have some rain headed our way.
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>>ysabel: the coming up on the kron4 news weekend, in new details on a man and woman found dead. >>marty: another live look outside, a resort city of seven discover van and a lot of places around the bay. we will be right back off. yeah
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is this thin leaves of one girl with this will have to involve low-level and you live is that it was the motion of my question of when the vienna if this lions hassle of a hi of half and the
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up on a story we have been keeping our eyes on from friday night. oakland police say a 15 year-old is behind bars and accused of killing his parents in this neighborhood. officers found a husband and wife said friday night in their car outside of their home. so robert kimmitt and susan paul. one of the of full years of the parents became concerned about their well- being. phillies visited the house twice. the first time everything seemed ok and the second time the bodies were discovered. an oakland teenager is dead, shot multiple times their eight and central street. phnom motive is known is handed
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the killer remains on loose. search for this 19 year-old accused of killing his 15 year-old girlfriend on friday. she is also the mother of their nine month old child. the couple apparently got into a heated argument over who would care to the baby over the weekend. he is believed to be driving a dark blue 2004 cadillac escalate. zip's >>ysabel: a policeman shot and killed, we will tell you like. ha if
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>>marty: we are back, kron4 news weekend. a 2:00 p.m.. a beautiful look at the golden gate. >>ysabel: it is quite lovely. yesterday we were
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talking about a sprinkle or too, is that still happening? to do >> we are still expecting that in the north bay. i will tell you about becoming a. chris, let's take a look from the roof camera. a mix of high clouds and the breaks of sunshine. we are waking up to some high clouds and patchy fog in the north bay and inland valleys. mostly sunny with an increase in cloud cover for the late afternoon and then, a slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay. first, let's talk about the temperatures. a little bit of a warmer start compared to yesterday but still seeing 37 santa rosa, nev., napa and fairfield. for those of you have about this evening, pretty chilly. for the most part, '50s to the rest of us very take a look at the overnight lows. we will muncie as many thirties. mostly forties
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expected tonight. there is a chance of rain tomorrow morning. the green indicating light sprinkle pushing to the north bay. by 8:00 a.m. it will start to dry out. and iran of also be very light. your 7 day around the bay is showing us a slight warm up in store. by the end of the week we could see 70's by thursday. >>ysabel: news this morning, an officer shot and killed in santa maria by a fellow officer. the patrolman was on duty early yesterday morning. other officers were sent to arrest him for allegedly having a relationship with a teenage girl. the officer reportedly
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resisted arrest, pulled out his gun and fired it. an arresting officer returned fire and shot him once. no one else was hurt. the police are not releasing his name. >>marty: a train collided with suv killing two adults and a child. a fourth passenger was ejected from the car. investigators say it happened around 4:00 p.m.. the driver apparently ignored flashing warning lights. last fall this rule
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murray made a big endorsement from newt gingrich from a former rival. levels >> i hereby enthusiastically endorse an unending dirge for presidents of the united
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states. thanks this comes one day after gingrich and mitt romney unleashed a tax on each other's campaigns in florida. z pull thing all
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on manhattan with her in a high and is his and mrs. russell as if a half >>henry: we now agresource hightower credit, but they hikes her nap. how leaf this man has a great educational web site em pan am i am as ceo of will at least it on my. credit is the foundation of your financial life and affect a lot more in you think. les eliases >>henry: his web site has a lot of free information. hess effects the industry
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panel most everything in your financial life and when you go to rent an apartment or via house employers can use credit records, not credit scores. recently california passed a law limiting the employers' ability to use your credit report in a jobs training. moths' house you have to be working with sensitive information like cash or private reformation. >>henry: it matters a lot to just about everyone. what goes into your resort? most of foreign factors the theme of his request to >>mark: that is 35 percent of your credit score. for 35 percent of your credit score is determined by the u.k. your bills on time? that is unlikely this today. it is
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very important to make the minimum payments. freddie utilization is a fancy term for how much are you revolving, how much debt are you revolving on your credit cards. that is a ratio that a convicted the amount of credit available. all >> it is the revolving credit that is a problem. >>henry: the length of your credit history. if you have credit cards, did not council of? >> 15% your credits or is determined by each of your credit history. if you have had a card since college, but it in a drawer, shredded, but do not cancel it. >>henry: credit inquiries. >> during christmas in particular, people go out and apply for store credit cards. each of these is a
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hard inquiry under credit file and it does lower your credit score. credit makes is the toughest to control. you have different types of credit but the mortgage, car loans, credit cards. >>henry: you can get a free credit score. >> yes. there are three places to check your credit. we check their credit doesn't negatively affect your credits were furious >>henry: i have to say, his web site has a fabulous education. if they also offer closer ways of monitoring your credit. it is a great site for its cookies. i've learned a ton. >> we have a team of journalists and experts that have been writing about credit for years and we run a tool, he need to check your credit score for
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mistakes. incorrect depth is one example. >>ysabel: here are more pictures from the protests. coming up a live report. stay with us. if if
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>>marty: protest. they battled police officers. as
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da lin explains at one point police used teargas and flash grenades to disperse the crowd. >>da: this is where police officers formed police lines to move protesters back into frank ogawa plaza. protesters were blocking traffic. i sought to arrest at this intersection alone. the big bird american flag outside city hall. officers moved quickly to force those people out and secure city hall. one protester did get hurt this in a dramatic step for ohio hospital. oakland
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police say about 40 protesters got inside the official said this cash and mouse game is hurting the city. >>ysabel: our coverage of the occupy protests continues. jeff pierce is
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outside city hall. von at the ymca, more than two of the people were arrested. here at city hall, but it is pretty quiet right now. some group of law-enforcement officers are getting ready
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for what might come next. of all >> are some occupy protests planned for san jose, santa rosa, but nothing in oakland. >>da: yesterday, when i was here, they said they wanted folks to come back down. describe it as a festival that was going to occur. since i think police are getting ready, they did not occupy a building yesterday, a very mel that's just a very well might try to do it today. >>ysabel: we heard the mayor talking about and using the wrong tactics. we are curious to know how many of those people are oakland residence. i suspect that once arrest numbers come out, police will identify that. >> i am sure that they will be looking at those numbers. i would not be
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surprised if there were a number of outside groups that participated in some of the destruction yesterday. house >> all we want to do if go into a building and land. >> said i think this inspires people. it has definitely been the hallmark of occupy iraq the united states. >>ysabel: occupy protesters also took to the streets of washington d.c. yesterday
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dignitaries were thick showered with glitter. the president was also among high-level attendees. protest comes just days before overnight camping is said to be ended at d.c. sites. a and atlanta, occupy protesters were caught spraying graffiti on buildings yesterday. have >>daniel: we are taking a live look outside out walnut creek. sunshine and cloud cover. we are waking up too high clouds. temperatures are warmer than yesterday but still pretty chilly.
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temperatures outside are starting to warm up a little bit. we are still clinging to the '30's in the north bay as well as the south bay. starting in the south bay, 67 for los gatos and morgan hill. this satellite and radar is showing of rain to the pacific northwest, i will tell you where and when you can expect. >>marty: an elderly woman begins in the east a hearing will have that story coming up the area yes athleta how
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>>marty: and 81 year-old woman is fighting for her life after being beaten and possibly sexually assaulted. employees at this tire store in richmond were opening their business when they found the badly beaten woman lying industry. what causes police are still searching for a suspect.
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>>marty: artists were in san francisco street in the walls with what they're calling environmental gold. there were empty cans of spray paint so that they could recycle them. artists call the project that can love project. they plan to use the empty containers to create art. >>marty: coming up, more than double homicide in oakland where the parents of a 15 year-old were killed. phil >>ysabel: is slight overcast. if we saw nice weather in walnut creek, right in the middle, it is still little overcast. hong
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of the june events and chatty
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>>ysabel: here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. janu >> a live look on the bay bridge, overcast skies. for the most part we're waking up the high clouds and patchy fog. mostly sunny conditions with an increase in cloud cover into the afternoon. a slight chances for goes for the north bay. let's take a look at our vendors outside. here's a look at current temperatures. when marino
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passing the north bay during the early morning commute and then leaves should dry out. as the
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>>ysabel: in a news around the bay, there are four man in critical condition after being stabbed in half moon bay. the victims were living in a wedding reception when they were approached. isn't was a fight broke out and the four men were stabbed. this law homilies are still searching for the suspect. >>marty: the 15 year-old son of a eighth murder couple is in question. the couple was found dead in their car. nichole shanafelt still with neighbors and police about what happened. this is your >> all of police say it started friday afternoon around 330 when a conservative lawyer contacted police after one of their employees did not show up for work. if the police arrived here said at his residence itself with the individual in question. police say nothing seen all this is at that time then,
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the nuclear contact the police again around 9:30 p.m., still concerned about the missing employees. police visited the residence and at this time discovered a married couple dead inside of their car harry is loren's police have not least of victims of these are but did confirm that the couple lived in the neighborhoods. the disease woman was in her late 40's, the man in his the '50s. investigators stated on the person believed to be a connection to the death but are not releasing any more details at this time. >> we do have an active investigation. we have one person of interest and investigators are interviewing at present. >>ysabel: the course of interest is the son. in from
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>>marty: just two days ago until for his presidential primary. mitt romney and it did gingrich are campaigning in this case. both candidates have a fierce contest in a florida. " low down but some endorse this had little impact of some endorsements have a big impact, we will see on tuesday the voters will decide. i wanted my supporters to know how i felt. as of all >> ron paul is focusing on main and nevada. stocks
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>>marty: let's get a check in with henry. >>henry: speaking of politics, you may have heard the president's state of the union and the debates but our experts was watching them commissary at them intently and discover things he may not have noticed. we will talk about the body language of the politicians coming up. have caused half
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>> that is excusable. revealed him to my defense and said that the advertisement was inexcusable and inappropriate. my father was born in mexico, my wife's father was born in wales, they came to this country fee, the idea that i'm anti- immigrant his or so.
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>>henry: who lit the fire under mitt romney? our body language expert is here to talk about a very easy is week in politics. that speech right there, what happened? >> that was a game changes. mitt romney always had a nonverbal advantage in that he looks like a president. if you're making a movie and one is of the late president, you would hire someone looks like mitt romney. in this debate, he came out a different kid. he came out for fear. that is the main thing. thoughts when you are that for fear, your body language reflexive. your more directly as confident curious to his hands out his pockets and came out swinging. call van >>henry: has a national approval ratings have gone down.
8:56 am
>> he hadn't played to a much more general audience. as the wanted to stay removed and president of. >>henry: news the rich. in what happened? >> his energy level was down. the consummate debater did not make it. since then >>henry: let's have a look. all >> the idea that you push out your grandparents by simply saying they cannot get a job, i think, all i want to do is allow the grandmother to be here illegally with some rice to have a residency was not citizenship so that he or she can finish their lives with dignity. >>henry: he stumbled. he usually does not stumble. what happened.
8:57 am
>> his energy was down, his eyes were down, his normally smooth delivery was halted. he was thrown five romneys precarious and attacked. >>henry: south briefly, santorum and paul. >> santorum came on very strong but unlike romney who came out strong and controlled, he came out with more finger-pointing in digesters above his shoulders which makes them look more out of control. paul came across as grandfatherly, he roars and warm. >>henry: would you think about the governor of arizona point your finger at barack obama. >> it plays well to her audience, but anytime you start winning figures that someone is a sign that most people do not like. audiences do not like that in general. >>henry: let's take a look
8:58 am
at some of the state of the union from barack obama. >> he has a smile. that is one of the reasons that his likability reason it's-just let ability ratings are still up. he has agreed to a new and smile. >>henry: his athleticism about his game, as it was he is wonderful to watch. the flows well. >>henry: we love having you on, carol, you are so insightful. >>henry: when we come back, redistricting. will you are voted for and who will represent you is changing. the to know? we have the guy who came up with the plan when we come back.
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>>marty: last night lee's estimated 500 demonstrators marched from frank ogawa plaza and attempted to take over the henry j. kaiser convention center. today, city leaders are saying that protests are wasting resources. >> oakland is tired of this.
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young people, think about your tactics and to think about who you are hurting. zero point is not your playground. >> some of the other issues we have, people really need police to respond but we have to deal with this which is very upsetting. it has to stop. it is beyond city. it is destructive and harmful. >> they destroyed a children's art exhibit. i do not understand that at all. >> about 200 protesters stormed into the downtown ymca on broadway. this is
9:03 am
video from about 6:30 p.m.. the gym was still open and many inside were inside and taken by surprise. police declared >> many times i do not agree with the actions that are going on but that is why we have a general assembly process. this city spends more on its police force than social services. we are not protesting because it is convenient, we're protesting because people need food, shelter and education. >> things went well until
9:04 am
the police start with tear gas. if the police would have held that it would've been better. >> all of this happens as a second recall petition drive happens today against the mayor. organizers will be up collecting signatures in an effort to alice oakland's mayor. they do not believe she has been an effective leader. >>ysabel: here is a beautiful shot from the golden gate bridge. not too much traffic.
9:05 am
>>da: overcast conditions will a little bit sunny. you can see the sun shining on the bridge. temperatures outside are slow to warm. 38 in fairfield, 37 and concord. 54 and half moon bay. the gray color indicates the concede some
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breaks in sunshine. this >>ysabel: still to come, in oakland demand is still on will lose, suspected of killing his 15 year-old girlfriend. >>marty: here is another live look outside and walnut creek were the overcast is beginning to lift. we will be right back. sven saw a
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>>ysabel: oakland police are saying a 15 year-old is behind bars accused of killing his parents. the victims have been identified. for fast and
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>>janu: we're taking a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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>>daniel: lets talk about their rain headed towards the north bay. mostly in the early commute hours. it is a band of white sprinkles, it should dry out by the 9:00 a.m. hour. any rain than does fall will be very light. as for the act in highs, a little bit similar to test this. mid-60's expected to fairfield and oakland. low 60s along the coast. finally, a look at the 7 day around the bay showing us that once we get past flight sprinkles will have a dry conditions for the remainder of the workweek. >>ysabel: an officer was shot and killed by fellow officers. the sleeve of allman was on duty early
9:16 am
yesterday morning. the officer reportedly resisted arrest, pulls out his gun and fired. no one else was hurt. police are not releasing his name. investigators say it happened around 4:00 a.m. when the driver ignored flashing warning lights and then veered around a rail crossing arm. six passengers suffered minor injuries. >>ysabel: united nations weapons officers are in oran. for ron says they're
9:17 am
only trying to leave your reactors for energy research. then ahead janu >> yesterday divers found a 17th body identified as a peruvian woman. 15 people remain missing. >> a big endorsement for gop candidate newt gingrich from a former rival. >> i hereby officially and
9:18 am
enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president. >> we have had about 18 debates so far and they're getting more fun as time goes on.
9:19 am
>> negative campaign ads are popping up across florida. >> polls show romney surging past gingrich. a survey shows from yesterday for the son of florida primary voters in the protest 29%. rick santorum has event saturday night in washington d.c..
9:20 am
>>marty: coming up we have a special moment from the iron man competition in australia. >>henry: the next time you go into a floating but he might be surprised to discover that the candidates with a totally different and there were last time. california's new districts. i do not think anyone means- tested one is exactly what that will mean.
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>>henry: for the first time in california history, the politicians were not the ones decided on a distance. it has to be done every 10 years after the census. for
9:24 am
a nonpartisan commission was reported. a former director of the census bureau is joining us now. it sounds complicated and confusing for. >> and hopefully we designed a district that has characteristics that bring people together and they can't let someone who is more likely to be concerned about their interest. >>henry: how do you discern where people live who have a common interest in and draw a boundary around that? >> we have to follow the rules that were established in the constitution. you also have the fall of the voting rights act.
9:25 am
>> you have to make sure that the districts are continuous. you cannot divide counties and cities.
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how, look for, in this, and the people. faugh we make sure that the bay area is represented for. for them is
9:28 am
still to come, more coverage of the occupy oakland protest. >> we will have video and hundreds of a demonstrators arrested. we will have the latest coming up. for this if if cahow when wife for
9:29 am
the rebel
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>>ysabel: we are back with our running story, occupy protests this, police are now stained up to 4 to protest and rested during a daylong demonstration yesterday. the damaged buildings including city hall and tried to occupy to build a half. the battle officers. it was a heavy police presence. at one
9:31 am
practically ceased your cash in a flash grenades. >>da: there were several clashes between police and protesters on saturday. the last confrontation happened late at night, this was where officers formed police lines to move protesters back into frank ogawa plaza. protesters in the intersection blocking traffic. i sought to arrest at this intersection alone. at about 7:40 p.m., occupy protesters broke into city hall and trash the building, burning american flag outside of city hall. officers moved quickly to force those people out and secure city hall. one protester did get hurt and paramedics transported her to highland hospital. an hour before that, protesters broke into the downtown ymca and the corner of 24th in the broadway.
9:32 am
oakland police say about 40 protesters got inside of the ymca, officers cornered those protesters outside and arrested more than 200 protesters. city officials say this cat and mosques city. >> oakland residents are very tired of this. young people, think about your tactics, think about who you are hurting. if oakland is not a playground. >> there are services were people need offices to a list of the week had to deal with this fifth fog flick have stop xmas and floyd is the odds of it. it is very difficult fan made fun over the historical model of city hall, they destroyed the children's art exhibit. i do not get that. >>da: that will for tested inside of city hall.
9:33 am
>> oakland police maintained a presence at city hall to mention the building was a. >>pam: your vertical investors have city officials feared the occupy movement is losing favor. the mayor said she will be taking reporters to the damaged.. the mayor told us that occupy protesters have caused an estimated $2 million from damages texaco just of vandalism since october. that left
9:34 am
>> we still have to clear all of those people, all we want to do is just go into a developing and in the. knopf how >> it and if they've been a hallmark. >> on the part protesters also connie hines the look
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and in his place and take
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can and will work
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>> hall some endorsements have little impact.. we will see on tuesday. i have always said, the voters will decide. i wanted my supporters to know how i feel. views as the >> ron paul is focusing his efforts on main and nevada. rick santorum is all of the campaign trail because his three year-old daughter has been admitted to the hospital with a serious genetic condition. the day
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of them on how we all have devices that would carry everywhere ago. well smart phone, the tabloids and laptops. if a battery life is not his issue. it has and technology that will help your data harsh. lough qr hence bad debt charge of
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devices are not new, with will and had had-why not
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contest commentators seemed shocked. >>ysabel: and we will see you back here at 7:00 a.m. on saturday.
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