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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> at 11:00 p.m. taking a stand against occupy protesters. >> violent crashes between protesters and police officers vandalism. >> this is probably the saddest day. residents have said that they have had enough. >> what they are doing is wrong now, and it has to stop. >>vicki: as this clean up continues so does the protests they have returned to frank ogawa plaza. we have not seen
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the chaos as last night they are on the stand by for anything. and >>da: the open to police officers are bracing for what his next february 6th it seems to be the date for the next major march. they returned on sunday after clashing with police officers on the previous night. summit just gotten out of jail. >> i do not believe i was doing anything wrong i was just protesting. >>da: dozens of officers parked inside of these fans were just blocks away. they are ready to respond. with these -- white bands. >> we are here to a dress anny
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possibly we are going to make any arrests, into anything necessary to keep the community safe. >> this and injured three officers, and at least two protesters. this violent confrontation on the saturday near the convention center. they thought the occupy protesters was unruly after the downtown vacant building. they also claimed that the protesters were seeking refuge inside the ymca. >> there would not let us leave after we got into the ymca >>da: after that, dozens broke
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into city hall. leg stolen from city hall. it ended are round- 11:00 p.m.. -- they broke into city hall. they've broken inside and burnt that american flag. now, most of bonhomme at this point. reporting live. most of -- got home. >>vicki: fasa mayor of oakland, jean quan felt violated as she saw the violence. . this is an emergency door in case of fires of this will have to be redone. there is a pretty good picture of what happened. this is
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probably the saddest and damage. we think the that is from the original architects model this is probably over 100 years old. >> the this collage of /collection of city managers it is been smashed. also we have a program inside of this room and it is been smashed. this is the 1% in spor-support. of the protesters this one did pretty well. mayor jean quan said the following. >> as soon visually, we ought to start the cleanup. >>vicki: 400 people were arrested last night. we spoke with police and protesters sheet shows us what happened and what they're doing as they are
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getting released from is it chi. >> after a day of protesters and police had a very long day. failing to disperse, most of these were cited, processed and released on the scene. however, 100 replaced in the glen dyer jain and the femailes were sent to santa rita some however had to wait to action speak to a judge. some tell their stories it took almost 20 hours. they
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are on their way back to join fellow protesters. >> i'm waiting for my people and i am going to go right back and help by community. and escalate the problems in downtown oakland to this marginal some of occupy oakland. >> occupy is a lifestyle. we are not going to stop until the federal intervenes and change happens. >>vicki: the oakland ymca is where dozens have broken in it during this video there were gathered by police. however, they left behind graffiti and the trash. a team coverage continues with more. on the cont fallingon page, graffiti ad
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even if you're in on the sidewalks. i stopped by earlier and there was an employee. >> pink pi---pink paint and clean-up continues using fastidious scissors. this tattoo shop kept everything locked during the riot. fortunately, no glass was broken but the business has been hurt. >> usually after a protest it is dead. however, before this happened we had more consistent foot traffic of people coming through. now there's a reluctance of people even coming through and now people or even
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speak of this reluctance to come through. >>reporter: some people are saying that there is a having a positive increase. on business. reporting live, alehandrea cerball. >>vicki: here is more. >> as the city crew continues, the oakland resident has had enough. >> i cannot get my streets clean but they're down here cleaned up after this mess is a mess it is ridiculous. >> these people are also unhappy that the police are not responding to crime in the city with the exception of the franco:. >> i am out of my place as a long time ago.
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>> they have been treating this like a playground. >> she wants the people to be sent for cleanup of their own. i want to put them into a cleanup graffiti for east oakland for a couple of months. >>reporter: they're going to continue to seek a stay away orders for these protesters but it will take time. >> eventually through documentation and the court process to " stay away order will be issued by a judge. >>jacqueline: >>reporter: >>reporter: if the order violates the stay away order? the will finally be put to jail. >> it has to stop. if they do not have consequences for their actions? it is going to continue. >>brian: this weather system in the northern california did show
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some light activity towards the bay area but what what is happening. it is losing steam. it is falling apart. light sprinkles just to the west of santa rosa otherwise, increasing clouds to start at midnight. fast moving system with some sun and your full forecast coming up. >>vicki: pieces in 2012 from the florida primaries who is leading? on decision 2012. the screen actors guild and the must see movie. in the nfl best. the
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hawaii pro bowl.
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♪ >>vicki: and comfortable lead by newt gingrich above romney. >> i think the election will be closer substantially, just 40 hours ago. i think there is a lot going on but the most significant things is that when you have both conservatives to gather it clearly will beat mitt romney. >>host: the governor of florida will also have his predictions on it the to state the door. >> it looks like governor romney is going to wind up that i had my druthers? do what i do and talk about jobs. people are
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worried about jobs. we generated 141,000 in the private sector but we still have over 900,000 out of work in this state. >>vicki: he courted the latin vote in hialeah fl and carved a pig. in sarasota, the candid it stayed home three-year-old isabella was admitted saturday night contracting pneumonia in both lungs. she has a chromosome this order. >>brian: this impressive storm
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system in this in washington state/organa. we are getting a little bit of that system. in washington state/oregon. >>brian: we could see a few sprinkles-the only-will be in sonoma, napa, north of the golden gate. clouds with the rest of the bay area. however, partial/mostly sunny and skies. here is midnight. the gray however, the clouds will increase towards morning. the sprinkles here, there, adopting the north bay. they would begin to depart by -- dotting the north bay. and not quite as warm as what we saw this weekend. we
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will continue to see high, thin clouds late 4:03 p.m. >>brian: no more freezing temperatures because of those clouds will create a blanket. mid-upper 30's in the north bay. 40s in the east bay valleys. a look at your 7 day around the bay but sunny, warm towards the
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end of the week. even at mid upper 60s. low 70s possibly. >>vicki: in the buzz, the sag awards marks the mid point. betty white, alec baldwin and jean dejardin for "the artist". and viola davis for 'the help'. etta james had a happy public memorial. it was an all-star tribute. 300 people gathered at
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the california church for a quiet send off. including performances by stevie wonder, christina and killer >> christina agulieara >> she meant the world to be and i felt the law in the room. >> this is a huge week for madonna. gimme all your lovi',n will be released on friday in she will releasthe performing tr super bowl on sunday.
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>> the nfl were in hawaii. n f c-afc. the san francisco 49ers were in the game. the afc had final victory. 59-41. >> one small step for a lego
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>>vicki: some scary moments for these passengers from portland oregon when one of the planes into in the air, the planes injun stopped working. the planes injumotor -- stopped wor. >> check this out, this was a weather balloon, for cameras and 8with four cameras and a lego
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man! that is it! have a great night.
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