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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 30, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>justine: the power outages are happening between van ness and franklin and 80 to ellis. some 360 customers are affected. pg&e and san francisco police are on the scene. there are flyers in the road to help direct people since many street lights are out. pg&e does plan to have power restored by 8:30 a.m.. now, we have the latest developments out of occupy oakland. we have amateur video to show you of
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protesters wrecking city hall. check out this video. this is one of the first clashes between police and protesters. you can see please pull a female protester in her bike to the ground and then arrest her. this continued throughout the weekend. last night occupiers turned to frank ogawa plaza. police say they are on standby for anything. da lin shows us what happened with occupy oakland this weekend. >>da: occupy protesters did not cause any problems on sunday but city officials are now bracing for the next big demonstration. occupy protesters voted to hold a major march on february 6th. occupy protesters returned to frank ogawa plaza on sunday after clashing with police officers on the previous night. >> i do not believe i was
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doing anything wrong. i was not breaking any laws. i was protesting. >> police kept a watch on protesters, but added distance. fezzes officers inside were parked a few blocks away. officers stand ready to respond. >> sufficient staffing to address the many potential acts of vandalism, but central crime or violence towards anyone to, we are prepared to do that and prepare to make arrests. >> oakland has had some of the most violent clashes between police and occupy protesters. the chief says that saturday's demonstration injured three officers and at least two protesters. the violent confrontations saturday afternoon near the convention center, officers thought the occupiers were taking over the vacant building. both sides through objects at each other. later in the evening police arrested more than 200
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people outside of the downtown ymca. police claim occupiers broke into the gym. protesters say they were trying to escape from officers. >> they give us a dispersal order but then they would not let us leave, so we went to the ymca. >> an hour later, dozens of protesters broke into city hall. this video shows protesters burning an american flag stolen from city hall. it ended around 11:00 p.m. with more arrests. to make sure city hall is safe, officers watched city hall over night. >>justine: we have team coverage of the occupy protests as they continue. jeff pierce scored oakland city hall and shows us let happened. >> as mayor of oakland, the
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mayor felt violated as she surveyed the damage inflicted on city hall. >> apparently will decency this they put a crow bar type of instrument here and hit the emergency release. this is probably the saddest damaged. we think this is the original architects model of city hall. >>reporter: city crews have already painted over graffiti walls, >> the irony of this term is, this is the room where we have our new homeowner program.
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>>reporter: >>justine: in all, police arrested about 400 protestors. will have continuing coverage of what happened in oakland with more on the arrests and town neighborhood businesses were affected. let's get an update on weather and traffic with erica. >>erica: right now, we are running on the mild side with temperatures sitting in the 50's and '40's. there are no complaints here in the weather center. partly cloudy conditions. we have wet weather activity well to the north. we have a lot of clouds streaming to the bay area. temperatures will be slightly cooler with a mixture of upper 50s and low 60s. overnight we will continue with mostly cloudy
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conditions that some temperatures go ahead close to freezing. here is a look at numbers right outside the door. 48 in napa, no vital and oakland. mild conditions along the peninsula. as we see exactly how much warmer it is this morning compared to yesterday, check out santa rosa. 12 degrees warmer. not much change for san francisco. it looks like warmer conditions in the north bay, fairfield is about 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures will be in the low 60s. some spots along the coast will come in at 58. as we turn our attention to the north
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bay we will see a mixture of upper 50s and 60s and partly cloudy skies. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows pretty mild weather on tap for the next several days. checkout friday heading into the weekend. and here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge to the toll plaza. the ride is 14 minutes from end to end.
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>>justine: we will take a quick break and be right back. here's a live look at the james lick freeway instead of this book. hawks
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>>justine: we're taking a live look outside from our roof camera in san francisco, there is no fog to talk about. newt gingrich is creating a leak. the most
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significant thing is, when yet the conservatives together we clearly beat romney. >> it looks like room is going to win. the board about jobs. 900,000 people are still out of work. that is our biggest issue. i wish it would talk about that more. fifth half fan off
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fifth daughter of excess of the fifth his face stiff state and have a vintage year for his youngest daughter who was admitted to hospital on saturday night. she had lived in will laugh disorder. we have much more ahead on this is monday morning. let's take a live look outside the golden gate for traffic is hough
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>>erica: here is a live look from our roof camera in downtown san francisco. it is a clear start to the morning with no fog to contend with. many locations in the upper 40's and low 50s. the wet weather that we see on satellite intended are is staying well to the north. i do not think will pick up any sprinkles. this afternoon it looks like he will be topping out in the upper 50s and low 60s. slightly cooler the low we saw this weekend. we have 70's in store as we move closer to the we can carry a more on that and the extended forecast. the last time we did predict some sprinkles from four of the golden gate ave lot of the what the other accident is situated in the pacific northwest and starting to slide in closer to us. we will not see any rainfall here in the bay area but because of a high cloud
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cover that has developed, it looks like temperatures are running on the warmer side this morning. 40 is the common number in many cities. in nevada, low 50s. a mixture of '40's and places like los gatos and san jose it. future cast 4 rose by 10:00 a.m., the like this in detail status everyone making their way to the fifties. as we evans closer to the afternoon in some of the north bay areas, upper 50s in actually reaching 60 indicated by the green on the screen. most north bay locations billing into the south bay as well, as it closer to the overnight hours, check out 11:00 p.m., the purple indicates some locations like petaluma and napa dropping back into the thirties. we will have a brief frigid morning as duplicates market as it
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turned out the afternoon highs it looks like low 60s for pretty much everyone. some spots like half moon bay will only make it up to 53 degrees. 63 on tap for those of the in oakland. your 7 day around his forecasts does show sunny conditions, some pretty frigid morning the temperatures in the 30's. afternoon highs are still well above the seasonal average and could actually reach 70 degrees as we move in closer to friday. the approach to the bay bridge is nice and easy out of oakland towards san francisco with traffic flowing freely up the incline and across the upper deck. on the san mateo bridge we do not have any special traffic advisories or delays. from the golden gate bridge southbound 101 is pretty quiet with very
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few cars. the ride is 23 minutes out of novato towards san francisco. the green indicates speeds over 50 mi. an hour. the drive time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway is just 10 minutes. >>justine: there was a stabbing on sunday at a wedding in half moon bay ferry police say that four men were stabbed when they were leaving a wedding reception fan were approached by two men. the victims went to the hospital where they are expected to survive for. now, police of for the suspect's. a hispanic male between 18 and 20, 5 to 6 in. with a chubby face, a light complexion and
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a short crewcut hairstyle. the other is described as in his death man in his 20s, 511 and 150 lbs.. witnesses say he had black curly hair and a long from the face. anyone with information is asked call police. yosemite national park is planning to cut the number of hikers on the icon a dome of >>justine: 300 people a day is a horrific and belarus to
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take it is heavy in the palace before. he did suffer from some minor cuts and bruises but refused to go to the hospital. new details amidst those violent occupy protests of the weekend. another group has come forward and given the green light to get signatures to recall oakland near the if as dan kerman tells us, this group is saying guarantee for a and b rioja, and it and liquor it meant a and a
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and police ferrous alexian go technicality. that is why his group is moving forward with their own petition. " when >> we do not think that their petition will survive the legal challenge at the end. >> if supporters have said any recall effort is a divisive. he says that just the opposite is occurring. >> i see people from the hills the last of west oakland if and the far reaches of east oakland all working together. ski has all colleges some >> of high on the general election in november. they have until july 2nd to get
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nearly 20 ballot signatures on his petition. if the first groups petition is ruled invalid, the mayor would still face a recall. >>justine: it is time for national news. at least 10 who all were fill in a series of crashes onto highways in florida and 18 others were injured. authorities blame the pilots involved in at least a dozen vehicles on port visibility from smoke from a nearby fire. one man who has minor injuries described the scene as mass chaos, people crying in some stuff in their vehicles. ha >>justine: a delta plane skidded off the roadway, the
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pilot asked to be towed to the gate. there was no damage or injuries, it is unclear what caused the plaintiffs did. some scary moments for passengers on a horizon there some of the plane had just taken off when one of the cleveland owens stopped working. this is video from his cell on of one of the passengers. the pilot quickly proclaimed around in a in emergency landing. we have much more ahead. we will take into break in we will be back with much more on this monday morning. definitely stay with us. here is a live look outside haugh off, it is a rather dark out there. we will talk more about the week ahead when we come back. the imam
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>> it twitter says they now have the ability to direct tweets on the country by country basis. until now twitter was forced to leave tweets from its servers but now they can block tweets only in a specific country but the rest of the world can still see the tweet. why would they do this? in a blog post explaining the move, the company specifically pointed at france and germany banning pro not the content and was vague about what would or would not be blocked. it has led some to worry especially since it twitter posts were helping to fuel revolutions of the middle east. that's
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literacy ito once boasted, we are the free-speech wing of the free-speech party, but he is facing some high- profile resistance. one chinese artist says if it twitter sensors, he will stop using twitter. horse costs twitter is getting support from an unusual source, the electronic frontier foundation. they say that twitter is not above the law and admits that they are doing its best in a tough situation. if someone objects to what you have posted, twitter will contact you explain why there are withholding a tweet. anyone in that country will see this, a message telling them that your tweet has been blocked. some think there may be a way around it. twitter automatically
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detects what country you are in but you can manually set your country, we have tried setting our location to the united states and it appears to work so it looks like there could be an easy away from around the new features. >>justine: we have live pictures into the newsroom out of downtown san francisco where there is a huge power outage. we will have a live report on what this means for you when we come back.
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>>justine: td needs tells us over 360 customers are without power. if yoli aceves is out there live this morning. what do you see? lights are already
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flashing. >>yoli: there has been quite a bit of progress. if it seems there are only maybe three blocks, at this intersection, it is this blob and then the next two blocks over that are still without power. it looks like it is really only the light posts that are not working. atom of the san you still have a lot of police used to it. to direct people and that the half to downtown
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san francisco, we are carbine out it the and it is wine cooling has been down debt. leave pinole a period of killing his 15 year-old girlfriend on friday. she is also the mother the apparently got into a heated are horrid wallet a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a pod hate is a minute. now, let's check in with erica for a check on it and traffic. >>erica: by leveraging and as this morning was that was pretty mild temperature
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britain and, we are seeing high clouds. they're acting like a blanket, it shouldn't temperatures industry this the lefty's political and into the back as we head into the afternoon, most locations will be hovering right around 61. a lot of places will be in the upper 50s and into the overnight hours we will continue to cycladic conditions the temperatures could draw closer to freezing. here is a look at numbers outside the door, you have to bring a jacket. 48 is the common number for the morning. mild conditions along the peninsula and along the coastline as well. faugh been as we see exactly how much warmer it is this morning compared to what we saw yesterday, the biggest increase in temperatures is really up into the north
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bay. we have not seen much change in places like san francisco. in box saw at the tip at in places like mountain view and san jose would actually reduce the '60s. by 11:00 p.m. we will see purple which indicates 30 in east it is like petaluma and nafta. soon cannot contact with some of the same for hayward and fremont. upper fifth to
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famine of a fog and antics of sun and clouds. fcc a look at the weekend highs, for the lowe's farce off we will see some of his at least in the avers 53 1/55 live divided fumbles and efficiency if state to address deficiencies from favor of looks good. the senate failed thrift it'll problem free.-for southbound 101 and the pretty easy ride. >>justine: the latest developments out of occupy oakland fifth, occupy our eyes burned to frank ogawa on. we did of the chaos that we fall on saturday. police say they are on standby for anything. >>da: it was a peaceful
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night of sunday in oak had a very different scene compared to feather the chaos. about 100 protesters returned to have babylonish left and held a large part to the doris haag part-time people the. officers are ready to respond any of >>justine: our team coverage continues of those occupy a flow sphene left nichole shanafelt shows of what happened to those that were arrested in what they're doing to be released from jail. >>nichole: this was the scene at broadway and 14th. hundreds of protesters were arrested after a day of clashes between demonstrators and police.
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police arrested nearly 400 people on charges ranging from failing to disperse for the vandalism. the sheriff's department confirmed most arrested recited, processed and released on the scene while more than 100 were booked and process and in jail and oakland. females were sent to santa rita jail. of those arrested, authorities for a seventh vote on a more severe charges to stay in jail until they were seen by a judge. this man says this of nearly 20 hours to be processed. the along with others say they are on their way back to join fellow protesters. >> i'm waiting on my people to get out of jail and i'm going back to the plaza for
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>> we have to get rid of this marginalize system of capitalism. >> i will definitely do that at the plaza every day. on division is a live south. it is never ending. change has to be made free if >>justine: and the downtown oakland ymca, police say about 40 people managed to breaking and saturday night. alejandra cerball shows us how the command of the damage and now tells us what people are saying about what happened over the weekend. >>alejandra: you can see traces of heat of an uncle for on the grounds. fleas use cleaning spray and scissors to remove some of the damage outside of the ymca. they had to spray and washed the sidewalk on broadway. one block away,
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this tattoos often locked doors to keep customers that were inside safe. the owner says that fortunately there were no windows broken. >> usually after a protest for something, it is a dead. >> of we will continue to cover occupy protests. we will have a live report on the kron4 and is coming up at 580 of. before 5:00 a.m. will have a lot more to talk about including when it is going to face. we will be right back. fifth off fat
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faugh its at keck have had
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>>justine: and nationalism and a hearing for the amenities of attempted murder of a united states president will happen today. eight judges will determine whether or not he
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should gain his freedom. his lawyers are also asking for a permanent release. prosecutors are moving to block the proposal saying that he believes he still poses a threat. >>robin: all expected to be in court today phi pham. >>justine: we have much more ahead, from will take another quick breakfast, i hope your day is already off to a great serve. we will
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have an update on the palace outage in san francisco in just two minutes. clear is a live look at what is happening in walnut creek.
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>>justine: a quick update on a developing story in san francisco. this is a live look from downtown. the crews are working to restore power between van ness and a fine line and eight analysts. for 360 customers have been in the dark since 7:00 a.m.. pg&e in san francisco police are on the scene. you can see from the live pictures death the street lights are flashing. there are not working. that is what police are on the scene. it is not that apartments or businesses are without power, it only seems to be affecting street lights. pg&e tells us they hope to have power back by 8:30 a.m.. we are watching message wishing because we know that it could affect the morning commute.
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>>justine: to earthquakes haven't near the geysers in sonoma's counties last night. a 341 magnitude happens almost at the pm located north northeast of the geysers. a second one, a 342 magnitude followed just before 8:00 a.m., it was about 2 mi. north northeast . >>erica: i want to focus in on traffic conditions. we do not have any hot spots that look at the san mateo bridge, traffic building westbound. we do not have any delays in getting to the bridge, at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic building. if we do not have any major delays for metering lights to deal lift. southbound 101 shows for a traffic conditions moving at the limit. coffee
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from the traffic maps you will see the green in this case if over 50 mi. for our for your ride out of novato. i have been checking with the chp, fleas do not have a single accident to a court in this area to carry the right is coughing in at just 23 minutes from a bottle to san francisco 50 f for those of you taking it public transit, from the very checks showed that for ace train, four are running on time. >>justine: one of the biggest on-line games is about to get more social. >> whether you are a business executive with a smart phone or a third > ipad, there is a good chance to have played in rebirth. now, the act will be available on facebook. the developer of a rebirth said it launched the game-- it will launch the game this
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valentine's day. many people cannot stuff plane. fox facebook has 800 million users from the world. for to >> researchers are saying that people may be much more likely to life when text messaging. this study
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was conducted by wichita state university in university of british columbia. researchers say it is easier to lie in a text message or in person because people do not feel as scrutinized. >>justine: sunday's pro bowl was the highest foreign of froebel ever. nine 49ers and four leaders were named to the pro bowl. >> indianapolis is batting down the hatches to protect civil fans from defense and fast as from descending on the city of sirte if they have fed nearly to the thousand dollars to replace the 150 manhole covers. the
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game is sunday, the new york giants and the new england patriots. much more ahead, we will take a quick break, here is what is happening on the golden gate bridge. for for if knopf affect off
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half ... half what it
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>>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions from the roof camera over downtown san francisco. for the most part it is a clear start to the morning with temperatures on the mild life. it looks like the wet weather we predicted could season sprinkles in the north bay and has stayed well to the north. this afternoon will see temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. we could actually see 70 degree
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weather as a moving closer to the weekend. more on that in the extended forecast. 45 in nevada, 46 is the common number for napa and fairfield. for the temperatures this afternoon will be slightly cooler compared to yesterday fairfax as we turn our attention to the north bay, for a little cloudy skies. if you are headed to topple, the sierra forecast looks pretty present. there is no new snowfall the evil money your change on interstate 80. for the most part, mostly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the '40's.
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for overnight, temperatures could get into the teens. your 7 day around the forecast shows mostly sunny conditions over the next several days. friday we will see an abundance of sunshine and temperatures that can actually reach 70 degrees. fast fog off for >> stanley roberts tausan m and >>stanley: on the bay bridge, just before the s- curve, the theme of its 50 mi. per hour. then, it drops to 44. for this black for lincoln town car was pace 68 mi. for an hour. he got to have a chance--he got to have a talk with officer: volumes from the highway patrol. >>officer: deal with is the limit is on the fritz? it is
4:55 am
55. >>stanley: pay attention to the driver of this car. pace at 70 mi. per hour and a 50 mi. per hour present. the driver never slowed down which would suggest that she was unaware that she is being faced until she got instant notification from officer: williams and his silence. she did not know how fast she was going but based on the cellphone in her lap would probably new- line. this car was doing 80 in a 65 the when the officer tried to pull him over, listen in. >>officer: fed's it to the right. phase of the right to. go to your right! to your right! to your right! get out of the center divider, go to the right hand exit the freeway. >>stanley: need i say more?
4:56 am
this silver car was tased between 82 and 84 on highway 280. the speed limit is 65 on a clear day. the driver got cold over. the driver did know enough to pull into the turnout which is a good thing. just before we pulled over this as tv, listen to this seat the broadcast. >>stanley: in case he did not catch that, someone thought i was holding the office are was riding with on van.. >>justine: the sad awards
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were handed out last night in los angeles street is the fifth win of the hollywood award season. phallic of baldwin and teddy white took top honors for television fear in modern families one fast, decaf in the artist won honors for this assignment film and viola davis for the help. best ensemble cast also came from the help. this ad wars are the only industry honors the solely recognize performers. now, let's look at what movies made money. floyd >>justine: we have much more ahead, here are live pictures out of the san francisco where a power outage is affecting a lot of busy streets in the
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downtown. plus will have the latest from the fallout from occupy oakland. that is all coming up at 5:00 a.m.. if fan fog defense for rabin
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>>darya: about 400 protesters were arrested for the week and because applied to disperse and vandalism. the mayor says she now wants a court order to keep our
5:01 am
occupy protesters to have been arrested several times out of oakland. but the protesters broke into city hall arm saturday smashing glass and display cases. the occupy protesters have cost about $2 million in damages and baalism. the cost for the city totals 5 million. will damage >>will: they will have to come out and power was city hall again. there is a lot
5:02 am
of work going on. here is video of police officers scrambling to get to city hall to make sure that it was safe. >>mark: in washington d.c., the national park service is a warning that those who violate the camping world will be cursed out. that
5:03 am
will be at noon our time. 19 year-old henry leon committed suicide. he hung himself and found his body near the port of oakland on saturday. he was accused of killing his 15 year-old girlfriend on friday. she is also the mother of their nine month old child. sfax the two apparently got into a heated argument over who would care for the baby over the weekend. a developing story out of san francisco, hundreds of people are without power in downtown san francisco.
5:04 am
>>yoli: it is unclear how far this hour outage went. they said there were outages all leasing geary street which is a 4-5 blocks this way. piccinni just arrived in this intersection. the whole town of our lights so that you did see how dark it really is. at this point it seems it is only the light posts that are out. i am able to see power in some of the building. they were able to get lights on the intersections.
5:05 am
>>mark: a chance of a sprinkle, maybe. let's get a look at the forecasted erica. >>erica: lee could catch a sprinkler to north of the golden gate.
5:06 am
>>george: with are not
5:07 am
tracking and the hot spots around the bay area. the senate say a bridge is clear. on the golden gate, a look at your ride at 101, a traffic looks great heading in from marin county. in the south bay, 101 looks great. there are no problems on 85 through the west valley. no. they ride, 101 marin county and southbound, an easy trip south from the bottom to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes to get you going on this monday morning.
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>>mark: facebook could start on its stock options this week. taking a look at u.s. stock features this morning, they are negative ahead of the opening bell. the european meeting is getting under way as greece continues to negotiate its bailout. right now dow futures are off 76 points. >>darya: 5:11 a.m., we are back with more in a couple
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of minutes. here's a look at the toll plaza, the approach to the bay bridge. pretty quiet. visibility is not too bad. we will be right back.
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>>darya: let's take a peek at some of the current temperatures around the bay area. san francisco we can up to 52 degrees. >>mark: a series of pileups at a florida highway leave 10 people dead. here is the scene outside gainesville florida. authorities blame to the pile up of a dozen vehicles on a poor visibility as heavy smoke drifted over the freeway from a nearby fire. a man
5:26 am
who had minor injuries described the scene as mass chaos of people crying and some stock in their vehicles. emergency personnel had to listen from people crying out from their vehicles.
5:27 am
>>darya: but we are back in just a couple of minutes. a weekend of violence in oakland. more than 400 people arrested in the occupy protests of the weekends. we will take a look evidence
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: occupy protesters clashed with police of the week and leaving more than four moderate people arrested. the clashes were punctuated by rock and bottle throwing from protesters and tear gas by police. classic cases--glass
5:30 am
cases smashed. the repeated demonstrations that have caused the financially troubled city to spend about $5 million. the mayor took a tour of the damage inside of city hall yesterday. >> from the video, which conceded that a kron4 type of instrument heather to hit the emergency release. >>darya: workers are headed into city hall and a few hours to see what kind of cleanup they have to do. >>mark: a 14 year-old is behind bars accused of killing his parents. the couple was found dead in their car outside of their
5:31 am
home. one of the employers of the parents became concerned about their well- being. please visit the home twice. the first time everything seemed ok and the second time cover the discover the bodies. new details as police believe the man suspected in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend has been found dead. >>darya: let's head back allies to oakland in and check in with the goal trend. he is there >>will: there is a lot to clean up. and about 90
5:32 am
minutes the department of public works will be out here. >>darya: about 400 people were arrested in the commotion over the weekend protest commotion. >>mark: let's get the latest on the forecast for america. >>erica: overall, pretty pleasant conditions around the bay area. clear conditions overlooking interstate 680 and walnut creek. the high clouds are keeping temperatures on the warm side. upper '40's and low 50s right outside the door. partly cloudy skies.
5:33 am
overnight, mostly cloudy conditions. here is a look at officer's desk-here's a look at numbers outside the door. as we check out what is on tap for the afternoon, los 60s for the most part. looking ahead to the weekend, we could see temperatures in the '70s for places like santa rosa, upper 60s for saturday and sunday. in my next report, a look at the full 7 day around the bay forecast and a closer look at where these temperatures will go.
5:34 am
>>george: the good news is we are not tracking in the hot spots. we were looking at some signal light malfunctions in san francisco on van ness ave. according to pg&e those have pretty much been resolved. your ride on the bay bridge is about as good as it gets. a light in the easy ride without delay or incident. there are no delays on 92 at 880 or 101. the right to and from marin county is light into the late free in both directions.
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>>darya: let's take a peek at temperatures to the north, and nobody is 45 degrees right now. what a nice date. a dry and sunny day. we will be right back.
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scotts cysts kohen chief if
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the >>justine: we are following decanted it this morning. mitt romney and it did gingrich are can fitting hard before the fourth primary. offs support some
5:39 am
sven >>mark: yesterday was the pro bowl. the second-highest scoring pro bowl ever. brandon marshall from miami caught a touchdown pass in every quarter in was named the game's most valuable player. the game was the first pro bowl for 36 of the players who repair. in indianapolis, they are battling down the hatches for sunday's game. they have spread merely tinted thousand dollars replacing 150 manhole covers.
5:40 am
>>darya: the raiders will be announcing their new head coast today at noon. their raiders have gone for nine seasons without a winning record or playoff berth. he will be introduced at the team's training facility in alameda. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. be cost and when
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when bubba baba baba bubble
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in it as character is the limit is 80 m.p.h.. it, it dropped to 40. this black lincoln was tased at 68 mi. per hour. he gets to have a chat with officer: williams of the california highway patrol. >> do you know what the
5:48 am
speed limit is on the bridge? it is 50. >>stanley: pay attention to the driver of this great car. the driver was tased at 70 m.p.h. in a 50 mi. per hour zone. of all the driver never slowed down which would suggest she was unaware that she was being paced. she got into notification from the officers sirens. she was not aware of how fast she was going. based on the cellphone in her lap, would probably know why. this car was doing 80 in a
5:49 am
>>stanley: listen to this broadcast. >>stanley: in case you did not catch that, someone thought i was holding the officer i was riding with at gunpoint on the freeway. >>mark: they took the camera for a gun? better safe than
5:50 am
sorry. >>darya: it took one hour for firefighters to rescue a man standing on a 200 ft. cliff in daly city. >>darya: yosemite national park is cutting down on a number of hikers fallout on house down. that is is an environmental assessment of the wilderness area is approved. in past years up to 12 other people a day were allowed to make the track. rangers say the clouds--crowds make the climb unsafe because hackers cannot quickly come down if there is a storm because it is a slick route to down.
5:51 am
they will limit that from 12 other people to 300 people a day. >>mark: scary moments for passengers on a horizon flight that had just taken off from portland. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. let's take a peek at the approach to the bay bridge. hough
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5:55 am
>>erica: there are no complaints in the weather center. clear conditions and mild temperatures as we start out the morning. here is a look at temperatures right outside the door. san francisco is the warmest spot at 50 degrees.
5:56 am
>>justine: the president will be answering questions submitted by and voted on by over two to 25,000 people via. the interview is at 5:30 p.m.. it will be strained live on the white house global + page. the grey was the top will be at the box office. underworld awakening came in second place. >>mark: the key for joining us on this monday morning, we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. coming up, over 400 arrested. the
5:57 am
>>darya: here is a live look at the golden gate and it's current temperatures. san francisco is at 52 degrees in the san jose is at 47. we will be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>mark: think you for joining us on this monday morning. a violent weekend in oakland. more than four moderate people arrested as a show you video from this weekend. things changed when protesters began throwing rocks and bottles.


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