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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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protesters were arrested and are facing charges from feeling to disperse to vandalism. the mayor wants a court order to keep protesters who have been arrested out of oakland. the mayor and other city officials have begun affecting damage in city hall. occupy protesters have caused an estimated $2 million in vandalism since october. >>darya: will tran is live in oakland to see what
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happens when the workers come back to city hall. >>will: they have a big clean up on their hands. >>will: would you do not see our police officers. they probably feel that city hall is safe, here is a video of the damage. this is the first time during the movement that they actually forced their way into city hall. the police officers scrambled. by the time was over, dozens of people were arrested. they cause damage to several things including a replica of city hall that was right in front of the
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lobby. it is supposedly about 100 years old serious and >>darya: protesters gave notice for these marches and this action, have you heard of anything that is a costa happen today? >>caller: right now they are very in cobb me go and tight-lipped about the things they're doing. according to some reports, they did not know where they're going because no one knew for sure which building
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a planned to take over. we do not see a lot of people vocal like they have been. >>justine: processors have been given an ultimatum in d.c. to stophandcuffs. as we head into
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skies. as a head into the afternoon we will see in of abundance of low 60s. some spots like half moon bay we will keep in the upper 50s.
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and watching an accident, but not a big backup, so no concerns. the was down ride is across the san mateo bridge, an easy ride. no problems on the approach or across the stand. an easy trip as the header across the golden gate and into san francisco. >>darya: new details this morning, police say the man who stabbed his 15 year-old
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girlfriend has died. a preliminary investigation by oakland police to find that not the 19 year-old committed suicide by hanging himself. they found his body near the port of oakland on saturday. they say that he killed his 15 year-old girlfriend on friday. she was also the mother of their nine month old child. they got into a heated argument over who was going to care for the baby over the weekend. >>mark: facebook could file an initial paperwork to launch their stock market offerings tyrian they would be looking to raise $10 billion in the company is valued near 100 billion, that is as large as mcdonald's. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. there is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. oakland is 47
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degrees with a high of 63 this afternoon.
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>>mark: mitt romney is on the offensive despite a significant lead over newt gingrich as the canada it prepare for its primary tomorrow. the former massachusetts governor is attacking gingrich with is the involvement in freddie mac. romney's attacks are a response to increasingly angry rhetoric losses from its pro abortion, gun control and taxes. the latest poll coming out shows that mitt romney is holding a double-digit lead in florida after trailing gingrich a week ago. the latest press news report says that romney is
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favored. ron paul is now focusing on nevada instead of florida and has picked up 10 percent of the vote. >>darya: the president has planned to target billionaires and companies that ship jobs abroad. republicans have enough votes in the house and even
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in the democratic lead senate to kill the plan. democrats say the true value of obama as tax plan is to demonstrate that he is on the public's side. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. the golden gate right now, a little bit of a fog forming in and mild temperatures after a beautiful weekend. mid-40s right now in santa rosa and lowe's office.
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>>darya: in it is around the bay, nurses and nurse practitioners at kaiser permanente a are holding a 1 day sympathy strike. the strike will be tomorrow in
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support of other front-line kaiser staff who are on strike for testing kaisers demands for cuts in health- care and retirement benefits cfs they are also protesting short staffing of mental health services. nurses say they share concerns about the erosion of services that they say affects the quality of patient care. >>erica: we are looking at pleasant conditions for the entire work week. there is no rainfall in sight. temperatures are definitely up of the seasonal average. on the golden gate, light fog started to form the temperatures of a mild side. as we get to those numbers, nobody at 45, same goes for santa rosa. these locations are 10 degrees warmer compared to where we work 24 hours ago. check out downtown san francisco. low
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50s down the peninsula, 48 for those few in concord and hayward. future cast 4 shows by 10:00 a.m., a '50s pretty much everywhere around the bay. afternoon highs will be in the upper 50s. as we check out satellite and radar, a lot of the wet weather activity has closed to the east. we could catch some sprinkles here in the bay area. we have a lot of
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sunshine and the potential for trial and fog. temperatures in the afternoon will be in the '60s. we could reach the 70 degree mark by the weekend. >>george: we are continuing to monitor a pretty good ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots. let's start with a bridge check on the bay bridge toll plaza. the westbound ride looks as though the metering lights may have been activated. the golden gate bridge, 101 marin county, there are no delays northbound or southbound. 80 westbound, and there are stock no
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delays. in the north bay, no problems for 101 as he had southbound from high with 37 essentials san rafael and beyond. >>darya: oakland police say a 15 year-old boy who is behind bars is accused of killing his parents. here is the location of where the home and car are located. a husband and wife were found dead in the car parked outside of the home. they are identified as robert came in and this is a call. one of the parents' employers got concerned when
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they did not show up for work. police visited the house twice. the first time, everything seemed ok. the second time is on the bodies were discovered. >>mark: a candlelight vigil for a young girl of the it did in 1989. eileen was 30 when she disappeared in dublin. the family says they still hope someone will come forward with information. it took an hour, firefighters or if the rest a man started on a cliff and deeply sincere if he was stuck at palisades park saturday afternoon.
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>>darya: police are looking for two attackers. both men are latino between 18 and 20 years old. >>darya: and we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we're looking for a high of 60 this afternoon.
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costs for verwoerd och
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>>mark: the national stories we are following, a pilot in florida. at least 10 people were killed on interstate 75 near gainesville and others injured. authorities are blaming the pileup involving at least a dozen vehicles on port visibility. one man described the scene as mass chaos with people crying and some stock in their cars, rescuers could barely see through this month. the highway had been closed but then it reopened.
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>>darya: there is a hearing today for the man who attempted to kill a u.s. president. a judge will determine whether he should gain more freedom. his lawyers want a permanent release but prosecutors want to block that saying that he still poses a threat. in march of 1981 he shot president reagan in an attempt to impress actress jodie foster. here's a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. we have a warm temperatures to wake up to. there is a little chance of drizzle tomorrow. i do not know of that will affect the morning clouds clear and by the weekend, 70 if not 68 or 69 degrees. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news
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continues. almost a 100 point drop on the dow, we will tell you why coming up. och
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>>mark: the opening bell on wall street this monday morning. dow futures are off 96 points with growing concerns about a meeting under way in europe as to whether or not greece will get their next round of bailout money. we did have a rise in december for consumer income. that was a sign coming up this morning that incomes may start to grow this year. it was the largest gain in personal monthly income in nine months tariffs in >>darya: we are keeping our eyes on oakland after a weekend that involved
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protests, violence and about 400 arrests. you can see protesters and police clashing over the weekend as the occupy movement moved in to city hall. it started peacefully on saturday but then, the scuffles came in to protesters started throwing rocks and bottles. police responded with tear gas kahane's and gas grenades. cox did charges range from cellular to disperse it vandalism. repeated demonstrations have had a high and monetary costs. they have caused the financially troubled city of
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oakland five million-dollar the mayor took a tour of the damage inside city hall yesterday. faugh that they had this emergency release. we will have to review this whole system. this is probably the saddest damage. we think this is the original architects model. the irony is, this is the room where we have our new home on our program. if
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>>darya: at least three officers and one protester were injured. >>mark: it jackie sissel is live showing us that was eddie hall looks like this morning. >> there are still signs of
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what happened over the weekend. i am live at frank ogawa plaza. you can see city hall in the background. they made their rounds around oakland on saturday, attempting to take over buildings. they were able to get into city hall. it looks like they still have some cleanup to do purists for one thing that you do not see is much of a police presence. it is basically just media. i do not see any occupy protestors which is almost
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to check out downtown san
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francisco. we are really holding on to the low 50s along the peninsula. it is 12 degrees was parked in yesterday morning. and half moon bay, upper 50s. check out los gatos and morgan hill. copper a lot of the wet weather activity has pushed to the east. a lot of it has actually broken up. temperatures are on the warmer side with mild conditions. coming up in my next report, a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast
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and what we can expect this weekend. >>george: we are not tracking in the hot spots this morning. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good. on 92, there are no hot spots. there are no hot spots on the bridge or of the approach. the golden gate grey drive looks good to and from marin county. we'll hold of interstate 80 westbound. looking at the
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dublin and to change, in a little bit of slowing on west 580. there's no slow traffic, right through marin county. it is still an easy one a one southbound right. cost >>mark: the dow is of 90 points. we will have more economic news coming up after the break. here is a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza as the that that is starting to grow clear it cost hough is
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>>justine: a hopeful sign of the economy after a year of weak wage gains. incomes rose 0.5%, this was the strongest increase since a similar game last march. >>mark: european leaders to be meeting in brussels today hopefully signing off on a bailout fund for brussels. there is a lot of concern as
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to whether or not a full rescue package will be pushed through. >>mark: facebook, their highly anticipated stock market launch could get underway this week. the wall street journal reports that facebook could file initial paperwork as early as this wednesday with a stock offering in three-four months. it would be looking to raise 10 billion with this ipo. >>darya: their raiders will introduce their new head coach today. allen has accepted a four year deal and replaces you jackson. he will be oakland the seventh head coach since 2003. the raiders have gone nine seasons without a winning record or playoff berth. he will be introduced at noon at the training facility in
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alameda. >>darya: here is a live look at the james lick in san francisco. traffic is moving well. we will be right back. toch have harmed when
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>>darya: let's check in with air cutting in to get a look at the weather. any rain on the horizon? >>erica: we saw some sprinkles around half moon bay, some really random hit
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or miss spring rolls because of the storm system that was situated to the north. cox fog developing on the golden gate but it is not having any effect on a visibility. 47 in redwood city of 49 for those of you in a mountain view. future cast 4 critics by 10:00 a.m., dedicates everyone in the '50s. it
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will be cruel crafted over night. check out the highs this afternoon. some places like half moon bay will stay in the upper 50s. as the turn our attention to the north bay, a mixture of a upper 50s and low 60s. if you are heading up to the sierra, no problems getting their along interstate 80. looking ahead to the weekend, plenty of sunshine
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to go around pretty much wherever you are headed. temperatures in downtown san francisco will stay in the mid-60s through sunday. check out santa rosa. saturday. a look at the 7 day forecast coming up in my next report. half or >> we are continuing to monitor a hot spot free ride around the bay area. the san mateo bridge commute highway 92, the volume continues to build. a bit of a backup for and on the approach to the toll plaza. och 101 marin
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county more slowing westbound on interstate 580. of in the south bay, more slowing on 101 northbound. the mid peninsula commute looks surprisingly light at highway 92 >>mark: in years past, a
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track and allow hikers to the final descent. they stayed at 300 is a more manageable number. public input will be accepted until march 16th. >>darya: there are a lot of devices that people can carry around these days. gabe slate takes a look at looking keep all that stuff charged up. >>gabe: the world has changed. we all have these devices that would carry around everywhere we go off. if the 23 players, smart phones, tablets and laptops. if you are out all they were traveling, your battery is now a huge issue. i have some new technology to show you if that will help you keep your gadgets
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charged. a company named fuel has released a new- line of bags called power backfit that offer a convenient way to keep your devices charged. if there are several types of backpacks and vesta drawbacks. once a month you charge the fat in when your device runs out of juice, and that the pocket and plug in the correct power cable, turn it on in your chart in. they have different charging cables for the different devices out there. bad debt charge devices are not new. many of them are solar powered which is not very convenient and others i have tested are heavy and bulky but i like the way these our backs are built. they make grey bags without the added bonus of the charter. they are lightweight. i fully charged in apple iphone for different times before having to fog the back back into the wall. if you are
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finding they your gadgets are running out of power comedy should consider one of these power bags. for in other news, i am giving away high end the lease canceling headsets. there are great for when listening to music or watching videos. there are perfect for video chatting, gaming or recording audio. >>justine: here is a story that has as the talking. an iowa woman has not given birth to a boy weighing 13 lbs. 13 ounces. she did it without the aid of surgery. of the new measures of 23.5 in. long. the voice mother
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endured six hours of labor without an epidural and without a see section. her other son arrived rain 12 lbs. at birth. that is a big baby! >> that is an incredible woman. in
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>>darya: 6:58 a.m.. at the approach to the bay bridge and things are looking pretty good and pretty clear. we will tell you about any hot spots that need to know about if any spots that might get what. we will be right back.
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