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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 30, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>mark: a violent weekend in oakland. more than 400 people arrested. protesters began throwing rocks and bottles. protesters say officers also used baton on individuals. at least three officers and one protester or injured.
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>>darya: will tran and is live in oakland. >>will: it is massive out here. one door is padlocked
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using chains. everything seems to be normal this morning. our washer's should be out here, this is something they are used to seeing. for will
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>> now that the sun is that we will get a better view of this boat going around like maritime to get attention from administrators and the people of oakland. and >>darya: >>justine: we are following occupy protests from coast to coast. there could be a fight during between protesters and police at the occupy encampment. check out the video into the newsroom. protesters have been camped out for months. we will monitor the situation and about keeping updated. when
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>>erica: temperatures in the '70s for friday and saturday. into the afternoon, partly cloudy conditions. mostly cloudy and to the overnight hours the temperatures that draw back down into the 30s. here's a look at current temperatures.
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>>george: we are not tracking any house of this morning. the volume at the bay bridge is not too bad. the golden gate bridge rightist problem free.
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>>darya: this 19 year-old is accused of killing his girlfriend. he has now been found to death. police say he committed suicide by hanging himself said the port of oakland. the chemical from the family got into an argument over who was going to take care of the baby. >>mark: wall street is watching what is happening increase as they continue to meet with private creditors. the dow is down
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112 points right now to 12,005 of 47. facebook and their highly anticipated stock market with launch could get started this week. the wall street journal reported that facebook could file an initial report on wednesday. facebook will be looking to raise $10 billion in their ipo valued between 75 and 100 billion piffle >>darya: there is no wind at all. we're looking at a nice sunny day. for we will be right back. ford
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>>mark: mitt romney is now on the offensive despite a significant lead over rival new gingrich as the captives prepare for the florida primary. think it is being attacked over ethics in his involvement with freddie mac. his attacks are in response to increasingly angry rhetoric. romney has three events scheduled in florida and new gingrich has five events.
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look outside in walnut creek where traffic is really slow as usual. offs
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>>erica: here is a pretty picture overlooking downtown san francisco. high clouds in the distance but overall it pretty mild start to the morning. temperatures in the upper forties. some places like san francisco are
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holding on to those 50 degree temperatures. as we headed to the afternoon a mixture of upper 50s and low 60s. slightly cooler compared to what we saw yesterday but overall enjoyable. we will experience and many heat wave. phlebotomists get that of coming in at 54. for the warmest spot on our map, an abundance of '40's for antioch and hayward. 45 for those of you in last august. by lunchtime, for the most part we will be hanging in the '50s. even places like oakland and concord will be holding on to the '50s and warming up slightly for places like santa rosa, petaluma, the
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'60s will become a little bit more widespread the further east you go. as we advance closer to the overnight hours, we will start to see some purple forming in napa and petaluma indicating temperatures dropping in their '30's. cooler conditions overnight compared to what we saw today. storm tracker 4 shows there is no wet weather activity over northern california. a lot of the system and the pacific northwest has actually broken out. we are not seeing anything in the way of what weather. >>george: we are continuing to monitor it pretty good ride. things are getting a
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little congested on the upper east shore freeway. interstate 80 westbound and on interstate 680 added to the san ramon valley, it is still well within the normal range and continuing into the east bay. was down 580 still looks the same. heading to the oakland airport, there was a pedestrian accident. 680 south, we mentioned a slower ride through pleasanton. heavier traffic is at the north end of the drive. your overall drive time leading into milipitas has not increased. 101 northbound is typically slow. 85 starts to slow through saratoga. your ride through marin county, picking up some slowing at the north and near no bottle
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siri the drive time is up to 20 minutes for 101 southbound. >>justine: the national highway safety traffic administration is investigating these liberty is tv's from 2002 and 2003. there has also been an upgrade. if you have any questions, contact your dealer. >>darya: registered nurses and nurse practitioners will hold a 1 days of the strike , there are striking to protest kaiser demands for substantial cuts in health
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care coverage and short staffing of a mental health care coverage. they also share concerns about the erosion of services they say affect the quality of health care. >>darya: oakland police say that a 15 year old boy is accused of killing his parents. the husband and wife were found dead in their car outside of their home on friday night. the copper is identified as robert kamen and susan paul. one of the parents' employers became concerned when they did not show up for work. police visited the house twice. the first time, everything seemed ok. the second time, the bodies were discovered.
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>> firefighters were able to rescue a man stranded on a 200 ft. cliff in daly city stuck in the palisades park on saturday. he suffered minor cuts and bruises after he was airlifted, he refused to go to the hospital. >>darya: police are trying to figure out why four men were stabbed outside of a wedding in half moon bay over the weekend. they were leaving the wedding reception saturday night when if to man as tax them and staffed them. the victims were taken to hospital and are in critical condition. they are expected to survive. we do have some descriptions for the attackers. police are looking for to latino men between 18 and 20 years old.
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>>mark: of we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on this monday morning. sunshine and i clouds. temperatures right now in the forties into 50s.
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>>mark: 10 people were killed of a series of crashes near gainesville for on interstate 75 in florida. authorities are blaming it on port visibility because of smoke from a nearby fire. one man described the scene as mass
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chaos. the highway had been closed earlier in the day because of low visibility but was reopened. traffic this morning has been rerouted. >>darya: the 18th annual sag awards were handed out in applause angeles last night. this ceremony marks the midpoint of the hollywood awards season. alec baldwin from 30 brought in and betty white from cleveland took home top honors.
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>>mark: we will be right back after this break. rome
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>>mark: welcome back. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a backup already forming to fremont where it is a mild. 48 is the current temperature. for >>darya: it was a violent and destructive weekend in oakland over the weekend. more than 400 protesters were arrested. phosphorous is started peacefully but everything changed when protesters threw rocks and bottles. some of the
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protesters say officers even used batons. these repeated demonstrations have cost oakland $5 million. >> that but a crowbar type of instrument here and hit its eager to the release. >> we thing as with the zero
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original architect model, it is badly damaged. >> of the irony of this room, this is the room where we have our new holder program. >>darya: of what actually speak to the mayor in about 10 minutes in talk more about the destruction and the city's planned on what is next with the occupy movement. >>mark: both protesters also stormed into the ymca. we have pictures of those occupy protesters inside of city hall. you can see them burning an american flag on the front steps of city hall as police tried to stop protesters who stormed
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inside. there are the protesters writing the word revenge. right now at city hall as workers are drive, will tran is there as they're trying to clean up damage from the weekend. >>will: the crews are already here and walking around city hall to assess the damage. this is an area they will be focusing on. they will the physique. they got your 85 it's a tough year reify this is video, the latest chapter for occupy oakland. fourth they are frost ascension for vehicle frothing allows fleet fans furiously have already sent a couple of confrontation for vehicles off in five and yelling at
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fee for offenses fury if for the occupiers are paddling around to make sure they are getting full visibility. here is video of the cleanup efforts down at city hall. they arrived around 7:30 a.m.. you can see them sleeping of garbage it using machinery. i can tell you, it is going to be very busy. there was extensive damage around city hall. people are very angry. some residents are coming off here and asking why are they coming year so as it is doing this for. off >>justine: wife we have video it is roof off artfully flan of the start
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of forcing a know if we fail 0 fadeyev even though protesters have been camped out for months. for at noon with his 9:00 a.m. our time, and about 90 minutes, we will keep watching the the building three if he diouf both tested for death-and he viewed of it as protesters are valid to defend their encampment. >>darya: let's go to air and get a look at the weather. >>erica: overall, closing conditions around the bay area. at the james lick, 51. for the most part, clear conditions and mild temperatures shareef for overnight levels continue to seek love with fatty condition fury if filled with is for the mild right now at 46. a mix of low
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forties in the north bay. check out half moon bay. 47 over in a redwood city. into the afternoon we do anticipate slightly cooler conditions compared to what we saw yesterday. och 64 expected four was goddess and inch up. in half moon bay, upper 50s. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows mostly sunny skies with clout here and there. check out friday headed into the weekend. the sunshine and temperatures that actually reaches 70 serious for your family vegetates the vestry of accidents in of live, the good news if it will not affect a ride coming from and in it getting on to oakland
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airport. let me show you the location of the incident on a global amount fury if this is do little drive. the accent is north of lake erie if you're coming from the freeway this will not have an impact on youth. if you are coming called on do little, you can always take the right rain beat tour. but rabin, and have no impact. here is a quick bridge check. we're looking first at the bay bridge. the back of continued to grow at the plaza. the 880 approach is where the backup began to
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what belt grateful that 14 minute drive time. fox your across the san mateo bridge it looks good real problem free he's got and what i am curious no major delays for marine corps along with iran. >>mark: we are watching wall street with the european leaders meeting today trying to finalize their offer for greece as they continue to meet with private investors plan. there are concerns as to whether or not greece will get bailout money. the dow was up right now to 12,556th. faugh google
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>>darya: we have mayor jean quan, the mayor oakland on the phone right now. with all of the arrests that were made and the destruction, it
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seems like the city was taken off guard. >> the constant demonstrations are very expensive. once the demonstrations out by that, we had to call for backup. we have very good video. someone was able to pull the emergency exit. would normally have someone on security, we have three buildings downtown, she was in another building what happened. we were pretty upset.
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>>mark: of a lot of people are asking why oakland. >> we are easy to get to buy bart, we're centrally located. check it also the media focuses on the oakland demonstrations. we ask that
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question too. we are one of the poorest cities in the bay area. this has been a huge waste of our resources. >> it seems like you are darned if you do, you are darned if you don't. we have been pretty successful over the last few weeks. oakland
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is one of the number of places to visit this year. it's almost as if they're targeting our tourist industry last saturday was the chinese lunar festival. people are getting very angry at them particularly since so many of them did not seem to be from oakland. >> we have learned over time the original camp was
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peaceful. only 40 people were arrested. the occupy people have their own media. this last group is a splinter group that has taken over the name of occupy oakland or occupy bay area. they called people and said, did not come if you're going to try it keep peace
7:47 am
between police and demonstrators. these are more violent demonstrators and demonstrations. when you look at the pictures of them throwing bottles and almost provoked the police , there is no excuse for breaking into city hall. there is no excuse for taking over the ymca. that has nothing to do with occupy oakland. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. that
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>>gary: i felt tortured and board when i watch sports. >>gary: if you are a sports fan, would also you want to watch? >>darya: if we are married and there is nothing better to do than watch this, there is a problem. >>gary: if we're still dating, yes. mary 16 years
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is a different story. >>darya: they obviously are not trying. that looks like me. they suggest name them, give them a free trip to hawaii and their bonuses. >>gary: it is not physical. they do not want anyone to get hurt. >>gary: by the way, what happens, you are late today. >>darya: we were talking with the mayor about occupy oakland. it is not you, it is me.
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>>gary: you talk about the best athletes in the world, just to stand out there, back and forth, i think box and into tennis does not get enough credit. there is no with the help you out. there is no downtime. but, no one is beating on you like in
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♪ [ female announcer ] we know you're still more rocker than rocking chair... that's why we've created medicare supplement solutions that are just right for you. we have plans with no copays, no deductibles, qr >>mark: yosemite national park planning to cut the number of hikers allowed to still have dome. it could be severely restricted by next year. in years past, it's of other people a day were allowed to make the track.
7:58 am
they are saying now that 300 people a day is more manageable. rangers say crowds make the climb safe because hikers cannot quickly to send if a storm arises. this past august a san ramon woman slipped and fell to her death. >>darya: here is a live look from our roof on van ness ave. a warm start to the morning. cox
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>>mark: a quick check on wall street. we have seen a big drop on the dow jones down to 99.5 to 12,00560. there are concerns about what is happening with
8:01 am
greece. european leaders are meeting or not to decide on the final steps for the next phase of the greek bailout and concerns that may not happen is playing on investors' today. >>darya: we are monitoring what is going on in oakland off after a weekend of violence, protests and the destruction serious uses the clashes with police, protesters started with a peaceful rally and march that then, things changed when protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at police. protesters also say that officers used batons on individuals in the crowd. at least three officers and one protester were injured. here is video of one of the officers holding his leg. hundreds of protesters arrested face multiple charges from failing to disperse to vandalism. the mayor says
8:02 am
she will ask for a court order to keep protesters who have been arrested several times out of first city. the mayor and other city officials are inspecting the damage and dealing with it today. there is a lot of destruction that they will have to fix. protesters broke into city hall and smashed glass and display cases. protesters also stole flags and we have a video of a flag being burned outside of city hall. occupy protesters say that the cost of this city related to the protests totaling over $5 million. >>mark: that happened saturday night. there was a peaceful gathering of protestors last night at frank ogawa plaza. city hall workers are now getting ready to head to work. will tran and shows us how it looks.
8:03 am
>>will: city workers will be busy power washing frank ogawa plaza. a lot of garbage on the ground. over here you can see graffiti, a tear gas, rubber bullets they will be busy probably starting at 7:00 a.m.. i had the chance to walk around and i can tell you, it looks pretty normal. i do not see any damage to any of the locks, but what do you not see? police officers patrolling the area. not one officer is parked next to city hall at this time. it seems like for now the police department feels forget about the safety of city hall. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather. warm and
8:04 am
clear. >>erica: we have dropped a couple of degrees now that the sun is out. santa rosa is now contending with upper thirties. we have dropped to 40 over in it fairfield. downtown san francisco has been holding steady in the '50s. into the afternoon, slightly cooler compared to what we saw yesterday. this weekend, we anticipate a lot of sunshine with temperatures in the mid- 60s. we can actually reach 70 degrees and santa rosa.
8:05 am
over all, a very enjoyable forecast for the weekend. in my next report a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast and what we can expect for the rest of the workweek. >>george: a problem on city streets in oakland on and do little drive. the island where the oakland airport is located has been closed north of timber road. he should not have any impact if you're coming from the freeway. if you're coming down from harbor bay island and you normally takes a little drive, use the harbor bay parkway and that will get you around the incident or, you can come over here to the french a road where the general aviation businesses are. the back of this morning is not that at all. the 80 approach to the
8:06 am
bridge is the best one to get you to and across the upper deck. >>mark: mitt romney is going on the offensive despite a significant lead over new gingrich as candidates for care for the florida primary. he said in the first debate he did not do well because the crowd was so quiet. in the second debate he said he did not do well because the cloud was so loud. highs think they're real reason he has not done so well connected with the people of florida is that people actually saw him in those debates and listened to his background and experience and learned that he was paid 1.6 million to be a lobbyist for freddie mac and they said, that is not what we want in the white house. >>mark: a new poll shows
8:07 am
that romney is opening a double-digit lead in florida as a tram in the garage last week. the latest report says 44 percent of likely voters favored romney and 20% for gingrich. santorum is not even campaigning in florida, he is with his three year-old daughter who has pneumonia in a hospital in philadelphia. ice >>justine: it could take 10 months to remove a damaged cruise ship off of the coast of italy. there is an island wide meeting to discuss how they will deal with this. disney video is shown as a close-up look, you can see the damaged windows. people on the islands are going to be talking about threats to the environment. there is still a lot of fuel and furniture. bad weather has delayed recovery of the mass of cruise ship, the search is
8:08 am
still on for 16 people who are missing from the january 13th disaster. the search remains on hold. >>darya: we will be back with more news, weather and traffic in a couple of minutes. fear is a live look at walnut creek. traffic is slow furious a lot of sunshine around the bay. we will be right back.
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>>darya: 8:10 a.m., we're taking a look at current conditions on the golden gate. traffic is nice and polite for this time of day. it's a very clear on mt. tam. up to the north, in santa rosa, 39 degrees which is considered chilly. san francisco is at 50 degrees. >>mark: bay area stocks are getting hit right now. wells fargo is one of the biggest losers this morning. bay
8:12 am
area stocks are on the rise. apple is up over 1%. the wall street journal is reporting that facebook could file paperwork as early as wednesday with a stock offering following an three-four months. they would be looking to raise 10 billion with its ipo. the company is valued anywhere between 75 and 100 billion.
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sophs cough this
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>>darya: alcosta powerful earthquake striking south america this morning in a per route. 112 people were treated for injuries. a magnitude sixth 0.3 that hit the country's central coast. it happened early this morning. here is video right after it hit. you can see some of the wounded treated here. 16 homes were damaged. by the way, some of those injuries are life threatening.
8:16 am
>>mark: onto bay area weather as we take some live looks around the bay, it looks to be pretty nice day. erica has more on the forecast. >>erica: every camera live look at, we are seeing sunshine around the bay area. so we have high clouds and the distance keeping temperatures are mild side. we have sissies out there and widespread forties around the bay area. into the afternoon will warm into the upper 50s and low 60s. slightly cooler compared to what we enjoy this weekend. speaking of the 30 degree temperatures, santa rosa has dropped to 39 degrees. they are the only spot in 30 degree territory. fairfield holding on to 40. check out downtown san francisco. they've really are not buzzing the grain becomes
8:17 am
more trouble if by noon indicating locations making it into the low 60s. as a fast for the clock closer to overnight, 11:00 p.m., the purple starts to form in places like petaluma and in napa indicating those locations in the '30's. check out temperatures expected for later this afternoon. half moon bay will stay in the '50s. we will see a mix of sun and clouds for santa rosa. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows mostly sunny skies with a good mix of
8:18 am
clouds into the middle of the week. tomorrow, we could wake up to fog in the morning drizzle that afternoon highs are still above the seasonal average. let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: we are continuing to monitor a pretty light commute. we have not tracked in the hot spots. we are watching an incident in oakland on do little drive. it is the road a lot of people use from harbor bay island to get to the airport. you could use
8:19 am
harbor bay parkway to get into the oakland the airport or, if you are freeway1: useecc either 66, hit the road or 96. here is a quick bridge check as we take a look at the bay bridge pierce's from the 880 over crossing there is a lot of movement to the heart of the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge right has been pretty good all doran long it is the way free of the approach. there on the golden gate 101 southbound is not a bad commute. drive times are running 20-32 minutes 37 to the golden gate bridge. think >>darya: new details this morning as police believe that this man killed his 15 year-old girlfriend and then killed himself. they say he committed suicide by hanging
8:20 am
himself. police found his body near the port of oakland. they say before that, he and his girlfriend who is the mother of their nine month old child, they got into an argument about which of them would take care of the baby of the weekend and he stabbed her to death curious story of them a shooting in east oakland has left one person in critical condition and another hospitalized. the shooting happened in the 8900 block of macarthur boulevard around each p.m.. the two victims drove away from the scene before the chp stop them and took them to the hospital. the second victim is in stable condition. think >>mark: oakland police now say a 15 year-old boy is behind bars, accused of strangling his parents. officers found a husband and wife dead in their car. the victim is identified as
8:21 am
robert came in and susan hough. police visited the home twice, the first time everything seems okay, the second time the discovered the bodies. registered nurses and nurse practitioners at kaiser permanente are holding a 1 days of the strike to support other front-line kaiser staff. they're protesting demands that are substantial cuts in health care coverage ever tire benefits in the short staffing of mental-health services roof. >>darya: a new regulation banning the use of the doe abatement pesticides is causing fears of a severe was not all season.
8:22 am
>>darya: 8:21 a.m., it is a warm morning. we are following the weather and more on a fire burning in southern california and los angeles. we are back with a live report in a couple of minutes. hot
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8:24 am
8:25 am
>>justine: this just in to the kron 4 news room a huge warehouse fire in near los angeles. you can see that there are several firefighters on the scene. a huge flame and smoke
8:26 am
from the center. we will keep you updated from the kron 4 news room. >>mark: thank you, justine. with the european market concerns a big meeting today with european leaders in brussels, belgium. and also a boost in their paychecks from last year. however, this report showing that personal income was up 0.5% the largest jump in personal income and nine months. ad spending was not as much. - consumer spending was not as much with consumer spending was up 0.1% in a separate report. >>darya: tax reform are not
8:27 am
likely to pass his proposal discouraging investment and job creation for billionaire /millionaire tax breaks. he is demonstrating that he is on the public's side. 8:27. they live look at the golden gate did this almost like friday light. we've not seen any hotspots. plenty of hot spots we will to right back.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk.
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if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>darya: 8:29 what is happening in oakland the arrests over this weekend it with the violent protests in the destruction. 400 arrests. you can see the police in riot gear. it started off,
8:30 am
peacefully. it started at city hall on a saturday afternoon but things changed, drastically. there were throwing rocks, bottles towards the police. and the police reacted with pepper spray, and batons. you can see the destruction on this video they are burning an american flag! hundreds of protesters are facing charges from failure to disperse, to vandalism. >> mark hal also bay storm the y hall building. this wells fargo defamation of public property,
8:31 am
and tear gas. will tran? >>will: yes at 6:30 last night a group protesters ran up this staircase. they ran inside this ymca and totally caught these people off guard. they talked to people this morning and they have no idea what the protesters even came into the ymca. they have nothing to do with this. nothing permanent but a lot of trash. they had their crew jumping around what they did have a need to be done is a city hall. you can see the cleaning crews already here at 7:30 a.m. this is using a sidewalk cleaner. also there is a lot of chalk drawings because we came
8:32 am
down here is because a city hall as calm here. they are even angry at cleanup efforts. they want this to stop. we will get more preactions on the anchor from the protesters. targeted. >> back to you. the ymca is still not sure why they were targeted. >> the oakland is already looking at $5 million for these costs for these oakland protesters. >> we have very good video.
8:33 am
somebody jammed in a piece of metal and was able to pull the emergency exit bar on that door. we usually have a person on the security but there are three buildings on the downtown complex. she was in a different building. during this time. we were upset. there is no excuse for taking over the white mca, or destroying historic exhibits in city hall that does nothing to do with the reported goals of the occupy protesters. >>darya: injuries reported. >>justine: d.c. protesters must evacuate in 30 minutes and their 10's are still there and cameras are ready for their possible conflict. the protesters are
8:34 am
still in the park. the u.s. park police plan to begin enforcement of " no camping " in 30 minutes. this is new video. the occupy protesters have been demonstrating in these federal parks for months and they intend to stay. the police that said that the violate the best they will be able to resto a rest -- people that violate this. >> eraicka: we can see the sunshine off in the distance but the clouds will increase. temperatures will decrease into the 30's tonight. however, right now upper 30's in the northern bay sections. santa rosa.
8:35 am
downtown san francisco has maintained 50s. redwood city has also seen 46 degrees. as we see what is on tap for this afternoon temperatures will be and the low 60s for the most part. that will be nothing for what we anticipate. friday, saturday, sunday, an abundance of sunshine. in fact, we could even see mid 60s. check out santa rosa. . and what else we can expect for the workweek? coming up on our seven day around the bay. and how about checking traffic with george. >>george: our first hot spot this morning is on the bayshore freeway. south san francisco near brisbane at sierra point that was recently cleared. and i do not know what happened there. a lot of a closer on the
8:36 am
northbound direction it is cleared on the right shoulder but speeds are dropping into the single digits. as you go past the scene. also impacting the southbound coming down the candlestick causeway. we're also been tracking an incident in the south bay along and do little dry. . the general aviation field at doolitle drive from the mets or the hamburg hagen burger or the metz freeway or the hagenbers alting routes possible. >>darya: we will be right back after this, of van ness ave shot a beautiful morning. it has been just nice, overall. we
8:37 am
could use some rain/snowfall we are tracking it. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our town.
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8:40 am
>>mark: and the sonoma county, there were two different earthquakes that were above 3.0 near the geysers. >>darya: and other news, there were two men that were approached and attacked. the victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition from knife wounds but are
8:41 am
expected to survive. police are looking for the attackers. >> a candlelight vigil is planned for a young girl. ilene misheloff was conducted in dublin when she was 13 years old. the candlelight vigil will retrace her steps from san ramon and and and the family is still hoping that she will come forward and people come for but information. >> mark after a palace aides park - palisades park rescue. he suffered cuts and bruises but did not want to go to the hospital. >>darya: on your traffic updated
8:42 am
this is the san mateo bridge is looking decent we will be back. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>george: welcome back. near brisbane, the sierra parkway northbound accident has been cleared on the shoulder. it is slowing the northbound. from s f o and also the southbound towards s f o. it is adding at least five minutes to the south on 101 drive time. that is the biggest delay. however, speeds in the single digits as you go past the accident. >> the 880 towards oakland airport is also slow. no
8:46 am
problems getting from the freeway on 98 worthwere the orr ger, however, a significant delay with the possible fatal pedestrian. looking at the 80, the backup is all the way to the 880 overpass. at 8:46. >>erica: it is pretty comfortable. in fact, even the santa rosa is looking at upper 30's it is nowhere near the freezing mark. novato is 41 degrees. a bit warmer than what we have been used to for the last couple of days. 50 degrees
8:47 am
in san francisco. the future cast is predicting by noon, all of that blue and light blue will indicate most areas will be in the 50s. even the low 60s for santa rosa, petaluma and the inland valleys and the east shore. as we advance the clock that green is more prominent. indicating iran's will get into the low 60s but we will have those upper 60s along the coast with -- upper 50s along the coast. as we see by 11:00 p.m. tonight at those temperatures will see 40's. even the 30's indicated by the purple. most areas will be in the 40's. here is elected the afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood. here is a look at the afternoon highs. we will see a mixture of sun/clouds. some locations,
8:48 am
like to happen there will only see 58 degrees but warm conditions for los gatos. 60s in santa rosa and 59 degrees is colmacommon a look at your 7 day around the bay mostly sunny skies with the next several days but partly cloudy conditions until wednesday. thursday, more sunshine and that will make its way for 70's on friday and into the weekend. >>darya: 8:4810 people killed in a series of crashes on interstate - 75 near gainesville in florida. this involved dozens of vehicles in 6 tractor-trailer's on poor visibility from smoke and fog.
8:49 am
>>darya: 10 people killed in the special tragedy. >> this is in detroit landing from las vegas into detroit airport. the pilot had to be taxied to the gate. no injuries but the cause is still under investigation. >> scary for antique rise in the airlin ho this is scary video. this propeller actually stopped in mid air! returned the plane
8:50 am
around and made a quick landing. >> australia, queensland two- thirds is considered a disaster. it is causing damage to overflow neurologists are expecting this to continue. meteorologist sai. this will continue. >> this newborn was 13 lbs., 13 ounces and she did this without any surgery! his name is asher with 23.5 in. long. she had a six hour labor. no epidural. no c-section. she could be used to this. her other son was 12 lbs..
8:51 am
here is another picture if they go up to be big babies. >>darya: yes! 8:50 we will be right back. let us take a look at the james lick. traffic is light. this is a beautiful morning we will be backed arafat ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>>george: welcome back. the lease on the peninsula northbound 101. delays. the sierra parkway but still backups. speeds in the single digits. you will see the drive time coming up from burlingame should only be 14 minutes towards san francisco but it is twice
8:55 am
>>mark: with the european below package concerns the markets are reacting. a lack of progress in the financials. the s&p 500 is also down nine points. the s&p 500 is also down and the nasdaq. >> the grey burned the most at 20 million. underworld: awakenings = 12.5 million. this new movie was a 11.8 million. the third spot. and the 18th annual half s a g and look at that! 30 rock. and hot in
8:56 am
cleveland betty white. she is also shocked. everybody is shocked. she is so funny! and a gorgeous couple. could they be entered better looking? they get the award. and could they be any-better looking? " modern family " and the french actor for the silent film " the artist ". he got every word of that, correct {laughter} the bus for viola davis and the best ensemble cast >> the professional bull and hawaii bowl -- brandon marshall catching a touchdown pass. and he was named the most valuable player. this was the first for
8:57 am
36 different and that all players. >>justine: in only four minutes the deadline for a d c protesters to get out of this camp site will expire. police are ready to go and. we will monitor this live picture. protesters and a ton of people are walking around will keep you updated. this is in washington d.c.. this expiration is only in three minutes. >>darya: also the occupy oakland after a weekend of violence will keep an eye on that. >>dan: the bay area bridges and a bay area traffic. george will have more updates coming up. ♪
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>>kimberlee: daria violence in oakland. and 400 protesters are arrested. take a look this amateur video. >>darya: these and started throwing bottles at police. police responded with pepper spray, and baton. take a look at this from saturday! three injuries with these clashes. hundreds of protesters were arrested. charges ranged from vandalism to failure to disperse. mayor jean quan once court order to stay out of these
9:01 am
have been some repeat offenders. this is what mayor jean quan has said. >> this was very clear what they wanted to do. there is no excuse for destroying city hall. if there is no excuse for taking over a ymca that has nothing to do with the occupy movement. they have to stop using oakland as their playground. >>darya: this is charging at least $5 million in oakland. >>mark: with over 200 protesters stormed into the ymca on broadway. we have live coverage from will bertrand. >> will not a lot of cleaning this morning from -- will tran washe\ -- >> well nobody knows why this was targeted. this is video.
9:02 am
after the police arrived. for whatever reason, they cost police to make arrests. i ask the ymca staff member if there was any significant damage and they said " no ". they were targeted because they needed to go in there to use the bathroom. however there was no permanent damage. there is no answer why and perhaps and occupy a protester could provide some answers. to normal. >>justine: as we see this as a deadline is and washington d.c. the deadline is right now! these protesters are still there.
9:03 am
nothing has been dismantled. u.s. park police are going to enforce that rule at 9:00 a.m. this morning they have been demonstrating in these public parks for months and the plan on staying to defend their encampments. violations are suspect to an arrest. that deadline was expired just three minutes ago. >>darya: we have a hot spot, george? >>george: yes 101 northbound near brisbane the cer. there hae been two different accents of the sierra parkway to different -- accidents to read/collisions. let me show you the residual slowing has brought traffic to a standstill. 22 mph. however,
9:04 am
impacting this from south of s f o on the 101 northbound. your drive time from a broadway /burlingame is normally 14 minutes is at 25-28 minutes. the southbound backup is clearing up, well. perhaps at an extra five minutes if your going towards s f o. now, going to the east bay this is where there is a closure on doolittle drive. from harbor bay island, southbound. you can take the harbor bay parkway to callousness dritalent drive. i'g from the nimitz? feel free to reroute. >>erica: a live look from our
9:05 am
roof camera you can see those wispy clouds with blue skies and sunshine temperatures and the upper 40's/low pettis. santa rosa has been in the 30's with -- upper 40/low 50's. we will see 50s and 60s bay-area wide. 60s for the major bay areas. cloudy tonight take a look at downtown san francisco! 50% 40s for ever where all's for this afternoon, 60s. as we go towards the north bay with a mixture of 50s and 60s. 62 in santa rosa. 59
9:06 am
degrees and downtown san francisco. coming up, your a look at your 7 day around the bay at exactly >>mark: the markets are being impacted by the europeans speak talks in brusse, belgium will have more, later. >> mitt romney it is attacking newt gingrich in florida. ethics and his involvement with freddie mac. these attacks our response to the increasing angry rhetoric from newt gingrich. he is saying that he is pro
9:07 am
abortion , pro-gun, and pro taxes according to make gingrich. take a look. according to -- newt gingrich mitt romney is pro-abortion, pro-gun and pro-taxes. you can see the numbers. rex santorum is wreck -- santorum is bad side with his daughter is-in the hospital with his daughter she has a double pneumonia in both of prolongs. >> we will be back both of furlon
9:08 am
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9:11 am
>>mark: the costa concordia the expected removal time is 10 months. the environmental interests are at risk. this is one of the largest marine reserves in europe. this recovery search effort is still missing 16 people. this happened on january 13th the 17th dead body was found over the weekend. >> in south america, a powerful earthquake. 112 injured after this 6.3 magnitude near the central coast. this happened early this morning. after that earthquake you can see people
9:12 am
were treated for their injuries. none of these front like threatened. 16 homes threatened. >>mark: we will be right back with the latest on othe washington occupy movement. a bit sluggish with a beautiful start and mild temperatures! ♪ [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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9:15 am
pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. >>justine: good morning we have occupy d.c. as the deadline for protesters has expired. police are ready to move and. this is the first live picture. from the wider picture. we can show you
9:16 am
that occupy d.c. protesters are in two different locations. the national park service has issued a snow campina-no camping -- ju. they have been there at least four months. reports of trash and raft---rats have been reported with complaints. the police have the right to move in and remove the tenants we will keep you updated >>george: from s f o, but earlier we had a pair of accidents northbound. they have long been cleared. although there could be one, two different cars of the road but take a look. it is backed up
9:17 am
solid beyond s f o. you can see the brake lights were speeds are in the single digits. 3 m.p.h. what should be just 14 minutes from broadway/burlingame is now at 28 minutes. at the bay bridge we can see a nice and near the 80/880 interchange. still a little bit slow through the 80/880 interchange from the 24/580 split. 9:17. >>erica: good morning, george. a live look with wispy clouds and blue skies and sunshine. overall, a mild start. with both locations, in fact are in the 50s. upper 40's and the santa rosa. recently, napa is at 51. a
9:18 am
recent increase. half moon bay = 50. the future cast is predicting lunch will indicate 50s. even 60s and santa rosa, petaluma, antioch, fairfield, and mountain view. advancing towards this afternoon by 2:00 p.m., more locations in the green indicating 60s. we will cool it back down by 11:00 p.m.
9:19 am
even 70s as we go towards friday! >> with this unseasonable warm weather, mosquito pesticides is barring seasonal sprains. --s prayings if there is a late rain season it could become a hotbed for west nile breeding ground. >> tomorrow, the early p--
9:20 am
nurses will demonstrate by striking with the erosion of services that is impact in the quality of patient care. >>mark: new details in the fatal stabbing of the 15 year-old girlfriend has been found dead. this preliminary investigation by the oakland police is that henry leon was found ---in a hanging at the port of oakland. this was believed after he shot and killed the mother of ttheir baby. the mother was only 15 years old. >> also a 50 year-old is believed that a different 15 year-old -- is believed to be
9:21 am
the prime suspect in the wrangling of robert kamin and susan poff of athol avenue found in their car. >>darya: bay shooting in east oakland happened at 89blocked at macarthur boulevard. the victims drove off before the chp stopped them and took them to the hospital. the police have not identified any suspects at this point. >>mark: we will be right back. a live look from walnut creek. traffic is starting to clear out on the 600 southbound. plenty of sunshine and a beautiful day. the 600 southbound. ♪ 680 southbound
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>mark: welcome the new
9:25 am
leaders coach. at the former broncos defense coordinator dallas will be the seventh head coach in the last 10 years. joining me is vern glenn. >>vern: maybe it lost more in. >>mark: however, this big announcement for the first new coach allen, since the debt of el davis. more confidence has been placed in this coach since the ddeath of al davis. vern glenn is still waiting for the formal introduction later. check it out at 5:00 p.m. if we cannot get it soon.
9:26 am
>> how about those thomas highlights s top-rated is beat nadel, them go through this and finally raise the top. after victory. five hours, 53 minutes. the last time was for our is 54 minutes. it is almost one of our, longer. pretty incredible they can keep their energy up. i do not know how they could do it. >> tiger woods at the championship in india. he was tied. and in the final round he faltered. finished in a tie. the winner was robert rock, known as
9:27 am
rocky and mcevoy also finished in the top three. >> let us check-in with vern glenn one more time. >> firm good morning, mark. >>vern: good morning, mark. >>mark: good morning, burned. it seems like your always catching -- good morning -- burned we will see what dennis allen passed to bring it. he has hit the keys to a nice expensive car with a lot of rope,. we are going to sit back and see what dennis allen can do. here is what is going to happen today
9:28 am
the press conference = noon. he will, and with mark davis. it will be the same rhetoric that we have heard since bill callahan, turner, shell, by ship and, cable, jackson, and it is going to say the right things. the bottom line is that the coach? can he get results? deep inside, he will know that he has been deep indebted with the denver broncos, and college a and m, and drug is entire nfl assistant coaching career, deep -- in coach. you have to be an administrator. i do not know if the delegate? we will have to see. if he is smart? saunders will just try and tighten up the penalty situation difficult for the rigors, forever.
9:29 am
>>mark: @ it is pretty interesting to see the first head coach of the defense since john madden in 1969. will get more. the formal introduction will be in a the seventh head coach in 10 years. will be right back.
9:30 am
9:31 am
but george klein:31 this bayshore freeway. >>george: this hot spot at 9:31. earlier, this sierra point accident has been cleared. not only from the traffic lanes but the shoulders. also backing up all the northbound. it is a twice the usual drier time from a brawling game into downtown san francisco. it is normally 14 minutes today, it is 25 minutes. i've not seen much in the way of improvement. >>darya: our developing story the city of oakland is impacted
9:32 am
by the most turbulent protest that we have seen in several weeks from the occupied movement. it has clashed, repeatedly with police. 400 protesters were arrested. at least one protester in 30 officer wthree officers -- were. the total cost = 5 million! they even burned an american flag outside of oakland city hall. this protest started peaceful and then that there were clashes. they started throwing rocks/bottles and that is one the police responded with tear gas. now, they have been facing charges of failure to disperse and vandalism. >>mark: 200 protesters stormed into the ymca on broadway. you
9:33 am
can see that the police officers and motorcycles were outside city hall on saturday night. even incendiary devices throned towards the police for the steps. that protester was burning an american flag and will tran is showing us the cleanup efforts at aftermath. >>will: not much at the ymca but there is a lot of confusion. they are still wondering why they chose to target the ymca on broadway many people were inside, working out. nothing permanent. they seem to be back to normal but what is not back to normal is the frank ogawa plaza and city hall. you can see the crews cleaning. shattered
9:34 am
glass trying to removed that trash. as this continues to cost the city of oakland millions of dollars. even hostile protesters are upset that the working crews are even try to clean it up. they want it to stay. reporting from oakland, will tran. >>darya: mayor jean quan wants the repeat offenders to be completely barred from re- entering the oakland. >> let us be clear i think they chose in oakland because it is easy we are centrally located by bart transportation. they have
9:35 am
been disruptive in san francisco. they took over hotels. parley, the media have focused and they have not provided as much publicity and maybe that is what this part of a more dramatic action this weekend? >>darya: these repeated protesters have a cost oakland $5 million. >>justine: this is in washington d.c. to the occupy protesters have not moved. however, you can see they have actually combined forces in the huge park right in the middle of pearson the square. tons of people standing around they have not listened to to the federal order to get out of this public park. there have been complaints of trash, rats,
9:36 am
public urination and even though they have been there for several months the police say that at noon, eastern time. the protesters have been ordered to get out and they have not. we will keep you monitored on this situation. >>darya: 9:35 taking a look at the san mateo bridge. plenty of sunshine and plenty of cars. " but checking in with ericka? >>erica: good morning, daria we are anticipating plenty of sunshine are around the bay area. mild temperatures in fact, they are already in the 50s. 50s and oakland, redwood city, san francisco, half moon bay, fairfield, 51 degrees in napa. this afternoon, we are anticipating a sun/clouds mixture. also, pretty pleasant with 63 degrees in oakland. we will hold onto 50s for happen bay and downtown san francisco,
9:37 am
son of irl, richmon will see 59-62. san rafael -- richmond. >>erica: friday, saturday, we anticipate mostly sunny conditions. downtown san francisco was the 60s. potentially 70 in santa rosa. a complete look a look at your 7 day around the bay coming up in my next report. >>mark: also the wall street report showing the european market bailout package is impacting the market's domestically. we can see bank stocks taking a impact . we did get news that consumers get a bigger boost in their paychecks. it showed that personal income increased 5.5% that was the
9:38 am
highest in nine months. however, consumer spending did not change. it was not a huge surprise. retell = 0.1% increase. >> 9:37 will be right back. the bay bridge approach. pretty easy, so far. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done.
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chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on
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9:41 am
>> interstate - 75 nearly 10 fatalities blamed on poor visibility from smoke and from a nearby fire. tractor-trailers'. the highway was closed on low visibility and then it breeze we open right before this crash. it was -- reopened -- authorities were forced to close it again because of poor visibility from
9:42 am
this smoke. >> take a look at this! interstate - stand near half new orleans a student driver cost of thicaused this with only one pen c suffer injuries. >> will direct back to not go away. we of a live look at the james lick. it has been in easy drive. george will be along with an update.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>darya: just in the will one past hour the brisbane hot spitot even though the incidents long gone. >>george: you can see what was a solid red towards the millbrae has improved, considerably but
9:46 am
there are still delays. it is usually only 12 minutes from a burlington into downtown san francisco but it is coming in at over 20 minutes. heavier has moved but it is slower on the candlestick causeway but not cynical digits stop and go. 10- 15 minutes. the bay ridge drive showing better conditions near the approach. 9:46 erica? >>erica: good morning, george you can see the high clouds in the distance but we are looking at that sunshine with temperatures on the mild side. you can see santa rosa, and novato at 48 50s and san francisco, half moon bay. and
9:47 am
low 50s for the inland. 49 degrees for those in concord. the future cast showing by noon, that blue is indicating most areas will be in the 50s. 60s in the north bay. the and then the spots where the san jose and at this afternoon will also see some opportunities along the coast. portions of the north bay but most areas will seat 60s. by 11:00 p.m. tonight it looks like
9:48 am
every place will drop with even 30's. a frigid morning tomorrow. check out temperatures on tap for today. 63 degrees in oakland. it is common also for the north bay. will -- see 60s. your 7 day around the bay shows a mixture of sun and clouds for the next several days. temperatures well above normal. they can actually reach the 70's as we go closer towards friday. >>mark: major flooding in australia. with inland areas showing two-thirds of this area is under water. local meteorologist said in queensland are saying that this is a tragedy. >> this baby was 13 lbs. 13 ounces and 23 in. with no drugs, no epidural. add it no c- section. she had six hours of labor to give it birth to this baby. again, no see section, no epidural. and i guess it did not
9:49 am
scare her. >> think that in 14 years. and in the bay area, there could be serious consequences for freeways beating. now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>erica: on bay bridge just before the s curve the speed limit is 50. >>stanley: and then it gets to 40 m.p.h. at the curb but this black lincoln was paced at 68 mph! he will get pulled over. by the chp. >> left, >> left. >> left. do you know the speed limit? it is 50 m.p.h. you travel the. all the time i know that.
9:50 am
>>stanley: take a look at this driver is 70 mph in a 50 m.p.h. and the driver never slowed down. it suggests that she was not aware until she got pulled over from sirens. >> were you aware? >> no. based on the cellphone, we probably know why. >> this car was 80 m.p.h. in a 65 m.p.h. and watch this. >> please get to the right. please get on the right. please get on the right. >> please get on to the right. >> need i say more? that silver car was between 82-84 mph on highway in san francisco. and
9:51 am
this driver is getting pulled over. one point to note. it did turn off to the turnaround which was a good thing. just before we pulled over this as you the eye what you to listen to the chp broadcast. pulled over this -- s u b. >> cautionary circumstance. >> in case you did not catch that somebody called that i was holding the office are at gunpoint on the freeway. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at >>darya: will be back with more. a live look at wahl creek. plenty of sunshine at walnut creek
9:52 am
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>>george: much better conditions for the brisbane plenty of green on our sensors as we picked up speed. however, congestion remains to the candlestick's causeway. it should only be 40 minutes is still 18 minutes. it is a -- it is usually 14 minutes -- a bit of the improvement. >>justine: the washington d.c. occupy movement the deadline is passed. even though they have been requested to dismantle the just erected one large one. will monitor this as police will
9:56 am
follow up. that they are going to disperse and possibly make arrests. continue to check our website. ibrahim hassan as- asiri, al queda's top bomb make >> the protests. that turned violent and destructive with three officers hurt. one protester was also injured. hundreds were arrested. the rocks and bottles were exchanged and the police returned with tear gas. what the protesters will do. >> all looking at the wall street, it is up 100 points. we are getting word that there is a close a deal between the greas-the country agrees is goio agree to take a 70% loss on the
9:57 am
bonds they issued. talks resume in brussels, belgium. >> if you are looking for movies? the grey is number 1 and the numb hearter 2 was underworld. and the 18th annual sag, alec baldwin and betty white and modern family and 'the aritst' best actor' and the help. that is it, we hope the you could join us tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.
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