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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 31, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>darya: a developing story, i took permanent workers are walking off the job in the largest one day strike in history. will tran is live in oakland taking a look at strike activity and why there is a strike in the first place.
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>> we are striking today because we wanted a much stronger voice and to tell kaiser that the war will not extend-just that we will of accepted these cuts.
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>> we received a 48 page document that has gone to california regulators. >>will: the strike will last until 7:00 a.m.. we're going inside to get a response from kaiser. they promise that if you have an appointment today you should not be disrupted and that everything should be normal. we will hear what they have to stay coming up at 7:30 a.m.. >>mark: let's give you get caught up on bay area weather and traffic. it looks like we will get warm weather coming our way. james fletcher has details. >>james: in walnut creek traffic is live along well. visibility is not bad. it is overcast of the fog is not a factor. this afternoon, partly cloudy, sunshine and its the school board did yesterday.
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let's take a quick look at the maps and talk about those temperatures. they have cooled off just a little bit. here is where we see the fog been heaviest. in santa rosa, the red is indicating a quarter mile visibility. everyone else is doing ok. 58 is what we expected this afternoon in oakland. generally upper 50s and low 60s.
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across the north bay temperatures will range from 56-61. downtown san francisco, mid- 50s. partly sunny in the afternoon with clouds already on their way. let's get the latest on the road conditions. >>james: we are continuing to track seeds the activity. a few incidents and accidents around the area but no hot spots or major delays. even here on the bay bridge is a better than usual right. the center lanes are a bit back up but the 880 approach is not backed up at all. traffic is still living pretty well to the heart of the toll plaza. the drive time is 13 minutes
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from the nimitz over to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride is delayed free. no problems to or from marin county. >>justine: officials have now called of the underwater search for the cruise ship crashed in italy. their reason investigators say the search is now over is because of dangers to rescue workers. 17 bodies have been recovered. 16 people are still listed as missing. >>mark: the polls are open in florida for today's gop primary election. newt gingrich and mitt romney are fighting a close battle in the state. in the meantime santorum and ron paul are not campaigning. they are in colorado and nevada.
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>>reporter: the polls are open and in full swing. mitt romney and if newt gingrich are duking it out for the 50 delegates at stake. it is a winner-take-all state. he does enjoy a double-digit lead headed into this contest and is certainly hoping for a big win tonight. >> people realize that if they want change in washington you cannot elected the same people to take different years. you have to have new people come an anti-takeover. >> i am in this race where ronald reagan was.
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we're going all the way to the convention and we will win in tampa. for >>reporter: santorum and crummy have already moved to their campaigns further down the road. romney may win the battle in florida but the war is far from over. newt gingrich is focusing on
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the southern states that vote in march. >> the dow is now down 11 points home prices are now down to 2003 levels.
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tough >>justine: congressional budget office just pulled out a new port and is predicting that it to the also told us if deficit will be one kwon one trillion. the report also says that the annual deficit will remain in the one trillion dollar range for the next several years faugh >>mark: and walnut creek, bar owners are meeting to discuss ways to deal with late night fighting. in this latest incident, nine people were arrested.
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>> it is over time. i think the safety of the community is more significant than dollars spent. >> the city council is now working to pass an ordinance that would give the city more power to hold problem bars accountable for over serving. >>darya: here is a live look outside. it's pretty quiet morning. 680 traffic is looking good.
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>>mark: a developing story, for close to 20 years we have been following the design and construction of the new east a span of the bay bridge. >>darya: we are getting closer and closer. now, attention is turning to dismantling the other section which is like tearing down a three story building that ranges of 40 mi..
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>>mark: five-seven years and over 200 million to take down that old span. >> yes. it is a significant challenge. >>darya: it has led the heat. --and, it has lead paint. >> there is a cantilevered sections, it is one of the largest bridge is anywhere in the world. >>mark: i guess we are all excited for some big employers and to occur if but is it mainly because of the lead paint that you cannot have this fall into a force to >>mark: there are several reasons, the location to the existing bridge fifth >>darya: what are we going to see happen and land. we have a long presidents'
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day weekend coming up. >> the president's day weekend, we want to open the bridge about six runs ahead of the original schedule. who will be taking down of the cantilever, the largest portion near yerba buena island. qr aha high powerhouse
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>>mark: this is a hot in the final tally is over 6 billion. what was the biggest cause overhaul? her hot hot hikes high how he line and what i am white,
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of not i cannot on her and calling in a car recurrence want horse had he not hear one and all why why anne's reign on swineherd a line when you, and i lying n.y. he cannot on the hearing are rockingham and ke
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minute drive time. that it's not bad at all. the commute here is just a little sluggish for your ride on 580 westbound. looking at the south bay ride, 101, the closer look at the commute on the bayshore freeway, you will see conditions there are still pretty good. the drive times are not bad considering it a little bit of slow traffic between the two freeways. and did 1 01-280 unchanged. a 16 minute drive time.
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the drive time is 28 minutes through marin county. >>mark: mcdonald's is saying that they will be removing a food additive from their burgers that critics are calling it takes time. that refers to this their beef trimmings treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria. mcdonald's uses that as filler and all of their hamburgers. jimmy oliver coined the phrase think slime and has been campaigning against the use of the distiller. mcdonald's will be removing although veteran federal regulators say the use of the trimmings is safe. followers did not even know what things lined up was. here are some of the responses coming in.
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if you'd like to leave your own comments, like us on facebook. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the james lick in san francisco. san fasts thing sphere fifth theft off
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>>darya: in the sierra we are used to seeing a lot more snug and we have gotten this winter. take a look at the video from the storms last week that doubled the snow pack. the snowpack is the only 38 percent of average. luckily reservoir levels have remained high because last winter was exceptionally wet. officials are hoping that of normal weather pattern will return in the brain more snow. the second snow survey of the season is happening to our. >>mark: more snow affected
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in syracuse with another 3-6 in. affected--expected. >>darya: here is a live look in a walnut creek. suffolk is a little slow on 680 southbound. and concord is 49 looking for a high of 59 and as the days go on, towards the weekend we're looking at even if one were to of vouchers.
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>>darya: 7:30 a.m., the big story is this hour, they are
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voting in the primary in florida for the republican candidates. mitt romney is expected to be the victor in today's contest but newt gingrich is promising to keep fighting until the republican convention this summer. about a half an hour ago the strike began at kaiser permanente a hopped up. workers of got off the job and picking and what is the call along this fast- largest when the action in history protesting the cuts to flee benefits. italian officials have called of the underwater search for the people still listed as missing after the cruise ship disaster off of the italian coast. investigators say that it is too dangerous to continue searching under water for the 16 people still listed as missing. >>mark: a live look at the golden gate. gray skies up above. this afternoon we will have sunshine. more clouds on the way for
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tomorrow. all in all upper '40's and low 50s. fog is also a factor for people around santa rosa. the rest of the bay area is still
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>> as we move towards a p.m., more congestion. no hot spots yet. on the bay bridge a great
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camion. there is no backup from the 80 approach. 80 slows as you head into the toll plaza flats. no problems just some slowing on the approach. looking at the building to another on 101 northbound and 85 northbound, to 80 starts to slow approach 880. the slowing begins right at highway 37.
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>>justine: the united states now faces many interconnected or enemies including terrorists, criminals and foreign powers. a news report came out this morning in the that is all we're talking about right now. if >>mark: thousands of kaiser permanente in police are set to for go through the one day strike. they are in a dispute over a news contrasts. for months nurses are going on a sympathy strike sang at kaiser wants to make cuts to health care and coverage as well as retirement benefits
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for union workers to. >> this strike is about kaiser still making millions of dollars as a nonprofit. >> in response to the work stoppage, kaiser hospital has released a statement saying that patient care will not be affected. they have said they are prepared for the work stoppage in will continue to provide members and patients with high quality health care and service. >>darya: walnut creek bar owners are meeting to try and figure out how to deal with late night fighting that they have seen downtown. nine people have been arrested after three fights broke out around the city. one man was beaten severely in a city parking garage. the today see pictured here were two of nine people arrested over the weekend. the walnut creek police chief says the problem stems from people drinking too much and that extra officers will now be on the streets during the overnight weekend hours.
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>>mark: details in the case against martin--ross mirkirimi. it is alleged that he kept his wife in their homes and that she could not tell people that she had been abused. the prosecution says the video shows a conversation look has had with a neighbor about the abuse and alleges that she left the house after 18 hours while mirkirimi was showering. police say he proved his wife's arm during an argument. the defense attorney called latest allegations absurd. >>darya: we're taking a look at numbers as they are, the dow is not doing too much. the dow was down by eight. rating at 12,644. in other business news, exxon says its fourth quarter earnings rose 2
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percent as higher oil prices may differ drop in production. the largest u.s. oil company net income totaled almost 9.5 billion. they have seen production from oil fields decline. by for the entire year exxon earned $41.1 billion. >>mark: will take a quick break as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 p.m.. a live look outside. we're watching conditions on the san mateo bridge. in mild morning with clouds and fog. this happened in, upper 50s.
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>>mark: the 15 year-old old lawyer arrested on suspicion of murdering his parents will be arraigned today in an adult court.
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the bodies of his parents were found inside their car outside their home on the parents and employers became concerned, during a police visit to the home, they discover the bodies. >>darya: here is a live look at the golden gate. in santa rosa right now is 43 and will be 61 for the high this afternoon. we are back with gary radnich in a couple of minutes talking about some amazing slam dunks, the raiders new head coach and demanding brothers. we will be right back.
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>>gary: let's start with a slam dunk. can we compare and contrast?
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>>darya: everyone seems to like blake griffin and that it is more remarkable than on broad james. >>darya: all of my boys. i had to look at it over and over. >>gary: that was nasty! >>darya: the one in blue was in the air. that was not a foul? >>gary: now. --no >>gary: there are so many highlight shows on. you take for granted how great these moves are. these guys are just fantastic. really good!
7:47 am
what made griffin stand out is the way he threw it down. while abroad does that all the time. these guys are really incredible. if you look at a beautiful woman 20 times, it gets old. >>darya: we put them side by side just to compare. third >>gary: third if you are judging, i would have to cigarettes and various serious >>darya: of those were my highlights. for for
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>>gary: for >>darya: what are your impressions of this new raiders coach? he gives a press conference and basically says nothing. we got to see him, heater have and have a free ones. >>gary: when has a new coach ever said anything? nobody says anything anymore. " >>gary: of fort twitter, maybe three-four people were rounded, the army was not afraid to share his personality in the now, everyone is so condition that if they say the wrong thing, that is all they will hear for the next six months. basically we have bred a
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bunch of boring people. it looks like a nice guy. he had his family there. >>darya: these craft congress's are about nothing sentence. >>gary: we got to see the guy. >>gary: when bill walsh left, his replacement was not a big talker. he was replacing a super bowl champion coach. >>darya: when i look at the press conference over the super bowl, the festival conference i thought, it will be about the super bowl walked but instead, it was all about the nanny. the d.c. the reports on the
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of move? they have two sources that are saying that seen manning is not coming back. they said two doctors affiliated with the team are saying it could take a year before manning knows if he will be able to return it they would recommend that they let him go. >>gary: there is no question he will be let go. there's too much water under the bridge. to fix you could make the case that they will not even have the super bowl without a landing. it was not for the man in the team would probably be in los angeles by now. but if you cannot play, i think last year he got 70 million or 18 million ended on of late.
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>>darya: i just thought that the talk would center around the lead manager. --ely manning. >>gary: it is our fault that we meet these guys so that a strike. >>darya: a couple of suitable advertisements have already come out.
7:52 am
>>gary: 3.5 million apiece. >>darya: of there is a honda commercial of there is beautiful and honda with seinfeld. they are both really good commercial.
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>>gary: have you ever purchased something because of a commercial? >>darya: yes because the kids make it. hotels in bolt bought those beads by dr. trey have funds for the entire team. those are tran of dollars apiece exhibition would >>gary: i thought he would do something for the team and catch a pass. $30,000? the >>darya: $300 apiece. we will see later, gary. we will be right back.
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for six months -- with a total home dvr included. plus get hbo and cinemax free for three months. u-verse tv ranks "highest in residential television service satisfaction" by j.d. power and associates four years in a row! without u-verse i think we'd be just a big mess. ♪ >>darya: the united states faces many interconnected enemies that me tried to strike with nuclear weapons or cyberspace although al- qaeda numbers are down across the country.
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>>mark: traffic is moving smoothly across the span. we will be right back into minutes.
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>>justine: elementary school teacher earth dag and made bondage photos of nearly two dozen children possibly inside a classroom. the teacher is now in jail and $2.3 million bail. he has been charged with committing lewd acts with 23
8:15 am
boys and girls ages 7-10. >>james: we have a couple of pictures to show you. this is our roof camera in san francisco. if you could climb to the top of sutro tower, this is what you would see. a blanket of low cloud cover with blue skies up above. temperatures in the 40's. a partly cloudy afternoon in store. mostly cloudy as we headed to the overnight hours. here is a quick look at the fog that we're seeing this morning. santa rosa one-on-one, visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. the clouds will thicken as
8:16 am
we head into the evening hours. some breaks of sunshine and then the clouds will start to impact us this evening going into tomorrow morning. with it, light rain. future cast 4 as light rain near santa rosa. a couple of hours later it is centered over the north bay. life in nature but a couple of hours after that fizz when we expected iran to become saturday and remain scattered throughout the remainder of the morning. a few sprinkles here and there but most of demonstrable be kept to the norfolk and anticipate. by noon we should be out of the woods and in doing dry conditions as we head through the rest of the workweek. i will break down the 7 day around the bay coming up. unseasonably warm weather in store for thursday, friday and into the weekend. >>george: we are tracking our first hot spot of the morning. in the oakland hills,
8:17 am
eastbound and the caldecott tunnel, high with 24 coming out of rock ridge, we had a milk truck that became disabled. somehow they managed to slow the westbound ride coming out of orinda. for it has backed of the northbound highway 13 commute. it is jammed as you head towards the piedmont and oakland hills tried to get up to the caldecott tunnel. the looking at your ride on the bridge this morning, the bay bridge westbound, there had been a report of a stall on the incline. look at this 880 approach. there is still absolutely no backup coming from the nimitz freeway even though it is slow coming from 8580 westbound. the last couple of days, it has been the same conditions. it is odd to see things backed up. the san mateo bridge ride is a problem free.
8:18 am
nothing unusual about this commute. the backup of the toll plaza has dissipated. your commute to the golden gate, 101 southbound is still a pretty easy ride as you come from iran. >>mark: the latest in a case against ross mirkirimi, the district attorney is now saying that the sheriff kept his wife isolated so that she could not tell police the video shows a conversation that lopez had with a neighbor about the alleged abuse saying that she left the house after 18 hours when he was showering and said that he bruised her arm during an argument. the defense attorney called the latest allegations absurd. mirkirimi is facing
8:19 am
misdemeanor domestic violence charges. >>darya: police went to this home twice when the employer of one of the parents called out of concern. when they arrived the first time, things seemed ok, but for their second visit they found the bodies dead in a vehicle outside the home. >>mark: nine people were arrested over the weekend after three fights broke out around the city with one a man of being severely beaten in the city's parking garage. two of those arrested are pictured here. they were to of the nine arrested over the weekend. the walnut creek police chief stems from the problem
8:20 am
that people are drinking too much into that extra officers will be out on the streets during the overnight weekend hours. >> we hope the significant number of of a large dent into the issues that we have. >>darya: the suspect charged in connection with shooting and killing james capoot will be in court today. he will have a preliminary hearing and charged with ordering in on duty police officer. capoot was shot as he chased a big robbery suspect in november. he was a 19 year veteran. >> a developing story out of the south bay, will find out today if a construction company will face criminal charges after a carpenter was killed in a mud slide.
8:21 am
he was buried in and crashed when a hillside collapsed on calaveras ridge road in milpitas. inspectors ordered all work to be halted three days earlier. the city has determined that a recent rains and ed absence of foundation had made the site and safe. the contractor did not comply with the stock work orders. a carpenter was working in its call for deep ditch when it came did. >>darya: a san jose elementary school teacher is charged with lewd acts on a child and will be in court today. greg channeler will have a plea hearing this mornings. you've worked for at the really in else's oil and prosecutors say multiple victims have been identified and at least one of the children is 740 years old. >>darya: netflix we are back with more in just a couple of minutes to get you going on this tuesday morning.
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>>darya: mcdonald's plans to remove food additives that critics are calling pinks lime. that nickname or purse-- refers to spare beads trimmings that are treated to kill bacteria. mcdonald's uses the filler in its burgers. federal regulators said the use of the tree trimmings is a. >>mark: spirit airlines is speaking out saying that new regulations cause the company to hide taxes in a price tag.
8:26 am
they said the new requirement is not consumer friendly. >>erica: as consumers if they agree with what spirit airlines is saying about taxes thing hidden. one person said it is a great idea. here is what another during a visit. if you like to leave your comments, visit our facebook fan page. mark danon and walnut creek traffic is really bad. it is a bumper to bumper from of a 242 of 1 on the right-hand side.
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>>darya: the big stories we are following, thousands of kaiser permanente workers are on strike. they walked off of the job today and the largest one day strike in the history of the hmo. they are upset about proposed cuts to employee benefits. officials will no longer be surgeon under water for those still listed as missing after the cruise ship ran aground. investigators say it is too dangerous for rescue workers to go into the water. 16 people are still listed as missing.
8:30 am
>>george: in the caldecott tunnel, a truck got stuck. it did more damage to highway 13 northbound that it did eastbound highway 24. we are still sluggish in the westbound direction. it is only from just before the year-end a crossroads. let's get a check on whether with james fletcher. >>james: here is a look at temperatures.
8:31 am
mainly upper '40's-low 50s.
8:32 am
>>darya: we are taking a look at the approach to the bay bridge which is not too bad. keep in mind, it will be removing the old eastern stands. it will be very difficult and it takes five-seven years. it is quite a process. almost $200 million to take it down. we spoke earlier this morning to a caltrans spokesperson his book about the demolition, what it will take and how drivers will be impacted. >> the building has 400 ft. towers, massive suspension, it is one of the largest anywhere in the world. the first thing that will happen is the taking down of the cantilever stand.
8:33 am
the drivers will be able to see the massive icon be taken down piece by piece, very carefully. >> virtually every issue that we want nominees to be
8:34 am
conversant on is an initiative confronted here in florida. >>darya: at last check the dow was down by 64 points.
8:35 am
>>justine: here is what is happening right now in the kron4 news room. a driver in connecticut lost control of his suv and plowed into this house. police say this started when the driver of the sec refused to pull over and led police on a high-speed chase. the suspect ran off and is still on the list this morning. the victim was taken to
8:36 am
hospital with burns on his backside.
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>>gabe: facebook will start requiring people to switch to the new profile called time line timeline is essentially a scrapbook of your entire life on facebook. once activated, a time line replaces the current profile. some people have already
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voluntarily switched to time line. originally time line was not mandatory. >>gabe: i'm giving away this game or you could bring your choice of life. you can teleport figures directly into the game. to enter to win visit my kron4 facebook fan page,
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like me and look for the sweepstakes tab on the left side. >>darya: 8:40 a.m., here is a live look outside at the golden gate. to the north in santa rosa a chilly 37. it will get up to 61 by the afternoon.
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>>darya: last winter was exceptionally wet. officials are hoping that a weather pattern will return and bring us more snow. a second snow survey will take place tomorrow. >>darya: before we do the weather we want to check out traffic ended of date on our hot spot. >>george: if we started watching the ride, called a cop because of the impact on northbound 13. the eastbound problem has managed to slow the westbound commute. habakkuk reaches in part
8:46 am
through lafayette and through walnut creek. speeds are dropping approaching pleasant hill. your drive to the caldecott is 31 minutes. the bay bridge has not been bad. here is an updated look at the toll plaza. this san mateo bridge has been its usual, quiet, dependable, easy ride. for the golden gate, there is still heavy traffic through central marin.
8:47 am
>>mark: >>james: take a look at the rain and when we expected to fall. there rain is scattered but confined to the north bay.
8:48 am
this will translate into snow in the sierra. they will only get about an inch.
8:49 am
>>mark: a new details as the owners of a south san francisco plans are paying a penalty for an ammonia leak that sickened dozens of people back in august 2009. columbus foods paid nearly $700,000 without acknowledging wrongdoing. 17 people were hospitalized and 30 others sought medical attention after built up pressure caused a pipe to burst releasing 200 lbs. of ammonia into the air. >>darya: a developing story, the agreement is today for a 15 year-old oakland lawyer arrested on suspicion of murdering his parents. friends and co-workers of the parents are mourning their losses. their bodies were found inside of their car outside
8:50 am
their home on friday night. their adopted son is now under arrest. >> one of the kindest most sensitive people i have ever met clear if >>maureen: susan poff for work as a physician's assistant at this whole blissful medical facility. >> she had an incredible record with the people that we serve. >>maureen: this was one of her patients for the last 15 years. she helped him get off of drugs. >> she has been a very important part of my life. fly am really hurt at this loss. >> it is impossible to rector arms around. >> co-workers are having trouble dealing with a loss of their friend.
8:51 am
fog treated inmates at san francisco still health system. he was a psychologist. >> they dedicated their lives to working with people that were underserved in the underprivileged. they were working to make the world a better place. >>darya: the florida everglades animal population is dropping. pythons and anaconda's have been multiplying in the nl, they are eating everything in sight. sightings of animals including raccoons and opossums have dropped by almost 100 percent safe since 2000. officials say this makes took over after pet owners released them into the wild.
8:52 am
>>justine: prince william will be leaving his life behind joining his air force unit in the balkan islands off the coast of argentina next month. he will serve a six week tour of duty as a rescue helicopter pilot. the plymouth is the part of his normal rotation off. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues until 10:00 a.m.. we are taking a look at temperatures curious partly 50 degrees and was and jose. where look for a high of 59.
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>>mark: the polls in florida
8:56 am
are open. newt gingrich and mitt romney are fighting a close battle. we will have the poll results at 5:00 p.m.. thousands of kaiser permanente a woman artist but of this morning in what is being called the largest strike in the history of the hmo. they're protesting proposed cuts to the fleet and its. a thai officials called off the underwater search for the 16 missing in from the cruise ship has accident. investigators say it is now a danger to rescue workers. now, the salvage operation will be under way. >>erica: paula abdul has been fired from the show the x factor. they were all given the boot, probably because the show did not garner the ratings and compete with american idol like it was expected to.
8:57 am
>>darya: wilson has been the official football of the nfl since 1941. each of their balls is handmade and the impact will it have been since 1969 this facility is the only factory dedicated solely to making false. there are 120 workers that turn out about 700,000 false a year. >>mark: a look at the 70 forecast. morning fog and dropping temperatures as we head towards the weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s and the near 70's with the beautiful weekend on tap. >>darya: we have more to come, did not go away. it will be falling weather and traffic. first as far as traffic
8:58 am
goes, this shot looks great. george will have an update on the hotspots in a couple of minutes. for plot faugh the fed if
8:59 am
9:00 am
that >>mark: car watching as the thousands of bay area nurses and kaiser workers across the state are on a 1 days straight. it's the 2000 hit to picket lines at 7:00 a.m. fighting over several issues including all your retirement benefits. will tran is an oakland woman more on any possible effect to patient care. >>will: i'm to the workers behind me on strike. i spoke with kaiser this morning and did they say if you are a patient, you have met the prime friday about carry it incurs and if they are relying on hospital staff to take care of all of your needs. this is technically a mental
9:01 am
health and optical workers strike but they are being adjourned--the nurses are joining in on what is being called a sympathy strike. fed >>justine: for a former los angeles elementary schoolteacher has now been arrested to leave gagged and made a bondage photos of nearly two dozen children still inside a los angeles classroom. the teacher is in jail the $0.3 million bail and is charged committing lewd acts on 23 children ages 7-10. we are learning that this investigation began when a film processor gave authorities 40 photographs it >>darya: let's get an update on our house also george. >>george: we have been
9:02 am
getting a ride on 24 out of walnut creek shoe the caldecott tunnel. there was a problem eastbound and westbound accident at the end are cosseted a hit and run- started to back things up. in the last moment, the sensors have updated it. most of the red and yellow has been replaced by green. for the drive time is now down to 24 x 6/6 sf of leatherleaf fairfield e.f. >>erica: things are clear for the most part.
9:03 am
temperatures right now are on the mild side. we do have the potential for wet weather theory ifs overnight we will be waking up to a sprinkel were too. off check out temperatures right outside the door. 49 is the common number for oakland and he with. fifth modifications will stay in the '50s. gulf coming up in my next
9:04 am
report a look at where you can expect wet weather. >>mark: the new span of the bay bridge will take five- seven years. building on the new bay bridge was supposed to be done in 2007 for 1.5 million but costs have skyrocketed. this morning we spoke with a caltrans spokesperson who talked about what the biggest cause was in building a new bridge. >> it is a complete odyssey. the initial projections were not for this bridge. some of the first work for
9:05 am
retrofitting this bridge but ultimately the region and thus decided on building. there were fuel costs increases. >>mark: they say they're still on time with the new schedule in you could be driving on a new bay bridge in 2013. >>darya: in walnut creek, bar owners are meeting to talk about how they can deal with late night fighting. there have been multiple arrests over the last few months. the most recent over the weekend. one man was severely beaten in a city parking garage on january 8th. police arrested several people including these two. in november, two men in saprophytes were arrested around local bars.
9:06 am
the walnut creek police chief says the problem is that people are drinking too much and they will have extra officers on the streets during overnight weekend hours. >>darya: the mayor says the city council is working to pass an ordinance that would give the city more power to hold problem bars more accountable. >>mark: the dallas office 66 down to 12,586. disappointing numbers for the month of january.
9:07 am
>>darya: home prices have fallen in 19 of the 20 cities that are tracked. the biggest declines were atlanta, chicago and detroit. phoenix, arizona was the only city to show an increase. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look outside on this tuesday morning. we're waiting for the fog to clear up. the morning commute is finally over on the bay bridge. in oakland, a mild start today.
9:08 am
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>>mark: 16 people still missing from the cruise ship disaster. officials have called off search for anyone still inside the ship. there are saying that the
9:11 am
work is becoming more dangerous. in the meantime, carnival cruise company is now reversing their economic forecasts as a result of the deadly shipwreck. they're forecasting a loss of up to three and 95 million. and >>darya: knew this morning, top u.s. intelligence officials said that al-qaeda is on the decline around the world but is still considered a leading threat to america. this is from the annual report on top threats facing the united states.
9:12 am
walnut creek is looking terrific. we will be right back after the break. saw
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>>darya: republicans are deciding on the candidates in florida for the gop presidential primary that is going on right now. we have more live from tampa on what could be a turning point in their rates for the republican presidential nomination. >> the polls are open and in full swing. mitt romney add new gingrich are duking it out for this winner-take-all state.
9:16 am
>>darya: >>reporter: mitt romney appears to be on track for his second victory. a win in florida, is it with a large servers for ovulation was hit hard by the recession will strengthen his argument that he can go all the way in november. >> people realize that if they want to see change in washington you cannot keep electing the same people to take different years. >> i am in this race where ronald reagan was in 1976.
9:17 am
>> here in florida, if you are a part of the house and prices probably will not get elected president. >> ron paul and santorum have already moved their campaigns to states for the cover. the >>erica: a few locations are still dealing with light
9:18 am
fog. overall, it is a mild start to the morning. temperatures in the forties agree to sunshine. expect ice here is a look at temperatures right outside of the door furious we could reach 61 and santa rosa of places like san francisco, richmond and san rafael will
9:19 am
play off-judge will stay in the mid '50s. 58 in fairfield. we do have the potential for wet weather. future cast 4 predicts by 3:00 p.m. many of us will be sleeping. that is the first chance for light rainfall. for the most part, into the overnight hours and working up into the next morning, it looks like the rain chants will stay north of the golden gate. by 6:00 a.m. we could pick up some sprinkles towards antioch, fairfield and it will remain that way by the time we hit the peak of the commute. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows mostly sunny conditions and partly cloudy skies until we hit wednesday. then, we will see a lot of sunshine of the temperatures in the upper 60s. let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: things are returning to normal. when arnold of retracting any hot spot for your ride around the bay area. let's of the freeways looking first at the right on 24.
9:20 am
that is back to normal. interstate 80 looks pretty good. the east bay freeways, 680 southbound and 580 westbound are all doing fine. in the south bay there is still some sluggish traffic, mostly on highway 101 into northbound direction. off we will get some speeds for you as a thick up the road sensors. in the yellow we are up to 38-40 mi. per hour, not quite so digits, but teens. it is always slow right in here. always a slow right here where the guadalupe parkway emerges with 101 northbound. that is why the drive time is still running at 19 minutes. that is normal that a little slow for this late. looking quickly at the marin commission, 101 south of, the yellow self through the heart for the commute. a quick bridge check as we look first at the bay bridge for ride westbound. there are no longer any delays or fax of siri if the san mateo bridge from you
9:21 am
has been over for some time westbound and eastbound. if the golden gate bridge commute has been problem free to and from marin county. if >>mark: in the south bay we could find out if a construction company will face criminal charges after a carpenter was killed in a mud slide. he was buried in and crashed when a hillside collapsed on a home construction sites in milipitas. it happened on saturday. milipitas inspectors ordered that all work was to be halted. the city determine their recent rains and an absence of a foundation had made the site of state but the contractor, they did not comply with the stop work order. a carpenter was were the senate's call foot ditch when it caved in. >>mark: a san jose elementary school teacher is charged with lewd acts on a child. craig chandler will publicly hearing. he worked at wally elementary school.
9:22 am
prosecutors say multiple victims have been identified and at least one of the victims is 7-8 years old. >>darya: the suspect charged in collection--in connection with the shooting of james capoot will be in court today. henry alfred smith jr. will have a preliminary hearing. he is charged with murdering an on diddley's officer. capoot was shot and killed as he was chasing a big robbery suspect vallejo that in november. he was a 19 year veteran of the force. >>darya: the 15 year-old lovely charged with murdering his parents is said to be arraigned on his charges today in adult court. for the bodies of his fans were found inside of their car outside of their home on friday night. they had adopted the boy when he was young. one of the parents' employers became concerned when they did not show up for work. police were called to do it well check. when police visited the first time they said everything seemed fine, on
9:23 am
the second visit the bodies were discovered. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look outside at the golden gate. if traffic is moving smoothly.
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>>mark: we're watching wall street. the dow jones was up 40 and now down 58 to 12,595 after consumer confidence has weakened for the month of january. a drop in home values as well. greece is getting closer to a deal with private creditors for 505 on the dollar for all of the debt that is owed. once they make a deal with private banks, they can get a second round of bailout money from the european union's. it looks like we are getting a further away from a possible default. >>darya: we are in for
9:27 am
really warm weather for february. 61 today which is nice, not as hot as it is going to be. we have a little bit of fog and drizzle may be to our morning and then the clouds clear. on thursday, 68 degrees. full sunshine through to the next work week. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. thank you for waking up with the kron4 news. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is light. here is a live look is fremont.
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>>erica: things will not warm up to much as we head into the afternoon. those locations are cooler than get yesterday. we're looking at conditions oliver the cameras.
9:31 am
mostly cloudy conditions throughout the day. we will see breaks of sunshine here and there would temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees. here is a look at temperatures right outside the door. we have a combination of 40 to get you started. santa rosa is a no longer in the 30's. fifties in san jose. as we check out whatever does go into the afternoon. plenty of '50s. the only locations are in antioch and livermore, mid- 50s for places like half moon bay. 61 expected for those of you in santa rosa.
9:32 am
it is time for a check on traffic. >>george: there are no delays to or across the lower deck on the san rafael. heading back towards hayward and foster city its all-30 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge ride has been problem free all morning long. there is still some sluggish traffic through central marin. the drive times are not bad at all. things have cleared out nicely for westbound 24 and
9:33 am
westbound interstate 80. the south bay freeways, 101 is the last freeway we tracked. conditions are much improved their and here on highway 85. >>darya: their move in the eastern span of the bay bridge. it is going to be a significant challenge and will take five-seven years at the price of about $200 million. we spokes with a caltrans folks person who talked about what the demolition and tails. >> there are two 400 ft tall towers, and the cantilever section, one of largest bridges of its type anywhere in the world. we will be advertising the product over the summer.
9:34 am
the first thing we will be doing is taking down the cantilevers stand. it will be taken down piece by piece, very carefully. >>mark: thousands of kaiser permanente workers are on a one day strike. they are fighting over several issues including health care and retirement benefits. >> the she is a ground patient care. if you come to one of our psychiatrist clinics, you'd be seen once, your second visit with the telephone call and your third visit would be into a group or out of the system. we find that to be inexcusable. we have told kaiser that repeatedly. >> this is the live look
9:35 am
from oakland where the nurses are on strike. it is a 24 hour strike across the entire state of california. it is expected to last 24 hours until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >>justine: in the kron4 newsroom, police arrested a former los angeles elementary school teacher after allegedly gag ended may bondage photos of nearly two dozen children possibly inside a classroom. we now have a photo of the teacher. this is the 61 year-old teacher who is now being held in jail on $2.3 million bail. the investigation started when a film processor gave authorities pictures depicting a blindfolded children in a classroom with their mouths taped shut. that is will we are falling right now in the kron4 is live. >>darya: we have new details
9:36 am
on the case against ross mirkirimi. the district attorney is now saying that the sheriff kept his wife in their home and she could not leave and could not tell police that he had physically abused her. this claim comes after a motion arguing that video of elie abel lopez should be allowed as evidence in esurance trial. the video shows a conversation lopez had with a neighbor about the alleged abuse. in it, she says that she left the house while mirkirimi was taking a shower roughly 18 hours after he allegedly bruised arm during an argument.
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>>erica: here is a live look at conditions from the golden gate bridge. you will notice >>erica: the cooler conditions into the afternoon. temperatures will stay in the upper 50s. we do have the potential for some sprinkles overnight. there rain chance will stay in the north bay. as we head into friday, we have a lot of upper 60s, potentially 70's on tax. i will surely dead in the 7 day around the forecast. >>mark: the dow is up over 40 police. 12,611. >>darya: and other news, exxon says the fourth quarter earnings rose 2 percent as higher oil prices made up for a drop is for us
9:41 am
in. the largest oil company had net income that totaled almost 9.5 billion. production from oil fields decline as it invested more heavily in u.s. natural gas fields. that shift so far has not paid of as natural gas prices have dropped. for the year exxon mobile on the $41.1 billion. >>mark: other stocks are getting hammered this morning. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside as the bay bridge. the morning commute is winding down.
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>>mark: a final update on the weather forecast. the >>erica: the fog is starting
9:45 am
to burn off. the first thing that people will notice is the mild temperatures. most locations reporting upper '40's. 49 and concord, same for his efforts. for checkout mountain view and san jose, both coming in at 50. santa rosa is hanging on the low '40's. 49 for downtown san francisco. it is cooler compared to yesterday morning. as we check out the afternoon highs, most locations will struggle to make it into the '60s. oakland and a redwood city holding on to 58. half moon bay will not make it out of the mid '50s, the same for san rafael. third it looks like santa rosa could reach 61. a degree cooler for those of you this afternoon. future cast 4 predicts that we could actually see light showers around the bay area into the overnight hours. by 3:00 p.m. he will see their rain chance through santa rosa. the light green indicates pretty light rainfall. as we advance closer to 5:00
9:46 am
p.m. with could pick up more moderate showers, but this rain chances does stay north of the golden gate and we will continue to see scattered showers as we head into the morning commute. it doesn't look like we will see too much in terms of accumulation out of that storm system. as we check out conditions heading of the light taco, here is a live look at highway 55. mostly clear conditions on tap. we could see about an inch of new snow as we head into tomorrow. thursday, sunshine and temperatures in the upper '40's. here is a look at your ski report. >>erica: for more information on these resorts and others, visit
9:47 am let's get a check on traffic. >>george: as we continue to monitor improving conditions, we are not tracking any hot spots for the drive around the bay area. it and it's very much as it began with light traffic all around, especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup for delay. it is actually a lot lighter their reported at 6:00 a.m.. , san mateo bridge, things have wound down nicely. no backups on the approach to the stand in either direction. your ride on the golden gate has been an easy one all morning long. a quick check on the traffic maps shows the east bay ride in the right on 580 coming into dublin, the nimitz freeway, hayward, they all look good, so did the south bay freeways. one concentrated spot of slow in go traffic near the guadalupe parkway. the north bay commute is
9:48 am
back down to under 25 minutes from novato as we head south to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: here is video that you have to see, a driver in connecticut lost control of his suv and plowed right into this home in new haven. this is the car, that is the hold of the car left behind. the car landed directly on top of a man who was living inside of the house. it's a firefighters nearly an hour-and-a-half to free the man who was trapped underneath the car in his own bed. this started when suv, the driver refused to pull over and led police on a high- speed chase. he even went over stop sticks. he is still on the loose. the 34 year-old victim did go to the hospital with burns to his backside. >>darya: people are not just using bay area freeways to get around. some homeless make their homes underneath the road's surface. this is a story will see only on kron4. stanley roberts takes us
9:49 am
with the california highway patrol for a surge of people living inside of our freeways. >>stanley: you may have heard of people living under the freeway or even alongside a freeway, i bet you have not seen anything like this. this man is actually living inside of the 280 freeway. you heard me correctly, inside the 280 freeway near america's avenue instead francisco. you may have driven over him numerous times. he is not the only ones. this man is living inside the cesar chavez off ramp. he is not alone. he is living there with his dog. believe it or not there could be more than 50 such locations like this in san francisco alone. if you are like me, you want to see what is inside. first of all, most of them are dark, cold and have a strong odor of the arms
9:50 am
mildew. many of them have pretty much whatever they can get inside. that is all the matches, how did you get that inside? >> i tied it up with a rope really tight. >>stanley: if this one is inside a tightly to 80 and has a poster of scarred face and what appears to be shelving in the pantry. at one time, some of the people tap into the freeway caution signals to get electricity. the state finally cut the power off. this one, if you look carefully, you could see knives in the ceiling. while you might be saying, at least have a home, the fact is, this is state property and the people who live here are doing so illegally. they pry open the access panel is used for seismic the retrofitting. a special unit of the california highway patrol call this a security patrol allowed me to unprecedented access to this area and
9:51 am
trust me, i have more to show you in upcoming editions of people behaving badly. stanley roberts, kron 4 is. >>darya: if you have a story idea or, idea for >>stanley: , contact him on our web site, facebook or even indirectly. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. we're watching temperatures with a live look at the golden gate. 49 in san francisco with a high of mid-50s.
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