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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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rise. washington battles over a plan. >> this is a violation. >> we'll hear from both sides and find out what catholics think of the plan. tonight at 11:00, a suspect shot a police officer injured. berkeley police officers were trying to take a suspect into custody when they say he pinned one officer between two cars.
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kron4's reporter is live from castro valley. why were the berkeley officers apprehended in castro valley? >> reporter: well, investigators say that those officers were following the suspect in connection with the crime that took place in berkeley. there are investigators on scene still combing over these cars. these cars have been left where they were at 5:00 this evening. this is video i shot earlier in the evening. you can see the bullet hole right here in the suspect's car where police shot at him. the officers followed -- followed the suspect and tried
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to apprehend him. other officers following the suspect, that is when they opened fire shooting the suspect. now, both the suspect and the officer were taken to local hospitals. >> at this intersection, center and grove in castro valley, we decided to take that suspect into custody. during that time the suspect backed his vehicle which pinned a berkeley police officer between the suspect vehicle and the unmarked berkeley car. >> reporter: what you are looking at right here live is a camera that's been taking 360- degree photos of this crime scene. investigators say that that camera is very important to helping them piece together exactly what happened here as to whether the suspect was armed, police say he was search whnd he went to the hospital and -- searched when he went to the hospital. but they are not telling us whether or not there was a
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weapon in the car. kate thompson, kron4 news. oakland mayor, jean quan, is looking toward the city's future. the city faces two considerable problems, a budget deficit, $28 million and the city is also dealing with a continued crime problem. in the last week alone, a string of shootings killed five people. here's details from the state of the city address. >> reporter: mayor quan delivered her state of the city address but for a state city elected official, members of the public were not allowed inside council chambers to watch the speech. quan mainly focused on positive things. but did not mention the recall effort or the protests. >> i don't care if you are at 98th or frank ogawa plaza, we can protect and yet respect the rights of our citizens in the
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city. i'm optimistic that oakland is on the rise, despite the cuts, despite the ending potentially of the redevelopment. >> reporter: she talked about the city aeconomy and said last year 5,000 new jobs were added, sales tax was up, unemployment fell 2% and she was able to balance the budget twice. although she did mention that 350 city employees were laid off but there was no specific plan mentioned on how to generate revenue to provide services for the people of oakland. only this -- >> we will work very hard on blending our plans and going after state and federal moneys so the port of oakland will be competitive. we'll be ready to keep all three of our teams. >> reporter: one of her top pry tar eyes is -- top priorities is reduce homicides and violence and made a plea for volunteers for youth. >> it's something we must do as a city. if we do it, if we do it, we
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will change the cycle of violence in the city forever. back to you. a date is set for the opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge. caltrans announced both eastbound and westbound lanes will be open to drivers on labor day 2013. that's just 19 months away. originally, only one direction was planned to open in 2013. the other direction was to open a year later. caltrans credits the upcoming comings day closure for the -- the upcoming presidents' day closure for the speedup. last week, wesley shermantine says he knows where a young girl who disappeared 20 years ago is buried. he says his partner in crime is
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responsible for killing the girl. police have expressed doubts about his story. we're already starting to see reduced visibilities in the parts of the bay area. we are expecting some fog overnight but it won't be quite as widespread as what we saw last night. but still areas of fog in some places, especially the north bay and for the delta. temperatures right now, still pretty mild in places like san francisco, 56 degrees. still 50 degrees in oakland. 53 in mountain view and 52 in san jose. we're gonna stay in the 40s overnight and another warm day on tap for tomorrow. i will have details on that coming up. coming up -- we'll tell you why a contraception plan affecting catholic hospitals angers republicans. >> this is a violation of conscience. >> and we'lltel what you catholics actual -- we'll tell you what catholics think about the plan. we'll look at the number of
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drugs in a bust. and we'll see how close the as are to moving to san jose. and we'll see if jeremy lin can stay on track. denny's new sizzlin' skillets are here for a limited time.
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. the fbi is searching for these six men. they are wanted for their part in a large drug ring. 26 others were charged with drug-related crimes in federal court today. our reporter has details of the huge narcotics bust. >> reporter: fbi s.w.a.t. teams from east palo alto and menlo park have taken significant amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine and weapons off the street in the bay area. >> this operation is significant. >> reporter: the two-year operation focused on a group who was selling drugs to multiple gangs. 26 arrests were made primarily in menlo park and east palo --
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palo alto. community leaders although this was significant, there's still a lot of work to be done. >> we will continue to make sure that nobody is take -- is taking advantage of our neighborhoods and creating unsafe conditions. it was warm out there today. but how long is the warm weather gonna last? i will have that answer coming up in a minute. give your loved ones what they really want!
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. the san jose sports landscape could soon be changing and the oakland as are rerenewing their effort to make the move south. here's what we know -- the sparks, they are playing hockey at hp pavilion. that won't change. the san jose earthquakes are hoping their soccer stadium will be green lighted later that month, that would be built right next to the airport and would be ready hopefully
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for the 2013 season. developer lou wowfl, he owns the earthquakes. he also owns the oakland as who are hoping to build a stadium right there, south of hp pavilion, where the sharks play. now, we have animation of what the proposed as stadium could look like in san jose. and an as move to san jose, still not a done deal, the team is waiting for approval from mlb but the owner sounded like a man who had his heart set on relocating to the south bay. >> what we want is a new baseball-only stadium that would be fun to go to every day. if we couldn't get it in oakland and we couldn't get it in fremont and we have the opportunity of having it here, it would be just great for us. but that's how it works. >> wolfe was speaking at the san jose rotary club. he said he's not heard from the
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city of oakland p any recent efforts to keep the team in oakland. it certainly was a nice day out there today with temperatures in the 60s bare wide. it was 67 in half moon bay. 66 in redwood city. 66 also in san jose. we do have another nice afternoon on top for tomorrow. we are seeing some fog out there, though, right now close to the coastline reduced visibilities. also misty conditions up north which isn't portrayed on this map but we will be seeing fog through the overnight hours. here's a look on future cast, shows pretty widespread fog i think it will be prominent in the north bay and the coast line and the delta. you will see here in the 8:00 hour, this is where we'll notice the fog in the morning. a little down the peninsula but that will clear back by the 10:00 hour and we should be seeing sunny skies. again, warmer temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. upper 60s and low 70s throughout the bay area. 70 in los bat toes. 73 in morgan hill.
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67 in oakland. 67 in napa. look at our satellite and radar pictures. storms continue to track up to the north. tomorrow we'll still be in the free but into friday, the the possibility of rain. here is a look. you can see the rain getting closer, closer closer, into friday. certainly can't justify sunny skies with this kind of forecast, and it looks like we could even see some rain into saturday morning. there's no rain, nearing pebble beach. 8:00 in the morning on saturday. here is a look at your extended forecast for the rest of the week, we'll have a nice day tomorrow then the chance of rain on friday, mainly in the north bay. carries over into saturday morning, a little bit more down south. better chance for rain, sunday into monday and a couple of shots of rain into next week. democrats an republicans are battling over a new white house policy. it requires all employees to carry health plans to cover birth control. our reporter breaks down the contraception controversy. >> reporter: the obama administration's decision to
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make employers, including relidge usually affiliated ones, provide insurance coverage for contraception has spawned a tug-of-war. republicans are taking aim at the policy that would apply to catholic universities, charities and universities. >> look at what the obama administration is spawning. >> in is a violation of conscience. we must have a president who is willing to protect america's first right. >> the white house secretary fired back pat the man -- firing back at the man, jay carney. >> given the services that -- that this rule would provide for women around the country, it's the same that are provided in massachusetts and were provided under the -- when he was governor. >> senator barbara boxer says the benefits of the bill are too important not to pass. >> new insurance plans will
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include free preventive benefits, such as breast cancer screenings, h.i.v. screenings, cervical cancer screening and free contraception. >> on the hill, speaker john boehner took to the house floor. >> this attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand and will not stand. >> shortly after boehner vowed to repeal the policy, senate republicans held a news conference. >> it violates our first amendment to the constitution and really, it's an affront to what we stand for as americans. >> they are echoing an argument about religious freedom that catholic leaders have been hammering home for more than two weeks. the goal, to chip away at the president's support from catholic allies while rallying the republican evangelical base. like followers of rick war en, who gave the invitation at the president's inauguration. he tweeted i would go to jail
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rather than cave-in to a government mandate that violates. however, a poll by the public relidge on -- relidge on research institute says 58% says it should be provided. 55% of all americans agree. and coming up next -- a thrilling finish to the final buzzer. and the sharks say a final farewell to one of its all-time greats. gary has that story and all of the evening's sports.
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. all right, good evening, everybody. once upon a time, oweb nolan played for the sharks -- owen nolan played for the sharks.
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he retired this week. the sharks let him make the ceremonial first puck. there we go. cal garay, the opponent. a few minutes later, the sharks get sloppy with the puck and he turns on the red light and third goal of the red game. the calgary goalie went to the 300 game, his first game playing with the sharks back in 2001. college basketball produced the best game of the night, anywhere, i guess. williams, duke, carolina. duke was down 10 with two minutes left. you never see this happen. accidentally, north carolina tips it into the duke basket and the game went right to the wire. doc rivers, his baby boy is a freshman. austin rivers at duke. calmly waits until there's no time left and wins the game.
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rivers had 29. duke trailed by 10 with two minutes left and the boston celtics' they had the night off so doc got to see his son win the game. he did it again. jeremy lin from palo alto high to harvard to the warriors. warriors couldn't use him. gone crazy. third tight in a row he comes through. stoudemire, no carmelo anthony. lynn had 23 points, ten assists. 107-93. how long can it go on for jeremy lin? they start for real tomorrow at the at&t along the monterey bay peninsula. the scenery is the big draw most yees. but i'm gonna tell you -- most years. but i'm gonna tell you again, tiger woods' appearance is dwarfing ray romano shooting 1034. it's a big deal with -- 104. it's a big deal with tiger
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woods. first time since 2002. here's more. >> reporter: greetings from the pebble beach course. i want you to take a look at this huge crowd. this is earlier today for the annual celebrity challenge. that meant ray romano, actor don cheadle, george lopez and bill murray, who, by the way, happen happens -- happens to be the pro-am champion with d.a. points. >> do you think he will take it more seriously this year? >> no. bill? no. >> reporter: the course began at 8:00 a.m., over $1.1 million goes to the champion. from pebble beach, vern glenn, kron4 sports. "forbes" magazine says the five most disliked people are -- and again -- all familiar names. all at one time another all- star performers. even kris humphries is good.
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when you hook up with a kardashian for a few months, i would hate you, too. there it is. funny stuff. but they are all big-time guy thele you have to be a big. you have to be a big shot. welker. we're still talking about him dropping passes. so the butter finger company rained down on the city of boston, downtown boston, butter finger bars and there it s so people are going for them. i tell you, that's the one thing that -- i mean, after a while, when something is that big -- it's a cute little thing. all right, raz 'em. but when a guy is so distraught because he felt he lost the game, i -- i don't get it. >> honest to gosh, does it make anybody feel better? what did you do ta, hon --
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today, honey? we dumped some butterfingers. >> i'm tellingia! good night, everybody.
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