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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>darya: the big stories we are following this hour, a second student has now died in the shooting that happened at a high school in ohio. we are learning more details about the suspected gunman. >>mark: the fire crews are still on the scene of this blaze that broke out in mountain view. a live report coming out this morning as the investigation continues. >>darya: it is dry and cool but we have more rain on the way. >>james: here is a quick synopsis of what we're expecting for weather.
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by this afternoon possibly 52. here is where temperatures are at the moment. we have clouds running in an advance of the storm system of. >>george: we are not tracking getting hot spots. take the bay bridge, the westbound ride is on folded nicely. on the san mateo bridge we have no delays to traffic. the drive time is still running just 14 minutes. if you're committed to the golden gate is grief 101 southbound.
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the status of is the late free northbound or southbound. >>darya: a shooting at a high school at ohio yesterday. a second student has not died of injuries. this happened at a high school 30 mi. outside of cleveland and. it was in the cafeteria of the chartered high school where a boy opened fire with a total of five students. we are also learning more about the suspect. he attends a neighboring school for at risk students. he was taken into custody outside of his home. a teacher actually chased him out of the cafeteria after the shooting. that teacher was monitoring
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a study hall. here is what one student described. >> my back was turned, i heard one shot, i turned and saw another one pointed towards the victim and then i went under the table and i heard it two more shots. i saw the coach running towards him. then, there was silence theory there were no shots fired. iran as fast as i could outside to the soccer field across the street. as those going outside are hurt one more shot. >>darya: flags throughout the county will be flown at half staff in honor of the victims who were killed. eyes will remain closed today. the suspect is set to appear in court at 03 p.m.. >>justine: we are now hearing from this shooting suspect, his attorney. here is a part of a statement that he read on behalf of his family.
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>> the family is devastated by this recent advent and wish to extend their sincere condolences to the family of the young man who passed into their continuing prayers with all those who are injured. this is something that could never have been predicted. >>justine: of the lawyer could not answer why he opened fire but did say that he is a very upset, scared and extremely remorseful. more on this story coming back at 7:00 a.m.. >>mark: we are following the latest in mountain view, crews are still on the seat of a major blaze that broke out yesterday afternoon on east davis street in this apartment complex. we have video of the fire to show you. it took firefighters from six different agencies to help.
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major damage was done. >>will: as many as 60 people have been displaced. there are no injuries to anyone living in the building. they will have a meeting a little bit later to find permanent places for people to stay. in the meantime we have learned that five units were completely destroyed. altogether 26 units were impacted. we will try to get more information a little bit later on a possible cause. it is still too early to tell but i can tell you
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investigators will be out here and about 40 minutes. >>darya: the paid at the pump, if you are headed out the door, and gas prices did go up again overnight. in san francisco the average price is now $4.36. in oakland and san jose, $4.29. we have a special gas price section on our web site that will tell you where to find the cheapest gas. >>mark: will take a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look outside of this tuesday morning.
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>>darya: attorney general pamela harris made a request to freddie mac and fannie mae to restructure loans rather than proceed with foreclosures. since 2008 more than half a million californians have lost their homes to foreclosure. that is more than any other state in the nation. unveil our guarantee more than 60 percent of california mortgages. >>mark: of the american water works association says the u.s. will be preparing and expanding be drinking water system over the next 25 years and that could cost one trillion. that amount will be paid for largely by increasing household water bills. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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here's a look at the approach to the bay bridge. it is easy ride in the chilly out there giving we have some rain on the way. we will talk about the timing in a couple of minutes. ♪ ♪ twinkle toes i think i found a soul ♪
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>>mark: carnival cruise lines has suspended excursions. officials say no one was injured in the attack. carnival says they're working to reimburse passengers. >>gary: as cold and clear today. we have a big change on the way. >>james: we do. we are expecting raid by tonight. we need it! here is a view of the golden gate. here is a breakdown of today's weather. this morning we're started off near freezing in the north bay. this afternoon it will get warmer, but not by much.
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we are hoping temperatures will not drop any more as we head towards sunrise. another wave is expected by this evening. rain in the north bay by it 6:00 p.m.. by 11:00 p.m., widespread rain. and by 2:00 a.m. at the entire bay area will be seeing spurts of light, moderate and heavy rain. fairly steady overnight well
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into tomorrow morning. by 7:00 a.m. we are still seeing relatively heavy amounts of grain. the 7 day ever of the base shows beyond the thursday for overseeing predicted curious we could be looking for a 70 degree weather by sunday. a good-looking weekend ahead. let's hope that we get as much ran out of this free system as we can't serious >>george: we are enjoying a great ride around the bay area. the metering lights have been activated.
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your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good even with the wind revisory in place. here is a quick look at traffic maps. interstate 80, there are no delays there. 680 out of the show looks good into walnut creek and the the san ramon valley. the south bay freeways are problem free and the late free. in nevada, no delays for your ride on the golden gate as the head from the county line self through central
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san rafael. drive times are 22 minutes to the golden gate. >>darya: the san francisco board of education will vote tonight on whether to issue preliminary layoff notices to for the 50 teachers, administrators and staff. officials are hoping to reduce the number of layoffs this year with help from the city's rainy day fund. that fund has been depleted. the board is obligated to notify employees of potential layoffs of march 15th. >>mark: george lucas has been granted approval to expand his empire. a new digital media production compound. here is what the completed campus will look-alike. opponents say it will create noise, traffic and environmental damage but proponents say it will create hundreds of jobs. lucas films says they have
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plans to minimize noise in the area. they hope to break ground next year. >>justine: and other birth control recall, glenn more generics is recalling seven lots of birth control pill packets. the weekly tablet orientation got mixed up because of a packaging error. officials say it does not oppose -- it does not propose an immediate health risk bill would and should switch to a different form of birth control. women should automatically contact their doctor or pharmacy. i have posted more information on my kron4 facebook page. >>darya: taking sleeping pills makes you more likely to die prematurely. the medical journal its bmg opened says sleeping medications are also associated with an increased risk of cancer as compared
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with nonusers. they have not figured out the reason. they say people who took less than 18 annual doses of a sleeping pill were still more than 3 1/2 times more likely to die while people who use sleeping aids more frequently were almost five times more likely to die prematurely. >>mark: a man of suspected of renting out homes he did not fall and has been arrested. police are now looking for possible victims. he rented out foreclosed homes in brentwood, antioch, walnut creek in berkeley. he allegedly claimed that he owned the properties in and took money as rent. police believe more than 20 people fell victim to this scheme, some of them moving into the homes and having to be affected by the pigs that own them. he has been booked of grand theft and other charges. >>darya: shock and confusion for customers in the walnut creek bank after the government shut down the
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bank. the doors are now locked at the homestead savings bank of america in walnut creek. a spokesperson for the fdic met for customers outside and fielded questions right there on the sidewalk. officials say the bank was the latest victim of the housing bust. czechs have already been cut and are in the mail to customers. the nearby u.s. bank will take over social security direct deposits for seniors. >>mark: we will be right back of the kron4 news. here is a live look outside as we're finally getting it little sunlight. we're waiting for the son to come up. a cold morning in the north bay. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪
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>>mark: we are waiting for this storm to come in. in the meantime chilly temperatures. here is a look at your current temperatures. we'll have more on the timing of the rain coming up. stars is ending streaming content with netflix. the company will be pulling all of its titles from the service in the near future. stars was one of the strongest supporters because it brought disney movies as well as titles from sony pictures. this is all because of complicated licensing issues. >>darya: in other news we are following, a passenger plane made a rough the safe emergency landing in new jersey.
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no one was hurt. the plane landed without leaving her. the jet was arriving from atlanta when the landing gear malfunctions. derrick is. the entire air corps was briefly closed as a result but everyone is ok. >>mark: we will take a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here's a look at the opening bell on wall street.
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>>mark: dow futures just turning the effort. we head news of the durable goods orders, things like washers, dryers and cars. the home fed index just came not as well. dow futures are down by one point. >>darya: some of the big stories we are following, a second decision has now died from a high school shooting that happened outside of cleveland in ohio. we also have more information on the suspected shooter. gas prices are up against. now in san francisco the average is $4.36 a gallon. in oakland and san jose, $4.29. we have rain moving it maybe as early as tonight. more on that.
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>>mark: a second student is now dead after a steep gain -- after a shooting. russell king jr. was declared brain dead early this morning. here is video for yesterday. a 16 year old passed away shortly after the shooting. >> i am shocked and said, like everyone else. i travel and speak in schools. i hear a lot of stories from students about things they're going through. it is a another sad story. >>mark: the alleged shooter has been identified as t.j. lane. he was arrested shortly after yesterday morning's attack and is scheduled to be in court this afternoon.
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>>darya: polls are predicting a tight race between mitt romney and rick santorum in the michigan republican presidential primary which is today. romney is expected to prevent a loss of his home state. >>mark: let's give you a look outside as we're waiting for the storm to come in. we had a little sunshine this morning. james fletcher has more on the timing of the raid. >>james: a beautiful looking sky and clouds of above. let's walk you through the day. this morning it will be clear and cold. this afternoon will be cloudy. we will start off partly cloudy and it will thicken
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up as we had to the afternoon. temperatures in the mid-50s. by this evening, really cloudy. rain be getting anywhere from 60 am-8:00 p.m.. 55 will be our average, sales of the north sea. let's talk about the rain coming in for tonight. we will begin future cast 4 at 8:00 p.m.. the first it's of rain
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falling near santa rosa. overnight, is still wednesday in the thursday morning, this is what we're looking for as far as storm totals. we will take every drop that we can get. we need it! beyond thursday rain is a non issue. the weekend looks great with sunny conditions and warm temperatures. we are expecting highs to get into the low 70's. >>george: traffic is very good around the bay area. we are not tracking and the hot spots or major delays.
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traffic slows as he, under this last over crossing. there are no delays on the bridge or to the bridge as they come to every county. in the east bay as we track the commute on the nimitz it interstate 580, the macarthur freeway out of san leandro weather on 580 or 880 you will be at the limit of away from castro valley or the 238 interchange with no delays as the head towards downtown oakland, the east shore freeway are the bay bridge toll plaza. >>justine: home prices have
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fallen for the fourth straight month in most of the major u.s. cities, it is showing that home prices dropped in december in 18 of the 20 cities and to miami in phoenix were the only cities to show an increase. >>darya: san francisco is downsizing plans to rebuild the city's waterfront before next year's america's cup.
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the mayor and race organizers made the announcement yesterday. >> appears 30 and 32 will no longer be leased for this event so. immediate discussions for development, we will consolidate all of the teams at pier 80. >>darya: the race village will still be located at pier 29 and pier 27 near chestnut street. that is where the spectators will be able to watch the race. from there it is about a 16 minute drive. a 56 minute bus ride to appear 80. >>mark: we will be right back of the kron4 news as we continue until 10:00 a.m..
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take a step forward and chase what matters. >>mark: a wild night at the daytona 500. the race was postponed because of rain. look at this massive wreck. there was an accident involving several drivers including data kilpatrick on lap 160 under the caution, one driver tried to catch up with the field spins out and slammed into the back of the jet fuel driver truck. because a massive fire. then, the race resumed.
6:42 am
dale earnhardt came out with the victory. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look at the san mateo. traffic is moving pretty well. in san jose is 41 degrees looking for a high of 55.
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fifth >>mark: welcome back. we're watching the 13,000 mark of the dow jones. disappointing news for durable goods for the month of january and a drop once again in home prices. the dow jones of dropping a few points. >>darya: temperatures are down this morning. we're waiting for rain to move in. >>james: temperatures right
6:46 am
now are called in the north. we are right out the freezing mark. mid-30s for nevada. chilly temperatures in mountain view and palo alto. san jose is at 41 with only slightly warmer conditions to the east. it is a cold start, no doubt. we are still dealing with 40's and 30's although mostly forties. we should say goodbye to most of the thirties by 8:00 a.m.. low-mid-50s. we have a cold system coming in that will bring us rain. by 11:00 p.m. and widespread and ran across the north bay picking up in intensity across the north bay. the yellow on the map
6:47 am
indicates moderate-heavy rain. at 5:00 a.m. we will still be dealing with it. it will push through by 7:00 p.m.. we're looking for scattered showers on the backside of this friend. lou baumann said goodbye to any of it until later thursday indefinitely into friday. if you are not a fan of the rainy have agreed with the weekend with seven skies and temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70's. that is the week ahead. that could be our only shot of rain. >>george: it is a great ride around the bay area. we have an ax and reported on 80 at gilman fed could become our first hot spot. westbound it is an easy
6:48 am
commute into the toll plaza. the interstate 80 approach is hardly backed up. we are slow for the first server crossing on the san mateo bridge with our problem free of the approach there is 101 at 92 looks good so does a 83 hayward. the golden gate bridge ride is still the end of an easy drive through marin county. drive times are under 30 minutes for southbound 101 through marin. in the east bay conditions was pretty good. we are picking up a little slowing. so far sensors do not indicate a big problem but this could be our first hot spot of the morning.
6:49 am
in the south bay it is still an easy ride for 101 northbound and 85 through the west valley. >>darya: when it comes to filling up before you have to work or school we're trying to help you out by helping you find the cheapest gas around the bay. not only do we have that information on our web site we have live reporters out. foxfire for jackie sissel is at a pleasant held safeway. he actually found and so did everyone else, and gas for $4.50 a gallon. that is a bargain.
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you can visit our web site, we have a resource section there where you can plug in your area and find the cheapest gas. >>justine: this story is just crossing the wire. it has to do with it the new privacy policy at google. french regulators say the policy appears to violate data protection rules. we know that they're trying to change their privacy policies. they're saying that it could violate some of the rules. >>mark: a follow up story in this edition of people behaving badly, we're going to highlight one woman behind the wheel. stanley roberts has her story.
6:51 am
>>stanley: this woman is sleeping with an officer not to have her car impounded for 30 days. to fully explain what happened to get her car impounded it is important that we start at the beginning. in richmond on interstate 580, gordon notice to this car with paper plates and find that this was a new purchase. the car appeared to have quite a bit of a visible problems with it. >> i stop you because you do not have a rear license plate. >> there in the trunk. i just got them in the mail. >>officer: do you have your license? >> i do not. i have my id. >>stanley: the officer then revealed more information. >>officer: the paper plates
6:52 am
caught my attention. you have collision damage on both sides. >> my license is suspended. >>officer: can i see your registration? >>stanley: she did not even have proof of insurance. she says a friend let her use the car for the last three months. >>stanley: apparently the dmv must be mailing new plates with stickers already attached. >>officer: it looks like you have the plates on here at one time. >>stanley: it gets worse. her license has been suspended since 2007 but she said she was in traffic court the next day to
6:53 am
cleared up. >>officer: someone wrote you a ticket but he did not know you had? >> it was back from 2007. >>officer: i'm going to have to do a 30 day in account. >> i told you i forgot about the ticket. it is from 2007! a >>mark: if you have a comment or story idea comely female >>stanley: . >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>erica: i am falling some tech headlines this morning. nokia it debuted a 41 8 mega pixel camera fun and
6:57 am
barcelona. they're trying to stand out among other smart phone sa that include an 8 mega pixel camera. for more information on what this phone can do i have all of that information on my facebook fan page. for >>darya: in new this morning, the attorney general in virginia has reached a settlement deal with the infamous white house party fractures who showed up at a state dinner in 2009. since they were accused of making false financial statements is soliciting donations for his jury without being registered for the state. his charity has been ordered to pay $32,000 in civil penalties and attorneys' fees. he also has to pay $25,000 out of its own pockets. >>darya: the couple split up.
6:58 am
>>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. >>mark: here is a live look at the bay bridge. traffic is backed up well past the toll plaza. gerge rask will have an update on the drive time coming up.
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