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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 4, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>pam: oakland police are taking part in the illegal fireworks crackdown. miaskovsky's they're using the spot -- they're using the shot spotter system can differentiate
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between gunfire and fireworks. this system will be used to track illegal fireworks. of >> kron4 is here to make it happen, july 4th you have the best seat in the house to watch the fireworks from around the bay area holiday inn at 4
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>>pam: and reggie kumar as live in services appeared to block but back after this standards as the mom what independent state mentor. when
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>> it is exciting how people fought for alfred fifth. >> i like the fireworks. >> fire roof will be set off from a barge in the bay. >>pam: our team coverage continues in marin county live at the county fair for. thoughtful of the >> there are a lot of people here. take a look at this crowd. about a half an hour ago the temptations started playing.
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traffic on 101 has been backed up correct. here is video from a while ago. " " this is the line to get into security. in the middle of the lagoon is the bart.
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>>pam: dan has the latest on the fireworks concert going on now. >>daniel: everyone has set up. people have started clean air spaces all along. >>pam: any idea how many people are out there? >> park officials told me they are allowing 10,000 people.
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>> is started today with a pool party. a red swimming, music and food. >>pam: the fireworks show there will be live tonight. what is the forecast? >>jaqueline: earlier we were looking at this golden gate bridge camera and it looked like there could be a threat of fog.
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the satellite picture is starting to fade. it is close to the golden gate. the fireworks forecast is looking good. >> still ahead kron4 is counting down to the fireworks show around the bay area. san francisco city college is on a deadline to prove
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that it should stay in business. the surge by family and friends has been called off after investigators say body discovered the bay is a missing it baseball fan. police say they were forced to shoot it kill a man. that is coming up next. third on a golf wow,
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the accrediting commission. they said the city college its failure to fix serious longstanding problems means that it could lose its accreditation. only one california college has shut down in recent years, compton college] 2005. worst fears confirmed for the family and friends of a dodgers fan that went missing in san francisco after a baseball game. this was a photograph of the man. investigators say body found near the embarcadero is that of the victim. jeff pierce has the story. >> the pier where he went missing after giants baseball game is in nearly empty today. family and friends have spent the last week searching for him and spent the day awaiting the results of the coroner's examination of the bodies found in the
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bay this morning. friends and family were told by the medical examiner's office that the body it was. >>pam: a violent start to the fourth of july holiday in vallejo. >>haaziq: the body is covered by eight yellow target of a parking lot of this safeway grocery store.
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police say was here are around 3:00 a.m. that they signed him after officers responded to a domestic disturbance call involving camp near this location. police say while ordering him to show his hands, officers noticed that he was armed with a handgun. it was then that a police officer tried teasing him. in response they say he reached for his gun and that vallejo police fired their guns pith and vallejo police officials say this is their second officers involved shooting in less than a week. >> a man fleeing from oakland police is in critical condition after crashing his car into a fire hydrant.
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>> frequently cars are taken to commit other robberies or other offenses. >> the driver of the car is in critical condition.
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>>grant: here is a street level view of the area, this is a fire hydrant that the suspect's head before the car careened and eventually coming to rest of the middle of san leandro street. >> as look toward san francisco, cloud cover in the distance. we should state mainly clear for all shows.
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as we take a look at current temperatures, temperatures in the '50s. as we had overnight the fog will return. around embarcadero, mostly clear skies. until the fog around vallejo and napa. fog clinging to the coastal and i did. cooler.
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. it will be breezy cans are with temperatures of the low 60s coast side. a mix of 70's and 80's throughout the north bay. on friday temperatures will be cooler. >>pam: let's get a check on the evening traffic picture. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, and not too heavy. over the golden gate come traffic there is light as a love. more news after the break.
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>>pam: firefighters make quick work in the mountains west of crossroads. for about 1 a. before crews brought the fire because of the fire is still under investigation. >> it doesn't take much. it doesn't even take fire works. to be sure to celebrate using safe and sane fireworks. >> the area is not far from where the devastating troy fire occurred in 2002. we will be right back.
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>>pam: ahead we will take you to a school in the east bay where people are gathering to set off fireworks in and it is legal. how was independence day spent on the campaign trail? we will show you. we will also bring you highlights from the coney island hot dog eating contest.
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are eagerly awaiting the fireworks display which will get underway in just about an hour. reggie kumar is joining us live with the latest. shareef >>reggie: many of these people have been waiting here since early this morning. take a look at the crowd behind me, it is already sold to the pier 39 over crossing. there are even people here on the parking structure failing for the fireworks started here if fasad we will see you at 9:30 p.m.. >>pam: let's check in with
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charles clifford. he has been hanging out at the marin county fair. i spoke with a friend who said they estimate about 40,000 people have showed up to watch the fireworks. the temptations took the stage a little while ago. the fireworks start around 9:30 p.m. eastern standard time. >>pam: here is the scene in milpitas. the fireworks will get underway at 9:15 p.m..
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will have that show for you tonight. this is being held at the milpitas for center, there are expecting 15,000-20,000 people. they will have a good time tonight. if you want the best seat in the house, stay put. >>pam: a lot of people are shooting off fireworks illegally. >> people are still shopping tried to get the safety and sane fireworks before nightfall.
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at this high school in union city, it is one of the towns in the east bay where safe and sane fireworks are illegal. people have been showing up here all day, spending a lot of cash. people are dropping hundreds of dollars. this is the busiest day for this stand at logan high school. they are expecting $10,000- $15,000. not only can they buy the fireworks here, this is also one of the spots in a town where it is legal to like the fireworks. hundreds are expected throughout the evening.
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>> the san jose rose, white and blue parade is a throwback to days gone by. there are a lot of flowers. it is modeled after san jose's
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>>jaqueline: here is we can expect overnight, low clouds and patchy fog tomorrow morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon in the cooler temperatures. the fog is good to be slow to return tomorrow evening as well. very similar conditions to what we saw today. fog tracker 4 to morning chores fall along the coastline. the 9:00 hour shows a patch of fog in napa the temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be cooler.
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70's for the most part in the southeast. if the inland valleys will also be in the '80s, known '90s to mark. warmer conditions for our inland valleys. >> the oakland a's are rolling. let's take a look at the coliseum, the oakland a's looking to sweep the red sox. the bottom of the second, brandon moss facing here in cooke. maas would deliver the solo home run to center field.
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the oakland a's have homered in 15 straight games, the longest streak in a decade. david ortiz makes history.
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the oakland a's won 3-chip, their first sweep of the red sox. they is are not just one game under 500. the giants had an 8:00 a.m. start time for their game.
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baumgartner game up -- gave up back-to-back home runs. he gave up seven runs in five innings. the nationals are going for the seat of the giants - 4 p.m.. the lakers have just signed steve nash. the lakers are getting one of the best point guards in the game. in warrior news they met with brand in raleigh earlier this week about joining the team. this free agent is attempting a comeback.
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there reportedly met with roy on sunday. he averages 19 points over his five-year career. two of the biggest names still alive at wimbledon. not the duke and duchess of cambridge.
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200 million for two players, that is what the minister little wild spent on a pair of free agents. still ahead, how many hot dogs could joey chestnut eat in 10 minutes? i will have the answer after the break. ♪
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