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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> darya: as many as four lane the shutdown will lower deck of the bay bridge because of a shooting. you can to the back of because of a. our solo reporter is there to give you more news faster, what is going on? >> reporter: the investigation continues from the shooting that started around 2:00 a.m., what actually happened, the chp call someone speaking on the bay bridge. the estimate made up to 100 mi. per hour. i want to show some video that i shot of fee--the car that was speeding. and they try to catch up with him and
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once he hit the as curve going at that speed he collided and hit the side wall of the bridge. when the chp rolled up on the accident that is when there was some gunfire exchanged at that point. they were able to apprehend the driver and passenger that were in the car. they actually suffered some injuries because of the crash, not because of the gunfire but because of the crash. they were taken to a hospital, so of this point, since then they have been doing their investigation and had shut down at one point, at one point it was all five lanes and then they went down to three lanes, now they're down to shutting down four lanes. the only have one lane open for traffic to go through. >> darya: the have any
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background information, with a wanted for something? >> reporter: there is still no word as to who was in the car, the only thing they were able to tell me is that chp spotted a car speeding. they try to catch up to it so that they could stop it. but before they could stop the car it had already crashed. and it is really amazing that you roll and all of a sudden someone starts doing some gunfire on you. that is really where it gets even more fuzzy on the information. that is why they're saying the investigation is taking so long because they need to know how that even started, they want to know who shot at who first and why and what happened. that is the part of the investigation that is ongoing right now. this is really delaying a lot because i can imagine there are a lot of shell
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casings and that is likely have to block all five lanes to figure out when this crime scene actually began and in. --and end. >> darya: so george, what is this doing to a commute, but this is the day after the holiday. >> george: it is the day after a holiday but the non commute direction except for the people that have to drive away but the bad news is that it is backed up all across the bridge and that has now translated--has not translated on 2101 north bound. this is 101 north bound that leads up and around the corner on to the sky with. the seventh street exit is your fourth street is up here and around the corner. this is the central freeway where it joins the
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rest of the sky way. the good news is that it is not backed up to here and not affecting your ride north bound and to san francisco. traffic of around the bay area has been pretty light. as the switch through the traffic map, you can see from here that is with a slow traffic is. it is quite remarkable that it has been refined to that short stretch. that is the only serious traffic issue that we are looking at this morning, otherwise i want to quickly show the west bound bay bridge in your ride to the upper deck. this is the commute direction that is completely unaffected by this incident on the lower deck of the bay bridge and adjutancy trafficker-- traffic here is pretty light. >> james: now here is your forecast for today. this afternoon look for sunny and slightly cooler than
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yesterday temperatures. instead of saying 90 degrees, we will settle into the mid to upper 80s. we will have a full breakdown in just a moment. we will have your seven day around the bay and talk about the weekend in detail coming up in just a moment. >> darya: thanks a lot james, now the story out of open were a big tree is blocking the road. let us turn to jackie who is live at the scene, it looks like they're chopping it up and hauled away how is the progress? >> reporter: they're pretty much done, and as you can see the white car is pretty much done that is the car that was under the tree. this happened around 4:00 a.m. on the 2000 block of 13th avenue here in oakland. around 4:00 a.m. that is one part of the tree fell on to the white car. that is a honda civic. the good news is that no one was hurt. no one was in the car when the
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tree fell. the other good news, there are a lot of power lines overhead, none of those were taken down but as you could see and have crews from the city of oakland public works that quickly got out here and started cutting away the tree. as i said earlier, the good news is that no one was hurt but the car is not so good. >> darya: what time did this happen? >> reporter: this happened around 4:00 a.m.. >> darya: it just has not been very went but i guess it was very windy yesterday. >> darya: after the break for for the july stock futures have turned higher
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after some new business reports released in the last hour. we wait for the trading day to start, the european central bank has cut its key interest rates by quarter of percentage points to a record low of 3.7%. new economic reports released show that weekly jobs numbers dropped by 14,000. this is the fewest since the week of may 19th. a private survey shows that u.s. businesses increase hiring last month suggesting with the job market could be recovering after three sluggish months. >> darya: we will be back in just a couple of minutes with a more news, weather, traffic to get you going on this thursday morning after the july 4th holiday. some people are back to work. if your route is on the island
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deck of the bay bridge going east down, find a another way. there is an back up on the bridge due to a chase and gunfire. you have more back in a couple of minutes. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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>> darya: good morning and welcome backyard--welcome
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back. we have breaking news, the bay bridge east bound is back up. do not take it if you can help a. there is only one lane you can get by in. adjutancy on the other side there was a wreck, that car was going 100 mi. per hour if hickey s curve and then crashed. as soon as the cops come scene, gunfire started we are not sure what kind of gunfire was exchanged, shots were fired into people were--and to people elected. you can see how slow it is with all the cars and trucks having to funnel down into one open lane. four lanes closed on the lower deck of the bay bridge. and governor brown's ambitious plan to charred buildings the nation's mom --first high-speed rail
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line is set for a pivotal vote. >> darya: some lawmakers are still skeptical about spending billions in central valley. the bullet train will stretch from madeira to bakersfield. the governor says that they have to act fast. some lawmakers are suggesting using bonds to put real trains in san francisco would be better. >> darya: our big story, only one lane open and four are closed on the bay bridge as there is an investigation into a speeding car and gunfire to people one collective we will be back. ñ?
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>> darya: are breaking news story is the mess on the lower deck of the bay bridge. >> george: this police action and investigation that has been under way may now take until 10:30 a.m. to clear. the chp had to give out a number. when i spoke with the moments ago the city could be sooner or it could >> darya: this is unusual is
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a wrecked car and there arrested two people. there were no fatalities, there were no injuries. they could pick up some showcasing but why would it take so long for this? >> george: because when there are shots fired they have to try to recreate and diagram the actual incident. they are trying to do this on an active commute route. that is why they have taken up for of the five available lanes. they have done that only because they recognized since it is the chp they have to keep traffic moving. >> darya: this is the lower deck of the s curve as we see cars snake their way through one lane, just imagine this person was going on hundred miles per hour when it crashed. >> george: yes, you cannot even senior lane at 60 mi. per hour going through there. this not surprising that they would crash at 100
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out power and that is how the chp were able to apprehend them because they crashed. the car is still there in the investigation continues i just got off the front of the california highway patrol. remarkably the back of the still only about here, the bridge has still of resorbed most of the cars that were stuck in this back up. >> darya: today is pretty quiet. >> george: yes it is very quiet, but this continuing we will see a back up along the skyway. now this is 101 heading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. >> darya: you also have people that have holiday plans. >> george: you also have truckers driving through the city. so take alternate routes. the richmond bridge
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that has a light and easy option. get across town through san detail bridge and he would head that this direction is the lightest direction every morning. this morning it is hardly even a commute a less the side of the times still running at about 12 minutes. now let us have over to the weather center to get an update from james fletcher nice job on the fireworks last night. >> james: thankfully in the cloud coverage held back so that we could get a nice view. now this is what is like outside right now. the marine layer is making its presence felt. we have mid- 50s across the board.
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>> james: this afternoon we will expect mild to warm temperatures it will be a little cooler than yesterday by noon, we're looking and mainly '60s around a war and '70s inland. as we push the clock, you will see this picture does not change a lot. we're not seeing all of that read on the map of the 90 degree weather that we saw yesterday. today will be a few degrees cooler. >> james: cecil expected in south bay. --here is what we are expecting in the south bay. the east bay valley will be on the cooler side. >> james: it is a little cooler along the shoreline we have upper 60s and low
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'70s for all of those locations along the nimitz freeway. we have mid-60's for downtown san francisco low 60s by the water. >> james: over the next few days we will in the work week on a mao the nook. --we will in the workweek on a mild note we will have your seven day around the bay coming up in just a minute. >> darya: let us look at those fantastic firework from last night. we start in piedmont, and i liked the sound of those the summit a whistle. now take a lead these fireworks and iran. they were going off fast and low. and there were no
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crowd--no clouds really. >> darya: if you go to we have a special section on july 4th. we have the whole show that you can
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watch in its entirety. >> darya: we have a slide show of a viewer pictures. we also have stories that we have eared all about july 4th. >> darya: president obama departs on his bus tour today. he would defend his economic policies and his decision to rescue u.s. automakers while raising questions about the republican mitt romney's business record. his 250 now betting on america but stewart is taking him through several northern ohio communities where he received strong support back in 2008. it also takes into western pennsylvania with a stock and pittsburg. now the white house south lawn with a backdrop for the fourth annual salute to the military celebration. there
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is the first lady michelle obama joining the president. the president addressed the crowd and praised its current veterans. many recalled to duty after the september 11th attacks. >> president barak obama: all the men and women that stand with us here this afternoon are an example of this generation of heroes. this generation has earned its place in history along a side the greatest generation. >> darya: republican candidate mit romney is now calling the health care law attacks. he spent the fourth of july new hampshire. you can see him there before a crowd. he says that this points out the state have the power to put a penalty on health care and that of the summit does not. the former massachusetts governor has flip-flop on the issue calling it a penalty, a fee, a fine, and
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now he is calling it a tax. >> the supreme court said it was a tax, so that it is. >> darya: despite the supreme court's ruling mitt romney maintains that the high court said it does not consider massachusetts health-care mandate a tax. >> darya: one of the big developing stories we are following is on the lower deck of the bay bridge headed from san francisco into the east bay. adjutancy, cars are stopped. there is only one lane open and they're not even rolling at all. you can see buses, trucks and cars all caught in this traffic you don't need to get caught. but it could be hours before the need to get caught. but it could be hours before the wrap up[ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, peaches grown right here in california
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the road way it is crawling crash the scene of this crash. the backup is likely to continue to build and it will not be very much longer until we start to cecil traffic in san francisco beating around the corner from the slot--from the sky way and the one to one we will have more when the kron4 news returns we will be right back.
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>> gary: -- >> darya: welcome back, full length of a shutdown of the day bridge due to the shooting investigation. to bring you more, we have yolie out there live. in yolie, you drove by and saw a car that crashed you said there was gunfire is the scene really big? >> reporter: it is hard to
6:31 am
see where the crime scene began when i try to slow down and park they said i could not stay i had to keep moving. let me show you some video i did take this was about 3:30 a.m. there were only three lanes closed and you can see the said basically the car was beating on the bridge. chp try to catch up but when they caught up they had already crashed into the side wall. when chp rolled up on the car that is went day had begun fire. they were able to apprehend the driver. two people are in custody. they had to transport them because they suffered injuries due to the accident and not because of the gunfire. what i was told by the spokesperson from the
6:32 am
chp department they said this point the investigation is really trying to figure out who fired at who. they want to know how that even began. it is still unclear how all that came down to that is what they're trying to investigate. i also spoke with them about 20 minutes ago. one man said at this point they were not sure if they could make the 1030. so, you know it is one of those situations where they're not even sure if they will make the 1030 mark. so if you want to avoid this, you have to take another bridge. now i want to show you this. i'm on the island, this is the entrance to the eastern span of the bay bridge. it took the cat
6:33 am
taxicab close to five minutes to get around the first curve he gets pretty slow as it gets closer to the actual accident area. >> darya: unlike a regular car crashed as it was clear quickly are the even touching this? >> reporter: it seems like they're leaving the car in a position that the fountain pen. my guess is, only because i've seen this happen before where the shell casings, they have to circle where they landed and try to figure out in one direction. >> reporter: all i can tell you this point is that there
6:34 am
was a feat p officer involved in the shooting. no one was hurt by the shooting but yet it is still unclear how that even came down. >> darya: you said involved, but we do not know if he or she fired a shot at the chp. >> reporter: that is correct we do not know whether or not he fired back. we just know that the chp officer of arrived at this accident and then the shooting began. >> george: george let us talk about this because it will last all through the morning. we have a nice traffic coming in through san francisco and when people try to get home, this will be fine right? >> george: if this was to last that long valley more than remarkable. if it is there until 10:30 a.m., it would be possible that there would be more lanes open. >> george: one of the factors that can account for the extended closure time is
6:35 am
that the san francisco police department will become part of and in fact possibly the lead of the investigation. originally this was the chp incident there in charge of the investigation and on the scene. now we are understanding that the san francisco police department in becoming involved. so once the san francisco police department starts their investigation and will be up to them to determine to reopen the lane. it is still quite remarkable that the impact has not yet reached on to the sky way out of san francisco. here is a live look at 101 north bound coming up past the freeway. this is where you have seventh street and fourth street is now beginning to back up past the san francisco lane towards the fourth street.
6:36 am
quickly, until bridge is a great with if you want to head south. you have no problems. this is the east bound direction that is the direction you would be heading. or if you were heading towards marin county, you would be using north bound lane. right now the wheel drive is clear and there are no problem for the north bound golden gate bridge. >> james: we are now seeing the cloud coverage affect at sfo there is an hour and 20 minute delay if you have a flight, call ahead to make sure that your flight is still on time. today we are looking for a mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures mostly in the '70s and '80s i cannot think we will see any '90s out there. tomorrow we will have a lot of sunshine. the weekend will
6:37 am
be toasty as well with the temperatures back up into the '90s. we will have a complete look at your weather in just a little bit. >> darya: now let us check the markets. we are just seven minutes into the trading day. we had the day off yesterday for the holiday. the dow is down 56 points. we also have some new business news that came in this morning a house the report says that the former mortgage giant countrywide try to gain influence with members of congress and others by giving them hundreds of discount loans. countrywide subprimal loans helped to fuel the nation for crisis. it was taken over by bankamerica in 2008. the discount loans was one way that countrywide tried to sway lawmakers against tightly of fannie mae and to maintain them as a big customer of countrywide
6:38 am
written mortgages. now are big story continues to be the bay bridge. this way going into san francisco looks fine. >> darya: but, the lower deck of the bay bridge from san francisco and to the east day--bay we are live on the scene of an accident when there was gunfire so they have shut down for of when there was gunfire so they have shut down for of [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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>> darya: there isn't at finishing investigation going on right now at the lower deck of the bay bridge. that is causing car and truck to be funneled into this one lane on the bay bridge the lower deck from san francisco heading into the east bay. they say
6:42 am
will remain this way through out the entire it may last as long as 10:30 a.m. and a car crash, and this morning with one of our 100 mouth,. bhp have reports there is a car speeding, the out for it and then a fine is active and when his car with 100 into the and if current and cannot handle it. the two people were not in his buttock elected because this is that the thick he pulled over to help with the crash, gunfire erupted. we are not who fired shots at home, but there are showcasing out there right now. the car was left where it was filed. they want to investigate because this is in shooting investigation that started with an active. that the big two will follow for you this morning. it is the day after the holiday. fell, we do not have a lot of cars headed
6:43 am
that way. traffic in the city does not like it will be affected the just on the deck in fell--it fell. now tingling and fan who they'd.
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>> darya: we are live in indy--and the traffic center with george. now there was a crash and then there were shocked that rang out to the pleas have been here for a while. >> george: this is what we have this thing a lot this morning. traffic is completely stopped and there will be the case from time to time because there is
6:47 am
traffic control on the scene. when they need to they will shut down all lanes because the only really have to allow one to go through. they have the cones out and they have been extending the lane closures. this makes it easier for the traffic to keep moving. what was happening before, all the cars they were coming up to this one point and then had to funnel over to the right-hand lane. so now what they're doing is setting out cones and creating a gradual lane closure. >> darya: we had yolie out their timing cars. she said it took quite a while. >> george: yes, and right now the backup continues to grow. i think i have the map. here is the location at the bottom half of the screen this to the bridge. the yellow is the upper deck, that is the lower deck on the bottom part of the screen is now back up from the san francisco and
6:48 am
courage as you can see on the road sensors. and this incident is projected to be there until about 10:30 a.m.. >> george: i just checked this he was one on south bound and there is not much. now if you look here, things are slowing down coming from this direction that is north bound. i think we will see the traffic backed up. >> darya: this is the day after a holiday but people still have to get around. >> george: yes, if you're born to the oakland airports are trying to catch a flight out of town, this puts a big wrinkle in those plants from san francisco. a lot of people like to use this because it is the same distance as well. if you have a flight it will take 30 minutes or 45 minutes to get there. give yourself an
6:49 am
extra hour at because you have to go back to the san mateo bridge or the golden gate. the quickly to get its options. we will cover the bay bridge, there is no back up in the westbound direction. >> george: if you are heading to the san mateo bridge to be coming this way, that is the more likely traveled direction. >> george: if you we using the golden gate bridge, this is the way you go north bound. again, you should give yourself an extra hour to get to your destination if you were planning on using either of those to alternate route. now let us take the direct route to the weather center we have james fletcher with an update. >> james: we have a live look at our cameras this morning edition and a little bit of a cloud over san francisco. that is making things harder for those
6:50 am
departing out of sfo. it will be a tough warning if you are attracted to the airport. >> james: the cloudy conditions out your may be confined to the coast and around the bay. take a look at the weather for today. around 9:00 a.m. we have low clouds and now temperatures. the warmest spot on the map appears to be antioch and other communities around the delta. >> james: it will only get warmer as we head into the afternoon. now take a quick look. now let us, the maps set up to go back for us. i want to point out that we have warmer conditions but not as warm as it is today. >> james: hello? >> darya: the golden gate
6:51 am
bridge looks good. >> james: don't worry about it, we would stick with the seven day around the bay. we have the seven day a around the bay forecast to warm up as we head into the weekend. that is good news for you. we will have a lot more sunshine come saturday and sunday. >> james: in the beginning of the we will have low 90s inland and 70 to run the bay and 60s along the coast. >> darya: thanks to james. a judge is deciding on whether not to release george zimmerman today. his bond was revoked after they found that he did not fully disclose his financial situation. if you can remember, he is charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager trave on martin in florida back in february. >> darya: a yacht capsized
6:52 am
on the july 4th holiday children and 24 other people were rescued. a county inspector says that the three bodies were recovered from the water near of oyster bay after an overnight search. the survivors were pulled from the water after the boat capsized after about one hour. not all the passengers on the boat had been wearing life jackets. the cause was the weather were the weight from another vessel that is what made the boat turned over. we will be back it does the couple of minutes, we have more of our developing story which is the accident and the shooting on the bay bridge. the lower deck is all but close. there is one lane open, you can see how slow is if you can't avoid this area definitely do. this should be fine for your afternoon commute home, this is the reverse direction on the lower deck of the bridge. not only our cars going through one lane but
6:53 am
they are just completely stopped, we will be right back. de
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>> darya: are developing sure it shows that there was a speeding car on the bay bridge and it ended in a crash. only one lane of traffic is getting by on the lower deck and is completely stopped at the moment. >> erica: here are three stories that i am monitoring this morning this is what everyone is waking up to and talking about, steve nash will be an l.a. laker causing a lot of buzz around the area yesterday afternoon. >> erica: look who is to
6:57 am
fully expecting baby no. 3. they already have two children together, they have a two year-old daughter and a four year-old son. >> erica: yesterday was a big day for hip-hop. frank ocean posted that his first love with another guy. other stars as russell simmons have offered him their support can get if you want to talk about what is trending on the web, you can visit my facebook fan page. >> darya: and clerical will be back with more to get going in just a couple minutes. on the lower deck of the bay bridge, you can see traffic crawling as we can see there is just one lane that is able to get by because the chp is investigating the crash and a shooting that involve an officer, we will be right back.
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