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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 5, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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cars i cannot see. >> as far as i can see it was only one car. i could not stop when i was driving by so i was taking whatever video i could get pit that is what caught my attention knows. it was the card and the
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windows are broken up and also looks as if there might be some bullet holes in there. it is very hard to tell as far as we know that car is still on the scene. you can see some of the investigators and that crime scene vans there. there is that big white truck and earlier ice salt officers coming in and out of that truck in >> it is very early in this investigation. we do not know much about the suspects. they did suffer injuries because of the collision. >> the schedule george. did you take a look at
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police shot and you are looking at the maps. there is one lane open out of the five. this is going to be a mess for hours. >>george: the this is going to continue to build and it is backing up the sky and it will begin to back up the central freeway before too much longer a kid here is yoli shot from the scene. we are appointed take you to san francisco where jackie sizzle has set up his shot did you notice to problems here. this is traffic heading east bound your the take a look at that traffic getting off onto city streets pit that is backed up as well because there is a new accident in jackie comment and looks as though >>george: like it is your camera is broken. like the image isn't frozen because there is and hardly
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any movement at >>jackie: that is seventh street on land. there was no traffic and that is starting to back up in good and you can see the right side is gone up. at that diesel truck and the ride inside has been there for about five minutes. it is creeping slow at this moment. if you can't avoid it and take the san mateo bridge, the golden gate bridge. anything but this then you will be making a good choice pit and looks like it's getting worse >>george: if he can send in your camera around to the right, you can see that this is before street off ramp. and as jackie continues japan his camera around it is backed up all the way to
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seventh streets and in the northbound direction on the way to the bridge. let's switch to our san francisco camera. we know that the traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge is stopping go because there is a new accident and the southbound direction. it is set at affecting the upper deck of the bridge. and it let's see if it can switch to the traffic map spin your is what we have going on. if traffic is backing out and his emphasis on now, trying to get the the lower deck of the bay bridge. you can't see it is starting to back up from the north bend and hospital occurred. see if he can avoid the central freeway that would be smart this morning. a quick check once again from our san francisco camp, this is now the back up leading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. where an earlier and the
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morning recumbent on it than it had not backed up into san francisco in has indeed now backed up in irian >> your call to their roots are the golden gate bridge and the san mateo will give you an extra hour or wide pin that it will take you longer than that to get to the back of. over a live shot of santa's thank him on as a little cloudy in san francisco. their low clouds and patchy fog. petitors' and the '50s all about this morning. is that in and look for sunny cooler and breezy he then yesterday. today will maxed out in the '80s. we have mainly clear and cool as we head into the overnight hours. when we come back we will have our extended out look and look at the weekend. as the quick break the will be right back rigs in
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>> you can see that >>darya: you can see the
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approach on the right-hand side stops. what you get onto the bridge, take a look at the as a curb on the lower deck. these are both why'd you shots. you can see the cars are not moving. four of the five lanes on the bridge are shut down. we have a big accident scene roped off appeared we are investigating a car that was traveling in high speeds and crash pit the two people inside were arrested and there was guns inside. we are not serve who started the gunfire could set is a back up >> kevin the round released his plans -- gov. brown is
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going to propose $2.8 million of state funds can the governor says that the state pass to act passed to -- fast to capture billions of dollars of federal support pin >> we will be back with more coverage on our breaking stories. we have the lower deck of the bay bridge which is that a total stop. and now we have an accident on the james lick pit it is one of one southbound. there's a toad rock bands
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ari >> >>darya: we have a traffic
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master george. >>george: the worst problem is the lower deck where four of the five lanes are shut down and have been shut down while the commute is under way. this happened at 2:00 in the morning. it was a high-speed pursuits a crash and guns shots parent that is why there are four lanes shutdown. >>darya: they told you to expect this for hours. >>george: at i was tall that it might be opened at 1030 and but i want they said the is it maybe earlier or it may be later. we are looking at jackie sizzle shot now appear for
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corn to >>jackie: @ >>george: not this is the sky way and is now completely stopped. not only from the fourth street accent which is near seventh and bryant, is backed up all around the corner, take a look get a san francisco shot. i told them do not take a lower deck of the bay bridge. apparently many people are not checking out the traffic as they leave the house. it this traffic is going to continue to build in irian. it'll look like the worst nightmare of a going home commute the we have ever seen. >> after my now stun i
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airport meant it is a one hour drive time. it will take about an hour did go to the golden gate bridge or the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge would be a great choice because you would be going in the non can meet direction. this heavy traffic that we saw on the upper deck, in packed up all the way to the upper deck of the bay bridge because of accident that block to lanes. >>darya: thought this was another hot spot. it is gone now and it is clear. >> the is no problem getting to the upper deck of the bay bridge and least not
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yet. however when you get to san francisco you will be in that slow traffic. let's get to james for an update. >>james: is a little cloudy from sam and cisco. we're seeing a lot of cloud cover along the coastline. the temperatures are mostly that mid-50s to out the area. a little warmer and antioch at 60 degrees the temperatures are not bad. this afternoon will be cooler than yesterday. we are looking at white breads -- widespread '60s. we only a warm-up and to the '70s and possibly the low eighties in the eastern here you are with seventies and eighties in the south if
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you're going to be on the shore line with and the east they will be up into the upper 60s was '70s. and if you go to in land east they will be in the mid '80s. a bogey at 66 and san francisco. here's a 7 day around the bay. we will end our work week on a warm note. it will warm up on saturday and sunday. next week will be is the '90s. >>darya: and national news i what authorities have recovered the bodies of three young children that trial and in the iowa river during and out outing with family and friends. the two girls and one for the in-one boy were at ages of 6 to 10 years old.
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this happened and the center aisle was city of marshalltown. >> this morning fire fighters and colorado have declared complete containment of the fire. there are also keeping an eye out on for fireworks or other hazards that could restart the fire. it is now contain. >>darya: the bodies of three people were pulled out of long island sound. there where it 24 people rescued and three children never recovered from the water from oyster bay and the u.s. coast guard says
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that the survivors rescued about an hour after the boat capsized and not all the passengers had life jackets on. they're looking into what caused the boat to capsize. >> at least three florida lifeguards are looking for new jobs after a drowning man was rescued at the beach. one of the life guard left his designated zone on monday to save a man was rounding kid and he went outside the on area to save the person and the lifeguard is fired. another lifeguard was like up here they were saving lives regardless where that happens is what my courage to do. >> i'm go to do what was right and i did.
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if i see somebody drowning and gorgeous and say that because i am a lifeguard. >>darya: isn't that just a crazy thing. they ran all the way down the east to save someone and they got fired. they have a policy that your suppose to call 911 is somebody is grounding outside your lifeguards on. >>building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress." souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon.
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is totally back up is filtering into city streets. it is canada's standstill and i've talked to a lot of people that were stuck in this traffic. a lot of people did not realize that there was a back up on the bridge. they had no way to turn around. we all set seen people make illegal u-turn to get out of the traffic pit that is not a good idea the best thing can do is to avoid this area at all costs. the san mateo branch error
7:35 am
the golden gate bridge penn >>george: i'm calling to switch to a different view. this is our camera looking at the central split on the james lick this was completely cleared earlier. they're likely to see a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza because of this. this is the traffic that is hitting the lower deck of the bay bridge. it is not yet reached hospital curbed earlier that is backed up through hospital curve pinned it is rapidly backing up to cesar chavez trying to squeeze five lanes into one is too much for the traffic to handle. >> avoid the freeway system in 7 cisco and -- sam but cisco kid and avoid using the bay bridge lower deck
7:36 am
him >> >>darya: we just talked with a frustrated driver that was stuck into the back up and the lower deck of the bay bridge could the this is within the state. >> the other way round is rare long and i didn't know i was helping the bacon wrapped up the investigations into >> are you gonna sit here for a while? >> i have no other choice. jackie out there. avoid the lower deck of the bay bridge at all costs. it will be hours before it opens up. let's take a look at the weather pin >>
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>>james: we had agreed to weather last night all round the bay pin you could watch the whole special with pam moore last night with fireworks around the bay. >> the temperatures and 70's and low 80s. tomorrow be warmer. the be warmer for saturday and sunday. it will carry you into the evening of next week in >> >>darya: we are quite to take a look at wall street right now there was no trading for july 4th pin the big boy lay board says the dow jones is down pit it is down 60 points right now. >> a housing employee say that a former mortgage giant can't treat why try to
7:38 am
get influence or congress to give them a discount once you're in the was taken over by bank of america and 2008 spin the disk out loans were one way to encourage some lawmakers from changing laws on fannie mae. >>darya: we would be back with more and a couple of minutes. gary is back. stay around for the next 10 minutes we will stay on a big story which is our traffic jam. this is caused by an accident and shooting and the ask her this morning purines.
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>> of your tie
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>>darya: if you're trying to get through the bay bridge in december francisco you can see the is down to one lane for hours and hours. so for lanes are closed on the lower deck of the bay bridge causing a huge back up >> we will be right back.
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>>george: are breaking news
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and hot spot are the same this morning. there is an accident on the bay bridge that started with a high-speed pursuit and ended up with shots -- an accident and gunshot exchange. that police department are continued continuing with their investigations of this crime scenes. they are setting the time that this may be cleared up as 10:30 a.m. purines traffic is jam doubletrees dampen cisco trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge in irian >> see this truck. 10 minutes ago it was born right here. and it's a real mess here pin it is only new to about
7:46 am
30 yds in irian we're willing to look around the corner to the northbound james lick freeway pin it is jammed up all the way to almost the 280 interchange app and 101 at no. them. city streets are also backing up south of market trying to get onto the sky way and the lower deck of the bay bridge pin >> you could use an alternate route is a san mateo bridge. we can see more cars heading east bound in usual across the san mateo bridge him you can use golden gate bridge or richmond san rafael kid the alternate is likely to take you an additional hour to get to the east bay purines either
7:47 am
of those would be better than trying to head throughout the lower deck were traffic remains at a standstill. james says weather. >>james: here is the shot at the golden gate bridge. the traffic is pretty light. in fact it is going to be a nice afternoon. you will see this pattern all week long. in the afternoon new-line expect it to be similar to yesterday. at 9:00 a.m. we will have mild temperatures. fifties around area in at >> we're seeing that antioch's always cut also coming in as 60 degrees >> take a look at how temperatures will warm up during 12:00 noon.
7:48 am
is to press the clock for word we will notice that something is missing. we are not see any red pin we are looking for mild to warm '70s and '80s to day care let's break it down in detail. the warmest location will be in the east a pair the rubino '90s spin >> there will be no nineties pin >> we will leave you quickly with this 7 day around the bay. we will warm up as we had to the weekend. >>gary: >>darya: morning gary >> the a's are funny.
7:49 am
when you take three straight loss and that's a pretty nice spin >>darya: that was a day that ortiz patted his 400th home run. >>darya: i was out of town >> and they had espn with lead stories pit do you think people are even listening to us or are they being the screen did >>darya: i'm not a screen reader >>gary: some times i'll be watching the replay of my show. digamma so you could believe the >>darya: at the show is not
7:50 am
what little respect croupier's get pit there was everything else except for who won the a's game plan >> >>darya: they lose out on steve nash and now land is gone, >> jeremy land is gone. >>george: they sent nash to their no. 1 rival appeared pared. a copy and nash. that sounds pretty good. >> that is a pretty bold move by the lakers. >>darya: steve nash for a
7:51 am
three years was 27 million for the lakers did >> jeremy and land 30 million parent. >>george: if you are houston you have to overpay. that is what you have to do effort to get somebody to go there. i agree, but in houston that you have to pay. you have to ever pay to get somebody that you want your . >>darya: nash looks like a bargain.
7:52 am
the fact >>george: the fact is that when you read that old and he has to have the energy to guard someone hidden >> in other words nash's the best you have but you have to use him in spot pit. >>darya: colby and basketball years he is young. but colby started when he was 18. >>gary: nash can handle the
7:53 am
ball where " we will have to dribble around and get his own shop. -- cote de -- called the up >>darya: 68 hot dogs and 10 minutes. >>george: to each his elm said i could not watch a kid >> to each his own. i cannot watch it. i am not knocking him for doing it. if the po like to watch it that's fine.
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>>darya: we was the gary pitt we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. more in just a couple of minutes. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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>>darya: traffic is hardly moving at all on the bay bridge did is i mean story in our hot spot >>erica: there's a lot of buzz in the entertainment word pit the vellum or is dating mark sanchez here >> the two >> at de
7:58 am
>> that expecting baby no. 3 pin they already have two children together him. if you want to talk about what is trendy on the when this web this money can also the message me on my can put a book page appears we will be right back.
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>> >>darya: years covering breaking news with our team of reporters out there. there was an accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge and was the result of an accident that up by high- speed chase and a shooting. this yoli is on the scene with coverage pin you saw the they had the have be the
8:01 am
best the area blocked off. is still not sorted out who shot at him. >>yoli: also on the scene is the san francisco police department homicide unit. is there here as part of the investigation appeared to of the driver was, nobody died and this crash. the must be some kind of fact story to this. in the meantime this is the holdup. we have both agencies, the california highway patrol and the san francisco police department during their investigation. sometime they have to talk stopped traffic for about a minute and then it out and let it go. it is just down to one lane.
8:02 am
you can see right here it and the officer is putting down some yellow markers. i am not sure what kind of markers those are pinned. that was not there a couple of hours ago. they put these down within the last hour work him. we to not know when the will to open up all five lanes. they could be anytime after 1030. it'll be any time after 10:30 a.m.. >>darya: you have been tracking the stop and go. i am at the first curve at the as curve.
8:03 am
i tracked a taxi driver, and just on this point to get a round the first curve it took him 45 minutes to get a round the curve. right now the traffic is not even moving. you should probably stay away from here. unless of course you want to sit in the car for a while >>darya: and georges been telling people four hours to avoid this. but we still see people going to the bridge and >>george: it is amazing how many people can be set switch from those locations to our san francisco's city street location. jackie sizzle is here. he has been watching this
8:04 am
back up. you been out here for about an hour watching this? >>jackie: things are moving of the left-hand side appeared >> now no one is moving. zero move appeared. the on ramp was completely empty and now you can see in that time there is a back up. for city streets or are ride to the sky way forget about it. if you can't of people avoid it. if you can end this thing will be an hour plus and just to get >> of >>george: i'm gonna switch from you jackie to a another
8:05 am
shot and severances compared this about one quarter of a mile before jackie's shot pin the right-hand lane is an accident only made for the seventh street. the was not for that there would be no traffic moving at all. the back up reaches all the way to 101. and the northbound back up reaches down to third street but it has not reached the bay shore boulevard off ramp or candlestick park way. we could see traffic slow route brisbane. if you can take the golden gate bridge or the san mateo bridge as alternate that would be great. it may add an extra hour drive time by you will not get stuck in this traffic we
8:06 am
should always point out that people are trying to get on first from first street, at the traffic is backed up all the way to mission street. that is a construction zone so it is tiny of traffic. let's go to james for the weather. >>james: >>darya: we talked is evident ago was some frustrated drivers. this is what they had to say. >> de know what's going on >> and no i don't pit. >> others a police action on the bridge and the only have one unopened. >> will i'm a little nervous getting to school on time actually.
8:07 am
what time response to be there? >> at 8:00 >> >> there were saying in an hour-and-a-half just to get to the bridge. what are you going to do/ >>darya: he our continuing to cover that accident and investigation pit it is a mess. if you're trying to get from san system into the east bay to avoid it. let's go to james of the weather. >>james: we have a nice forecast european the are expecting a lot of sunshine. this morning it is patchy at best.
8:08 am
the old, has low cloud cover and fog. otherwise we are looking for relatively clear conditions and lots of sunshine him and will be breezy and much cooler than yesterday. and we will see the low 80s. this evening will be mainly clear as we head into the evening could >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. we're covering a story of lower deck of the bay bridge. . ♪
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>>darya: there is a breaking news story. a car was speeding through the expert on will lower part of the bay bridge and and crash. when that california highway patrol got that there was a shootout in the two people inside the card were injured and arrested there isn't a investigation went on right now. it will last for hours written. jackie says alice giving us a look of the ride in cyprus and -- it
8:12 am
is a mess. along the lower deck of the bay bridge. kevin a browns and the vicious plans to build the country's first high-speed rail line will go to a vote to market and. he's is trying to push toward spending billions of voter approves state bonds. the governor said the the state has to act fast to capture all the ends of dollars of federal support. some law makers think that the location of the high- speed rail and sweat should be different in >>darya: moving back to -- we will be back here in rio
8:13 am
looking at the lower deck of the bay bridge. traffic is barely moving. we will be buyback. /-- we will be right back.
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8:19 am
sunshine m&m. everybody will enjoy a brighter skies irian and will start out cloudy and when you hear the middle of the day will be nice and bright in his mid-50s are round the area. it is 63 and antioch. the delta up will be the hottest part of the portion of the bay. around 12:00 noon. we are looking at '60s at the water and '70s inland.
8:20 am
today will be a clear day. are enormous spot will only get into the low and mid '80s. take a quick look at how the temperatures will look on with the thermometer. in the south bend milipitas will be 80. in the east. you can see the low to mid '80s and the ballot. and '60s and low '70's near the water purine >> 7 cisco 66. oakland 70 degrees. 7 cisco -- san francisco 66. let's take a look at your extended outlook >> we're want to end the week on a slightly warmer no
8:21 am
kid in looks like we are quite to hold on to that warming trend into next week. you will see that with the 7 day around the bay forecast which we will go to when i come back >>darya: george zimmerman will be decided whether he will be released on they learn that he and his wife failed to fully disclose financial information earlier otherwise he already would be out in >> and his attorney is arguing that zimmerman is not a light mist risk. he was charged with murder and a little shooting of the teenager in >> there were children that were pulled out of
8:22 am
water and the children's bodies were discovered in western bay after a overnight surge care not everyone had life jackets on your there looking at the cause of the capsulizing either it was whether or a way irian >> i what authorities have recovered the bodies of three young children that died in around in the iowa river. these pages race from 6 to 10 years old that was separated from the others. this is about 50 mi. northeast of the mom and i will appear we will be back in just a couple of minutes
8:23 am
we were having a major backer on the bay bridge and the lower deck. only one lane at 5 lanes are open. there was an accident and shooting the happened earlier this morning. do not take the lower deck of the bay bridge. we will be back any minute.
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>>darya: one of the life guards it left its designated song at is seeing somebody standing on the beach them and the is of lifeguard saw that somebody on the other side it was heavy and difficult time and was dragging him these guys said that regardless where somebody is a danger that these guys should rescue them. >> regardless of whether are not my job was in danger of when to do what is right and that's why did >> i'm a light ride if i see somebody in trouble and when to say them. >> et >>darya: the cumber company that employs the lifeguards -- the company that employs
8:27 am
a lifeguard is a policy to call 911 the the outside the designated zone. dive in take a lookit here in 39 in san francisco. it is a huge fireworks show our cameras caught a beautiful shot of the fireworks as we did for all of the bay area at that we broadcast live. >>erica: i in showcasing your pictures from the fourth of july the defense from all around the bacon this is a gorgeous shot of the it this delay in the first of the fireworks. >> wendy says the picture of her family and friends at a barbecue if you have pictures and the like to share with love for it
8:28 am
descended and not thought, and i will be selling them to out the day. lower deck of the a bridge and is sitting investigation that closed down we now have to lanes of traffic (this was just one lane moments ago. please avoid this lower deck of the bay bridge. it will be backed up for hours. well be talking to george and when we come back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> >>darya: we have a little bit of a break and are the beltings story which is the lower level of the bay bridge and and there are now tune lanes of traffic that
8:31 am
are open. you can see yoli was one of the first people to drive by the accident. this is the shot. let's look at the car that wrecked this morning. was going at a high rate of speak. you can see it right there smashed on the side. as soon as they pulled over there was gunfire. two people were injured in an accident and taken to hospital but also arrested. the lay left the car there. yoli is live at the same. that she has an update pit as a side lot better but still this is a cause to a huge commute. >>yoli: in the last 10 minutes they open up another lane. sennight have to lanes they sometimes stop the traffic. they have the california
8:32 am
highway patrol doing their investigation but you also us have the san francisco police department and ball. they are using all their police officers to do that part of the investigation. you can see that they are still taking measurements of times they have to cut into the traffic and stop it. you can see the one officer is going across the lane. he may have to cross these leads again and that is when they have to stop traffic. it's really still stopping goes sometimes. at least two lanes are open. the california highway patrol officer it is on the scene and he they said they will be done in about two hours. damage is done here the day after the holiday where there is a huge number of cars on the road that are
8:33 am
jammed and and not listening. >>george: for the next several hours that should be avoided. i do think that once they've the open it. i think that the backup will cleared fairly quickly because at that time will be midday hours and this is a holiday of sorts, is a day after a holiday. i do not think that the residual will hang around for a long while. taken lookit san francisco city traffic now. the first street on ran to the lower deck of the bay bridge is all worked all way -- that all the way up to mission possibly to market. this is the sky way. he can see very little traffic is getting by year. this is the traffic north
8:34 am
brown appeared don't be fooled. this is getting off and nine street. this is a traffic is headed toward when jackie sizzle is located. that regions of the way back to the third street off rat ran at 1 01 northbound. the 280 extension is heavy but that is the best bet to get into some of the system appeared your alternate lyrics will be the golden gate bridge or this in detail bridge pit in fact it is have a year in the east bound direction than in the west by about bound direction. there are more the there is more traffic coming back this so these people are finally getting the message about not heading toward its emphasis to appear in.
8:35 am
continued delays at least a couple more hours. >>darya: we talked with some frustrated drivers this morning let's look ahead to stay pure >> you decided to go ahead and take the bridge and new- line >> yes the way round it is a very long. i'm hoping they will let the traffic through. >> you don't mind sitting here? >> had no other choice >>darya: jordan says it is a long way round the when you take one of the alternates you will get there. let's take a look at the weather. you see blue sky. and looks nice up here >>james: it depends on where
8:36 am
you are. others stood by the coast you will still see cloud cover. but there is a lot of this cloud cover out there can buy this afternoon we are looking for most 37 d degrees around the heart of the bay and possibly eighties inland. we have warmer temperatures on tap for friday. and looks like we're accord to keep that warm pattern as we head into next week in a complete forecast is coming up in a moment. >>darya: the dow jones it's been down 15 right now. but it has recovered a bit can there is a new record this morning that the former mortgage giant, country ride try to gain influence to congressmen by giving them discounts >> there were taken over by
8:37 am
bankamerica in 2000 a. this is one way they tried to sway lawmakers appeared >> we will be back with more and just a couple of minutes >> george says avoid the lower deck of the bay bridge. normally there are five lanes open. traffic is inching by here. stopping go. this is because of a shooting that happened early this morning people. we would -- we will be back in a few minutes.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>>darya: are breaking news story is the coverage contending and accented and the lower part of the bay bridge. this is backing up traffic every where around area. if people are coming in from the east bay and to san francisco and is backing allot of expressways. chileans are now open pit to out of five lanes are open. this car was traveling and
8:41 am
high-speed, crash and when a california highway patrol got their gunfire's took place and to people or taking to the hospital and arrested they do not want to move the car while they are continuing their investigation. died >> what a mess could this was for a a.m. when a tree came down. this was an oakland. this happened at 2:00 a.m. can take good as there was nobody hurt. >> there is a crash fires southwest of morgan hill. and burned for about 1 a. and then the crews got it under control guest today afternoon.
8:42 am
there was no spread enough of the fire and the damage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we will be back with more than just a couple of minutes pit let's take a look at the same mateo bridge. it is one of the great all to visit you can choose. he could go to the dumbarton or the san rafael. all of those bridge as long are looking good. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] life is full of compromises.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
and it eat it, too. ♪ nestlé -- good food, good life. >>george: hot spot as hit a shooting investigation is going on right now. on the lower deck of the bay bridge there three lasers still blocked. there were four lanes blocked about 20 minutes
8:46 am
ago. an additional nine was opened yet although that will help some that low take along a while for it to affect a back up and this shot is provided by jackie sizzle. yoli is also on the scene. this is back up just of the north end of hospital curve. the latest word is it will be about 1030 before the accident is cleared of the bridge. here are traffic maps and shows to the back up your because all the way beyond the 280 interchange. your alternates would be the golden gate bridge and the san mateo bridge. either one would take you an extra hour to drive time but
8:47 am
it's still better than sitting and stops traffic. >>james: here is a live look from mount tam quimper the clearing has begun. those clouds are still causing problems at as at oak irian -- the weather for the day-we are calling for a low clouds and mild temperatures at the 9:00 hour care it is mostly fifties with 60 in antioch in the east bay. let's go to noon time. the 12:00 and then we are
8:48 am
showing breezier in clearing conditions. there are '60s pretty much across the heart of the bay was seven these inland. and then as the minister 3:00 you don't see the colors change much. there may be a couple of eighties in the east and north a pair the '60s and '70s for the coast but you can see that that you had been in any direction you will see that the be in the mid to lower eighties. set francisco will be about 66. -- sam francisco fed will be 66. as a 7 day around the bay. we will have a lot of sunshine going into the weekend. and then at the pattern will hold in on to the beginning
8:49 am
of the week. >>darya: we want to see what's going happened with the bond hearing for george zimmerman. he is the neighborhood watch volunteer who is accused of murdering trayvon martin a black teenager in florida who was shot and killed. the judge leave of his bond june 1st when he will let the judge found out that there were holding back the financial information can so we are trying to wait and see whether the judge will consider bail for him now his attorney is saying that he is not a flight risk. i will give you more increment mission on this as it becomes available >> present obama's is on a day to and is in high land pennsylvania today.
8:50 am
they're raising questions about his republican rival mit romney. he is on a bus tour in which is taking -- taking him into sever northern ohio cities. >> the president was honoring our nation's troops yet today. he is with the first lady on the south lawn. as a banking to the military for this event. the said that many of these veterans of the september 11th attack that are overall service to the country. >> does this stand here this afternoon our example of those that have are this
8:51 am
place alongside the greatest generation inherited >> mit romney is now calling the president's health care plan a tax. he also talked about the supreme court's opinion on the health care law. the federal government does not have the power. the cottage a penalty, a fee, a fine and now the cause of a tax. >>darya: so despite supreme court's ruling romney says says that massachusetts health care mandate is not a tax couldn't >>darya: we are going to take a look up at 11.
8:52 am
traffic is drifting appeared will be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> >>darya: are big story that that happened on the lower deck of the bay bridge here will are trying to get from said the suspected east bay this is not where it you want to take care of it will be at least another hour before it is clear your. for now you need to take along way around. it will save you time. >>erica: the tub can the stories of the morning are three stores that everyone is talking about here is
8:56 am
going to be an ally like her pit is causing a lot of the buds there he agreed to a three-year $27 million contract in there expecting baby no. 3 hit and take a look at does this reptile look familiar to you. he has resemblance to the spider man character. we will have more pictures of that and will be talking about what's on the web leave to visit my >> but pace in >>darya: we will be going to see that the lower deck of the bay bridge is a mess there.
8:57 am
the highway patrol and the san francisco police are both investigating what happened to that as a highway shooting. we will be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>darya: will was to update you on that incident on the lower deck of the bay bridge pit if to do lanes are now open did this is a is a high-speed chase in a shooting could >> >>yoli: @ @ @ happened hour
9:00 am
ago they did open up a second lane. it looks like that the investigation was focused at this area. i did not see as many officers in this area sometimes officers had to walk in front of traffic and stopped traffic and make the measurements pit stop that kind of stuff is what back things up. and has improved a little bit in the last 20 minutes or so. and we the traffic seems to be moving. as far as what actually happened, this happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning. there was a car speeding they tried to catch up with
9:01 am
that the as. and it was that they were going 20 by it -- over 100 mi. per hour and when they get as car occurred they lost control. then there was an exchange of gunfire. they do not know where the gunfire started. they do not what know why or what happened. there are two parallel is the is going on. there is one with the california highway patrol and one with this difference is the police department. if so both divisions are out there. if you combine all of that together that is why is so bad then and that is why it traffic has been interrupted.
9:02 am
hopefully there will be able to open all five lanes in about an hour and a half. >>darya: based on house meeting now would you take alternate routes to the bay bridge? >>george: with the golden gate bridge is becoming less desirable. allegis sank in lookit what's happening here. he's the gsa to lanes moving past the scene. here is a lot reading to the lower deck near this is a risk highway leading out past the kron 4 and jackie sizzle has provided us this shot. jackie in looks marginally better than it did an hour ago. but he would not describe
9:03 am
this is great, would you? >>jackie: it could not get much worse than that was it was stopped. this is still really bad even though it is an improvement. you can see on the left inside is backed up all the way to the city's streets. at least they are moving but would i take the chance, i would still say you are better off calling taking 101 to the san with their bridge. you are still to the contracting period is to take a while. you can see all the traffic that's piling on to the reds still is one to take a while for this back up to get cleaned up. and it does not look like it's going anywhere at any time soon. it >>george: there are five lanes in to get squeezed into to.
9:04 am
piquancy won a one northbound is still pretty solid. the only reason you are as a movement in the right-hand lane because it is an exit only rain lane for the seventh street off ramp. these cars are heading for the bay bridge head and look how slowly the moving. as to go to the traffic maps, you can see why it is a back up to it all through and be on the 280 interchange. until they get back cleared which might be another hour and at half, then i would take an alternate like the san mateo bridge pin >> you'll be heading in east bound traffic flow. it is still a time saver. but to give the with the golden gate bridge ride. you can see in is getting a little sluggish for the northbound direction.
9:05 am
on a typical thursday this would be different. >>darya: de know what's going on? >> no. perez >> there is an accident on the bridge and a police action. >> well i'm a little nervous and getting to school on time can what time is best be there >> and o'clock. >> it's funny the doyle listen to the radio announcer can be an hour- and-a-half. we going to do. i'm going to sit there with everyone else. >>darya: if you listen to
9:06 am
the kron 4 morning news in as this sort of thing. this happened just after 2:00 a.m. this morning. and as been a problem ever since. stay with kron 4 and will tell you as soon as they get better on the lower deck of the bay bridge. >> >>erica: we had plenty of coastal fog. get -- temperatures are in the mud outside. things will be warming up slightly. the be cooler and breezy. the 7 day around the bay extended forecast this is just and. >> a florida judge sets bail today at $1 million.
9:07 am
the judge had we of george zimmerman is gone first because he and his wife failed to failed to disclose the on-line the nation's. and that they had been fighting that and and and is bomb new bond hearing they said that he will be able to get out on $1 million bond. that has happened in the last 20 minutes. >> at the dow jones was down pretty bad this morning. it is only off by 22 points right now >> the number of people seeking unemployment last week fell to allow was leveled. the labor department said that weekly unemployment benefit application dropped by 14,000. when apple and patience
9:08 am
consistently below fall below 375,000, >>darya: 9 as 7:00 a.m.. >> and there are fewer cars on the road and there is more traffic there is an investigation going on on ♪ [ male announcer ] the inspiring taste of mcdonald's new spicy chicken mcbites. ♪ poppable pieces of tender chicken breast seasoned with just the right amount of spice, but just for a limited time. new spicy chicken mcbites. the simple joy of spicy perfection. ♪
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9:11 am
>>darya: the team coverage of accident that happened on the lower deck of the bay bridge there it will see the car in a minute that was going about 100 mi. an hour. two people and that car or rested and this is the way it has been ever since that happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning. avoid the bay bridge. we will tell you when it is clear. but for now i would pick an alternate bridge. >> and french ambassadors say that private pilot error led to the crash of a plane of the atlantic and is the final crash report this morning is that the two
9:12 am
pilots at the controls never understood that the plane was in his stall him it was in a combination of human and technical factors >> it was air france's deadliest accident. >> some supplies have crossed the border to pakistan the first tract move through early this morning. after months of negotiation of pakistan we opened the borders after hillary clinton apologized for military actions. >>darya: our coverage continues on the traffic nightmare on the bay bridge pin here is another picture
9:13 am
that one of our reporters at the sizzle has provided for us. the >> avoid the bay bridge and all costs.
9:14 am
while look like you and everything of this bull with the very hear them on a
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>george: we are not stopping traffic anymore so that the traffic law is the thing out. this is our shot at 7:00 p.m. tuesday set in the street on land is still a parking lot could traffic is moving in a little better here. do not even begin to think about using this as a bridge right now the investigation is still under way here. it is likely to continue for another hour or more. 1030 is the estimated time three opening. 10:30 a.m. is the estimate time of opening up. we have been talking a lot about alternate routes like
9:17 am
the san mateo bridge pit that you notice the traffic is much heavier and the east bound which is very much usual at this hour on a weekday and >> it would likely be over now. and also at the golden gate bridge, in fact i does spoke with the sergeants and they decided to open up an extra lane earlier than usual in the northbound direction. normally it does not open between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. crews are working their way to add an extra lane and help deal with the back. some people are using the golden gate bridge. even with that slow traffic i would rather go this way than to sit in the the back
9:18 am
up and leading to the lower deck. there is no reason to head for the bay bridge. that's the to erica. >>erica: i was looking at your cameras and looking at the fog and the cloud cover is situated over the golden gate bridge. that is pretty much how what looks on the coast line in our places near the water. we should see clear conditions with hardly centers skies for the afternoon. if you're heading out the door grab a light coat. it looks like it's 5447 cisco -- it looks like 54 degrees for sale of cisco. >> you can see where the clock is the car right now.
9:19 am
and then hopefully by about 3:00 we'll be seeing clear conditions everywhere. we'll be looking at the '70s and '80s and the south bay. we could see some admit eighties or places like antioch karen and is pretty comfortable but a little bit cooler for the east shores. 70 degrees for oakland. san francisco will be 66 degrees. kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows morning fog and afternoon clouds for at max couple of days. we will see more high pressure coming back into the area. we are looking for nineties and inland area at upper 60s for the cause cleared
9:20 am
>>darya: i what authorities found -- recovered the bodies of three children that were drowned and iowa river. it was two girls and a boy there were separated last night. they were ages 6-10. there were three hours since they were separated and a says all nine before they found this is about 50 mi. new-line north of tomorrow in iowa. >> the bridge we children who died and above the capsize and recover the bodies near oyster bay. this happened and york. there were about a bunch of people on this vote for the july 4th holiday.
9:21 am
they do not know whether it was whether or whether it was a wake from another vessel because this boat to capsize. >> there were fireworks all of the country yester day. this was a sight in this state capital. they always have an orchestra. you see of incredible fireworks. it was quite a sight there. and here in the there a bay area we had a big so too. they all went off at once. that's enough people screaming as the car alarms. the company the put on this of that of the fireworks
9:22 am
lozenges 15 seconds and the alarms continue to go off in this show it off with a surprising bank in san diego. we can go to web site a and seeing the highlights of the fireworks display last night there is a developing story which is accident in shooting that happened this morning. we will be back in a few minutes. ask me how i've never slept better.
9:23 am
9:24 am
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9:26 am
a high-speed chase and you or arrested to out by the lanes are getting by on the test car. as a jam of traffic is fine to get on from that side. you can see those people trying to get into sampras's go from the east bay. it is stop and go at its best. that is not supposed to (least another hour. use an alternate route. governor brown as putting the beginning of them building the state building a high-speed rail line to go to market and some lawmakers is skeptical about spending millions of dollars. it would stretch from madeira to bakersfield.
9:27 am
the governor said the state passed act fast to capture the government and federal support him and other politicians say they using bonds to improve existing rail systems would be money better spent in irian >>darya: and women come back to continue our team coverage of the back up of the bay bridge. traffic is all backed up here in. luckily luckily is a day after a holiday so that a back up is that the back up is very slow. we will be right back.
9:28 am
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9:29 am
free as if from the leave for family of, for shooting
9:30 am
>>darya: we're going to go to our sole reporter at yoli. >>yoli: that has improved a little bit this seemed to be moving along quicker pit now they're selling a bit because the investigational continues. says sometimes investigators have to cut in front of traffic in and then they'll allow cars to go through. most of the activity seems to be passed the second curve. but while they were right here they were focusing on this area. let me show you the video that i took of the scene. it started about 2:00 a.m. when this car was speeding on the bridge and the police
9:31 am
tried to catch up with that. by the time they had caught up with that this car craft into the side wall of the bridge. he was going over 100 mi. per hour. nasa has lost control when the california highway patrol officers rolled up on the scene there was some fire exchange. that is why this is taking so long as well they're trying to figure out you started it. new shaft to. in this to parallel investigations going on with the the sentence is the police department and the california highway patrol. they are hoping that by 1030 and they will be able to open up all four lanes. there is a little bit of unproven because we have to
9:32 am
lanes open pit and we have less cars on the bridge. i tight timing the next car and all it took them from this location about one minute as opposed to 20 minutes a couple of hours ago picks >>darya: the problem george is getting up to the point really is. to get to this point how long does it take him >>george: my guess is about 40 minutes right now story appeared in his i'm looking at jackie sizzles camera here. he is at 7 street along this highway. you can see that it is barely living here. i am not in any hurry to go out to the bridge pit don't forget that because you get to the incident the more it is going to close down. where yoli is, the traffic has already emerged kid up
9:33 am
before you get here you have to converge all these lanes of traffic down to two lanes. and places and is as many as six lanes down to two lanes. all that has going to take a lot of time as a look round the corner from jackie's location, we will see and a little bit more movement here. i would not like to go out and sit in that back up your even to the no. 1 is backed up did this is what you have to wade through before you even get to the first camera position. we still have more traffic and then knocking me direction than in the commute to ration on the san mateo bridge. people are using this as an
9:34 am
alternate along with the golden gate bridge. the trucks and epicenter of the screen other crews in the golden gate bridge are moving the pylons to add a third lane. this is in order to accommodate the heavy traffic coming up from places like long park. >>darya: here's some of frustrated drivers that are sitting and waiting. >> dingy what is going on? >> i would enter the bridge and the like as i don't know the other way that well and how long as when to take your i hope the they can wrap this up soon. >> you don't mind sitting here for a while >> i don't have any choice
9:35 am
>>darya: avoiding the bridge is what george is been recommending since this happened in irian this is the pictures soon after happened. we want to get a look at the weather. >>erica: a lot of the cloud cover is starting to break up. it is providing sunny conditions and cooler conditions in downtown san jose. we was the '50s and '60s right now. tomorrow will be looking forward to a warming conditions. who have more nineties just in time for the weekend. you have a full lookit your forecast, come back. diana at 935 oakland police say that they have located
9:36 am
the fourth child after three of their siblings were rescued from being beaten. >> the mother, stepfather and babysitter of the children were taken into custody. the rest of the children were taking into child protective custody. they started looking for the the other kids after a three-year old boy in the family had to be hospitalized. the babysitter called to report to the child was unresponsive. said they found that he had been beaten in the severity of his injuries indicate the there had been passed of you use. he remains in critical condition at the hospital. >> jurors could have a
9:37 am
verdict is announced today when the trial continues of the retired priest was been fair william lee lynch is on trial for beating him. he said that the priest rate him and his little brother when he was 7 years old and his little brother was 4:00 p.m. >> he attacked him. we will continue to follow the spirit and see what the verdict is. >> tens of thousands of americans could use to lose the internet service. the writers and sent out notices. the act we i have special website set up your feasance blasts oliver pace books.
9:38 am
officials believed it 280,000 computers a round the world to be infected. and 65,000 of them is to be here. will be back in the next couple of minutes karen let's take a look at the hot spot and are breaking news story. there is still a shooting investigation and an accident investigation going on with a light tillites of traffic open that ran -- opened up in withal only two lanes of traffic opened up.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> >> >>darya: we are continuing with our live breaking coverage of the hot spot on the lowercase of the bay bridge. there was a car speeding at best curve there going over 100 mi. an hour. the crash pit chp was calling them. wednesday's deal of live there was of fire exchanged.
9:42 am
and the rich to people are arrested. we will be back in a minute.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>darya: will live in the traffic with george. >>george: we have watching this sense to a empyrean erica was up watching this this sense to a empyrean -- 2:00 a.m.. we do have to lanes open here. i have some reports that near the incidence scene itself which is actually right about this quarter. that there is another in may opened there. even if the is, there's still only two lanes open right here. in the back up this horrible try to get to that spot here this is jackie sizzles camera and this is looking westward toward the bridge
9:46 am
in it is at 7 street. is a traffic tried to get all of city streets. you can imagine that first street is backed up all the way to the financial district in here as 101 tried to get into this city. you can see to 80 is no longer backed up. but is still slow from the 280 interchange. lookit that direction of the headlights. it is much heavier here and the non commute direction we have observed for the last hour and a half that in has been less than usual traffic in and non can commute direction in that had added an extra lane in the northbound side and they have been trying to clear
9:47 am
this up by 1030 but we are probably another 45 minutes away before this start to see some improvement >> when you in the back up and said his this up? >> how long was that. two and half hours did a really worked gas >> 2 hours. >> entity to and a half hours. it took me all too and a half hours. and that that was has see you getting reactions in irian2-21/2 hours.
9:48 am
when dizzy sunshine has progressed into the next hours. >> you can see plenty of sunshine with up upper 50s and lowercase 60s. and there is 69 and antioch. in san jose we have plenty of sunshine. that will be the case as we head into the afternoon. this critique comfortable conditions we're tomorrow we look like were in store for a bit more of a warming trend in. and are looking ahead looks like we will continue with quiet and dry weather.
9:49 am
you can see it 12:00 noon it will the '60s to the heart of the bay and then 70 is and then seven these inland pit in and as we go to picklock you will see that afternoon high doses be more '70s of around area. policies some eighties on the inland yet i know it will not see any nineties. we could squeeze out 86 degrees and antioch. we anticipate sunshine throughout the day for inland and bay areas. san francisco will be 66 degrees. oakland will be 70 degrees crib the kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows that
9:50 am
the for the next couple of days will be in the low to mid 80's and then it will continue to go up to the weekend apple and then i'll off through the beginning of next week. >>darya: republican president of mit romney is now causing president's health care cost a taxpayer in the federal government does not have the power to place the mandate so that the supreme court has changed its view in the last couple days and have defined it as a tax cleared >> they said is a tax and they still attacked in despite the ruling said the high court does not consider
9:51 am
massachusetts health care to be a tax pit and >> present obama's that independence day healy came out of the white house and leave it to the crowd. he proceeded to tell the people of the military airport and that they are. >> all men and women that stand as the here this afternoon on the sample of this generation of heroes this 911 generation, has earned its place in history along with the greatest generation. now president, is on a two day bus tour of pennsylvania and ohio. the will be defending his economic policies there.
9:52 am
alan there will also be raising questions about his rival that romney's business record. you also go to western pennsylvania. we will be back with more than a couple of minutes. we will be going to george in getting update on the hot spot. >>darya: >>george: caltrans hasn't picked up of the cons. they still have to work backward to the center part of the suspension span. and then we have to deal with the back up. which reaches all way through san francisco and 11 with them. we will have more room return.
9:53 am
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>>george: of welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. finally we see in some improvement dead all lanes of finally open on the lower deck of the bay bridge. the traffic was stand up because of an investigation of a high-speed pursuit, at a crash and gun fire on the lower deck of the bay bridge in the and just moments ago always where we open on the floor deck of the bay bridge. it is still back up resemblances appeared >>darya: as take a peek at the forecasts. we have a little the up fog to day and to mark. some warmer temperatures by tamara and the weekend we will finally get up to 90 degrees. and looks like it's one to be hotter and senate sunnier kid and it will continue to be hot to the next week. you have a great day and will be back here tomorrow
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morning at 4:00 a.m..
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