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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 8, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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wild fire. firefighters could douse the blames. the scene. firefighters are not yet sure how the fire started. one man killed and another seriously injured after they slammed into a car on 101 in san mateo. reggie kumar tells us why the chp is searching for a suspect. >>reggie: the deadly crash happened here. the chp says a driver left behind his pickup in the fast lane.
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the 29 year old was a passenger in his crumpled up silver lost a. the 30 year-old driver also had major head injuries and was taken to stanford university hospital. his condition is not known. investigators say the white pickup may have had mechanical problems. the drivers in at least three other vehicles did not have time to react before hitting the pick up. you can see how this dark car slammed into the rear end of this band. some of the occupants are standing near their damaged cars. with chp is still searching for the driver of the pickup. investigators still did not know of drugs or alcohol played a role.
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>>vicki: authorities are asking for help in identifying a man who fell from an overpass. he fell off of interstate 280. he has no identification and remains unconscious. hospital officials say he is a hispanic man in his late 20s. 5 ft. 4 in., 120 lbs.. anyone who recognizes the man is being asked to call san francisco general. more than one dozen people and several coffee shop employees were forced out of homes and businesses after fire ripped through a oakland building. an employee at the commonwealth cafe discovered the fire. it was burning in a storage space between the first and second floors. firefighters tore through the walls to get the fire. biologists have noticed a
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rise in starving pelican's showing up in bay area beaches. >> these are some of the 60 pelican's recovering at the international bird rescue facility. and then. >> these pelican's the about
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7 lbs. of fish a day. >> three years ago, the brown pelicans were removed from the endangered species list. the facility holds its work will keep them off the list. calf
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>> over the weekend shuttle buses replaced the usual and line train service. passengers had to take it all to the train to get to this stop and then get off the train, walk up to the street and get on a shuttle bus. this was confusing for signed so workers are on standby to point people in the right direction. others say the weekend construction closures have become all too familiar. >> i remember this happening last year.
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>>brian: fog pushing back into the way this evening.
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temperatures are down 10-15 degrees in many locations. things are going to warm up once again for tomorrow. the purple color here shows temperatures closing in on 100 degrees. i will let you know how long hot weather will stick around. >>vicki: the obama administration says the economy is made a slow and steady recovery however some gop leaders say the president's failed policies are to flame. >> a disappointing june drop political leaders are battling it out on who is to blame.
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the gop post to the president's policies. >> by any measure, his policies have been a failure. >> some democrats have a different opinion. >> everyone acknowledges that we have a long way to go. 28 straight months of job growth in the private sector. >> while campaigning in ohio and pennsylvania the president says the economy recovery is slow but steady. >> our mission is not just to get back to work, it is to rebuild an economy where the work pays and everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead. >> if drop reports on retail sales sign of economy growth, there are still more to come before november's
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election. >>vicki: the giants retain a first-place tie in their division with the l.a. dodgers. tim lincecum lead and six runs. he now has the worst era for consistent starters and all of baseball. the pirates notched 17 hits for a 13-2 victory. the oakland a's are still in the playoff hunt. today, they went to extra innings with the mariners winning 2-1 in the 13th inning. the a's are still behind the texas rangers for the division lead. >>vicki: a mall where attack could your computer overnight. how to find out if your computer is infected. the sharks and suit battle is brewing in china. credit cards can be hard to get rid of but there are a few ways to help with the process. cool fire evacuees are
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>>vicki: here is a warning for every internet users. come monday you could lose the ability to surf the web. the agency says the computers could be infected with a certain type of mall where. users could be completely unaware that the malicious program is running. grant lodes has more information on where you can do to detect the bug. >> the fbi suggests going to this web site they you see here. it is the fbi security partner in making sure that your computer is now where free is as simple as to clicks. for once you go to this web site, on the top left, click on the green circle that
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says it detects. another screen will appear that will ask, how could be detected your computer has been violated or detective? click on the first link that lucy and it will run the tests on your computer. if your computer is virus free you will see a green background. if your computer does have the virus, you would see a red background. did you get the red background, called your internet service provider. >>vicki: a twist on the scene one person's job is >>vicki: a twist on the scene one person's job is a[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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>>vicki: it seems the black market is going green. leaves are stealing recycle materials like cardboard and we'll.
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>> it is 3:00 a.m. and demand emerges from a professional looking truck in damascus, maryland. he wears a single official best what is he after? cooking oil.
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these are selling oil on the black market. it is a nationwide problem. >> it is pretty much a 100 percent profit for them. >> a similar situation for recycle cardboard. >> approximately $100,000 of lead to a cardboard theft.
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>> it is a bad economy, people are looking for things to do. >> a great day on the coast today. the fog in the sea breeze made for cool temperatures. in san francisco fog is pushing into the bay. once you get away from the bay it is much nicer if. a lot of sunshine and cooler temperatures. piedmont and san jose, los 60s that's a pretty nice. walnut creek currently is 73. here's satellite view from today.
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fog cleared away as we headed into the afternoon. for the most part still of the fog at the beaches. so small levels the life of the chief this feta cloth-a lot of lofty 4 in. away curious is the brief will be commissioned for to mafia if in the south bay, load-
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mid-80s. '90s for many spots like fairfield and could spark. walnut creek in the upper 80s. by the day it will stay on the mild side. eighties in the north bay. everyone begins to warm up started on tuesday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, mid-upper 90s and very possibly triple digits in the warmest place is. upper 70's and low 80's by the bay. seven on thursday the sea breeze does begin to strengthen. slightly cooler weather by the end of the week ended to the weekend.
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>>gabe: if you get a stamp and look at who sent it and it is from a funny looking five digit number, those numbers are called short coats. there a short telephone numbers least by the u.s. government for testing programs. the government gives out and regulates those short code numbers and they are monitored very closely. in the united states, any text in campaign with a short coat has to obey strict rules. organizations that dissipates confine their short coat least revoked for their messages blocked. one of those rules is that if you reply stop to any message, they have to immediately stop sending messages. that is one way to handle
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spare mars. here is another way to deal with spam. if you get a stamp tax, for the text to the shore code 7726 which spells span. you will then receive an automated message asking to enter the phone number from which the stem text was sent. there is no charge for the two text messages that it will take. >>vicki: shark populations are being decimated to make soup.
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coming out we will look at a new and unlikely ally for the sharks. we will take you on a personal tour of a floating museum.
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>>vicki: the shark fin soup a battle is boiling over. we will hear how china is facing criticism for decimating shark populations. closing out a credit card to the dividend in your credit card. we have tips on how to break up with your credit card carrier. hist its
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be a nice day around the bay area. we made it into the '80s into the afternoon. here is a live look outside from the carquinez parade. a beautiful sunset is taking place right now. at the coast there are a lot of low clouds. that is pushing into the date right now. we will continue to see that trend overnight. tomorrow morning look for morning fog pretty extensive. drizzle by the coast this sunday for the afternoon. a little bit warmer, especially inland. by 6:00 a.m. a lot of fifties. by the afternoon the warmus temperatures will be in the inland valleys. we will continue to warm up
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tuesday and wednesday. wednesday we could see the hottest spots near 100. >>vicki: investigators are searching for a person who had two planes with a laser beam near sfo on thursday. police along with the faa say the light originated near palo alto hitting a skywest plane around 10:30 p.m. and a few minutes later it hit a virgin america flight. there is a risk that the laser lights could temporarily blind pilates. it could even cause a crash. >> this is a tactical flight observer for the sheriff's department. he rides shotgun with the department's helicopter. he says that while flying their eyes are constantly at work. >> the pilot is specifically looking for other aircraft as well as an instrument gauges. >> if a laser beam like this one hits the pilots is it could cause big problems.
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>> if you are temporarily blinded. even low-power laser pointers like these can reach aircraft thousands of feet in the air. >> if you get hit in the eyes, you can see spots for up to a couple of hours afterwards. he can really impact your vision. >> while a laser beam can cause big problems for helicopter, it is even bigger of an issue for jetliners. >> unfortunately they probably have a multiple flight crews but both were blinded it could be a dangerous situation. >> the faa says anyone caught appointing a laser at a plane could face $11,000 fine. >>vicki: an early morning
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earthquake near fort bragg. the usgs reported other to earthquakes today. 3.1 and 3.9 near sonoma county. nice authorities have warned people to take caution at the beaches in the monterey bay because of this kyack attack by a shark a half mile from pleasure point. authorities say the shark hit the kayak from below.
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>>vicki: officials are pressing china for taking shark fin soup of of the menu. it is a sign of the times for the changing nation. >> 73 million sharks are killed by people each year. their fans are often sold for food in and profit. the world wildlife fund says if the setting process is inhumane. once a sharks' fins are cut off the animals are often thrown back into the ocean and left to die. and this is the end result. tried sharks did, it is mostly even in china and taiwan.
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>> there are five u.s. states including california and hawaii that have introduced legislation to ban a shark's fin.
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>> eating shark fed may be cultural tradition in china but with awareness may be the type can be returned. >>vicki: a new memorial will honor junior seau. friends, family and friends helped to dedicate an amphitheater in committee center named after the start. he remained a strong member of the community during his football career and after. people say it is important to remember the man. >> his family requested this location because they're down here all the time.
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>>vicki: junior seau killed themselves in his home. the u.s.s iowa is now opened as a floating museum in southern california. the battleship open on saturday. the i was there for years as a taxi for franklin delano roosevelt. a navy veteran who served on board the u.s.s iowa spoke with us. >> she is a gorgeous shipped. she is an engineering masterpiece. one of our nation's treasures. i first came on board in november of 1985. we had anywhere from 1300- 1900 on board. we went through the persian gulf ended many cruises in the caribbean, the panama canal, the north atlantic, a
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35 ft. seas. this is where the big decisions of the world war two were made. we helped to show career during the korean war and even during the cold war. back in the forties, president roosevelt was on board this shift. it was used as a taxi to go across the ocean to meet with stalin. he was in a wheelchair in this is where he stayed, this is the only ship in the navy with the bath tub. in the '80s, they retrofitted the ship for anti-aircraft. here is one of her guns. 16 in. in diameter.
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the ships sat for 20 years. to look at her the wishes of the couple of months ago compared to now is amazing. >> the iowa received thousands of visitors on its first day open. >> breaking up is never easy, especially if it is with a credit card. coming we will show you how to cut the cord.
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we will take a look at the box office movies. off the
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>>vicki: of breaking up is hard to do. clothes and a credit card can sometimes be even harder putting a big dent in your credit score. kevin kate has tips to minimize the damage. >> you have probably heard the closing a credit card can actually damage your credit score. do you know why? will it is your credit utilization ratio. the amount of credit used compared to the amount available. it the factor is about 30 percent of your score. one credit card experts as did not close our card if it is your only if you have others check the balances. >> you want to get the balance is as low as possible so that you have a low utilization ratio.
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>> and common reasons for closing are new or increased fees. if you're switching to a new card keep the old one open until you received it. >> that way your fifo score will start utilizing new, available credit. >> it is best to have a zero balance when closing the card. the >>vicki: tragedy can affect more than just humans. coming out, a a look at the stress of a fire evacuation and what happens to the heads left behind.
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>>pam: the colorado wildfire that burned 18,000 a. is
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nearly contained fury if 3000 people were for forced from their homes because of the fire. >> at the intersection of animal avenue and park avenue, that as many are leaving after the colorado fire spread rapidly. >> this is the president and ceo of the humane society in colorado springs. >> we care for 439 animals. >> most of the tests have now gone back to their families the evacuation orders listed, but some still remain. dogs like this in nine year old and 7 year olds. there are also cat's.
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this is a five year old female turtle, there's also a parakeet. there is also an unnamed large rat that and the guinea pig. last, but certainly not least, there is ago. most of these animals were not advantage or lost, it just our remaining here until owners can get back to their homes. there is great relief that most of these cuts have gone back to their families but also the realization that if the fires flare up again, these cages could become full. veterinarians take care of the remaining past. they say the animals go through stress, just like their owners. >> it is an extremely stressful situation. among the stressed rv's and three hands.
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it is a day of a lot of smiles for people who have not had a lot to smile about. >> a lot of fog at the coast. fog at the golden gate bridge. notice the fog obscured the tops of the towers. temperatures in the upper 50s, it is cooler everywhere around the bay area. temperatures were down 10-15 degrees over what we saw yesterday. notice is a little bit of a job in the water this evening.
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here is a look at front temperatures. as we go into decline but for fog to push into the bay. between 11:00 a.m. we will see the fog make its way out of the bay. the real he comes on tuesday and wednesday. we could be looking at triple digits into the warm response into the east bay inland valleys, '90s in the south bay and '80s by the bay. with all this boltzmann morning we will not see warm temperatures. it is extensive in the morning and it will slow the clear away.
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declaring san francisco around 11:00 a.m.. temperatures for the afternoon will be warming up a few degrees. 5-10 degrees in some spots. here's a look your expected highs. the fog and a sea breeze will keep temperatures cooler closer to the ocean but we will warm up tuesday and wednesday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. the hottest weather coming up tuesday and wednesday.
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>>brian: slightly cooler weather into the weekend. >>gabe: talk about the ultimate gadget, looking like a big metal one class, >> we're taking some of the traditional like winemaking and put a silicon valley twist on it. >> we can train you how to make wine. we train for you to smell and taste the wine has to go. >> utah's the group's ingredients in the pot and let it do the work. >> we take technology and apply it toward traditional wine making. there are no shortcuts. this is the same process you would use if you were a professional wine maker. >>gabe: it is controlled by your computer. >> you have step-by-step
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winemaking instructions. it will also tell you the next step based on your fermentation. " ultimately, the goal is for you to be able to make those decisions yourself. >> it takes about 30 days to cycle through a process that would yield about $30. this wine making machine will set you back about $4,500. for more information on the wind pipe log on to and look for my tech page. >>vicki: it has been years since spider-man hit the big screen. ♪
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>>vicki: and ringo starr's celebrates his birthday and the amazing spider-man is back on top of the box office. >> oscar-winning actor ernest board nine has died. he nabbed an academy award for his role and the 1955 film marty. he was one of the original celebrities from the game show hollywood squares. he was still making movies and television appearances if less than one year before his death. he was 95. riegle's are celebrated his birthday, the former beatles drummer turned 72 on saturday. his only wish is that everyone pursue peace and love. he has been dancing and
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playing drums for 55 years now. this pop icon is not letting aids slowed down. he is on the road towards and has a new album. moviegoers were in tinkled and spider-man the web, the amazing spider-man scale to the no. 1 spot at the box office. the action-adventure ticket 65 million in ticket sales. last week's number one movie ted dropped into second place. rated r comedy directed by seth mcfarland pulled in $32.6 million at the box office this weekend. braves held on to the third spot for a second week in a row. the fairy tale animation written about $20 million in ticket sales this weekend. >>vicki: waiting and waiting for the fall to clear this morning in san francisco. >> it eventually did. it just took a while. over the next few days we will see the fall clear more
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quickly. >>vicki: that is it for us. we are back at 11:00 p.m.. hope to see that the. we are back at 11:00 p.m.. hope to see that the. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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