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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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dry, hot weather. perfect conditions for a wildfire burning in the foothills. and strong words from mayor ed lee, aimed at ross mirkarimi. >> have we called into question the mayor's credibility? absolutely. >> demanding mirkarimi face the facts about his alleged misconduct. a very public feud between the mayor and the suspended sheriff took another ugly turn tonight. the mayor sent out a statement late today blasting allegations that he lied while testifying at the sheriff's
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ethics hearing. kate thompson is here. what is he saying about the statement? >> they're being very clear. they're saying flat out that they do believe that the mayor lied when he was testifying. they are calling his court's exhibit into question. redibility into question. >> reporter: lawyers for the suspended shift filed a request to subpoena four witnesses they will will contradict the mayor's statement. >> i do believe he was not truthful in his testimony before the commission. this entire case is built on the mayor's credibility. if it's shown or there's a reasonable doubt about the mayor's credibility, then the ethics commission must look into it. >> reporter: mayor ed lee testified he did not speak to any supervisors before charging mirkarimi and never tried to get mirkarimi another job in change for his resignation.
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the mayor said that the allegations of perjury are reckless and outrageous. >> sheriff mirkarimi had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the mayor committed perjury. no one told the mayor to get on the stand and say something that wasn't true. and sheriff mirkarimi has had no krol over the public -- control over the public officials who have come out and corrected the mayor. >> reporter: the time has come for ross mirkarimi to begin dealing with the facts, he says. he pleaded guilty of abuse against his wife and will be on probation for three years. >> now we have to see what the ethics commission is going to do want they've asked for
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permission to subpoena these people. but the ethics could or could not allow this. >> and you're right. the mayor sounded really angry in that statement. >> it's not a friendly fight. >> not at all. thanks very much. it was a scorcher out there this afternoon. temperatures topping the triple digits in our inland valleys. 105 in pleasanton, 104 in livermore, 103 in antioch and fairfield. but these temperatures did not break any records. in san jose, the previous record was 99. we mised that by 12 degrees -- missed that by 12 degrees. and santa rosa, the previous record was 113. it's going to stay hot out there tomorrow. not this hot. we're going to start a cooling trend. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon coming up. a 200-acre wildfire in the sierra foothills dubbed the
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robber's fire is now 20% contained. you're looking at video of the fire that broke out about 3:20 this afternoon. 250 firefighters, 6 helicopters working to bring it under control. the red cross is providing shelter overnight for residents. in the bay area, one east bay community is struggling to deal with firefighter cutbacks. reggie kumar joins us live from antioch. >> reporter: this fire station frequently sends up to 5 units to east contra costa fire calls. but that will soon change. county fire will soon only send up to 3 units to help east contra costa fire. the fire chief says they have limited resources and residents who live in this county need to be given priority. the chief says from july 1st of this year through the 9th, they responded at least
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18 times to assist the east fire district compared to just six times during the same period last year. east contra costa fire has relied on the county since july 1st when three of its six fire stations were closed due to budget cuts. east contra costa fire chief said he knew this was coming. >> i understand what the chief has to do and the agency. everybody wants to help everybody else, but you also have to be able to have resources in your own area. for the month of july, we're running busier than normal, averaging 19 calls a day right now. >> reporter: they will cap their aid in about a month. east contra costa will have to rely on other jurisdictions for help. so residents should expect response times to increase as much as 15 minutes.
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13 people have been shot in oakland since sunday. that includes four people who died. in the most recent incident, a 15-year-old was killed, gunned down last night. happened about 8:00. the sister is hoping the family will give up any information about the killer. >> he gave me the biggest kiss, and i had to push him off. i was, like, okay, bye! i'm going to get something to eat. came back, and he was gone. he was, like, a big gentle giant. he was like 6'1", he was fun-loving. everybody in the community knew him, they loved him. for me, i would feel betrayed if everybody was out here and saw everything and
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didn't say anything. >> anybody that knows something needs to come forward. he deserves that. >> just come forward, it's not going to hurt you. it's not going to bring my brother back either but it's going to give us peace and justice and let us know that people like that aren't on the streets and they're not going to hurt nobody else. >> he had recently completed his first full day as a county fire intern. we have heard from oakland's police chief since the recent rash of violence began in that city. >> mayor, can we talk to you? >> >> reporter: for the first day in a row, jean quan refused to speak on camera about oakland's ever-increasing violence, this time driving away from city hall without a word. earlier she issued a 170-word e-mail statement where she first thanks the oakland police department for the hard work they today in and day out, then goes on to say
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"we are doing some things well and other areas need improvement." that's different than what she said just two weeks ago when she said the city would push ahead with its 100-block crime plan despite the fact that most of the crime is not happening in those 100 blocks. >> we think that we have the right strategy, the right plan, and quite frankly, the right team. we're beginning to see shootings and homicides slow down. >> reporter: that turns out to be false. shootings and homicides are not slowing down. >> we have had a horrible last six weeks. >> reporter: that's police chief howard jordan who told reporters on tuesday the department has already changed its strategy no longer focusing on specific areas but on
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specific pe now we focus on removing them from the streets by going after wanted personnel. you saw the operations in east oakland with the fed. those are specific, targeted people, not locations but people that are involved in criminal activities and by doing so, we're going to address a lot of the issues we're facing. >> reporter: he indicated he plans to reorganize the department to get more cops on the street. late in the afternoon, a spokes person for the mayor indicated the mayor will speak with us on camera, but to do, we'll have to attend a community gathering in a park on
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a san pablo city councilman said he was knocked out by a stranger and dumped at a horse racing track. paul morris says he went to greet a tenant at a property he manages in richmond july 3rd and says a man ran out, screamed at him to leave and punched him. he says he hit his head on concrete and woke up at golden gate fields, fuv miles away. he -- 5 miles away.
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richmond police are investigating, but at this point, no arrests have been made. scorching hot temperatures this afternoon. we have cooler weather on the horizon. i'll show you how much we're going to cool down into tomorrow and the weekend.
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san francisco supervisors have asked the mayor to abandon consideration of a stop and
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frisk weapons seizure policy. it allowses me to stop and search -- allows people to stop and search people they consider suspicious. most of the people stopped by new york police are black or hispanic, critics say. in an effort to curb gun violence, lee said he was considering a similar program in san francisco. william lynch will not face another trial. he is the man acquitted of assaulting a priest he says molested him decades ago and his little brother. the office will not pursue a misdemeanor assault charge. that's lynch in the red tie. a jury acquitted him last week of felony assault. he testified that jerry lindner raped him and his little brother on a camping trip. there is a chance the previous will now face perjury charges after he denied the abuse under oath. authorities have targeted an oakland pot shot that calls itself the largest in the world.
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the attorney's office has threatened to close harbor side health center. medical marijuana is legal in california but not at the federal level. federal authorities say they want to shut down pot shops within 1,000 feet of schools, all harbor side is not that close. a new state law allows drivers to park at broken parking meters for the posted time limit without getting a ticket. it gives some needed peace of mind to drivers who find themselves parked at a broken meter. that law will take effect at the start of the new year. temperatures were very hot this afternoon. they were quite warm away from the coastline. 89 in antioch right now. in the 70s through the inland valleys. a lot cooler closer to the coastline where the fog has setsed in and is dpon -- settled in. tomorrow, cooler conditions. inland, upper 90s.
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relief inland friday, saturday , and sunday. futurecast for tomorrow morning, 60s and 70s as you head out the door. temperatures will be slower to warm as well by noon. 80s and 90s. 90s well away from the coastline and triple digit readings. the pink on your screen is mainly for the central valley. 80s and 90s through the bay area. tomorrow in the south bay, 92 in los gatos, 80 in mountain view. several degrees cooler than what we saw today in the inland valleys. 94 in concord. mainly in the 70s for east bay shores. we will have a couple 60-degree readings and a couple 80s. 67 in san francisco, temperatures in the north bay will remain on the warmer side in the 80s and 90s tomorrow. that cooling trend gets underway tomorrow and will strengthen into friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures dropping near or even below average by sunday back in the low 80s for the
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inland valleys, and that's where we're stay into early next week. for people who have dealt with nightmare foreclosures, some changes are happening that could help. jerry brown signed a homeowner's bill of rights. they must have a single point of contact provided by lenders. >> people who have been victimized and who might be victimized in the future are getting some legal protections to make sure that the abuses that have been rampant in many parts of the country including california will be stopped. >> some lawmakers are ouring that banks -- are arguing that banks will increase the downpayment now. others believe this will back up the court system. people living in south san
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francisco got a rare treat. a dolphin swam up the creek and spent several hours there. >> there he goes. >> reporter: some time on wednesday, this dolphin left the bay and swam up south san francisco's colma creek. >> beautiful gray, healthy, large, 10 or 12 feet. very shiny. >> reporter: a dozen people lined the shore trying to take pictures. noah gomes almost couldn't contain himself. colma creek which is just north of the san francisco airport has a lot of birds but no dolphins. >> you electric here, and you're surround -- look here, and you're surrounded by industry, but we have plenty of flora and fauna thriving. then to see a dolphin on top of that, that's spectacular! >> reporter: the dolphin was still well upstream from the bay by noon.
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>> i just hope he's here to visit and finds his way out to sea soon. fresh off her fifth wimbledon championship, serena williams is in action right here in the bay area. and brian wilson making quite an impression at tonight's sports awards.
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good evening, everybody. real light night up until friday when baseball rules. espn tries this academy awarpeds of sports -- awards of sport, and the best game was -- >> 49ers versus saints. [ cheering and applause ] >> all right so good for the 49ers. they had in attendance vernon davis, patrick willis, and another very special individual. so let's congratulate the 49ers. their game with the saints. the best of the year. here's vernon. >> i would like to thank all our 49er fans out there [ cheering and applause ] >> all the coaches, team owner, and last but not least, my quarterback, alex smith. also i would like to salute jimmy, a young man battling cystic fibrosis. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> nice touch there by the 49ers. the male athlete of the year was in las vegas this evening. lebron james working out with the u.s. olympic team. he beat out aaron roger, joko vich, and verlander. brian wilson also showed up tonight. and yet -- that wasn't just somebody there. that was actually his date. brian not pitching this year. but he wanted some attention so he hired an actor to be chubaka. brian wilson, ladies and gentlemen. not playing this year due to injury, but still on the scene. another what appears to be solid move by the golden state warriors. jared jacks is coming to be a backup point guard from new orleans. it's a 3-way deal.
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new orleans, philadelphia who ended up with darrelle wright, and the warriors end up with jack who last year in new orleans averaged 15.5 points a game, 6 assists. pretty good business. again, the warriors on paper appear to be improving. steve nash wore 13 throughout his career. will claim berl lane with the lakers -- chamberlain has 13. so steve is now wearing no. 10. and jeremy lin, the new york knicks have matched houston's offer sheet. so you're going to have -- a lot of bay area kids. he's going to be now on the same team with jason kidd from cal in the knicks backcourt. serena williams working this afternoon against a
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reigning ncaa champion, nicole gibbs of stanford. serena said she had a 24 hour flight from wimbledon. is that long? >> that's too long ! >> you think she'd be flying private. >> i'm sure. maybe she made a couple of stops. >> anyway, we'll ask the e-shurance people. >> she probably meant with the time change. >> maybe that's it. jacqueline, as always, coming through. give me the tour de france. 120 miles in the french mountains. bradley wiggins retains the yellow jersey. and it's being called a $750,000 shift. rollandinno, sponsor for
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coke, got $750,000 a year. they caught him sipping a pepsi, and coke immediately dropped him. >> whoa!
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