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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 20, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> this young adult male has been shot who acted alone and shot inside the movie theater of the dark night. this happened at a shopping mall century 16 shopping mall have a solo teenager again opened fire inside of an equally theater.
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>> this was the second night of testimony last night for the wife of and lopez was asking for community board from march 2011 a. she was referring to previous marital problems and not want to lose custody of. lopez says that the keepeof the neighbor wanted to a is the point that made me cry. that he was going to be taking away. how we had that conversation and soft
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beds we were getting a fight tthe forces are not happy. when you talk about that third-half of courses divorces and not happy to. hamas to you have to call >> and then at they ask if she we regret to make that video. >> absolutely. >> i cannot wait at the moment that we agree not to be together and i am just looking for the day that i
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can just be his wife again. the modem going to ask the judge to do it is to allow a peaceful contact. they are never going to and discuss the ordinance in mcintyre and but people to a peaceful contact is great. >> they will meet again on the 16th. among child pornography with dozens of law enforcement here are nine suspects that have gone into custody. they are still looking for 20 more. 30 police officers stand out looking for 20 search warrants. this man was taken into custody in san jose was the first to be arrested.
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they have evidence of them dealing with online pornography. >> cases like this are often started where and people are trading from peer to peer when actually the person is an often an undercover crcop. >> this person was crawling inside avof a police van. >> if there is any link electronic storage device in some of the hallway. that is when it is ceased. the this search device was also seized >> we take the hard drive
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and even a swipe it right there inside of the man and find child pornography >>reporter: the taskforce will go through consistently more possible a lunch testimony >> it is could to catch them in this heart regis. >> child pornography? voila! i think it is sickening to your opinion that is what a is happening
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>> jacqueline: learning that his >>reporter: neighbor will deftly brought some changes. >> now my little brother is not going to be by himself here anymore. >> haazig madyun kron 4. >> there is a great white shark spotted off the coast. it was just 20 yds away! this is an aerial photo but
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it is 14-feet and believed to be acting non-aggressive. these public beaches are open. if you remember there was an attack near pleasure point. it was a great white siding. we are followin the great beat--with more information from this tragedy in aurora, colorado.
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>> this is from aurora, colorado this mass shooting with 14 people dead. 15 people injured. the gunman opened fire during a showing of the latest batman movie. that man rises. they found that there was no evidence of any additional shooters.
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they have identified this one person. as a 28 year-old male they are looking for in side of the lobby. listen to the panic as this happened right after the shooting. >> oh my gosh! >> oh my gosh! >> what is going on? >> there is blood. >> 10 people died inside of the theater. and four people died at the hospital. and this happened 21 minutes after the theater started. it was packed to see the midnight screening. other theaters for also packed. people were going to watch the show. some of them thought that it was part of the special effects. they did not know that it was
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happening. >> this highly anticipated premier. descriptions from the witness word there was some type of smoke and then there was gunfire. and people running to the exits'. there was a lot of chaos more details on that, coming up.
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, we're following the latest developments of aurora, colorado. all 14 people were killed 10 of them inside of the theater and four later died at all hospital. 15 people have been injured in this shooting. a gunman opened fire, the midnight screening of latest president barack obama speaks out. more from him throughout this morning.
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this pond was found outside of live theater near a car. no evidence of any additional shares. the custody was taken into police patrol. they have searched his car for possible other explosives. here is an eyewitness. >> i was in the theater no. 8. and we heard gunshots. and we heard explosions to our right. and we thought that somebody dropped fire crackers. that is dumb. and then everybody started panicking when they knew it that people were running out of the theaters. and people
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were getting hurt. there was gas in the lobby and we were breathing it in. >> again this happened 20 minutes after the movie started. the young male in his early 20s was arrested in the parking lot. much more of mr. of the morning we are continuing to get this latest information. >> at least 24 people are being treated at the hospital. the latest speed freak killers case. a new possible location of human remains shermantine will escort officials to another possible gravesite this mass murder from the 1980's- 1990's. he is on death row from san quentin. his temporary release will help authorities find more
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possible human remains and lake county. >>reporter: this is cow mountain extremely large full of rugged terrain and 52,000 a. and stretches over two different counties. medocino county pair could be a mass of cgravesite. at the hand of shermantine extremely disturbing where people call this home. >> extremely disturbing nothing ever happens here like that is really freaky. >>reporter: would it be easy to hide something down there? >> definitely, yes there is a lot of trees because you can just to bury or throw it into the bushes, what ever.
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>> yes. >>reporter: would you be surprised if they discovered a mass grave? >> no. because a lot of things go don' on down there and people could not find out about it. >>reporter: to recess-2, kron 4. >> let is get a quick update. >> good morning happy friday. that was to reseltherea estacio.. reporting. >> i did have to use my windshield wipers. a few degrees cooler. coming in at 57 degrees. 60 degrees in san jose. the futurecast by 12:00 p.m., 60/70's for the most part. 80s in our look out for the afternoon.
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neighborhood by neighborhood a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. sunnyvale with 80 degrees. it looks like we could see some 80s in santa clara. and the same for nearly a 87 degrees with 86 in pittsburgh. it should be pretty comparable. a lot of sunshine in the north bay with a quick fix of 70's & 80's. downtown san francisco a few degrees warmer. 67 degrees in daly city. the satellite and bring the satellite showing that it should dissipate there is no
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wet weather to speak of for the next workweek. and the traffic center a couple of overnight construction activities but nothing to alert you to. very few cars. there are no metering lights. the drive time is under 10 minutes. the san mateo bridge is also looking good in both directions. no incidences. yes, there is some fog to contend with. but a lot of space and great conditions coming out of marin county. traffic maps. a lot of green coming out of >> thank-you. some shut
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down with working crews on these construction activity in >> we are getting like and information from university hospital. the youngest victim is only three months old. we have heard that he came into a movie exit, put out smoking items and then opened fire.
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>> welcome back. more on our developing story. these are
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live pictures of the apartment complex where this suspect lived. he had told authorities that he had explosive inside his home where 13 people were killed. and others injured. police are investigating where he lived. if there are any explosives. and other evidence. this happened during the midnight showing of the batman movie. >> it was sold out. >> the witnesses on the scene. it was complete panic. the youngest victim is only three months old at the hospital. however look at all of the authorities. the youngest patient is 3 months old. federal
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authorities saying that he entered the movie theater. he sent off tear gas. to disorient everyone and that he opened fire. we will show you that video throughout this story after this.
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>> we begin with new developments out of colored rug out. just a few hours ago a mass shooting. with 14 people dead. and 50 people injured outside of the movie theater of aurora, colorado phone calls started coming in from the mall. they were shown the midnight screening of the batman movie. the one
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and only sugar believed has been arrested. this smoke gas was used to disorient and then he opened fire. here is an eyewitness. pam i saw four, five people getting we wounded--and this one girl was covered in blood and she did not have any wounds. it made me think the worst. >> a lot of horrible images. one of the worst was a little girl? >> yes. i do not know who is a local girl that was but my heart goes out to them i hope that they are okay. and of course i hope that the little girl will recover. and a police came walking through the door before every thing was cleared up and out of control. she was
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not moving. i had heard a dog or a witness who was in my seat theater. before the movie we were waiting in line. she was on the phone. the difficult portion was that she said that she saw bullet holes in the little girl's back. i cannot think of a person that would intentionally hurt a little girl i think that she just got caught in the crossfire. >>reporter: how crowded? >> yes there or even to lines it was crazy. as soon as we heard the first shots my sister grabbed my arm and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. yes, it was
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terrifying. >> you heard him describe the young age of the victim. there is a patient that is only three months old. we will let you know if we give you an update. we are learning more about the suspect. he is an adult male in his early 20s. he had three guns. a handgun, a rifle and a knife. and also he was wearing a bulletproof vest and a gas mask and acted alone. this is a suburb of denver 10 mi. east. in aurora. this happened at a century-16 theater. this man is said that it was a highly anticipated film. there was
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aimed multiplex showing this and they were all packed with people. >> james as we take a look at this this is where the short-lived. we are talking that the suspect released a gas inside the movie theater. he released a canister. they are treating at the hospital for tear gas contamination and gunshot wounds. back to these live look footage we are focusing on weather or not he left other explosives. he is in custody. this is and >> this is footage from what happened. >> oh my gosh! >> oh my gosh! somebody got
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shot. >> there is blood. >> again we are hearing that had people died inside of the theater with four people done at the hospital. 20 minutes after the movie started. the sugar cane and through a movie exit. we do not know if he was sitting inside and stood up but it sounds like he busted through. set of the canister of tear gas. >> with a packed movie theater there is only one or two ways out. people clamoring for the exit makes for a difficult situation. that is when the gunman took the opportunity to open fire. president obama is commenting already of this treate is distraught and assessment. at this tragedy.
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he is urging the american country to come together. these are snippets of his comments. adding that his administration will do anything to support the people of aurora, colorado. >> and also as we follow this shooting the fbi is showing that there's no indication that this is any connection to terrorism. we will keep you updated with new information and keeping you updated. skiers with erica-switch gears. >> good morning. yes, the cloud driving along the freeways with temperatures in the 50s for the most part. concord, 55 degrees.
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as we get towards 12:00 p.m. but the futurecast short '60s and '70s we could see 80s developing for the north bay locations. portions of the peninsula and the majority of the bay area will be enjoying '70s and '80s. definitely it is going to be warmer compared to the last couple of days. breaking down these numbers 88 degrees is going to be the warmest spot in antioch. 66 degrees in downtown san francisco your kron 4 7 day around the bay showing that we will continue to warm things up as we transition into the weekend. >> thank you. let us give you a quick update on your commute is an easy drive. i hope that it stays that way. ec through the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is also looking good.
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highway 92 westbound is the left side of the meter and light said. towards foster city and the bridge 1 0 1. southbound looking decent. will will take a quick break. we will be back with more details out of colorado the area of a suburb. east of downtown denver and aurora is where this sugar is live. --shooter
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>> welcome back. this mass
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movie theater shooting. the left you see upper 40's on the scene in colorado at the movie theater. century 16 shopping mall. this gunman entered into the exit. he set off tear gas. he started shooting. and we are hearing that this man is in authorities, 20 custody--of authorities. and he is 24 years old. the larger apartment complex is where he lived. it has been evacuated. we are watching as we are watching to find any evidence. the youngest patient from this shooting is only three months old! >> a sound byte from a movie
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theater describing the scene. even a six year-old girl was being carried carried out. this tragedy. when we go into detail it adds more and more to the horrific nature. a resident in california already horrified at this heart goes out to any members. the president is already issuing a statement saying that he will stand behind anybody needing help in colorado. >> my friend got a text and said that there was a shot. and my friend, steve yelled that he got shot. and we are here. i am supposed to be to
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work at 10:00 a.m. because it is irrelevant. i would rather be at my friend's side to make sure that he is okay. >> i am furious about why somebody would do this. it is crazy. it is disgusting. i am angry about it. i am a firm believer in got so all i can do is pray. >> we're also hearing from federal authorities that this has no connection to terrorism. this was just one person that did agent horrific act. >> with more details after this.
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>> we are back with our developing story. 14 people are dead. this gunmen opened fire during the midnight showing of the latest batman
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movie. police have all rested a heavily armed suspect. he had a handgun. he had a knife. he had a handgun. they found a handgun inside the theater. they are trying to find out where he got his guns. that white cart is believed to be the suspect's car. he told authorities that he had more explosives inside of his car and his apartment. >> to make this clear it is just one person that acted solely he is in custody. we heard from the police chief from aurora. >> the police officers responded. and found the gunmen in the back of the
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theater and outside of the parking lot. in possession of a gas mask. a rifle and a handgun. there is at least one additional weapon found inside. >> this movie goimoviegoer saying that there was a canister of tear gas and he used a mask. there could beat the possibility that he released a can of tear gas. >> you can see this white sedan believed to be his car. with the doors opened i cannot tell where it this is the origin of the license plate but it was parked inside the parking lot. >> there are still working on a motive. if this makes this any better. as to why he did this? and a 3 month
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old dictum is the youngest. we will keep you updated with new updates. >> it is friday. we are focusing on our forecast. >> good morning and happy friday. we are going to be a few degrees warmer today. more sunshine earlier as conditions in walnut creek for the most part it is clear. overcast. for the coastal communities but that cloud coverage will disappear as the " towards this afternoon. dry, warm with 60s all the way to the upper 80s. as for go towards tomorrow it could be the warmest day with mostly sunny conditions. and we will continue to see 90's for the weekend that could be the trend for the next workweek. full details on that which first your kron 4 7 day around the bay right now, still 50s in
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sunnyvale, san jose. as we take those fifties into the afternoon a good mixture of '70s and '80s with plenty of sunshine. sunnyvale could reach 80 degrees. antioch, no surprise that will be the warmest spot. 86 degrees in walnut creek. for the most part i think that low 70's for the east bay. 78 in petaluma, novado. and 69 on tap for san bruno and -- novto.. 78 that fog along the case for the morning but nothing but sunshine with your kron 4 7 day around the bay continuing to heat things up. it looks like saturday could be the warmest day of the week.
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>> in the traffic center still no hot spots. we can hold onto this friday light. as we look at the toll plaza there is a bit of traffic building but no concerns. some more road we speed sensors. no delays getting to the bridge or no delays. traffic is about 30 minutes from one end to the other a bit of fog to contend with. great conditions. and our traffic maps you see it is clear on the east shore for way. our first delays are out of antioch but not the case with speeds over 50 m.p.h. it looks like it is a smooth and easy drive out of tracy. approaching the 680 interchange. >> again these are still live pictures from the overhead shot of the movie
4:50 am
theater if you're just joining us is in relation to the midnight time and the 1:00 a.m. time of denver suburb movie theater of the midnight showing of the latest baghdad. there was explosions, gunfire and that is on the gunman opened fire from entering an exit door. he set off a can of tear gas. he was wearing a mask. >> the was a lot of confusion because many thought that that was part of the movie. they were not sure what to do at that moment. and there are only just a couple of ways out.
4:51 am
>> and if the gunman is using the emergency exit. the youngest patient in the hospital is a 3 month old. violence erupted. people are being treated. tear gas contamination is also an issue. president obama also speaking of a tragedy. and something that we have been talking about is that this is not that far from colorbli---colombine... again ts is a tragedy. there were people i adjacent bidders that are also hearing. they got up and left. they described what they heard. >> i heard and from what i
4:52 am
could see there were people on conscience. people breathing. and one guy had blood all over his face. >> it was a theater no. 8. and we are hearing from witnesses that were in the adjacent theaters. . >> there is already you tube video posted from what
4:53 am
people have seen. police have of arrested a suspect. he was heavily armed. they are looking at his apartment complex. he had explosives. there are two different active crime investigations. >> they are acting to see if there is more explosives inside of his home. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back alike. the
4:56 am
aurora police department saying that this was in aurora, colorado with at least 12 people are confirmed dead. welcome back--we are alike.--live... >> even that number of injuries could be shrouded. the movie theater taken to the hospital and the head count at the movie with roughly now, the death toll is from 14 people to 12 people. >> let us hear from the police chief. we have been speaking of how that shooter released a canister. here is the police chief. >> he uappeared in side of
4:57 am
the theater and released a canister. and they heard a hissing sound and a gas emerged. >> we have that video from you tube. this is showing panic inside of the lobby. there is panic and confusion the people thought that this was part of the special of the somebody breaks in sight and opens fire. we are hearing that 12 people >> we will be back with more on this.
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>> we have been following the latest information coming in to kron 4 at least 12 people are dead. after this movie theater shooting. this is the latest from just after the midnight showing of the batman movie, the dark night prices. here is whate witness had to say. >> we were watching the gun seemed in side of the movie. and smoke took over the entire theater and everything was really thick. me, my sister were sitting there wondering what was going on >> we are getting details of the shooter that is in custody. he was are rested behind the movie theater. he
5:01 am
is believed to be and his 20s. he was wearing a purpl a bulletproof vest. the fi is also on the scene. let me show you this is 10 mi. north-east of denver. >> the police chief. >> the police officers responded. they found the shooter outside of the back of the theater and he was in possession of a gas mask with a rifle and a handgun. at least one additional weapon was found inside. >> this was 20 minutes after the movie with the midnight showed they believe that he
5:02 am
acted alone. we will follow on the latest developments. >> will have much more on that as this coverage continues. just a few hours ago. right now it is friday morning. and we want to do a quick check of weather and traffic. >> very similar. look for mid '80s for the inland valleys. and less fog, overnight with a great looking forecast. >> it is an easy drive around town. we can see that the traffic is not an issue. let us get to our latest developments. also other developing stories there is a home invasion on east san
5:03 am
jose. it is not clear what kind this happened but a news crew is on the way. >> and lopez, the wife of mirkarimi is looking for police this will determine weather or not he >> it was great to see him and i cannot wait when we are together. and and i am just looking forward to the day that i just want to be his wife again.
5:04 am
>> what i'm going to do is ask the judge to allow for peaceful conduct. they're not going to dismiss it in its entirety i will ask but i cannot think that the will. just to have peaceful contact. >> they're going to meet again on august 16th. >> this continuing development. this mass shooting he is in his mid- 20s. he was wearing a bulletproof vest. he was wearing a gas mask. he entered through the exit. he started opening fire. >> there are so many people injured. the conditions could deteriorate. witnesses
5:05 am
described this as a chaotic. look polls, and shrapnel wounds as they're trying to get out of the theater. from even a 3 month old baby to people in their 30's were going to see these midnight showings of the new batman movie, 'dark knight rising' .. this happened in the theater no. 9. teargassed there was some type of bomb people hit the deck once they knew what was going on but it was too late for some. a random act. >> with 911 calls from the theater. the nine year old girl was shot in the stomach. one of the victims as we mentioned, the wide ranges. again the government
5:06 am
is in custody. they believed that he acted alone. >> the president has already been notified. let us hear. he was just saying that he was shocked and saddened as we are confronted by moments of darkness and challenge we must now come together as one american family. we have been shown you that cellphone video. of inside and also the fire alarm going off. people were talking about how people were seen what they seem
5:07 am
what they were witnessing. >> witnesses also saying that this midnight showing of the spat and movie. >> this live look. you can see the victims' clothing strewn out. there appears to be. the police t is searching that vehicle. we [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors, you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. ♪ [ male announcer ] and now try new gluten free apple cinnamon chex.
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>> welcome back. we have the latest information from this
5:11 am
shooter who opened fire in side of the midnight screening of the latest bad man will be an aurora, colo bottle. he entered and from the exit. with 50 injured. 12 people confirmed dead. many people shot and burst and injured. >> there were police cars even person, and he was not responsive
5:12 am
>> we are following the latest. out of colorado we will be right back.
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welcome back our developing story. this is outside of denver, colorado. this gunman opened fire. children as young as just a few months old. having injuries, shrapnel wounds. at least 12 people were killed when this gunman opened fire. we are keeping you updated learning more about the gunman. he had a smoke masks. he used a
5:16 am
cancer of tear gas--a canister of tear gas. >> the gunfire erupted in theater no. 9. >> we were watching the movie. as one of these started up. >> explosives to our left, to our right. and we thought that somebody brought firecrackers. and it happened again. and then we saw and heard people running out of the theater. people started panicking. and as we thought that there was gas in the lobby there was difficult conditions breeding. >> the shooter was in custodhas been-in custody. >> we're also getting this >>this just in to the kron 4
5:17 am
news room the university of colorado hospital saying that nine patients are in critical conditions. a 3 month old is one of the people that have been hurt. this is new video. this is his vehicle. he is in his 20s. they found him near this car. he was part. a gas mask, a rifle, and a handgun and a another weapon was found inside of that car. this was part of the investigation he is in custody. again it there is no evidence that there are any other attackers. we will have a video >>this just in to the kron 4 news room of his video complex. not only did they say that he had explosives inside of his car he said that he also had explosives
5:18 am
inside of his home. >> many people are reacting to that colorado will be theater. let me show you some of these comments. .... these comments are certainly flooding and. if you'd like to read your own >> we will continue to bring you the latest. now, weather & traffic. >> today is going to be a great day. a nice day to and the week. with fantastic conditions this is a live look for or walnut creek camera. this ability is fantastic and temperatures
5:19 am
are mild. 54 degrees. napa, 50 degrees. and pellicle, half moon bay, also 50s starting similar conditions with all week long for this hour. this afternoon, you can expect a mixture of slickster sex it cash-and 70's.- and '60s--and 70's. let it looks like 81! and san jose. and we see it will be 83 in evergreen. and the mid-upper 80s for the valley. the warm spots will be 89 degrees in fairfield. 88 in antioch. 66. warmer as we go towards
5:20 am
the peninsula. widespread 70's & 80's. all and all, a great day. sunshine and it looks like we will hang onto that warm weather pattern with a return to the '90s. '70s. now let us get a quick update on your commute. >> good morning a good drive. not impacting any late construction or hot spots. taking a look at the westbound bridge. this is about as easy as it gets with problems and delayed- free. the right side is it the commute correction no backups, no issues. also the golden gate is smooth. with no delays. and as you go itsel--south. plenty of
5:21 am
green on the maps. even the five b zero is lighter-than- normal. and out of the alta mont area of still looking decent. the 101 northbound no backups. it is an easy trip through marin county. 101 the southbound. >> and also unique is going to have the construction tonight through 5:00 a.m. on monday. they are going to be doing weekend work week . >> 5:21 our big story developing out of colorado. there has been a mass shooting. they have arrested the gunmen. this is where he lives. he told police that
5:22 am
he had explosives. there were items of interest. this giant ladder out side of his apartment will have more on this developing story. de
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> welcome back this deadly shooting and aurora, colorado. this aerial shot in aurora.. this sugar is in custody. >> my friend was sitting next to me. she turned towards me. part of a bullet hit her and the mouth. she was bleeding from her mouth.
5:26 am
she and i ran it on the stairs. we did not know what had happened. we wanted to see what was going on and a couple of other guys stop us from going into the main lobby of the building. there was a shooting. we ran out to the emergency exit doors that lead outside. we barely got out there and other people started running & screening. >> the latest whip 40 injured the death toll that is 14 is now listed at 12. nine of the people are in critical condition. >> the age range is 3 month old, 6 month old. in a color ronald. and a two year old and a 9 year-old. that was also hurt as well. this was
5:27 am
and theater no. 9. some of these bullets even went whit-right through the next theaters that were also shown the same will be. >> this is near the is near the tragedy of columbine... we will be back [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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nature valley,
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custody. >> as we have been telling you the government is--in custody. he had confessed that he had guns. victim's started running out. the gunman is in custody. . here is what a doctor had to say about the condition of the victim's. >> against the age range is three-month-45 years old and anywhere from mild to
5:31 am
severe injuries from shrapnel to pretty significant gunshot wounds. >> are you worried that you could lose your patience. >> there are nine that are in critical condition that we are extremely worried about. >> " confirmed death. >> there are nine that are in critical condition. even in nearly 50 people are injured. again there are 12 confirmed dead this is his car. he had a mask on and he also had goggles. he threw a tear gas canister. people were disoriented from the loud, a dark theater and chaos. here is what one of the witnesses.
5:32 am
>> i saw at least four, five people wounded and bloody. the most that i saw was a girl that was covered in blood and she did not have any wounds. it made me think the worst. >> hughes said one of the most powerful worst images was that image of that little girl. >> yes i do not know who i do not know was that little girl was but i hope that she is okay and recovers. and a police came walking through the front door. before everything was completely he was holding a little girl in the arms and she was not moving. >> i had heard and another witness. we were waiting in
5:33 am
line and she was on a phone. the really difficult part was that she said that she saw bullet holes in the little girl's back. i honestly cannot think of anything or anybody that would intentionally hurt a little girl. it makes me think that she got caught in the crossfire. >> hall crowd it was the theater? it was highly anticipated--how crowded?-- >> is crazy. as soon as we heard my sister immediately grabbed my arm and we got out of there as quickly as possible. it was terrifying. >> you can hear the witnesses accounts of how horrible this was with children hitting indiscriminately. he walked up the movie aisles and
5:34 am
just opening fire. >> we have live pictures into the kron 4 news room of the search that is happening at the search. law enforcement told cnn that they have found items of interest. the camera is showing you that >>this just in to the kron 4 news room this is the search that is going on at his apartment it has been evacuated. they have found some items of interest. when police took him into custody he confessed to the possibility of having explosives inside of his home. they had evacuated the building but they do not released any information yet
5:35 am
on what they found. however, they started getting in there and telling people that they had to evacuate. we are still getting more information from the suspect's apartment stay with us. >> thank you, adjusting to. and bay area weather & traffic. james? >> good morning. we will get more up beat the forecast will get warm. the 80s will dominate. the north bay, the east bay, and saturday will have >> no problems, the east
5:36 am
bay, an easy drive bay-area wide. >> thank you, george. and we will continue with the latest developments on this man's movie shooting in colorado. outside of denver. this was in aurora.. and this is the insurer's apartment. there are firemen and the bomb squad is investigating. the shooter saying that he had explosives inside of his-- apartment. he is in police custody. this was the midnight movie showing of the afghathat ma
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> more or gulping story with this mass of shooting. more of our developing story. this is a live look
5:40 am
from the gunman's apartment. the fbi is showing that they are breaking inside. they have just shattered the glass. the gunman is in custody. his entire apartment complex has been evacuated. the police have been on the scene for several hours. there could be more explosives. they just broke the window. trying to gain access of the best way possible. this started after midnight in a suburb of denver. he started shooting randomly. and earlier, the reports was from 50 people, now 38. no, 12 confirmed dead. nine people are in serious conditions. and we are following the latest. the
5:41 am
gunman is in custody. he seemed to have acted and believed took acted alone. here is an eyewitness. >> he said that of my friend got shot. he said that he got shot. so i am here. i am not going to leave. but i am going to stay here because i want to be near my friend. furious. it is crazy, it is disgusting. i am angry about it. i am a firm believer in god. all i can do is pray. >> another live look outside of the apartment complex watch and wait as fbi is waiting to go inside of that
5:42 am
apartment. >> yes we also found the moviegoers is tweeting from what he saw. he says that he have just evacuated our theater an aurora. and after he got to safety he sent this out. he saw one man with blood down his hands being carried into a cop car. and i have more information on this. >> we will continue over coverage of this mass shooting at this movie theater. it was the midnight shooting of that band. this liv shooti of the--the
5:43 am
movie of the batman series. here, we can see that the fbi agents are continuing to search the shooters apartment. there are nine people in critical condition. the confirmed dead is 12 people
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> more from the mass of shooting with 12 people killed. this is a local station. speaking about the condition. >> at one. do you think that these people will be in the clear? >> the next 24 hours are really critical. those nine critically ill we have to wait and st one is even still in the operating room. >> the extent of the surgeries that some of these.
5:47 am
>> i cannot speak on each of those injuries but we do have wounds of the chest, abdomen that are all requiring a surgical interventions at this point. >> this will be attracted a lot of younger people. are a lot of your victims, young? >> the vast majority young adults. we did have that small child that was in our emergency department. but they range from three months old to 45 years old. >> we understand that there is need six people to the adjacent hospital. >> i do not have any idea i can only speak of the university of colorado patients that we have been taking care of. >>reporter: is there anything else that you share with us on the status of this becomes? >> it is important for the community. our doors are
5:48 am
always open. they should absolutely, and get care if they need it. no matter how many patients we will make time for them. there is also a hot line for family friends and potential victims. if people have any coulquestions. we can tell you. >> i cannot say the specifics but the three month old is this going well and has been discharged. three people have actually been discharged. >> was up thiwas this baby evern critical condition. >> i cannot speak to the specifics but that baby is doing well and is at home.
5:49 am
>>reporter: doctor, thank you so much for speaking with us. we are still waiting to get updates for the injured victims. >> this is a live feed from a local station outside of denver. and this massive movie shooting happened. and this other breaking news in this scene that is unfolding. the movie theater is where the sugshooting happened. >> we are learning the identity of the shooter. >>this just in to the kron 4 news roomjames holmes is a 24 year old american there is no indication that he is tied to terrorism. they have
5:50 am
been focusing on a window in this building. this apartment building has been evacuated. they have found items of interest inside. the fbi has not elaborated. his name is james holmes. a 24 year-old american. there could be possible explosives inside his apartment. that is where they are currently focusing the investigation. and it is only 10 minutes from the movie theater to were the crime scene is. 12 people killed. 38 people injured. detectives are on the scene. we are seeing dozens of officers. we're still getting lot of information with breaking news as they have identified the suspect as 24 year-old james holmes. >> the way that this attack happened was just horrible.
5:51 am
these movie goers are in this dark and theater. really basically dropped as he burst and. he released a tear gas and he started walking up and down the aisles and open up fire. he was wearing a bulletproof the best. he was wearing a smoke mask. this is a shortage of his car. he had a rifle, a handgun and here is a witness describing what was happening. >> there were at least four, five people with one person that was shot in the arm, the back, the leg if it was very traumatic. i took a few
5:52 am
moments trying to get blood off of her face. her boyfriend had also sustained injuries. >> right now death toll is at 12 with 38 wounded and we do know that nine people are in critical condition that require surgery. we will keep you updated. and what is going on with the alleged of the man in his 24 year- old, james holmes. >> this is our mount tam camera we can see that marine layer. but lest cloud coverage and yesterday. and this morning we are waking up to that picture over the bay with plenty of sunshine, expected. with mild temperatures. breaks of
5:53 am
sunshine between now and 10:00 a.m. at that is when we will released hard to see mostly sunny conditions for the rest of the day. temperatures. we will-- released hard to see mostly sunny conditions for the day really will start to see some beautiful sunshine conditions. and 60s, 70's. inland, you see it that we will see 80s for the inland valleys. san francisco,
5:54 am
downtown. 66. here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay as i mentioned, the weekend is expected to be warmer. the immediate bay . >> so far, no hot spots. checking the bay bridge, the west approach looking to the sand with incident-free. and both sides of the screen looking one and moving well. also, problem-free on the 101. and a quick check showing decent conditions towards the west valley. a brief slow down. do not expect that to last.
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5:58 am
>> federal authorities have identified 24 year-old james holmes. the screening of the batman movie, 'the dark knight rises'. has been cancelled. we have more information >>this just in to the kron 4 information >>this just in to the kron 4 n[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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