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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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picked to an d >>vicki: friday night fighting turned violent in oakland. more than 100 protesters crashed the celebration. they smashed windows and damaged cars. >>reggie: this was the scene friday night at the end of the glass window at the reelection campaign office for president obama was shattered. campaigns lines were mixed in with shards of glass.
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businesses say the demonstrators clashed with is known as as the first friday of the month of bad. >> they shot to the one with a gun. there was children there. then i was concerned about my vacation here. fourth >> i wanted to make sure my neighbors were ok.
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, >>vicki: a missing 15 euro buoyant was brought into the movie theater and a rebel. his fairness is not sure if he ever made it. fifth assisting year-old girl reported missing has been found.
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and ever alert was issued last sunday after two men were found murdered the home where she lived. trouble is in stopping got a bit of a surprise, a cellphone photo of a sexual sitting in his boosters each winning a gun and his camera serious off some california lawmakers want to make it more difficult for people to get their hands on assault weapons. fifth for of ... darren the
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associated press is reporting for what fact the
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people arrested parks was the only agency to be money off of the books. some >> he thinks that the dollars should be reinvested in a park system, fast that the dollars should be used to address maintenance. >> for those from the donors to give money, they will not be reimbursed. for their mother probably would not want the money back. for >> critics want an independent review
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>> on friday governance that all departments will be required the fall new procedures. >> some a typical summertime weather. a fellow of clouds and literature some '60s and '70s, we even had some showers today. defect on storm tracker 4, were you see the green, that is the rain. for the heavy rain into this
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year, a lot of thunderstorms. if they come out and start for tomorrow. and will get some sunshine into the afternoon and it will be warmer. to begin >> thousands attended the bart fans all possible today. 50 artists are expected to the form.
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>> dozens of groups that volunteer boats. >> oklahoma's fighting more than a half-dozen lawyers. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>>vicki: a wildfire sparked
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this morning just west of los gatos and burned about 6 a.. about 200 firefighters fought the blaze with help from helicopters and air tankers. there were no injuries or structures threatened. the same cannot be said about wildfires in oklahoma. firefighters are dealing with a half-dozen wildfire's there. the evacuations are underway thick and a red flag warning remains in effect. authorities are now searching for an arson suspect. >> at least six fighters are blazing away to the state of oklahoma burning dozens of structures and is serving homes. ifs and firefighters are battling the flames which are fueled by dry weather and strong winds. dangerous fire conditions existed much of the state, residents scrambled to eventually bring belongings that me most. >> everything else can be
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replaced except my babies. these belong to my grandmother, and i brought my sister's wedding dress. >> in some areas the view of the blaze was blocked by smoke and road closures. some residents were reluctant to leave. >> when i left, the fire was at my back door. i do not even know what to think right now. i am numb. >> meteorologist say humid weather conditions which are not expected this weekend are necessary in order for the fires to be contained. >>vicki: the mission to mars, we will take a look at the mars craft and find out what nasa is bracing for what they're calling seven minutes of terror. >>brian: a call saturday for the bay area, high temperatures in the '60s and '70s.
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it is torn to be warmer tomorrow, your sunday forecast coming up.
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>>vicki: spacecraft curiosity is expected to touch down on the red planet monday morning, nasa is calling the landing seven minutes of terror. >> eight months in states,
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354 million mi. traveled, 2.5 billion spent, nearly a decade of work. after all that it will take only minutes to determine if elation or disaster. >> four nights of sleep have deluded me. >> we think about failure every day and how to avoid failure. third them a series of precision choreographed events will begin to unfold. the defense so dramatic and defining the space agency put together a short movie calling it seven minutes of terror. that is the amount of time it will take curiosity to come to the atmosphere and other crash or land safely. >> if anyone think does not work just ride it is a game over. >> curiosity is huge.
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it is the size of a small car. on top of that the rover has hit a specific spot, one place they could have hands of past or present life. that requires a precision landing. on one side, a mountain. on the other side a cradle wall. >> out of necessity was born the seven minutes of terror. curiosity it's the atmosphere at 13,000 mi. of our steering her weight towards the landing site.
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>> engineers say at the end of the day this is the safest way to get rover this size on the ground in one piece. if every component was tested again and again. third from the point curiosity is the atmosphere, all that scientists and engineers can do is hold their breath and wait. >> notice that we have low clouds and high clouds
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tonight, look for high clouds. for tomorrow, fog in the morning in sunshine in the after did. the most intense activity has been taking place into the sierra. we will see the chance for more showers and storms for tomorrow. after tomorrow, starting on monday look for mostly sunny skies and temperatures into the upper 70's and low 80s. your its fog trecker at 7:00 a.m.. we may not be seen high clouds, we will seek an
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abundance of low clouds various fog into the inland valleys. concord, danville and walnut creek, ladies. for oakland, a high as 70 degrees, 60s for berkeley. low-mid-70s in the north bay.
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next week it will be warmer, less fog started on monday. by tuesday and wednesday hardly any fog at all. a lot of sun and temperatures warming by thursday. >>vicki: the 4 05 freeway sees a quarter million cars a day, for 53 hours in september those lanes will be closed. public agencies are warning drivers to stay away. it is a similar situation to last year's, armageddon. >> it worked great last time, hundreds of thousands of people stayed away from this area. >> a 10 mi. of the 45 will
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be shut down a september 20th 1930. the u.s. is getting in on some golden opportunities. coming up we will take you to the olympics as americans take up more gold medals.
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>>vicki: more gold medals for the u.s.. >> a phenomenal michael
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phelps close out his illustrious olympic career with a world record 22nd medal overall. as far as track and field was all about team great britain.
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great britain picked up gold and cycling and rowing. another highlight was undoubtedly the women's 100 m final. the 100 m men's final be the highlight of the ninth. who will be the fastest man on the planet? bolt or bleak? the two men are expected to battle for that title.
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