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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> none of the witnesses were able to connect tim. he walked in and opened fire on his victims with a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun. investigators say that is about all they know. >> a white male approximately four years of age. that is all we have as far as is the motive.
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as i said the situation is still very fluid with warrants being served at his residence. there are a lot of interviews that need to take place with witnesses from inside the temple in and so forth to reconstruct the crime scene into the time line. >> seven people confirmed dead. one of the injured was the first police officer on scene who according to investigators was ambushed by the shooters and shot multiple times. that officer has been in and out of surgery throughout the evening. he is expected to survive. the of our other officer with him as the one who shot and killed the suspect. what pfft investigators that
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it will be a long night. this >> everyone is shocked at what happened. this is the place to worship. we come to tumble of a peace of mind. >> the president of this temple says he and hundreds of others are deeply saddened by the recent shooting added tumbled as outside milwaukee. a member of this bay area tumble was friends with the victim killed in a recent shooting. community leaders say anyone is allowed to come inside the temple to worship. they keep a watchful eye and the monarch to this facility with surveillance cameras. >> we have to see who is
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coming to the church and they have something in their mind or there or to destroy the community? >> others say this tragedy really has a negative impact on the religion while members say they do feel accepted in the bay area they believe their religious still misunderstood across the country. >> we come across evil here and there they give you remarks. >> considering their customs and clothing is a bear often mistaken for arabs or assist you with the taliban. sikhism is a peaceful religion that focuses on three elements including meditation, if living honestly and surface.
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>>vicki: members of the sikh temple and also brought they have dealt with in a shooting before, in 2000 a 40 year-old man was killed inside the temple. members of the temple said the incident was a result of a personal dispute. >> here is a look at several other mass shootings this year. every teenager in ohio killed three students this will capture of. in april that would cause university and also in april people and it falls the neighborhood were targeted by two gunmen. in seattle in may, five people and cited a cafe were killed and in colorado last month, 12 people were killed and 58 others injured. when it comes to gun control, some lawmakers say they will work to try to strengthen the assault weapon rules. if-currently there is no ban on a tool known as the blue button.
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>> this is you to video where into and have been a deacon are hollow and assault rifle with a blue button. it is something some state lawmakers are trying to ban. >> it is about murdering large numbers of individuals. we should not allow these kinds of weapons to exist. >> there currently label on assault rifles and shotguns and california. that allows them to reload ammunition quickly. a senate bill would put an end to loophole in current gun control. faugh some say the bill violates the second amendment rights and could make some of their own weapons illegal.
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>> as to a timetable behind this senate bill, it is going to be discussed in sacramento over the next month. in that time it could be signed into law but it would not take effect until 2013. >>vicki: no one heard during a hostage situation in yuba city of the big 5 sporting goods store. a man fired a shot into the air and then grabbed to employees and held them hostage. after four hours police talked the suspect into surrendering. they believe he originally intended to rob a place. >> after a mild we can we have whatever it is on the way for next week. things are going to get pre toasty, especially in an.
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by midnight, look for fall. cloudy skies of drizzle by the coast and into the bay. sunshine and warmer temperatures in the afternoon. temperatures are up 3-10 degrees or what we saw today. >>vicki: jobs and taxes are on the tips of politicians tongues. will take a look at the box
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>>vicki: politicians from both parties and butted heads on key issues sunday. lindsay gramm called on fellow republicans to revisit their views on taxes. the democrats stood strong on a claim that the gop presidential campaign has not paid its fair share of taxes. >> politicians talk about two key topics, taxes and jobs. when the gramm addressed senate majority leader accusations that mitt romney has not paid taxes in 10 years. >> what he did on the senate is so out of bounds. a lot
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>> harry reid is not what made this debate, mitt romney brought >> it is hard to get consensus among the other side of the aisle has the desire for consensus.
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>> of the superman ride at six flags is running once again. the new ride has been closed since the two cars were stopped last sunday. a six flags spokesperson says engineers but the writer comprehensive tents it -- testing.
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they believe the issue was caused by insufficient power to launch system. tim lincecum showed flashes of his former self. today he only allowed one run. and they play against the rockies, the throw from milky cabrera, he nailed the runner at the plea from left field. the giants won 8-3 and hold on to first place. cubbies are not so hot anymore. there are five and five in their last 10 games. >> we have some politics coming up for this week. a relatively mild weekend. that mild weather is was to change into some hot temperatures especially later this week. there is the bay bridge, up there, we have some fog. that is pretty typical for this time of year.
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>> here is the satellite you. we had a weather system pastor yesterday that brought a few showers and an abundance of cloudiness. that is now in oregon. behind down here in arizona we have some very warm air that will eventually move its way west
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towards californian cause an increase in temperatures. for tomorrow, a lot of fog. to the fog will clear in the east bay and the valleys, eventually some sunshine appearing at the beaches. temperatures in the morning in the '50s. by the afternoon look for a highs back into the '80s. redwood city is close to 80 degrees. dekraai it's reaching the upper 80s and low 90s. san francisco, richmond and
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berkeley in the '60s. 72 in oakland with mostly sunny skies. notice the temperatures starting to climb through the week. a little bit warmer for tuesday and then a lot warmer wednesday and thursday. look for highs inland around 100 degrees with '80s by the bay. >>vicki: we are going live to a press conference at the jet propulsion lab in pasadena. nasa's successful mission to mars. [applause ] >> as incredible as our fee was tonight we succeeded one more time and raising the bar even higher. new technologies never invented or attempted before were created for this incredible journey. the final descent for curiosity was stabbed seven minutes of terror because in a seven minute trip to the
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surface, it had to slow down from 13,000 mi. per hour to zero. that is like driving 65 mi. per hour on the freeway and coming to a complete stop in 2.1 seconds. hundreds of other things had to go just right including a parachute slowdown, a rocket engines and a final soft landing by a new landing system. curiosity will spend the next two years seeking answers to one of humanity's oldest questions as it investigates whether conditions have a favored development of microbial life on the red planet. the president has laid out a bold vision for sending humans to mars and today's landing marks a significant >s pthis senate bill, it is+ oing to be discussed in dearamento over the next nth. be signed into law but i-office of. t until 2013. pin yuba city of the big 5
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hostage. after four hours
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way for next week. overngs are going toasty, especially in an. cloudy skies of drizzle by the coast and into the bay.r en. he nia. temperatures are up 3-10 have a 14 month old >>vicki: jobs and taxes are on the t s tongues -will take a look at the box office. row. >>vicki: politicians from $350.4 million of u.s.d theaters. fellow republ second place. ential campaign hah 0.6 not pain its fair shar kend.
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>->>vicki:ns talk about c1 will1 we morning.amm addressed s
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