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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> the problem is, his running mate is all about
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how you're going to run the economy. >> the republicans will officially named their candid that the republican national convention in tampa, florida. >>vicki: government officials are trying to figure raw what the leaking pipe was not replaced last year. j.r stone has been following this story. >>j.r: they're saying that this fire could have been worse and is much more serious than originally thought. >> it clearly had the potential to be a much more serious offense. >> dr. daniel horowitz is talking about the chevron fire that happened in richmond on monday. he says this fire is much
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more serious than a regionally about. >>will: before by >> government officials say around one dozen workers were engulfed before it ignited into this fire. a government team on assignment in richmond found that the crude oil a unit where this happened was shut down for maintenance. a nearby pipe that was created was replaced. >> we need to look at the decision making around this
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pipe. walked should it have could replaced? concordat there's something about those maintenance procedures. >> this fire was no doubt one of the most serious that they have dealt with in recent years. oil refinery fires have been on the rise and have become very common. >> they're going to be back at this refinery on monday. they have more people flying in from washington. a structural engineer and an air quality expert. there will actually go to the site where this happened. >>vicki: richmond residents lined up today to file claims hoping for
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reimbursement for medical care, property damage and lost wages related to last monday's fire. a chp officer is on administrative leave. according to a preliminary investigation a woman stepped off of the sidewalk in was struck. >>vicki: a 30 year-old woman killed after officers say she made an illegal u-turn. she was traveling late last night, she tried to u-turn in was hit by a car. the woman was killed. the person who had her survived and was taken to hospital. investigators are trying to determine if the woman was impaired. massive backups after a man was hit by a train at the glen park bart station
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-- bart station. the man did survive, his condition is unknown. the accident in closure caused massive headaches. the outside lance music festival is in its second night. will tran has more on the traffic headache. will >> traffic was very a vehicle to depart late saturday night as tens of thousands were at the outside plants festival. the event ended around 10:00 p.m.. these buses were waiting to pick up the fans leaving the festival. the event attracts 65,000 people. outside lance organizers different people to take public transit.
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parking enforcement officials were busy saturday it writing tickets. >> two years ago at the park 20 blocks away. normally a park with the block. >>will: one more day of live music started ended on sunday. another 65,000 expected year. >>brian: golden gate park and outside plants, it was a cool day. inland, a completely different story. we had a spread in
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temperatures from the coast to the inland spots. tomorrow looks like a similar deal with more hot temperatures expected inland. here is a live in view of staff francisco, the golden gate bridge. for tomorrow, look for clouds of a more in the sunshine as we head into the accident with temperatures of the low 60s. temperatures in the triple digits for tomorrow. i will let you know how long it is going to last. >>vicki: coming out will
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take a look at white suppress it in the military. the oakland a's and the giants were in action fighting for playoff spots today.
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>>vicki: school supplies can be a burden for families on a budget. in san francisco hundred students will be prepared. the public defender's office but 12 other backpacks and filled them with the school supplies. organizers say they want to break what has been called the school to prison pipeline. keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble by keeping them interested in school. >> third and fourth grade reading scores actually determine the presence. that is how they project how many prisons we will need. we're trying to make sure that we break that pipeline by making sure they have the
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supplies and resources they need to feel good about school. >> in addition to backpacked they distributed hundreds of polish shirts for school- age kids to begin the school year. the giants are now alone in first place in their vision with a 9-3 victory. the oakland a's also once a night beating the white sox. >> the team from petaluma is going to the world series. there will travel of the debate on thursday as the west regional champs. eight different teams from the u.s. of the world will compete for the crown. >> called up the coast and hot temperatures inland, i will let you know if it is going to stay hot.
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>>vicki: and ohrid wisconsin as where a gunman killed six people last weekend. investigators are looking into the past of the suspected shooter. he was a 40 year old army veteran. evidence suggests he was a white supremacist. >> his belief in white power was tattooed all over his body. back at fort bragg you could not tell looking at it. >> he did not have the
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tattoos while in the army. >> fellow soldiers and friend said he was not shy about sharing his views. >> he would often mentioned the racial holy war that was coming. >> he started identifying with the neo-nazi group while he was in the army because he thought african- american soldiers got preferred treatment. >> specifically what he told me a one. was that if you join the military if you are not a racist who will be by the time you leave. >> before pictures like this with us on facebook, the fbi had identified military members and called it was a privacy acts. three soldiers were caught and convicted of murdering a a black couple outside of the base.
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the army kicked out dozens of soldiers but the problem goes way beyond one base. >> in every major military installation, you have acted neo-nazi organizations tried to recruit personnel. >> this former marine and skinhead says some military units ignored the racism. >> i used to hang a swastika and everyone in my unit all its my commander knew. dealers have ever as the ticket down was on the commanding general would come through so that it would not get in trouble. >> it is not to say that situation happens across the board
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>> here is a live look at golden gate park. you will see fog at the concert and at the concert for tomorrow morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fog is pushing into oakland right now. it will spread into the bay and into the north bay valley tonight.
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the best place to watch is away from the fall. here is a satellite view, clouds at the coast but it will be giving way to sunshine and to go into the day tomorrow. >> for the east bay temperatures will be pretty warm.
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in >>vicki: it. earthquakes have to run this morning. 2000 people were injured. ron has taught released much information. >>vicki: a dust storm rolled into the phoenix. to date. storms south of phoenix
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>>vicki: if you are a coffee finn, there is a new coffee house and delhi, both. in this week's dine in addition, we take you to machine. >> i really like coffey added that is an understatement. >> i'd like the atmosphere into the coffee is delicious. this is a great cup of espresso. >>vicki: john clark of machine is a pioneer of sorts. >> we are a pioneer of 60 and market. we are trying to develop a relationship with the people in the neighborhood, that we are here is, they can get great coffee.
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>> machines are complex. >>vicki: besides the coffee can also pick up a sandwich with house cured meats. >>vicki: to find out more about machine, visit our web site and click on the tiny and dish. >>vicki: the largest the looking concelebration happening this weekend. some 70,000 people are expecting accord for the festival. it is a chance to experience the best of the beam dance, music get food.
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>> a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. >>vicki: denied everyone, we will see you tomorrow.
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