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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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[music] >> will: another murder in san jose is not just at safeway, but inside the store. i will have the details coming up. >> mark: at car ran into a dorm calls and a gas leak in temporary evacuation. >> darya: appleton samsung to go to the jury today for deliberations. >> erica: we have another
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day around the bay and that is clear to the contras but the temperatures will be a little bit cooler. we have a beautiful shot with all the blanket of fog and the low- lying cloud coverage. as a result we have a debate on arriving flight at sfo international. those delays are up to one hour and 20 minutes certainly check with your carrier. it looks like temperatures will sit in the '70s and '80s for the most part and the fog will make a comeback as we head into the evening hours. i will have a full breakdown of your afternoon high temperatures coming up in my next report. >> george: we are monitoring a ride of the san mateo bridge and stock has been reported. a quick commute check shows that these the freeways are doing well except for highway 4 and interstate 580 still heavy traffic but a the like and easy ride on the south bay peninsula and the north bay. there is some concern about a possible truck fire on the rich in san raphael bridge i will of stated that in my next report.
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>> mark: a car runs into a dorm causing evacuation's to a gas leak. to give you more than us go to our solo reporter on the scene. >> will: -- >> reporter: this is putnam hall. a car slammed into the building and caused a gas leak but everyone is back in the building and around 245 a m according to some witnesses they heard a loud screeching and then they felt the building shake. residence inside of the hall were told to close their windows and doors and get out. once they that outside they saw the car that slammed into the side of the building we are not getting much information from the uc-berkeley to calm and that is the lead agency on this because it happened on campus property. we do not know if there were any injuries or would have to
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the driver or what the circumstances were involving that led to the accident. we can tell you that the residents inside the dorm or outside evacuated for about hour-and-a-half. pg&e crews came out here and capped the gas leak obviously there were some people that were nervous out here this morning. most of the people that were here were freshman's in his dorm and the school starts tomorrow. if we get more information about what led to the accident we will pass along, the good news is that we have no major injuries at this point. >> mark: 80 for the update. >> darya: we have a string of violence in san jose there was a 31st murder of the year that happened last night. a man was stabbed to death in the middle of a safeway store. we are live in east san jose out of the store with the details of what happened.
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>> will: this happened was shoppers were inside rolling up and down the aisle. i can tell you that this safe when store just opened for business i talk with a clerk she said this just cleaned up this did not happen on their shift, but investigators were your late last night this entire store became a crime scene. this is video from last night, we know that the victim with a man in his '40's. apparently, the first phone call came into the authorities saying that there was a man in the safe way that needy emergency help when they responded they realize he did not fall down from a seizure instead he was stabbed in the chest and neck area. that is when the officers came out here the suspect fled the area. they took away surveillance video and they will be looking at that to get a description of the suspects. so far no motives behind this. people have come up to
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say is this gang-related? at this point the police parma's say they will not speculate. i ask them a few days earlier if there were a string of gang-related murders going on can we make the connection? they said not at this point. unless there is an increase in murders the will to keep-- take each case individually. hopefully we will have more in about one hour from now. >> mark: we have 911 recordings for moments after the massive chevron refinery fire. kron4 contain the calls from concerned residents. this is audio that you will only here on kron4. >> are you calling about the chevron refinery? >> yes what is going on? >> we do not know what is going on. they seem to not
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know what is going on either what we know we will report it. >> i am reporting a lot of black smoke outside my window. >> are you talking about the chevron refinery? >> yes. >> the fire department is on their way out there they're not sure what is going on, but they are on their way. >> mark: they say was about two minutes between the vapor cloud forming and the fire igniting the agency said it leads to questions whether or not there was something different that chevron could have done to prevent a massive fire. >> darya: come to costa county is looking to replace city watch. they mishandled the notification during the refinery fire. it took them within three hours after the fire started to call the 18,000 residence building near the refinery. they said the system did not perform to expectations and they are meeting with another firm today. with the thousands of liability claims filed,
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chevron has announced that they will open a second help center in northridge and to further assist the residence that were affected by the refinery fire. starting today through friday they will use the community room of the north richmond community senior apartments. that will serve as an additional help center. the help center in northridge and will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.. the last day that residents can file a claim at both of the centers is saturday. in addition to the health center, residents can also file a claim by telephone. >> mark: the patent trial involving apple and samsung is before the jury that will be deliberating today. closing arguments are over. apple argues that samsung should pay them to point and a half billion dollars for stealing their ipad and
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iphone technology. samsung responded suing them for 400 million. this may affect google the most sense its technology palace the samsung devices. >> darya: let us take in look, san francisco is lit up by spot light, we will be right back.
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>> mark: imagine fast-food chains cutting ties with this central california slaughterhouse that is under investigation by the usda. in and help burger has stopped buying the from the meat supplier they are being investigated at the the u.s. received and video from the group compassion in the video animals are seen being shot, shocked, and kicked to get them to slaughter. >> darya: we have the view of the pound rose a fire. this fire is raging. we want to talk about the big problem that if the wind. the ponderous of the fire is 40 percent contained. the flames have destroyed 15 structures can evacuation orders are in place for more
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than 3000 homes. 200 homes are considered threaten this evening. two people have been injured in the fire. more than one dozen wild fires are burning throughout the state. we are showing the map so that you can see where they are. the dark red shows the fires that are out of control the fires that have a white border around them are contained as of this morning. >> mark: one person in fresno county has died from the west nile virus. the person's age has not been released. the one in fresno county is the second person to die in california from west nile virus this year. >> darya: we will be back with more, thank you for waking up with us on the kron4 morning news. it is a bill misty out there in some cases, the fog is heavy and you may need the wipers. here at walnut creek that may not be the case the affic is very light. we will be right back.
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>> darya: 60 percent of high school students polled said that drugs are available on campus. >> mark: 01 to then appear --1 to bay area traffic let us get more from erica. >> erica: the morning, the black and your screen indicates cloud coverage. it is blanketing the bay area we are having problems with visibility. it looks at a rival and delays at sf international is up to 62 minutes. it looks like we have clear conditions into the afternoon. we see 10 mouth of his ability for most bay area freeways. we are under 2 mi. of visibility from highway 1 to one count of navato. we have seen some half moon bay improvement. in terms of where the fog will go out to the rest of the morning into
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this hour we see that it is "planking" most of the bay area not only impacting the coastline of the water however, it goes into the livermore valley. a around 9:00 p.m., it starts to burn off and we see clear conditions in the end. into the afternoon it just goes along the coastline. we have credit conditions for places like ocean beach even downtown san francisco and breaking down your afternoon high temperatures and have '70s and '80s for the most part. we could see some upper 80s trickling in for fairfield, antioch, and turning our attention to the east bay shoreline we have mid to upper 60s here. we have comfortable conditions in the bay. cooler conditions especially compared to yesterday for downtown san francisco we have 60 for daly city and it looks like we could get close to the 70 degree mark. your kron4 seven day around the bay forecast the show not much change one thing is
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for sure, morning fog and afternoon sunshine we will have a little bit of a rise in temperatures as we start the next work week. >> george: we have been monitoring a couple of bridges, the richmond san raphael bridge shows a truck fire reported. i can tell you that the chp could not find a truck fire or any slow traffic on the bridges that is good news. the meeting might have just been activated. we are starting to see more people starting back to school even today. we could start to see more normal traffic flows like the summer like pattern or the beginning of it. here at the sand until bridge we had a report of a stall earlier. we did not see much in the reports of traffic but the volume is building up. if
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the stall is out there i cannot think it will delay your ride. your commute to the golden gate bridge looks pretty good we are problem free. but as of the use the dry times. the interstate 80 commute still looked good. we have 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the san ramon valley rightist is 18 minutes down to dublin. 580 west bound looks great. no problem for 85 and the west valley freeway and 101 through marin we are problem free from the county line to the golden gate bridge. >> mark: attorneys for the ousted penn state president dispute allegations that he covered her reports of child sex abuse involving former coach jerry sandusky. >> mark: former fbi reporter free says that joe paternal
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participated in a cover-up. >> darya: we will be back in a couple of minutes with us today live look outside from our mount tancam, as you can see we do have some clout but we have the sun in the distance. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move.
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>> mark: it looks like overhasty there could be devastating rains. then this past--path could go over cuba. it could make its way up the west coast of florida making its way through camp. it is expected to the hurricane isaac but now it is tropical storm isaac. >> darya: just monday at&t cellphone signals were to
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blame for a column for the office radials. still they have not seen any improvement since the to the cell phone service was suspended on monday. >> confidence in the retail system that we currently use are at an all-time low. >> darya: he says was frustrating him is that there is no timetable on how much longer it will take to fix this problem completely if ever. this is their problem for his officer since the $18 million real system was purchased just one year ago. >> mark: coming up in two minutes will bring the company day on wall street it looks like a down day and trading. i will have the latest in just a few minutes from the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron4 morning news we have
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an opening bell and the stock has changed. let us finance--we will funnel more--we will find out more with rao black coming up. >> darya: why did a car run into a dorm? we will find this out with jackie cecil what is going on? >> reporter: as you said a car hit this eight story building this putnam whole. -hall. >> reporter: a run to 40 5:00 a.m. we know this collegep--we know this car was traveling. according to students they heard a hissing sound that was be rupturing of a gas line with the car slammed into the
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side of the building. there were told to close the doors and windows and evacuate we did not know how many students were evacuated from unit 1. at least dozens were left out in the cold for about an hour-and-a-half. the and i know the exact circumstances and what led up to the accident or if there were any injuries. uc- berkeley police department is a leading investigative unit on this. they have not said much about the incident. we do know that pg&e were called out to the scene. they turned off the main gas line relatively quickly. obviously they wanted to be super safe, so, they left the students outside for by our behalf and then they let them back in. most of the students refreshments. i guess thatwas to their first year of college. the good news is that there are no major injuries that we know of. >> darya: so the driver took
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off or where is the driver and all this? >> reporter: we don't know that is a great question. if the uc-berkeley police would let us know, that will be great. they are not saying much. >> darya: so we do not know if the to the driver into custody or who the driver was maybe this is something they will tell us through out because we will keep testing--checking in with you for the details. >> erica: we have another cloudy day no doubt about that. as a result we are having problems with visibility. we are having problems with the arriving flights at sf international. now looks like we have mid- 50s waking up in san carlos. we have 56 in livermore. checking out your extended forecast we may lose a
6:33 am
couple of degrees. we will continue with a cool done and we have to change to talk about as the stock the next work week i have details coming up. >> george: here is your quick commute no major problems so hot spots and for the east bay everything looks pretty good so far. it is still mostly light for the south bay peninsula and the north bay riots. >> darya: the recent crime search continues in san jose. just last night person was stabbed to death in the safeway grocery store. that is the 31st murder of this year. in the past five days there have been six murders and all in san jose. police officers in the metro unit are putting all their resources into this area where all of the murders have happened. they are trying to prevent any further violence.
6:34 am
>> there has been a lot of violence, shootings, stabbings. >> we are driving around looking for suspicious activity one home game members. >> darya: this one sergeant says that this search is the most that he has seen in years. police say many of the murders are gang- related. they say this is a game of war that could be going too far. the man in charge of this taskforce admits that there are no easy solutions. >> we are not giving any indication that these rash of incidents are connected. to say that there is a gang war right now that would be an overstatement this level of violence has hit to the intensity. we have been able
6:35 am
to show that when the resource levels and the investment of the safety measures alone with the suppression of the right level officers we are able to drive down these rates and our safety levels will be at all-time lows. the reality is of the past couple of years, this has impacted us at all system levels and i think we see some of the implications of that. >> darya: last year there are 18 gang-related homicides. in addition to the outreach efforts curbing violence is also a priority in the metro unit. >> mark: this week people in the bay area can get a taste of the race on the bay 11 boats representing eight teams are taking place today. yesterday they practice in the choppy water. this runs through sunday and over the next two
6:36 am
years the america's cup events are expected to have an economic benefit of $1 billion for the bay area and create an estimated 1000 jobs. the cost of hosting the race is projected to be as high as $2 million. so far the $6.1 million that the city has spent in preparation has already been reimbursed. >> darya: had a little league continues to make the bay area crowd. this is the top of the third, check out. at the bottom of the budget is one to zero petaluma. the coach's son brings in a three run home run. and then petaluma the top of the six, and trees this is in and he induces the game ending play. so you can see
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the final is five to zero and petaluma wins. they play tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. at either texas or tennessee. they move on any little league world series. >> justine: we just got this story off the wires. t mobile says that it will start to fill the unlimited data plan that starts on september 5th. it stopped sales of its previous the unlimited plan but t mobile is now the country's fourth largest cellphone carrier with 33 million subscribers. they say this plan will help them compete with at&t and verizon . you are watching the kron4 morning news and we will be right back.
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@(@(zy9ñówño gñ÷?ó?q @ b
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>> mark: despite rising grocery prices many americans put most of the food is the guy in the trash. a new study shows that 40 percent of the food
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purchased in the in the trash in the united states. according to the data, the average family in the united states throws away more than $2,200 worth of food in one year. studies find that fruits and vegetables are tossed out followed by see if--fall by seafood, and grain products, and meet. >> mark: merchandises players and self the jobs are among the lowest paid. >> darya: starting in mid january 5th round-trip flights per week every day except tuesdays and thursdays with the new boeing 737 dream minor will
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fly from san jose to china each week. also note that you're flying experience eclectic and little cozier. airlines have announced they will cut the legroom because it is just too roomy. they want to give more room to those that pay more. the jet blew and west jet say they will cut the lead dissents by about 1 in. all across the fleet. they say this cut, they're taking inches from you and giving it to the people that pay for the premium seats. earlier this year southwest announced a similar change. and they put their seats about 1 in. closer. as you can see i'm one of the people that do not care i benefit. i have plenty of >> ideas make sure i sit next to my son and i take his broom his leg room and elbow room. >> mark: now the dow jones is down about 12 points we will find out more about
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>> darya: president who live in a uc-berkeley dorm that was struck by a car are back this morning after being evacuated in the middle of the night when a car ran into the building and hit the gas line. the recent crime search continues in san jose. last night and then was that to death inside of a safeway store. that brings the total number of murders this year to 31 so far. the legal battle between apple and samsung coast to victory today for deliberations. >> mark: we are watching wall street with our financial experts rob black joining us. remember those ads dude you're getting a dell. they need to bring that back because they're not doing so well. >> you are right. we are in
6:47 am
a free device whirl like notebook and have it. --and tablet. these are bad numbers. >> mark: is the desktop computer dead or will it be around for awhile? >> i would say there and sexy but i think the desktop computer is being replaced by the notebook and the tablets. >> mark: what is dell doing wrong? >> they're not apple, everybody wants apple. they are not what we want. >> mark: in the home market there were some pretty good numbers. >> yes, toll brothers were
6:48 am
up 57%. home builders it was nice to see it put a lot of people to work like construction people, electricians, plumbers, those that swing hammers for a living unlike me, hard working blue-collar workers. it's nice to see that. it is a positive. is it growing? no, because these guys are at five-year lows. >> mark: one argument is that trading has been so like we see very lighter than usual trading so is
6:49 am
this a false climbed that we have seen? >> you are the rain on my parade, you are my dark cloud. [laughter] >> these are all good things moving in the right direction but it will all come down to as a priest it be resolved with europe, does europe fix their problems? we will hear about that later this week back to school should help the economy we are heading into the holidays. the federal reserve will, with some numbers around 11:00 a.m. and that should help. >> darya: right now we want to take a look at the weather and traffic. >> erica: this morning we
6:50 am
g some cloud coverage and problems with visibility. in terms of your numbers we have upper 50s reported in hayward and mid- 50s picking up in half moon bay, 55 in napa, and as we take a look at the numbers and where they will go into the afternoon we have '60s and '70s for the most part. by 3:00 p.m. your action in high temperatures will show and then we will see more in the way of 80's however it looks like the '90s will be out of our forecasted area. it will be a pretty quiet afternoon in the south bay with mostly sunny conditions temperatures sitting in the '70s. we could squeeze out some upper 80s for fairfield and antioch, 83 on tap and 73 for castro valley. we have 62 for downtown san francisco and here is a look at the weather yes, we will be working up to drizzling.
6:51 am
it looks like we could see cooler weather to come. your kron4 seven day of around the bay forecast shows little change heading into the weekend. temperatures will be in the low eighties for the inland areas. we have low 60s along the coastline and as we start the next work week we will gain a couple of degrees in fact the warmest inland spots could climb into the upper 80s. now let us take a the at the weather on the traffic map. >> george: we already have it back up on the bay bridge. your sand until bridge ride we shall some early morning concerned about a stall. we have an easy ride across the span. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free south bound and north bound listing of the war on the northbound side than usual. as a mature
6:52 am
writer around the bay picking up the traffic maps we will update from dry times we have 21 is for your e sure freeway ride as we have added some time. 680 and 24 still look great. 580 is heaviest and getting into and out of livermore the altamont pass while heavy is moving well. your south bay freeway s booth, we cannot see any delays for 85 through the west valley. when hunter 1 north bound this has a spot or two of traffic. >> darya: todd a. can insist that he is in the race to stay despite calls from his own party to drop out. he sparked outrage when he claimed that a woman's body is capable of preventing pregnancy and cases of what he calls legitimate rate. he
6:53 am
apologizes for that comment. >> mark: we have a quick return to the kron4 morning news continues. we have a live look outside. m [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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[music] >> will: san jose does have its 31st murder in adjusted nine happened at a safeway, it happened inside the store. coming up i will have details.


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