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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 15, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the latest on the giants. >> is the best of seven. >> the game resumes tonight at at&t park. and we have to talk about the niners cured and not so much of good news as out of candlestick park.
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and the giants intercept dishutting down san francisco. with a combined 73. the niners just could not find the end zone. eli manning. and one touchdown. 116 yds in the final score. with defense and field goals. we will be looking for more post-game interviews through the week. >> the man that was stabbed near candlestick park is expected to survive. the victim was standing near a group of friends. jamestown road when he was approached at 1:30 p.m. they started an argument with the victim and he was stabbed. he was taken
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to the hospital. the suspects were taken into custody. >> also two people are dead responding officers said that there were small and middle of it, and a female victim was taken to hospital where she later died. no arrests have been made. and a man was arrested and killed an east oakland. at the 5600 of hilton st. they found that a man lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead. no further reformation wa-no more information was provided to us. and how about getting uin update. >> a gorgeous day. and some areas of dense fog. keeping that in mind with mostly
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cloudy conditions and slightly warmer. we do have a warming trend with even hot this week. but it looks pretty good for more baseball. the satellite and radar for the last several wars with high pressure. we see some high clouds the satellite however and the rider for the last several-- hours when the showing us some areas of dense fog. half moon bay only 2 mi. of visibility. and novato just one half mile and zero visibility in santa rosa. with futurecast the yellow indicating 70's. concord, livermore with a gorgeous day today and lots of sunshine. putting this into
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motion. by 8:00 p.m. temperatures in the '70s. and even 60s with a for a pleasant evening tonight 80s expected in cupertino heading to the east bay el maydoff eassa in alameda and hayward. mid 70's. going to the north bay. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay warming up to stay in check out wednesday, 90 degrees. upper 80s for the bay and the coast but thursday is going to be the hottest day. for the coast, and we will cool things down how about your traffic
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with erica. >> good morning, anny. not only to have a fog advisory but it looks like we have a minor accident from the 880 overpass. it could be impacting traffic on the interstate-80 overpass. the c h p has not reported this was certainly keep that in mind. there is also poor visibility from oakland to the city. the san mateo bridge showing free-flowing traffic. and the 880 interchange is 13 minutes from one end. and the golden gate 1 0 1. the drive in coming out of the north bay. and on our traffic maps and downs of blfog various. be mindful of the cars in front of you but the rest of the bay looking decent. the westbound 24. walnut creek
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through the san ramon valley and as we turn our attention to west 580. one of the first areas will be the altamont pass. but still plenty of greens on the roadway. >> thank you. ross mirkarimi is officially back on the job this morning as he was reinstated. four of the votes however called for his permanent removal of official misconduct. he pleaded " guilty " to misdemeanors. and gas prices are also continuing to increase over the bay area, slightly. over to last week. triple a saying that the prices you can seize san francisco is down one penny you can see in the san francisco the prices. according to aaa. last week
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the price is in san francisco for nearly $4.73. after a lengthy delay it is finally mission accomplished for endeavour. it was at its final resting spot in los angeles wantelater than expected. they dealt with trees and other obstacles unplanned. but there were able to maneuver with just inches to spare. it will go on public display october 30th. much more coming up and as we go to break let us show you this live picture of the work. the stage is getting set for the second presidential debate.
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>> 4:10 taking a look to the markets. most ended on a
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positive note. and the market closed on friday with the dow jones up nearly 3 points. and the nasdaq closed down five points. and the s&p 500 also was on a negative balance closing. economists believe the jobless rate could increase oh above 8% but they are encouraged by the housing market. economists predict that there could be a slow acceleration between 2013. they also see the value of goods and services increasing. before reaching a could rebound a slow improvement over the economy toward a good rebound. >> face wilfacebook will--turn
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off facial recognition technology. hit automatically suggests the people saying that it is a privacy infringement. and once it complies with european rules it could bring that technology pact. >> a 7% stake in sprint this was the largest foreign acquisition with a 7% stake in sprint. that still needs a 70-percent stake in sprint has been applied for from a japanese company. >> and also millions of psalmwith free streaming with an audio pad every 15 minutes. this new feature calledx x box music is not offered anywhere else. it is a unique feature for windows
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8. however, for download users will have to pay $10 per month. and you are going to have to pay. >> still ahead, this san francisco man is behind bars after major problems for people in the city. why they were involved in a stand off.
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>> this man was arrested after walking through the tube and costing bart to suspend evening service for at least two hours. this was just before 7:00 p.m. officers found that man walking by the embarcadero in the east oakland station. it was right at the midpoint he was taken into custody for trespassing the motives are still under investigation. >> a fisherman is a 0 p after his 45 ft. fishing
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boat ran aground. they reported a vessel near 3:00 a.m. saturday morning one person was aboard. and safely pulled from the water. there were able to remove 21 40 lbs. of diesel to prevent it from leaking into the ocean. >> 240 -- pounds of diesel. >> and also, 19 blocks of san francisco are making efforts to make this more green with construction under way. they it expect to close traffic in each direction. this $1.4 million construction project is being paid for with federal and local money. how about giving of a cut the forecast. >> let us check with the golden gate bridge we are seeing some areas of fog and degrees of visibility. from
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the north bay, santa rosa. the visibility is improving a bit with just three counts. but it just poor visibility and even redwood city. redwood city is only to my house. we are seeing areas of dense fog to start the work week. mostly cloudy conditions and generally in the 50s. and for this afternoon a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine. slightly warmer compared to yesterday. tonight prequel but a decent baseball forecast. -pretty cool. -- >> and also, high level clouds and the rain saying to the north of a split that ridge of high pressure will state employes for the next couple days with even warmer for the next couple of days. for the futurecast, the yellow is
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indicating the 70's in the orange is indicating the 80s. we will see 90's. for tonight, the yellow is indicating 70's with a cool down. and the east bay for this evening. you are able to go out but bring a jacket. mountain view, 76. and 77 degrees. cupertino, also palo alto. upper 60s and a trickle inland. with many 80s in danville, livermore, a san rafael, 77 downtown san francisco about 73 degrees. i promised your baseball forecast. it is the cardinals played the giants.
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this afternoon and temperatures should be mid upper 60s to mostly sunny conditions. with a possible bit breezing. monday, 4 to date 83. and some areas of dense fog and 70's for the bay. check out low or 90s on wednesday for the inland areas. lower 90s. and for the week and we are going down. here is a look at your traffic. >> could mean, and me. there was an accident at the approach approach-could morning, annie. however, we are trying to still get more information but it is not impacting the traffic lanes. for the ride out of oakland into the city. it is free- flowing with no metering lights to deal with. and on
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the upper deck. keep in mind that there is a dense fog advisory in effect but no problems with crystal clear conditions. the mid peninsula commute and here is a live look at the golden gate showing issues of the visibility. southbound 1 0 1 use extra caution coming out of the north bay. and on the traffic maps also the area of dense fog advisory for the parking this bridge. certainly keep that in mind. cockine-- carquines bridge. looking decent through the 285 cupertino. there is also a road closures scheduled for this weekend the san mateo bridge. it will be shut down friday at 10:00 p.m. and it is expected to be closed until 5:00 a.m. on monday
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you are able to use the done barkin as an alternative. >> funeral services will be held this friday for the retired schoolteacher who was found dead in her home. neighbors found susie ko after she did not show up at the airport to collect her husband. after the funeral services shoe. at mountain view cemetery in oakland. >> after a standoff from police officers are right on the scene with shots fired near nt in webster the fund bullet casings. they surrounded a nearby home. several adults and children walked out of that house the suspect is being held without bail. >> fire investigators say homeless squatters could be the cause of a major fire. at a street on sunday
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afternoon. when they arrived the roof was fully engulfed. nobody was reported injured in that plac leas--five-air. and also a 55 year- these spot fires were turning up and it turned out that these woman was spotted lighting a fire. she has been setting fires in side of dumpsters. none of them spread to structures but they were concerned. there were large enough to in golf flames on trees were multi-dwellings were adjacent. >> the latest on the refinery fire. that explosion could be from
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another plant fire with its employees reported corrosion. chevron setting that that corrosion that was a possible cause. the investigation continues. >> more fun will meningitis. the new numbers on how many people are iimpacted with fungal meningitis
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amon >> of 198 is the official number and the death toll is at 15. 15 states have reported cases of the fungal meningitis. the latest in new hampshire but california has not reported any illness. however they did reportedly receive some of the tainted patchebatches. nw
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research showing that shots against cervical cancer cannot make pearls promiscuous. this study making -- girls promiscuous. not making them promiscuous. they were asked about having them sex but instead of looking at a sexual activity after vaccination. this based on the numbers of transmission of a h-p v and also, three ppretrial hearings. these are in guantanamo bay are closed to the public but military family members are able to watch it on closed circuit television. this will also be shown in paris in new jersey and maryland. it is
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expected to start today and and to tcontinue to the end of the week. turning-two decision 2010. president obama and mitt romney will turn out and be york city on a city town vhall and candy crowell will moderate. she is the first woman to moderate in over two decades. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. still ahead, the space shuttle endeavor. but it was quite a journey to get there. we will explain, coming up.
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the mother is a dense fog adviser reethere is a dense fog advisory. with tillites
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going towards foster city. and checking out the visibility taking over to the traffic map the westbound 80 coqunizez bridge some issues but speeds over 50 m.p.h. and yes i have been checking with the c h p and interstate 280 looking decent. the dunbarton and is problem-free with no accidents. >> thank you. a new story with overnight shooting leaving one man dead. officers are still looking for that shooter. will tran is providing us with
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the latest. >> they are still looking for the clues and suspects the do not have a description. this was nearly three hours ago at bancroft /tilton. investigators are still here. we do not know the motive. but it looks like the sugar's shot at a house or even over a house. the shooter -- would not have the name of the victim. this was a possible random or targeted. we spoke with the commander and as well as officers on the scene to the very latest. but it looks like the officers will be here for at least another hour collecting evidence. hopefully, we are expected to speak with any eyewitnesses. >> thank you. >> police are investigating another shooting this was after midnight. according to the oakland police apartment there were two men shot they
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have both been taken to the hospital. they are in stable condition. we will have updates throughout the morning as they become available. >> on to bay area sports it was a difficult loss last night. the opener in san francisco giants fans packed the house although perhaps the wild card cardinals took an early lead at 6-0 top of the fourth. at least, we put four points up on the scoreboard. and the st. louis held on to that with the final 6-4. game one. the giants were dropping to 0-3. they have been outscored at at&t park. cris carpenter is pitching for the cardinals.
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>> it is the best out of seven. we have shown no resilience we can be. we do not want to lose at home. however, it happens. and we have to wash this one off and get ready for tomorrow to battle backright back and pun the board and very close to get out of that but it is the best of seven that is how you have to look at it. come out and be ready tomorrow >> and also tim lincecum could be starting later. we are continuing to also watched gas prices increasing. however, the fuel gauge from tripoli showing in san francisco, the average price from- travel a shown $4.60. from
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travel a reporting these prices of >> decision 2012, mitt romney the latest coming up
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>> 4:40 the stage is being set for the next presidential debate. they are busily putting this together president obama and mitt romney will it have a town hall style debate. the major topics will be from a foreign policy, domestic politics and undecided
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voters are asking the questions. there'll be a moderator. it will be cnn ' s candi crowly she will be the first woman to moderate and nearly two decades. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. a new gallup poll has mitt romney in the lead. 2007 hundred likely voters 49% and 47 percent would vote for president obama. again there is a degree of margin of error. the mitt romney big bird, and had its key moment but the current vice president
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joe biden seemed to be smiling quite a that is what the take away is critics saw it as inappropriate. however, the son of joe biden is dismissing this claim. >> any time there are people on the far right going after my father you know that is a victory. my father spoke clearly to the american people and we saw that for three consecutive 90 minutes. this is not how much my father smiled or how many gallons of water it is talking directly to the american people about the american fax. and how he articulated and building up the middle class out. and take in this country forward. >> the vice presidential candidates will not debate again. the father of the
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american ambassador, chris stevens who was killed is speaking out against his son's death used as an election toll. stevens is calling his son's death as abhorrent. and this has been objectively examined. this repeatedly mean by the warning signs were ignored. repeatedly mean by the warning signs were ignored. the memorial s [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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>> baumgartner jump from a helium balloon about 23 mi. from earth. and faster than the cruiser average speed.
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and who held the previous record? are you jealous? >> no. he is advancing science and he did a great job. >> with several risks involved of loss of consciousness, and on consciousness and he was aware of the risks. >> you need to be confident and you always hope that your not going to die but i'm going to put everything up there to make sure that it does not happen. >> he was going to do this last tuesday but the weather was not in his favor. >> this tropical storm could reach hurricane strength. hiit is showing strength with
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forecasters saying that the storm will stay well off to the east of any land. however there could be rip currents and large waves impacting the bahamas. in the meantime, of we have a system of the pacific with maximum winds of 75 mph the national hurricane center saying that it is weakening. it is expecting to week and a round 500-600 mi. near baja, california. and let us turn our attention to local weather. and what can we expect? >> yes, some of various areas of patchy dense fog. we can see it is foggy. for the areas in the north
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bay there is definitely an issue of the visibility. santa rosa, in this less than 3 t of 1 mi.. novado, 5 mi. and downtown san francisco s f o with one half mile visibility. some areas of dense fog. it should be lifting in burning out by this afternoon. mostly cloudy and lots of sunshine. slightly warmer compared to yesterday. with mostly cloudy and cool and it looks pretty great for baseball with your giants forecast coming up. the satellite and radar shown that high-pressure is in place with lots of sunshine. a gradual warm-up. by the middle of this week. we will see coast the conditions for inland areas. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay mid 70's for
4:50 am
the bay. and mid upper 60s for the coast. 2 sunny skies and upper 80s for the inland areas. and low 70's for the coast and check-up wednesday and thursday. those are the warmest and peac days per step would be the hottest day with the low 90s. from the inland areas with upper 80s and we will cool things down gradually. upper 70's for saturday and sunday. if you have plans to get outside? today, would be a great day to get out on your lunch break. let us check traffic with eric off. >> good morning, and the it is quiet. erica --? >> there is some vo----
4:51 am
issues of visibility. the cantalever.... off just 10 minutes out of oakland. at the san mateo, no problems westbound traffic moving well out of foster city. just 13 minutes in the golden gate there is some fog to contend with but otherwise, accident free that dense fog advisory continues near the carquinez and 101 northbound is problem-free. as the co op towards the peninsula top speeds for the bay shore freeway. and interstate 280. a quick reminder there is the san mateo bridge closure
4:52 am
beginning friday night at 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m., monday morning. this weekend you can always reroute using the dunbarton and for an alternate route. if your using public transportation there are no issues or delays. for the public transportation system. >> world news in italy hearings will begin for the man that you see walking into court. he is c the captain is costa concor dia.. he has not been formally charged. this was the devastating issue with 32 people killed. capsized last january. meanwhile, in pakistan and they have a 40 year-old was seriously when did at 14--year-old girl is being transported to the united kingdom for treatment. the taliban is
4:53 am
claiming doing this. chute will require intensive merrill physical rehabilitation and mental it on ablations. >> we are shown you this live look at decision 2012. this live look as both candidates will meet.
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>> firefighters in the sacramento metro area rescue a young deer that was trapped in a canal. how many people were involved in this rescue. >> this is what they spotted
4:56 am
in the folsom canal early that afternoon there were bicycling. and animal trap. >> this young deer was trapped in which could not just keep going. we called everybody. >> and then the photographer michael curry brought the fire department and then caug brought to the river rescue. and the deer was not cooperative. >> the cure was lethargic and out of energy. the deer was lethargic. >> time and time again it could no captur the frightened. and even a lasso from the banks of the river. with not any success the metro helicopter flew over. this was nearly one hour in the finally became elusive and it became tired enough. the rescue boat became closer. firefighters carried it up onto safety were accountabtranquilized it for sae
4:57 am
transport and examination. here is reaction from the word citizen. >> i am just really impressed from a word-- citizen. to rescue this it was great. >> a worried citizens set these wilson motion for the rescue. >> the top film for this " taken " from lee indecent " taken to ". and also come o'ben afflect's film and sinister and transylvania still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a good start for the giants. however, not that great but at least they
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kept it competitive. that is a bit better than the 49ers. and this stage is set for the next presidential debate. and a special and ever finally reaching its destination. after a long journey. we will have an update on that as well. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash...
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> welcome back for these top stories investigators are collecting evidence after an early homicide in oakland. and have so much for the home court advantage. the cardinals walk away as the victory. and a baby. weather and traffic let us start with a quick check of the forecast with aircraft. >> good morning some foggy conditions to start at the golden gate. we do have
5:01 am
issues of visibility. erica? >> that cloud coverage as we go for this evening but we do have a warm up in store for the middle of this week. exactly when we can expect beach weather. >> the traffic looking decent with the fog advisory. for advisory. carquinzes bridge peace in commissions for the east bay and the nimitz. however, the 101 south but also looking decent. >> new from overnight a shooting one is dead and east oakland. officers are looking for the shooters. will tran is live. let us find more about. >> good morning. they have been here for out here for at least four hours with no
5:02 am
description of the suspects and no arrests. they are still at the scene at hilton/bancroft. the have been here since 1:00 a.m. they are being assisted by the fire department. investigators believe is where the victim landed. he was taken to the hospital and were he ultimately died. we do not have the motive of weather he was random or targeted. hopefully, they will release the name a little bit later. as soon as i get information i will let you know and as well as the possible description. they will be here for at least another one-1.5 hours. >> thank you. and also in the meantime police and oakland are investigating a double shooting after midnight. this is at 1007 st. you can see on collapse.
5:03 am
on the seventh street. these two men were taken to hospital and reported to be in stable condition. >> the game two is tonight looking for their first home victory of the post season. the giants lost last night to the cardinals. we have a solo reporter, jackie jackie sissel. it was a difficult night. >> it was difficult for the fans last night. genes, as you mentioned they have not had a victory at at&t park. but they will try again today. there were down by six runs until baumgartner made it out but then they came back. scoring four runs but it was
5:04 am
a little too little too late. they are or to try again today. game no. 2 is today. they will try again today at 5:00 p.m. and the starting pitcher for the giants and hopefully they cannot least get a split. they will go back to st. louis on wednesday, thursday, friday and potentially bring it back to at&t park. however there would love to see a victory. they have been road warriors. and in 2010. when they had the world championship it was clinched in atlanta, philadelphia. and in texas but it does not seem like that is trend will continue. >> the best scenario would be a victory tonight and more victories on the road. thank you. baseball, and
5:05 am
also football highlights, later. >> today is the deadline for the city council and san francisco to give reasons to the accreditation commission for what it should remain open. citing a leadership weaknesses the accreditation senate bill college lat why the accreditation should be continued. by march 15th of next year if the school is losing that accreditation it will become eligible for state funding. >> sure if ross mirkarimi is officially back at work after he was reinstated last week. sheriff ross mirkarimi was pleading guilty of official misconduct on new year's eve. after an argument with his wife. four council people voted against his
5:06 am
reinstatement. >> you can see the working crews feverishly to get everything set up for tomorrow's night event. mitt romney and president obama will be at a town hall style meeting. from foreign, domestic policy and this will be the scene in new york city. it will be on a stage with a the voters that are undecided. it will be moderated by candy crwoley the first woman in nearly two decades. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. everything is pretty much good to go otherwise, it looks like it is decent. >> it looks pretty tiny.
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>> good morning and welcome back. we keep looking and they keep ever-growing slightly down. after the price surge of gasoline. today's average in san francisco is down one penny. $4.68. in oakland/san jose just one penny apart at 459 and $4.60. and this give you an idea from how far we have come. but it does help. >> we're also keeping up or niners on trading. the stock market keeping our-ice on the trading the dow, the s&p are all positive. keeping our vision on the
5:11 am
market's the commerce department releasing figures today at 5:30 we will have those and city group is also announcing earnings from j.p. morgan and wells fargo could possibly see a destructreduction of profits. ad also, stocks are still up for this year but a difficult trading week last week. >> social security recipients will not get a benefit increase next year. however, that small raise will play an important role in helping seniors grow their income. preliminary figures show that this boost will be one person-to present which has been some of the lowest since this cost-of-living has been adopted since 1975. what we can expect to control-$24
5:12 am
per month besides the cost of living per month it will be made official with the government r releases inflation numbers. >> thank you for waking up with us. although it is not easy we will be back. let us take a live look at walnut creek. one of the benefits of being an early bird.
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to >> federal health officials say that the cases of meningitis is up to 198. the cdc sick saying that there are 13 deaths. with the latest in new hampshire. california health officials have not reported any illnesses reported from the outbreak at this point. this has been linked to steroid shots that were used for back pain they came from a supply chain out of massachusetts. shipped to
5:16 am
california at the medication has been recalled but no illnesses reported and california. >> new research of shots that protect against cervical cancer cannot make girls promiscuous. they looked at other markers of sexual activity like fat sexual transmitted diseases. and they also indicated weather or not they seek birth control advice. there were very few that had done any of those things after receiving that inoculation. or by the time it there would be 14-15 years old. >> the latest of hurricane paul. and tropical storm has been issued for portions of baja, california. this is the latest from the national
5:17 am
hurricane center. this is a potential paths. it is 565 mi. of the southern tip of baja, california and is moving north by seven m.p.h. with sustained winds at 75 mph with puts it into a category one. however, some strengthening is expected but the national hurricane center is saying that it should weekend by tomorrow. by the tea it makes landfall it could be done credit to just a tropical storm or tropical depression by 11:00 p.m. that is the latest on hurricane paul. >> let us get our local weather with erica. >> it is a foggy start. nobody is an exception that the north bay, the peninsula. pretty much everybody is dealing with some fog this morning. it is a mild start with 50s and
5:18 am
60s. 59 degrees is the correct number in hayward with the 60s in mountain view. as we take a look at the visibility check it out in novado. just one half mile. with the visibility just mirrored napa, santa rosa. and certainly, near- map o napa showing that cloud ad high pressure is going to move in as we progress for this afternoon. wet weather will be stationary. nothing but sunshine for the next several days. the futurecast is showing that by '70s and '80s are run the bay. and by 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. we will see a cool down of 60s. cooler in the south bay with the delta and some of the north bay spots. breaking down those numbers. for this afternoon expect plenty of
5:19 am
sunshine. '70s in redwood city in mid 70's in mountain view, sunnyvale. we will see an increase like places in fairfield, walnut creek, san leandro. pretty comfortable in the north bay. '70s in petaluma and check out downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. a perfect day for baseball what mid 60s along the coast. the san mateo coast at 75 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay it will keep things up decent for the middle of this week. low nine these inland and upper 80s from the bay and the 80s for the coast. we will see that sunshine for the middle of the workweek with mild conditions. 70's for the warmest inland areas. as we transition into the weekend. and how about checking traffic with george. >> we are monitoring it. quiet start. the bridges
5:20 am
looking decent but there is a fog advisory for the bay bridge that was earlier. the san mateo bridge is also looking decent. much more clear conditions and less delays westbound. this weekend, however will be the worst weekend closure of the san mateo bridge. for the next two weekends, it will be closed for night. the golden gate is also foggy. with no advisories but there is a fog advisory for the cockinearquinez. bridge the drie times are good with no problems out of the coyote valley. 101 and also looking decent with cupertino and mountain view. the north bay is a delay-free through a marin county on the 101 south bound.
5:21 am
>> on bay 4 news funeral services will be held for the retire teacher of found dead in her home. neighbors discovered her after she did not going to the airport to pick up her husband. he called neighbors and to neighbors found her on the floor. funeral services will be at st. patrick's church on friday at 10:00 a.m. and then she will be buried at mountain view cemetery in oakland. >> last night, they arrived on the scene in oakland with shots fired. this was near webster street and also blood was found on the ground. with nearby homes and four hours after that standoff began several people walked out of that house. and the suspect is nothing held without bail. >> the latest on the richmond chevron refinery.
5:22 am
reports of the cause is linked to another fire. and state documents with two workers reported allegations of corot's and at the refinery. and possible corrosion--and led to that it was unexpected. they found nothing unusual. it is a contradiction of what was said tchevron. police inf el cerrito are showing this person that it is stealing packages and outgoing mail from several locations during the day in el cerrito. authorities are trying to figure out who this is. >> we will take a break. coming up will have more on the bay area baseball. a live look at at&t park. and also, it did not and quite how we wanted it. hopes are
5:23 am
high. will have more and all of headlines headlines
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>> welcome back. they wanted to think that the president had dismantled al qaeda and that is the issue with these attacks. >> 5:26. these fireworks were nearly 100 people were hurt. at the opening of the international expo in eastern china. you can see those flavor--flairs.. many of the spectators were injured, 100 people were injured having burns on their body. investigators are continuing to see what went wrong. here is a live look at the bay bridge approach
5:28 am
5:29 am
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falsifies reached this morning were still looking at them. we're starting to pick up some heavy traffic on highway 4 in the east bay and its already heavy of interstate 580, just past the 205 interchange into the altamonte pass. >> the rest of the freeway still looks good if we are not tracking any problems. > ang leaves one man dead and he's open right now peace aolice are looking for a suspect.
5:32 am
kinnear me? this is what we do know that the oakland police department the victim was standing in front of the house he was shot. this is new information i got about 10 minutes ago. he was shot at least 13-14 times. hilton and bancroft is the area where the incident happened.
5:33 am
difficult time trying to get witnesses to talk to them. >> where their witnesses and
5:34 am
the street that they know of? >> they heard some of the shots. because of someone who called the police came to the house and in that person did not talk to them. >> thanks a lot will. >> police are investigating a stabbing investigators say the victim was standing friends when he was approached three suspect pittsburgh. officers found a man dead. a female victim was taken to the hospital later died and arrested in may. >> 5:33 a.m.. the giants got lost last night the st. louis cardinals that go to our reporter. jackie sissel. hopefully this will be the last night out here it was a long sports day yesterday
5:35 am
for anyone lives in san francisco. the guys were down six from for the in the fourth inning. they did make a great comeback they came back and scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth. a little too late they ended up losing 6-4 to last year's world cup champions the sang louis cardinals. they need to win tonight obviously. if they win tonight and go back to side louis they'll go back regardless tariff four games wednesday thursday and friday. there are 0-3 so far
5:36 am
in front of the home crowd. they are hoping tonight they will be able to get off the losing streak and a son and for the home fans. unfortunately-- >> was it the pitching what you see was the problem. in your opinion. >> in my opinion they did not get it out in the fourth inning that gave up six runs. no hits through five
5:37 am
remaining innings. it was a little too late and they have already given up the big ones. >> all right jackie we will see what happens we will be monitoring standing close by. >> will take a break and be back with more headlines we have a look from our roof camp. it is foggy over san francisco and that is one of the weather stories we will be following. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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welcome back his 5:44 a.m. were falling police investigating an overnight shooting in east oakland. it happened around 1:00 a.m. the morning. no rest of the main the national league >> and live look at him stay
5:46 am
new york as they get set for tomorrow's presidential debate. major topics are foreign and domestic policy and undecided voters to will be asking questions. >> a man is being held as an aerospace pioneered after more than jumping 24 mi. high and the sky. barry those this was yesterday's he made history at be in the first person to break the
5:47 am
speed of sound s fro is at its n los angeles. it reached its destination at the california signed center very carefully navigating its way through l.a. street. it took more than two days for the space shuttle to inch through the 12 mi. ride. traffic signals had to be removed makeweight and trees. they will replace the trees. and never goes on public display october 30th.
5:48 am
it's 547 tam much to look at the weather. >> of the morning we can see lights out there we still have dense fog of the bay area. not too bad here at the golden gate bridge however in the bottle, santa rosa we have limited visibility visibility down to zero in some spots. visibility less than 1 mi. rest of the day. pretty much everyone dealing with some degree of fault as we head into the 8:00 a.m. our foggy conditions until lunchtime. all the conditions to the heart of the bay up along
5:49 am
the coast line and it looks like we will see sunshine for the majority of the bay area. sunny conditions for pacifica and half moon bay. the afternoon highs pretty pleasant conditions temperatures warmer compared to what we saw yesterday. upper seventies low 80s south bay los gatos with 83 degrees. we will see a degree readings for fairfield 83 of an evermore 74 and union city. the upper seventies low 80s north 74 and union city. the upper seventies low 80s north bank. berkeley at 72
5:50 am
bring the jacket it will be cool. in 7 day around the bay forecast warmer weather wednesday and thursday were talking low 90s and upper 80s. upper seventies latest along the coast. things will cool down by friday mild conditions cloud cover into saturday or sunday. at 549 and in the chair whether less take the money to george attractive. >> pretty good ride around the bay were not attracted many hot spots the bridges and good with their fall
5:51 am
advisers for the bridges this morning. at the bay bridge west down it was lifted a while ago and around the middle of the bridge. in a still find some fault there. and for your rise to the san mateo bridge pretty clear ride facsrolvs from hercules to berkeley. a team and try highway 85 north to the montague expressway like traffic for south bay freeways. for 22 minute drive out of novato and south for the golden gate fridge. peo >> giants fans are willing to pay big money for tickets. a lot of people are trying to sell tickets to last night game and ignore the sign that posted the said it is illegal to sell tickets. tickets are being sold mostly--the they have been going for about 100- $250.
5:52 am
>> the news not much better over candlestick this is the story i hate. the san francisco 49ers host the football giants it was billed as basically a revenge match. it ends up being not much of the game the giants intercepted three times as to york shut down san francisco a score 26-3. c'mon three that solid to put up on the board!. the 49 is cannot find the in town. eli manning from 193 yds one touched down mark bradshaw ran for 116 yds. the giants run a dominant defense. >> at 7:45 a.m. will we will recap. it's not a day you
5:53 am
really want rehabs everything. >> infiltrators they played yesterday's test against the five-zero allow to falcons. will talk more about that >> will be right back.
5:54 am
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welcome back it is 5:06 a.m.. thu
5:57 am
>> take a look at these it is coming in this morning, iceland. a beautiful sight there one of the northernmost places on earth. it happened this weekend and was taken over half of farm just the entire sky was aglow. >> a quick look at his 7 day around of a forecast it is warming as we get for mid week 90 degree mark for a >> coming up on the kron 4 news at 6:00 a.m. a man is
5:58 am
killed overnight in east oakland we will tell you what the police know about it at this hour. it is a new week for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi he gets ready to head back to work with the first time in months. san francisco giants heading for game two in it in elsie tonight we're live with a loo
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